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Chatrandom Review: Great Dating Site?

Chatrandom Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 71%
Popular age 22-40
Profiles 9 500 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Registration isn't compulsory.
  • Video and text chatting is free.
  • The anonymity of users guaranteed.
  • No security measures implemented.
  • Members are overly sexual.
  • There is no advanced search option.

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Chatrandom is a cam-to-cam chatting site that pairs random strangers from around the world. It uses manly Webcam and also texts in bringing users together without having an algorithm for doing it. The site mimics meeting someone during your daily activities only that it’s virtual, and you want to meet them. Chatrandom.com is the place to be if you are interested in meeting people for free. If you still have doubts, here is a Chatrandom review that sheds light on all it’s about.

Chatrandom pairs random strangers in a similar way that Chatroulette does it, only better. Chatrandom.com has chat rooms that house all sexuality from all over the world. Since its creation, it has done amazing upgrades to make it remain one of the best free chatting sites on the internet.

Chatrandom Review: Great Dating Site?

In How Many Languages Does Chatrandom Come?

To aid users from all around the world, Chatrandom comes in 20 different languages. By doing this, it makes it conducive and pleasing to all ethnic groups and race.

Who Is The Founder Of Chatrandom?

Unlike other dating platforms, the owner of Chatrandom is unknown

Where Is Chatrandom Located?

Chatrandom does not have a physical office: it is largely administered online.

When Was Chatrandom Launched?

The brand was founded and launched in 2011. Since that time, it has improved to become one of the best sites for random chatters to meet.

Can Chatrandom Be Used Worldwide?

Yes, Chatrandom prides itself as a random cam-chat site that has its users worldwide. It is available in over 180 countries in the world.

Special Features

Chatrandom provides its users with different special features that include your communication and experience on the site. To understand this better, here are the four special features provided by Chatrandom.com.

Random Chat

This is the main feature of Chatrandom. It allows you to chat with random strangers without looking through some algorithms or lists of preferences. It uses Webcam and also text chat so you could communicate whichever way you find conducive and comfortable for you. Also, if you are interested in meeting a specific gender, you can use the gender add-on filter feature to accomplish this. It should be pointed out at this point that it is a paid feature. This feature has the highest number of users, among other features.

Gay Chat

Chatrandom accommodates all sexuality, which is why the Gay Chat was created. Its purpose is to help gays, as well as bisexuals worldwide, have a common group where they get to chat and discuss many things. This is also available for text-only users and those interested in video chat.

Chat Rooms

This feature, unlike the Random Chat, allows you to choose your mode of communication, either Webcam or text, as well as who you want to chat with. You are allowed to choose your preferred chat room based on your preference. There are chat rooms to match specific interests such as college students, friendly chats, singles, Chat only with girls, and gays. All these chat rooms are still made available if you would prefer not to use your Webcam by selecting text-only for the chat room. There are specific chat rooms for a random video chat, for singles, college students, gays, for friendly chats, and a chat room where you can chat only with girls. You can also choose the text-only chat room if you are not into Webcam chatting.

Cam4 Video Chat

This special contacting feature allows you to chat with 4 total strangers at the same time. Even though they are four, Chatrandom still finds a way to include the chatbox to each. This allows you to speak with these random strangers privately. If you are no longer interested in a connected user, you can click the Next option to pair you with another person. Surprisingly, this is a free feature on Chatrandom.com.

Cam4 Video Chat

Audience Quality

Because registration isn’t essential, most users just come and go as they like. Nevertheless, there are about 35,000 daily users recorded worldwide using Chatrandom on average, with over 20,000 of them being online at a given time. The highest number recorded for chatters online at a given time on Chatrandom rose to about a hundred thousand. Also, it accommodates members of all sexuality without discrimination whatsoever ever.

In addition to this, even though Chatrandom is available worldwide in over 180 countries, India and Italy have 11% audience share, the United States has about 10.8% while Germany claims around 8.1%. Chatrandom.com is a melting pot for chatters around the world, thereby promoting unity in diversity.

