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Get It On Review: Great Dating Site?

Get It On Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 22-29
Profiles 2 500 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Get It On has an advanced matching system that successfully matches a person having sexual compatibility.
  • It is guaranteed for users to get laid within three months
  • Detailed filtering options and advanced search
  • Verification and member screening is not a priority for new users.
  • No mobile application for this website.
  • Doesn't do a background check on criminal activities for new members

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The dating site focuses on matching you with people having the same sexual preference. The HookUp site aims to find an ideal sexual match. People answer short questions about their sexual compatibility, and that’s how they see the perfect companion.

The site has an Alexa ranking of 44259 in the US and 61849 worldwide. On average, 535000 visitors register monthly.

This one is undoubtedly one of the trendiest websites because of its exclusive features. Other than the matching system, members can also find a match who is online, close to them or a hottie. So is it worth the money and effort, or will it just leave you hanging after the payment? Read on the complete Get It On review to find out how it is the worthiest of all dating sites.

Get It On Review: Great Dating Site?

Languages The Website Support

Mainly it supports the English language as it is worldwide.

Owners And Operators Of Get It On

The website is owned and operated by various ink in the US. The same creators of passion.com, alt.com, etc.

Head Office Of Get It On

The website is based in the US.

Launch Date Of Get It On

The company originated in 1999. Since then, it has been proven to be one of the best dating platforms for casual relationships or sexual meetings.

Regions Where Get It On Is Available

The website is available worldwide and has almost over 10 million users from all over the world.

Special Features In Get It On

It is famous for developing the most creative dating sites full of extraordinary features. Just like the rest of the system websites, this website doesn’t lag in any aspect. Read below to find out the most amazing features of getting it on.


This is precisely the feature in the site that allows the member to publish their entries. Members are permitted to write about anything and express their views. Just like that, they can see the blocked post of other members and comment on it.

Get It On Points

Members can earn points if they refer the Get It On website to a friend. Or else if they can do a task on the list of Get It On. Later on, you can lose your points to use special features. You can even use one month of gold membership in exchange for your points.

Get It On Groups

Members are allowed to initiate a forum discussion with members, which is often called as groups. Members can join the conversation and express their opinions about any matter.


Members are allowed to give tips to other users as a way of expressing appreciation. These tips, later on, convert to points which can further be used to unlock great features and have the benefit of specific freebies.

Live Model Chat

Professional models conduct live video chats in this unique feature. All the members who are part of Get It On can join and watch the video. You can only draw videos that are tagged as free. Other video chats under private are allowed for monthly subscribed members in a model fan club.

Refer A Friend

Another great feature is you can ask a friend to join Get It On. If your friend becomes a member or upgrades his membership, then you will receive points.

Upgrade To Gold For Others

In this feature, you can buy a gold membership for any other user you like. The other user will get a notification when you help him get an upgrade in membership.

Upgrade To Gold For Others

Audience Quality In Get It On

The site has almost 7800000 members only from the USA. It gets 15000 daily logins from all over the world. With a 30% population of females and 70% of males, this website is spreading rapidly. Get It On offers broad variations of ethnicity for members. No personality in the name of gender, sexual preference, or nationality is allowed.

Members are encouraged to sign up and look for another person to have a hookup. One can also look for a couple or group if that’s his choice. People can also register as a partner or couple to find members to join a swinger or threesome. You just need to be precise about what kind of sexual encounters you are interested in.

The tremendous eastern listing has all the members arranged based on their country or state. You can also browse using a particular location and gender. You can click on any of these categories: men/women, couples (man/man) (woman/woman)(man/woman), or a group looking for men/women, couples (man/man) (woman/woman)(man/woman), or a group. You just need to click on a category and see the profiles of members.

Age Distribution Of Members

The majority of the members are between 35 and 54 years old. Only 17% of the population are among people aged from 18 to 24. 21% of the population exists among 25 to 34 years older adults. 26% of the population is from 35 to 40, 4 years old. 25% of the population is from 45 to 54 years old. Overall you can see 30% off of the population is covered by females, and 70% are among males. This gives the conclusion that no matter what your age is, you can always find a partner.

Fakers And Scammers In Site

The population of scammers is quite less on the Get It On website. Despite putting strict rules, laws, and regulations, some people always manage to scam others on every site. You can just stay alert and report abuse if you find anyone suspicious. The members who are found guilty of fraudulent activities are immediately removed and banned from the website. People forming fake profiles and posing to be someone they are not are banned immediately on the name of fraud.

