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OkCupid vs eHarmony: Which Platform Will Make You Happy?

OkCupid vs eHarmony: Which Platform Will Make You Happy?

Million daters are sick of sketchy dating websites that work to pull the money from you rather than make connections. The check of OkCupid vs. POF helps you understand whether you should try Plenty of Fish or OkCupid will bring more perks into your love life.

OkCupid makes connections since 2004 when four students from the USA had decided to create an extra income source. The idea turned into a product, a product converted into passion. The latter transformed into one of the best dating websites worldwide. It was very successful at the dawn and manages to maintain its quality until now.

POF appeared in 2004. Markus Frind, a graduator with a Computer Systems Technology diploma, became its founder. It’s remarkable for cooperation with celebrities attracting many teens over 18 and young people up to 25. The site has no particular focus, working as a substantial international nightclub where you can meet whomever you want (and whomever you don’t want).

Website Efficiency Link
OkCupid Easier to find a partner Check it Out
POF Challenging to meet someone special Read the Review
Winner: OkCupid


OkCupid pros & cons


  • The site has got a solid reputation, being safe to use.
  • It discloses tones of insights on its webpages.
  • The community is vast, diverse, and open-minded.
  • The signup process is smart to ensure precise matches.
  • Messaging is completely free.
  • The mobile app works seamlessly.
  • High-quality matches make the process meaningful.
  • The members can set the incognito mode and make their profiles visible to those they’ve liked.


  • There are no stats on the success rate.
  • Too ragtag audience makes your prospects unclear.
  • Fee-based options are not impressive.
  • POF pros & cons


  • The app’s community is really hot. You can even meet celebrities there.
  • The range of relationships is extensive.
  • Many users prefer partners that live in the countryside or small towns. Just a few dating apps in the market give them a chance.
  • Unlimited messaging is free.
  • An impressive set of in-depth filters helps sort out things.
  • The mobile app is onboard.


  • Many people there want money for intimate services.
  • Matches could have more quality.
  • Only premium users access full-fledged profiles.
  • The company doesn’t provide its support service’s phone number.
  • There is no opportunity to hide your profile on this site.

Both OkCupid and POF have multi-million communities. The sites are multi-purpose platforms that do not affect your desires and fantasies. They are designed to make local and international connections for hookups, chatting, dating, and building long-lasting relationships.

OkCupid is something like jack-of-all-trades. It welcomes people with various sexual identities, providing dedicated options in the application form. Young people up to 35 adore the platform for its unobtrusive style and decent free functionality.

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POF is a win-win solution for those living in small areas where it’s quite challenging to find someone special. Those on a budget can use the free version with messaging and basic filters available. The youngest audience will appreciate the app’s feature and its party character. However, the latter might become the reason to take much time on seeking a nice woman/man for love-based romance or relationships.

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OkCupid vs POF: Overall Reputation

Expert opinion:

The OkCupid review cannot help but post several words about the site’s reputation. The platform gets from 3.5 to 4.5 on various third-party resources. Of course, it falls short of 5, but nothing is perfect. Interestingly, people with different preferences note the site’s positive points. For example, both polyamorous couples and those with traditional values have found the partners on OkCupid. Others stress the sheer number of active members and low process for premium membership. So, OkCupid’s firm reputation is not the advertising campaign’s results since it’s based on real users’ experiences.

The following part of the POF review also deals with its reputation based on people’s testimonials. The site gets 3.5 stars on Consumer Affairs and 4 stars on Trustpilot. The users remark its easy navigation and significant number of free features. However, they complain about imposters and low-quality matches when they get emails with poor grammar. Anyway, the site pays much attention to its standing, participating in public events and inviting celebrities for cooperation.

