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AntiChat Review [2021]: Great Anonymous Chat Rooms?

AntiChat Review [2021]: Great Anonymous Chat Rooms?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 28-36
Profiles 1 000 000
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Visit rate 7.7
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Every member can access the site and talk to people in the anonymous mode.
  • You can access almost all the communicating features free of charge.
  • The Help Center ensures that members are safe.
  • All the conversations get moderated for better security.
  • You can communicate with potential dates via both private and group chat rooms.
  • You can chat with several members at the same time.
  • It is a perfect place to build friendships.
  • You can use the site to find hookups.
  • If a user annoys you, you can block this person.
  • There are several online games available on the platform.
  • You have the option to buy items via chat rooms.
  • You can share your images/memes in the anonymous mode.
  • It is an efficient platform to learn foreign languages.
  • Some users complain that they face racists.
  • There are users who behave aggressively and try bullying other members.
  • It is difficult to avoid professional scammers who hide their bad intentions.
  • Your online dating experience can get spoiled by evil characters.

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AntiChat review will reveal all the needed details on how to use the service efficiently and without any risks to your privacy. This popular online platform provides working tools to communicate with people worldwide in an anonymous mode. You can join the chat service only if you have reached 18 years old. The majority of members use the service to reveal their feelings, emotions, opinions, and interests without the necessity to disclose their true identities. The developer does not allow members to upload any photo and video content. When you communicate through private or public conversations, you have to respect certain rules as interactions get moderated for safety reasons.

Who Is the Owner of the AntiChat Platform?

It is a legit service, which is owned by Antiland, Inc. The company provides its services for many years, which allows it to gain enough experience to make the service safe and efficient for people from all around the world.

AntiChat Review: Great Dating Site?

How Does AntiChat Work?

While writing the following AntiChat review, we have discovered many advantages and disadvantages. The service focuses on providing a high level of anonymity among its members. It helps many men and women who prefer to keep personal things to themselves. Many of them are afraid of possibly bad consequences if they speak their minds to family members and friends. If you are in a situation like this, an anonymous online chat can be an excellent solution to stop holding back your feelings, ideas, and emotions. You can share them here without being afraid of judgments. When you start chatting as an anonymous person, nobody can reveal your real identity. It is a perfect place to be yourself or anyone else you dream of being.

Signing Up at AntiChat

The entire registration process for a new account on the AntiChat website takes a maximum of a minute of your spare time. When you are ready to sign up, the site asks you to compose a nickname. Make sure it is different from your name on the ID card. You can create your own username or accept a proposed one. It has to be unique on the platform. The next step is to create a safe password, which you must keep in secret and never share with other members.

The site asks you to prove that you are a real human. You can do it by answering the captcha. The AntiChat website asks for the following information: age, gender, and your dating preferences. You can choose any gender you are interested in having online conversations with on the platform. The site asks about your native language, which you will use for chatting with new people. At this stage, the platform recommends you several group chats, which fit your dating criteria and main interests. The final step of the registration process is to provide your valid email.

How to Start Contact

The AntiChat platform focuses on communication. When you check a person’s profile, you will not see many details. All the members want to chat anonymously. The best thing about this online chat service is that you can send private/public messages free of charge. The developer of the site does not encourage members to exchange any kind of personal information or sensitive data. You will also have fun while exchanging virtual gifts.

This AntiChat review aims to show you all the ways to interact with other people. There are two ways to communicate on the platform. Here they are:

Public Group Chats

Every registered member can explore communications through public chat rooms free of charge; you can access them from the main menu of the site. There are plenty of public chat rooms, which are well-organized by various topics and locations. Every newly registered member belongs to the “Newbies” chat group by default. Your group will include people from the place you live in. It is allowed to open new groups. You will get a unique group code/link, which you can send to your potential online friends. You have the right to invite as many people as you want to the chat room. The AntiChat website does not encourage you to share contact details. It can be dangerous because the site does not do background checks on the members. The developer does not hold liability in the case of fraud or crime.

Public Group Chats

Private Conversations

Every time a user sends a message to a potential match, it gets categorized as a private message by default. Every registered AntiChat user has the right to initiate other members to private conversations simply by pressing their usernames. You can find people to communicate from the list called “Active Online Users’ within every group chat.

