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HeatedAffairs Review: Great Dating Site?

HeatedAffairs Review: Great Dating Site?
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Pros and Cons

  • It is a niche dating website that specially offers its services to married people for building extramarital relationships.
  • This website has a large user base that helps you interact with more people.
  • The profiles are detailed, and it shows the credibility of the users. The detailed profiles also provide you with ample information about the fellow members that help you choose your potential matches.
  • The methods of communication are secure and give members the opportunity for comfortable interaction.
  • People from diverse genders are available on HeatedAffairs as registered members.
  • The website provides user-friendly features that help its users to fill out and edit information smoothly.
  • The navigation process is quite convenient on the site, and it enables you to find your matches quickly.
  • The services for free members are quite limited, and you have to get a premium membership to take full advantage of the HeatedAffairs website.
  • The subscription fee is higher than its alternative sites.
  • The interface of the website is confusing for people new to online dating.
  • The mobile application is only available for iOS users.

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HeatedAffairs is designed and made for married men and women who have got bored with their marital relationship and want to explore their love lives through a new level. This online platform helps these bored married people to interact with each other and enjoy the excitement of extramarital affairs while keeping their identity secret.

While most HeatedAffairs reviews on the internet fail to provide a detailed and intricate overview of the website, this review will shed light on all the services and features of the site and the design and performance of the website.

HeatedAffairs Review: Great Dating Sites?

Is HeatedAffairs A Multilingual Platform?

The app and website are only available in the English language, and they don’t support any other language. There is no auto-translation feature on the website or mobile application. Still, it does not create a hindrance because most users on this site belong to the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Who Built The HeatedAffairs Website?

Various Inc. is the parent company of this affair dating website. Various Inc. also founded dating websites such as Cams.com and Alt.com.

Where Is The HeatedAffairs Headquarters Located?

The primary headquarter of this website is in the United States in California. The website also has its office in the United Kingdom in Essex, where Ventnor Enterprise conducts the operations. Magnus Processing PTY Ltd. controls the HeatedAffairs website’s office in Queensland in Australia. Sinric Processing Pte Ltd operates the website’s office in Singapore.

When Was The Website Of HeatedAffairs Launched?

The website was founded in 2013 by Various Inc. in the United States. Since then, it has successfully become one of the most extensive married affairs and dating websites in the world.

Is HeatedAffairs A Global Dating Website?

The website can be availed from any country of the world in the English language. The most number of members of this niche dating website comes from the USA, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Special Features

An honest HeatedAffairs review needs to mention its advanced facilities. The website has achieved quick popularity because of its dynamic features for online dating.

Personality Test

Sometimes, people with different interests get attracted to each other for sexual pleasure, but when it comes to finding your soulmate, then people with similar interests and perspective tag along with each other well. The primary purpose of the HeatedAffairs website is to satisfy the needs and demands of bored married people. The site offers four questions about personal and sexual lives that help people express their desires and choices. Through the answers to these questions, the website provides you with complete assistance to find the most compatible partner.

HeatedAffairs is connected with the dating network FriendFinder that also contains dating sites like TSDates and SexFinder. If you become a registered member of any of their companion dating sites, you can access the link in your account. The system is also applicable for vice versa. Thus, one account gives you access to a large dating community.

Tab For Live-Action

If you are a registered member of the HeatedAffairs website, you can access some Live Action on the website through the separate tab of Live- Action. The Live-Action features offer you different functions such as.

Tab For Live-Action

Live Model Shows

Registered accounts can enjoy live shows that are performed by attractive and trained models. If you wish to communicate with the models, then you should pay for those actions.

Live Member Webcams And Broadcast Shows

The members of free accounts can have a glimpse of their fellow members’ contents. Free members are allowed to watch one broadcast in one day.

Adult Chat Rooms

You can be Interactive with other members instantly through your participation in one or two chat rooms.

Instant Messaging

No matter whether you are a free member or a premium member, instant messaging is free. The service of instant messaging helps the members to have some naughty conversations and flirty interactions with each other.

The HeatedAffairs Community

This is a reliable dating community with millions of users worldwide. The community tab helps you become a part of the community’s actions and communicate better.