Website Reputation Link
OkCupid 3.5 – 4.5 points from 5 Check it Out
POF 3 – 4 points from 5 Read the Review
Winner: OkCupid

OkCupid vs POF: Popularity and Success Rate

Expert opinion:

OkCupid success rate seems to be high. The app features a wide popularity among people worldwide, whether they want to meet friends, make a hookup, or find a soul mate. Multiple reviews, a huge user base, and a crazy amount of active users every day are real proof. Although the platform doesn’t disclose its success rate, you can get the idea of it based on third-party sites’ stats. For example, 9% of Americans joined OkCupid in 2020. In 2019, the app took the 6th spot among online dating platforms, collecting an audience of 1.7 million users. Its audience grew up to 50 million users since then.

POF’s success rate claims to be high based on many love stories posted on the website. At the same time, many people share their failures with others on Reddit. However, it’s difficult to determine its exact rate since, like OkCupid, POF doesn’t post stats. It’s estimated that there are about 100 million members on POF that makes it the second-largest site in the market behind Badoo. The site boasts 6 billion monthly views. Moreover, Plenty of Fish ranks 4th in awareness, having 46% of interviewed persons who knew it personally or by name.

Website Success rate Link
OkCupid 50 million users Check it Out
POF Over 100 million users Read the Review
Winner: POF

OkCupid vs POF: Target Audience and User Demographics

Expert opinion:

Is there any difference between OkCupid and POF in terms of their audiences? Both sites target daters of all possible preferences, identities, values, etc.

POF’s 60% demographics are males, which makes it not perfect but a fairly even split. 78,000,000 users are from the USA, while other members live in Canada, Australia, the UK, Brazil, and many other countries worldwide. It seems that the majority of users are in their 20s and early 30’s. Most female users are from 18 to 35 years old, while the male audience is between 25 and 35.

OkCupid also generates most traffic from the USA and other English-speaking countries. Most of the site’s members are aged 18 to 29, and only 10 percent of men and women are between 30 and 44. The male/female ratio is 65%/35% that is good news for women and a bit challenging for men.

Website Target audience Link
OkCupid 35% of females, 65% males Check it Out
POF 45% of females, 55% of males Read the Review
Winner: POF

OkCupid vs POF: Profiles

Expert opinion:

OkCupid is notable for its “My self-summary” section, and the members use it to summarize themselves creatively. You’ll find many exciting, funny, extraordinary, and informative personality descriptions on the site. Other tabs contain some information about a user’s appearance and lifestyle. The photo gallery takes the rest of the profile card. Bear in mind that the users access a part of the profile with general information first. They should answer several match questions to unlock a full-fledged card. Of course, you can skip those questions. However, it would be better to answer them and let your profile shine.

Most of the details appear in the POF card automatically since the users specify them during registration. People point out the type of relationships they are looking for, occupation, families, etc. In other words, the profiles are incredibly informative. Free members have the right to upload up to 8 photos, while premium users’ limit is 16 pictures.

Website Profiles Link
OkCupid Creative description Check it Out
POF More details Read the Review
Winner: POF

OkCupid vs POF: Scam

Expert opinion:

The OkCupid app and Plenty of Fish are not con artists. On the contrary, they are famous worldwide and have the right presence on the Web. The public business activities imply accounts on social media networks, legal advertising campaigns, sponsorship, and cooperation with public persons. Their founders and CEOs give interviews, arrange parties, and participate in a wide range of events. Many real-life reviews, positive or negative, reflect the website’s active business life, constant development, and growth. However, if OkCupid spam messages are not a persistent phenomenon, POF spam causes a burst of resentment much more often.

Website Spam Link
OkCupid Sometimes Check it Out
POF Often Read the Review
Winner: OkCupid

OkCupid vs POF: Sign-up Process

Expert opinion:

The newcomers have to pass the personality test during their registration on OkCupid. The entire process can hardly take more than 10 minutes, being very easy and even entertaining. Then, it’s necessary to attach photos. There is no need to sort them out in the computer folders, but everyone can take them from their Facebook or Instagram accounts. Note that you’ll get matched at once after registration is over.

The site offers a short and precise application form to quickly specify the essential information like first name, residence, email, and birthday. The personality quiz will require more details concerning your likes, values, views, opinions, and expectations.

