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Christian Cafe Review: Great Dating Site?

Christian Cafe Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 87%
Popular age 27-40
Profiles 2.578.200
About Site
Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • With this website, you can easily filter your searches so that you can find like-minded people easily
  • Branding update and redesign of the website has allowed you to navigate it easily
  • You can block those members who are harassing you on this website effortlessly
  • You will be able to use both the iPhone and Android versions
  • Dating tips available on the website
  • About 25,000 marriages happened just because of the Christian Cafe website
  • Membership is affordable
  • Some of the facilities are outdated, such as a prayer forum
  • The user base is not very big

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Christian Cafe was initially founded back in 1999 to bring people belonging to the Christian community under one platform to find love easily. This website ensures to focus mainly on the inner values rather than sexual interaction between two people. Singles wanting to find a meaningful relationship with someone are attracted to this Christian Cafe website.

How Many Languages Does Christian Cafe Support?

There is no information available about how many languages the website supports. So it would be safe to say that the Christian Cafe website supports only one language and English.

Who Is The Owner Of Christian Cafe

Philip and Sam Moorcroft in 1998 originally founded this company. This website’s primary reason was that this platform wanted to bring all the Christian singles under one shelter.

Origin Of Christian Cafe

The origin of the Christian Cafe website is in the Greater Toronto Region.

The Year When Christian Cafe Was Founded

The foundation of this website was laid back in 1998 by Philip and Sam Moorcroft. The website that you use started officially in 1999.

How Many Countries Can Use Christian Cafe?

As you will see throughout this review, the website is specifically meant for Christians to find love and get married. Therefore, you will find only Christians on this website. The major user base is from the USA. However, there are some countries in Asia where people still can’t operate this website.

Special Features

Special Features

Various Christian Cafe reviews online will tell you how advanced features helped users in finding the right partner. Some of these advanced features are mentioned right here.

Users Who See Your Profile

One of the amazing features the members of this profile have is seeing how many people have viewed their profile. The website presents you with a list of all the members who visited your profile recently.

Gifting Membership

One of the features available on this platform allows you to give another user premium membership as a gift. Normally you will have to put your username and check out to purchase the premium membership. In the case of a gift, you can put another person in the username to buy the VIP account.


Like every other website, Christian Cafe also contains a page full of testimonials where common folks would be posting their experience about this site. The truthful experiences and results would provide you an effective answer of whether you can purchase the premium version or not.

Praying Page

Those who are religious and devoted to the Christian community like to pray as well. This website presents a special place for such singles to share individual prayers to attract other users’ attention.

Discussion Forum

What can be a better place than the forum if you want to find someone to fill your life with love? This place is open to a discussion where every other user participates accordingly. You can communicate with others and make friends online easily.

Read Receipts

When you find someone attractive enough, having all the qualities of a devout Christian, you can directly message them online. Furthermore, the feature-read receipts can help you in finding out if they have opened your message or not.

Audience Quality

After reading this Christian Cafe review thoroughly, you will understand how unique its users are! With over 2 million members registered on this website, the site allows you to benefit from a user base having a devoutly religious background. The website confirms that a hundred percent of members come from Christian backgrounds.

Demographically, you will find the members of this website coming from varied countries. Still, more than half of the user base comes from the USA. This is where the website helps you find someone with whom you can share your devotion and faith.

Age Distribution

The majority of the user base of Christian Cafe belongs to the 25-45 years of age group. However, you will also find people belonging to the age group from 18 to 24. Users older than 45 are also available on this platform. The surprising thing is that both the male and female population ratio is 5:5.

Fake Users

It is tough for you to find a scammer on this website. Even if you do, these people are the users who fail to follow the guidelines of the Christian community properly. The guidelines clearly state that a particular member shouldn’t use inappropriate language and have casual fun online. The moderators of the website immediately suspend such people.

Mobile App And Website

Mobile App And Website

You are in luck when it comes to the Christian Cafe website because both the browser and app versions are available. It allows you to use the features effectively without any restraint.

