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FirstMet Review: Is It A Great Dating Website?

FirstMet Review: Is It A Great Dating Website?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 25-40
Profiles 2 600 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A large and diverse user database;
  • Free signup;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Excellent matching options.
  • Limited communication for free members;
  • Lack of verification.

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Initially started as AreYouInterested, the dating project FirstMet caters to those individuals who are eager to find lifetime partners. It obtained its current name in 2012 after re-branding that also gave it a new layout. Besides this, it gained a slew of innovative features typical to popular social networking resources. These changes made it more fun and less strict. Nevertheless, its members are still seeking serious connections, although hookups are supported by the platform too.

What are the Languages Supported by FirstMet?

Unfortunately, the dating platform is only for English-speaking users.

Who is the Owner of FirstMet?

PeerStream, the American company, runs it.

Where’s the FirstMet Headquarter?

Its main office is situated in Plattsburgh.

When was FirstMet Started?

The company was established in 2007.

Is FirstMet Open For International Users?

The FirstMet website welcomes people from any part of the world.

Is FirstMet Open For International Users?

FirstMet Special Features

In contrast to many other dating resources, this site doesn’t provide too many special features. Nevertheless, it’s possible to make your dating experience unique and special, even with this limited choice. This FirstMet review offers you to take a look at them below.


Don’t even try to guess what Paltak stands for. It’s just a video chat feature. The website teamed up with the creators of Paltak to develop this tool. So, for a closer acquaintance with a girl you like, invite her to this cozy virtual place.


That’s a collection of questions you can send to the other members. If they are intrigued, you may get a response from them. It’s a very easy and effective way to gain matches on the FirstMet website.

Audience quality

As of 2020, the dating platform has reportedly attracted more than 30 million members from different parts of the world. One should note that over half of the user database is represented by Americans. They are followed by India, Great Britain, Canada, and Australia.

Here you can find not only heterosexual users. The FirstMet website welcomes gay and lesbian people too.

FirstMet Dominant Age Group

The typical age group here is 35-50. There aren’t many folks under 35 on the dating platform.

Fakes and scammers

Scams as well as fake profiles can be found literally on any modern dating site today. It’s possible to discover them on FirstMet too. However, their number is fairly small and it speaks in favor of the site administration.

Fakes and scammers

Mobile app and Website

When talking about any dating resource, one needs to illustrate its major versions. As a rule, a typical dating platform today is available as a normal website and its light version that can be launched as an app on a mobile device.

FirstMet App

The app version of the service is available for both Android and iOs users. It is free to download from the official app stores and easy to use on the go. If you like to take your experience further than sitting at your desktop, then download it and keep in touch with your new friends everywhere.

FirstMet Website

It’s quite weird, but being a mainstream dating project, it doesn’t come up with popular search features available on the sites of its rivals. Instead, the platform exploits an alternative approach. It simply recommends matches. In this regard, it has much in common with Tinder. So, here you are shown a series of matches, and if you appreciate any of them, you require clicking on the checkmark. On the contrary, if you dislike a proposed match, simply click on the X mark.

Every entry comes with a person’s photograph, age, location, and nick. If it’s not enough, access the full profile by clicking on the member’s nickname. If you are eager to reach out to a FirstMet member, then sending him or her an icebreaker would be a good thing. This group of questions may help to start a conversation that can gradually evolve into a relationship.

Is It Possible to Use the Mobile Application via a Personal Computer?

It really makes no sense because a desktop version and a mobile application are different things that work separately.

What Browsers Are Supported By The Platform?

Any modern browser is 100% compatible with FirstMet.

Why Can’t I Access The Site?

Maybe you have a problem with your Internet provider. Moreover, such a glitch may also occur if a member’s account is blocked. In this case, it makes sense to reach out to the site customer support.


We should confess that its user interface looks somewhat obsolete, especially for advanced Internet users. On the other hand, it is not a crucial thing for the major audience of the site represented by middle-aged people. They come here to find partners for serious relationships.

Fortunately, the mediocre site design is offset by decent usability. You will not have any difficulty reaching out to any navigation element because everything is rationally organized here. So, you can conveniently browse the FirstMet website, getting to the required section with great ease.

Registration process

You will not struggle to sign up with FirstMet because the whole procedure is very intuitive and fast. You will not be bombarded with tons of questions. Instead, you will cope with it in five minutes. You are only expected to specify your birthday, location, nick, and email. Having provided this data, you can get down to using the FirstMet website. By the way, the website doesn’t oblige its newcomers to have their email addresses verified. We should add that the best way to drastically speed up the registration process is to sign up via your existing Facebook profile. In this case, you don’t need to manually input your personal data because the FirstMet website will take this information from Facebook.

