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What is good about Large Friends?

What is good about Large Friends?
About Girls
Date with older guy 12%
Reply rate 78%
Beauty 84%
Popular age 18-45
Profiles 3.764.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • There is a massive number of users that sign up, giving you a variety to choose from.
  • Some many big men and women are willing to have a relationship or friendship.
  • The site has a design that users can easily access.
  • When you check into the site, you are given a step to step guide for signing up.
  • The users are in good care by the site security support.
  • The sites security system is up to standards.
  • Every user is allowed to report anything they deem suspicious or a threat to their security.
  • The site is most preferred in terms of security since the screening done before you are allowed on site is thorough.
  • The site experiences technical hitches, sometimes making it difficult to load pages.

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Large Friends website is designed for the plus-sized singles around the world looking for similar people for relationships. It has a simple website that allows its users to interact with each other without a problem. You will be able to meet like-minded users, therefore making a great connection. You are advised to create a well-detailed profile that has information about who you are. This enables you to get an interaction with great people. The site offers such a chance to the millions of users who sign up. It stands out of the rest.

Who owns Large Friends?

Large Friends is a brand that is owned and operated by a company called SuccessfulMatch.

What is the location of Large Friends?

It is located in the California state of the USA.

How long has Large Friends existed?

Large Friends website has been in operation in various countries since the year 2001.

What language is used at Large Friends?

English is the most preferred language of the site. Most of the users on-site originate from English-speaking countries, making it the only language.

Is Large friends accessible anywhere in the world?

The dating site is available in various countries around the US, UK, Australia, Europe, and Asia.

Special Features

Special Features

The site has got many exciting features that make your experience enjoyable as a user. You have to pay for a premium to access some of the unique features. The features are as follows.

The Blog

This is a feature that is available for all the users regardless of whether you want to have your blog or not. You are allowed to access other user’s blogs and have a chance to contact them.


The spark feature enables you to view the users’ profiles in a systematic manner, one after the other. You will have a chance to identify the ones that you like by clicking on the heart sign on their profile photo.

System matches

When you sign up on the site, you are advised to give as much information about yourself. The site will use this information to match you with other users that have similar or something close to your information.

Bonus Rewards

Large Friends website has a system that rewards users with a premium membership when acquiring any of the following;

  • When you give information about successful dating and advise on how to go about it through the blogs.
  • When you give great recommendations on how to improve the site
  • When you use your social media handles to create awareness about the app
  • When you market the site through your written features

Audience quality

The audience is made up of big women and big men. Some users are not big but are attracted to the big people. The users aim to find love, fun, and relationships. The site is available in different countries around the world, including the USA and UK. Most of the users are from English-speaking countries.

Age distribution

The site is populated by men and women of the age between 24-40 years. The majority of the users are male, with a small margin from the females.

Fakes accounts in the Large Friends website

The site has a few reported fake profiles, which have since been dealt with. Some terms and conditions govern the operation of the site to ensure everything runs smoothly. You are provided with the customer support email address that you can use to report anything fishy or suspicious. The support is quick to respond to such issues. You can also report a profile that you suspect to be fake. The support will look at it and determine its validity. In case you are a scammer, you are likely to be handed over to the authorities for legal action.

Website and app

Website and app

Large friends can be accessed on both mobile app and website. All the features that you access on the website can be accessed on the mobile app. Some users prefer the website version of the mobile app version.

Large Friends Mobile App

The mobile app is available for android users only. Unfortunately, iOS users cannot access the app due to some technical issues yet to be resolved. The mobile app has proved to be easy to use since it is single-faced. You can systematically access the site features, unlike the desktop version that displays a lot at a go. The app users get the advantage of accessing the site on the go.

How is the Large Friends website?

Large friends is designed in a manner suggesting some old audience. Considering the age of users on the site, it has some dull and old design. However, all the users, regardless of their age, can easily navigate the site. Everyone using the site can find whatever they are looking for.

How to use the app on the computer?

