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Interracial Cupid Review: Great Dating Site?

Interracial Cupid Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 95%
Popular age 35-44
Profiles 50,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Quick registration process
  • The chat room is available
  • Excellent privacy features
  • User-friendly design
  • Free to download the app
  • Affordable fees
  • Free account users can only contact paying members.
  • Need to upgrade to expand profile space.

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Interracial Cupid website is a dating site that focuses on connecting singles that want to find love outside their race. Users of the dating site seek serious relationships that can eventually lead to marriage. The platform is part of the Cupid Media, a company that operates 30 dating sites. Each dating platform has functionalities that can help members find a match from other nationalities.

How Many Languages Does Interracial Cupid Support?

Interracial Cupid serves members of various races. The members of the dating site speak different languages. The app has a translate link to make it possible to communicate easily despite language differences. A user can click the link, choose the language he or she prefers, and automatically translate it. If you speak English, but you are talking to a Japanese, you can turn the messages in English, and when you reply in English, the other party can translate it to Japanese. Interracial Cupid reviews mentioned that language translation an excellent feature of the dating site.

Who Owns Interracial Cupid?

Interracial Cupid is part of the Cupid Media, a company that owns 30 dating sites worldwide. The site aims to connect singles all over the world through a safe, fun, and user-friendly platform through which thousands of single men and women find love in their lives. Through the Interracial Cupid website, members can successfully find their perfect match locally and internationally. Other dating niches under Cupid Media are the Military Cupid, China Love Cupid, Colombian Cupid, and many more.

Who owns Interracial Cupid?

So Where Is Interracial Cupid Based Now?

Interracial Cupid dating site uses the address of its parent company, the Cupid Media. The company is located at Cupid Media Pty Ltd, PO Box 9304, Gold Coast MC QLD 9726 Australia.

When Was Interracial Cupid Founded?

Interracial Cupid has been operating under the Cupid Media Networks since the year 2000. Through this dating platform, thousands of single men and women from all races have found their lifetime partners.

Is Interracial Cupid available worldwide?

Since Interracial Cupid caters to singles that want to have a serious relationship with those from other races, it has global members.

Is Interracial Cupid available worldwide?

Special Features

Interracial Cupid has several features include CupidTags, Matching Criteria, and Chat Room, that give users a seamless experience while looking for a perfect match.


Users can add CupidTags to their profile. CupidTags is a single word that you can add to your profile. When a user searches for someone cute, smart, or sexy, your profile would appear. Through these tags, you could meet someone who prefers the kind of person you are, allowing you to easily find your match.

Matching Criteria

Interracial Cupid uses your profile to find you a good match. A small box inside your profile would show how compatible you are to the owner of the profile that you view. In the same manner, a person viewing your profile would learn how like-minded you are. You can easily find people who could be your perfect match and choose one from them.

Live Chat Using Instant Messenger

Communicating with someone that interests you is convenient at the Interracial Cupid website. You can get to know each other through live chat using instant messenger. You would feel as if you are talking face to face.

Interracial Cupid Live Chat Using Instant Messenger

Audience quality

Thousands of people who are seriously looking for love log in to this dating site every day. They come from various countries and races. You can easily connect with someone from a race of your preference. Since the website monitors for suspicious profiles, there are very low chances of scammers.

Age Distribution

Interracial Cupid accepts members who are 18 years old and above. Most of the members are between the ages of 35 to 44 years old. Female members are aged 18 to 54, while male members come for 18 to 55 age groups. There are more males than female members of all age groups.

Fakes And Scammers

Creating a fake account at Interracial Cupid website is difficult. The dating site hires a team of expert developers than can immediately detect a fake account. As soon as a user registers, the security team validates all the data. Although one can register successfully, new accounts always come under scrutiny and monitoring. If you cannot log in to the website, that means the developers have found out that you used fake details or that you are a scammer.

Interracial Cupid Fakes and scammers

Mobile App And Website

Interracial Cupid dating site uses a color scheme that appeals to the users. The pages do not have a cluttered look, and the well-organized information adds to the usability of the site. One can easily navigate the pages because of their navigational functionalities.

Interracial Cupid App

The app of Interracial dating site is free to download. The mobile app and the website offer the same functions, making it accessible on mobile devices and desktops. The app has an appropriate design, and it is easy to use. You can use it to create a new account and log in through your Facebook.

Interracial Cupid Website

Interracial Cupid dating site has a neat and appealing design resulting from the use of the appealing color scheme and well-organized information. The platform is easy to use, with an app that allows singles from different races to interact easily through instant messenger live chat. Registration is quick and easy, and new members can opt for the free version. Through this website, many singles have found and married someone that belongs to another race.