Age Distribution

The age distribution varies a lot as it accommodates virtually adults of all age groups. Chatrandom states that only members that are no younger than 13 are eligible to join its platform

Fakes And Scammers

Since there is no real security or verification for members, scammers and all manner of undesirables might be found on Chatrandom.com. Though, they won’t have much to go with since no details of yours are on the site. If you are cautious enough, reporting users with misconduct is often advised.

Mobile App And Website

Chatrandom App

Chatrandom, to solve the issue of easy access for on-the-go users and to also offer convenience, has a mobile app. The app design is plain, but still finds its way to appeal to visitors. It provides all the functionalities present on the mobile and desktop versions in a well-organized way. The Mobile App is straightforward to use and navigate through.

Furthermore, because it’s light-weighted, it doesn’t need much space on your phone while installing, and its size doesn’t increase significantly from the vast amount of data that generates from its usage.

Knowing fully well that your mobile screen size might not give you a better view of the people you video chat compared to the desktop version. Its texts and features of the app are represented with small icons to maximize your screen. Also, users find the app more pleasing to use due to its flexibility of use, as it can be used anywhere at any time without much hassle.

It should be noted that unlike the desktop or mobile version, to use the app, you are mandated to register on Chatrandom. Another downside to the app is that it is only available for Android users, making it impossible for users with other forms of operating systems to use it. Aside from this, the app is free unless you want to upgrade. It’s fashioned in such a way that it gives a lovely video chat experience.

Chatrandom Website

Chatrandom.com has an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly interface. Aside from having about 20 languages you can select from, there are simple button icons as well as word fonts that make new users find their way around easily. It has a search button where you can search for other members and for members who love to connect through WebCam, this function is easily accessed as a pop-up box only ask for permission to connect the site with your Webcam. If on the other hand you would prefer not to use the WebCam feature, you can do this in a second. The layout and design is appealing and users find it refreshing to use.

Can I Access The App On My PC?

No, you cannot use the Mobile App on your computer. However, the desktop version works perfectly on your computer, and it gives almost the same experience and satisfaction you will derive from using the app. Only that you will have to maintain a specific location while using Chatrandom.

Which Browser Does Chatrandom Work On?

Chatrandom is supported by any standard browser either on your desktop or smartphone with a good internet connection. Also, your device does not necessarily need to possess a built-in Webcam, as you can use an external Webcam connected to your desktop. Even if this doesn’t seem possible, you can simply opt-in for the text-only Chat, which only allows you to communicate through texts.

I Can’t Access The Site, Why?

This issue could be ascribed to a poor internet connection. It’s advisable to check your connection before reloading the site.

I Can’t Access The Site, Why?


One of the advantages of using Chatrandom.com is its user-friendly layout. The site has a classy and minimalist form of design that fits all its features on the homepage. The features and buttons are well-organized and placed at strategic places, where users can select them to use. You can also move through its many pages easily and quickly as it loads very fast too.

In addition to this, it has a Search option that enables you to connect quickly with users from around the world, and its Webcam doesn’t drag or stall while using it.

The site also contains a quick option to select to allow you to gain access to the users that are online that you can quickly chat with. Using the website or Webcam doesn’t need specialized computer knowledge as it can automatically access the Webcam of your device, and sometimes simple permission is sought, which you only need to click once to grant access. If uninterested in showing your face, you can quickly turn off your Webcam too.

Lastly, regardless of the size of the device used in accessing the site: either desktop or smartphone, Chatrandom.com automatically resizes itself to fit your screen for a better experience.

Registration Process

Registering on Chatrandom.com is optional, and without it, you can use the site without restrictions. Also, most members register either because they are using the Mobile App or want to become a premium member. Only a few registered for the fun of it.

That said, signing up on Chatrandom is quite easy and can be done in about 2 minutes tops. You are allowed to sign up through an active email address, Facebook, or Goggle Plus. Choosing Facebook means details needed for your profile; that is, gender and location are automatically filled out. Whereas, using your email will require that you verify by clicking the link attached to the confirmation message sent to your mail. After doing this, your account is ready to be used.

