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The Bookofmatches Review: Great Dating Site?

The Bookofmatches Review: Great Dating Site?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 20-28
Profiles 2 640 000
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Visit rate 7.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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The Bookofmatches users sign up here as well:

Pros and Cons

  • The service considers itself entirely free, accentuating that even the majority of free platforms suggest add-ons.
  • Such a platform helps to find you a perfect match based on your lifestyle and views. Mutual interests are the key to successful relationships, according to the service team.
  • The process of an account getting users takes just several minutes. The service requires just initial information only.
  • Users are accessible to communicate with other subscribers in different ways.
  • The simplicity of an account getting attracts scammers. There are many fake accounts.
  • The website design is a little old-fashioned.
  • Such a platform has no applications for mobile devices; therefore, the web version is the only possible way to browse the service.
  • The platform frequently promotes partner services; that’s why users may be redirected to other services by clicking a link placed within the Bookofmatches website.

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Are Users Accessible To Select Their Preferred Languages On Bookofmatches?

There is no option to change your language. English-spoken users dominate the Bookofmatches community; therefore, the developers launched such a service in one language only.

Are Users Accessible To Select Their Preferred Languages On Bookofmatches?

Which Corporation Does The Bookofmatches Website Belong To?

Such a dating platform is a self-controlled company registered in the USA. The statistics show the website occupies the 25 427th place among the most visited US websites. As referred to the ranking within the dating category, the platform enters the top-600 dating services globally.

What Is The Bookofmatches Registration Address?

This dating website was launched in the USA. Since then, the platform registration has not been changed.

When Did The Bookofmatches Website Appear?

Such a dating platform has been functioning since 2002, keeping up with the times and offering subscribers up-to-date features.

Can Users Join The Bookofmatches Platform Worldwide?

Theoretically, such a service is affordable globally; therefore, users from any country are welcome to undergo the registration process. On the other hand, this service is intended for US subscribers mostly. 86.83% of all members join the service from the USA. 4.65% more users represent Canada. Thus, more than 91% of the whole community are from just two countries.

Can Users Join The Bookofmatches Platform Worldwide?

Are There Unique Features On The Platform?

The Bookofmatches website provides subscribers with some exclusive features, demanding no fees and premium accounts. Among the most prominent unique options, the members point out the following ones:

The Rating System

Users are accessible to rate other members. Moreover, you are able to select the top-rated subscribers to display.


Such a service offers users both dating and informative content; therefore, members are suggested passing some tests to know you better.

Video Calls

Aside from the free messages, subscribers get access to video calls that are the best way to know each other and find mutual interests. Furthermore, video calls are entirely free, as well!

List Of Friends

There are some features borrowed from social networks. Users are accessible to add their special ones to their friends’ lists.


Have you ever thought about a personal blog creation? The platform makes your dream come true. Create your blog and share your opinions and interests with other members. Read other users’ blogs, as well.

Bookofmatches Community Overview

The average number of monthly visits exceeds 150 000, while the community is constantly extending. An average user spends at least 4 minutes on the platform, viewing more than nine pages. The service is compatible with all dating purposes. Aside from the USA and Canada, users representing Cote D’Ivoire, Great Britain, and Germany frequently join the platform. Moreover, the service welcomes single and heterosexual subscribers only. If not, visitors should better select other platforms.

Age Groups Represented On The Platform

The Bookofmatches reviews indicate that the service attracts members of all age groups. Meanwhile, single men and women aged 25 to 40 years are the most frequent visitors.

Risk Of A Scam

Visitors indicate that the number of fake accounts is high enough. The system requires no robust verification; therefore, scammers and catfishes easily enter this platform. Meanwhile, the service team takes measures to block those accounts timely.

Risk Of A Scam

Available Platform Versions

The subscribers have no alternatives. The web version is the only way to use the service. No mobile applications launched.

Are There Any Mobile Applications?