Website And Mobile App

You can find the app that is integrated with all friend finder. It is available to download from the Apple app store.

Get It On Application

As there is no separate application, there is one but only an integrated app.

No information about app details is available, although you can use the same credentials to Get It On to log in your account in all friend finder mobile app.

Get It On Website

The official website has explicit adult content. The site is secure for anyone to navigate. It straightforwardly gives you the login options and for creating a new account. The attractive website will hook you on one look. Also, you can open the site in your mobile. You will see the same features as you do on the desktop. There are all sorts of tools and tabs in the mobile version too that are available on PC.

Can Users Use The Get It On App On The Computer?

As there is no separate app and only and integrated one, you cannot use it on your computer.

Which Browsers Do Get It On Support?

Any browser supports the website, including Google Chrome, Opera, UC browser, and even internet explorer. You just need useful internet, and the browser won’t be an issue. You can read Get It On reviews to know how this thing works.

Why Someone Has A Hard Time Entering The Site?

The only reason you cannot get access to the site is probably because of the location of a slow internet connection. Just cross-check if your internet is running well. If you can’t get access, try turning on the VPN. If you are living outside the UK, then some people may face this problem. A solution is a VPN software that you can turn on and then access the website.

Why Someone Has A Hard Time Entering The Site?


The interface of the website is straightforward and straightforward to understand. You can select the point features and click on them as per your requirement.

Registration Process

The whole registration process in Get It On takes nearly 1 to 3 minutes. The first process involves you filling out a form regarding your gender and the gender of the person you are seeking on the website. You have to be precise about whether you want a single man, woman, couple, or a group.

Also, you and your partner can both register as a couple. After that, you have to pick your interest among the several types of sexual meetings. You have to choose among threesome, cybersex with cams, cybersex or one on one. You can tick whatever you need.

After that, you just need to write a short headline for your profile describing your sexual desires. Then you have to choose a username and put essential details including country, birth date, email address, and zip code. Putting relationship status is optional.

You do not require to choose a password; you will be sent a password by getting it on your email. Just finish all the details and click on submit. Then you will be redirected to the graduation page.

Is It Possible To Unmatch A Get It On User?

There is an option called hotlist on which you can add members you like. If you want to remove someone from the list, you can just click on the options on that member’s profile and click remove from the hotlist.

How Old Should You Be To Become A Member Of Get It On?

It is by rule required for members to be 18 years old at least to join the Get It On the club.

Is It Possible To Verify The Account?

The company itself is secured and certified. However, no information is available about verifying the account. You don’t need to worry about verification, as it is safe and trusted.

How Could Someone Verify Their Email?

No email verification is required to sign up or register in to Get It On.

How To Register Using The Facebook Account?

You can only register through email. Signing up using Facebook is not an option to Get It On.

Can One Use The Site Without Signing Up?

You cannot use the website as a guest. It is the most basic requirement to first register, and then you can use it.

Profile Set-Up

Setting up your profile and looking at other members’ profiles is somewhat an easy task.

The return does not ask for too much information for setting a profile. The top of the profile section will include information regarding location, user name, gender, age, and the profile headline that describes you. You can also see if the person is online or when was the last time he was.

Below the profile header, you will see three tabs called videos, photo album, and profile. Only the premium members can view videos and photo albums. The profile in Get It On will include a paragraph about your personality and section about the nature of your ideal partner. Other necessary details like birth date, astrological sign, languages, marital status, sexual encounter preference are also mention on your profile.

A separate section of the profile has the tabs, including Testimonials, Message Box, Friends Network, My Activities and, Blings. And when you visit the profile of another member, you can see a compatibility chart representing how compatible that person is with you in an aspect of sexual orientation, gender, body type, age, marital status and, distance.

Profile Set-Up

How To Delete An Uploaded Photo In Get It On?

You can delete or change your photo anytime you want. Just go to your profile and click on your profile picture. After going into options, you will see the edit and delete icons. Just click on the delete if you want to remove the image.

How To Edit Username In The Site?

For editing the username, you need to go to the account settings. Just click on edit and, you can change the username and any other detail you want.

How To Delete Your Profile?

You find an option called ‘permanently delete my entire account’ in the account settings. You can reach there by clicking on the change profile availability tab.