App Version Of Christian Cafe

You should use the app version for more convenience than the website since you will get to have notifications of new messages on your phone. However, if you want to sign up for this, you need to use the browser version. If you open the mobile app and click on create an account option, the app will directly switch to the mobile website.

If you have an Android phone, you can use the app with all the features available. The same is possible with the iOS version as well.

The only missing thing is that you will not get to use features such as player and forum in the app version. The features you can use effectively include messaging and search.

Website Version Of Christian Cafe

Once you open the website on your computer or laptop, you’ll see the menu section filled with testimonials, contacts, and sign-in options. The home page is covered with critical information on the features you will get to use on the website after registration. If you want to learn more about this website’s history, you can click on the media option that is available in the middle of the page.

Can You Use The App On Your Computer?

As said in many Christian Cafe reviews, the computer version doesn’t have an app that you can download and use for finding a lifelong partner. However, you can either use the website directly or download the Android medium, such as BlueStack, to use an Android app on your laptop.

Name The Browsers That Support Christian Cafe

You can use the website on any browser you wish, including Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

Why Is It Hard For Some Users To Open The Site?

It might be that your internet is slow, so you can’t enter the website. If the problem still exists, you might be living in one of the countries where the site hasn’t launched yet. For unauthorized access, you can simply use a VPN app and open the website.

If you live somewhere in the USA, and you still can’t open your account, you might have forgotten to confirm your email id.



Once you open the website, you will find it very convenient to use. If this is the first time you have visited the site, you can easily find the menu’s signup section. The design is neither too old nor too modern.

Registration Process

The only method you can use for registering your account on this website is through your email. After pressing the sign up button, you will be directed to a new page where you would have to fill a bigger form. This form will include critical information such as your country, city, ZIP code, birthday, and gender. Additional information will consist of data about your status, lifestyle, appearance, schooling, employment, religious activities, etc.

After filling up all the information, you will need to choose to try the trial version or directly purchase the premium one.

Learn How To Unfriend Someone On Christian Cafe

You won’t find any option related to adding friends, unlike other dating websites. On Christian Cafe, one of the features that will allow you to connect with the other person and save their profile is “add to favorites.” If you don’t like someone, you can remove them from the favorites list. You can also report the member and block them online.

What Should Be Your Minimum Age To Register On Christian Cafe?

If you want to join the Christian Cafe website, you would have to be at least 18 years old. Younger people are not allowed to register online.

How To Verify The Account?

You will be able to verify your account after registration through the email ID.

How To Verify Email?

You will just have to follow the proper registration process. The website will itself give you a hint if you ever have to verify the email ID. You might have to log into your email account and click on the link the website has sent after registration.

Can You Use Your Facebook Account For Registration?

This website doesn’t provide you the option of registering online with your Facebook account.

Is It Possible To Use The Site Without Signing Up?

It is highly impossible to use the website without having an account, although you can go through the information without registering online.

Profile Set-up

For a beautiful profile to attract other like-minded members, you would need a decent photo of yours that does not depict any sexual activity. You need to enter other data as well as the information you have provided during the registration process.

The process of creating a profile is straightforward. You can only do this after registering online. However, it is also possible for you to register using the trial version and temporarily create an account, as stated in many Christian Cafe reviews.

Deleting A Photo You Have Uploaded On Christian Cafe

Even though there is no information available on how you can delete your photo, you should head over to your profile and find the settings option. However, the moderators will try to modify your profile photo if you have uploaded something without fulfilling the guidelines.

Editing The Profile Username On Christian Cafe?

The company is responsible for giving you a unique password and username after the registration process. Although you can change the password, there is no information available about the alteration of the username. You would have to contact the authorities for that.

Can You Delete Your Christian Cafe Profile?

There are two options for you at this moment. You will have to decide whether you permanently remove your profile or hide it to retrieve it later. For either option, you just have to contact the Christian Cafe moderator.

What If Your Profile Disappears From Christian Cafe?

You are always visible to others on the website unless someone has blocked you. If this happens, you would have to contact the authority.

Deleting The Information From Your Profile

According to the Christian Cafe review websites, all the information you have submitted on the website goes to your profile. You can edit your profile to change the data. However, if you want to change the payment information, you can just go to the membership page.