The Bookofmatches service has launched no special mobile applications, but users are free to enter the website from their mobile devices, as the platform is mobile-adapted. Subscribers get the same functionality.

Bookofmatches Web Version Overview

Users get numerous useful functions conveniently categorized in several groups, offering members all features at their fingertips.

May Subscribers Download Applications From Their Computer?

Unfortunately, no applications launched yet; therefore, subscribers are accessible to enter the service web version, using their mobile devices.

Which Browsers Are Compatible With The Bookofmatches Website?

There are no limitations concerning the web browsers. Such a platform is compatible with all of them; that’s why members get the maximum comfort while using the service.

Why Do Subscribers Face Problems, While Entering The Website?

When a user cannot log in his or her Bookofmatches account, check whether an email address and a password are typed correctly. Inappropriate login and password are the most widespread reasons subscribers lose access to their accounts.

Website Design And Functionality Overview

The community accentuates one significant disadvantage of the Bookofmatches website design. It looks old-fashioned. Different shades of blue color are combined with the white one. Such a design solution creates a relaxing mood, but the platform lacks some bright inserts. Fonts are clear enough. The upper menu offers five categories, and users may find a necessary option in several clicks.

How To Get An Account There?

The registration process on the Bookofmatches comprises the following steps:

  • Get on the website from your computer or mobile device.
  • Insert your username and click on ‘Let Me In’. Note that the system requires no real names, as the members’ personalities are kept in secret.
  • Inscribe your email address and create a password.
  • Enter the suggested number to prove you are a real person, and press on the ‘Submit’ button.
  • Members are expected to answer some questions to complete the registration. Those questions include info about your gender, age, location, smoking, and drinking habits. Some fields are optional.
How To Get An Account There?

Can Users Cancel Their Bookofmatches Subscription?

All users, who’ve undergone the registration process, are accessible to cancel their subscription any time they wish by deleting an account. Furthermore, you may just log out of the system.

Which Age Is Appropriate For The Registration On Bookofmatches?

Such an aspect is common for all dating platforms obliged to follow the legislative norms. Persons under 18 are strictly forbidden to enter the service.

Are There Any Options of an account verification?

The system provides users with no verification features, but the Bookofmatches team monitors accounts and deletes photos and other content in case of not corresponding to the indicated rules.

Can Users Verify Their Email Address

Unlike some other dating services, there is no opportunity to verify your email address. Meanwhile, the system blocks temp mail addresses; therefore, a member can only use his or her real email to get an account.

Is There An Option To Register With Facebook

The Bookofmatches website welcomes members to undergo the registration with their email addresses. No alternative ways of entering the platform attached!

Which Options Are Available Without Registration?

Unregistered persons are accessible to select a US or Canadian state, and the system displays persons from that state. Furthermore, visitors get access to the full profile information. Such an opportunity is launched for kindling a person’s interest.

Accessible Bookofmatches Profile Settings

Aside from the basic information required within the registration, the following additional categories are accessible.

  • Members are suggested telling more about their music preferences, perfect dating experience, qualities a person is seeking for in a partner, etc. The more answers you give, the more chances to find someone truly special.
  • Subscribers are free to create their own blogs accessible to everybody. Share everything you are interested in and attract like-minded people.
  • Yes/no questions take you some 1-2 minutes and help to tell much more about your lifestyle and background.

Moreover, users may upload photos to catch other members’ attention.

Is There An Option Of An Uploaded Photo Deleting?

Users are free to edit their profiles as they wish. That includes photos. Delete and upload photos on your own. Note that sometimes a photo can be deleted by the Bookofmatches team. Such a possibility appears when your photo doesn’t correspond to the platform rules.

May Users Edit Their Screen Names On Bookofmatches?

The subscribers get no access to a screen name changing; therefore, create a username that describes you the best but keeps your personality anonymous.

Are Users Available To Switch Off Their Profiles?

