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Raya Review: A Great Dating Site?

Raya Review: A Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 23-28
Profiles 2 360 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A free mobile app is available to download.
  • Thanks to invite-only features, this is one of the platforms with genuine profiles.
  • You get an opportunity to match a celebrity.
  • Each member is scrutinized before approval, thus offering you a portal replete with interesting individuals.
  • It is often used by users as both a networking and dating platform.
  • It is an extremely safe app when it comes to privacy and security features.
  • No app for Android users.
  • Taking membership is a little tricky as it requires invitations.
  • Approval or denial of the membership might take from one day to several months.
  • The user base is not as vast as on other dating platforms.
  • An engaging Instagram profile influences the approval and rejection of your registration application.
  • Membership renewal is quite expensive; that’s why many users often don’t renew it.

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Given that Raya is a premium app with a limited audience and user base, many celebrities prefer to register here. Because of their presence, folks are tempted to get the invitation, as the portal enhances the probability of matching with a famous person. Raya is gaining popularity as a social networking application, apart from being a dating platform. Users are not allowed to take screenshots, which helps maintain privacy. Despite hosting celebrities, no endorsements are permitted.


With a limited userbase, the app enjoys more than 5,000 members hailing from the USA alone, but it is popular in other countries too. About 2,000 users are active weekly. Both males and females are equally fond of the portal and use it with great zeal and enthusiasm. Demographically, approx. 55% of males and 45% of females are active members. Raya is equally popular among all age groups, from younger teens of 21 years to middle-aged folks of 55 years. People of all sexual orientations are welcome on the platform, but the majority of the userbase is straight. You get to fill up a personal profile, using which you can connect with other members. Since the app enjoys an exclusivity that revolves around club membership, the number of members is comparatively lower than on other websites. However, the best part is that you are going to find genuine individuals.

Raya Review: A Great Dating Site?

How Does Raya Work?

The work algorithm of the portal is quite different from other dating platforms. Raya offers exclusive membership, which is by-invite only. Using one Apple device, you can create an account only once. You need to fill out an application form to complete the process. It might take days or months to get approval or denial. Having a referral of an existing member helps to get the membership quickly. The app uses the location as a significant parameter to match potential partners. There are two modes, work and social, that you can browse. If you desire to grow your professional network, use the Work mode, and if looking for romantic encounters, you must scan Socially.

Signing up at Raya

  • It is an invite-only app where your friend can offer you to join.
  • Raya provides details about the application procedure.
  • You need to fill up a short application form.
  • The screening of your application might take from a few days to months, so be patient.
  • A committee screens pending requests.

Being exclusive is the sole lucrative feature of the app, which means that it is not easy to gain membership. You can speed up the process if you have referrals from members who are already part of the community. One referral is enough, but if you have more than one member to support your application, it is fantastic and improves your chance of getting accepted quickly. You must allow Raya to access your contact list because it is the only way for it to check whether you know a member from their community or not. Other steps include adding some necessary details, including your name, date of birth, gender, email address, occupation, and location. Signing up does not take much time, unlike the approval process. The final decision depends on many committee members located all over the world. They don’t know each other and belong to various backgrounds, ages, interests, and sexual orientations. If you are lucky, your application might get approved within a week, but it might take months in some cases. You will get an email with the answer. Needless to say, this patient wait is worth it, as indicated in many Raya reviews.

Signing up at Raya

How to Start Contact

  • You are free to use the chat function.
  • Only premium members can send private messages.
  • All the members close to your proximity display on your radar.
  • You get match suggestions based on location.
  • Members have an option to turn off the visibility.

Like any other dating service, communication channels on Raya are private messaging or chatting. One of the additional features’ is viewing members close to your location, and it is done using GPS and other location APIs. There is another tab that shows the list of messages that you have received. You need to upgrade your membership to premium as soon as your application gets approved. Thus, you will be able to send as many messages as you like to anyone. Revealing your location during the registration process is a must, as matching is based on this aspect. However, in case you do not wish to mingle and desire to keep other members away from hitting on you, you have an option to turn off your visibility and be the silent spectator.

How to Start Contact

Raya Profiles

Descriptive user profiles are useful to get to know others better. Every profile enjoys a simple interface and provides enough space for important information, including name, gender, age, location, etc. The presence of professional networking functions allows you to switch between two modes, “Social” and “Work.” Using the former, you can find relationships and friends, whereas the latter helps you develop professional connections. Therefore, you can mention the name of the company you currently work for and your position. It is mandatory to have an Instagram profile if you are on Raya.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

Since Raya membership is invite-only and exclusive to a smaller group, you can rest assured that there are no fake profiles and you are safe from fraudsters.

Raya Design & Usability

The app features a simple design for easy browsing. Not only are the features intuitive, but navigating from one page to another is smooth. Even people who are not tech-savvy can easily browse the profiles thanks to intuitive and simplistic UX design.

Raya Mobile App

It is an easy-to-use mobile application with a clean interface that offers you a seamless browsing experience. Those who are new to the world of online dating or are not tech-savvy can also use it problem-free. However, you can only download it if you have an Apple device, which can be disappointing for Android owners. Though there is a Raya website, it is only to deliver information on getting the membership and the work algorithm. Once you sign up, you receive a notification asking you to wait until further notice. The app allows you to sign up only once and remembers the device you used for registration. Hence, don’t forget to upgrade your membership and expand both your dating and social network.

