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Chatiw Review: Great Dating Site?

Chatiw Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 16%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 25-30
Profiles 2 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • 1. The chat system is basic but functional.
  • 2. The site is easy to use and get started.
  • 3. There is instant access to all online members.
  • Few features to make site interesting
  • The V.I.P membership does not offer much.
  • It is challenging to meet someone you can trust on the site reliably.

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Chatiw is a great dating site. It allows you to meet and chat with random people; there is also the possibility of meeting your dream sex partner.

The site is meant for those who are excited about sexting and are always interested in chatting up strangers. One of the major reasons people visit this site is to meet people for casual dating, flirting, and sex sites.

How Many Languages Are Supported By Chatiw?

As at the last Chatiw Review, it supports five different languages. They are: English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. The majority of users are familiar with these languages; this is the reason for selecting them amidst other options.

Who Does Chatiw Belong to?

The site is owned and operated by Chatiw. It operates with easy-to-use features and the aim of allowing users to chat up strangers.

Where is Chatiw Based Now?

Chatiw is based in Australia. However, the system of operation is global as it is not limited to only one country.

When Chatiw Dating Platform Was Founded?

The site was officially founded in 2009. It has been increasing in membership base since then. Users are from almost all countries of the world.

Is Chatiw Available Worldwide?

There is no limit to the reach of the site. People from every part of the world can access the site, as it is available to everyone.

Is Chatiw available worldwide?

Special Features

One of the factors that make the site outstanding is the quality features. They are best experienced as they allow you to navigate through the site and help you have fun. The fascinating features are:

Safety Tips

This helps you secure and safeguard yourself by avoiding online scammers and frauds.


You can find the link to blog articles and posts at the bottom of the home page before entering the main chat page.

Chat History

It is a list of conversations you have had with other members while you were online. There is no ability to record chats with other members when you were online.

This particular feature takes you to different sites that offer chat rooms and live shows. They are affiliates of the site.

Whatever your doubt maybe, they will always be cleared with the well-designed features and user interface.

Audience quality

Are you tired of boredom? If yes, Chatiw.com is the perfect place to be. There is the availability of sexting, relating with random people, arranging hookups, casual flirting, and good sex! The major goal of the site is to help you fulfill your romantic desires. A standard audience quality can only accomplish this. Messages are communicated in five different languages, coupled with easy to use features. Chatting is endless; you are guaranteed a great time!

Age Distribution

Different age groups populate this site. You will find teenagers, youth, and adults. The most populated age group is the age group of 25 – 50 years.

Fakes and Scammers

Having fakes and scammers is to attest to the originality of the site. Fakes will never be found in a fake environment; their presence attests to the reality of the website. You should, however, worry less about scammers, as their activities have been put under check.

Fakes and scammers

Mobile app and Website

After the recent Chatiw Review, the mobile application was built to encourage members’ participation and ensure they enjoy every minute spent on the site. The functions of the mobile app and the website are similar, but they are both pathways to achieving your sex dreams.

Chatiw App

The mobile application is more convenient than the website. All the features of the site are on the application. You can always enjoy its features while chilling, working, or doing other activities. It is suitable for your Android or iOS devices.

Chatiw Website

The official website of this site is Chatiw.com. This is where you can get all your queries solved and get full information about the site.

Can The App Be Used With My Computer?

There is no limitation to using the application on your computer. The basic requirement is to download your computer version, after which you can access the site.

What Browsers Support Chatiw?

Every browser that supports the internet will always support Chatiw as there is no restriction on the use of browsers.

Why Am I Finding It Difficult To Access The Site?

Different reasons could cause the inability to access the site; it could be the filling of wrong information, the use of a removed account, or a forgotten password. If you still cannot reach the site, then you should check your internet connections as the site is always available every time.


Are you in search of an excellent interface? Chatiw has one of the best interfaces that will help your surfing the site convenient and enjoyable. Site designs are self-explanatory and can be used by anyone without the need of been technologically inclined.

Registration Process

Registration is compulsory to connect and meet people. There is no registration process on the site, as it is not strict. All that is required is your general information, location, nickname, etc. The free membership requires no registration, but it is a limited method of operation. Chatiw does not require the use of codes; registration is fast and easy.

Is It Possible To Unmatch A Chatiw Member?

You must always ensure your safety. One way to achieve this is by disconnecting relationships you feel are no longer safe. The site avails you the opportunity to unmatch members that you no longer have interest in.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Register On Chatiw?