Blogs, Appealing Stories, Magazines, And Groups

You can also read sex stories and written pieces available on the HeatedAffairs website. In the groups, one can also take part in erotic conversations.


Various contents go on this website simultaneously. As members, you are allowed to watch, vote, like, and comment in a contest. These contests occur once in a month, where the members are told to show their most erotic photos.

The Sex Academy

This feature is specially designed for premium members to get extensive knowledge about sexual activities.

The Sex Academy

Audience Quality

While writing the HeatedAffairs review, it is essential to discuss the variety of profiles on this website. The profiles are well detailed, but you have to get a premium membership to visit the complete profiles of the fellow users. The information includes name, location, age, and a detailed account of the member’s personality. The photo gallery is also visible on the profile along with an introduction. You can get a clear concept about the member by going through his or her sexual orientation, physical characteristics, relationship status, and preferable languages. The answers of Kink’s test on the user’s profile, compatibility criteria, list of friends and fans make the profile complete and easily understandable by other users. Your profile should include your most appealing photographs. The members mostly belong to the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Most of them are comfortable speaking in English. Most of the HeatedAffairs reviews suggest that users on this platform seek a partner to explore new dimensions of an extramarital relationship and spice up their sex life.

Distribution Of Age On The Platform

On the website, there are people of different ages, but the dominant age group of this dating website is 25 to 44.

Are There Fake Profiles And Scammers On This Website?

The site indeed has a good reputation due to the existence of real profiles in large numbers, but the HeatedAffairs reviews from users suggest that there are a few fake profiles as well. Premium members and well-detailed profiles are mostly reliable, but free profiles often prove to be scams and fake ones. It is essential to go through the profile before initiating the conversation. If one comes across anything suspicious, the user must block or report that profile to avoid troubles.

Mobile Application And Web Platform

This dating platform has both the website and mobile app for its users.

Mobile App Of HeatedAffairs

This platform has made a handy mobile application for people who want to access the app from anywhere. The process of navigation is straightforward on the app, and it does function well. The mobile app is more organized and clean than the desktop version.

HeatedAffairs mobile application contains similar features to its web counterpart. Only the personality test is not available on the mobile application except the Kink’s question. Though the mobile application displays some advertisements, it does not obstruct the smooth function of the app.

Design And Interface Of HeatedAffairs Website

This platform has a lot of features, and the desktop version of the site looks quite clumsy due to the presence of so many features. Still, the website loads quickly and offers a lot of advantages. You can sign up for free on the site, and it is available in the English language only.

Is There A Pc App For The Platform?

Yes, one can use the application on your computer by logging in through the username and password.

In Which Browsers HeatedAffairs Can Be Opened?

Any authentic browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera Mini Browser support this website.

Why Can’t You Access The Website On Your Device?

To access the site on your browser, you have to update the browser to its latest version. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to enter the site through your browser. Or the website has banned your account.

Why Can't You Access The Website On Your Device?

Layout And Design Of The Website

Most of the HeatedAffairs reviews will agree that the design of the website is easily understandable by anyone. Even a person who is not a pro in online dating can smoothly go through the website. The dominant color of this website is white, with a touch of red and orange. The colors red and orange are used for providing notifications.

HeatedAffairs website is loaded with plenty of photos, features, tabs, and text boxes, which may be over helming for newcomers, but once you get accustomed to the website’s function, you will be able to navigate the site easily. In the upper part of the website, you will find the website’s primary tabs that will take you to its main features. The feed has similarities with dating platforms like Friendster and Myspace.

How To Register On This Website?

You can sign up on the HeatedAffairs website by going through five simple steps.

At first, you have to enter your gender, and then, after clicking on the option ‘Join For Free,’ you will be led to the second page.

Your location and birthdate must be entered on the second page. While entering your location, you have to put your zip code, country, and area. When you are done, you can choose the option to continue to the third step.

In the third step, you have to input your username, password, and email id.

In the fourth step, you need to provide personal info like physical characteristics, sexual orientation, race, and relationship status. If you are not comfortable in providing these details, you can skip this step.

