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Outpersonals Review: Great Dating Site?

Outpersonals Review: Great Dating Site?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 83%
Beauty 84%
Popular age 25-45
Profiles 1 240 000
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Visit rate 6.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Outpersonals has an enormous pool of users for members to select from.
  • The site has impressive features available for members like video chat and dating magazine.
  • Reduces chances of encountering scammers as it verifies the accounts.
  • The site has users with specific sexual preferences; there are no surprises.
  • The site has extreme sexual content.
  • The service is expensive.
  • You'll find cases of scamming on the platform.

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Outpersonals is a gay dating site where gay men look for other gay men for casual sex and hookup. Users regard the platform as one of the fastest-growing gay sites. On the website, you’ll find men, gay couples, Bi couples, groups, or TS/TV/TG people looking for men, couples, or groups.

In this review, you’ll learn how the site works, the demographics of the members, and the membership plans it offers to its members.

Outpersonals Review: Great Dating Site?

What Languages Does Outpersonals Support?

The site supports English, Chinese, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese languages.

Who Are The Founders Of Outpersonals?

Outpersonals is a subsidiary of FriendFinder Networks Inc. FFN runs the Outpersonals platform and is responsible for its services.

Where Are The Outpersonals Headquarters?

Outpersonals is based in the United States of America with offices in Europe and Singapore.

When Was Outpersonals Started?

Outpersonals dating site was started in 1996 as the premier LGBT dating platform. At first, the service was based in the United States of America, but later it spread to all corners of the world. You can now find their offices in Singapore, Europe, and Australia.

Is The Outpersonals Website Available Across The World?

You can access the Outpersonals services from anywhere in the world. The services are available on both desktop and mobile devices. All you need is an internet connection.

Special Features

The website offers users a variety of special features. You might not enjoy many of these features with a free account. It would be best to upgrade your account to gain access to the best features on the platform. When you look at most Outpersonals reviews, the successful users had or have premium accounts.

Instant Messenger

This feature allows users to send instant messages to members who are on IM. You’ll see a green IM icon as a sign that a member is on IM. You can access this functionality from anywhere in the site as the icon is at the top quick access bar.


Outpersonals allows you to create a list of members you like called a hotlist. When you place a user on your Hotlist, they’ll be notified. This is one way of letting other users on the platform know that you like them.


You can share your thoughts and reviews on the blog section of the site. You can also read other users’ experiences on the blogs. This is also a splendid avenue of getting to know other users better.

Gifts & Tips

Outpersonals also allows you to send other users Tips and Gifts. When you encounter someone you like, you can send them virtual gifts to let them know of your intentions.

Live Action

This feature allows you to interact with other users live. The live-action is via live models, live member webcams, top broadcasters, adult chatrooms, and instant messenger.

Live Action

The advanced search feature allows you to refine your match results. This feature allows you to use the finer details about thonline, they reveal that it satisfies many users with the quality of the site’s membership.

The membership is global as the site is available to users from all over the world. The most common languages on the platform are Chinese, English, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese, among others.

User Demography

Since the site is focused on gay men, most of the members on the platform are gay men with different relationship interests. But, most users are looking for casual encounters. Despite being a site for casual encounters, The site’s user profiles are comprehensive.

Several verification mechanisms ensure that the users are real. When you check any user reviews.

What Age Groups Are There On Outpersonals?

On the platform, you’ll find users from all age groups. There are users from the age of 18 to 55 plus. Most gay men on the site are aged between 22 and 44.

Does The Site Have Phony Accounts And Cons?

Outpersonals has put in place measures to ensure that all user accounts are legit. When you create an account, verify your email. This is the first step the platform takes to ensure only real users create accounts.

The platform provides incentives to users who verify their profiles further. For example, when you confirm your identity using the “ConfirmID” feature, the site shows on your profiles that you are a trusted member. Such confirmation gives you higher chances of finding your best match.

However, scammers change their tactics daily and might beat the site verification process. As a result, it gives the responsibility of identifying and reporting scammers and fake accounts to the users. When you come across a fake account or a scammer, report them to the site admins for action.

You can also read other Outpersonals reviews by real users to learn how they were scammed and how they dealt with it. You can also read the blog and user support sections on the website to get some tips on how to stay away from scammers.

Outpersonals Review: Great Dating Site?

From What Platforms Can You Access The Platform?

