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Zoosk vs. Match: The King Of Dating Site In 2024?

Zoosk vs. Match: The King Of Dating Site In 2024?

It is pretty normal to want to try your hand on a dating site like Zoosk, Tinder, etc., especially when you reach a certain age or for a post-breakup rebound. But in all the excitement of finding a partner online, making the choice becomes difficult. There are so many options available online today that it makes even the experienced experts of dating sites confused. So it is not your fault if you are wondering which one to try. Especially when the focus of the dating sites is not well-defined as few others on the internet. So making life a little easier on you, here I make a dating site compare covering every aspect of two very popular sites: Zoosk versus Match.


Zoosk Match
Favorable for both casual and long-term relationships. Preferred for serious relationships only.
Loved by younger audiences of the 20s and 30s. Loved by the older audience.
Monthly visits on the site are close to 3.8M. Monthly visits- 13.5M
Acceptance to all communities (LGBTQ Accepts dating between all genders.
Free app available for download on both iOS and Android devices. Free app download on Google PlayStore and the App Store.
Heavily social media integrated. Looks and feels like Facebook. The site interface is better.
Insights- Your choices that the algorithm uses based on your dating behavior for matches. Match Me- It keeps your profile on top for 24-hours to attract more matches your way.
Simple interface A long list of exciting features
Verification is the only safety measure. Date Check-in ensures safety during a date.
Super sends to help message more people with a single click and save time. More ways to interact- voice and video calls, real talks to help with conversations, likes, favorites, winks, etc.

Zoosk vs. Match: Who Has A Better Reputation?

Reputation wise both Zoosk and Match are pretty popular today. However, Zoosk is only 10 years old, while Match has been there for the last 22 years in the dating industry. It certainly causes a vast difference in the numbers of registered users. Also, if it matters, then the makers of Match are a conglomerate with several popular dating platforms like Tinder, Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, etc. under their umbrella. But Zoosk too hasn’t been behind since it got bought by the Spark Networks, which also owns a long list of dating platforms like JDate, Silver Singles, Elite Singles, etc.

Website Owner Year Of Launch
Zoosk Spark Networks 1995 Check it
Match Match Group 2007 Check it

Expert Opinion: It’s A Tie

If we keep a reputation as the basis for comparison, both get equal points. Since both the sites come from companies who are nothing less than experts at making dating sites, one cannot comment on the reputation of either. Although being older has its perks since more people are aware of the name. You can even say that Match is a household name, whereas Zoosk is more popular with today’s youth. Besides that, there is no particular difference you can find in terms of the reputation of both dating platforms.

Despite being comparatively new in the block, Zoosk has got a rocking user base of 27 Million people. And the credit for that wholesome number could be given to the fact that the website is available in over 80 countries. And also being available in 25+ languages causes richness in diversity and increasing numbers. Contrarily Match which has completed 27 years in the industry is available to the people of 50+ countries in 12 languages. It boasts a whopping 40 Million user base across the globe and reports monthly activity larger than that of Zoosk.

Website User base
Zoosk 27M Check it
Match 40M Check it

Expert Opinion: The Winner Is Match

If the numbers are considered only then Match wins the round. But if you take a deeper look into the audience base by comparing the size based on the number of years in the industry, you notice Zoosk picked up popularity much faster than Match. However, when we talk more about numbers on a dating site, we also talk-variety and that is what you get the surety of on Match.

Zoosk vs. Match: Which One Shows Better Diversity?

If we compare the languages the dating sites are available in, it will show alone that Zoosk is bound to show more diversity. It does so by allowing more types of people to use the platform with ease in their language. However, Match is not far behind as well. But what works for Match more than Zoosk is its reputation for being an old player. Even though Zoosk is pretty popular amongst the youngsters, Match doesn’t need an introduction to people. Users or not, most people are aware of the name which works well for attracting a diversified audience.

Website Countries Languages
Zoosk 80 25+ Check it
Match 50+ 12 Check it

Expert Opinion: The Winner Is Zoosk

Zoosk gets the advantage of being a modern-day app that attracts new users from several countries that Match isn’t even there. However, the existence in several countries is not what causes the real diversity, it is the popularity amongst the younger audience and across social media. Having said that, Match too cannot be left behind because the site has varying age groups in its user base and it particularly becomes impressive in big cities.

Zoosk vs. Match: Where Do You Get Better Profiles?

The quality of profiles largely depends on the location you are logging in from as the dating sites today operate as local searches. While Match shows good profiles overall, Zoosk gets better in certain cities. The numbers suggest that both Zoosk and Match show both quantity and quality in profiles. However, the profiles on Zoosk comparatively are newer and more active than those at Match. The profiles on Match may seem good overall irrespective of locations, the quality of the user profiles is not very impressive.

Website Countries
Zoosk Excellent Check it
Match Great Check it

Expert Opinion: The Winner Is Zoosk

The decision is tough to make because both the dating sites have an enormous number of profiles to show. But the factor that does the trick is the date the accounts were last active. Many accounts on the Match official site are hardly active anymore. Also, the number of incomplete profiles is large that confuses users whether to trust the account user. On the other hand, the Zoosk official site being socially integrated shows more complete profiles, as that part can be auto-filled. Also, because the site is comparatively new, the accounts created are more recently made and hence are active.

