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Bumble Vs Tinder- Which is the better dating site

Bumble Vs Tinder- Which is the better dating site

Bumble and Tinder are the two biggest dating apps trending amongst the lovers of online dating. Their prompt services and user-friendly interface is forcing millions of people to search for true love over here. You can consider making a switch of any of them by knowing the difference between Bumble or Tinder. Let’s glare at the significant differences between the two apps.

Bumble got introduced in the year 2014, and since then, it is helping people to find hookups or serious love relationships online.

Tinder official site is online since 2012, and it curbs the fantasies of the people to find love fling or some sizzling one-night stands!

What’s appealing amongst the two can be best known after the detailed comparison. What suits one may not be a requirement for another user? So, search for what’s exciting in which app and immerse yourself in the online dating world!

Website History Link
Bumble 2014 Check it Out
Tinder 2012 Read the Review
Winner: Tinder



For finders of true love!

You can also utilize the Bumble platform for casual hookups or flings, but it is a considerable app for people looking for true love and long commitments. People who wish to get some genuine relationships often switch to Bumble. Anyways you can start with a casual hang-out date, and then who knows, you might turn lucky to spot a forever love kind of relation! All-in-all, it is a great place to chill out and talk with someone close to you.

Exciting USPs of Bumble are:

  • Impeccable dating matches at a single go
  • Women hold power to choose whom they wish to connect with.
  • Easy interface for newcomers of online dating
  • Can use a mobile number or the Facebook account for registration
  • 24 hours dating options accessibility
  • Biz and BFF- Additional Bumble features

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A perfect hookup app!

Tinder app is globally famous for its incredible hookups and connections that it offers the users. Guys approach the lovely women here, and the casual dates might even lead to some intimate affairs or love make-outs. Anything you fantasize about might be available here, but only you need to stay cautious about making the right choices. It is an excellent option for the singles who desire to mingle up with someone they truly admire and adore!

USPs of Tinder dating app are:

  • Swipe feature for making likes or dislikes to the profile
  • Millions of online dating members
  • The LGBTQ+ members can also register
  • Connect with the apps like Snapchat and Spotify
  • The restricted profile details availability
  • Swipe options based on the appearance of the users

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Bumble vs Tinder- Overall Reputation

Expert Opinion


The Bumble review suggests that it has a reputation that relates more to genuine online daters. Girls have the authority to pick and select the ideal partners for initiating a dating chat. If the women do not respond within 24 hours, the match expires on an automated basis. Lesbians can get lucky here as they have no rules on who can send the initial message. Bumble puts a crown on girls to decide if they wish to indulge in some sassy chats or no!

If you visit the Bumble official site to know its reputation, it is evident that it has a feminine vibe that prevents virtual sexual harassment. So, it’s your choice if you wish to indulge in hookups or go for genuine relationships. Some use it for flings, some for friendships, while others aim to set some serious love goals here. And yes, the app is a thoughtful creation by the female employees of Tinder!


Regular inception about Tinder in online dating app users is it’s suitable only for hookups! And that’s true to a certain extent. After the beginning of this app in 2012, the focus was to help people find casual hinges or dates. Many users can, however, find their soul mates or future spouses here as well. It’s a personal choice to optimize it for casual flings or get into serious relationships. Overall, the Tinder review says that it is a look-based app. It means users can swipe the profiles primarily based on appearances, and it’s an ego-boost for many. Have you tried the ‘swipe right’ or ‘swipe left’ options that started with the Tinder app?

In terms of versatility and extreme profiles, Tinder aces the race. Here you can counter some of the most exotic chats and even the filthiest conversations. How you start makes the difference!

Website Overall Reputation Link
Bumble Safe for females/Good Check it Out
Tinder Good Read the Review
Winner: Both

Bumble vs Tinder- Popularity and Success rate!

Expert Opinion


Bumble is a popular pick for women as they hold the charge for selecting the potential dates. The level of success depends on the users as to how they utilize the dating platform. A well-created profile with attractive pictures and filling up the necessary field can claim more than halfway to your success. For all the pretty girls and guys out there, Bumble’s success rate is way higher due to a staggering number of users on it. It is like an online Universe that consists of fantabulous profiles and people. Users with a charming profile and some online dating experience can amplify the possibilities of finding an excellent match to manifolds.


