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GaysGoDating Review: Great Dating Site?

GaysGoDating Review: Great Dating Site?
About Boys
Date with older guy 5%
Reply rate 96%
Popular age 28-43
Beauty 45%
Profiles 17 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • You can chat and watch the video profiles of other users.
  • Get quicker ice-breaking by using flirt casts.
  • Specifically designed for gay dating.
  • Customer support is restricted to some extent.

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GaysGoDating is not just another dating site for gays. It’s an exclusive platform that comes with lots of great features for bisexual men worldwide. It’s the most comfortable platform to navigate and safest media to find sincere relationships in the gay world. You get everything here right from flirtcast, verified profile, etc., with the complete dashboard.

It is easy to use even for someone new to online dating. You can send your videos to other site members so people can know each other better. A lot more features like filter profile matches are waiting for you to find your loved one.

GaysGoDating website was discovered around a decade ago, and it’s the right portal for men. The website is available in several languages as it is open to men from all over the country. It’s a perfect opportunity to find great life, long relationships, dating, sex relationship, or even friends!

How Does GaysGoDating Work?

The worldwide website GaysGoDating is spreading all over the globe in recent years. It has over 25,000,000 users already and is getting more and more registration every day. It takes a few seconds to log in to your account on GaysGoDating. All you need to do is put down your email address, password and your account will open.

However, there is no option for you to log in via your Google or Facebook account. Also, you need to mention your postal code and city.

How to Register?

How to Register?

The signup procedure in GaysGoDating is no less than a piece of cake. You can get it done within a minute. The platform understands that no user is interested in telling a lot of information about himself just for a dating site. So you won’t be crowded with many profile questions but only a few important ones.

  • Firstly you will be required to put your age and location. You have to be at least 18 years old to register.
  • The second thing you need to do is pick out a username that suits you. The username should depict your personality to other users. And then form a password that is strong and memorable.
  • The final step is to confirm your registration process through the email passcode.

That’s all you need to do to create an account successfully. You can put a charm to your profile by adding the details so people can know more about you. Or you can start browsing through the member’s list and search for a perfect mate. Now, this is just the regular account that anyone can use for free. Anytime you feel like upgrading, you can click on the link and select a suitable plan.

That’s the complete procedure of creating an account in GaysGoDating. Do not forget to allow your location on the website to help you find local members around your area. The other members near you will immediately spot you as a website member by enabling the location.

Or, if you want users from a particular area, you can select that on the map. Just enter any location you would like to find a mate from. If your profile is incomplete, you will receive the message saying users with a 100% complete profile have better chances of finding a date.

This means you need to add more details to your account. You can put information in there like for sexual roles as active, passive, or gradations. You will be asked specific questions like looking for just a date, a lifelong relationship, friends, or just someone to chat with. Filling this information will help you customize your search for your perfect date and make the whole process lot easier.

As for now, there is no coupon code available. During the holidays, you will surely get an email informing you about the coupon code if you want a premium account or upgradation. If you get an opportunity like that, don’t forget to use the coupon for GaysGoDating and get the upgrade!

How to Start Contact

How to Start Contact

As soon as you finish the registration process, you can start connecting with other members. You don’t need to have a Facebook account like other dating websites do. You can also do it while putting up an alias name. Although you put a different name, you must put all the additional personal information accurately.

You can see other users’ profiles on the website based on the members’ geolocation close to you. You will not be required to like or match with people to have a chat with them.

You can choose anyone and initiate a chat with them. You can send texts or start by exchanging flirts, photos, or GIFs.

GaysGoDating doesn’t come with sophisticated algorithms that are meant to match with perfect people. Most of the matching tasks are entirely dependent on users and how efficiently they use the platform. It doesn’t come with filters, body type location, or even sexual orientation. However, it has a search filter that can help you find users based on your preferences.

People often wonder how they can contact another member of the website. That’s where the search function of the site is very concise and effortless to use. A search bar is present at the top of the page where people can put what they want. Based on the location, age, etc., you can find people according to your type.

You can also filter your search even deeper on several parameters like eye color, hair color, etc. It enables people to find an even more perfect set of results for their search.

Profiles GaysGoDating

Profiles GaysGoDating

90% of the users in GaysGoDating are good-looking and young. The minimum criteria for members is to be 18 plus. So the majority of members fall under the age category of 30, which makes them young, modern, and body-conscious.