Is It Possible To Have A FirstMet User Unmatched?

Go to your match list and remove the person.

What’s The Minimum Age To Join FirstMet?

You require reaching the age of majority to become a registered user of this dating platform.

How Can I Verify My FirstMet Account?

The dating platform doesn’t oblige its users to verify their identities. Perhaps, this may make you question its reputation if you are a cautious person. On the other hand, many people are reluctant to verify their ID, and they find this policy very user-friendly.

How Can I Verify My Email Address?

You don’t need to do this on this site.

Why Do People Sign Up Via Facebook?

It greatly simplifies the registration procedure – you can complete it for just one click.

Is It Possible To Use FirstMet Being An Unregistered User?

Unfortunately, the dating platform doesn’t allow this.

Is It Possible To Use FirstMet Being An Unregistered User?

Profile set-up

If you want to achieve good results on this dating platform, you need to pay much attention to your profile. It should be attractive and highly-informative. Only on this condition, other FirstMet users may notice your profile and start communicating with you.

We have already told you about the possibility of signing up via Facebook. The popular social media will share your personal data and pictures with the FirstMet website. If you don’t want to sign up via Facebook, then you have to upload pictures from your personal computer. The chosen images should be of the highest possible quality. They should display your entire face. Of course, you’d better upload the most recent snapshots of yours. Make sure that your pictures aren’t offensive. They shouldn’t expose your nude body. Otherwise, FirstMet will block your account.

Having uploaded pictures, specify your ethnicity. Your dating goal needs to be uncovered too.

May I Delete A Picture Already Uploaded To FirstMet?

You are welcome to do this at any time.

I Want to Edit My Nick. How Should I Do This?

You can change it in your profile settings.

Can I Delete My FirstMet Profile?

To do this, you need to go to the Settings section.

The “Show Me On FirstMet” feature: What Occurs If I Have It Disabled?

It will make you an anonymous member.

I’ve Just Submitted Some Information to FirstMet. Can I Delete It?

You can edit your profile, removing anything you want.

You can get down to searching for potential partners on the dating platform right after registration. However, the search function is available only to paid members. So, it’s a strong reason to purchase a premium subscription on the site.

I Want to See People Liked by Me on FirstMet. Is It Possible?

Of course, FirstMet users liked by you feature a corresponding mark on their profiles.

FirstMet Search: What Options Can I Use?

As we told above, a free search feature is unavailable to FirstMet members. If you are already a premium user of this dating platform, you can take advantage of its advanced search filters. In this case, you can choose the best personal qualities you would like to see in your potential partner, and the system will find enough people meeting these requirements. The advanced search feature is sophisticated enough to ensure the highest possible compatibility percentage. It’s even often close to 100%. As follows from this, the FirstMet website is undoubtedly worth your money. With a free subscription, you will not be able to reach your dating goals on the site. So, don’t hesitate to buy a premium package on FirstMet.

You are welcome to have your matchmaking process customized. You can do this in the Search section. Here you can specify the number of parameters you find crucial when seeking partners. For instance, you can use such criteria as a partner’s educational background, nationality, income, marital status, and so on.

By the way, on the FirstMet website, it’s also possible to make use of the recommended match system – a solution implemented by Tinder. However, in this case, you don’t need to swipe right or left. Just click on the X mark to dislike the proposed match or confirm your choice with the checkmark. Every proposed match comes with a picture, age, nick, location. By clicking on the person’s nick, you can look through his or her full profile.

By the way, there’s another good option to get new matches. Each time a newcomer visits FirstMet, the dating platform scans them, comparing with your search criteria. So, if this person suits you, they will be presented in your Intros section. There’s another Tinder-like feature when you are expected to cycle through a gallery of photographs, rejecting or confirming matches by respectively clicking on “No” or “Yes” buttons.

I’m A FirstMet Free Member. Can I Learn Who Liked Me?

This information is available only to paid members.


Messaging is a crucial element of any dating platform. In this FirstMet review, we are going to illustrate how users of this platform can communicate with each other.

How Can I Communicate With FirstMet Users?

You need to realize that you will not be able to socialize with other FirstMet users without a premium subscription. Respectively, you are bound to purchase this must-have service.

How Can I Communicate With FirstMet Users?

How Can I Send A Message To The Chosen Person?

Go to the Message Section. Here you can compose a message and then send it to anybody.

Can I Send Messages At No Cost?

Only paid members can send messages on this dating platform.

How Will I Know That I Received A Message?