Raya Mobile App

Special Features

The Raya website is one of the unique social networking portals you may use for dating. Numerous special perks get unlocked once you purchase the premium membership.

Work Mode

If you are in search of more and better professional connections, then you are at the right place. The Work mode helps you find people from the same company and industry as you are and widen your professional network.

Social Mode

Social Mode lets you mingle with the right partner.

Go Invisible

If you do not want to interact or do not want other people to bother you unnecessarily, switch off the visibility mode and enjoy silence.

Special Features

Raya Costs

Using the app tends to be an expensive affair if you compare it with other dating platforms. However, if you weigh all pros, you will find that the amount does not pinch much. You can use a credit card to purchase a premium membership.

Duration Cost Total
1 Month USD 9.99 / Month USD 9.99

Basic Membership

This Raya review suggests that all the services available on the portal are not free, as the last step to complete the application process post-approval is paying for the membership.

Premium Membership

Primarily, the app is a paid platform for online dating. Following is the list of features that you can access as a paid member.

  • Unlimited messaging.
  • Members are free to browse other people’s profiles.
  • Switching off the app’s visibility.

Raya Coupons

The dating site does not offer any coupons.

Raya Coupons

Raya Verification & Safety

Safety is of utmost importance for Raya founders. For this reason, they initiated the process of getting an exclusive membership on the portal via referrals. Not everyone who applies receives a favorable verdict. The service accepts only credible, genuine applications with referrals. There is a committee of multiple members who decide on the status of the application. The app employs security features that filter out bots and scammers. Thus, Raya is committed to the mission of providing a safe dating environment to all its members.

Is Raya a Scam?

No, Raya is not a scam but an open platform that helps people find romantic encounters and develop professional relationships. It also connects you with celebrities, which is a rare occurrence.

Is Raya Legit?

Yes, the app is a legit dating portal. Raya is one of the most popular online dating service networks operational in multiple nations, devoid of phony users.

Is Raya Anonymous?

No, the app does not let you browse anonymously. However, if you do not want to mingle or do not wish other members to bother you, you can switch off the visibility mode.

Is Raya Anonymous?

The Problem With Raya

Raya is indeed a perfect dating portal that provides possibilities for social networking. However, there are certain flaws, as evident from Raya reviews, that are too hard to ignore. Following are some of the common limitations that make using the app a bit difficult:

No app for Android users

The first and foremost limitation is that Raya has limited access – there is no Android version. Affording Apple devices to create an account on the app is not feasible for all and sundry.

Long waiting time

Seeking approval or denial of your membership application is not a matter of few hours. On the contrary, it might take days or, in some cases, months to know your application’s exact status.

Paid application

Once you get approved, things don’t get any better, especially for those who are not earning. As soon as you receive support, it gets mandatory for you to buy the premium membership to access the features.

Limited membership

Another problem that you will face while using Raya is the limited userbase. The portal maintains a particular number of members at a time, which means many applications get denied. Thus, getting yours accepted is an arduous task.

Help & Support

The app enjoys a very supportive customer representative team, available 24*7 to solve your queries. You need to write an email at contact@rayatheapp.com to get a solution to your problem.

Help & Support

Raya Alternatives

There is no doubt that Raya is one of the best dating platforms. However, if, for some reason, you desire to try other services, then the following are the most popular alternatives:

  1. Ashley Madison
  2. MillionaireMatch
  3. AdultFriendFinder


When you try something new, you have many doubts and concerns. Similarly, before filling out the application form, many thoughts cross your mind while creating an account on Raya. Though it is difficult to answer all the questions, we can surely answer the most common ones.

How to Get on Raya?

Getting an exclusive Raya membership might be a little challenging, but the process to apply is simple. You need to download the free mobile app on your Apple device and fill out an application form, which then goes to the Raya Committee that decides whether to approve you or not.

How Hard Is It to Join Raya?

Joining the Raya community is not that difficult but requires your application form to be detailed. If you can seek a referral from people who are already members, getting approval on the membership will be made faster.

What Is Raya Used for?

Raya is a dating platform and a social networking portal that allows people to find romantic encounters and build professional relations. You can also use it to meet sincere friends online.

Is Raya a Real Dating Site?

Raya is indeed a real dating app that has been serving people for a long time now. Suppose you are lucky enough to get approved. In that case, you are sure to find opportunities to connect with a partner of your choice and develop professional relations and connections with celebrities.

How to Delete a Raya Account?

You can delete your Raya dating account by writing an email to customer support at contact@rayatheapp.com. Once they receive your letter, they delete your account immediately.

How to Delete a Raya Account?

Contact Information

Email: contact@rayatheapp.com


The Raya is undeniably one of the unique and most popular dating services catering to people’s dating needs in innovative ways. Apart from dating, it offers other perks that make life comparatively better, be it a social or professional aspect. The exclusive membership concept makes the portal unique and popular among individuals ready to pay to get quality services. Unlike other dating apps, becoming a member of the portal is not that easy but surely worth your efforts. You can fill out the application form today and avail yourself of the opportunity of connecting with celebrities. If you have a referral, you will join the community in no time. Thus, look for people in your contact list who might be using Raya’s services.

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