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Mocospace Review: Great Dating Site?

Mocospace Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 4%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 21-35
Profiles 16.000.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Mocospace users sign up here as well:

Pros and Cons

  • Sign up is quick and easy
  • Sign up is allowed through Facebook or Google account
  • No verification is needed
  • There are fake accounts
  • Some activities seem fraudulent
  • Ads pop up every few minutes on free account

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Mocospace is an online social media site founded in 2005 as a social community where people can meet, chat, date, and have fun. Mocospace doubles as a social media platform and an online game site, which, according to various Mocospace reviews online, is an interesting hybrid for people seeking fun, excitement, and adventure.

How Many Languages Does Mocospace Support?

Mocospace presently supports English and Spanish only.

Who Owns Mocospace?

As a company, Mocospace is owned by JNJ Mobile Inc. but was co-founded by Jamie Hall and Justin Siegel in 2005.

So Where Is Mocospace Based Now?

Mocospace is based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America. Nevertheless, it has another headquarter in Herzliya, Israel.

When Was Mocospace Founded?

Mocospace was created in 2005 as a unique social media platform and a gaming site that has special features, unlike other sites.

Is Mocospace Available Worldwide?

Although 38% of Mocospace members are Hispanic singles, 35% African-American, and 22% Caucasian, the site is nevertheless available to everyone worldwide.

Mocospace Review

Special Features

Mocospace is the dating space where romantic communication can be well made with easy navigation. Mocospace offers numerous gaming options where you can make friends. These special features include friendshop, street wars, daily spin, and stickers.


This is a funny game where you sell from and buy members to your friend’s list. This is in a bid to trade by making purchases at a lower rate and selling after substantial interest. This transaction is done using Friendshop fake currency strictly made for the fun of playing the game.

Street wars

Street wars is a mafia setting game that Mocospace members play in catch more fun. It’s a game that requires recruiting and strengthening members for a better attack. You can purchase while playing this game, using Mocospace Gold.

Daily Spin

Daily spin is where you spin the wheel to win a lot of Mocospace prizes. This game can only be played just once in a day. The prizes range between Mocospace Gold and as much as 200 trillion Mocospace street wars.


Stickers are used in instant messaging, chats, offline messages, comments, or forum posts. While some stickers are available for free, some can only be bought with Mocospace Gold.

Mocospace Special Features

Audience Quality

A lot of users are interested in Mocospace because of its varieties of choices. It is not only a social media communication tool, but it also has a game platform that makes it unique and fun to use.

Mocospace was founded at a time when MySpace was the dominant social media platform. The functions of MySpace were limited to only interactions among users and members, but Mocospace introduced its unique feature, which increased the level of fun on social media. Mocospace’s goal is to create a social media space where people are not limited to the amount of fun and excitement they can get.

Users of the internet from all over the world can access Mocospace. There is no geo-restriction to any interested user, even though the languages it supports presently are only English and Spanish.

Even though African-Americans, Hispanics, and Caucasians, make up Mocospace’s highest number of members, only 62,000 are from the US out of the 100 million users worldwide.

Age Disstribution

The youth make up the largest number of Mocospace’s members. Only about 40% of its members are between 18 – 24, 24% are between 25-30 years, 17% are between 31-35 years, and only 13% are 35 years and above. Youths are predominantly the highest number of members of Mocospace.

Fakes And Scammers

It is expected that ill-intended people would want to take negative advantage of any opportunity they get. Mocospace is not left out of this unfortunate case. There are fake accounts created by members with fraudulent intents. Some of these users use images of celebrities while others have inactive accounts, too. Frauds and scammers have accounts with Mocospace.

Mocospace Audience Quality

Mobile App And Website

Mocospace App

Mocospace has a mobile phone app and a webpage. The mobile phone is user-friendly and very exciting to use. The mobile app is free on Android and iOS users, but the premium paid version is only available for Android users. The app is suitable for most phones but only available on Android and iOS.

The mobile app makes it easy to navigate the numerous features the site has, such as chatting with multiple users at the same time, creating groups within the chat rooms, and playing a game against other members online.

Mocospace Website

Unlike the website, the free version of the mobile app is always said to pop up ads that can get boring and tiring. The constant ads make it annoying to use, especially when users are in the middle of a chat or game.

The website is neat and has a simple interface, just like most social media platforms. There are different websites, such as messages, chat, match ups, groups, forums, and blogs.

Mocospace Mobile App And Website

Can I Use The App Using My Computer?

You do not have to install the app on your computer to be able to access the Mocospace website. You can access the website through your browser by inputting the address of the website https://www.mocospace.com/

Which Browsers Support Mocospace?

Virtually all browsers support Mocospace. Once the address is correct, the website can be accessed from any browser of one’s choice.

Why Am I Having A Hard Time Entering The Site?