No one is permitted to register on this site if you are below the age of 18. It is an adult content site with a vast spread of explicit materials, so anyone below the minimum age must not be a member.

How Can I Verify My Account?

As earlier explained, the registration process is easy; the only verification is to thick the captcha box, which confirms that you are human and not a robot. One of the advantages of the site is the elimination of a lengthy verification process.

How Can I Verify My Email?

The site does not require the verification of email. Members are granted the opportunity of free membership, which allows them to start chatting immediately.

What If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

There is no effect of using the Facebook account for registration. Since the registration process here is simple, you would not be required the option of registering with your Facebook account. i.e., you can register without a Facebook account.

Is It Possible To Use The Site Without Signing Up?

Every user is required to provide their general details before they can use the site. Both the free or paid membership at Chatiw requires signing up to access the site. Signing up is free, no cost, no stress.

Profile Set-up

Unlike other sites, there is no long process of profile set-up. You will only be required to fill your information, completing this, makes your information visible to everyone. You must supply correct and adequate information about yourself.

Is It Possible To Delete A Photo That I Uploaded In Chatiw?

Privacy and freedom are parts of the key attributes of the site. You can always decide to change or remove any of your information, including a photo. There is no restriction or penalty for this, as you can do it as often as possible.

How Can I Edit My Username In Chatiw?

Editing your username is quite easy. The basic requirement is to navigate to your profile, select edit and click on change username, fill the new username and save when you are done; this will automatically change your username. You must choose an attractive username.

How can I edit my username in Chatiw?

Can I Delete My Chatiw Profile?

You might decide to delete your profile at any time. This does not require any process or authorization. However, ensure there is a valid reason for deleting the profile, as retrieving the profile might take some days.

What Will Happen If I Disable The “Show Me On Chatiw” Option?

Activating the disable button on Chatiw makes you unseen to other users. This means people will not be aware of your existence on the site, as you cannot be found by anyone, even if they are searching. It will limit the opportunity to meet and flirt.

Is It Possible To Delete The Information That I’ve Already Submitted To Chatiw?

As at the last Chatiw Review, everyone has the right to delete whatever information they feel should not be publicized to other users. This feature help members safeguard themselves from unlikely events.

One amazing feature of this site is the ability to search for members. You can conduct a search based on location, gender, relationship type, etc. it is a more straightforward method for meeting people.

Can I See The Chatiw Members Who I Liked?

There is the availability of a like list; it makes it possible to see the members you liked and those that like you. This feature makes building relationships easier and faster, as you can start messaging those on your list.

What Are The Different Options Of Chatiw Search?

Conducting a Chatiw search is not restricted to a particular method; you can always search for people based on interest, gender, location, and usernames. All of these options allow you to maximize the opportunity to meet and chat with new friends.

Is It Possible To See If Someone Likes You On Chatiw As A Free Member?

Chatiw is a good site that doesn’t restrict members’ use. Free members can always message anyone, but they don’t have the opportunity to see members that like you. Free membership limits your activities, updates to paid membership now.


This is the ability to relate with other users, meet people, and begin to know one another better. Every flirting or casual dating begins with messaging.

How Can You Start Messaging With Someone On Chatiw?

Messaging begins immediately you are registered. You can always conduct a quick search, meet a new person, and start messaging that person instantly. There is no fee or charges attached to messaging; it is free!

How Do I Message Someone?

It is not difficult to message someone. You can always message any user; all you need is to access their profile, select the message, and enter their message box, where you will have the right to exchange conversation with another user.

Can I Send Messages For Free?

Messages are free. You can send as many as you wish, there is no cost attached to messaging or chatting as it is the pipe that keeps the site flowing.

How Can I See Those Who Messaged Me On Chatiw?

Every user, either free or paid, will get a notification immediately you receive a message. Select the message notification, and you will have access to the full details of the message.

Is It Possible To Use The Camera On Chatiw?

This site does not support the use of a camera, as there is no need for a profile picture or a video chat. If there is a need to use the camera, you will see the camera icon on the screen, select it, and your camera will be activated.

How Can I Filter Who Can Send Messages To Me On Chatiw?

Controlling your message box is very important as it plays a vital role in ensuring your safety. One of the ways to do this is by filtering who have access to message you. You can filter by gender, location, or interest. To activate this feature, go to your message box and select a filter.

How can I filter who can send messages to me on Chatiw?