Searching for a member is easy when it comes to both the website and the mobile version. You just have to click on the search tab and directly enter a keyword related to the kind of person you want to find.

Is It Possible To See All The Users You Have Liked On Christian Cafe?

It is possible to see all the members you have liked it. You just have to add those members to your favorite list. After that, you can just go to your list and access them one by one.

Member Search Option Christian Cafe

Search filters are available for both the trial version and the premium account. Using such advanced features, you will be able to find your match and a devout Christian easily.

Another fantastic feature called QuickMatch allows you to find your match easily. It helps in ranking other members with the help of percentage to indicate compatibility.

Liking Someone On Christian Cafe With A Free Account

When you use a free version as a trial for a few days, you will add the members to your favorite list and access it online quickly.


Messaging is only allowed if you are a premium user. You just have to open your profile after purchasing it, and you will see all the information available about contacting the other person quickly.

Contact Others On Christian Cafe

If you open a profile of someone, you will see the contact information such as email and phone number right on their profile. You can start messaging them after accessing the profiles individually.

How To Message A User?

Like any other website, on Christian Cafe, you would have to open the other person’s profile to message easily without restraint.

Can You Send Messages For Free?

If you want to send any message to someone on this platform, you will have to purchase the premium version.

Access Your Messaging List On Christian Cafe

When you are using the mobile app, you will automatically get a notification when someone messages you. The case is similar to the website.

Use Of The Camera On Christian Cafe

You cannot go live on this website, although you can click a unique photo from your camera and post it on your profile.

Filtering Messages On Christian Cafe?

The only way to connect with the other person is through email. If you don’t want someone to message you, you can block them easily by clicking on the Report Member button.

Membership Price And Other Payment Method

Membership Price And Other Payment Method

Like other Christian Cafe reviews, this section will tell you more about the premium membership and its payment.

Features Of Acquiring The Free Membership

The free version is limited to a few days, where you can use it for trial before the website allows you to purchase the VIP account. All the essential features you can use are mentioned below.

  • Search filters
  • Favorites list feature
  • Posting players
  • Access to forums

Features Of Acquiring The Premium Membership

When you have purchased the paid version officially, you will get to use more features in addition to the ones you used in the trial version. It includes exchanging contact info, reading receipts feature, sending emails, and wink. The costs of such a service are mentioned below:

  • 39.97 USD for a month
  • 59.97 USD for 3 months
  • 89.97 USD for 6 months
  • 109.97 USD for 12 months

Can You Purchase The Premium Membership

Can You Purchase The Premium Membership?

The Christian Cafe website offers you multiple packages concerning premium membership.

Canceling The Christian Cafe Membership

You just have to head over to the account settings to cancel your membership.

Auto-renewal Of The Membership On Christian Cafe

Even though the website provides you an auto-renewable option, you can cancel it easily by changing your renewal status.

Can You Get A Refund If You Aren’t Using The Website?

After you have paid for the premium account, it will be your duty to use the website at your pace. If you are not using it every day, you certainly won’t get a refund. You just have to cancel the membership altogether.

Availability Of The Auto-Renewal Option

There is an auto-renewal option for you.

Can You Get Your Money Back If You Aren’t Satisfied With Christian Cafe?

Although there is no information about getting your money back on the website, you can contact the administrator.

Credit Card Bill Of The Users After The Purchase

If you use the auto-renewal option on Christian Cafe website, it is directly deducted from your credit card. It will reflect on your credit card bill by the end of the month.

Can You Give Support To The Other Christian Cafe Membership

You can easily purchase the membership for your friends and family members belonging to the Christian community and give them a VIP profile as a gift.

Using An Account For Just A Month

It is possible to purchase the membership for just a month. You would have to cancel the membership before the end of the current renewal period.

Is Christian Cafe Safe

Is Christian Cafe Safe?

It is the safest place for singles belonging to the Christian community because of their unique guidelines. Many things, including abusive and hurtful language, are not allowed. If the moderators happened to see someone ignoring such rules, their account would be blocked forever.

