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Tinder vs POF – Which is the better dating site

Tinder vs POF – Which is the better dating site

Do you fantasize meeting sizzling hot dates online? Dating is now getting smartphone-friendly so that most Android and Ios users can use it. Accessing dating sites is no more strenuous and time-consuming. You can stumble on the most compatible matches by going through some research on top dating apps. Tinder and POF are the best dating options at your disposal, and you can pick the right one. Detailed information on Tinder vs. POF can guide you to include any one of them in your list.

Website History Link
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Winner: POF



  • Tinder review is all about its popularity, interface, features, and fee-based services. Here, you can get to know the dating site compare with other leading apps so that you can settle for the best choice. The top features of this app are:
  • Swipe option to check if you like the profile or not.
  • Millions of profiles to select
  • LGBTQ+ members can also register
  • Connects with other popular apps like Snapchat and Spotify
  • Authentic and legit profiles
  • Constrained profile details available
  • Photo-based swipe decisions make it a bit superficial


Plenty of Fish or POF is a pioneer in the online dating world for the singles who desire to spot true love. It allows its users to grab the best features of this platform and meet their dream dates and partners. Its feature list includes:

  • Millions of singles are waiting to mingle
  • Free messaging
  • Free personality match assessment online to get perfect matches
  • Automated sign out if you stay inactive for a longer time
  • Few members might fake their identity
  • User-friendly app with easy navigation

Tinder vs POF- Overall Reputation

Expert Opinion

POF Review

As per the 2017 trends, almost 90 million active members used the Plenty of Fish Website. Hence, in terms of reputation, it is no lesser than the competitors’ app. It is a relatively old dating app that helps you to find the ideal dating option for yourself. Singles highly consider this app to connect with a large number of users.

Tinder Review

It initially established its identity only as a ‘hookup’ app, but then it emerged as a full-fledged dating app. Many still think that Tinder is all about the fling, but several couples find their true love here well. The easy functionality and dating ease make Tinder an impeccable app amongst most users. Although POF came into existence in 2003, Tinder is growing at a faster pace in its comparison.

Website Overall Reputation Link
POF Excellent Read More
Tinder Good Read the Review
Winner: POF

Tinder Vs POF- Popularity and success rate

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With over 100 million visits every month and many language options, Tinder becomes the star with its whopping success rate among the young daters. The tinder success rate is higher along with the increasing actual visits and membership counts. In terms of popularity, it holds the highest spot in the world of online dating.


Plenty of Fish app registers around 3.5 million each month. There are mainly members from the UK, Canada, and America who try their fortune to find compatible partners. POF’s success rate and popularity are relatively higher as singles can find many opportunities to meet their potential dates. Tinder wins the round when it comes to popularity as the recent count is way more than POF.

Website Popularity Link
POF 100 Million Read More
Tinder 3.5 Million Read the Review
Winner: Tinder

Tinder versus POF- Target Audience and User Demographics

Expert Opinion

Tinder official site and the POF official site have a few similarities, but they are also distinct in the target audiences and the overall demographics.


Tinder is an excellent option for all the fanatics of flirty chats, romantic fling, and casual dates. New age daters who wish to hang out with unique individuals and try new equations often consider it a good pick. People who love to travel often use the Tinder app and find young mates in the local area to explore online dating with a new twist. This app is accessible in over 190 countries and 34 distinct languages.


POF app relates to singles who are in search of long-term relationships or potential marriage. The singles in their late 20s and 30s consider this app to search for more mature and sensible matches who understand the meaning of true love. POF covers a smaller demographics with nine languages and only 20 countries.

Website Demographics Link
POF 190 Countries Read More
Tinder 20 Countries Read the Review
Winner: Tinder

Tinder vs POF- Profiles

Expert Opinion


The profile search on Tinder can suggest that it welcomes users from all age groups, genders, and sexual preferences. Whether you are bisexual, homosexual, or belong to an asexual orientation, the Tinder app offers everyone a perfect match. With such a huge list of profiles to explore, Tinder, hands down, becomes a leading option for online dating. However, while making profile, they don’t ask for detailed writeups


POF app is entirely for heterosexual people and belongs to a mature and sensitive set of males and females. It is a traditional-style dating app where you can find profiles based on social norms and social stigma. That’s the reason why the gentry looking for long-term relationships consider this site as an ideal option. But over the years, it made a few changes by transforming it into an LGBTQ-friendly site where you do not need to reveal sexuality. Many experts still claim it as an average dating portal that is conventional.

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Winner: POF

Tinder versus POF- Scam

Expert Opinion


Tinder spam is minimal if you closely observe the profiles and then get in touch. As this app promotes lots of travel dating, stay secretive before meeting someone in person. Online dating is prone to many frauds and scams as users reveal their fake pictures and identity on many platforms. Hence, you need to stay cautious while using such apps, but Tinder offers complete safety and security in its features.