You can access the Outpersonals services from the website, mobile-friendly website, or mobile app available on iOS only. According to many reviews by real users, mobile access is the preferred access method for many.

Outpersonals Mobile Application

The Outpersonals mobile app is available to iOS users only. The platform’s reviews reveal that users relish the convenience that the app has. For instance, you can upload impromptu photos taken by your phone camera on the go.

However, if you don’t have an iOS device, you can access it from your mobile device using the mobile site. You can use any browser on your phone to access the site. All the features available on the desktop website are also available on mobile platforms.

Outpersonals Site

Outpersonals dating platform offers all the services offered by the dating platform. The site is secure and straightforward to use. When you check any Outpersonals user review online, there is an obvious sign that it satisfies many users with its functionality.

Can You Access The Outpersonals Website On Your Computer?

You can access the website from your desktop computer with ease. The site design is responsive and works well on different screen sizes.

Can You Access Outpersonals From Any Browser?

The Outpersonals platform does not have browser compatibility issues. You can access the services from the browser of your choice. The site does not use sophisticated graphics that would make it hard to run on any browser.

Why Are You Having Trouble Logging Into The Site?

If you cannot access your account, there is a likelihood that they might have banned your account. To restore your account, navigate to “My Account” and update your profile information to meet the minimum requirements. If you have not verified your email address, you’ll not have access to your account.

Usability & Navigation

The Outpersonals website interface is simple and easy to use. The site designers did not try to reinvent the wheel; they used the standard features. It is easy for users to navigate the site as the icons are familiar.

Navigating the site is also easy because the uses simple site navigation elements. For instance, there is a top menu bar that contains links to the main functionalities of the site. The top bar can be accessed from anywhere on the site. You’ll not get lost on the site as each page has a title letting you know your exact location on the site.

Signing Up

The registration process on Outpersonals is straightforward. The site does not offer the option of Facebook registration. You can create your account as an individual, couple (gay or bi), or as a group. To create your account, you’ll provide the following information:

  • State whether you are a man, gay couple, bi couple, or group.
  • State what you are looking for.
  • Provide your date of birth.
  • State your country and closest city.
  • Provide a valid email address.
  • Create a username you’ll use on Outpersonals.
  • Create a secure password.
  • Provide information on your sexual orientation.
  • Select a word that best describes your body type and race.
  • Provide your marital status.
  • Provide more information about yourself by writing the introduction title and then write a brief description of yourself.

Once you provide all this information, Outpersonals sends an activation link to the email address you provided. You must click the activation link from your email address inbox to activate your account.

How Do You Remove A Member From Your Matches?

If a member appears on your searches and does not impress you, you can remove them by adding them to your block list.

What’s The Minimum Age To Create An Account On Outpersonals?

Outpersonals website is an adult dating platform; therefore, you must be 18 years and above to create an account.

What's The Minimum Age To Create An Account On Outpersonals?

How Can You Verify Your Email?

The site provides users two ways to verify their accounts. You can either use the Get Verified feature where you upload a profile picture with your username displayed. Or use the ConfirmID feature where you upload your ID information to verify your identity.

Does Outpersonals Verify User Emails?

During registration, you’ll provide an email address. The platform sends an activation key to your email address. When you click that verification link, your email address the site verifies your email address.

Can You Register With Your Facebook Account?

Outpersonals does not offer users the option to register using their Facebook accounts. To create an account, you must have a valid email address.

Must You Have An Account To Use The Outpersonals Website?

You can enter the site as a guest and browse the listings. But, to enjoy the services on Outpersonals, you must register an account first. Account creation is free and will not take much of your time.

Profile Quality

Creating a profile on Outpersonals is undemanding, but it might take some time to fill up everything. Even though you’re not compelled to provide all the details, it would be best if you did. A complete profile boosts your chances of finding your partner.

If your details are comprehensive, it is easier for other users to understand who you are and what you are looking for. As a result, it is easier to determine if your interests are alike. A complete profile also gives the site’s matching algorithm enough parameters to use to find you the most accurate matches. Users reveal in their Outpersonals reviews that a complete profile is key.