You can have a hard time accessing Mocospace if your internet network is terrible if you entered an incorrect web address, or in a country where there is geo-restriction on the use of the internet. With the use of VPNs, Mocospace can be accessed from such places.


Mocospace has a beautiful interface on both the webpage and the mobile app. The webpage has a simple interface with all the features visible once the page opens. The mobile app is also simple and easy to operate because of its user-friendly interface.

The default page on the mobile app is the “Meet People” feature. This design makes it easy for users of the app to easily get right to the app’s basic function, meeting new people. Until users who are not familiar with the app can find their way around other features, they can accidentally get hooked up with meeting people.

Mocospace Interface

Registration Process

The registration process for Mocospace is quite simple, easy, and speedy. Anyone can sign up on Mocospace by creating an account. Signing up is pretty easy; there are no long or annoying questions asked; neither are they any necessary verifications. The only information required is a mobile phone number, date of birth, sex, username, and password. Once all of this information is provided, the account is set up – fast and easy.

One can also sign up by logging in through one’s Facebook or Google account without providing any other information. Once this is done, you can choose to upload a profile photograph or not: one that does not need verification before it is uploaded.

Can I Unmatch A Mocospace Member?

You can always unfriend, block, or report a Mocospace member whenever you want. There is provision for reporting or blocking a member on both the webpage and the mobile app.

How Old Should You Be To Register On Mocospace?

You can only be 18 years and above to register on Mocospace. Although there is no verification of age during registration, the minimum age required is 18.

Which Ways Can I Verify My Account?

There is no verification required during registration. Signing up through Facebook or Google account will suffice. You will have to supply your account details, such as username and password, to log in on those platforms. If you are already logged in on your Facebook or Google account, no other information is needed.

How Do I Verify My Email?

There is no need for verification of email when registering your account on Mocospace. This is one of the interesting things about Mocospace–the registration process is stress-less and straightforward.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

The only thing that happens when you register using your Facebook account is that you bypass supplying your details. There is no danger involved in registering using your Facebook account.

Can I Use The Site Without Signing Up?

Every intending member is required to sign up before using the account. This helps to reduce the possibility of fraud on the site. Before you can access Mocospace website through the webpage or mobile app, you must sign up as a member.

Mocospace Registration Process

Profile Set-up

Setting up a profile on Mocospace is easy. If you sign up through Facebook or Google account, you may leave out certain information needed to build your profile. In which case, the following information is required to set up your profile: city, zip code, ethnicity, looking for, relationship, sexual orientation, children and education. Once all of these are provided, your profile is fully set up.

Can I Delete A Photo That I Uploaded In Mocospace?

Yes, you can always delete any of your photographs on Mocospace. There is a “Manage Photo” option on the website. You can delete any photograph you want to by clicking the .option.

How Do I Edit My Username In Mocospace?

Every member can change their username every 30 days. On your profile, there is account settings option. This option has the change username option which is how and where one can change their username.

Is There An Option To Delete Your Mocospace Profile?

There is an option for the deletion of the profile. Mocospace members who want to edit their profile can do so under the account setting option, but to delete a profile, one will have to delete it. Once a Mocospace account is deleted, there will not be a profile any longer.

What Happens If I Disable The “Show Me On Mocospace” Option?

There is no “Show me on Mocospace” option on Mocospace.

Can I Delete The Information That I’ve Already Submitted To Mocospace?

Members can delete the information submitted on Mocospace through the account setting option. There is an “edit profile” option that allows members to edit or delete the information provided.

Members of Mocospace can search for one another through the search feature. One can search for specific members with their username. Members can also be searched randomly by going through the list of members on the site.

Is It Possible To See The Mocospace Members Who I Liked?

Yes, in as much as the member still has an account with Mocospace, the member can be seen. Once you know the username of the member, you can search for them. If they are also your friends, you can see them under “My Friends” option.

What Are The Different Options Of Mocospace Search?

There are different search options on Mocospace. Through “Meet People,” you can search for other members that are living within your vicinity. You can also search for your friends when you go through your friend list.

Can You See If Someone Likes You On Mocospace If You Are A Free Member?

You will always be notified of new activities if your notification is on. You will be notified when someone likes you.


Under the “Messages” option, there are different other options which are: Inbox, Notifications, New Message and New eCard. Members can send messages to one another whenever they want. The “New eCard” option is a virtual card that can be sent to friends’ mobile phones, email addresses, or Mocospace usernames.

How Can You Start Messaging With Someone On Mocospace?

To be eligible to message someone on Mocospace, you have to become a registered member first. You cannot access the Mocospace member page without signing up, and without signing up, you cannot send any member message.

How Can I Message Someone?

You can send another Mocospace member a message by clicking on the “Messages” option on your mobile app or webpage. Here, you will see “New Message”. You can send direct messages to members by inputting their username.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Yes! Sending messages is free. There is no charge on the number of messages you can send to a member.