POF app is a traditional and safe dating platform used by millions of users. Its interactive interface allows men and women to develop a connection with each other. Detailed profiles help you to find if the potential date is legit or not. POF spam is impossible unless you get into any financial or physical closeness with someone unknown to you.

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Winner: POF

Tinder versus POF- Sign-up Process

Expert Opinion

The sign-up process for both apps is straightforward and easily understandable. Without losing out much time, you can immediately create the profile and experience online dating ecstasy right away!


The difference between Tinder or POF sign-up process is not very major. But Tinder offers a faster sign-up process and allows you to sign up immediately with the help of your Facebook profile. You can avail all the necessary data from the social networking account, and there is not much to fill in. even with a phone number, you can sign and get access to it free or premium services.


POF app also has a straightforward sign-up process. Plenty of Fish asks you to select a unique user name and password that depicts your identity online. Then you need to fill up a simple questionnaire within a minute and express something about your personality. And this simplifies by revealing your identity along with the dedicated mobile number. As the website does not demand any crucial data like the home address or email, it is safe to use it.

The sign-up process of Tinder is, anyways, faster than POF for sure.

Website Sign-up Process Link
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Winner: Tinder

Tinder vs POF- Convenience and Interface

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Tinder’s official site and app both are available, making it easy for the users to access its top services. Instead, it has an attractive interface, and there’s nothing about the design and functionality that puts you off. You can quickly find a close match with its famous ‘swipe’ feature. It is a new age fast mode app that helps in rejoicing the dating fun without time wastage.


Though the POF app and site are convenient to use, their interface is quite intuitive and complicated. Unless you are tech-savvy, it is trivial to get the hang of its design and processes. You need to fill up the profiles by adding details in the various fields making it tedious to complete. Millennial daters might chuck it and move to the faster app. using POF is super easy, but its confusing design makes the audiences fumble, and they cannot get the flow.

Website Interface Link
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Winner: Both

Tinder vs POF- Features

Expert Opinion

When it comes to features, POF manages to arrive at a higher position compared to its super strong competitor. Tinder app also tries to utilize maximum features for winning the race but falls short of it.


Created in 2003, this is amongst the oldest dating platforms that allow singles who faced heartbreaks in love relations to get back in sync. All the features of this site are aesthetically designed so that the members can get what they want. Detailed profile search gives its users an advantage to make the best use of it. While it has many interesting free features, you can also unlock some additional perks with the paid membership. It allows exchanging love gestures by the option of sending virtual gifts.


Tinder’s free version has far more restrictions in comparison to that of POF. If you wish to find some compatible matches over here, unlocking the unlimited free swipes is imperative. And its geolocation features are a turn-off as you cannot swipe for members located in other areas. But you can get access to such features by paying for them. There are also limitations to the number of times you can dislike any profile. But all these blues can waive off by going for the premium plans here.

Website Features Link
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Winner: Tinder

Tinder versus POF- Quality of Matches

Expert opinion


The quality of matches available on Tinder is relatively high as there are numerous genuine profiles to scroll through. But the user profiles primarily consist of the youngsters who do not want to get into jeopardy of commitment and marriage. It is more of hookups and flings. And there is nothing wrong with it unless you have a doubt!


It has a higher rate of matured and susceptible users. People who are willing to enter long-term relationships and can walk an extra mile for it visit here. Its quality of matches is more genuine and pertains to the traditional mindset of love bonds forever. If marriage or a real relationship is on the cards for you, start finding matches on POF.

Website Quality of Matches Link
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Winner: Tinder

Tinder vs POF- Best app for hook ups


If you are not a believer in commitment and only wish to enjoy flirty chats with attractive users out there, Tinder is a perfect catch. Enjoy the hookups and casual relations that are free from the burden of any long-term promises. You get access to millions of users having a similar mindset here at Tinder.


It is a getaway for mature and stable relationships. People who have had miserable love experiences in the past and wish to give themselves a second chance can visit POF. Dating services here are more subtle, and the whole format sticks to the basic concept of lasting relations!

Website HookUps Link
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Winner: Tinder

Tinder versus POF- Best app for a relationship


The type of relations a dating site can offer depends on the maximum amount of users you can find here. Tinder app comprises anxious girls and guys ready to take up new love challenges and dare to indulge in one-night stands. It is a liberal portal where any sexual desire can get fulfilled. However, some lucky folks also trigger a connection and develop a relationship here.