In the final step, you have to write a ten-character bio of yourself, a brief description of yourself, and your website’s demand.

Once you complete all the six-step, you will be sent a confirmation mail to your given email address. You have to confirm your registration through the link provided in the email.

After successful registration, you can visit the website anytime through your username and password.

Can A HeatedAffairs User Be Unmatched?

If you do not find a member on the website, you can unmatch him or her by choosing the unmatch option on the member’s profile.

What Is The Legal Age To Sign Up On HeatedAffairs?

Being an adult website, you must be 18 years old or above to become a registered member of the website.

How Can You Complete The Account Verification?

You can verify your account through your valid email address. Or, you can verify your account by uploading a photo of yourself.

What Is The Process Of Email Verification?

Once you complete all the steps for registration, a confirmation email will be sent to your submitted email address. If you confirm your registration as a member through the link sent in your email id, your email address will be automatically verified by the website.

Is It Possible To Register Using The Facebook account?

The HeatedAffairs website does not offer the option for Facebook registration.

Is There Any Alternative Way To Use The Website Without Signing Up?

Like any other dating website, you have to sign up on this platform to use the site. You can use the website as a free member or a premium member, but signing up is compulsory.

Profile Set-Up

According to this HeatedAffairs review, it is a straightforward process to make a profile on this platform. After you complete the process of signing up, you can go to the sections for editing profiles from your account’s homepage. You can click on the option displayed on the top side of your home page. Personal details such as habits, educational qualifications, spoken languages, profession, sexual orientation, marital status, etc. can be included in your profile. The part for biological details asks for your weight, height, body measurements, eye color, etc.

Uploading photos is not compulsory, but you can upload pictures if you wish.

A well-detailed profile with attractive photos draws more attention from fellow members.

Can A Photo On HeatedAffairs Be Deleted?

Yes, you can delete a photo that you uploaded on your dating profile.

What Is The Process Of Editing Username On HeatedAffairs?

By going to the “My Account” option on the homepage of the website, you can edit your username.

Can You Delete Your HeatedAffairs Profile?

Yes, there is an option to delete your profile.

  1. Choose the My Account tab.
  2. Then Go to the section of the ‘Manage Account’ option.
  3. Opt for the “Close Account” Option.
  4. Finally, click on the “Please delete my account” option to delete your profile.

Can You Browse Around In Invisible Mode On HeatedAffairs?

If you disable the “Show me” option, your profile will not be visible to the fellow members.

Can You Delete The Information Posted On HeatedAffairs?

Yes, the information submitted to your account can be deleted or edited according to your preference.

After completing your registration and setting up your profile, you can search for your potential matches with the help of different search filters. Advanced search filters are only offered to premium members.

How Can You See Your Favorite HeatedAffairs Members?

You can add your liked members into your Hotlist. So, it will be convenient to see the members you liked.

Are Search Options Available On HeatedAffairs?

Majority of the reviews The different search filters available on this website are-

  1. Based on activity status
  2. According to Featured videos
  3. VIP members
  4. Live Broadcasts
  5. Profile Confirmation

Advanced search filters help the members according to particular physical and personal information.

Can A Free Member See Who Liked Them On HeatedAffairs?

As a free member, you can still see when someone likes your profile.

Can A Free Member See Who Liked Them On HeatedAffairs?


Messaging is an essential way of communication on any dating platform. In this review, the various messaging options of this outstanding dating website are carefully depicted.

What Are The Messaging Services Available On HeatedAffairs?

As a premium member, you take the help of Direct message features to send messages to someone.

As a free member, you can start messaging someone through instant messenger or chat rooms.

What Is The Procedure Of Sending Messages?

You can send someone messages through the feature of Instant Messenger and chatroom.

Can A User Send Messages For Free?

Yes, sending messages is free through the Instant Messenger option.

How Can You See Received Messages On HeatedAffairs?

If somebody sends you a message, you can see that in your chat room.

How Can The Camera Be Used On HeatedAffairs?

You can use your camera to communicate with fellow members or join live broadcasts. Also, you can see the shows of live models through your webcam.

How Can You Set Filters For Messages On HeatedAffairs?