Let’s check out the Tinder success rate! Firstly, it is a dedicated app for smartphone users who wish and believe in online dating success. Its focus is on mobile phone users as they can use devices to scroll through some exciting profiles and find compatible matches amongst them. Tinder is a revolutionary dating app that recorded the highest visits and user database due to its unique features. It captured the user’s mentality of enjoying romantic flings when they are on the go, and Tinder curbs their desire for the same. The smart move of making their app a trademark added to this platform’s success on a massive scale! It boasts of approx 100 million visits per month due to its features

The Tinder success rate also depends on quickly determining the right match through the right or left swipes. It helps in making the fast choices that millennials demand. And they have Tinder Plus as well as Gold options for additional excitement.

Bumble vs. Tinder success rate

Both dating apps provide a wide spectrum of alternatives that boost your chances of picking your criteria’ ideal option in a broader picture.

Website Popularity Link
Bumble 100 million visits Check it Out
Tinder 500,000 active users Read the Review
Winner: Tinder

Bumble vs Tinder- Target Audience and User Demographics

Expert Opinion

Both the gigantic dating platforms own their own set of fans who are always excited about exploring these spaces. But the proper selection can help you to decide on which one wins the race at the end. Let’s understand this with some detailed stats and demographics.


The Bumble app ranks at the 5th position in the category of online dating. It was started in 2014. Although it witnessed several ups and downs, this app’s overall dynamics might come as a surprise to many. It is an excellent website for people who wish to seek some serious relationships. This app’s user base is proof of its popularity, but the target audience remains females. The features and quality of services they offer are popular all across the globe.

Most of the referrals come through Bumble, which is 10.79%. And the Facebook leads are almost 43.78%. However, Bumble only registers 6.14 million visits in a month which is way lesser to its competitor.


For the naughty flings and casual hookups, nothing can beat the authenticity of Tinder. Many new-age love fanatics who do not believe in the concept of long-term commitments prefer Tinder to enjoy some good time with their online dates. It is an excellent platform for the users to allure the fast dates and wish to explore multiple partners before settling for one. As per the records, the Tinder app’s target audience is users of dating apps through the smartphone. It is available in 190 countries, and users could access the services in almost 40 languages. With an average of 70 million visits a month, Tinder stands tall with an impressive count by its side. Whether it’s the demographics or the site visits, Tinder stays way ahead of its potential competitors.

Website Demographics Link
OkCupid 100 countries, 30 languages Check it Out
Tinder 190 countries, 94 languages Read the Review
Winner: Tinder

Bumble Vs Tinder- Profiles

Expert Opinion


It’s a simple application that does not bog down the people with a comprehensive list of necessary fields to fill in. Instead, it cuts down the profile to short and sweet, and looks remain the sole criteria of choosing profiles and matches here. The absence of long questionaries invites users to make a quick profile and start dating fun right away! Bumble only needs your genuine phone, age, name, and your dating preferences. You also need to mention your gender and other essential details for exploring the most compatible matches online.


Tinder is again an exciting dating platform where you can find casual hookups and flings. If you desire to find the ideal matches based on appearance and looks, Tinder is a suitable pick for you! To make a Tinder profile, you only need to add details such as email address, gender, age, and name. This app offers a plethora of services to Android users. It is an incredible mobile dating interface where people can find exciting profiles for finding suitable matches.

Website Profiles Link
Bumble Descriptive Check it Out
Tinder Short Bio Read the Review
Winner: Bumble

Bumble vs Tinder- Scam

Expert Opinion


Bumble is a very legit app, and it has millions of features for its users. You have clear access to the paid as well as free features quickly. As there are no hidden charges in it, the Bumble spam is out of the question. However, users need to stay careful about the type of users they meet. Some pretend to be genuine users, but they are the scammers who pretend. Check out the profile details before you start getting involved with any user. Above all, trust your instincts so that you can find realistic and genuine matches to get along with the dates. Bumble spam is quite rare. Most users here search for real relationships, and women have the sole right to ignite the chat or no.


Tinder also provides legit services and has a huge user base from people all across the globe. Scammers are present everywhere, but if you are vigilant about making the choices, it is difficult to get fooled here. Tinder spam is easy to avoid if you pay attention to malicious messages and profiles.