You will see a corresponding notification on the top of your page. By clicking on it, you will be redirected to the Message section.

Will My Camera Come In Handy On FirstMet?

You can use this device in the platform’s chat rooms.

How Can I Forbid Other Members To Send Me Messages?

For this purpose, you require going to the Message tab where you can make the necessary settings.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

If you intend to become a premium user of this dating platform, get ready to shell out the following amounts for these periods of the premium subscription.

  • For $75, you can purchase up to six months of the premium subscription;
  • Three months will cost you $50;
  • You can test the premium subscription by purchasing one month for $25.

If you are willing to give your profile a one-time boost, you can easily do it on the subscription page. What’s more, it will not cost you a lot – just half a dollar. Perhaps, it will help your potential sweetheart notice you. By the way, each time you purchase a premium package for a certain period, you will be charged $1 one time in addition to the cost of your subscription.

FirstMet offers you to pay for its premium services using the following options:

  • PayPal;
  • Credit cards.

Free Membership Features

If you are a free user of FirstMet, you can:

  • Enjoy video chat;
  • Look for potential partners;
  • Register an account.

Premium Membership Features

Of course, as a premium user of FirstMet, you can do more than those who have to put up with their free subscription. So, paid users of the site can:

  • Learn who looked through their pages;
  • Take advantage of unlimited messaging;
  • Permit free members to view their messages;
  • Have their profiles boosted.
Premium Membership Features

Does FirstMet Provide Premium Services?

Certainly, this dating platform provides a wide array of premium services.

How Can I Have My FirstMet Membership Canceled?

You require clicking on the button Deactivate My Account in your Settings section.

Is My FirstMet Membership Renewed Automatically?

The FirstMet website simply wants to provide its users with uninterrupted access to premium services. That’s why you don’t need to extend your premium subscription manually. Instead, the system will do it for you. However, if you don’t want to be charged when you don’t require premium services, you should contact the site customer service.

I Want to Receive a Refund for My Unused Time. Can I Get It?

As the platform’s terms and conditions state, the FirstMet website doesn’t provide refunds for its premium services.

Are My Funds Written Off Automatically On A Monthly Basis?

Yes. It’s because FirstMet has your premium subscription renewed by the end of every month. Respectively, your money is written off from the credit card you attached to your account.

I’m Totally Dissatisfied with FirstMet. I Want My Money Back!

This dating platform can’t offer you this compensation. You can look up this point in their terms and conditions.

Will The FirstMet Name Be Displayed On My Credit Card Bill?

Certainly, FirstMet will be indicated on your bill because your payments aren’t anonymous.

May I Donate Other FirstMet Users?

You can’t do this using the site functionality. However, if the person you are going to support gives you their bank details in chat, you can send money to this user.

Is It Possible To Donate The Site For One Month Only?

Of course, you can do it. However, you shouldn’t forget to cancel your subscription manually if you don’t want your money to be written off from your card next month.

Is It Possible To Donate The Site For One Month Only?

Is FirstMet a Really Safe Place?

It’s mostly up to you. Be careful trusting other users with your details and follow the terms of use of the website. If you do this, you are safe.

Privacy On FirstMet

The dating platform respects its members’ privacy. Therefore, their personal information is never given to third parties.

Does FirstMet Encrypt Chats?

As a respected dating platform, it certainly implements this technology to protect its users.

Does FirstMet Track Its Users Down?

For security needs, the site administration certainly monitors user activity on the platform. You may consider this as “tracking you down,” but it’s a standard practice in the dating industry. What’s more, the site needs to show your location to other FirstMet members who may want to learn how far from them you are.

Can The Police Trace FirstMet Members?

Law enforcement agencies may certainly interfere in the work of the site if they have reasons for this. However, as a rule, the police don’t trace FirstMet users.

I Have Privacy Issues on FirstMet. What Should I Do?

To make it clear, you need to reach out to the site customer support. The FirstMet website takes the privacy of its clients seriously. So, most probably, your issue will be instantly resolved.


The platform provides well-protected services to ensure that users’ data is secure. You do not need to worry about your safety as long as you don’t break the site’s rules and use common sense.

Does FirstMet Moderate Its Forums Threads?

The site forum is moderated on a regular basis.

Someone Is Trying to Solicit My Funds on the Platform. How Can I Stop This?

Immediately report such an activity, and the site administration will punish that user.

Banned Account

Internet users don’t like bans, but administrations of online resources can’t do without this effective form of punishment. Unfortunately, not all users on FirstMet are genuine. Respectively, some of them are bound to be banned sooner or later.

