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LoveVoodoo Review: A Great Dating Site

LoveVoodoo Review: A Great Dating Site
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 27-37
Profiles 1 000 000
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Visit rate 8.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It's a perfect place to meet singles and couples with the same passion and lifestyle.
  • Signing up and creating your profile is free.
  • Members can explore the swinging lifestyle discreetly.
  • The registration is simple.
  • It is a great platform to meet sexy singles and open-minded couples nearby.
  • You have the option only to watch and flirt.
  • Members have unlimited messages, hookups, and nude photos.
  • You can get invited to exclusive swing clubs & events.
  • Meet hundreds of new members every day.
  • Get some stories and tips.
  • Communication with other users is public.
  • Several services are subject to subscription fees.
  • There are a certain amount of possible online crimes and fake profiles.

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Todd Claxton is the founder of this service. The dating site allows singles and married swingers to enjoy sexual variety and personal fantasy.

This LoveVoodoo review aims to reveal all the details about this service. It’s an online community for singles and couples of various ages, races, and sexual preferences to meet and chat with other open-minded and adventurous people in their area. Singles and couples can find a match for the swinging experience. People who are only curious about open relationships can meet, watch, flirt, or hook up with others by joining chats and blogs. Members of LoveVoodoo.com also have the chance to get an invitation to hot parties, sexy lifestyle clubs, and events.

LoveVoodoo Review: A Great Dating Site

How Does LoveVoodoo Work?

It’s not always easy to meet open-minded people in your daily life, especially if you’re interested in open relationships like swingers. This is why we strongly recommend you join this dating site. The LoveVoodoo website helps people meet and find like-minded people. It is somewhat similar to other online dating sites. To get started, you can sign up for free. Plus, you can create and personalize your profile using site theme colors.

All members are in full control of their profiles; they can do everything – block others, for example. Smart filters help you find accounts with specific details. Furthermore, members of the LoveVoodoo website can upload and savor erotic pics and videos. If you’re single, you can put a Single’s Ads and find other singles for fun, traveling, and attending events. If you meet attractive members, you can send an email or wink. Besides, you can also add them to your friend list. Members can access the site around the clock and browse without paying anything.

Signing up at LoveVoodoo

Everyone over 18 years old of race and sexual preference may join. They can use LoveVoodoo on laptops and computers. For all members’ safety, the site is protected and tested daily by McAfee Site Security.

To register, you will need an email address, indicate your name and date of birth. Then, set a password. Unfortunately, the LoveVoodoo website doesn’t offer registration through social media accounts, thus letting them stay anonymous. Registered users may receive email notifications regarding the site’s latest information, promos, and new features.

How to Initiate a Contact

This dating platform is great for unprejudiced singles and couples eager to meet new people with the same interests and lifestyles. Your creative profile, along with some open and honest information, can attract the attention of others. Create a unique page and write a good description of yourself. Keep it short and catchy. Photos work like magic! Make sure you put high-quality images with no blur.

To search for other members who meet your preferences, you need to apply the filters: appearance, orientation, hobbies, height, etc. Members can use many exciting tools and features to enjoy the service to the fullest. The best and easiest way to break the ice is greeting someone with a wink. Other communication channels include likes and DMs. Members can also use chatrooms and blogs for closer interaction.

As you may see in LoveVoodoo reviews, most members express attraction to someone, mainly using likes and DMs. If a user likes you as well, you may switch to a private chat. Also, members can greet newcomers since existing users are notified when someone joins the community.

You can view a list of members currently online. When you find the best match, you can add him or her to your friend list and give them a code to view your private pics. You can not only join groups, but LoveVoodoo also allows members to create groups based on common interests.

How to Initiate a Contact

Profiles at LoveVoodoo

Once you have signed up, you have the freedom to create and set your account. As a member, you will need to fill in some information: name, date of birth, lifestyle, and physical appearance.

Singles and couples sign up to find a match that shares their interests. When you search for your soulmate, you can choose what you are interested in. There are several options: looking for single females, couples and single males, nudism only, cam only, etc.

The presence of fake accounts is possible. In one of the LoveVoodoo reviews, some long-time members complain about them because many accounts don’t put real photos.