They put their hobbies and favorite activities on display, such as surfing, bouldering, or even bathing photos. All this is done to attract other members. Users are mostly very active, attractive, and artistic as well.

You don’t need to be concerned about education at all when it’s about gay dating. There is no option for you to fill out your education while putting up information in your profile. So if you are interested in knowing an individual member’s education, you must ask him in person.

You can tell by the name of the website GaysGoDating that it is solely dedicated to homosexual men. However, there are always curious females, even couples looking for bisexual partners. This platform is still open for a threesome, and that’s why it is available to everyone. While it is mostly about bisexuality, anyone can get involved with this.

It is predominantly filled with men looking for a relationship with another man, no matter the relation’s nature.

You can also find people having anonymous accounts. That means they will not put their original name, but the rest of the information and their profile picture will be right. Anyone can be anonymous if they want to hide their identity from others and the fact that they are on the website. Still, you can know the perfect information about a person by looking at their details.

You can find people based on geolocation in the GaysGoDating app. You can see people living closer to your area and the ones who are far away from another spot. You need to put the location you prefer, and you will get the individual results. You can initiate a chat with anyone you like and start sending gifs or photos.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

The best way to avoid fake profiles is to go through the profiles of users thoroughly. If you see any information that is hard to believe, it’s better to leave.

Design & Usability

Design & Usability

The website is not among the complex ones and is much easier to use. Everything from navigation to exclusive features contribute to making it a straightforward and simple platform.

It’s by far the most straightforward website you can see online for gay dating. The registration process is short, and also the navigation is effortless. Free users can choose a nickname they like and even a residential address. Other than that, a user is required to put an email address to create a profile. Specific instructions will be displayed on the screen for a new user to explain the page’s orientation.

The platform is a lot like a regular dating app. You can create a rich profile in a free account to send or receive messages. You will be open to use guestbook and chat features. You will also upload photos, make your groups, and use exclusive search filters in the free account.

You will also see a premium offering on the website called GaysGoDating plus. It will extend the available features to a great extent. For instance, the search filter feature comes with a lot more varieties for premium users.

You will not be bothered by annoying advertisements anymore. All the explicit content will be unlocked, and it will enable the anonymous surfing mode. By this, anyone among the users will look completely anonymous.

Another more than exciting feature is radar. You can locate an actual user of GaysGoDating using this feature in the surrounding area. The only condition is the user has to be registered.

Users must search for a while to understand the website’s functionality and the kind of search results they want. There are plenty of ways to get a perfect list of potential partners.

Filters and Search

You will see standard search filters like region, age, and size. Other than that, you can see special filters such as eye color, hair color, origin, and other things that come under appearance. You can also filter for sexual preference like fetish, penis size, safe sex, etc. You are free to put general characteristics for searching like travel interest, music interest, zodiac sign, or even leisure activities.

GaysGoDating website users also get a feature to know which users have looked over their profiles. To get in touch with each other, users can connect by sending a message or writing something in the guestbook. You can also leave it as a compliment for another user.

You can also make an ignore list and list of favorites in GaysGoDating. You can spot it under the communication functions.

Mobile App GaysGoDating

The website provides an app that is suitable for users to find a date. The app has the same features as the website.

Special Features

Special Features

GaysGoDating is a primary dating site, but it comes with exclusive features that differentiate others. All of the users are mostly bisexual or gay. It’s the best place for the gay community to find a companion. It helps like-minded people come together without feeling judged or pressured by anyone. Here are some cool features of the website.

It is a free feature of the website which lets you see uncountable photos of other members. You can like the images of anyone, and they will all be collected in your like gallery. It’s an essential feature when you want to give a quick look at the members whom you liked in one glance.

Flirt Cast

It is by far the most extraordinary feature in all dating websites. By using this, you can send a preset message to several profiles simultaneously. It acts like an icebreaker and releases all the stress you might have by initiating a conversation with a stranger. It makes your first message sound more original and natural rather than looking like you are trying too hard.

The flirt cast is a fantastic feature of the GaysGoDating app as you can send a single message to multiple members and then initiate the conversation with the one who responds. It is much better and convenient than sending out a message to everyone individually and then waiting for their response.

