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Uberhorny Review: Great Dating Site?

Uberhorny Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 5%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 20-35
Profiles 2,700,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The 3-month hook-up Guarantee gives it certain credibility.
  • Registration is less demanding and quicker than on other dating sites.
  • Free access to nude photos and videos for live streaming.
  • A 2-days or 7-days Trial period at a very subsidized rate.
  • Limited features are available on a free membership.
  • High prevalence of fake profiles, messages, and notifications from fake accounts.
  • Constant reminders of paid subscriptions which can be extremely annoying.

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Uberhorny is one of the most sophisticated websites for online hookups. Do you dream of a world where your sexual imagination and midnight fantasies can be fulfilled? Search no further. You’ll probably find your treasure chest with Uberhorny. So you want to pour out your sexual desires, get laid, and also experience sexting and cybersex? Well, Uberhorny provides you a good platform for that.

The best thing about the site is that it offers mouth-watering, jaw-dropping hookup services, and no-strings-attached guaranteed sexual experiences. Should you be wondering if Uberhorny is the best dating website for you, you might want to read through this review to find out.

Uberhorny is a hookup site targeted mainly towards adult men and women who are interested in having an erotic experience, online sexting sessions, and communication with other users having the same interests. The site gives a ‘get laid guarantee’ to enable users to have their wildest dreams come true by giving their sexual fantasies an easy way out.

How many languages can you choose from on Uberhorny?

The whole interface is in English, as the main audience of the site comes from the United States. But you may choose a language to chat with others.

Who is the owner of Uberhorny?

The Uberhorny website is owned by Worldwide Connect Partners, LLC and Global Personals, and was created as a functional dating website around 2003.

Where is Uberhorny located now?

Currently, the web-based dating website headquarters is based in Miami, Florida, and the USA, where Global Personals is located.

When was Uberhorny created?

Uberhorny is believed to have been founded around 2003 by the Worldwide Connect Partners, LLC, and Global Personals to cater to horny adult men and women.

Is Uberhorny available in many countries?

The site has a wide range of users from different countries globally, especially in the United States, where it has over two million users.

Special Features

Uberhorny is richly packed with lots of unique features intended to give you a good hook-up experience that is second to none. You can access amateur porn from members’ galleries on the website homepage. You can also view and zoom profile pictures and videos of hot girls on Uberhorny.

The ‘Trending Now’ feature is like a newsfeed that allows you to make public updates for free by posting your new statuses, new photos, and videos to attract likes and comments from other users. You also can make comments on posts of other users. You receive daily profile entries to vote a member as attractive or not by clicking on the provided icon to give a positive response or the ‘x’ symbol for negative.

Another unique feature on the Uberhorny website is the Premium Live Cams, which allows you to access live streaming videos of professional models from third party websites.

Uberhorny Special Features

Communication Options

Uberhorny offers its dating services that include many communication options available for members such as video chats, premium live streaming, online chats, group, and phone conversation options.

There are search filters to search for other horny members at no specific rate. The advanced search is quite useful in conducting searches based on particular criteria of members such as looks, body type, etc.

Compatibility Functions

The Uberhorny Swipe Game feature allows you to browse through sexy pictures of hot girls in bikinis and sexy outfits to enable you to make your preferred choice.

Audience quality

Uberhorny seeks to ensure you get your money’s worth. Since its services are expensive, the expectations of users are that the services are top-notch and that the website is indeed offering what it preaches.

Age distribution

Anyone under the age of 18 would not be allowed to access the Uberhorny website. As for other ages, the most active group is from 20 to 35 y.o., as on most dating sites.

Fakes and scammers

The high prevalence of fakes and scammers on dating sites should make you wary and cautious when using the site, especially regarding your private information.

Mobile app and Website

The website design is neat and straightforward, making it easier for users of any age to navigate without difficulties. The site is designed with many technologically advanced features.

Uberhorny Mobile app and Website

Uberhorny App

At present, Uberhorny does not have an app for smartphones. This may be considered an oversight or a deficiency as only the site is accessible for login, which is not convenient for many users.

Uberhorny website

The website is designed in a simple manner, and it’s quite easy for you to familiarise yourself with the basics and find your way through. The buttons are visible and obvious, and there are not many of them; this simplicity helps you navigate the site.

Can I use the app on my desktop?

Since the website is yet to make its app directly available in the market for its users, only the site can be accessed currently with desktop PCs or smartphones.

Which browser do I need to enter Uberhorny?

Any browser supports Uberhorny, so you may use Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox for desktop PC or Smartphones.

Why can’t I enter the site?

You might experience difficulty in logging in to the website if your account has been temporarily suspended or banned from the website, which may be a result of a violation of the site’s rules, or another user reported you.