The app is only supported on Android devices.

Which browsers support Large Friends?

The site is supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer and MAC.

Requirements to enter the site

There are a few things you have to consider when trying to log into the site. The username and the password are case-sensitive. Ensure that you check the case before use. The site cookies should also be turned on. These are some of the things that can give you a problem to log in to the site.


The site is well-designed with easy functions. It may look old, but it serves the young and the old without a problem. The colors are dull and not attractive to young users, although the features are more attractive.


For you to register on the site, you have to be 18 years old and above. You can either register using your email address or your Facebook account. There are three different sections that you will need to complete before you are allowed to use the site. The first section is creating your profile. For you to create a profile you will need the following details;

  • Your gender
  • The gender that you are interested in
  • Your age
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your current location
  • Your origin
  • Your username
  • Your relationship status
  • Your height

The next process is uploading your preferred picture. It is mandatory to upload a clear picture of your profile. The site team will verify your picture to ensure it is a real one. This is done to lockout scammers.

After you upload your picture successfully, you will get to the third step, which requires you to give information about yourself and the person you are looking for. You can add more information later if you wish. You will then receive a verification number that you must use within ten minutes. You can now access the site and enjoy yourself.

How to unlike a Large Friends member?

It is possible to, unlike a user that you had liked before. You will complete the process by accessing their profile from “my lists” then click on unlike. This is only available to members whom you had liked their profiles.

What is the age limit on Large Friends?

The site is not limited to a specific age; however, you must be above 18 years old.

Account verification on Large Friends

For you to verify your account, you will need to clearly identify documents like a copy of your driver’s license or passport. The site will keep your information private away from any third parties. When you verify your account, it is enough proof that you are a serious user.

How to verify email?

How to verify email?

You verify your email by using a code sent to you on your phone, ten minutes within the receipt.

Registration through Facebook Account

When you register through your Facebook account, the site uses the information you have on your profile. It shortens the process since much information is on the Facebook profile.

Accessing Large Friends Anonymously

For you to access the site, you must be a registered user. You must sign in to the site to access any of the features.

Creating Profile

For you to create a profile, you follow a three-step process to get approved for signing in. You will start by filling out about yourself. You will give information about your gender, age, location, origin, and many others as required. You then upload your profile picture, which should be visible and clear. The last process is verification through email.

How to delete a photo uploaded on Large Friends?

You can only delete your photo when you delete your account. Otherwise, you will have them all on your profile. However, there’s a privacy option to restrict who views your photos.

How to edit a username in Large Friends?

For you to edit your username, you will follow the process through “my profile.” The fields under this have an edit option on each. You can click on the username and change it to your preference. You then click on submit.

How to delete a Large Friends profile?

How to delete a Large Friends profile?

You can delete your account from your profile settings by clicking on the delete account button. When you delete your account, it will not be available anywhere on the site. However, you can recover it within six months of deleting, after which it will never be recovered.

What happens if users disable the “Show me on Large Friends” option?

When most users find a match, they hide their profiles to concentrate on the new catch. When you search for such a user, their profile is normally unavailable. The feature “show me on Large Friends” is meant for this process. When you disable the feature, your profile will not show on the site.

Is it possible to delete information submitted to Large Friends?

Yes, you can delete information by using the editing profile option. You are allowed to add or remove your information.

You can search members on the site using different criteria based on your needs. You can search by use of physical appearance, location, likes, and dislikes. You will then be matched to users with similar wants.

How to view likes on Large Friends?

When a user likes your profile, you will receive a notification about it. You can then view the notification and find out who it is.

Large Friends Search options

You can search for users by gender, age, location, physical appearance, and what they like and dislike. Once a match comes up, you are notified, then you can contact each other.

Can you see if someone likes you on Large Friends if you are a free member?

No, you cannot. That feature is reserved for the premium members only.



Sending messages to other users on the site is reserved for premium members only. The standard members can only reply to a message from a premium member. It is very hard to communicate through direct messages if you are a free user. The best way to send messages without restrictions is to pay for a premium.