How Do I See Who Messaged Me On Mocospace?

Under the “Messages” option, there is “Inbox” option, where all the messages sent to you are delivered to. You can access your messages there.

How Do I Use The Camera On Mocospace?

The picture icon on the comment box and in your profile setting is used for uploading photographs. When you click on it, it will pop up an option requesting you to upload photograph.

How Can I Filter Who Can Message Me On Mocospace?

You can filter who can message you on Mocospace by blocking individual members or choosing your preference to filter a specific set of people you would not want to come across.

Mocospace Messaging

Membership Price And Other Payment Method

Registration and membership for Mocospace are free. There are limitations to the free membership, though, but members can upgrade their accounts to the VIP membership, which is only 7.99 dollars per month.

Free Membership Features

Mocospace free membership features are limited because it is free and accessible to everyone. Some of these features include:

  • Profile creation
  • Browse through other profiles
  • View photos
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Access to blog posts and forums

Premium Membership Features

Mocospace premium membership or VIP membership is a paid membership that has advanced features than the free membership. Some of the features on the VIP membership include:

  • No ads
  • Who Viewed Me
  • Stealth Mode
  • Be ranked first in Meet People
  • VIP label on profile photo
  • Priority Support Assistance

The VIP membership costs 7.99 dollars per month and 6.99 dollars at 20.97 dollars for three months. For six months, the VIP membership costs 5.99 dollars at a total of 35.94 dollars.

Does Mocospace Offer Premium Membership?

Mocospace offers its members the opportunity to advance the features available only to free members. One of these features is that the premium membership does not display constant ads that annoy members of free membership.

How Do I Cancel My Mocospace Membership?

Canceling Mocospace membership is very easy. Go to your profile to access your account. Click on “edit profile” and then on “account.” At the end of the page, you will see “cancel the account.” Clicking on the “cancel account” option cancels your membership on Mocospace.

Is Mocospace Membership Auto-renewed?

The renewal of Mocospace premium membership is optional.

Can I Get A Refund For Unused Time?

Unfortunately, payment of membership is non-refundable.

Is My “Support” To Mocospace Automatically Renewed Every Month?

Mocospace does not have provision for the “support” option for now.

I Am Not Satisfied With The Mocospace. Can I Get My Money Back?

Once a subscription is made, there is no refund. You therefore, cannot get your money back.

How Will My Mocospace Support Appear On My Credit Card Bill?

The “support” service is not available on Mocospace.

Can I Give Support To Other Mocospace Members?

No. The service is not available.

Can I Send Support For Just A Month?

No, you cannot send support because the service is not available on Mocospace for now.

Mocospace Membership Price And Other Payment Method

Is Mocospace Really Safe?

Mocospace tries as much as possible to keep its members informed on how to keep their accounts safe from fraudsters. The safety of users is entirely left to them. Members have the responsibility to keep their accounts safe by reporting or blocking accounts that seem fraudulent.

Privacy In Mocospace

There is a high level of privacy on Mocospace, especially when members do not divulge their information.

Are Mocospace Chats Encrypted?

Chats on Mocospace are encrypted by the terms and conditions and privacy policy of Mocospace.

Can Mocospace Track You Down?

One must have committed a grave criminal offence to warrant being tracked by Mocospace and in such instance, it might be difficult to track members, especially in cases where members do not provide correct and exact details of their location.

Can Mocospace Be Traced By The Police?

Mocospace has a physical address and headquarters. So, yes, the police can trace Mocospace if there is a criminal case that needs investigation.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy In Mocospace?

There are different means of contacting Mocospace if you have any questions you want to ask or a complaint you want to lodge. You can send a direct message to them on the webpage at https://www.mocospace.com or a direct mail to them at support@mocospace.com


Mocospace admin can only attend to cases of reported and blocked members and members who are inappropriate to other members. Still, every Mocospace member is responsible for their safety on the site beyond these cases.

Are Mocospace Forums Threads Moderated?

Forum threads on Mocospace are moderated, especially in cases where members are inappropriate to other members. On Mocospace, members can create groups by themselves, but there is a limit to the number of members who can be on a group simultaneously so that these groups can be moderated.

What Will Happen To A Member Who Uses A Mocospace Account To Solicit Money?

Soliciting for funds on a social media platform such as Mocospace seems fraudulent. It is not accepted on Mocospace the admin gets wind of this, such an account will be canceled.

Banned Account

Mocospace admin bans accounts that seem fraudulent or engage in activities contrary to Mocospace’s terms and conditions.

Why Can’t I Access Mocospace?

There are different reasons why you might not be able to access your Mocospace account. Incorrect username or password could be a reason for this. If a hacked account is used for an inappropriate reason, such an account could be banned. The reasons vary.