While wishing to make a pause in using the platform, just log out the platform. Meanwhile, all subscribers are accessible to delete their profiles forever. Click on ‘Home’ and select the ‘Delete’ option. Follow the indicated link to complete the process.

Can Bookofmatches Users Deactivate ‘Show Me’ Option?

The service members are accessible to browse the service anonymously. Take the same steps as for an account deleting (exception of the last one) and then select the ‘Hide my account’ option. Furthermore, such an option is available in the ‘Update Profile’ category.

Can Bookofmatches Users Deactivate ‘Show Me’ Option?

Are Users Accessible To Delete The Info Given On Bookofmatches?

Users’ profiles are truly personal; therefore, members are free to edit them whenever they wish, but some information is required for the registration. You may edit your personal info, but there is no opportunity to delete it. On the one hand, an account deleting removes all the given information permanently.

Member Searching Process

Members need to indicate their searching preferences to find their perfect match. The platform suggests searching a user either by filters or by his or her username. Click on ‘Search’ and select the preferred feature.

Have Access To Members I Leave A ‘like’ On The Bookofmatches Platform?

A Bookofmatches review shows that the platform provides no liking options. Users are able to add members to their list of friends or favorites instead.

Which Searching Filters Are Accessible On The Bookofmatches Website?

The following searching preferences are accessible to be selected:

  • Choose the preferred region (select a country or a state from the list).
  • Specify a person’s gender whom you are looking for.
  • Select the preferred age bracket (from-to).
  • Select the purpose a person is using Bookofmatches (friendship, dating, long-term relations, etc.).
  • Specify preferred smoking and drinking habits of a person you are searching for.

Click on ‘Search Members’, when all necessary filters are specified.

Can Free Members View Who’s Liked Them On The Bookofmatches Website?

Foremost, the system is entirely free; therefore, standard members get access to all features. They may view who’s added them to a list of friends or favorites, as there is no ‘liking’ feature.

Available Messaging Feature

The platform makes the messaging option as simple as possible. Select a person kindling your interest and send a mail. Meanwhile, the Bookofmatches website requires members not to send their emails, phone numbers, and other contact information to persons who are not in your friend list.

How To Initiate A Contact On Bookofmatches?

Enter the website and find a person you wish to communicate with. Click on his or her profile picture to get access to the full information. Select one of the suggested options: send a mail, or a request for adding her or him to your list of friends/favorites.

How To Send A Message?

Press on the ‘Send Mail’ button. Type your message. Note that users are accessible to add special animated emoji to their messages, making them more vivid.

May Subscribers Send Messages For Free?

The Bookofmatches platform includes no add-ons or premium membership; therefore, users can access all available options for free. The messaging feature is not an exception.

Where Can Users View Their Messaging History On Bookofmatches?

Click on the ‘Mail’ insert located in the upper menu to open your messaging history. Moreover, subscribers are accessible to change their mail settings, defining which notifications sent by the platform are necessary.

Is There An Option Of A Webcam Using On Bookofmatches Website?

Video calls are considered as an innovative and useful function accessible for free. There are just some dating platforms where users don’t need to spend their money on video calls.

Can Subscribers Decide Who Can Message Them On Bookofmatches?

The messaging option is accessible for all users by default. Meanwhile, a member is accessible to cease communicating with a person who bothers him or her. Just block a subscriber, making him or her not available to send you more messages.

Can Subscribers Decide Who Can Message Them On Bookofmatches?

Premium Membership Plans On The Bookofmatches Website

The platform provides users with no premium account. Such a website is entirely free, including no hidden add-ons and fees. The subscribers understand free access to all features as the key advantage the website offers.

Free Features On The Platform

All suggested features are available for free. Users may fill in their profiles, send messages and friends requests, pass tests, etc. The platform’s functionality implies no paid features.

Are There Any Premium Options?

The Bookofmatches review informs users that there are no paid features on the platform.