Can I Use The App Using My Computer?

The Interracial Cupid app is free to download on mobile devices. The app offers the same functionality as the website. You can create an account and log in using your website account or your Facebook account, send messages, or have a live chat, give likes, and receive notification for new messages.

Which Browsers Support Interracial Cupid?

Yes. You can use all browsers such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Firefox.

Why Am I Having A Hard Time Entering The Site?

When you want to log in to your account at the Interracial Cupid site, make sure to enter the right username and password. Furthermore, make sure that the website URL is correct. If you enter the right information and still cannot access the site, check if it has banned your account for submitting fake data or for trying to scam other members.

Interracial Cupid Why am I having a hard time entering the site?


Interracial Cupid dating site offers a functional and easy interface. One can easily navigate the website with content downloading quickly, making interaction among members fast and easy. The appealing color scheme makes using the site relaxing, allowing users to spend time searching for love, getting to know a potential perfect match, and making online dating stress-free and hassle-free.

Registration Process

Registering to Interracial Cupid dating site is easy as long as you follow the steps. The guide automatically translates to the language the user sets. The first step is to complete the personal information form. After registration, you can avail of a three-month trial period after the site verifies your photo. You may also upload your ID after your first log in to validate your account. You can start to search for your future partner for life.

Can I Unmatch An Interracial Cupid Member?

Users of the Interracial Cupid dating site have the right to connect and interact with a member of his choice. If you do not want to communicate with someone who appears as your match, you can click the “Block” button in messages, in the member profile, and instant messaging.

How Old Should You Be To Register On Interracial Cupid?

A person must be at least 18 years old to qualify for a membership at the Interracial Cupid dating site.

Which Ways Can I Verify My Account?

For the Interracial Cupid dating site, you can verify your account by submitting your photo, after which you will receive a three-month free trial. You may upload your ID for instant verification after you login for the first time. A team of developers checks your data and photo to determine if your account is authentic or a scammer.

How Do I Verify My Email?

When you register to Interracial Cupid singles, you must submit your email. The site would send you a verification link to make sure that you are the owner of the email account. You can click the confirmation link to verify your email.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

Yes. Using your Facebook account to register makes the process faster because the dating site will just import your personal information from your Facebook to Interracial Cupid. For quick login, you may also use your Facebook.

Can I Use The Site Without Signing Up?

No. You must register first before you can log in to the site and use its services and features. Members that opt for free registration will only be able to enjoy a few activities on the website.

Interracial Cupid Can I use the site without signing up?

Profile Set-Up

Creating a profile at the Interracial Cupid Dating site would allow other users from different races to connect with you. The website can create your profile using the information that you submitted when you registered. For every profile, it takes about 24-48 hours for verification. The profiles are detailed so that other users would have an idea about the other person. Even non-paying members can see your profile. If you have upgraded to Gold or Platinum membership, you will be visible to almost all members, and you can connect with them.

Can I Delete A Photo That I Uploaded In Interracial Cupid?

The Interracial Cupid dating site has a photo management page. You can hit the edit photo button, and a dropdown menu would appear. Select the Delete option for that photo, and you would not see your picture anymore.

How Do I Edit My Username In Interracial Cupid?

Changing your username would require contacting customer service. They would know how to edit your username.

Is There An Option To Delete Your Interracial Cupid Profile?

Yes. You can delete your profile on Interracial Cupid by contacting support service to switch off your profile. You might have to give a reason for leaving the site and provide some feedback.

What Happens If I Disable The “Show Me On Interracial Cupid ” Option?

If you disable this site function, other users would not see you. You can enable the “show me” button if you want to be visible again. However, only users with Gold or Platinum membership can hide their profile.

Can I Delete The Information That I’ve Already Submitted To Interracial Cupid?

Yes. You can go to the edit profile and delete the information that you want to remove. However, there might be some information that you cannot delete.

One of the features of Interracial Cupid is the Matching Criteria. When you view a profile, you see a small box that shows your compatibility level with the profile owner. If the level is high, that person would be a perfect match for you.

Is It Possible To See The Interracial Cupid Members Who I Liked?

If you are a Gold or Platinum plan holder, you can view the profile of anyone that interests you. Standard members have limited access to the profiles of many users.

What Are The Different Options Of Interracial Cupid Search?

When you search for other users of the Interracial Cupid dating site, you would see their age, height, weight, and relationship status. If you click the Quick View button, you could find additional information as to attitude about things as well as whether the user has children.

