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Paltalk Review: is it really a great dating website?

Paltalk Review: is it really a great dating website?
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Date with older guy 11%
Reply rate 84%
Beauty 86%
Popular age 18-45
Profiles 4.876.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It is free. There are tons of apps that require monthly subscription fees for people to use them. In contrast to them, Paltalk is a free program that you download and start using.
  • It has multi-platform support. It means that Paltalk can work across different platforms: you can use it both on your PC and mobile phone. For example, you can start chatting on your laptop and later continue it from your Android phone. It even supports Kindle!
  • Large userbase. You will never get bored on Paltalk - there are thousands of chatrooms where dozens of people can be.
  • Find someone who shares your thoughts and interests. It's easy to find a soulmate here because that service has thematic chartrooms.
  • You can run Paltalk right from your browser without the necessity to download anything, and even if you decide to use a client, there is good news for you – it's light and doesn't take much of it on your computer.
  • There are ads. If you hate advertisements, it might be quite harmful to you because Paltalk has them. On the other hand, this makes the website to stay free for users.

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A program called Paltalk is an excellent messaging service you can use as a dating platform. One of the great features is video chatrooms where you can meet dozens of people and see them before meeting with some of them. On top of that, you never know what you can find there.

Who is behind the Paltalk?

Paltalk is a long-term player in the software market. The company behind it is called AVM Software and is based in New York. It was initially launched back in 1998.

Where it is possible to find Paltalk today?

Paltalk is still based in the US (just like Paltalk reviews creators), where it was initially founded, but it offers a tremendous multi-culture experience and chatrooms for people from all over the world.

When the world met Paltalk?

Service was founded more than two decades ago in New York. Some people claimed that you could spot an imprint of the nineties in Paltalk design, but recently, a significant update and platform looks modern as it never was.

How many languages are available for you on Paltalk?

If we are talking about the client interface, then Paltalk supports plenty of languages without counting the English one. For instance, you can download a client that has French or German language support. Other options would be to download Paltalk with Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, or Spanish language interface. But if you are thinking about the communication between members of service, then it’s much broader. Since it’s a global messaging platform, it won’t be difficult for you to find some chat rooms where people speak your language or share the same interests as your ethnic group does

Is Paltalk available for people who come other countries?

Since the Paltalk goal is to engage the whole world, it is available worldwide. Therefore, new languages are being added continuously. Italians, Hispanics, Germans, and many other people from different countries are using Paltalk.

Extras and bonus features

Extras and bonus features

Paltalk managed to get a lot of features that will be shown to you below.

Virtual Gifts

Virtual gifts are great to use when you want to show someone a sign of interest. It also automatically makes you stand out because not everyone is so generous to send a gift. The funniest thing about those gifts is that you can also send them even to yourself.


Stickers are a common feature nowadays messengers, so they could not pass by the Paltalk review you are reading. The primary purpose of stickers is to make messages brighter and fun. You can find different sticker packs on Paltalk sorted by different categories (including adult ones).

Several webcams

Once you enter a chatroom, you can watch different users during their live webcam shows. The great thing about it is that you do not necessarily have to broadcast yourself to watch someone’s broadcast.

Chat rooms

You can either join one of the chatrooms out there or create your own where you will be an administrator. It is an excellent option if you couldn’t find the group that you would like to join.

Voice messages

If you don’t like to show your face or aren’t the type of person who likes video calls, but you still want to have some real communication experience, you can chat using voice messages. There are many rooms where people like you use their microphones to have a great talk.

Simultaneous communication with different people

You can have a video call open to chat with your family or friends. It allows you to talk to various people simultaneously.

Media exchange

Found some funny and entertaining videos on YouTube? Or perhaps some new song caught your attention on SoundCloud? With Paltalk, you can share them in chatrooms, so everyone could listen and watch it and have a discussion of it. You can also send them links, including Paltalk reviews.


You can communicate with your friends and family on a tablet, PC, or your phone.