Can I Remove A Paired Member On Chatrandom?

Yes, if you are not interested in the user you are paired with, you can select the Next button to move on to another member. You can do this for as long as you want till you find someone that catches your attention.

At What Age Can I Use Chatrandom?

The policy given by the site states that individuals not younger than 13 are the only users Chatrandom is meant for. While there is little to no security measures to enforce this, the site claims no responsibility for any users younger than the age above.

What Method Of Verification Exists?

There are dual options to verify your account on Chatrandom.com. One is through an active and valid email address and the other, is via your Facebook account or Google Plus

How Does Mail Verification Work?

When signing up with your email, a confirmation message will be sent to your email address. By opening and clicking on the link contained in the mail, you will be redirected to the site, which means your mail has been verified.

What Implication Lies In Registering Via Facebook?

By logging in via your Facebook account, basic information will automatically be transferred from your Facebook to your Chatrandom account. This saves time on filling it yourself if you had opt-in for mail verification. Not just this, even though you registered through Facebook, Chatrandom doesn’t post anything on your behalf on Facebook; for what it’s worth, nobody from your Facebook account will know you use Chatrandom and vice versa.

Can I Access The Site Without Signing Up?

Most certainly! One of the beauties of Chatrandom is that you can have access to all it has to offer as well as its features without having to sign-up or provide any information about yourself.

Profile Set-Up

Chatrandom allows users to use it’s features without having to register. However, if you register, you only need to select your gender, nothing more. This is to ensure anonymity of members.

Can I Delete A Photo That I Uploaded In Chatrandom?

Fortunately, you are not required to upload your pictures on Chatrandom for whatever reason. This is to ensure the anonymity promised by the site.

How Can I Delete My Chatrandom Profile?

If you’ve had enough fun on Chatrandom and you would like to delete your account, you can log into your account and click on the My Account section. In this section, you will see the Delete account option, after selecting this option, a mail will be sent to your email address prompting you to confirm the deletion and removal of your profile from the system. Once confirmed, your account will be wiped off Chatrandom. The delete account option is meant only for registered members as they are the ones with saved data on Chatrandom.com.

How Can I Delete My Chatrandom Profile?

Can I Change My Visibility Status To Invisible On Chatrandom?

Chatrandom doesn’t have a visibility status feature common with dating sites. However, if you are not interested in chatting with anyone, it’s best not to log in or visit the site as once you are recognized as being online, you can be paired with random strangers.

Can I Remove Any Information On My Chatrandom account?

Aside from using an active mail address or Facebook account to register, the only information provided by you is your location and gender. These two are essential and cannot be removed from your profile.

Can I Like A Member On Chatrandom?

Chatrandom.com prides itself on randomness in bringing people from around the world together. Hence it doesn’t have this feature available on the platform.

What Search Options Are Available On Chatrandom?

Chatrandom has limited options when it comes to searching for members. The reason for this is because most users of Chatrandom do not have accounts on the site, and few that has do not have much information to enable an in-depth search, as seen in some other sites. The only search option present on Chatrandom is the one that searches for online members the moment you click the search button.

Is It Possible To See Someone Who Likes Me On Chatrandom?

No, linking a user’s profile or adding it to a favorite list is not possible on Chatrandom. This is so to maintain focus in its anonymity and randomness.


What Are The Steps To Start Messaging Someone On Chatrandom?

First off, you can only start a conversation with someone online. You will be paired with someone, or a group of people to chat with depending on the chat feature you are using. Also, a list of users that are only automatically presented to you the moment you select the search option so you can make your pick from there, or you can do this in the Chat room.

What Are The Process To Take To Message Someone?

Chatrandom allows its members to message each other only after they have been paired. Which means, you can’t message just anybody. Also, you are given two options of communication — the first is the video chat while the other is the text chat. The two can be used simultaneously among users.

Are The Communication Features Free?

Absolutely. Chatrandom allows users to communicate by sending texts or through video chat for free. Users can even be in touch with more than one member at a time without signing up on the site.

Can I See Messages Sent To Me On Chatrandom?