Messaging someone on Large friends

For you to send any message to the other users, you have to be a premium member. You click on the message box and type your message, then send it.

How to message someone?

Messaging another user is a simple process. You go to their profile and choose the message function. Click on the message box and type your message then send it.

Free messaging

You cannot send messages for free on the site. You have to be a premium member to send the message. However, you can reply to a message received from a premium member if you are a free user.

How to see messages on Large Friends?

When another user sends you a message, you will receive a notification indicating so-and-so sent you a message.

How to use a camera on Large Friends?

Large Friends does not support the use of a camera on the site. There are no video functions available.

How to filter messages on Large Friends?

You can hide your profile from them so that they don’t find you in searches; thus, they can’t message you.

Membership Price

There are different methods of payment which you can choose. They include PayPal account, credit/debit card, or cheque. Your payment will either reflect as Large Friends or successful match depending on the mode you choose for payment. The subscriptions are in periods ranging from one month to twelve months. Your premiums are set for auto-renewing at the end of a running period.

Free Membership Features

Free Membership Features

You are allowed to sign up on the site as a free user. However, you will be restricted to some features. As a free user, you can enjoy the following on the site;

  • Signing up and fill out of profile
  • You are allowed to send winks to other users on a limit.
  • You are allowed to have a few photos on your profile.
  • You are allowed to search for users on a limit.
  • You can search for other users based on their location.
  • You can receive messages from the premium users.

Premium Membership Features

Premium membership is a paid membership by the users. There are extra benefits to enjoy apart from the ones offered to free users. Some of the features include;

  • You are allowed to hide your profile as you browse.
  • You can access other users’ profiles in full.
  • You can access other users’ photos.
  • You are allowed to search for users without limit.
  • You are allowed to send and receive messages.

There are charges for different durations that you can choose from. The shortest duration for a premium is one month, while the longest duration for a premium is 12 months.

For a one-month duration, you are charged a total of 29.95usd.

A three-month period is charged at 19.98usd per month or 59.95usd for the whole period.

Six-months duration will cost you 15.99usd every month or a total of 95.95usd for the entire period.

For twelve months, you will be charged 12.00usd every month or 143.95usd for the whole period.

Does Large Friends offer premium membership?

The site offers a premium membership, which comes with more exciting features than the free membership.

How to cancel Large Friends membership?

You are allowed to cancel your membership from your profile settings under membership. You then click on cancel. You will be canceled immediately. You can also disable your profile if you wish. The option is also available on your profile settings.

Is Large Friends membership auto-renewed?

When you subscribe to a premium membership, your payment is automatically on auto-renew. However, you can change the settings from your profile if you wish to stop the auto-renewing.

Is there a refund for unused funds?

Is there a refund for unused funds?

You are allowed to request a refund anytime you feel you deserve it. You only need to contact customer support through their email or phone call. Your request will be attended to within 24 hours if it is a working day. However, if you used a cheque for your payment, your money will not be refunded.

Does “support” to Large Friends automatically renew every month?

You are not charged to support the site; instead, you get rewarded by a bonus premium membership.

Is there a refund for unsatisfied members?

You will only get a refund for funds not used. You are advised to pay for one month for you to test the site functionality. If satisfied, you can pay more. If not, you cancel your membership.

How does Large Friends support to appear on your credit card bill?

Your credit card will reflect your payment for premium membership as Large Friends. There are no charges for supporting the site.

Is it possible to support other Large Friends members?

The only support you can offer to other members is by giving dating advice on the site blogs.

Is it possible to support members for just a month?

The site does not offer such services for the users.

Is Large Friends Safe?

The site is safe for use, considering the stringent measures taken for approval of any profile. The Large friends reviews on safety are also positive.

Large Friends Privacy

The site has terms and conditions that govern its operations. Your information is safe, and no third party can have access. You are advised to be careful not to disclose your private information to strangers. The customer support is ready to attend to all the security concerns on the site.