Website Scam Link
Bumble Negligible Check it Out
Tinder Negligible Read the Review
Winner: Both

Bumble vs Tinder- Sign-up Process

Expert Opinion


The Bumble app’s registration process is also straightforward as users only need to enter the email id, make a strong password, and give answers for the questionnaire. Within a short span of 30 minutes, you can prepare a strong profile on this app. After the registration completes, users can avail themselves of complete access to the site. They can also rank better for the profile search by creating a good profile.


The tinder dating site provides a simple sign-up process for its users. But the only drawback is users need their Facebook accounts for signing in. The whole sign-up activity hardly takes 10 minutes which is way faster than its competitor’s site.

Website Sign-up Process Link
Bumble Easy Check it Out
Tinder Very Easy Read the Review
Winner: Tinder

Bumble vs Tinder- Convenience and Interface

Expert Opinion


Bumble has a neat, intuitive, and attractive overall UX. The login screen has a short and clearly visible call-to-action. There is a video tutorial available, which often attracts a lot of eye-balls from the users. As a user, you will like swiping and the overall placement of respective icons, which makes the navigation smooth within the app.


The concept of ‘swipe right’ and ‘swipe left’ came into existence through Tinder, and since then, it is trending amongst the users. Developers of this app came with an easy-to-use interface to easily browse through the profile and find the most compatible matches available. Even at the start of the registration, they make it simple by picking the phone no from the phone itself. The complete UX has been designed keeping user’s choices in mind. It is one app that will hook you up till the end. To start with this dating app, you only need to prepare a tiny bio that includes a short description, pictures, and profile information. By learning more about its features, you can make the right choices!

Website Interface Link
Bumble Intuitive Check it Out
Tinder OUtstanding Read the Review
Winner: Tinder

Bumble vs Tinder- Features

Expert Opinion

Let’s take a glimpse at the difference between Bumble or Tinder features.


  • Cost- Bumble app is available for free, but there are also a few paid features that you can also access after paying some nominal amount. By switching to the premium package, you can indulge in conversations, premium profile options, and many more.
  • Profile maker- You add to create an attractive profile by adding details like bio, photos, and other information. Users can add 6 pictures through the Facebook account into the Bumble profile. Age, location, and gender preference are other necessary fields to fill in.
  • Paid features- With ample paid features, you can also get the opportunity to find better matches. You can pay only for the features that you wish to buy. An exciting ‘super swipe’ option can accelerate your chance of finding suitable matches.
  • Better than only dating- At Bumble official website, users can also interact with people for reasons apart from dating. There is a friendship and activities section that can help you in making a business connection.
  • User base- Although it has a smaller user base than Tinder, the number of users is still substantial. Five million users are visiting here each month.
  • Tinder

  • Cost- Tinder comes with several paid options that enhance the chances of making matches. There are free and paid packages depending on the type of features you choose. Tinder is easily accessible at all the ‘App stores.’
  • Bio- As Tinder is directly linked to your Facebook account, the picture selection should also be through the Facebook account. Add a short and crisp bio including your hobbies, interests, gender, age, and many more.
  • Paid features- It also consists of several paid features that also help you get the desirable results. You can either use the account regularly, such as gold, platinum, and the plus. The option of ‘super like’ is available for someone you like, and the ‘boost’ option enhances the website’s visibility.
  • User base- If you undertake the dating site compare between the two, Tinder already has an 8 million active user base only in the USA. That’s the reason why you won’t face any problem in finding suitable matches.
Website Features Link
Bumble Great Features Check it Out
Tinder great features Read the Review
Winner: Both

Bumble vs Tinder- Quality of Matches

Expert Opinion

Bumble review of matches

It is an immensely intuitive and easy-to-understand interface that perfectly meets every matching criterion. Bumble gives the position to women for deciding the person to start a conversation with. Desirable guys and girls can create a brief profile here and find suitable alternatives for online dating. If you have a quality profile, nothing can stop you from seeing quality matches over here.

Tinder review of matches

Tinder is another popular dating app with highly advanced features. With simple ‘Swipe’ options, users could find the suitable profile they wish to interact with and have a hookup. Smart men and women worldwide visit this exciting dating app to search for a romantic casual fling or even committed relations.

Website Quality of Matches Link
Bumble Good Check it Out
Tinder Outstanding Read the Review
Winner: Tinder

Bumble vs Tinder- Best app for hookups

Both these apps are readily available on mobile devices and help people to connect with the ideal dates.


It is a women-centric app that focuses on girls who can initiate any conversation as per their choices.


If you are eyeing some casual relationships or hookups, Tinder is an ideal pick for you!