You’ll fill in several sections to complete the profile creation process including:

  • Basic Profile – here, you’ll state the person you want to meet, an introductory title for your profile, and a brief description of yourself. You’ll also describe your perfect match attributes.
  • Profile location – this section of the profiles allows you to tell others where you live and where you’d like to be found. Also, if you’re traveling, you can state in this section, your destination. You can also provide your hometown details so that others can see where you grew up.
  • Physical Information – in this section, you’ll become more personal. Provide details about your gender, date of birth, height, body type, hair and eye color, and whether you wear glasses. You’ll also state your race, endowment, and whether you’re circumcised.
  • Personal information – this section allows you to share with other users your details. They include sexual orientation, religion, education, lifestyle, occupation, marital status, and willingness to relocate. You’ll also reveal the languages you can speak and your social orientation.
  • Additional Questions – in this part, you’ll provide details on your sexual orientation, sexual activities, and fantasies and whether you like sexual accessories. You’ll also let other members know your dreams and goals, outlook on life, and your dating preferences.
  • Personality type – this section contains a personality questionnaire. You’ll use a scale of 1-5 to rate how the questions provided describe your personality.
  • Add and manage photos – to boost your profile, upload photos from your computer, or your webcam.

How Do You Remove A Picture You Uploaded In Outpersonals?

To delete a photo you uploaded to your Outpersonals website profile:

  • Navigate to My Account >> Photos >> Manage Photos.
  • Select the photo you want to delete.
  • Click on the “Delete” icon.
  • Click the “Delete Photo” button to confirm photo deletion.

Can You Alter Your Outpersonals’ Username?

To change your username, follow these steps:

  • Click on “My Account.”
  • Select “Change Username.”
  • Provide the new username and click the “Check Availability” button.
  • If the name is available, the order page loads.
  • Then, you’ll pay 19.95 USD to complete the change.

Can You Delete Your Outpersonals Account?

To delete your Outpersonals account:

  • First, log into your account.
  • Then click on “My/Our Account.”
  • Navigate to the “Manage Account” section.
  • Then, click on the “Close account” link.
  • Last, confirm your actions by clicking on the “Close Account” link.
Can You Delete Your Outpersonals Account?

What Happens If You Disable Your Profile Visibility Option?

When you disable your profile visibility, it will not be accessible by guests and Search Engines. However, turning off your profile accessibility does not immediately remove your profile from the Search Engine cache.

Does Outpersonals Allow Users To Delete Uploaded Information?

Yes, Outpersonals allows you to delete the information you’ve already provided. To delete information, navigate to My Account, then Update Profile. From the Update Profile page, you can alter or delete previously uploaded information.

Search Features

The website offers users several ways to search for potential matches from the enormous user base. The information you provide on your profile will enable the matching algorithms to find you the best matches. But the Outpersonals website allows you to be in control of your searches. You can use various filters to refine your searches to make them more accurate.

Can You See Users You Liked On Outpersonals?

You can view the users you liked on the platform by viewing your Hotlist and flirts sent from the “My Stuff” tab.

What Search Options Do Users Have On Outpersonals?

The platform offers users the following search options:

  • Members who are online using “Who’s online.”
  • Members on IM using “Who’s on IM.”
  • New matches.
  • Members in your locality.
  • VIP account users.
  • Hot or not.
  • Advanced search allows you to set specific attributes of your ideal match.
  • Kink search allows you to search for users who have a particular fetish.

Can You See Who Likes You If You Have A Free Account?

Yes, with a free Outpersonals account, you can see who flirted with you and who hotlisted you. These two activities are gestures from other users to show their affection.


To manage your messages on Outpersonals, you’ll use the “Message Center” accessed by clicking the message icon at the top right corner of your screen. If you can’t see your messages, check the “Pending Conversations” folder.

The message center has the following message categories:

  • All messages – in this section, you’ll find all your messages and conversations.
  • Active Conversations – this section contains your conversations.
  • Important – here, you’ll find messages from your cupid preferences, users in your Hotlist, friends, or VIP members.
  • Others – in this part, you’ll find messages which are not important.
  • Pending conversations – contains messages you sent to members but have not been replied yet.

How Can You Start A Conversation With Someone On Outpersonals?

To start a conversation with another Outpersonals website user when they appear on your search results, click on the flirt icon to send a flirt. You can also click the message icon to send them a message. You can also check users who are on IM and start chatting with them.

How Can You Start A Conversation With Someone On Outpersonals?

How Can You Chat With Other Users?

Outpersonals dating offers users several ways of communicating with each other. If you know the member’s username, you can use the “Message Center” feature. Open the message center by clicking the message icon on the top left corner. Once the message center is open, click on the compose message, enter the username and message, and send it.

You can also chat with users using the IM feature. You can access the IM feature by clicking the IM icon at the top right corner.