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

The site offers free membership and a paid membership. The payment method is usually via PayPal, and there are four types of premium membership plans. There is a monthly subscription at $4.95, six months membership at $25.95, a year membership plan at $49.95, and a life long membership plan for $99.95. all payment plans are cheap and affordable.

Free Membership Features

Free membership is quite manageable. It offers you the ability to join chat rooms, send personal messages, and share images and emojis. Free members can also edit and complete profiles, search for other users, block users, and even lookup chat history. It is not a full feature; it is just the entrance to a big house!

Premium Membership Features

Recent Chatiw Review favors a premium member than a free user, especially if you are a regular user. It is the beginning of a new life! Premium members don’t have advertisements flashing on their screen; there is a nickname reserve for you, VIP badge reflecting on your account, no restrictions to the number of messages and pictures you can send, and there is also a right to share links and phone number with other members. Premium membership costs between $4.95-$99.95. With a paid membership, every minute is fun-filled!

Is There Premium Membership Available On Chatiw?

Yes. The site offers a premium membership that grants members access to a full feature on the site.

Can I Cancel My Chatiw Membership?

Anyone can always decide to cancel their membership at any time. This requires that you contact Chatiw.com or navigate to your edit profile ribbon, where you will have access to cancel your membership.

Is Chatiw Membership Auto-renewed?

Membership is always auto-renewed. However, you have the option to disable the auto-renew function.

Is It Possible To Get A Refund For Unused Time?

There is no refund for unused time, as the site has put all necessary measures in place to ensure members are regularly active and are always experiencing a smooth sex chat.

Can My “Support” To Chatiw Be Automatically Renewed Every Month?

Chatiw.com enables the renewal of members to support monthly. It is also good you know that support renewal is not only limited to monthly. It could be yearly.

Can I Get My Money Back If I Am Disappointed With Chatiw?

The features, designs, and user interface of the site cannot be seen anywhere else. Services rendered by this site are standardized; hence there is no refund of fees to members.

How Will I Get A Refund From Chatiw To My Credit Card Bill?

Every user support firstly appears on their profile, before it is updated to their account. Always ensure you do not change the credit card you used to register, as this is the card that is recognized by the site.

Is It Possible To Provide Support To Other Chatiw Members?

There is no priority with given other members’ support on this site. However, if there is a need for one, you could always lend a helping hand.

Can I Pay Just Only For A Month?

Sending support is one of the activities of the site; it could be sent monthly or even yearly. All users are left with the option of making their choice.

Is It Safe To Use Chatiw?

Chatiw is supposedly safe. However, reports are indicating that there are scammers on the site. The wisest thing to do is to be careful in exchanging messages with strangers. Members’ safety is the site priority, guard it, and enforce it.

Is it safe to use Chatiw?

Privacy in Chatiw

The site is completely committed to ensuring the privacy of users and subscribers. Chatting environment is safe and secure for all users of products and services.

Are Chatiw Chats Encrypted?

All messages, text, or chat on the site are encrypted to ensure proper security and privacy. With the use of encryption, you can be assured of a safe chat.

Is It Possible For Chatiw To Track You Down?

Yes. If your activities on the site become suspicious or dangerous for other users, you might as well be acting against the policy of the site, and as soon as you are guilty of all these, you will be tracked down.

Can Chatiw Be Traced By The Police?

The police are a law enforcement agency and have the right to trace whatever they want. It is more important that every user is of ethical conduct.

< h4>Who Can I Contact On Questions Regarding My Privacy In Chatiw?

If there are any questions or queries while using this site, contact the support team as a response is immediate.


Members are as safe as a cub. No one can harm you or hurt you; all security measures have been enacted to make you enjoy your time here.

Are Chatiw Forums Threads Moderated?

Chatiw.com forums thread is not only moderated but also monitored. This is to effect all of the various rules and policies of the site and also to check up user activities on one another.

What Happens If A Member Uses A Chatiw Account To Solicit Money?

Using an account to solicit for money on this site is prohibited and may even lead to an immediate ban, for everyone that is caught guilty. This is a fraudulent act and must be stopped immediately.

Banned Account

Various reasons could cause a banned account. It may be initiated by disobedience to rules, policy, and members’ guide. Once your account is banned, it means you will no longer have access to that account again.

What Is The Reason I Can’t Access Chatiw?