Can You See If Someone Likes You On Interracial Cupid If You Are A Free Member?

To know if someone likes you on the Interracial Cupid dating site, you can check your “activity tab.” You will see who likes you and who has an interest in you. Being responsive to these messages would increase your chances of finding someone outside your race to be your perfect match.


Sending messages is one of the primary means of interaction at the Interracial Cupid dating site. Messaging has become easy at this site because it has a live chat room and instant messaging features.

How Can You Start Messaging With Someone On Interracial Cupid?

You can send a message to a member that you like or start a live chat on instant messenger. Members at this dating site respond quickly. These conversations can be your way to know each other and to discover your compatibility level.

How Can I Message Someone?

The Interracial Cupid dating site app allows users to send messages to each other. You can use instant messaging to send a note or the live chat if the person is online.

Is Sending Messages Free?

There are no fees for every message that users send because the membership fee covers the cost. Standard users who do not pay can send messages to Gold and Platinum plan members, but not to other standard users. However, Gold and Platinum plan holders can send as many messages as they want.

How Do I See Who Messaged Me On Interracial Cupid?

The Interracial Cupid dating site app allows you to receive a notification if someone sends you a message.

How Do I Use The Camera On Interracial Cupid?

While you can enjoy instant messaging and live chats at the Interracial Cupid dating site, it does not include a camera.

How Can I Filter Who Can Message Me On Interracial Cupid?

The dating site allows users to block those from whom they don’t want to receive any messages. You can go to the messaging feature and click “Block User” to not receive his or her messages.

How can I filter who can message me on Interracial Cupid?

Membership Price And Other Payment Method

Do you want to know how much to pay for membership on the dating site? As presented in an Interracial Cupid Review, standard membership is free at the Interracial Cupid dating site. However, Gold and Platinum members have to pay the following fees for 12 months, three months, and a one-month subscription.




1 month




3 months



12 months



You can use your credit card to purchase Gold and Platinum subscriptions. With these subscriptions, you can enjoy a lot of privileges and services.

Interracial Cupid Membership Price and Other Payment Method

Free Membership Features

New users can join the Interracial Cupid dating site for free. You will be allowed to view users’ photos and profiles, create CupidTags, and search for other users.

Premium Membership Features

At Interracial Cupid dating site, paying members can receive a lot of perks. Aside from enjoying all the benefits for non-paying members, Platinum and Gold plan members can use the live chat with instant messenger feature, connect with non-paying members, be part of groups, and have their profile highlighted as VIP.

Does Interracial Cupid Offer Premium Membership?

Yes. Members that want to find their perfect match can purchase a Platinum subscription.

How Do I Cancel My Interracial Cupid Membership?

Users of this dating site may cancel their membership anytime. They can click the Billing menu and stop your subscription by clicking no to auto-renewal and save.

Is Interracial Cupid Membership Auto-Renewed?

Gold and Platinum members have automatic renewal. However, if you want to stop your membership, you can go to your profile page, click Billing and Click No to auto-renewal and save.

Can I Get A Refund For Unused Time?

Interracial Cupid dating site does not have a refund policy. If you have a one-month subscription but decide to stop after two weeks, you cannot get a refund for the other remaining two weeks.

Is My “Support” To Interracial Cupid Automatically Renewed Every Month?

Yes, the Interracial Cupid dating site automatically renews its support every month.

I Am Not Satisfied With The Interracial Cupid. Can I Get My Money Back?

Interracial Cupid dating site does not have a Money Back Guarantee. You will not receive a refund even if you are unhappy with the dating site.

How Will My Interracial Cupid Support Appear On My Credit Card Bill?

Interracial Cupid does not collect support from its members.

Can I Give Support To Other Interracial Cupid Members?

Extending monetary support to members of a dating site is not allowed by the site. The dating site can ban a user that asks or give money to other members.

Can I Send Support For Just A Month?

Interracial Cupid dating site does not ask for monthly support from its users.

Interracial Cupid Can I Send Support For Just A Month?

Is Interracial Cupid Really Safe?

Yes. An Interracial Cupid Review stated that one of the outstanding features of this dating site is its security. It has a team of developers that monitor the data that new members submit. If a fake account or a scammer had successfully joined the platform, the security team could detect it in 24 hours. The account of these people would be closed to make sure that they cannot access the website anymore.

Interracial Cupid Privacy

The privacy of its members is the primary concern of the Interracial Cupid dating site. Aside from the strict security, the app has features that help members protect their privacy. You can hide your profile from other members if you want. You can also browse the website anonymously. No one could see that it is you who is viewing profiles.