Uberhorny user interface is laced with the blend of colors in grey and white. The site features are accessible with the taps at the top menu, dividing the features into sections for the convenience of users. The site’s homepage is in the form of a map that points to different locations with nude profile pics of sexy ladies.

Uberhorny Interface

Registration process

You can have a quick sign-up on the site in less than 5 minutes for free. First, you would need to make a short trip answering questions provided in six sections by giving a short description of yourself. They also include other necessary information about you, such as your age, gender, email address, and a secure password for login. After this, you would be required to confirm your account and verify your email address.

You would be redirected afterward to the Uberhorny website. You would need to fill in your profile information, which may include your preferences such as race, body type (for example, big ass, wide hips, slim and sexy, etc.), gender, age-range, sexual preferences, and preferable locations. You may choose to make your photos visible to other users, which Uberhorny strictly seeks to ensure are real people.

Can I unmatch people on Uberhorny?

You may as well unmatch any member you no longer have interest in by selecting their profile and removing such member from your contacts list.

Are there any age restrictions Uberhorny?

Only users who are at least 18 years of age are eligible for sign-up on Uberhorny. This is because it is an adult website and not designed for the under-aged.

How can I confirm my account?

You can verify your account after you input your email address and password. A verification email will be sent to your inbox to confirm if you are the real account owner.

Do I need to verify my email?

You will receive a verification link in the email address you provided on sign-up and will need to click on the link to complete sign-up.

Can I register with my Facebook Account?

You cannot log in with your Facebook account on Uberhorny as registration is required to be done directly on the website.

Can I browse the site without being a member?

You cannot view nude pictures of girls or access other available features on the website without a proper sign-up.

Profile set-up

After a complete sign-up, you would be required to select a username that becomes visible to other users. You may choose to upload your photo on the Uberhorny website. You should also be aware that your profile is only accessible to users on premium membership. Your photos, statuses, and uploaded videos may be displayed on the website newsfeed in a grid or list format.

You would need to fill in quick information on your profile optionally, which includes your specific interests, hobbies, relationship status, etc. You can also view members who are online and who view your profile or videos, but profiles on Uberhorny can only be viewed by users who have upgraded to a premium membership.

Can I remove a picture I’ve uploaded on Uberhorny?

Yes, you can delete your photos from your profile by going to your account settings and clicking on the ‘delete photo’ option.

How can I change my username on Uberhorny?

Your username can be edited on your Uberhorny profile. You can simply follow this process by clicking on ‘edit profile information’ and then the ‘edit username’ option.

Can I delete my Uberhorny profile?

Your profile information is not permanently stored so that it cannot be changed. You can choose to delete your profile on your account settings to enable new changes to be made.

What happens if I switch off the “Show me on Uberhorny” feature?

Disabling the ‘show me on Uberhorny’ option on your profile allows you to be visible to some members of your choice. You can choose to make your profile discreet to other users and limited to friends only on your profile menu.

Can I delete data I’ve already provided to Uberhorny?

By clicking on the ‘delete’ button on your profile, you would be able to remove any information you choose, such as your location, preferences, interests, etc.

Uberhorny provides a great search feature for members to search and filter the members to their preferences. You can also browse through the search categories to know who is available for a chat, hookup, or who is online.

Can I check on the Uberhorny members who I liked?

You can see members whom you have liked on your profile but can only see members who liked you back by upgrading to a premium account.

What are the other features of Uberhorny Search?

There are different search options available on Uberhorny which seek to lead you to find your ideal partner. They are divided into four categories. These search categories include searches made by distance, the last login of members, photos, and the profiles with most popularity. You can also make searches of members by their interests, locations, username, preferences, etc.

Do you know if someone likes you on Uberhorny without paying?

Uberhorny only allows you to see members who liked you if you have signed up for an upgrade to premium membership.


There are several options available to connect with members on the Uberhorny website. The site offers options like direct messages, video chats, etc., for you to enjoy a quick hookup. There are also chat and forums where you can connect and make conversations with other members.

How to start messaging with others on Uberhorny?

Uberhorny has an excellent messaging network with its chat options and live video streaming. You can begin messaging using the Swipe Game by browsing through photos, and if you see a profile of interest, you may send a wink or hookup line to begin a conversation.

How can I write to someone?

You can begin to message another user by clicking on the profile of such a member. Below the member’s profile picture is the chat option where you can type in your messages and send them.

Is sending text messages free of charge?

While some dating websites don’t let users send and receive messages for free, there are other sites like Uberhorny where you can send messages to other members for free. However, you cannot see the member’s reply to your message until you obtain Gold membership.

