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Squirt Review: Great Dating Site?

Squirt Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 17%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 20-45
Profiles 55000
About Site
Visit rate 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Free access to send and receive messages.
  • It uses Geolocation to refer to the closest gay men.
  • With the webcam, you get to see your buddies.
  • Members do not get notice of scammers based on privacy policies.
  • Police undercover at cruising sites.
  • Auto-renewal of subscription.

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Squirt is a sexual hunt site: bringing hot gays and bi men under one forum. Sex is generally pleasurable. But with the same sex, it is more than pleasurable: it is bliss.

Do you want to know more about Squirt website? This review contains all the clarity you need, showing you the quickest route to your next sex partner. Read and Enjoy!

What Languages Are Available On Squirt?

The Squirt site is available in over 30 languages. It is based on its accessibility worldwide. Thus, users can interact in their native languages.

What Languages Are Available On Squirt

Who Is The Owner?

The Pink Triangle Press owns this site. The organization is based in Canada, and its operations revolve around the promotion of LGBT media.

What Is The Location Of The Squirt?

The Squirt site is based in Toronto city in Canada. However, its accessibility cuts across worldwide nations.

When Was Squirt Established?

This site was founded in 1998. As an underlying basis, it was founded in recognition of gay rights.

Is Site Available All Over The World?

Squirt is available worldwide. The site was first made available to the United Kingdom before it was officially released to the world.

Is Site Available All Over The World

Special Features

Sex Now

Go under the ‘I’m looking for sex’ at your page for your chat settings. You will find two checkboxes tagged ‘next three hours’ and ‘next twelve hours,’ respectively. Tick any of the boxes depending on how horny you are. Then ensure that you click on ‘Save My Settings’ down the page.

Recently Viewed Icon

This feature is only available to premium users. On a desktop account, it appears as an icon with an eye. On mobile, it happens in the Guys section as the ‘viewed by’ filter.


This feature appears both on the accounts of Basic members and Fan Club members. It makes the site’s usage more interesting as it encourages interactions as every user gets to post and receive Score Card comments on the profiles of anyone on the site.


Squirt notifies every member of new chats. The notification is usually sent to the Chat navigation tab, and you get to open the chats by clicking on the chat button.


To refer gay members closest to your place of residence, Squirt mobile will need you to provide information on your current location. To ensure accurate results, you enable the location function on your mobile phone.

Tracking The Actions Of Other Users

With the GPS function on mobile phones, Squirt grants you access to the supply of other gage Squirt members within your jurisdiction. Thus, aiding fast and easy physical bonding of members at recommended cruising spots.

Tracking The Actions Of Other Users

Additional Communication Options

With the Buddy List, you get to save the contacts of all the guys you have bonded with and those you intend to hook up with. More so, you get notified when anyone on your list comes online, plus you can add and save comments on their profiles.

The target search offers exact search results of any guy you are interested in. You can specifically search with his username or using other information on his status card.

Compatibility Functions

Members bear a status card containing their details such as; cock size, height, body type, etc. It also includes a picture of you.

Compatibility Functions

Account Improvement

To update your mobile phone account, click on the button bearing three horizontal lines positioned at a corner of your phone’s screen. Then click the button to upgrade.

Audience Quality

You get to see the other members on the Squirt site, who are currently online. They are listed based on their respective distance, starting with the closest to your residence.

Age Distribution

Squirt features a whole range of men ready to explore sex. Ranging from 18-year-olds to daddies with varying cock sizes depending on your craving.

Age Distribution

Fakes and Scammers

Every member’s account is private. Thus, one-way fraudsters have been fished out is by the compliance of Squirt’s legitimate users to the instructions to report any perceived breach of a term.

Mobile App and Website

The site is accessible via the website and mobile version. The latter offers better convenience in navigating the site, portable enough to be assessed as you go around your day to day activities.

Squirt App

Based on current app policies, the App Store and Google Play Store can not comprise apps that contain sex-related content. The Squirt site in promoting individual sexuality, permits members to display their nude pictures.

Squirt App

Squirt Website

The website comes with visible nearby cruising spots, suggesting areas like bathrooms of malls and public parks for cities with small geographical areas. There are suggestions for gyms, libraries, strip clubs, cinemas, campuses, and more for bigger cities.

Can I Use The Application On My Computer?

With the ” See ‘Em All” feature on the profile menu page on your desktop, you get to search out gay members in your area. To view the list of hot members’ profiles on the site in your area, on the top of your desktop screen, click on the “Profile” tab, then from the drop-down menu, you will have to click on the “See ‘Em All’ feature.

Can I Use The Application On My Computer

Why Is It Difficult For Me To Enter The Site?