Plenty of Fish is popular for the relationship equations it creates amongst the couples for the 20s and 30s. You can easily sign-up and swipe through the profiles to get hitched with someone compatible and interesting. Aren’t you curious to visit and check out a love match for yourself?

Website Relationship Link
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Winner: POF

Tinder Vs POF- Price Compare

Expert Opinion

If you want to enjoy the additional features and services from any of the above apps, switch to their paid membership plans. Investing a small fee to get your life love is never a bad deal!

How much is Tinder a month?

Charges for Tinder Plus are $9.99 per month. For users above the 30 age group, the charges exceed $19.99 per month. And it is primarily because youngsters might fall short of money. Such a great idea to aspire youth into a plethora of dating alternatives. Go to Tinder official site and know more about Tinder plus.

How much is POF a month?

The charges of POF depend on the duration of your plan. It has a nominal fee of $7.50 per month for one year and $10 per month for the six-month place. For a three-month plan, you need to pay $12.33 per month. Their smart plans allure users to try their premium services, at least for one.

Website Price Compare Link
POF $19.99/month Check it Out
Tinder $7.50/month Read the Review
Winner: Tinder

Tinder vs POF- Fee-based services

Expert Opinion


  • Instant matches
  • Check out the profiles you like
  • Unlimited right swipes
  • Stay top of the line
  • Search members who want you
  • Swipe rewind
  • Access the top picks


  • Stay on top for the ‘Meet me’ feature
  • View extended user profiles
  • Ad-free dating and chatting
  • Check out the details of people who checked your profiles
  • An increasing number of received mails
  • View profiles
  • Excellent search results
  • Send three virtual gifts daily
Website Fee-based services Link
POF Limited Features Check it Out
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Winner: POF

Tinder versus POF- Free Services

Expert Opinion


  • Free app downloads
  • Easy sign-up
  • Left swipe
  • Profile picture upload
  • Locate members in your vicinity
  • One super like each day


  • Make an account
  • Send messages
  • Find matches
  • Add users to the favorite list
  • View online members list
  • Use compatibility predictor test
  • View profiles
  • Voice messages
  • Forum participation
  • See members
  • App downloads
Website Free Services Link
POF Few features Check it Out
Tinder Multiple features Read the Review
Winner: POF

Best alternative for Tinder vs POF

Are you checking out few other dating options apart from Tinder and POF? So, here goes a list of additional alternatives for you.

1. OkCupid- After a simple sign-up process, OKCupid provides a personality quiz to determine your partner’s match percentage. Depending on the answer and percentage, you can select the compatible matches for yourself.

2. Badoo- The makers of Bumble bring this unique dating portal that does not comply with any specific dating algorithm. A simple member verification and geolocation-based searches help in finding matches nearby.

3. Grindr- It is a perfect site for bisexual, gay, or Transgender people. You can find easy hookups with nearby matches using the geolocation features.

4. Lumen- Love is known no age barriers, and Lumen proves it with the dating options for above 50 people. It is a dedicated dating service to the elders and prevents scammers from peeking in. Why not post the pictures of your big houses and then catch out some exciting dating options?

5. Inner Circle- The secured screening process on this platform keep the perverts out so that you can enjoy exciting dating fun. There are also events and activities in their club so that singles can visit here and enjoy dating.

6. Bumble- Girls hold power to make the first move and begin the chat with their matches. It means only if the girl gives a green flag, the chats can pop up.

7. Luxy- With a huge portfolio of millions of users, Luxy allows you to indulge in exclusive online dating services. They also provide 24/7 customer support to all its members. However, it is a dedicated app for millionaires, and you need to display your Richie-rich side to find some suitable matches.

8. Muddy Matches- The Countryside lovers who enjoy their raw side can get along on this platform. It is an excellent dating service for the rural people who desire to enjoy wax gilets, rambling and shoveling poo. You can take its membership every year as well.

Tinder vs POF- The Final Verdict

After the detailed Tinder Review, you can get to know all about its attractiveness and proximity. This dating app signifies the young and charming daters who are not looking for serious and long-term relationships. Flings and casual dates are instead of their pick. For users having an eye for exemplary relationships that are more of a one-night stand and hangouts, this is a perfect app.

POF, on the other hand, facilitates compatible matches based on the details mentioned in the profiles. For serious dates and partners, this app is undoubtedly a great option outright. In urban areas, the people use its geographical algorithm to find some right matches. Although the user base here is small, the level of seriousness in people here is relatively high when it comes to commitment.

Tinder is a fast app for young people who do not believe in wasting any time, while POF is a perfect option for people aiming at serious relationship goals! It is a preferential choice to select the ideal dating app from both these alternatives with many exciting features and services. You can try out the free services of POF and Tinder and then upgrade to the premium ones as per your choice and usability.

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Winner: POF

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