Website Hookups Link
Bumble Not Much Check it Out
Tinder Best Read the Review
Winner: Tinder

Bumble vs Tinder- Best App for a Relationship


It is an excellent app for women and men who believe in the constitution of marriage or some other long-term relationship goals.


The main focus is on the people who desire to have some temporary fling and flirty chats.

Website Relationship Link
Bumble Long Term Check it Out
Tinder Casual Fling Read the Review
Winner: Bumble

Bumble vs Tinder- Price Compare

Expert Opinion

Both the platforms offer free as well as paid membership options. Although free features on this app are also interesting, you can also access some paid features and get access to advanced services.

How much is Bumble a month?

You can undertake the Bumble boost trial at just $10 per week and check if it helps you find better matches and options. Those who don’t want to pay the cost can also opt for this fantastic app’s free version. Even the free version is also going to prove very useful for its users.

How much is Tinder a month?

The Tinder plus plan is available at $9.99 each month for users below 30 years of age. Other users can also pay 19.99 dollars every month. There is also a gold plan available at 29.99 $ per month. You can also visit the Tinder official website and check out the latest features going on.

Website Price Compare Link
Bumble $10/month Check it Out
Tinder $19.99/month Read the Review
Winner: Bumble

Bumble vs Tinder- Fee-Based Services

Expert Opinion


  • Extra connection for the 24 hours
  • Establish re-match with old connections
  • Super swipe
  • View people who swiped right for you


  • Instant matches
  • Unlimited right swipes and likes
  • Stay on top of the line
  • Rewind swipe
  • Search members from all across
  • Scroll through top matches
Website Fee-based services Link
Bumble SuperSwipe Check it Out
Tinder Unlimited Swipe Read the Review
Winner: Tinder

Bumble vs Tinder- Free Services

Expert Opinion


  • Free app download
  • Registration
  • Left swipe
  • Picture upload
  • One super like each day
  • Search members in your location


  • Make profiles
  • View match suggestion
  • Messaging and chats
  • Free app download
  • One re-match for expired connection every day
Website Free Services Link
Bumble Few features Check it Out
Tinder Multiple features Read the Review
Winner: Tinder

Best alternative for Bumble vs Tinder

Here is a list of top dating apps that are also worth exploring. Here you can consider from Bumble Versus Tinder:

1. XO- It is a fantastic platform to relieve your stress as singles can meet their right matches and indulge in fun activities. You can start with free services and then upgrade to the paid version.

2. Ship- Add your friends to this dating site and enjoy group chats and non-stop fun. You can search for the right matches by including your friends in the process.

3. Hinge- It gives a sleek and enhanced profile experience, and you can keep trying various users until you find the perfect match. The impressive design and simple interface help users to grab maximum benefits from it.

4. Tastebuds- If music is your passion and you would love to mingle with a person of similar taste, then Tastebuds is the right choice for you. Its USP is to explore matches having a fondness for good music.

5.Raya- It is a membership-based app launched in 2015 through social networks. By paying a minimal amount, you can start using the dating services of this app.

6. Coffee meets Bagel- It is another great app for women who wish to find men with substance. There are endless swiping options to fix the right choices.

7. Hornet- Yet another amazing app to explore your fantasies of online dating is Hornet. It is an exciting app that comes loaded with exceptional features and an easy sign-up process.

8. Chorus- This is also a very engaging app that allows you to find friends and dates by swiping through the plethora of profiles listed here.

9. Feeld- The couples who wish to invite the 3rd one in their bedroom for some kinky and exotic fun can explore this app. Sex-positive folks positively love this app.

10. Badoo- With a user base of more than 400 million, Badoo is also a top-rated dating app. it gives access to stream the compatible partners and begins an exciting online date.

Bumble vs Tinder- The Final Verdict

After going through the detailed review on the difference between Bumble or Tinder, it is easy to understand both these dating apps’ pros and cons. Users from almost all nations can access these fantastic apps and choose which they find more enthralling and engaging. Bumble gives you access to long-term relationships, while Tinder helps you catch on some notorious fling and hookups. However, the network of Tinder is more prominent, and even the Tinder success rate is relatively higher. But you can perform your research and pick the most viable dating app amongst Bumble versus Tinder

Website The Best Link
Bumble Just for Dating Check it Out
Tinder More userBase Read the Review
Winner: Tinder

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