How can I check who messaged me on Uberhorny?

As earlier stated, this is a paid-only feature. You can only get to see members who sent you messages on Uberhorny as a paid member.

How to use the web camera on Uberhorny?

You can upload your pictures on the Uberhorny website using the webcam by clicking on the camera button on your profile to add or upload photos.

How can I limit who can text me on Uberhorny?

There are search filters on the website through which you can filter members who can send messages to you by location, gender, appearance, race, body type, age, sexual preferences, etc.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

The Uberhorny website has special features to experience most of the website. These features are not available on free membership but require you to upgrade to a premium membership called “Gold membership.” A free user, for instance, would be unable to receive messages from other users or secure a horny session with a willing member. Live-streaming of online videos, viewing, and zooming of members’ photos are impossible with a free account.

Free Membership Features

With a free account, you can only make free registration, set up your profile, and use the advanced search options. Although you can send likes and winks, update your ‘Trending Now’ page without cost, the free options on the site are only limited to that.

Premium Membership Features

The advantage of an upgrade to Gold membership has over free membership cannot be overemphasized. The special features make membership on the website worth the user’s time and money. The Uberhorny premium membership features include receiving replies to messages, viewing members’ profiles, seeing who liked you or viewed your profile, using the chats options, and commenting on group chat forums. You can also live stream and play the Swipe Game with a premium upgrade. With these unique offers available, there’s no way you wouldn’t get what you’re searching for.

The Uberhorny Gold membership costs are illustrated below:

  • 2-days Trial period – $0.99
  • One Week Subscription – $9.95
  • One Month Subscription – $34.95 total
  • Six Months Subscription – $69.95 total, $11.66/Month
  • Twelve Months Subscription – $80.04 total, $6.67/Month

The Twelve months premium upgrade gives you six months subscription-free, which makes it 18 months subscription period. The longer the premium period, the higher the discounts attached to them. The site also gives you a 3-month hookup guarantee for subscriptions between six and twelve months. If you are unable to have a hookup experience within the guaranteed period, an additional 3-months subscription would be given to you for free.

Does Uberhorny have a premium membership to offer?

Yes, Uberhorny offers premium membership to its users, which guarantees great encounters, afternoon sex sessions, and kinky nights. It offers cheap trial periods to allow you to decide if you would like to continue with a more extended session afterward.

How to stop my Uberhorny membership?

You can choose to cancel your Uberhorny membership by deleting your account details on the website and signing off the website. From then, you would cease to be a member.

Is Uberhorny membership renewed?

Yes, premium membership on the Uberhorny website is subject to auto-renewal after the first subscription period, at the same price. You may cancel or disable the auto-renewal option by going to your account settings and clicking on disable auto-renewal to prevent future billing.

Can I get my money back for unused time?

It is true that monthly premium upgrades are quite expensive and may not end up being to your satisfaction or worth the time and money you may have committed to it. Unfortunately, the site does not refund payments made whatever may be the reason.

Will my “support” to Uberhorny automatically billed every month?

Indeed, your subscription on Uberhorny is bound to auto-renewal every month except you set your subscription to one month or disable auto-renewal at least a few days before the next billing date.

I am not happy with the Uberhorny service. Can I get my money back?

If your experiences on the site aren’t satisfactory, you may choose to cancel your subscription, but Uberhorny does not refund the paid money back. If your subscription was for 6 or 12 months, however, you are given a 3-months hook-up guarantee, after which you may enjoy another 3-months free.

How will my Uberhorny payment appear on my bill?

You can make subscription payments with your Credit Card. A notification message will be sent to your account if your payments are successful, and a debit transaction alert would reflect on your Credit Card.

Can I provide support to the other Uberhorny user?

No, you simply cannot transfer support to other members on Uberhorny as the site only allows personal subscriptions to be made by members.

Can I send support for one month?

Because the Gold membership subscription on the Uberhorny website is quite expensive, you may choose to subscribe monthly if you do not intend to stay for the long-term.

Is Uberhorny a Safe Site?

Safety has always been a major concern of many users on dating websites due to the high prevalence of scams and fraudulent persons with fake profiles. You are advised to tread with caution so your personal information would not become a subject to misuse.

Is Uberhorny a Safe Site?

Privacy in Uberhorny

Protecting your privacy is your own business, actually when it comes to dating websites or apps. Although Uberhorny promises your personal information is properly secured, while guaranteeing its members’ authenticity and safety, it is still your responsibility to guard your private information.

Are Uberhorny chat messages encrypted?

Chats on Uberhorny are secured with end-to-end encryptions to prevent members’ chats, photos, and videos from falling into the wrong hands.