Privacy In Interracial Cupid

If you read Interracial Cupid reviews, you would find out that the dating site encrypts all data and conversations, and only the person or persons that provided the data or participated in a conversation know the information or conversation on the platform. You do not have to worry about third parties getting access to your personal information and use it to scam other users.

Are Interracial Cupid Chats Encrypted?

The dating site does not keep the addresses of its members. It has no way of knowing the exact address of a member or his daily routine. Interracial Cupid would never share any personal information of members to third parties.

Can Interracial Cupid Be Traced By The Police?

Interracial Cupid dating site would not provide the police with information about its member without an order from a court. The website will not get involved in investigations that concern a user of the platform.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy In Interracial Cupid?

If ever you encounter problems regarding your privacy as a member of the Interracial Cupid dating site, you must approach any member of the support team.


Interracial Cupid dating site is greatly concerned with the safety of its members who are in pursuit of love with someone outside of their race. The platform will protect all information from members using encryption. Scammers and cybercriminals would never have a chance to steal data and use them in illegal activities. Users of the site who seriously seek their perfect match must help secure the platform and all users.

Are Interracial Cupid Forums Threads Moderated?

Forums have regulators that check the appropriateness of the discussions in the forum. The website can delete conversations that use obscene words or discriminatory remarks.

What Will Happen To A Member Who Uses An Interracial Cupid Account To Solicit Money?

Interracial Cupid dating site does not allow members to solicit money from others using his or her Interracial Cupid account. Users that engage in this activity violate the terms of their membership, and they must expect punishment.

Banned Account

If you have violated several rules repeatedly, you will face suspension. In serious offenses, the platform can remove or ban the account.

Why Can’t I Access Interracial Cupid?

Members whose accounts are still active must be able to log in to the site. Being unable to access the Interracial Cupid dating site might be due to the wrong username or password, or it might be due to a ban on your account. You can contact the support team regarding this issue.

How Long Are Interracial Cupid Bans?

The dating platform suspends accounts that have violated the terms and conditions permanently.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account?

At the Interracial Cupid dating site, the deactivation of an account is permanent.

Protect Yourself

For your and other users’ protection the Interracial Cupid dating site has established rules to follow. Everyone must report any suspicious activity on the site.

How Can I Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

When someone tries to scam you, block him or her using the option available on the profile menu.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Posted In Your Interracial Cupid Account?

Avoid posting your real name, address, employment, and bank details anywhere on the dating site.

Help And Support

According to Interracial Cupid reviews, a support team is always available round the clock to answer your queries and assist you. They are responsible for finding your perfect match and in making your experience at the website wholesome and satisfying.

Real Life Review

Interracial Cupid dating site caters to singles who want to find their perfect match outside their race. With a well-designed website, users enjoy a seamless interface that makes searching for love fun and exciting. Through this platform, thousands of interracial marriages happen and succeed.

Is Interracial Cupid The Best Dating Site/App?

Yes. For several decades, thousands of single men and women have succeeded in finding love, happiness, and permanent togetherness.

Is Interracial Cupid Safe?

Based on Interracial reviews, the dating site is safe to use. A team of security experts protects the website from scammers. All personal data are encrypted anSafety is the number one concern of Interracial Cupid. To keep the platform secure at all times, an expert developer works for the site, ensuring that no fake account or scammer could harm the website.

Is Interracial Cupid A Hook-Up App?

The site aims to connect single men and women who are searching for serious relationships that could lead to marriage. As an Interracial Cupid Review pointed out, if you are looking for casual relationships, you have to look for another white dating platform.

Is Interracial Cupid Free?

Yes. You can register for free and become a standard member. However, you would have limited privileges and activities.

How Does Interracial Cupid Work?

Interracial Cupid dating site aims to connect singles from various races and help them find their future partners. To be able to use the platform, one can register for a free or paid account. Once you have created your profile, you would be able to interact with other users, get to know them, and determine who among all of them deserve to find true love.

Are There Fake Or Scam Members On Interracial Cupid?

The platform has thousands of members, and meeting a fake or scammer is common. However, these people would never thrive at Interracial Cupid because of its expert developers that can detect a fake account 24 hours after its creation and verification.

Alternative Sites Like Interracial Cupid

Interracial Cupid is one of the thirty dating platforms that Cupid Media Operates. Other websites that aim to unite single men and women with persons from other races are the International Cupid, eHarmony, and many more.