Although the Webcam’s feed seems to take most parts of the screen, text messages can be seen placed closely to each person’s Webcam you are communicating with.

How Do I Enable My Webcam On Chatrandom?

Using Webcam on Chatrandom is super easy. If you are using a device with built-in Webcam, Chatrandom.com can automatically connect it to your account. This means without trying out a setting or two, your Webcam is connected easily with Chatrandom.

Also, you can set it to always seek permission before doing this. If you would prefer that, then, permission seeking message will pop up requesting access to your Webcam. The moment this is granted with just a click, your Webcam is good to go.

Is It Possible To Filter Messages On Chatrandom?

You don’t get to choose who can send messages to you; what you can do is select the gender in which you would prefer to be paired with. Also, you can exit communication with a member whenever you feel like it. It’s noteworthy that selecting the gender in which you can be paired with is a paid feature on Chatrandom.

Is It Possible To Filter Messages On Chatrandom?

Membership Price And Other Payment Method

Here, we will be looking at the various membership options and what it entails. This will also contain the detail and features you are qualified for according to memberships. Let’s begin, shall we?

Free Membership Features

Free members on Chatrandom are mostly people who didn’t sign up as well as people who haven’t made a financial commitment to the site to gain better access to all the features on the site. Even at that, free members are allowed enough features to enjoy Chatrandom.com

Having said this, free members are allowed to register and even join Chat rooms on Chatrandom. Also, they are allowed to use the two communication options in communicating with users; hence, they can use the video chat and also send or receive messages from other users. In a case where a member acts in a suspicious and unfriendly manner, free users are allowed to report such users.

Premium Membership Features

Chatrandom allows a vast number of actions for free members. Nevertheless, the premium membership holds far more features that can improve and even make your experience more interesting.

For male premium membership, they are given a chance to join the female Chat room and vice versa. In addition to this, premium members can select their preferred gender. Thus, they will only be paired with the gender they wish to communicate with. Lastly, since Chatrandom is worldwide, premium members have access to more countries than free members.




Chatrandom Upgrade

1 Week

6.99 USD / Week       

6.99 USD

1 Month

19.99 USD / Month

19.99 USD

Subscription can be made through a credit card only, and it doesn’t automatically renew at the end of every subscription.

Does Chatrandom Offer Premium Membership?

Yes, it does. Chatrandom has a premium package called Chatrandom Upgrade, which can lapse for a week or a month, depending on your preferred duration.

How Do I Cancel My Chatrandom Subscription?

Since there is no auto-renewal of subscription on Chatrandom, you will have to wait till your subscription expires.

Does My Membership On Chatrandom Auto-Renew?

No, Chatrandom doesn’t auto-renew membership. Premium members are encouraged to renew it by making payment as it was done the first time.

Is It Possible To Get A Refund For Subscription That I Didn’t Use?

No, Chatrandom doesn’t offer a refund of money paid for subscription. All features will be available for your use till the time elapsed.

Can I Offer Support To Other Members On Chatrandom?

Sadly, you cannot give support to other members in terms of subscription. However, most of the necessary features to communicate are available for free on Chatrandom.com.

Is Chatrandom Really Safe To Use?

While there isn’t much security in place on Chatrandom, members take solace in the fact that the site keeps them anonymous and doesn’t require serious personal information from them during registration.

Privacy In Chatrandom

Your activities and details provided are inaccessible by third-party. Also, your private chat with members are not shared or sold in any case. Not just this, your activities such as who you connect with, your search history are kept private.

Are Chats And Webcam Videos On Chatrandom Encrypted?

Text and video chats are used anonymously and cannot be viewed by any third-party.

Can My Location Be Tracked Down By Chatrandom?

No, Chatrandom respects the privacy of each member and strives not to evade it. So, Chatrandom cannot track your location by using the platform.

Can My Chatrandom Account Be Used To Trace Me By The Police?

No, all activities cannot be accessed by third-parties, be it a hacker or the police. This form of chatting site-user protection is one of the many advantages of using Chatrandom.

Who Can I Direct My Question To Concerning Privacy On Chatrandom?