Can A Free Account Send Messages?

To send messages on the platform, you must have a premium account. Therefore, if you have a free account, you must upgrade it to access the messaging feature. If you have a premium account, you can select “Standard Contact” to allow free members to message you.

How Can You See Who Sent You Messages On Outpersonals?

Outpersonals will notify you when you receive messages by putting a red bubble on the messages icon showing your unread messages. When you click this bubble, you’ll see who sent you messages from the message center.

How Can You Send Photos And Videos On Outpersonals?

The dating site allows users to use their webcam to spice up their experience on the platform. To access your webcam from the Outpersonals website, navigate to “My Account” then move to the “Manage videos and photos” section. Here, you can then “select upload photo/video by webcam.” You can then use your camera to either take a photo or video chat live.

How Can You Decide Who Can Chat With You On Outpersonals?

To block out users from sending you messages, you must block them. To block a user, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to “My Account.”
  • Find the section labeled “Edit Preferences.”
  • Here, click the link labeled “Blocked Member List.”
  • Then move to the “Add a member to your blocked list.”
  • Enter the username of the member you wish to block.
  • Then click “Add.”
How Can You Decide Who Can Chat With You On Outpersonals?

Free Membership Vs. Premium Membership

The site provides users with three account plans i.e., the free account, standard account, and gold account. The free account does not avail much to the users in terms of features. However, it offers them a chance to decide whether it is worth upgrading.

What Features Can Free Members Access?

Free membership does not give you access to enough features. You’ll have access to the following features with a free membership account:

  • You can browse other users’ profiles.
  • You can view other users’ profiles.
  • You can search for users in your neighborhood.

What Features Can Premium Members Access?

With a premium account, you can access the following features.

  • Full-size pictures.
  • Access to Full premium search features.
  • Full access to hot members’ videos and live cams.
  • Unlimited email ability.
  • Access to full-time user support.
  • You can send emails.
  • Search for users in your area.
  • View other users’ profiles.
  • Browse other users’ profiles.

Is There Premium Membership On Outpersonals?

Outpersonals website offers members premium membership by allowing them to upgrade to Gold membership. Users can also pay for specific services like standard contacts.

How Do You Cancel Your Outpersonals Membership?

If you don’t want your subscriptions to be renewed automatically, you must turn off the auto-renewal feature by following this procedure:

  • Go to “My Account.”
  • Click on the “Billing History & Credit Card Info” link.
  • Navigate to the top of the page to find product status and click “OFF” to turn off the auto-renew feature.

Will Your Outpersonals Subscription Be Renewed Automatically?

When you upgrade your membership to a paid account, the site uses the auto-renew feature to renew your subscription automatically. The auto-renewal takes place when your current subscription is about to expire. The credit card information you provided will be billed.

Will You Be Refunded For Unused Time?

If you decide to cancel your subscription before the time elapses, the site’s terms and conditions state that you’ll not receive any refunds for unused time. When you cancel your subscription midway, you’ll have access to full services as per your account privileges.

Will Your Outpersonals “Support” Be Auto-Renewed?

All the subscribed services are auto-renewed. To cancel the auto-renewal, turn off the auto-renewal feature.

Will You Get Your Money Back If You Are Not Satisfied With The Service?

Outpersonals does not offer its members any form of refunds. If you are not satisfied with the services, you can cancel your subscription by turning off the auto-renewal feature. You’ll have access to your current account plan features until it expires.

Will Your Outpersonals “Support” Appear On Your Credit Card Bill?

Your support will be itemized as “Support” on the product listings on your bill.

Can You Transfer Your Support To Other Outpersonals Users?

Outpersonals does not allow you to transfer or share any of your subscriptions with other members.

Can You Pay For One Month Support?

The payment options for Outpersonals’ support are flexible. It allows you to pay for one month’s support.

Can You Pay For One Month Support?

Are You Safe Dating At Outpersonals?

Outpersonals has taken measures to ensure users are safe. For example, verifying profiles for validity and banning accounts that don’t meet the safety threshold. But your safety on any dating platform is a collective responsibility.

Outpersonals Privacy Policy

Outpersonals has a Privacy Policy that outlines the steps the site has taken to ensure the privacy of members. They keep your personal information safe on the platform.

Are Outpersonals User Communications Encrypted?

To secure your chats from hackers, Outpersonals encrypts your chats. You don’t have to worry about your chats being intercepted.