Zoosk vs. Match: Which Shows More Number Of Fake Profiles?

With popularity comes expectations and with that comes spam and fake promises. Another thing that popularity attracts is offenders and unwanted attention from money laundered. Fake profiles exist on all dating sites unless there is a strict verification process which neither Zoosk nor Match Review can credit themselves for. Although Zoosk for verification uses phone numbers, photographs, or social logins and Match does it through social connections, none is much reliable.

Website Fake Percentage (Average)
Zoosk Spam 30% Check it
Match Spam 40% Check it

Expert Opinion: The Winner Is Match

Match with its popularity over the years and across the globe attracts the attention of spammers and fake users as well, to a very large extent. Even though it is true for Zoosk as well, but the percentage of fake profiles is much more on Match than you see them on Zoosk. Even though both the sites follow strict verification and continuous scanning, you can find inactive profiles on Match more than on Zoosk.

Zoosk vs. Match: Which One Has An Easier Registration Process?

The sign-up or the registration process is detailed on both dating sites. Despite allowing social logins, both make it compulsory for the new members to complete the profile set up. While it takes close to 20 mins for Zoosk users to complete the registration and profile setup, Match users require over 35 mins to do the same. The reason behind the increased time requirement is not just the lengthy questionnaire that has more fields, but also the site takes a long time for account approval.

Website Time Taken To Complete Profile
Zoosk 20 mins Check it
Match 35-40 mins Check it

Expert Opinion: The Winner Is Zoosk

Match besides taking more time to complete setting up the profile also disappoints users with the mood to socialize by taking time for approval. Although it is a good initiative to keep bots away, the site still fails to keep fake profiles at bay. Thus, winning the category is Zoosk, which saves time and helps the users start dating almost instantly.

Zoosk vs. Match: Which One Comes With A Smoother Interface?

Both Zoosk and Match have a smooth interface, but there is a striking difference in their nature. While the design of the Zoosk official site is modern and advanced tech, Match, on the other hand, is more on the traditional side. The colors basic blue, white, and shades of gray used on the interface is simple on the eyes but may seem boring to today’s gen who are used to seeing good-looking screens. But Zoosk being newer keeps the user experience in mind. The design and elements follow the rules of minimalism, making sure that nothing is too overwhelming for the audience. You don’t need a tour to understand the website or the Zoosk app, however, you may need the same for Match. Perhaps the latter also has more features that make the design seem too much. Of course, but Zoosk in the places with too much information like the profile has segmented the page to make it easy on the eyes.

Website Interface
Zoosk User Friendly & Modern Design Check it
Match Traditional & Complicated Check it

Expert Opinion: The Winner Is Zoosk

After a detailed analysis of the interfaces, the winner of the category is hands down Zoosk for smart and modern interface designing, which is more up-to-date.

Zoosk vs. Match: Which One Has Better Features?

If there could be a simple way to describe Match it would be full of features, and that alone explains the difference between Zoosk or Match. While the Zoosk app does not lack in making online dating a pleasant experience and offers unique features as well, Match wins on the sheer number of features. But what stands out in the long list is the different ways of finding matches. For example, with the Match Me feature, Daily Matches, Mutual Match, Reverse Match, and the Missed Connection. Likewise, Zoosk offers Smart picks to help you find a match, but that’s about it. The number of ways to interact with a profile on Match is also more than that of Zoosk.

Also, not every notification related to interaction lands up in the inbox section in Match as it happens with the latter. However, having a paid feature to boost the profile for increased visibility works the same on both platforms. The profile setup is similar but is more detailed on Match than in Zoosk. The latter also comes with a unique feature called the Insights that reveals the studies of the algorithm based on your dating behavior to find your matches, which Match doesn’t. Additionally, Match offers communities and events sections for its users to help them get more opportunities for finding a suitable partner.

Unique Features Of Zoosk

  • Matchmaking- Smart pick, Carousel
  • Boost- Pay to increase your profile visibility and find more dates
  • Insights- Your dating activity in one place
  • Super Send- Send flirty messages to multiple people together
  • Instant verification- Photo, phone number, or social logins.

Unique Features Of Match

  • Matchmaking- Match Me, Daily Matches, Mutual Match, Reverse Match, and the Missed Connection.
  • Home Page: to follow the activity of favorite members on the feed.
  • Dates: Dating preferences explained
  • Video Chat: Virtual meetings
  • Vibe Check: Assures mutual agreement for a video chat
  • More detailed advanced search: more fields for profile search
  • Profile Power-ups: Paid feature to increase visibility
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: For users with 6months or more membership
  • Real Talk: Helps to start conversations easily with several pre-designed questions
  • Voice Calls
  • Community
  • Events
  • Date Check-In: A safety feature that helps send SOS in case of emergency during the date if something goes wrong.
  • Verification: Manual through social networks takes a few minutes to hours for approval
Website Features
Zoosk Limited & Simple Check it
Match Wide Range Check it

Expert Opinion: Match Is The Clear Winner

The comparison of the Match and Zoosk Review points out that the former has an edge in the category. Besides anything else, the number of ways it helps the users to find a partner makes it ideal as a dating site.