In cases where members have difficulty accessing the Group video chat rooms or using the Squirt IM, the problem could have sourced from your Flash Player (FP). In that case, you need to download the up to date version of FP on your system via http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/


The Squirt mobile and Desktop site offer easy navigation. Once you are logged in, you have a last of nude guys on display, ranging from those close to your local area. You can like the post of any of them and take your step to cruise by sending a request to chat with any.

Registration Process

You will have to fill a slot with your username, password, and email to sign up. After which you will receive a message on your email to activate your account. To activate your mail, you will be required to click on an activation link sent to your email address.

Is It Possible To Unmatch A Squirt Member?

The Squirt site has no unmatching feature. It, however, has an ignore button. To block a member from reaching out to you, go to his mail, at the left corner of the bottom of the mail message, click on the “Ignore” button.

How Old Are Squirt Users?

Access to Squirt is granted to persons 18+. Squirt confirms your age and the age of anyone whose image you are posting whenever you turn on your webcam, both in the realm of a private chat or public chat.

How Can I Verify My Account?

Whenever you upgrade your email address, there is the need for confirmation of the same before you are granted access to log into the Squirt site. Your activation mail will be dropped into your inbox.

Which Ways Can I Verify My Email?

Squirt members sometimes receive messages from Dick, relating to cruising zones and new site features. It also sends information to guarantee your safety in the light of current happenings in your community and other relevancies.

Can I Sign Up Using My Facebook Account?

The Squirt account does not guarantee log in via any other social media account. Thus, you will have to fill out the elites on your profile with your preferred username, password, profile picture, and mail.

Can I Use The Site Without Registration?

You have to sign up to use the Squirt account. Logging in to your Squirt account grants you an automatic display of Squirt members close to your place of residence.

Profile Set-Up

Members get to update info on the stats card. Fan Club members have access to about three profile accounts with distinct profile information, username, and stats card.

Profile Set-Up

Is It Possible To Delete My Image On The Squirt?

To reverse Photo permissions on Tinder via Desktop, you will have to first click on the “My Profiles” button under your “Settings.” Then click on “Photo Permissions.” It will open up a list of guys –with permission– to view your private photos. Clicking off the checkbox beside the name of any guy under the column to “delete.” Clicking “Submit” automatically saves your changes, revoking his permission to view.

How Can I Change My Username In Squirt?

It can be affected by sending a mail containing your username, password, associated email address, the membership package you are on, and three user name choices. The mail is to be sent to dickhunter@squirt.org

Is It Possible To Delete My Profile?

Send an email containing your username, account password, associated email address, and your membership package. To be sent to dickhunter@squirt.org. This step bans you from ever using the Squirt site, and the information on your account can never be retrieved.

Can I Disable The “Show Me On Squirt ” Option?

Selecting “Show me as offline for this Squirt session” on your chat settings page and save your changes. With this selection, your account will be displayed as offline within the time you remain online.

Is It Possible To Delete The Information That I’ve Already Submitted To Squirt?

To delete messages from your inbox via desktop, click on the checkbox positioned under the “Delete” column at the far right of your inbox. It is to be done for all of the messages you intend to delete. To delete all messages, click on the “Select All” button. At the bottom of your account page, click on the “Delete Selected” button.

To check for guys at another location, click on the “Target Search” button, then choose another geographical area. Members of the fan club can sort through profiles with specific preferences.

Can you see the Squirt members who you liked?

The Desktop site offers the feature of rerunning your saves tagged searches, so you get to see the guys you want. Your buddy list contains a list of the guys you have hooked up with and those you plan to get tangled with. You will get notified when any one of them comes online.

Can you see the Squirt members who you liked

What Are Search Options Available On Squirt?

On Squirt, using the Target Search mechanism, a member can choose only to view the Squirt site, new members. This feature has two further options viz: The Profile Quick Search and The Profile Target Search.

Other search options include “Quick Search,” ” Search for Guys Near me,” “Search by City,” “Only Guys with Photos.”

If You Are A Free Member, Can You See If Someone Likes You On Squirt?

The “Recently Viewed” feature enables the Fan Club members to see a list of their recent 50 admirers. Giving details of the date and time, they checked the profile out.


Send the other member a request to chat. The chat button helps in checking out previous conversations and in returning to the current discourse. Using the “Mail” icon, you get to send emails to other members. This icon paves the way into a new mail domain. After drafting your subject and message body, click on “Send.”

How Can You Message Someone On Squirt?

You could start with ” Hey! How’s your day going?”. This Shows you are, at least, enthusiastic about the bond. You could also start with a simple picture of you (not a dick or asshole pic).

How Can I Start Messaging With Someone?