A word on audience

A word on audience

Paltalk’s audience is enormous. Just think over 5,000 public chat rooms! It means you will find something that suits your interests. Are you a book worm? Find a group with people who share the same love for reading as you do. Soccer or NBA fan? There are plenty of chat rooms for every sports lover. You can also find groups of specific religious beliefs, discuss politics, or even learn a new language! Moreover, Paltalk is used by people from all over the world, so there will be no problem to find someone who speaks your language. Additionally, you can find yourself people that are willing to meet.

About the age of users

You will not find any children on Paltalk because its’ policy clearly states that nobody under the age of sixteen can use it. On the other hand, you should always remember the simple fact that there are immature people, even in their 40s. Anyway, you can find a person of any age you like. In case some chat room has, in your opinion, too young or too old adults, you can always switch to another one.

Fake and scam: is there any?

Creating this Paltalk review, the authors checked the website for fakes and didn’t spot any. You won’t find many fake profiles on Paltalk simply because it’s hard to fake something when there are live broadcasts. As for scam: Paltalk is a social environment, and social environments always attract some scammers, so you will not be surprised if you meet many. The primary advice would be to stay careful and show prudence when meeting strangers online.

Homepage and app

Paltalk offers both for its’ users: a mobile app and a website. Each has its’ own pros and cons, along with userbase.

Paltalk iPhone and Android App

One fantastic thing about Paltalk is that you can use it on any device you like. It has two apps for different platforms. Depending on what phone you have – iPhone or some Android device – you can choose your app. Apps are free: all you must do is install them from Play Market or App Store. It has all the features that you can find in the desktop version. Live broadcasts might look a bit like Instagram ones, so you will quickly get used to them if you are familiar with those. Paltalk app isn’t better or worse than the desktop client – it just provides you a different experience and lets you be mobile in this fast-paced era that people live in right now.

Paltalk homepage

It’s possible to chat with some people from Paltalk using a browser, but this is more like a beta feature. The focus was and still is on apps end-user is either downloading on PC or installing them on their phone. Chrome and Opera browser users will be happy to find that there are some Paltalk extensions for their browsers.

Can you use the app on your computer?

While it’s impossible to use a mobile app from the computer, some users prefer a desktop experience over mobile. It makes sense because elements on the desktop are usually much more visible, and you can adjust font size there. You can get Paltalk on any system you like: if you choose Mac over Windows, you won’t stay without socializing. You can use the website to edit some of your profile information (upgrade to a premium user or change some preferences).

Which browsers can work with Paltalk?

Paltalk is supported by all modern browsers. That includes Mozilla Firefox, Google Chome, and Opera, just to name a few. More than that, some browsers even have an extension that you can install to make your Paltalk user experience even more prosperous.

Why you can’t enter the website?

There might be different reasons for that. One of them (the most obvious one) would be your Internet connection. If you are using a public Wi-Fi network, please make sure you check it before you make any assumptions (you can start by loading Paltalk reviews first and see how it works). If you have any doubts, you can go to a website called ‘I sit down’ and check if the website is down just for you or it’s down.

Design of the website

Design of the website

When you first download and start using Paltalk client, you might get that deja vu feeling as you could see something similar in other messengers and apps on the App Store. That doesn’t make Paltalk bad, though, because it took the best out of all available products in the software market. Not so long ago, the clients were redesigned to meet all the new standards of the industry. Therefore, nobody can tell that Paltalk has a 99-era vibe – it feels modern and polished (sometimes some bugs might occur, but it’s nothing critical, though).

Becoming a user

You can create an account both from desktop and mobile. It will take a couple of minutes. Then, you need to put the Paltalk review aside for two or three minutes, choose your desirable nickname, provide a valid email address, and create a password strong enough to protect your account. You can also login both from desktop and mobile, but chat rooms will be available only for those who are using the app. When you finish registration, you need to complete it by clicking an activation link you will receive to your email (that’s why it’s so essential to provide a website only with your real email address). Once you click the link in the letter, the sign-up process will be over. Unfortunately, Paltalk doesn’t offer social network integration directly from a website, but you can download an app for Android or iOS, and there you will have an opportunity.