Zoosk vs. Match: Which Site Is Better At Matchmaking?

The quality of matches depends on the location and the number of active users in your area to be specific. However, considering that Match has more monthly visits than Zoosk, it serves as an advantage to improve the Match success rate. The number of ways to interact and find matches on the site also makes it a better place to find dates, and with the guarantee of satisfaction, you can vouch for a date. However, with Zoosk, it is simply the popularity that does the trick across the globe. The insights, smart pick, and carousel come to aid for the process and are pretty accurate at finding matches. Nonetheless, Match doesn’t fall behind with its long list of ways to find your matches using different algorithms.

Website Number Of Ways Used For Matchmaking
Zoosk 2-3 Check it
Match Close to 10 and keep getting updated Check it

Expert Opinion: The Winner Is Match

The choice was tough because both the Match app and Zoosk are neck to neck in this category. Even though Zoosk doesn’t disappoint in terms of the quality of matchmaking, Match makes it impossible to avoid with its quantity efforts to find quality.

Zoosk vs. Match: Which One To Go For Hookups?

Zoosk is a favorite amongst the younger audience because of its modern design and heavy social integration. It is also a place to find quick dates, as the Zoosk app does not waste time verifying accounts manually. Instead, instant access allows it to be an attractive point for users trying for hookup partners. On the other hand, there is Match which, even though can find hookups if you are a regular user, is not the ideal place. The users on the Match app come with a different mentality, with an eye for something more permanent.

Website Preference For Hookups
Zoosk More Check it
Match Less Check it

Expert Opinion: The Winner Is Zoosk

Zoosk vs. Match: Which Site Gives You Long-Term Relationships?

The answer to the question is Match. The very length of the profile means that the site is for serious relationships only. A long list of fields and open-ended questions are time taking to fill but also make it easy for users to understand a prospect in a greater depth. The several modes of communication available on the site even though paid make sure that you know who you are talking to before meeting them for real. The Match official site comes with so many features that one can even use it as a marriage portal. On the contrary, it would be wrong to say that Zoosk cannot find your long-term relationships. Because even Tinder does, but the idea behind the site is going for easy dates, so finding serious relationships depends on choice and chance.

Website Preference
Zoosk Casual Check it
Match Serious Relationships Check it

Expert Opinion: The Winner Is Match

Zoosk vs. Match: Comparison Of The Premium Charges

Both the dating platforms are quite useless without a premium account or a paid membership. Thus, to experience even the bare minimum, you need to have a premium membership of 1, 3, or 6 months on Zoosk. However, the minimum is different for Match, as the first plan available is for 3 months, and then 6 and 12 months. Here is the price chart to help you make a dating site comparison based on premium rates.

Website Preference
Membership Plan How much is Zoosk a month? How much is Match a month?
1 Month $29.95 $46.99
3 Month $19.98 $25.99
6 Month $22.99
12 Month $12.49 $21.99

Expert Opinion: Zoosk Wins

When it comes to the pocket, Zoosk is more budget-friendly than Match.

Zoosk vs. Match: Which One Has Better Fee-Based Services?

Here is a comparison table that enlists all the paid features on both apps.

Zoosk Match
Messaging, chat Communication tools- Chat, Video, Voice
Incognito Invisible browsing
Find out the profiles who like you Profile Viewers
The entire smart-pick feature Email- Read Notification
Daily Match

Expert Opinion: Match Wins

Even though the membership is expensive, the list of paid features makes it worth it.

Zoosk vs. Match: What Should Your Choice Be For Free Features?

Here is a comparison of the free features available on the dating sites in concern.

Zoosk Match
Registration Registration
Profile set up Profile set up
Carousel matchmaking Matchmaking
Profile access Browse profiles
Hearts and smiles for first interaction and showing interest Like profiles

Expert Opinion: It’s A Tie

There is not much that you can do on either Zoosk or Match without paying, besides browsing. And even then, the quality of profiles you will find without a paid subscription can be disappointing.

Zoosk vs. Match: Alternatives You Can Try

Here is a list of some dating site alternatives you can try:

  • OkCupid
  • eHarmony
  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Plenty Of Fish
  • Coffee Meets Bagel

Zoosk vs. Match: Verdict

Even though the dating sites differ from each other, the overall verdict is a tie between the two. While Match review scores high for people looking for serious long-term relationships, the Zoosk success rate becomes the perfect choice for finding young love. If the Match weighs heavy on the pocket, it successfully compensates with its unique features and guarantees to find a date. On the other hand, Zoosk with pocket-friendly pricing and a user-friendly interface acts as one of the best options for a modern-day socially integrated dating app. Also, not to forget, the Zoosk spam is lesser known than the Match spam.

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