In the case a member has no “Mail” icon, you can send an IM if he is currently online. To do this, find his username in the Live Chat section. Another option is to check for the chat icon at the top right of his profile page.

Is Sending Messages A Free Option?

Basic members can freely send and receive email messages from premium members and fellow Basic members. The number of messages they can send or receive is, however, limited.

How Can I See Who Messaged Me On Squirt?

To access Group Video Chat Rooms, at the top left corner of your screen, under the Squirt logo, you’d find the “Live Chat” icon you are to click on. You can then click on “Cam Chat Rooms,” this will direct you to available video chat rooms. After choosing the room that has caught your fancy, enter by clicking on the room name. You can then send messages to the roommates upon entry, then turn on your webcam to mingle.

How To Use The Camera On Squirt?

Click on any spot in the chat room, and the “Settings” option will appear. Then, click the last icon (a webcam) across the pop-up box’s base to appear. When you click on the webcam, you will see a list of video feeds. To connect with other guys, click on the checkbox, “Let other guys know I have a webcam.” Then slide down to save your settings.

How Can I Filter Who Can Text Me?

Go straight up to his profile, add him up to your “Ignore List” by sliding to the base of his profile page and clicking on the “Block” button. It makes him unable to view your profile.

Membership Price And Other Payment Method

On the desktop, after clicking on the upgrade tab, click on the option to “Upgrade Now.” You will be led to the billing page once you select your membership package and payment method. Ensure your credit card details you provide are accurate and compatible with that of your bank to avoid fraudulent suspicion. You are to be sure to make use of a current valid email (transaction receipt will be sent to this mail). Ensure that you do not click on the “Submit” button twice.

Free Membership Features

Basic members can freely send and receive emails from both Fan Club and Basic members. They can grant or request private pictures from only Fan Club members. They can only receive five emails, IM, or notifications in a day. They cannot view pictures sent via email. Email sorting tools are not available to free users.

Premium Membership Features

Fan Club Members have access to unlimited email messages and notifications. Premium members can sort through mails based on sender, subject, dates, etc. They can view private pictures of others and can release their private pictures. They also get to save unlimited mail messages for about six months.

Is Premium Membership Available On The Squirt?

Yes. By upgrading to the Fan club after making the necessary payment, you will have unlimited access to Squirt’s advanced features.

How Can I Cancel My Squirt Membership?

Via mobile: there is a button with three lines at the top left corner of your Squirt page, click on it. Click on Account Setting+ and click on membership in the side menu. Slide down and click on Account Preferences under Account Management. Then, click on the link to deactivate your account, stating the reason for your action. After selecting “Okay” to the pop-up confirmation message, you will be logged out of your account– signifying your deactivation.

Does Squirt Membership Automatically Renew?

Squirt automatically renews premium membership 24hrs before the expiry of your membership. Thus, the renewable feature helps to ensure unbroken access to the Fan Club membership features.

Is It Possible To Get A Refund For Unused Time?

It is explicitly stated that Squirt offers no refund for unused payments for membership. you should read through the Squirt’s Terms of Service.

Does My Squirt “Support” Automatically Renew Every Month?

In case you have disabled the auto-renewal feature, your account will revert to free basic member mode upon expiration. This reversion comes with a consequential limit on your accessible features.

I’m Not Happy With Squirt. Can I Get My Money Back?

Corroborating the Terms of Service is the clear information provided on the receipt issued upon successful payment. This information is to the effect that there will be no refund of leftover membership dues.

How Will My Support Be Displayed On My Credit Card Bill?

Membership charges will spear as Pressnet Inc. It enables you to recognize alerts concerning deductions by Squirt for your membership renewals.

Can I Support Other Squirt Members?

Each Squirt membership subscription can only be associated with one Squirt account at a time. Unexhausted support fees are not transferable or refundable on the site.

Is It Possible To Send Support For Just A Month?

At the top of your account page, click on “Settings” and then “Account Settings.” Your auto-renew setting will be displayed, with the option to turn it on and off. Turn it off and click on “Okay” on the confirmatory pop-up box to appear.

Is Squirt Safe?

Squirt urges members to secure safety by reporting any act contravening the Squirt guidelines to the moderator. Upon review of the act, the appropriate measure will be distilled in that respect.

Privacy In Squirt

Squirt.org and Pink Triangle Press, its parent organization, concerning the upholding of Squirt users’ privacy, have drafted a Privacy Policy that is readily available down the first page of the side.

Are Chats Encrypted On The Squirt?

The Squirt company is not to guarantee the security and privacy of your information on the page, including messages sent via the email. By navigating the site, you have impliedly agreed to exclude all forms of liability resulting from the use of your information by another member.

Can Squirt Track You?