Can Outpersonals Track Users Down?

While creating your account, you provide your location information. Also, when you access the site from your mobile device, they can use your device’s location information to track you down.

Can The Police Track Outpersonals Users?

Users provide their location details. Therefore, it is easier for the police to track you down.

If You Have Privacy Questions Who Should You Contact?

The Outpersonals website has a robust user support system. You can either use the user support page to find answers to your questions or email the user support team.

Site Security

The site ensures the safety of its members by enforcing compliance with safety regulations. It also offers users advice on various issues on the site.

Does Outpersonals Moderate User Threads And Forums ?

Outpersonals regulates all the contents that users post on the site. If you post content that violates the regulations, they will ban your account.

What If A Member Uses An Outpersonals Account To Solicit Money?

The platform discourages members from asking for money from other users. If an account violates this regulation, they ban it.

Suspended Account

Outpersonals will ban your account if you share prohibited information. You can reactivate your account by changing your profile to conform to set regulations.

Why Can’t You View Users On Outpersonals?

Your account is most likely banned if you can’t access other users. Check your profile for any violations and update as required.

What Is The Duration Of The Account Suspension?

Your account suspension period depends on the violation. If it is violated content, the suspension lasts until you sort out the content. If it were because of scam and fraud cases, you’d be banned forever.

How Do You Retrieve Your Suspended Account?

To reactivate your account, you must address the issues that made it to be suspended. Go to your account settings and edit the details accordingly. If your account was suspended for other issues, you should write to customer support.

How Do You Protect Yourself On Outpersonals

The site gives you various ways you can use to protect yourself. It shows you which users have verified their identities. It also allows you to block and report users with unbecoming behavior. Users in their Outpersonals reviews reveal that blocking and reporting features assured them of their security.

Can You Block Other Users?

You can block a user you suspect to be a scammer. To block a user, navigate to “my account” then click on the “Blocked Member List.” On the blocked member list, go to “add a member to blocked list” and fill the username of the member and check all the boxes. Click “Add” to block them.

Information Banned From Outpersonals

They do not allow you to share the following information:

  • It contains personal information.
  • Does not meet the minimum word count.
  • Has repetitive content.
  • Has banned topics.
  • Uses language not supported by the site.

Customer Support

The site has a robust user support system. If you encounter any challenges, you can find answers on the help and support page, which has comprehensively covered the different frequently asked questions. You can also read reviews to learn from other users’ experiences.

Customer Support

Outpersonal Reviews By Real Users

You’ll find several real life Outpersonal reviews on different aspects of the platform. Outpersonals has put in place protocols to protect its users from information leakage, scammers, and bots. For instance, you must confirm your email address during registration. It also allows users to verify their profiles to boost their integrity on the site.

Is Outpersonals Dating Platform The Best?

According to various Outpersonals reviews, users consider it as one of the best gay dating sites in the world. It has an enormous user base and a vast collection of services.

What Relationships Can You Seek On Outpersonals?

On Outpersonals, you can find casual sex, friends, and hook up with other gay men. You might not find a serious relationship on the site.

Can You Use Outpersonals For Free?

Users can use Outpersonals for free, but you’ll have minimal access. To enjoy better services from the site, you must upgrade your account.

How Do You Use Outpersonals?

Once you create an account on the website, you create a profile to let other users know what you are seeking. The site’s matching algorithm provides you matches. You can refine the matches using various parameters. Once you find your match, the site provides you with several communication features you can use to reach out.

Will You Find Scammers On Outpersonals?

Despite the measures placed by the site admins to prevent scammers, there is a small percentage that escapes the verification process. Therefore, you’re likely to encounter a few scammers on the site. You can browse other user reviews to find out the scammers’ tactics.

Will You Find Scammers On Outpersonals?

Outpersonals Similar Sites

  • Ashley Madison
  • Adult FriendFinder
  • BeNaughty
  • GaysGoDating
  • Gaystryst

Contact Information

Company: Various Inc.

Address: 910 E. Hamilton Ave. Campbell, CA. 95008

Phone: 888-575-8383

Email: team@outpersonals.com


If you are a gay man looking for a casual, no-strings-attached encounter with other gay men or couples, you’ll find the services on Outpersonals. Some Outpersonals reviews have female users asking whether they can join. The site does not allow ladies to join the platform as it caters to gay men’s needs only. The site has plenty of features, is secure, and has a vast user base to select from. Create your Outpersonals account today!

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