Alternatively, you can’t search for new members by their usernames. You need to refer to the search function in the main menu. Note that some members have high “Karma”. If you want to start a private chat conversation with them, there is a strict requirement to have enough “Karma”. The AntiChat website will notify you about the needed number of points to start a private chat.

Profiles at AntiChat

  • There are more than 400,000 members from the United States of America.
  • The activity rate is pretty high: around 80,000 users are active per week.
  • The gender distribution is well-balanced: 40 % are female users, and 60 % are male users.
  • The majority of registered members are young people (18+).

It is important to design your profile’s avatars to attract more attention. Unfortunately, after checking AntiChat reviews, we discovered that most profiles are not detailed enough. You can leave your profile empty and add some details later. You can view profile photos, but you have to pay for this service. Most profiles include the following information about people: nickname, avatar, gender, interests, age, “Karma” points, and the number of virtual gifts received. Every profile includes two highlighted buttons for contacting a person: “Send a Gift” and “Open Private Chat.” If you want to stop communication with a person, you can use either the “Block” or “Report” buttons, which you will find at the bottom. When you look at the top of the website, you can see a shortcut to your personal AntiChat profile just beside the “Account Settings” section. You can click on it to edit your profile directly. You have the right to modify your nickname, gender and adjust the avatar’s design. The site allows all the members to customize the color theme of their private messages and purchase extra “Super Powers.”

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

When you start using online chatting services, there is always a risk of meeting scammers or dealing with fake accounts. Usually, such people behave suspiciously, and it is not difficult to identify them. You have to report the admin immediately to protect yourself and other members of the community.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

Design & Usability of AntiChat

If you check on the web design of the AntiChat website, it looks a bit outdated. The developer should consider using a new approach to meet the needs of a modern generation. When you visit the chat, you get redirected to the chat dashboard automatically. You see the chatroom, which you have accessed the last. It is an automatic process.

When you refer to the left sidebar, it includes all your joined chat rooms. You will find private conversations here too. You can access the search tool in the sidebar with all the tabs. They help a lot to manage all the chats in a sound manner. You can find all your chat sessions in the first. The second and third tabs include various group chat sessions and private messages. The content you mark as your favorite is placed in the last tab. Refer to the right sidebar of chat pages to find the group link. You will find “Karma” points of active members. You can see a “+” button, which you can press for exploring various public chats, start your own group chats, and search members by their nicknames. If you need to find the account settings, they are located on the top right side of the main page.

Mobile App AntiChat

The AntiChat app is available for all registered members. It gets moderated by the admin for safety reasons; you will find the same set of features as in the desktop version. You can download the application from either Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Special Features

The AntiChat website provides anonymous chatting services to many users from all around the world. Everybody can join interesting group chat rooms, enroll in private chat conversations, and create group chat sessions with strangers who want to talk to you anonymously. Every AntiChat member is free to use all the available features. There are not many limitations to free members. The top features of the platform are described below:


You can select among various available avatars. The image will serve as your profile picture. The site does not ask to upload real photos to your profile, not to lose the point of anonymity. You have the option to adjust your profile avatar. You can purchase additional accessories, for example, hats, etc. You can buy avatars if you have enough karma points.


Virtual Gifts

Every member has the option to send cute virtual gifts. You must go to a user’s profile and press on the virtual gifts you see available on the platform. You can purchase virtual gifts with your cash, credit card, or karma points.

Super Powers

It is a way to boost your online chatting experience on the AntiChat website or app; you can use this feature to highlight your chat profile and become more visible on the platform. You can use superpowers for surging your karma points faster. You can order this feature in several duration plans (from one week up to one year).

AntiChat Karma

“Karma” is your social status on the AntiChat platform. You can use your points to buy avatars, gifts and get access to a free trial period. You can’t purchase points, but you can earn them by sending and receiving virtual gifts and being active on the platform.

AntiChat Costs

Every AntiChat member can purchase Super Powers.

Here is the pricing for premium services:

Duration Cost ($)
one-week plan 4.99
one-month plan 9.99
three-month plan 8.33 per month, 24.99 total
twelve-month plan 6.67 per month, 79.99 total

Basic Membership

You can register on the AntiChat website and get the following free services:

  1. You can do the registration of a new account.
  2. You can send group messages to other members.
  3. You can view an unlimited number of members’ profiles.