What Happens After Disabling The “Show Me On Get It On ” Icon?

Your details, including your profile, will be temporarily hidden from other members if you disable the ‘show me button.

How To Delete The Submitted Information In Get It On?

Yes you, can change any details you have submitted by clicking on the edit profile. You can change the preference, your profile data, and any other account-related information.

Member Search In Site

You can easily find members on the site. The first and foremost step would be to put your username, password, and log in to your account.

The most obvious way of searching for other members is to go to the search bar in Get It On website. You will see basic options to search for other members. Either you can put the username of the member, or you can fill out the form asking your preferences. There you can set whether you want to find a man, woman or a couple. Then you just need to click on the search button.

However, your search details will not be saved unless you are a premium member.

How To See The Liked Members In Get It On?

Yes, you can see the list of people you want as the hotlist feature is available for free users as well.

What Are The Different Options Of Get It On Searches?

The only feasible method of finding people is a valid search option at the top of the navigation bar. You can search the profiles based on the hotness ratings, proximity, and online status.

Can You See Whom Someone Likes You On Get It On If You Are A Free Member?

You will have to get a membership to see if someone likes you or not.


You can send messages and flirts when you are in a premium subscription. Essential communication means are hotlisting, messaging, and sending flirts.

How To Initiate Messaging With Someone On Get It On?

There are many methods to find compatible members. The first one is by using the search bar. Other than that, you can start putting people on your hotlist. If you come across a member who has an enhanced chat message feature and is a premium member, you can text him even if you are a free member. You can also join the fan clubs in Get It On and watch live model video chat. You will get immediate access to the videos, and nudes of the model. You can enjoy the free or private broadcast of these models.

But you will have to get premium membership to text anyone personally.

How To Initiate Messaging With Someone On Get It On?

How To Message A Member?

You just have to click on the chat option present in the profile of the person you want to text. Then you can send a message.

Is It Free To Send Messages?

Sending messages comes under the premium subscription. This feature is not free unless you are a paid member.

How To Know Who Messaged Me On Get It On?

You just have to open the chat option and see who has messaged you.

How To Access And Use The Camera On Get It On?

You can use the camera if you want to conduct a live broadcast.

Filter The Messages On Get It On

There is no option regarding filter messages. However, you can accept the messages from the person you like and ignore the ones who are troublesome. Also, you can block the numbers if you find them abusive.

Membership Price And Payment Method

You can get a seven days free trial for zero amount.

The one-month subscription will charge 29.95 dollars.

The three monthly subscriptions will cost 19.95 USD per month.

And the 12-month annual subscription will cost 14.95 USD per month.

There are mainly three payment options by which you can pay the subscription amount.

Through credit card, check, or debit card.

Free Membership Features

The official Get It On website is loaded with free features, but it is almost impossible to make contact with anyone unless you have a paid subscription. You can see below a list of free services you can get in trial version:

  • Creating an account
  • Creating a profile
  • Search filters usability
  • Browsing member profiles
  • Adding members to the hotlist
  • Being a part of a group of forum discussion
  • Watching free live chats by models
  • Publishing blog post

Premium Membership Features

General premium membership luxuries in Get It On are:

  • Adding friends
  • Viewing photo galleries of other members
  • Sending personal messages
  • Priority customer service
  • Sending flirts
  • Unlimited live webcam
  • Get in the top member search result
  • Posting testimonial on others profile

You will get all the features in premium membership fees of one month or 12 months.

Other than that, you get an enhanced chat messages subscription that allows other members to text you first for free. You will need to pay 19.9 $5 per month—35.9 USD for three months, or 10 7.40 USD annually.

Other than that, you can get tokens by paying a certain amount. You can get a hundred tokens in $12, 185 tokens in $20, $550, 1000 tokens 899 dollars.

The last one is the fan club subscription. You will need to pay 14.95 dollars per month for joining premium fan clubs.

Does Get It On Give Premium Membership?

Yes, the site offers lots of premium membership, as you can see. You can get any plan you want that suits you the best.

Steps To Cancel Get It On Membership

You need to go to your account settings and click on cancel membership anytime you want.

Do Get It On Membership Supports Auto-Renewal?

Yes, Get It On membership will be auto renewed according to the duration you selected.

How To Get A Refund For The Unused Time In The Site?

There is no policy regarding refunds for unused time once you get the membership.

Is The Membership Auto Renewed?