Accessing the site is always smooth. However, if you are unable to access the site, then it means something is wrong with your internet network, or you are not filling the adequate log in details. This site availability is every time!

How Long Are Bans On Chatiw Lasting?

All bans last for 48 hours, and you must wait for the duration to be completed before you can do anything. If you think you were banned unjustly, you can contact the support team.

How Can I Reactivate My Banned Account?

The recent development with the last Chatiw Review is to reactivate the account by contacting the site support through contact forms. This is the most reliable and accurate method.

Protect Yourself

It is essential for every user to protect their selves, as there is a limitation to the protection the site can offer. The easiest way to protect yourself is by controlling your chat and the exchange of information. Your protection determines your progression, protect yourself at all cost.

How Can I Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

This is quite easy, as you can always block and report a scammer quickly. The process is to click on the username from the list on the left, move to the upper right where you will see a block, report, and close. Select the two, and you will be asked the reason you want to block and report, confirm your report or block by selecting the button “report it.” It is good you do this as fast as possible, as it also safe others from danger.

Is There Any Information That Shouldn’t Be Posted In Your Chatiw Account?

Chatiw.com is not a place for the store of information, as strangers majorly occupy it. Every information you want to share on the site must not be sensitive or private; this may endanger your well-being.

Help and Support

You might need help and support while engaging the site; be assured of always getting quick help and support immediately; you need one. You can always get support by filling the contact form or sending a mail. Either way, the response is instant!

Help and Support

Real life review

“I am a young man that is always in search of quick sex, every night I go to bed without fulfilling my desires. This stopped immediately I joined this site, I have had several hot sexes from this site without the need for a serious conversation. Indeed, this is the perfect place to be, no formality, no processes; you start immediately!

Is Chatiw The Best Dating Site/App?

This is unarguably one of the popular dating sites. Members are proofs of standardization and result in oriented features. Most users enjoy this site because of the easy registration process and also the opportunity to meet with strangers and arrange quick sex. There is no need for payment before messaging, as this helps members fulfill their desires quickly.

Is Chatiw A Safe Dating Platform?

Chatiw is safe but limited to the ability of members to ensure their safety too. The site cannot do everything; users should also be careful of the kind of information they share. Aside from the above, this is a safe site.

Is Chatiw A Hook-up Platform?

This is a hookup application, but it is not designed for dating or serious relationships. The major use of this application is for a quick meet without the use of protocols or rules. The majority of users always use messaging or chat features to meet strangers and arrange for erotic sex. The site might not help you get something serious, but it will assist you in fulfilling your sexual desire.

Is It Possible To Use Chatiw For Free?

Yes, the site is free as it allows users to connect with others online and chat without paying for anything. However, the free membership does not support all of the features of the site as it is limited in use. To enjoy the full benefits and features of the site, members are encouraged to upgrade to a paid membership where you will become a more important user. Upgrade now! And experience a new romance life.

How Does Chatiw Work?

The site operates via various means and features. You must sign up; subsequent to this; you can begin to message, chat, exchange smileys, and begin to plan your desire. Chatiw will never work for you if you don’t sign up because it is the bedrock of other activities. The site works easily and smoothly; anyone can register and use the site at any time.

Do Fake Or Scam Members Exist On Chatiw?

The operations and activities of this site are majorly for strangers. There is no technical registration process, and this is a big risk to users as anyone could sign up and be a member without verification or confirmation of identity. With this weak structure, there is a high tendency to have fake and scam members on the site. Their presence is not the issue, as there will always be scammers on every site. The important thing is for members to be aware of and become careful in their daily activities.

Alternative sites like Chatiw

Some numerous sites and applications offer the same services, like the ones rendered here. Some of the best alternatives include E-Chat, Chat secure, OMGChat, Zobe, ZChat, Kandan, ChatCrypt, ChatStep, Pidgin-encryption, and Cyph. All of these sites are free chatting websites.

Alternative sites like Chatiw

Contact Information

Members might need clarification of certain things or could need support. Aside from the support system, you can always get answers via our contact details. The most active is the email, which is support@Chatiw.com. You can always be assured of not being stranded or confused while using the site.


Chatiw is suitable for everyone that is in search of quick online conversations, immediate sex, or individuals who want to have fun while resting. There are no restrictions on meeting people, and the anonymous environment facilitates the opportunity to share your desires with like minds.

The site helps you chat, meet, have fun and pleasure. There are no restrictions or complications; this is the perfect place for your dream life. Enjoy!

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