Privacy Options On Christian Cafe

Privacy is the priority of the Christian Cafe website, where they are not likely to share your info with a third party. To keep your privacy intact, you are also given a facility to block other abusive users.

Encryption While Messaging Someone On Christian Cafe

Since the messages are sent through email, they are safe from hackers.

Can Moderators Track A User?

It is difficult to track someone down if you have not provided any mobile number and address.

Will The Police Track A User On Christian Cafe?

At present, there is no information about the police tracing any profile on this website. However, they might take action in case of emergencies.

What Should You Do In Case You Have Some Privacy-Related Queries?

You can directly contact the authorities by emailing them if you have any questions about your profile’s privacy.


The website ensures to keep you safe from all the attacks of an abusive profile and hackers. If you still have questions, you can continue to read this Christian Cafe review.

Moderated Threads Of Christian Cafe Forum

The members of this website are accustomed to using forums for further discussion and other users online. You can directly open your account and see if the forums are modulated or not.

What Will Happen If You Use Christian Cafe Account For Snatching Someone Else’s Money?

Since the action of taking money from someone online is against the primary Christian guideline of the website, the moderators immediately block you if something like this comes into their light.

Banning Your Account

Many times it has been observed that users on the dating site use inappropriate language. Of course, it is okay if the website is for casual hookups, but things are different from Christian Cafe.

This website has strict rules, and it does allow anyone to abuse anyone or talk inappropriately online. If a user doesn’t follow the rules, they are banned from using the profile again. Even if the moderators fail to notice such a person, the users end up reporting them online.

What Happens If You Fail To Access Your Christian Cafe Account?

If you have done something wrong or violated a rule, the website can block you immediately. In this case, you can contact them online and ask your query.

How Long Can The Christian Cafe Website Ban You From Using Your Profile?

There is no information available on this website about how long a person will be banned. It might be that the company can ban you for a long time.

Reactivating Your Banned Account

There is no other way than contacting the moderators to get your account back after being banned from the website.


It is important to protect yourself against scammers no matter which website you use. With Christian Cafe, you get an extra layer of protection that ensures that you don’t fall to someone else’s trap. The website also gives you a guideline to save yourself from danger, including not sharing money or reporting abuse.

Blocking A Scammer

There is a report button on every profile that you can use to block someone suspected of scamming.

Information That You Shouldn’t Share On Your Profile

You shouldn’t post anything about your personal life in detail on your profile. The info about where you live and permanent address also shouldn’t be posted online. It is critical to avoid giving out your credit card and debit card details to other members.

Support System

The Christian Cafe website aims to support the members wholeheartedly. If you have any queries, you can contact the moderators online.

Real life Review

Real life Review

“I have been searching for a devoted Christian partner for the past few months. This website helped me in finding the love that I was longing for all this time. This website has protected my information while allowing me to contact members easily. It is worth a try.” Donald, 28

Is Christian Cafe One Of The Most Popular Dating Sites?

It is one of the best places for all Christian users to meet in one place. This is the best website for you to find a date online if you are a devout Christian.

Safe To Use

It is the safest place for Christian singles to find a permanent relationship and get married since this website has strict guidelines and regulations.

A Hookup App

This website is not a hookup app; instead, it allows you to find partners to get married.

Is It Available For Free?

Although you can use this website for free for a few days under the trial version’s garb, you ultimately would have to purchase the premium membership. This fact is truthfully stated in many Christian Cafe reviews.

How Does This Website Work?

This website works to help you in finding other Christian singles on this website with the help of unique search filters. It matches you with a compatible person online with the help of the information you have provided on your profile.

Alternatives To Christian Cafe

The apps similar to Christian Cafe are mentioned below:

  • Christian mingle
  • Ashley Madison
  • Eharmony

Contact Information

Company: ChristianCafe.com

Phone: 866-249-5093

E-Mail: sam@christiancafe.com



If you want to find a good religious dating website where everything is available right before you, this website would be your way out. It is an excellent platform for local singles finding a lifelong partner living in the Christian community and teachings. With Christian Cafe, your chances of having a superb relationship rises. It is suitable for all the Christians aiming to find a long-term partner.

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