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Escort in USA

An escort is a person who accompanies you with the primary objective of attending to your non-sexual needs at a fee. Some still provide sex, if the client agrees. However, the term escort has been loosely used to include cases of exchange of money or valuables for sexual gratification. There are different types of escorts:

  • Local escorts
  • Women escorts
  • VIP Escorts
  • Escort sex
  • Gay Escorts
  • Porn star escorts

Although prostitution and escort services have been used interchangeably, there is a difference that if ignored can be costly. While prostitution is about getting sexual gratification for a fee, an escort doesn’t provide it. Some things you should know are covered in this article.

Escort vs Prostitution

Prostitution is the exchange of sexual gratification for money or a valuable commodity. It is illegal in many parts of the world. In most cases, it is a deal with no prior connection. However, some are organized and practice a telephone appointment. This is where the term “Call Girls” was coined.

On the other hand, escort is primarily for company and entertainment. Sex isn’t the objective. For example, VIP Escorts accompany prominent people or assist them. This means there is an attachment between them and in most cases they are known to each other. However, escort sex without prior agreement can lead to criminal charges if the authority finds out that intercourse was involved. Escort services are also more structured while prostitution doesn’t have any structure.

Where to find Escorts?

Thanks to digital platforms, the escort index is readily available on Google. Countries like the USA having them listed per state. There is also the world escort index that provides a global outlook.

You can also find them through escort sites like or Backpage. Some sites like Backpage Escort, however, were shut down on the allegation of human trafficking and illicit sex.

In addition, there are licensed escort sites in the UK for instance, making it easier to find escorts. With such, you can just book an appointment by dialing a number. You need to take caution not to fall into the trap of trafficking or prostitution as this attract criminal charges. Also, you can call the escort agency, browse online or visit their social media platforms.

How much does an Escort cost?

There is no clear cost when it comes to using escort services. Some escorts work with an agency, while others work independently. Regardless, the cost may vary depending on the following factors:

  • Gender or racial preference, e.g. gay escorts, women escorts of African, Asian or Caucasian origins. This will lead to variation in charges as some may not be readily available and might be ‘outsourced’ from other agencies.
  • Location. Local escorts could be inexpensive compared to international ones.
  • Duration is also a factor as most escort services are charged on an hourly basis – the longer the duration, the higher the cost.
  • Service. The charges are further influenced by the services offered by the escort, such as massage, lap dance, etc. Be sure to negotiate with the companion beforehand.

How to hire an escort legally?

As stated above, you can approach a licensed escort agency. You must certify that you’re hiring them for companionship or their time, but not sex. The second condition is that you’re willing to pay taxes. If you meet those, then you can get an escort of your preference: gay, big beautiful escort women or just a local call girl. Below are some legal steps to hire an escort.

  • Choose a registered agency – there are plenty of brands providing escort services. However, the best way to tell if an agency is reputable is by reading live reviews.
  • Work through the agency’s platform. Before contacting the escort, be sure to use the agency.
  • Let the agency know you made a contract to prevent fraudsters, who mask up as escorts.
  • Agree on payment before the meeting and pay what you agreed on.

How to become an escort

Like any other profession, there are risks and rewards. Becoming an escort, like any other profession has its basic qualifications that must be met. Legal age is obligatory, but gender doesn’t matter neither do races or educational qualifications. Although, smart escorts, who can take a part in any kind of conversation is welcomed.

Being an escort calls for caution as it can be dangerous. Also, you should consider personal preferences concerning gender and race, the objective of the companionship and the budget.

It is very possible to be an escort and here are some of the requirements:

  • Age. The legal age of an adult in most countries is 18 years. This means you must have an identification card to prove that you’re not underage. The identification card also proofs that you are staying in the country legally.
  • Consent. It must be a personal choice not compelled or duped into being an escort. This is to eliminate slavery while using escort sites.
  • Interpersonal communication skills. Negotiation and customer service skills are valuable. You should understand how to engage with other people while maintaining professionalism as you serve your client.
  • Personal grooming and hygiene. There is a need to be presentable to the client and to keep personal hygiene at all times. Remember, tidiness impacts your reputation and service.
  • Health. Some clients might demand medical certification. Currently, there are a lot of diseases. Since escorts provide company, time and intimacy, ensure you present valid certificates.
  • Legality. A non-resident of the country must provide legal documents allowing them to be in the country to eliminate human trafficking.

Apart from the above, you must also decide, whether you are going solo or through an agency. Both have advantages and disadvantages. If you decide to go the individual way, you will be able to earn more money. This is because you eliminate Agency charges and you’re able to negotiate your terms. You only need a page to advertise your services on. The downside of this is the lack of insurance regarding personal safety and security.

On the other hand, the agency approach means terms are dictated by them and you’re paid what you negotiate for. This might reduce the earning drastically.

For instance, if a client paid $40, the agency might deduct a certain percentage from it. The advantage of an Agency is that your security and safety are guaranteed as your whereabouts can be traced in case of emergency or mischief from the client. You can also have legal support if a lawsuit ensues. The cost of advertisement is also covered by the agency cutting down the overhead expenses.

FAQs of Escort

Here are some of the commonly asked questions;

Is it safe to meet with the girls that are female escorts?

Yes. If you choose an escort girl from an agency your safety is almost 100% guaranteed. However, there have been a few cases when people were robbed by escorts. It is advisable to contact the escorts through an agency because in such cases, their brand has already done background checks on them. This can eliminate cases of child abuse, human trafficking or even scamming. How is that? As stated above the agency requires documentation before employment of escorts.

Can I choose Beautiful Black Woman (BBW), Asian, Latina, and Milf Escorts?

Yes. You can get your preference. It is worth knowing that at times it might not be the case. Depending on the agency, country, or location for example, in Africa, you find predominantly BBW escorts but other races might not be a guarantee. The best way to choose your preference is to settle for an agency that caters to the needs of diverse populations.

What replaced for hooking up?

Some of the escort sites that replaced the above after the US ban are listed below:

  • Ashley Madison- this specializes not only on single ladies but also for those with partners who are seeking an extra kick. Whether married or engaged.
  • Snap MILFs is the best craigslist escort alternative site catering to women in their mid-thirties who are attracted to younger men within their area.
  • Match Sniper is for couples who want to go incognito searching for other couples or singles to mingle with.

Can I find porn stars who escort?

Depending on your needs, you can get porn stars escorts as some specialize in this area. You can choose from the escort list, connect, and agree on the price. Be sure to indicate what you need politely during the consenting and contracting phase.


The denotative meaning of escort refers to a person who is paid in exchange for companionship or entertainment. Escorts can be found legally through licensed agencies. They can also be found online through sites and apps but with a greater risk.