Can you unmatch some Paltalk member?

In Paltalk, there is always an option to ignore people you don’t like. It would help if you didn’t waste your precious time trying to explain something to those who don’t share your values.

How old should you be to make yourself a profile on Paltalk?

You won’t find any children hanging around on some chatrooms because the user has to be at least 16 years old to use their services, so there won’t be any screaming kids in chat rooms. Most of the Paltalk reviews readers will appreciate it.

How can you verify your newly created account?

When you make a profile on Paltalk, you should always use only your real email address. Why? Because it’s the only way you can start using your account if you create a profile. Alternatively, you can download and install your mobile phone Paltalk app, where you will find a Facebook profile syncing option. Once you let Paltalk connect to your social network account, you won’t need to click any activation links.

How to verify email address?

You simply go to your email and check it for a letter from Paltalk. In that letter, you will find a message with an activation link. In some cases, Paltalk’s emails can be mistakenly marked as spam, so if you can’t find any letter with the activation link, make sure you check the Spam folder.

What happens if you decide to use your Facebook account?

If you decide to register using your Facebook profile, Paltalk will get access to some of your data (nothing too personal, though: only your name and email) and won’t post any weird things on your feed.

Can you use the site without making a profile?

You must be a registered member if you plan to use Paltalk. There are several reasons. One of them would be to protect the service from underage members.

Setting up a profile

Setting up a profile

You can edit your profile. You will be able to add your gender, specify your country, write something about yourself, and describe your interests. Additionally, you can upload your photos only to remember that they shouldn’t be nude or inappropriate.

Can you delete photos in Paltalk?

You can always re-upload your photo. The only thing to keep in mind: your photos shouldn’t harass anyone, and there shouldn’t be any foul language or violence portrayed on them.

How to edit your nickname in Paltalk?

If you want to edit your nickname, you should contact admins because only they can do it.

Can you delete your Paltalk profile?

There may be different reasons why a person would like to leave the dating website or social platform like Paltalk. That’s why it’s essential to know if it’s possible or not to delete an account. In Paltalk, you can contact customer support and explain why you would like your profile to be removed from the website. If haters are the case, then you can simply ignore them and keep looking for like-minded people.

What happens if you decide to disable the «Show me on Paltalk»?

If you get tired of the attention (Paltalk reviews authors know what it’s like), there is always a possibility of turning on an Invisible mode. You can do it even before you log in to the app. But you should remember that being invisible might not allow you to enter some chat rooms. You can use invisible mode to keep an eye on some users.

Can you remove the submitted information on Paltalk?

You can always edit photos and profile information on Paltalk. For example, if your life interests and hobbies change, you can untick some of the corresponding items in your profile and choose the new ones. You also may secure your profile settings page with a secret question, so in case if someone would compromise your password, that person wouldn’t be able to edit your settings.

Searching for members

Searching for members

The best way to meet new people on Paltalk would be to join some chatroom. All you must do is select one of your favorite niches and explore chatrooms that involve it. Another option would be to look at the Trending Live Videos tab on the main screen of the Windows app.

Finally, you can enter someone’s nickname and look for that person via the search feature.

For example, if you are looking for a young woman to chat with, you can enter something like Anna22, assuming that Anna is the user’s real name, and 22 is her age.

Is it possible to see the Paltalk members who received your likes?

Instead of liking someone, you can send that person a virtual gift or some sticker pack. And you can see recipients.

What are the different filters of Paltalk search?

As you already know from the Paltalk review, you can use different ways to search for people on the website. The best option would be to look for them in chatrooms. Why? Simply because chatrooms work as a glue that unites people who share the same way of thinking.

Can you see if someone likes you on Paltalk if you are not a paid member?

As mentioned above in the Paltalk review, you cannot see who likes you – you see who sent you a gift or some funny sticker.