Are Large Friends chats encrypted?

The chats are encrypted and cannot be accessed by other parties.

Can Large Friends track you down?

Large Friends can track you down if you violate the site regulations, and legal action is taken against you.

Can police track down Large Friends?

Yes, you can. If you commit a crime or an illegal act on the site, you will be handed over to the authorities.

Large Friends Customer Support

The site has a customer support team that you can contact via email in case you need help.

Is the site safe?

Is the site safe?

Some terms and policies are used in running the site. You are advised to read and understand before you sign up for your safety on site. You should not reveal your personal details to strangers because they can take advantage and scam you.

Are threads on Large Friends Forums moderated?

The site managers are on standby to check out all the content submitted by users before publication. If they find out that you have gone against the terms of service, then you are restricted from posting.

What happens if a member solicits money from other Large Friends users?

Soliciting money from other users is not allowed on the site. The act will lead to a complete ban from the site and possible legal action against you.

Banned account

When you are banned from the site, you will no longer have access. Your account cannot be restored, either.

Denied access to Large Friends

You can be denied access to the site if you do not have the correct login details. You must ensure that your username and password are correct and in the correct case. You must also allow cookies for you to be able to work on the site.

How long can an account get banned?

Once you are banned from the site, you cannot recover your account. You will need to sign up again and undergo the approval process.

How to reactivate a banned account?

You cannot reactivate a banned account. You are only allowed to reactive an account that you disabled. You will log in using your email and click on reactivate the account. Reactivating your account will go through the approval process for it to function.

How to protect yourself?

You can protect yourself on the site by following simple safety rules;

  • You should not reveal your personal details to strangers.
  • You should not reveal your home address or location to strangers.
  • Always arrange a meeting in a public place.
  • Beware of people who try to ask for money from you.
  • Use the block button to keep away users that you feel are a threat to you.

How to block and report a suspected scammer?

You can block a person from their profile setting by clicking on the block button. Once you block them, they will not be able to contact you again.

What information is restricted from posting on Large Friends Account?

There is information that you are not allowed to post on your profile for security purposes. Such information includes; your bank details, home or work address, and many others, as stated on the site’s safety page.

Help and Support in the website

The site has a customer care support team that responds to the needs of users on site. They also fish out scammers and block fake profiles. There is an email that you can use to contact them, and they will respond within 24 hours.

Real life review

Real life review

From the real-life reviews offered by users on the site, there is no report of leaked information to third parties. The site has a population of real users considering the strict approval of profiles. You are sent a code to your phone to verify your account. This process keeps away scammers and bots.

Know if Large Friends is the best dating site/app?

The site is considered the best because of its strict measures for approval. You are also allowed to choose a partner that you want, be it male or female. You can interact with users from different countries.

Is Large Friends safe use?

The site is safe and secure for users. Anyone violating the rules and regulations is banned or handed over to authorities for legal action.

Large Friends as a hook-up app?

Large Friends is a dating site with features that work both on desktop and mobile app.

Is Large Friends free access

The site serves both free users and premium members. The free users are restricted to some features.

How does Large Friends operate?

For you to access the site, you have to sign up. After signing up, you become a free/standard user. You are allowed to use the site with restrictions on some features. You cannot message anyone on the site, but you can reply to a premium member’s message. You can decide to use the site as a standard member or upgrade to a premium member to enjoy more exciting features.

Alternatives of Large friends

There are other sites that offer similar or better services as Large friends. They include SilverSingles, and Ashley Madison.

Contact Information

Large friends is owned by SuccessfulMatch company located in California, USA. Their email address is support@largefriends.com. Their phone number is 1-416-628-1072.


Large friends is a dating site suitable for big men and big women. They are given a platform to find love with people who cannot body shame them. The site is open for any sexual orientation. Any user who is attracted to big men and women is also allowed to join. It may be ranged as expensive, but it offers value for your money.

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