If you want to register on POF, be sure of intuitive and easy process. Consider passing all the stages since the platform doesn’t provide the opportunity to sign up through Facebook. POF also offers a questionnaire, but it’s different than OkCupid displays. Here, you should answer questions directly concerned with relationships. In its turn, OkCupid provides a wide range of questions on various topics. This is not a flaw but just a way of increasing the matches’ accuracy.

Website Spam Link
OkCupid Lengthy, meaningful Check it Out
POF Lengthy, typical Read the Review
Winner: OkCupid

OkCupid vs POF: Convenience and Interface

Expert opinion:

The POF review also reveal technical details, meaning how the site operates. Both desktop version and mobile app works without glitches, being fully protected from cyber-attacks. No-one notes information leakage for the site’s all operating time. The same applies to OkCupid.

At the same time, each of the apps has some issues. For example, it’s frustrating for POF members to understand the algorithm when they swipe through matches. They feel embarrassed about why matches and profiles are so diverse. Besides, POF offers tons of prospects photos almost everywhere on the dashboard. The number of options is overwhelming, resulting in a poor experience.

OkCupid is also hardly infallible since some of its options are not adequately marked. Besides, many annoying popups make the users mad sometimes. Nevertheless, the members appreciate the profile structure and content and adore reading its blog. The latter makes people spend more time on the website.

Website UX Design Link
OkCupid Decent Check it Out
POF Have problems Read the Review
Winner: OkCupid

OkCupid vs POF: Features

Expert opinion:

The OkCupid official site offers several features to enhance the dating experience and facilitate communication. First, over 20 gender options should be noted. The app is a pioneer, meaning its official recognition of so many identities. Probably, queer people will be grateful. What about other extras?

  • Profile Prompts will make your profile card outstanding by choosing an appropriate prompt from the drop-down menu. In this way, you can extend a profile, add sections, and look unique.
  • Double Take contains matches you’ll get and allows you to check them anytime to accept or reject. The website’s algorithm divides all the matches into 8 categories called Stacks. You can buy more stacks to unlock more matches.
  • Discover includes singles’ cards with the similar to your profile information. It’s possible to use keywords to find the most appropriate of them.
  • The Boost feature allows your profile to be visible more frequently at the top of search results.
  • Read Receipts lets you know when the receiver read your last message.

Other options are standard for dating resources, meaning the opportunity to see who liked you and vice versa. POF also has something to offer:

  • The “Meet Me!” feature is a kind of game when you can say yes, no, maybe, or “super yes” to a proposed match based on the photo only.
  • Chemistry Predictor allows passing tests (from 30 to 100 questions) based on sexual, psychological markers, needs, and chemistry.
  • UltraMatch discloses users that are most compatible with your personality.
  • Top Prospects stores the last 30 of your contacts.
  • Priority Message serves to place your message at the top of the addressee’s mailbox.
  • Today’s Catch is similar to OkCupid Boost, pushing your profile at the top for a while.
  • The Self-Care Resources section provides access to over 800 pieces of information. It is about guides, reviews, tutorials, stories, exercises, and other useful materials.

The POF official site takes the leading position based on all facts mentioned above. The site provides tons of exciting and unique add-ons.

Website Features Link
OkCupid Practical and common Check it Out
POF Useful, entertaining, unusua Read the Review
Winner: POF

OkCupid vs POF: Quality of Matches

Expert opinion:

Both the OkCupid site and POF app has developed hundreds of markers to allow their smart algorithms to process them and use them for match creation. In theory, their matches must be flawless, providing many top-notch profile generation every day. In practice, OkCupid members are more satisfied with the results than POF’s users. They often complain about emails from prostitutes, sugar babies, freaks, and other trash.