So, your profile photo should be updated regularly. Nudes are not allowed because they will show up publicly. However, you are allowed to put attractive pictures and provide detailed descriptions. Try to use images that are at least 72 DPI to avoid that pixelated look.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

There is a chance you meet a scammer when you start using online dating services. Since the team doesn’t require an ID or photo for new member verification, it may boost fake accounts. Some members often come across them while browsing the gallery.

Mostly, such people behave suspiciously so that it is not difficult to identify them. You can safeguard yourself from scammers on the LoveVoodoo website in several ways. First, keep your account anonymous. You must not share any sensitive data with strangers you met online. Another method is using Google to search the image. Thus, you will know whether it belongs to real persons.

Check whether the profile is consistent with what you have been told or it is different. Or, you may also block annoying members. Report them to admins to protect yourself and other members.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

Design and Usability of the LoveVoodoo Website

It’s super easy to sign up, use the service, and edit your profile. Besides, interactive tools are simple, and you can also enjoy hassle-free navigation. The design works for an adult audience. So, you may come across lots of semi-nude photos while in the gallery.

The site also features a user-friendly design, like instant reminders about new DMs in the mailbox. Besides, members also receive notifications about newcomers. The Like/Wink feature is a great way to contact others. Singles will benefit from the Singles Ads feature, which is perfect if you want to find a partner for fun, travel, and attend parties or events. Furthermore, smart filters help you find your partner faster.

Mobile LoveVoodoo App

Unfortunately, LoveVoodoo doesn’t have an app at this moment. You can only access the website, but hopefully, there will be a mobile application soon.

Special Features

Some LoveVoodoo reviews mention that there are many useful and fascinating features. They help members to navigate smoothly. Plus, the functionality attracts new users. People can enjoy anonymity, join interesting groups, create their own chatrooms, or get into private conversations. Every member is free to use all the available features, and there are not many limitations for free memberships.

Here are some general features of the platform:


Like many other dating sites, LoveVoodoo offers the Like/Wink feature. Members can express their interest in another person by liking their photos. If there is a like back, they could have a match and start chatting and flirting in private messages.

You can get a maximum of 100 members while you are searching for other members. There are plenty of options to narrow down your search. You can select the preferred sexual orientation, ethnicity, appearance (like height, weight, and hair color), and age, and the site will find a match for you.

Other than those features, they also offer some other cool perks:

Single’s Ads

The LoveVoodoo website is the only lifestyle dating site that offers Single’s Ads. It allows a single person of all ages, preferences, and races to participate in fun and hot parties. Or, maybe, meet other singles to travel and attend events together.


This dating site allows every member to personalize their profile and limit the people who can view it, like blocking single men or couples. Thus, the page won’t show up in their searches. Or, you can block other members who bother you or those you are not interested in.


Choose Site Templates

Choosing site templates is another cool feature to personalize your profile. It allows you to change the site to your liking so that it looks more attractive.

LoveVoodoo collaborates with VistaPrint to offer 250 Member Business Cards for every user. You will receive exclusive offers and tips on digital marketing products from VistaPrint.

Post a Hookup

Once you have become a member and involved with others, you can have events and parties in your area. Every member can post a hookup and event. You will find the calendar on the homepage.

Post a Blog

If you have a story to share, a comment, or questions, you can post them in the member blog. So, others can respond and answer your questions. You will also get tips and tricks about lifestyle and read other stories.

LoveVoodoo Costs

The LoveVoodoo website offers some membership plans:

Membership Plan
Three Days $ 3.99
One Month $ 16.95
Three Month $ 44.95
One Year $ 139.00
Three Years $ 279.00

Basic Membership

Basic membership will give you limited features. Free members can search for a partner, take a look at their profile, and add them to the friend list. Unfortunately, the LoveVoodoo website will give you only a free message for a day.

Premium Membership

Premium membership offers all perks available. You can view profiles, including private photos and videos. You can also get connected directly through unlimited messages. Last but not least, you will be able to handpick your swinger partner.

LoveVoodoo Coupons

The platform doesn’t have any coupons for its members. You can follow the site notifications for updated promotions.

Verification and Safety on the LoveVoodoo Website

Most adults are signing up with the free-minded lifestyle community for exciting and pleasurable hookups. They want to preserve their privacy and anonymity. Plus, they have established a safe, sexy, and stimulating environment for everyone to live out their erotic fantasies.

The dating website will need your email address for a verification process. You can verify your LoveVoodoo account via a mobile phone and email. Once you receive email verification, all you have to do is press on the confirmation link. That’s simple! Now, you are ready to start using the service for free. If you forget the password, they will send it to your email.