Sending messages

Messaging, along with video calls, is the main point of the Paltalk website. There are several ways to start messaging people there.

How can you start sending messages to someone on Paltalk?

The best strategy to find a friend is to join a chatroom of your interest. There you will see plenty of users making live broadcasts. You can quickly tell them something sweet or greet them.

How can you message someone from the website?

There are different approaches to how you can message someone. One would be to write them an instant message simply. Another option is to send that person a so-called whisper or a gift.

Is sending messages free of cost?

Sending instant messages on Paltalk won’t cost you a cent.

How do you see who messaged you on Paltalk?

Once it happens, you will get a notification like it always happens on every IM-program out there. You also have a contact list where you can find messages from other users.

How to use the camera on Paltalk?

You simply enter some chatroom and click on the webcam icon on the upper side of the screen. This action will be enough to turn on the webcam and start using Paltalk’s video call feature.

How can you filter who can send you messages on Paltalk?

It’s natural to be selective, choosing who you want to talk with and do other things. In case if there is a person (or persons) that you don’t like to talk to anymore, you can always use a Block feature called «Block pal» to prevent any messages from that particular person.

Membership — how much does it cost and how to buy it

Everything has its’ price, and Paltalk is no exclusion. But what exactly can you get as a paying member?

Duration Cost Total
Plus Subscription
12 Months 3.99 USD / Month 47.88 USD
Extreme Subscription
1 Month 9.95 USD / Month 9.95 USD
12 Months 4.99 USD / Month 59.88 USD
VIP Subscription
1 Month 19.95 USD / Month 19.95 USD
12 Months 8.99 USD / Month 107.88 USD
Prime Subscription
1 Month 39.95 USD / Month 39.95 USD
12 Months 15.00 USD / Month 179.94 USD

You can get any of those by using your credit card or PayPal account, so it won’t be a problem to become a member.

Features you can get for free

There are plenty of things that you can get for free on this website. For example, you can chat and join chat rooms totally for free. But if you want something bigger, you will have to cash out.

What features you can unlock for money?

What features you can unlock for money?

One great thing about Premium is that all ads will be automatically removed from your view. But that isn’t the only reason why you should consider going Premium. By getting a membership, you will also get access to the following features: see who viewed your profile, get multiple video windows running simultaneously, get a more clear voice, and highest video quality both when watching and publishing. You also will get credits that you can use to obtain virtual gifts and some stickers for free.

Does Paltalk offer membership subscriptions?

It surely does, but not everybody is willing to pay money to get it. Is it worth it? It’s up to you to decide, but if you like the website, why not support it?

How do you stop your Paltalk membership?

You can cancel your Paltalk subscription any time you want. If you like to do that, you simply must disable auto-billing from your credit card, and membership will get frozen until you decide to come back.

Is Paltalk membership renewed automatically?

There might be an auto-billing feature enabled if you have chosen a credit card as your payment option. If you decide to stop using premium membership, you should turn off a corresponding option.

Can you get a refund for unused time on the website?

This kind of question is very individual, and the best option, in this case, would be to contact customer support. But speaking about gifts, you won’t get a refund for not using them.

Is your “support” to Paltalk automatically renew every month?

Depending on the payment method you chose when you first got yourself a premium, you might automatically renew the support you made. But the good news is that you can always turn it off if you wish so.

Can you get your money back if you are not satisfied with Paltalk?

The service doesn’t have to provide you with any refund, so before you make an actual purchase, make sure you read the Paltalk review carefully.

How will your Paltalk support appear on your credit card bill?

Some money will be charged from your credit card once you decide to get a Paltalk premium membership.

Can you send some support to other Paltalk members?

You can support Paltalk’s other members by joining their channels and sending them some of the lovely gifts.

Can you get a membership for just a month?

You can buy a premium just for a month to check the things out, but keep in mind that it might be overpaying because you can get the same experience way cheaper if you choose to buy six months instead of one.

Is Paltalk Really Safe website?

Is Paltalk Really Safe website?