Website Matches Link
OkCupid Accurate Check it Out
POF Much garbage among decent matches Read the Review
Winner: OkCupid

OkCupid vs POF: Best App for Hookups

The next paragraphs of the dating site review compare their applications. Which is more appropriate for casual dating? Signup questions, options, and other functionality aim to make the platforms versatile dating sites. Both platforms don’t want to impose a specific niche. That’s why these sites have such huge communities.

Website Hookups Link
OkCupid Yes Check it Out
POF Yes Read the Review
Winner: Both

OkCupid vs POF: Best App for a Relationship

The world is full of romantics and those dreaming about true love. An essential percentage of young people also want long-lasting relationships, considering them safe and prospective. So, you’ll find many love-oriented profiles on POF and OkCupid. Both portals have enough filters and options to provide you with the opportunity to find a soul mate.

Website Relationships Link
OkCupid Yes Check it Out
POF Yes Read the Review
Winner: Both

OkCupid vs POF: Price Compare

Expert opinion:

How much is OkCupid a month?


  • 1 boost costs $1.99.
  • 5 boosts are available for $1.89 each.
  • 10 boosts are only $1.69 each.


  • 1 month costs $7.95
  • 3 months saves 20% and requires $6.35 per month.
  • 6 months saves 50% and requires $3.95 per month.


  • 1 month costs $24.90
  • 3 months saves 8% and requires $22.90 per month.
  • 6 months saves 20% and requires $19.90 per month.

How much is POF a month?

Upgraded User

  • 2 months: $19.35/month ($38.70)
  • 4 months: $12.75/month ($51.00 USD)
  • 8 months: $10.18/month ($81.40 USD)


  • 1 token: $1.99
  • 5 tokens: $1.80
  • 10 tokens: $1.70
Website Pricing Link
OkCupid Above average Check it Out
POF Average Read the Review
Winner: POF

OkCupid vs POF: Fee-Based Services

Expert opinion:


  • Those liking you are visible.
  • Read Receipts notifications.
  • Enjoy an ads-free interface.
  • Advanced profile search filters are available.
  • Daily auto boost is yours.
  • You can check the public question answers.


  • First-line in “Meet Me!” .
  • Full-fledged profiles.
  • Your sent messages’ status.
  • No popups and ads.
  • Who viewed your profile.
  • High-quality incoming emails.
  • Top ranks in search results.
  • Three gifts a day.

POF seems to allow for your money, but many of these options are free on OkCupid.

Website Fee-based membership Link
OkCupid Cool Check it Out
POF Decent Read the Review
Winner: OkCupid

OkCupid vs POF: Free Services

Expert opinion:


  • Signup
  • Messaging
  • Matches
  • Favorites list
  • Profile creation
  • Browsing
  • Who you like
  • Essential search filters
  • Full-fledged member profiles
  • Double Take


  • Account and profile creation
  • Messaging
  • Matches
  • Favorites list
  • Members online
  • Compatibility Predictor test
  • View profile
  • Voice messages
  • Forums
  • Users nearby
Website Free services Link
OkCupid Good Check it Out
POF Impressive Read the Review
Winner: POF

Best Alternative for OkCupid vs POF

As the OkCupid versus POF test is coming to an end, let’s say that they are not the only dating apps in the market. Some decent platforms are catching up, according to their popularity and success rate. For instance, those into casual dating can try Feeld to chat and date kinky singles and couples. Facechat from Facebook might be interesting as a network that needs no registration and fees. Hot or Not will be a catch for fans of swiping. Women may join Bumble to get the power.

OkCupid vs POF: The Final Verdict

Will you choose OkCupid or POF? Maybe, both would be perfect. Let’s see. The websites are legit and work well on the Web. They are popular and do their best to ensure a seamless user experience. OkCupid looks more traditional despite its open-minded community. Its features are useful and work to connect people for dating. POF attracts teens and youth by developing advanced features for entertainment. However, the review concerns dating rather than fun. That’s why experts vote for OkCupid.

Website Dating Scene Link
OkCupid Perfect Check it Out
POF Relevant Read the Review
Winner: OkCupid

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