Video Messaging

Another most remarkable feature of the GaysGoDating website is video messages. With this feature, you can upload a video of yourself from 6 to 120 seconds on your profile. You can also send it out to another member. If you expect your photo to attract people, imagine what wonders your video will do!

The next one is not a very advanced feature; however, you can customize your notifications.

Here is a list of notification that you can control to receive or not-

  • Alerts from admins.
  • New messages from strangers.
  • New likes.
  • New profile views.
  • New matches.
  • When someone asks for your photo.
  • When someone asks for your details.
  • New photo messages.
  • When your request adds a new photo.

If you wish, you can get special notifications about your match activity or if your favorite users are online or not. You may also be notified if your favorite users are adding photos or details to their profile. Also, you can be informed if there are any updates.

GaysGoDating Costs

GaysGoDating Costs

You can create both paid and free accounts on the website and read the GaysGoDating reviews before you go for a paid one. The basic pricing plans of the website are very affordable. Plus, if you are taking the plan as a combination of several months, it can get even cheaper.

One day One week One month Three months
Price per day $0.99 $1 $0.96 $0.54

Basic Membership

  • Free search options.
  • Matches available on the home page.
  • Chat options (restricted).

Premium Membership

  • In-depth search.
  • Unlimited searches.
  • Enhanced support.
  • Bigger photos.
  • Unlimited chats.

GaysGoDating Coupons

Currently, no such coupon is available. However, you can get lucky during the holiday season!

Verification & Safety GaysGoDating

The website comes with a verification process, and it’s such a relief regarding security. A pin is retrieved from your email account that is put in GaysGoDating in your name. That’s the way it keeps all the scammers away from your account. However, it’s not the most robust safety feature available on this website, but it sure is something.

Is GaysGoDating Scam?

GaysGoDating is not a scam and a legit dating website for bisexual men.

Is GaysGoDating Legit?

Yes. GaysGoDating is a legit dating website for bisexual men. You can read it in the GaysGoDating reviews to find out more about the genuinity of the website.

Is GaysGoDating Anonymous?

No, GaysGoDating is a well-reputed and registered website.

The Problem with GaysGoDating

While the website is excellent, there are only a few disadvantages you can imagine.

  • You cannot identify the fakers and scammers among genuine users.
  • The correspondence cost increases the planned budget and often messes it up.
  • No multiple login options available, like from Google or Facebook.

Help & Support

Help & Support

You might need to contact customer service if you go through some problems with the GaysGoDating website. The only way to connect with them directly is by writing an email. You can report bugs or send a query about fake profiles if you spot any. Another place to find out the answers to your questions in the FAQ section; however, it is not detailed and outdated. You will need to write a contact form to connect with customer support as there is no other live chat or call option available.

GaysGoDating Alternatives

Here’s a quick list of alternatives to GaysGoDating-

  • Grindr.
  • Scruff.
  • Chappy.
  • Feeld.


GaysGoDating is the most loved dating site for gays, just because it is an open book. It won’t leave you with unanswered questions as it contains an FAQ section. Here are the most commonly asked questions on the platform.

What is GaysGoDating Used for?

GaysGoDating website is dedicated to gay men; however, other categories are also welcome. It’s a dating website for all people to find a lifelong relationship, casual dates, or even friends.

Is GaysGoDating a Real Dating Site?

Yes, GaysGoDating is a real dating website.

How to Delete GaysGoDating Account?

You need to click on the avatar on the top right corner, and there you will see an option called settings. You need to go in there and choose “Remove my account,” and it will be done.

Do You Need an Account to See Profiles?

No. You can see the profile of other users without creating an account.

Which Type of Relations Can I Find at GaysGoDating?

It’s a dating website where you can find lifelong love relations and casual dates. You can also find friends if not lovers, it depends on you.

What Payment Methods Are Available at GaysGoDating?

The only way to pay for a premium account on the website is by using a credit card.


Company: Timespace service limited

Address: Vincenti buildings, Suit 1485, Strait street, Malta

Phone: +1800-764-9523

Email: support@GaysGoDating.com


By far, GaysGoDating is the best website for all the gay communities out there. Every bisexual has to be on the website looking out for love, as you can’t find it around the corner. Apart from bisexual men, women are also welcome along with couples.

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