Premium Membership

The paying services include the following:

  1. Private chat sessions
  2. Virtual gifts and accessories
  3. Artifacts

Payment Options

You can purchase extra services by using one of the following payment options:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Online mobile payments

According to AntiChat reviews, the majority of features are free of charge. Only some members decide to buy extra services called “Super Powers.” They boost your online dating experience through the chat platform. They boost your “Karma” and allow you to earn points two times faster. If you have enough points, your private chat session will get displayed on top of people’s chat inboxes. It is the only way to highlight your profile. Such profiles display a rainbow background on the AntiChat profile avatar. As soon as you have superpowers, you get the possibility to color your messages within chat rooms. However, the biggest advantage of superpowers is the prioritized support from the Customer Support Team. If you want to send your new friends some virtual gifts, you have to buy them separately. The average price for a gift is around $1.

AntiChat Coupons

The online platform does not offer coupons to its members. However, it is not rare to get some promotions if you follow the site’s notification updates.

AntiChat Coupons

Verification & Safety of AntiChat

The site needs your email address to undergo the verification process. If you forget your password, the site will send it to your email. You can verify your account via a mobile phone number, but it is optional, and you can skip this step. After the email verification, you have to press the confirmation link. Now you are ready to start using AntiChat services freely.

Are There Scammers on AntiChat?

You have to be ready to meet some potential scammers. However, they should not make you afraid as long as you know how to block abusive members. You just need to press the “Block” button, which you can see on the AntiChat sidebar of your conversation.

Is AntiChat a Legit Chatting Service?

AntiChat is a 100% legit online platform. It accepts adults who have reached 18 years old—the team of admins moderates all the chat rooms, both public and private ones. If a member violates the official guidelines and rules, they get suspended immediately.

Does AntiChat Provide Anonymous Services?

AntiChat is all about anonymity. All the registered members can remain anonymous. The site does not ask you to upload profile images, mention real names, or provide other sensitive data.

The Problem with AntiChat

If you are new to anonymous chatting services, your first experience can become dangerous. It is essential to practice online safety and never violate the rules of the AntiChat website. You have to remember that some users can be real predators or professional scammers. Unfortunately, such online services are full of such types of members. You have to be careful not to become their next easy victim. It is the sad truth that people write reports about committed online crimes. Stay away from immoral people who can take advantage of your naivety and vulnerability.

Help & Support

The AntiChat website encourages all the new members to read an informative “How it Works/FAQs” webpage. You will find answers to many specific questions addressed by the members. If you do not find the needed help, you can get in contact with moderators.

AntiChat Alternatives

  1. eHarmony is a 100% safe online dating platform. You can access it from your desktop computer or a mobile device.
  2. Ashley Madison is one of the biggest online dating communities for all kinds of relationships.
  3. Zoosk is another good alternative to try if you are not happy with AntiChat services.
AntiChat Alternatives


New members of the AntiChat platform ask many questions. They often repeat. So, we’ve collected the most frequent questions and placed them in the section below.

Why Do People Use AntiChat?

AntiChat is a well-known online platform for anonymous public conversations through chat rooms.

Can People Use AntiChat as a Dating Site?

Yes, it is a safe place to make new contacts for friendship and maybe something bigger.

How Can Users Delete AntiChat Accounts?

Please note that you can’t remove the registered AntiChat account. You have to stay away from using the platform for a month, and your account will get deleted by default. Make sure you set this in the “Privacy and Security” settings section.

How Can Users Find Chat Rooms on AntiChat?

You need to refer to the search function in the main menu.

What Can Users Do to Get More Karma Points?

You can’t purchase Karma points, but you can also earn them by sending/receiving virtual gifts and being active on the platform.

Contact Information

Company: Antiland, Inc.

Contact Email: support@antiland.com

Twitter: twitter.com/AntiLand_com



The overall impression of the AntiChat website services is positive. The developer does an excellent job providing a 100% reliable chatting platform for users from all around the world. Everybody can join chat rooms freely and enjoy meeting new people. The site allows you to keep your real ID to yourself. You have the freedom of expression here. You can tell your secrets or hidden thoughts, and nobody will judge you for that. AntiChat members remain fully anonymous through chat rooms. However, it is not forbidden to share your contact details in private conversations. It is up to you, but you have to take full responsibility for such actions. AntiChat focuses on chatting rather than on romantic online dating. Test AntiChat to know if it’s good for you!

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