Can Uberhorny track you somehow?

It is difficult for Uberhorny to track down every user but not impossible. Due to the possibility of fake profiles on the site, this might prove difficult. Anyway, it’s not the aim of the service.

Can Uberhorny be used by the authorities?

In case you are worried that the site might not be legit, rest assured it is. The site can be traced in a case of illegal activities, but your private information is not publicly exposed unless they are needed for criminal investigations.

Who should I ask if I have questions about my privacy on Uberhorny?

If you have questions or issues regarding your privacy, you can send an email to the support team at support@gpnethelp.com.


The site seeks to assert its authenticity and utmost reliability to its members. This is why, as you sign up to be a member, you receive a message from the site that it would never spam you or sell your information to third parties.

Are Uberhorny Forums under moderation?

Uberhorny has a 24/7 team with its primary function, which is to ensure the smooth running of the website, free from fakes and scammers, and free from other forms of disturbances. They are also in charge of the monitoring of forums to ensure they are safely secured.

What they do to a member who uses a Uberhorny account to ask for money?

Any member who is caught to be acting fraudulently on the website or soliciting for money from members would be banned from using the site.

Banned account

Uberhorny has a low tolerance for non-compliant users with its laid down policies. Any person caught violating members’ rights would be suspended from using the account.

Why can’t I enter Uberhorny?

You may be finding a hard time gaining access to the website, and this may be either because your account has been banned or another user has blocked you.

Will I be banned from Uberhorny for long?

Account bans on Uberhorny are permanent except if you were unfairly reported. In this case, you may appeal to the Company pleading an unfair ban.

How do I get my banned account back?

You may have your account reactivated if it was merely a temporary ban. To get this done, you may have to contact the support team to appeal.

Protect yourself

You are advised to take extra precautions in sharing your private information with other users. Anyone can misuse information such as your financial details, phone number or address, etc.

Meeting with a chat partner directly should be in public places where you can guarantee your safety. You should also block and report any suspected scammer as soon as possible.

How can I report and block a suspicious member?

You can block a scammer on the user’s profile by clicking on the block feature to remove the user from your contacts list. Report scammers to the support team at support@gpnethelp.com for proper measures to be taken.

What shouldn’t be posted in your Uberhorny Account?

Your personal information, such as your address, phone number, financial information, etc. should not be the subject of discourse in group chats and posts. Information like this should be avoided on your statuses and public newsfeed.

Help and Support

If you need any assistance concerning your use of your Uberhorny account, you can contact the support team at support@gpnethelp.com.

Real life review

Few real Uberhorny review:

Uberhorny just came in handy when I needed it the most. I was alone, depressed, and shattered until someone recommended me the site. Oh. I had a good time pleasing myself with hot chicks. It couldn’t have been better. However, some of those girls were so unreal, and I thought they were bots. Anyway, no harm I saw from them, but I’ve reported a user who asked me if I was ready to pay for more nudes. Never saw her again.

Uberhorny Real life review

Is Uberhorny considered among the best dating services?

Uberhorny cannot be named the best dating site out there as it still has a long way to go in satisfying its users. Still, the site has succeeded in giving its users great hookup experiences.

Is Uberhorny a safe place?

Uberhorny tries to ensure the safety of its members with its 24/7 team available to remove fake users permanently and to take action against violators of privacy policies of the site.

Is Uberhorny an effective hookup service?

Uberhorny may be considered your go-to hookup site if what you are looking for is a not-so-serious, casual online hookups with no strings attached.

Is Uberhorny free to use?

Without a paid membership, you can hardly enjoy the site. Other than making searches, a free account is almost useless and good for nothing.

How does Uberhorny operates?

With Uberhorny, you can send winks to connect with a prospective partner. If the person reciprocates by liking you back, you may proceed to have that hookup experience you have been waiting for.

You can also view profiles of nude and hot girls on the galleries section and connect with new members who are matched with you.

Are there many fake or scam profiles on Uberhorny?

Various dating sites are filled with fakes and scammers, and Uberhorny is not an exception. It is up to you as a user to ensure your safety on the website.

Alternative sites like Uberhorny

There are alternative services with similar features and functions as Uberhorny. Examples of such sites are BeNaughty, AdultFriendFinder, Adult Hub, IAmNaughty, etc.

Contact Information

Company: Global Personals, LLC

Address: Lawrence G. Walters 195 W. Pine Ave Longwood, FL 32750.

Phone: 1-(888)-596-9279, 1-888-824-3649

E-Mail: support@gpnethelp.com


Thinking Uberhorny appears too good to be true? You need not give it much thought. Got the money? Enjoy the hotties. You might want to give it a try. So, why not? Dive in!

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