Through changing your account settings, you can filter the people who can message you according to your choice.

Membership Price And Payment Methods

Premium membership helps you enjoy all the delightful features of a dating website. The HeatedAffairs reviews imply that compared to other alternative dating websites, the subscription fee of this website is more than average. You can pay for individual features as well.


Cost/ month/  Credits / Coins


Gold Membership – Standard Cost

1 Month 

39.95 USD / Month 

39.95 USD

3 Months 

26.95 USD / Month 

80.85 USD


200 Credits 

0.02 USD / Credit 

3.00 USD

500 Credits 

0.01 USD / Credit 

6.00 USD

1,000 Credits 

0.01 USD / Credit 

10.00 USD

Adult Movies

3 Days 

0.67 USD / Day 

2.00 USD

1 Month 

18.95 USD / Month 

18.95 USD

3 Months 

12.95 USD / Month 

38.85 USD

Search Highlights

1 Month 

9.95 USD / Month 

9.95 USD

3 Months 

8.95 USD / Month 

26.85 USD

Private Chat Room

1 Month 

9.95 USD / Month 

9.95 USD

3 Months 

6.95 USD / Month 

20.85 USD

6 Months 

5.95 USD / Month 

35.70 USD

Payment for particular features or gold membership can be made through a credit card.

Features Available To Free Users

The HeatedAffairs website offers full services to its premium members, but free members can also access some of the excellent functions.

  1. You can create and edit your profile according to your preferences.
  2. You are allowed to upload videos and photographs.
  3. You can opt for search filters based on your preferences.
  4. A maximum of 200 members can be added to your Hotlist.
  5. You can send messages to fellow members with the help of Instant Messenger.
  6. A free member can read and write blogs. Also, he or she can join chat room discussions.
  7. You can do your live broadcasts.
  8. You can watch shows of live models.

Features Available To Premium Users

Premium members get full access to all the features on the HeatedAffairs website. The premium membership features include-

  1. You can see the entire profiles of the fellow members.
  2. Get complete access to photos and videos.
  3. Premium members can make use of advanced search filters.
  4. You can add up to 1000 members on your Hotlist.
  5. Direct messages are accessible by premium members.
  6. You can send flirts and friend requests to attractive fellow members.
  7. You can avail of the courses of Sex Academy.
  8. You are allowed to multiple voting in the contests.

Is There A Premium Membership On HeatedAffairs?

Yes, this platform offers a premium membership, which starts from 39.95 USD/ month.

Cancellation Of Premium Membership Of HeatedAffairs

Go to the tab of My Stuff, then click on the My Account option. After that, choose the “Manage My Account” and next opt for the “Billing History & Credit Card Info.” Press the “Off” button in the product status section to cancel your subscription plan. As per the users’ HeatedAffairs reviews, it is relatively easier to cancel your subscription on this website than the other dating websites.

Is There An Auto-Renewal Of Membership On HeatedAffairs?

On the website, your membership is auto-renewed until you instruct them to stop it.

Is There A Refund Policy For The Unused Duration?

No, you cannot get a refund for unused time.

Does The Support On HeatedAffairs Get Auto-Renewed Every Month?

Your “support” is automatically renewed after your previous plan’s validity period is over.

Can An Unsatisfied User Get A Refund Of Their HeatedAffairs Account ?

No, this platform does not provide any refund to its members.

What Will Be Shown On Your Credit Card Bill When You Pay For HeatedAffairs?

Your support will be shown as FFNHelp.com*FRIENDF on your credit card bill.

Can A User Provide Support To Other HeatedAffairs Members?

You can give support to other members by extending their VIP status. You can also vote for other members during contests.

Can Support Be Sent For One Month?

Yes, you can send support for just a month.

Can Support Be Sent For One Month?

Is HeatedAffairs Really Safe?

Though there are some fake profiles and scammers on this website, it is considered safe because of its strict safety and privacy policies.

Privacy in HeatedAffairs?

This website looks after the privacy of every user through their strict privacy policy. Data encryption helps to secure the financial information of the user. So, the scan of passport and credit card information remain safe.