Yes, it is automatically renewed unless you cancel the subscription.

Requesting Customer Support For Money Back On Get It On Is Not Possible

The site does not deliver a money-back guarantee.

Get It On Support Record On Credit Card Bill

The bill will be charged under the name of the company’s premium subscriptions.

Gifting Premium Membership To Other Get It On Members

You are allowed to purchase the premium membership for other members.

Sending Support For A Month

Yes, it depends on you for how long or for how many months you want to buy the membership.

Sending Support For A Month

Safety Of Users On Get It On

Get It On is a secure site verified by GoDaddy. It involves in house technical staff regularly ensuring the safety of members. The website has also begun working with Mandiant that is a leading forensic expert third-party for enhancing the security system. Also, AFF doesn’t ask for or very personal information for users as it follows the privacy policy.

Privacy Of Members In Get It On

You are secured when it comes to privacy. All the personal information you have put for creating the profile is strictly personal. The authority doesn’t share it with a third party. The data is disclosed only to you and no one else without your consent.

Are Get It On Personal Texts And Chats Encrypted?

All the personal chatting and messages are preserved and safe from any third party. It is not easy to be hacked by any other person as the chats are encrypted.

Can Get It On Track Down The Members?

No, the website doesn’t track you down unless you have put precise and accurate location details, which we do not encourage.

Can Police Trace Get It On Users?

Police haven’t traced anyone in Get It On yet but can do so in case of extreme fraudulent activities or emergencies.

Whom To Contact For Queries Regarding Privacy In Get It On?

You just need to contact the authorities and moderators of the website through their contact information mention at the end of this article.


This website is among the safest dating websites as it uses the highest means of security to protect its members.

No Moderators On Get It On Forums

People are encouraged to use forums and threads to have a discussion. Moderation of threads is, however, not always kept, and you can check it in your account as well.

What Happens To A Member Who Uses A Get It On Account To Take Money?

Such a person will be banned from the account permanently, who uses private information against a member to solicit money.

Banned account

A member who violates the rules and regulations abuses or harasses other members will be banned.

Why Can’t User Access The Get It On Id?

If you are banned from your account and cannot access your profile, it’s because you might have violated a rule.

How Long Do Get It On Bans Last?

The duration of the ban is not known.

How To Reactivate The Banned Account?

To deactivate your account, you will have to connect with the moderator of the Get It On website and have a discussion with him.

Protect yourself

You can protect yourself by following the rules and keeping your details intact.

How To Block Or Report A Suspected Scammer?

You can just enter the profile of the person and click on report abuse if you find a suspicious member.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Uploaded In Your Get It On Account?

The information regarding your home address, contact details shouldn’t be posted in public.

Help And Support

The support section will help you reach and connect with customer service. You will also get precise answers to some of the common queries like how to log in, how to search, etc.

Help And Support

Real Life Review

Overall I can tell it is the most reliable website for singles and couples today. I was glad to explore my sexuality and rediscovered the passion I lost. Another benefit is that I found genuine partners that were worth the money. I didn’t fall for any scam as the company protected me at its best. In the end, I can just say that if you are looking for a passionate casual relationship, you have got to try this website.

Is Get It On The Best And Popular Dating Site/App?

It is one of the trendiest websites that get many new visitors per day seeking for partners.

Is Get It On Safe?

With its fantastic features and utmost security, we can say that it is among the safest platforms.

Is Get It On Free To Use?

It is free to register and use; however, you can unlock many great features once you become a paid member.

How Does The Get It On-Site Work?

Once you log in and make an account, you will just need to put details about yourself and the details about your sexual encounter preference. After that, the website will show you the most compatible partners based on the information you put.

What To Do About Fake Or Scam Members On Get It On?

The population of fake or scam members is limited to a minimal amount. However, if you come across such scammers, you can always report abuse or connect with the authority.

Alternatives For Get It On

Similar competitive sites like getting it on are:

  • Adult friend finder.
  • Ashley Madison
  • Wamba

Contact Information

  • Company: Operated in the US by various inc
  • Address: 910 Hamilton, Campbell, suite 600, CA, 95008.
  • Phone: 8885 758 383 toll-free (US)


This Get It On website is best for people who are looking for a casual HookUp or an occasional short term relationship. It is for sexual encounters, but who knows if you end the falling for each other. Everyone starting from the age of 18 can make an account and rediscover their passion for sexual desires.

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