Does The Bookofmatches Platform Offer Some Add-Ons

There are neither premium membership plans, no add-ons on the platform.

How Can Users Cancel The Bookofmatches Subscription Auto-Renewal?

When a person has undergone the registration process, all features are accessible for him or her. No limitations attached until a subscriber will have deleted an account.

Why Is There No Subscription Auto-Renewal Option?

There is no premium membership option; therefore, an auto-renewal option is not required.

Why There Is No Refund Option On Bookofmatches?

There are many websites facing a problem when users consider those services useless, demanding refunds. The Bookofmatches website is 100% free; therefore, subscribers from all over the world are accessible to understand whether the platform is worth using, spending no penny.

Does The Bookofmatches Platform Comprise A Monthly Support Opportunity?

There is no support providing options. Moreover, the platform admonished subscribers of money sending to any other users.

What Should Subscribers Do, While Being Not Satisfied With The Service?

When a person cannot find his or her perfect match on the Bookofmatches website, there are two ways: either delete your account, ceasing your membership, or enter partner-website (there are some links published on the platform).

Does The Bookofmatches Members Get Some Credit Card Bills?

When you get a bill that informs the platform that it requires some payment, that is entirely fake one. Call the police in such a case.

May Users Support Other Subscribers On The Bookofmatches?

Subscribers are strictly forbidden to send money to other users. Such an attempt leads to the most severe sanctions, including a permanent ban of a person’s account.

Is It Possible To Buy Premium For One Month?

No premium plans attached! All members are understood as both standard and premium simultaneously, as they are accessible to use any options suggested by the platform.

Are Users Safe On Bookofmatches?

The subscribers consider themselves safe enough, as the platform requires no real names and basic personal information. Safety is mentioned as the key aspect of the team accentuates. Read the terms of use and privacy policy thoroughly before entering this service.

Privacy Policy Provided By The Bookofmatches Website

According to the privacy agreement, the service doesn’t transfer the information given by users to any third parties. Moreover, users are free to provide no additional information apart from the basic one indicated within the registration process.

Does The Bookofmatches Service Encrypt Private Chats?

Such a platform implies no chats encryption option, but private chats are accessible for persons participating in a communication. No other members get access to your messaging history.

Does The Bookofmatches Service Encrypt Private Chats?

Is It Possible To Be Tracked Down By The Bookofmatches Platform?

The platform gets no real name and exact location of a user; therefore, there are few chances such a service can track users down. In case of any rules or state laws violation, the team bans a person’s account.

Does The Bookofmatches Team Cooperate With The Police?

There had been no accidents concerning the police involving. Theoretically, the police have the right to ask for any users’ personal data if there are some serious grounds.

There Are Still Some Questions On Privacy Policy On Bookofmatches. Whom Should A User Apply To?

Any questions that concern the platform using are addressed to the customer support. A team of specialists provides a member with detailed answers within the shortest terms, according to a Bookofmatches review.

Platform’s Safety

There are numerous requirements for content and photos published by users. The Bookofmatches team constantly monitors the content, detecting violations and banning accounts.

Does The Bookofmatches Team Moderate Forums And Chats?

There are no forums on the platform, while members are free to create their blogs. The team monitors the content published in blogs. As referred to the private chats, no moderation attached. Members themselves are responsible for that content. When a user complains about harassing or offensive messages sent by another user, the team analyses case details.

What Are The Bookofmatches Sanctions For Money Soliciting?

Such a crude violation leads to an account ban. The platform team may ban an account forever for money soliciting.

What Are The Reasons For An Account Ban?

The Bookofmatches reviews inform there are many reasons for an account ban. The website allows members to publish their hot sexy photos, but nudity is forbidden. As referred to the content, no harassing and abusive information should be published.

Why Members Cannot Get On The Bookofmatches Website?

When a user is convinced that login and password are correct, they need to contact the customer support to get more details, why the team suspended an account.