Before signing up for a dating site, there are things you could consider.

Is There Any Scammer on LoveVoodoo?

Todd Crawford launched the dating site. And it is definitely not a scam. Though you can’t find the official address, users can read several LoveVoodoo reviews. The platform had hosted and sponsored events, such as Goddess Week, Colorful Fantasies, Big on the Beach, and the famous Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica.

However, there are some fake accounts (like on most online dating sites). Yet, it shouldn’t make you worry. There are ways to keep yourself safe from them. The easiest way is to press the ‘Block’ button and stop interacting with suspicious individuals.

Is LoveVoodoo a Legit Dating Site?

Yes, the dating website is 100% legit. LoveVoodoo works hard to accept adults who have reached 18 years old. They also keep only real singles and swingers. Plus, the admin team moderates all the chatrooms, both public and private, 24/7. If a member violates the official rules and guidelines, they get suspended immediately.

Is LoveVoodoo Anonymous?

LoveVoodoo offers complete anonymity. The site doesn’t ask you to mention real names or provide other sensitive data. Plus, members don’t need IDs for verification. So, you may find fake profiles and scammers.

Is LoveVoodoo Anonymous?

What Is the Problem With LoveVoodoo?

Most online dating services are full of scammers and predators. It may be dangerous if you are new to the anonymous chatting service. So, it’s essential to practice online safety and never violate the LoveVoodoo dating site’s rules. Find some information about how to identify such people and avoid them.

Help and Support

LoveVoodoo has some informative pages, including FAQ, Terms and Condition, and Lifestyle FAQ. We encourage all new members to read them first if they experience technical issues or need assistance. If you find no answer, you can contact the customer service team through the Contact Us page, call, or send a message.

LoveVoodoo Alternatives

Members of the LoveVoodoo community may find other interesting online dating sites: eHarmony, SpicyMatch, and Ashley Madison. They offer all kinds of relationships for open-minded people. Besides, most of these services have free memberships and trial periods.


Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers below:

What Is LoveVoodoo Used for?

Online dating sites are suitable for meeting new people and finding casual hookups. The platform is the best community for swingers to meet other sexy singles and open-minded couples. Whether they are new or experienced, they can live out their desires and fantasies in a safe, fun environment. It’s also where members can interact with people who understand them, go to hot parties and events, and travel. Whatever you are looking for, LoveVoodoo is there for you.

Is LoveVoodoo a Real Dating Site?

The answer is yes. LoveVoodoo is a real dating site with real people. Singles and couples come from different ages, races, and sexual preferences. Here, you can find Unicorns, hot gay partners, bisexuals, and others to fulfill your desires.

How to Delete My LoveVoodoo Account?

Members can delete their accounts in the Account tab at the top of the homepage. Go to Membership, then click on Suspend My LoveVoodoo Account. You will be redirected to another page. Choose between two options: ‘Suspend My Account’ or ‘Delete My Love Voodoo Account.’ Choose the latter option, and your page will be deleted.

How to Get Free Winks on LoveVoodoo?

You can get free winks to connect with other members after joining the LoveVoodoo website. You can send a wink to members who match your criteria and make the connection.

How to Get Free Winks on LoveVoodoo?

Contact Information

Email: admin@LoveVoodoo.com

Phone: 1-888-609-1104


Overall, LoveVoodoo reviews are positive. This online dating website is for everyone (singles, married, in relationships, etc.) that look for an adventurous and free-minded lifestyle. Everybody who reaches the age of majority can sign up. The platform will please everyone who wants to fulfill fantasies and desires and get new sexual experiences.

You are free to express yourself here by sharing your secret thoughts, preferences, and desires without anyone judging you for that. Find singles who want to join your sex life with your partner or couples who want to swap. For singles, arrange hot and sexy parties and events with other single members and meet couples for the shared experience.

LoveVoodoo offers a 100% reliable and safe dating site for all members. No real ID for verification, so you remain fully anonymous. However, it is allowed to share your details in private conversations. It is your choice, and you have to take full responsibility. You can start to interact with other members by lining or winking at them.

Unlike many other online dating sites, the LoveVoodoo website has an impressive Single’s Ads feature. It is perfect for those singles who want to meet new people and have fun together. Every member also can personalize their profile to their liking, make groups, join blogs, or write a story.

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