How Long Are Mocospace Bans?

It depends on the admin’s discretion. It might not take a long time, especially if the support team is notified and resolved. It could sometimes take as long as the time required sorting whatever irregularities responsible for the ban.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account?

It could be difficult to reactivate a banned account, especially if the reason for banning the account is grave. In most cases, it is advisable to create a new account.

Protect Yourself

Protect yourself from cyber fraud and even physical assault by not disclosing very personal information about you to other members, especially if you don’t trust them yet.

How Can I Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

There is a 3-dot by the “Send a Gift” option on the profile of every member. When you click the 3-dot option, there are other options: “Block User” and “Report User.” You can use either or both options, depending on your choice.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Posted In Your Mocospace Account?

It is entirely left to your discretion to post whatever information you want on your account, but be careful about posting your exact location and phone number.

Help And Support

You can always reach out to the Help and Support team through their email address – support@mocospace.com for your requests, complaints, and questions.

Real life Review

The majority of Mocospace reviews are centered on the constant interruption by ads, especially on the mobile app. This remains the biggest challenge users of Mocospace have with the webpage and app. There are negative reviews on the Apple store and Google Play Store that include payment problems and difficulty with the mobile app. Below are excerpts from some of the real-life reviews online:

“For about four years now, I have made good friends from Mocospace. When the mobile app was created, I was one of the users that were so excited to have a Mocospace mobile app finally, but my experience so far has been disappointing. There is always annoying ads interrupting my chats and games. I might just stick to the website.” – Male Gamer

“A while ago, I purchased a VIP subscription from Mocospace but had to cancel it. Despite my ongoing trials at trying to cancel my subscription, I still got billed for eight months. I had to resolve to closing my account and opening a new one to end the whole nightmare. The mobile app is fun to use, but the worst part about the app is that ads keep popping up that one might mistakenly click on a wrong page.” Daroze

“Mocospace mobile app is cool and interesting to use, but the interface is a mess. Although the site has been in use for over ten years, the mobile app and website are trash. They only get worse by the day. The old interface is way better than the new versions they try to create. If you have your way, subscribe to VIP membership to bypass the whole annoying ads. It’s annoying because you can be in a conversation, and the ads will just pop up. Nevertheless, I have made excellent friends from Mocospace.” Evenzo

“A lot can still be done to improve the app, especially because of the phone I use. I use a Samsung Galaxy phone. I buy and subscribe to everything Mocospace sells for the game because I find the games entertaining. The app should be improved because I pay a lot of money to enjoy the game.” Chuck Thayer.

Mocospace Real life Review

Is Mocospace The Best Dating Site/App?

Mocospace is not a dating site. It is a social media platform and a game site, but what makes it interesting and more exciting than other sites is that it serves as a dating site, hookups, and games. Another advantage Mocospace has over other sites is that it is older than most dating sites, which means that many of its users trust it. It is not a surprise that it has over 100 million members.

Is Mocospace Safe?

It would be quite difficult to verify the identity of over 100 million members. What Mocospace admin does is a block and attend to reports of indecency, inappropriateness, and fraud. It is safe for individual members as long as they abide by Mocospace’s terms and conditions and desist from sharing sensitive and private information.

Is Mocospace A Hook-up App?

Mocospace app is a social media application meant to make new friends, have fun, chat, and play the game. Do members use it for hooking up? Yes, they do.

Is Mocospace Free?

Yes, Mocospace is free. Signing up for Mocospace is free, but free membership features are limited, unlike the premium membership. For example, the free membership has annoyingly interrupting ads that pop up constantly.

How Does Mocospace Work?

Once you sign up for Mocospace, you are ready to meet and chat with other registered members. There is a free membership and premium membership. There are limited options on the free membership while members on premium membership are treated specially.

Are There Fake Or Scam Members On Mocospace?

Definitely! There will always be people who want to misuse social media platforms for their negative intent. These are some of the people who have fake accounts. You will have such people on Mocospace with their fake accounts.

Alternative Sites Like Mocospace

Similar sites and apps

Other sites provide similar services and experiences like the Mocospace website. Some of these sites are AdultFriendFinder, Ashley Madison, BeNaughty, Flingster, Elite Single, eHarmony, and Match.

Contact Information

Mocospace is a social media website and app that is registered with JNJ Mobile Inc. Their headquarter is located at 745 Atlantic Ave, Boston MA 0211, USA.

Phone number: 1-877-323-4815

E-Mail: support@mocospace.com


A Mocospace review on www.datingscout.com describes Mocospace as a social media website, unlike other websites that allow users to meet new friends and play online games against one another. Mocospace continues to lead by giving its members a spell-bound experience of fun, adventure, game, and excitement – one they would hardly find on other websites. Why not sign up today to also have a feel of this experience!

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