I Can’t Reach out FirstMet. What’s The Reason?

Perhaps, you are facing an Internet issue now. Another probable reason is that the site administration might have you banned.

Are FirstMet Bans Permanent?

Not all users can be banned permanently. Sometimes this punishment is temporary. For example, if a person isn’t a scam but has violated one rule, they can be punished with a temporary ban.

How Can I Have My FirstMet Account Reactivated?

FirstMet has a special button enabling its users to reactivate their accounts. Once your billing period is over, simply take advantage of this green Reactivate button to resume using the platform’s services.

Protect Yourself

Despite the FirstMet website is a reputable online dating resource, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be cautious when using its dating services. The following tips will help you to avoid many dangerous scenarios since scams may show up at any time.

  • Try to find some information about your potential partner: You certainly don’t know your match. It’s not enough to base your perspective on a person on his or her profile, even if it’s detailed and highly-informative. Instead, use Google to find as much information about your partner as possible. If there’s something suspicious about the match, you can spot it this way.
  • Invite this person to a video chat room before meeting offline: This feature is a good way to assess your partner. You can hardly do this using traditional text messages. Seeing a person in real time will give you an idea of the personality you are dealing with.
  • Meet this person in a public place: To stay on the safe side, you require a public place for your first date. Some people can hide their malicious and cunning intentions, even in video chats. If your interlocutor has dirty thoughts about you, a public place will not let do you harm.
  • Avoid disclosing your personal information: Your personal data can be used for illegal purposes. So, you’d better keep it confidential. Don’t uncover it even to a person you consider an ideal partner.

How Should I Block An Annoying FirstMet Member?

It’s very easy to block users on the FirstMet website. You can see a block button on every profile. Before doing this, make sure that you aren’t blocking a genuine user.

What Shouldn’t I Post On FirstMet?

You aren’t allowed to post abusive and nude content on the FirstMet website.

Help and Support

If you have any questions regarding the work of this dating resource, feel free to take advantage of a corresponding form to reach out to the site customer service. You will get an instant reply to your issue.

FirstMet Real Life Review

Hi, my name is Rebecca. For a long time, being a middle-aged person, I had difficulty using dating sites since most of them cater to young folks. Fortunately, I came across FirstMet that met my expectations. This dating platform is definitely worth your money. The dating project didn’t try to rip me off. The premium services I paid money for turned out to be extremely useful for me. What’s more, I felt secure on the site, and my confidentiality was never compromised.

Is This The Number One Dating Website?

It’s hard to choose the best dating sites among thousands of really good ones. FirstMet is an example of a high-quality platform to reach dating goals.

Is FirstMet Safe Enough?

Since the year of its foundation (2007), the dating platform hasn’t given any reasons to question its good reputation. It’s proved by numerous positive FirstMet reviews you can find in the network.

Is FirstMet Safe Enough?

Is FirstMet A Hookup Application?

This website focuses on singles seeking serious relationships.

Is FirstMet a Free Service?

You can join this dating resource at no cost. What’s more, you can even find matches without being charged for this service. However, without a premium subscription, you will not be able to send messages to FirstMet users.

FirstMet: How It Works

People come to dating sites to look for partners. FirstMet isn’t an exception. To find enough matches, you are expected to use the site’s search feature. It’s available even for free users. However, if you have a premium subscription, you can use extra criteria for your search.

To get better matches, you need to make your profile detailed, paying special attention to your hobbies, interests, and inspirations. It’s because the site matching algorithm is built around what people have in common.

Are There Fakes or Fraudsters on FirstMet?

The service doesn’t verify its members, so it’s not hard to create a fake account. Choose wisely; connect only with users you can check on Facebook or Google. If you observe some suspicious activity, do report the user to the administrators.

Key Competitors of FirstMet

If you dislike FirstMet for some reason, the following websites could be a perfect replacement:

  • eHarmony: Founded in 2000, this website is a good choice for those who need to start serious and long-lasting relationships. Its cutting-edge matching algorithm takes into account the natural principles of attraction. The dating project reportedly generated 2 million connections.
  • AdultFriendFinder: Established in 1996, this site focuses on hookup lovers. So, if you are seeking a one-night stand, stick with it. It’s one of the most popular Internet resources in America.

Contact Information

Address: 334 Cornelia St, #104, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FirstMet

Twitter: twitter.com/firstmet

Email: help@firstmet.com


If you are annoyed by whistles and bells, then FirstMet is for you because this dating resource offers only what you need. Its functionality is pretty intuitive, so you shouldn’t be tech-savvy to use its services. In terms of security, it’s also one of the most respected sites in the industry.

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