Does HeatedAffairs Encrypt The Chats?

The chats are encrypted to keep your information private and secure.

Is It Possible To Track Someone Down On HeatedAffairs?

Yes, the website can track you down using your given location, email address, and GPS technology.

Can Police Trace You On HeatedAffairs?

If any legal case takes place, your dating account can be traced by the police.

Whom Can You Contact Regarding Privacy Concerns On HeatedAffairs?

You can contact the customer support team if you have questions regarding your privacy.


The safety measures of this adult website have made it a trusted place for users.

Does Moderation Take Place In HeatedAffairs Forums?

No. The website forum threads are not moderated.

What Actions Do HeatedAffairs Take Against The Users Who Try To Ask For Money?

Other users can block a member who uses his/her account to solicit money. Also, his account can be banned from the website. In more significant cases, the person can also be tracked and arrested by the police.

Banned Account

If a user violates the rules and regulations of the website, his account is banned from the website.

Why Can’t You Access Your HeatedAffairs Account?

If you put the wrong username or password, you won’t be able to access your account. Banned accounts also can’t be accessed.

What Is The Duration Of HeatedAffairs Bans?

Bans continue to exist unless the customer support team decides to lift it.

How Can A User Reactivate An Account?

You can send an email to the customer support team requesting the reactivation of your banned account. If they grant your request, then your account can be reactivated.

Protect Yourself

90% of the HeatedAffairs reviews appreciate the privacy policy of the website. It is your responsibility to maintain your privacy on the website.

Can You Block A Dubious User?

After logging into the website, go to the Message Box. Choose the member’s conversation with whom you want to block and then go for the “Abuse” option. Finally, choose the option of “Block User” and press the “Yes” option to prevent the user.

Which Information Should One Avoid Posting On The HeatedAffairs Profile?

Personal information such as phone number, email address, and contact links should not be posted on your account.

Help And Support

You can contact the customer support team through email helpline number to clear your doubts and solve the issues that you faced while using the websites.

Help And Support

Real Life Review

HeatedAffairs website gives its best effort to secure the privacy and safety of its users. Within a short period, the website has achieved success due to its advanced features and user-friendliness.

Is HeatedAffairs A Good Alternative For Online Dating?

This is one of the most popular websites for extramarital affairs within a short period, with more than 40 million members worldwide.

Is It Safe To Use HeatedAffairs?

This is a safe website because it uses encrypted data, and the profiles are verified. Also, you have the option to block or report a scammer.

Is The HeatedAffairs Website Meant For Hookups?

It is an excellent dating website for extramarital relationships. So, if you want to hook up with someone, you can also find partners for sexual activities.

Can You Access HeatedAffairs For Free?

Though you can sign up and use the platform as a free user, it is not a completely free website. Paid membership helps you to access the advanced features of the site.

How Does The HeatedAffairs Function?

After you complete the registration and fill out your profile, you can participate in the community’s activities, send messages, and interact with other members. Premium membership helps to access the features of the website entirely. Most of the HeatedAffairs reviews reckon that the function of this website is easily understandable. You can find your potential messages using the search filters and enjoy the excitement of the dating affairs website. The website has helped many people find potential matches, you might be next.

What Is The Status Of Fake Or Scam Members On HeatedAffairs?

Just like other dating websites, this website also has fake or Scam members. However, a paid version of the platform significantly reduces the risk of running to a fake account.

Alternative Sites Like HeatedAffairs

According to the majority of the reviews, Ashley Madison, FlingSter, AdultFriendFinder are some of the best alternative websites of this dating website.

Contact Information

  • Company: Various Inc.
  • Address: 910 E, Hamilton Avenue, Sixth Floor, Campbell, CA 95008, USA.
  • Phone: 888-575-8383 (USA)
  • Email: privacy@friendfindernetworks.com


This HeatedAffairs review covers every aspect of the niche dating website. It can be clearly stated this is one of the most trusted and reputed sites for people trying to find some extramarital fun & adventure. This dating website is recommended for people who are bored with their marriage and want to spice up their sex life. Join HeatedAffairs as it is an ideal kink platform for you.

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