Alternative Sites Like Interracial Cupid

Contact Information

  • Company: Cupid Media Pty Ltd
  • Address: PO Box 9304, Gold Coast MC, QLD 9726, Australia
  • Phone-Hotline: 1-800-787-0838
  • E-Mail: team@Interracialcupid.com


Interracial Cupid dating site is for singles from all over the world that are looking for a serious relationship with someone from another race. It aims to help these people realize their goal by establishing lasting relationships that can lead to a happy marriage. If you want to know more about this dating site, you can search for Interracial Cupid reviews and learn what users of this platform have to say.

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Customer reviews
by Travis Nov 25, 2021
I like this particular service. After getting a registered user around two months, I recently found unique good friends, generally there is nothing to complain about. The screen enables you to create an attractive page with several attractive images. In the event that you don't become they essential to complete all of the grounds, you could potentially overlook them. I guess that pics would be the a key point because sleep you may display while texting and communicating. We don't have actually a person for a relationship right now, but I'm on my means. I reside in a rural area, many fights include not even close to me personally. But considering my personal existing faves and all of our online interacting with each other, I most certainly will leave the house soon. Anyhow, the software operates, and area is awesome. We refused some freaks, but I've fulfilled not a soul therefore bad concerning obstruct them from talking to myself.
William Jimenez
by William Jimenez Nov 21, 2021
The web goes on this websites are becoming an outstanding and attention-grabbing practice for me. It truly does work flawlessly for your self-esteem and let producing brand new connectivity. They're not interactions so far but seem guaranteeing. Likewise, its pleasant I think to break the ice and talk with individuals from any country i love. Scanning profiles is appealing, possibly. It's always fascinating to determine just how folks prove while looking for closeness.
by Kirkeby Nov 17, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual guy and really love tests. I'm certainly not monogamous, at the least at this time. Genuinely, simple habits is far from standard social norms, and I commonly think lonely actually among friends or near associates. Most of them were married, but'm went stir outrageous after I feel her important appearance. Therefore, without a doubt, it's fairly challenging to pick and spend time with like-minds during the time you inhabit an enormous urban area, in which individuals are also busy to help brand new connections. Thus, this sort of chaos 's for joining our site. And the knowledge was seamless. I managed to look for people who want the same products and see my own want to remain cost-free, without devotion, anticipate, and all sorts of this various other hooey. An additional cool thing is that there I've satisfied some bi-curious individuals. I love the functionality of this website since it's quite sufficient for first conversation. Perhaps, some body wishes much more advantages, however in my opinion, you ought to get a romantic date if you want in-depth connection. While browsing users, we learn lots of bare ones. If only everyone could spend much more awareness of their occurrence on the website. Talking about the site's overall performance, all things are fine. No problems with visit, messages, etc. Support tool is very effective and it's available 24/7. I'm thrilled to see a virtual area for the needs and fantasies. It's really cool as soon as the people doesn't enforce the worth it is about the same web page.
Roy Gardner
by Roy Gardner Nov 09, 2021
This great site is wonderful for me. As I'm slightly sick and tired of swiping, it came to be a middle floor for our specifications. I don't prepare any big commitments at this time, but I won't run away right after I fulfill my favorite romance. Website doesn't force me personally and permits getting all features of high quality matchmaking. Besides, i love this particular app comes in handy to make use of, whether it is about course-plotting or paying. Price try typical, and I don't grudge money in their mind since I have have the best benefits for rates they might require. I've previously came across some decent individuals to get beautiful goes. Besides, we message with numerous consumers to discuss, chuckle, and go over several topics, such as gender. I feel that i'm within my category from the neighborhood can be quite pleasant. Consumers don't determine we, as it may be if you have picked up a person in a bar.
by POPE Nov 06, 2021
The dating website is easy, and direction-finding is a breeze. I receive an ample amount of information and knowledge for individuals that seem irresistible to myself. Actually, I do really enjoy standing on this page. We possibly couldn't find my existing buddy yet. However, I ran across a couple of interested people to correspond with. I'm no-cost and casual while talking with these people. I would suggest that this website to everyone who's going to be finding great camaraderie, whatever the type of union.
Thelma Wise
by Thelma Wise Nov 01, 2021
I'd like some other daters to understand that this specific service 100percent does its job without strategies. Those people that certainly long for to get touching a special someone won't feel dissapointed about their decision once becoming a member of the working platform. The main thing will never be to stop. We have previously satisfied your loved, and we are currently happy. I'm arousal and harmony, knowning that ways loads. Thus, our company is crazy, plus its never far too late if you are of any age and requirements. I recommend this incredible website, hence simply decide to try.
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