Although the privacy policy is well stated on the site. If — regardless of this — you want more clarification or you have questions that you need answers to, you can contact Chatrandom by clicking the Contact Us section from the site, and it will lead you to the appropriate place to write questions to the support team.

Who Can I Direct My Question To Concerning Privacy On Chatrandom?


Anonymity is one of the layer of safety at Chatrandom. none of your personal information is requested, making it impossible for anyone to get to know things you wouldn’t want to share. Also, your activities isn’t accessible by third-party.

Are Chatrandom Chat Rooms Moderated?

No one moderates chat rooms on Chatrandom. Even at that, members can report users that are engaging in anti-social or derogatory acts. Chatrandom sees its users as its first level of protection.

What Should I Do If A Member Solicit Money From Me On Chatrandom?

Any member asked for money on Chatrandom can decide the next line of action. Even at that, we will advise you not to yield as the user might be someone willing to cause harm. We encourage you to report such users by using the Report button on the site. This will take the person off your screen for good.

Banned Account

Why Am In Finding It Almost Impossible To Access My Chatrandom Account?

This could be because of two reasons: the first is due to frequent reports from other members. If your account gets reported more than once, Chatrandom can perceive such users as being unable to follow the site’s term of use, hence the ban of such an account. Another reason could be that you made a false report of someone on Chatrandom.com. If you report someone without having a good reason or clear misconduct from the member, you will be banned from the site.

How Long Does Ban On Chatrandom Last?

There is a specific time given for a banned account. Ban will be lifted when you’ve made necessary clarifications with the support team.

What Steps Can I Take To Reactivate My Banned Account?

You can contact the customer support to clarify things like that might up your chances of getting your account reactivated. This isn’t to say that there is a certainty of regaining such an account, but it might work out if you are truly unjustly banned.

Protect Yourself

One major thing you should put in mind is never to share your personal details at the site. Members might seem nice to you but you cannot ascertain their intentions hence the need to stay on alert about the things you say. Also, your financial details should be kept away from the site at all cost.

Is It Possible To Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

You can’t block spammers and suspicious users on Chatrandom.com, but on the other hand, you can report such users and move on to the next user available.

What Form Of Information Isn’t Okay To Post On My Chatrandom Account?

Personal information such as credit card details, social security numbers, and other vital information that can be used to incriminate or harm you should be kept off Chatrandom.

Help And Support

Although Chatrandom is quite straightforward to use, if you ever have an issue or you need some clarifications, you can select the Contact Us option to send your question to the Support Team’s mail.

Help And Support

Real Life Review

The site is amazing. I love the gay chat room!! It feels good to be on a platform where I get to meet my kind.


Is Chatrandom The Best Site For Chatters To Meet?

With thousands of users online at any particular time, Chatrandom is a perfect place to make friends and meet random strangers.

Can Chatrandom Be Regarded As Being Safe?

Yes, to some extent. Chatrandom provides anonymity, which gives users the utmost protection while using it.

Is Chatrandom A Hook-Up App?

No, this is a site where you meet random people from all over the world and make friends with them.

Is Chatrandom Free Chatting Site?

Although there is a paid membership option. Chatrandom is a chat site where you are allowed to join chat rooms and chat with individuals for free.

How Exactly Does Chatrandom Operate?

By visiting the site and clicking the start option, the system automatically pairs you with a stranger in which you can talk to or select the Next button to move to the next available person.

You can also join a chat room where you can talk to more than one person at a time. You get to communicate on Chatrandom through text and video chat.

Do Scam Members Exist On Chatrandom?

The majority of the members on Chatrandom are seeking casual meetings. It is, however, noteworthy that platforms like this will surely have some scammers on it. It’s best to report users that act suspiciously.

Do Scam Members Exist On Chatrandom?

Alternative Sites Like Chatrandom

If Chatrandom doesn’t seem to do the trick for you, here are three sites that are quite similar to Chatrandom.com


Chatrandom is, no doubt, the place to be if you want to meet random strangers easily. It has a wide user range, its communication features are superb, and it’s free enough to give you all you desire.

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