What Is A Bookofmatches Ban Duration?

The terms of use indicate that the platform team has been banning accounts for at least one year. Everything depends on which rules are violated. Some cases imply a permanent account ban.

Which Steps Are Necessary For An Account Reactivating?

Foremost, you need to contact the customer support service and understand the reason for a ban. Then answer all questions and find out how you can get your account out of a ban. Note that the best way lies in reading terms and conditions thoroughly and strictly following them.

How Users Can Protect Themselves On The Platform?

On the one hand, the team monitors content published on the platform, while on the other hand, users should protect both themselves and the website from scammers and catfishes. There are some options suggested.

Is There A Possibility To Block And Report A User?

Note that blocking and reporting options are different. A member may block any user while wishing to cease the communication with him or her. As for the reporting option, this feature informs the team about fake accounts or users violating the service rules. Contact the support team to report a suspicious user.

Which Information Is Forbidden On The Bookofmatches Platform?

The system allows no telephone number, emails, and other personal contacts publishing. Nudity content is forbidden, as well. Note that your info and messages should not abuse somebody’s feelings.

Help And Support Facilities

The Bookofmatches subscribers are accessible to contact the customer support any time they wish. Click on Contact Us and type your message. Describe the problem as more detailed as possible. The team specialists give an answer in the shortest terms.

Help And Support Facilities

Bookofmatches Real Life Review

When I registered on the Bookofmatches platform, different members had been suggested by the system. Unfortunately, the first two users turned out to be scammers. I contacted the customer support immediately, and those accounts had been banned. Then I met an interesting girl from New Jersey who shared my interests and cultural views.

Do Users Understand The Bookofmatches As The Best Dating Platform?

There are numerous opinions concerning the platform. Some users accentuate that such a platform is entirely free, while others emphasize the cons of the service. The Bookofmatches is popular among certain subscribers.

Does The Bookofmatches Understood As A Safe?

The members feel themselves entirely safe, as no real names are required. Moreover, the platform provides members with an ability to contact the customer support and solve any problems within the shortest terms.

Is The Bookofmatches Website Intended For Hookups?

The service is oriented more to the long-term relationships, but hookups are as well among the dating purposes. Moreover, some people use this website to make new friends.

Have Subscribers To Spend Some Money For The Bookofmatches Platform Usage?

The platform is entirely free and includes no limitations for the subscribers. All options are accessible. There are no premium membership plans at all: such a website is not a money-consuming platform.

What Are The Bookofmatches Functioning Algorithms?

To get the full platform functionality, take the following steps:

  • Complete your account registration.
  • Make your profile more detailed by answering questions and passing tests.
  • Select the preferred searching filters.
  • Find someone you wish to communicate with.
  • Type a message and initiate a contact.

Which Platforms Are The Main Competitors Of Bookofmatches?

The number of dating services is gradually extending. As referred to the key competitors of the Bookofmatches platform, US and Canada-oriented services should be mentioned foremost. Those are USA Chat & American Dating, USdate, Canadian Online, etc. Those services are more stylish and launched mobile apps, but paid features are required there.

How To Contact The Bookofmatches Team?

There is only one way to contact the service team. Use the website feedback form and type your message. The website contains no other contact information.

How To Contact The Bookofmatches Team?


Such a service aims to unite single people of all age groups. The platform welcomes users worldwide, while on an actual basis, Bookofmatches is useful for the US and Canadian subscribers mostly.

The users are accessible to get on the website only. No mobile apps launched, and that is an essential disadvantage for the younger auditory. Moreover, the website looks a little old-fashioned.

All service functions are free, including video calls and animated messages. The platform is 100% free. The service pros are its cons as well. The registration simplicity and no fees attract scammers and catfishes.

The Bookofmatches platform is undoubtedly worth joining when you live in the USA or Canada. As referred to the other countries, it depends on a particular location.

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