The Squirt services are intended only for individual use and are not to be used or relied on as an emergency locator system

Can the Police Track The Squirt?

The police can and still parade gay cruising zones suggested on Squirt. If caught,

It is advisable to consult an attorney as soon as possible. Bearing in mind that, in most cases, you have no obligation to answer questions posed to you in the absence of an attorney.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions About My Privacy?

To make inquiries in this regard, click on the ‘Contact Us’ link and send a note to Dick hunter about it. You may also send messages regarding your concern as to the website or the Instant Message.


As a disclaimer, Squirt.org states its lack of expertise in Legal matters. It is recommended that such matters are directed to attorneys.

Are Squirt Forums Moderated?

​Squirt tries maintaining a moderator-free forum as possible. The rationale for this is to encourage free speech and candid conversations.

What Happens To A Member Who Uses An Account To Solicit Money?

A member who uses the site to solicit funds fraudulently will be penalized, being a breach of Squirt’s terms. Thus, such an account will be banned without notice.

Banned Account

In some situations of extreme posting and photo guidelines, posts can be removed, and you could be suspended with no warning whatsoever. It is based on the moderator’s discretion.

Why Is It Impossible To Access Squirt?

It could be the effect of your un-updated Flash Player, Pop-up or Flag blockers, or corrupt data.

How Long Does Ban Last?

A second instance of the default, the offensive material will be immediately removed, and the guilty member will be suspended. Fan Club members usually have a chance of two warnings before a suspension.

How Can I Reactivate My Banned Account?

On Squirt mobile and desktop, no account that has been suspended can be reactivated. The profile will be flagged as to the receipt of guideline warning, the non-compliance of which resulted in the suspension

Protect Yourself

It is the importance that you take along your picture ID when heading to a cruising zone. It could lower the chance of an arrest in some Jurisdictions.

Also, ensure that you inform a trusted friend of your outing and take along your cell phone.

Is It Possible To Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

To report a suspected scammer, simply click on the “Report to Moderator” button, which is visible on every posting page and chat rooms.

To block a scammer, go to his mail, and the left corner of the bottom of the mail message, click on the “Ignore” button.

Which Information Mustn’t Be Posted On Your Squirt Account?

You should never post anything like your bank account details, office address on your dating profile. Be careful not to let your delicate personal information to strangers you are just getting to know on the site.

Help And Support

Inquiries can be made by calling 1-877-587-8649 (US), 0-800-032-3665 (U.K.), and 1-800-062-674 ( Australia). It is available from 8 am till 2 am EST.

Real Life Review

Squirt encourages users to report scammers and leakages by promising a free upgrade for reporting violations to the moderator. You could get the chance 1 to 5 days of the upgrade, depending on the offense you reported.

Is Squirt One Of The Best Dating Site/App?

Based on Squirt reviews, the portable mobile site made available for Android and iPhones ranks above any other gay dating or hook up app you might be aware of.

Is Squirt Safe And Secure?

There could be cases of exposure to inaccurate, offensive, and indecent user submissions. Every member waives any legal or equitable rights and remedies that they could have against the company about such inaccuracy.

Is Squirt A Hook-Up App?

Squirt review shows that the site is essentially a hook-up site. It affords you an easy chance at free intense sexual satisfaction. Its benefits range from casual sex to anonymous sex to sex with no strings attached (Friends with benefits).

Is Squirt Free Or Paid?

Squirt offers you a BASIC membership page, which you can choose to upgrade later on. With no restrictions on mobile and desktop sites, you will be granted access to hot nude pictures of men actively craving a sex partner.

How Does It Function?

Squirt is an online gay site using Geo-location to link gay and Hi- men to soot their sexual urges at specific spots recommended on the site as cruising zones.

Does Squirt Have Fake Or Scam Members?

There is the chance of underaged persons signing up on the site with face details. There could also be cases of blackmailing users with their nude pictures. Such scammers must be reported immediately to the Moderators to have such accounts suspended.

Alternative Sites Like Squirt

manhunt.net, adam4adam.com, barebackrt.com, recon.com, silverdaddies.com, xtube.com, and men4sexnow.com. These sites share 90% + similarity with the Squirt site.

Contact Information

  • Email Address: www.squirt@squirt.com, dickhunter@squirt.com, squirtsquirt@squirt.com
  • Phone: 1-877-587-8649 (US), 0-800-032-3665 ( U.K.)and 1-800-062-674 ( Australia).
  • Company Address; 2 Carlton St #1600, Toronto, ON M5B 1J3, Canada


The Squirt website is the best LGBT hook up site, as it grants you the ease of access to your preferential gay men. With target searches like “cut or uncut,” “dick size,” “bodyweight,” members get to choose their exact spec of sexual partners.

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