Paltalk is safe because it uses encrypted messaging so that nobody can monitor your conversations. So if you are concerned about privacy, you can be calm: the Paltalk environment is safe unless you unveil some private details yourself (don’t be too open to the strangers you meet on the Internet).

About privacy and Paltalk

User privacy on Paltalk is protected by encrypted messaging that it offers to users. This way, you can be calm when you chat with someone: your conversation won’t leave the Paltalk digital walls.

Is there encrypted chat feature on Paltalk?

As it already has been mentioned in the text, Paltalk chats are encrypted.

Can Paltalk dating app track you down?

There are different permissions the Paltalk app might ask you to give. But you are free in your choice: if you don’t like it, you can choose not to give your location.

Is it possible that Paltalk can get traced by the police?

While the chats are encrypted, chatrooms stay public, so everything you say might be traced.

Who should you contact in case of any questions regarding your privacy in Paltalk?

There is a customer support team available for Paltalk users: you can freely contact it anytime you like.

About safety

How safe is it to use Paltalk? Safety is one of the most critical questions once you decide to sign up for some website.

Is there someone who moderates Paltalk forum?

While there are no official Paltalk forums, the profiles that you find on the Paltalk are

moderated by the website’s administration.

What will happen to a member who uses a Paltalk Account to earn money?

It is prohibited by the portal rules to solicit money on Paltalk, so most likely, that user will get banned if they get caught.

Banning accounts

If you break the website’s rules, you will get banned, so before you start using it, make sure you read all the rules first.

Why can’t you get inside of Paltalk?

There are different reasons for that, and the ban isn’t the only one. Another option would be a poor Internet connection, or that website is down.

How long those Paltalk bans last?

There are different types of bans on the Paltalk website: one day long (if you were banned from some chatroom, for example), while others might last forever.

How can you reactivate your banned account?

If you got banned from a chatroom, you could try to contact their admin and explain the situation. If you got banned from the website, you can contact customer support and do the same.

Protecting yourself

Protecting yourself

First and the most important thing to understand is that your safety is in your hands.

How can you block and report a suspected scammer?

If you have spotted someone trying to steal other people’s money, you can block them by clicking on his name and selecting the option “Block pal.” The next step would be to contact the website administrator and report the suspicious person.

Which information you should avoid posting in your Paltalk Account?

You shouldn’t impersonate other people when using Paltalk, and you shouldn’t post something that is racially objectionable.

How to get Help and Support

You can always count on help and support when using Paltalk to make new friends or someone to talk to when you are lonely.

Review of a real user

“Admins are doing a hard job checking every new profile to ensure that a person who just made a profile isn’t a scammer or bot.” Andy, 32

Is Paltalk the best dating community?

While Paltalk is more about chatrooms and messaging, there are still plenty of girls and guys who are lonely and would love to have a date.

Is Paltalk safe to use?

It is safe to use. Admins do a great job fighting scammers, so there are not too many of them.

Is Paltalk a one night stand app?

You shouldn’t limit yourself with terms like the hook-up app: every place can be a hook-up one, and Paltalk isn’t any exception to this.

Is Paltalk free to use?

While fancy features will require you some money, you can still chat for free.

What is the working principle of Paltalk?

All you must do is create an account, and you are ready to go.

Are there fakes or scam users on Paltalk?

Yes, some people might impersonate other users along with some scammers, but both get banned quite quickly.

Alternative websites and apps like Paltalk

Alternative websites and apps like Paltalk

There are alternative services to Paltalk. For example, you can use Zoho Meeting or TelloTalk for similar things.

How to contact

If you like to contact Paltalk, then you can use the following address:

PeerStream, Inc.

PO Box 326

Jericho, New York 11753

United States

Phone: (800) 843-5678

Email: support@paltalk.com

Final thoughts and verdict

Paltalk is a universal website because it offers anything that people might be looking for: you can kill time and learn something useful. You can find yourself a pen friend or go with someone on a date — it all depends on your priorities.

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