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Be a Part of the Affair Alert Website and Experience Happiness Outside Marriage

Be a Part of the Affair Alert Website and Experience Happiness Outside Marriage
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Pros and Cons

  • Super quick and free registration
  • It comes with excellent matchmaking features
  • A lot of communication channels
  • Both website and app run smoothly
  • It has a huge member base
  • Advanced perks are a bit expensive
  • Friends library can be improved

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Getting married to the love of your life seems like a great dream. Having sex with them feels like heaven. Even though we agree to all of that, we also think that sharing a bed with the same person for the entire life can get a bit boring. There are over thousands of men and women who try to find extra fun outside their regular relationship. In case you are reading this Affair Alert review, we know that you too want the same. Therefore, we have covered all your queries about the Affair Alert app further in the guide. Stay hooked until the end!


The Affair Alert website was launched in 2013. The platform’s sole purpose is to satisfy the youth by allowing them to have sex with random people. None of the members judges the other person because all of them have the same goal. Getting involved in an extramarital affair without being judged is indeed the best opportunity for a married person. The women here are very straightforward about their needs. Hence, you will not meet shy ladies who worship their husbands. Instead, you will encounter lionesses on the Affair Alert app, and this is what men love the most about the platform. Keep reading to discover all the ins and outs!

Be a Part of the Affair Alert Website and Experience Happiness Outside Marriage

How Does Affair Alert Work?

Affair Alert is a simple place with simple rules. All you need to do is log in, provide a few details about yourself, explore the members, and find the right match. According to Affair Alert reviews, it is one of the best portals to give wings to your lustful desires. There are both free and paid versions. The former consists of very few features compared to the paid one. So, if you want to enjoy the service to the fullest, make sure you spend some money buying the pro features. We will discuss the pricing aspect as well; read on!

Signing up at the Affair Alert Website

The Affair Alert app is the perfect corner for cheating on your spouse with ease. The sign-up process is super easy and can be managed by all. The first thing that the forum wants to confirm about you is whether you are 18 years and your sexual preference. After that, they will direct you to the homepage; click on the ‘Login’ option to join.

All you need to provide is your email, username, and password. They will email you a confirmation link, which will enable you to access your account. The entire process takes a few minutes and requires no special knowledge in the field of dating.

How to Contact the Members?

Letting people communicate is the major goal of any dating site. Affair Alert developers have kept this factor in mind while building the platform. Here, you can effortlessly search for interests that match your preferences. Are you thinking about how to do so? Well, by applying search filters! You can narrow your search results by choosing what you like and what you don’t. You can use the filters in the free version, but the options are scarce: age and location. However, in the paid version, you get more parameters to make your partner hunt an easier task.

Once you match the ideal person, you can connect with them via text messages, email, and so on. With the premium version, you can also send virtual presents to your mate, and it’s the best way to win their heart!

How to Contact the Members?

Affair Alert Member Profiles

This platform is a place where millions of hungry souls get together. Here, both boys and girls participate in initiating a juicy affair. The Affair Alert website is a forum only for straight people looking for a sexy mate. The profiles are of great quality, with all the necessary info required for arranging hookups. Gladly, their brilliant feature ‘Quickie’ helps quickly match the accounts’ standard features.

No matter where you stay, which religion you prefer, and your intentions, one or more members are waiting for you on this platform. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity of fun, honey!

How to Avoid Fake Profiles?

As per our expert Affair Alert review, the tips on avoiding fake profiles are as follows:

  • Check the profile: Pay keen attention to the account of the member. Check their minute details to see if anything looks out of the place. If something bothers you, then either clarify with the owner or move on to the next.
  • Check pictures: The profile picture and the photo gallery speak a lot about the person’s reality. If you notice there are no photos or the pictures shared look photoshopped, please avoid contacting such members. People who are real will not hide their faces.
  • Communicate to know better: Initiate a conversation with an interest to understand them better. In case you find a person nosing too much in your details, then they are a big NO! People on the Affair Alert website meet for fun and not for investigation.

Follow these three expert tips to stay away from scammers and connect only with those who can be a REAL partner in your amorous journey!

Design and Usability of Affair Alert

A website can have multiple excellent features yet fail to make the right impression on customers without a proper design. But gladly, the Affair Alert app has won hearts with its features, design, and usability. No matter which device you use, the brand has done a pretty impressive job designing the site perfectly for everyone. It is great for beginners as well as pro-daters. The platform runs without lagging on both desktop and smartphone. Hence, you can use it from any corner of the world!

Design and Usability of Affair Alert

Affair Alert Mobile App

The Affair Alert app is currently available only to Android users. It is not yet a part of the iOS community; hence, if you own an Android device, congratulations! You can easily download it from the Play Store. Register for free and start exploring the vast library of members. The application is highly convenient for those who love connecting and chatting with people via their smartphones. Also, today, very few people carry their laptops 24X7. Instead, they have their mobiles sticking to them all the time. And that is why dating apps are more popular than websites.

Following Affair Alert reviews, our experts have concluded that its mobile application has an incredible design and a lot of potential. Finding interests and connecting with them is easier via the app. It contains all the website features, so you are not going to miss any fun. Instead, you will gain more comfort and privacy!

Special Features

Now that you know about the member base, design, and application, it is time for you to find out special features. The majority of people choose a dating site based on the functionality available. Hence, before registering on the Affair Alert website, pay attention to this aspect too.


The first feature that attracts many users is the Trial, where you can access the platform for three days with just paying $2.97. This way, you get to know whether or not it is the right choice for you.

Privacy Feature

Affair Alert provides multiple privacy features so that you can feel comfortable browsing the userbase. You can share nudes and turn on the privacy mode to share your images only with those you like. Most women hate it when men behave like perverts and start asking for access to their private photo gallery. Hence, do not act like that!


Their matchmaking feature called ‘Quickie’ is also quite popular. It has a superb algorithm to find out the best matches for you out of the crowd of members. When you land on the right person, making love will be easier than striking a meaningless conversation. Affair is all about having good sex. Hence, make sure you use the feature to its best.

Personal Blogs

You can also view erotic videos and blogs on the sexy topics you like. Your blogs will help other members learn more about your personality!

Personal Blogs

Affair Alert Pricing

As we have said earlier in this Affair Alert review, there are free and paid versions. The price chart of the subscription plans is given below:

Plan Name Price (per month)
Basic plan (3-day trial) $ 2.97
VIP membership $ 29.95
Silver membership $ 16.65
Gold membership $ 11.65

Basic Membership

Not everybody is experienced in using dating sites. If you are also a newcomer in the world of dating, then keep calm because the Affair Alert website understands your situation. That is why they have a basic membership available for three days at 2.97. It is a plan for beginners and those who are not sure about the site’s credibility. The deal is quite affordable and comes with a few basic features. For instance, you can view only ten members every day and send not more than 10 messages. We know it is nothing special, but what more can you expect at such a low price? In case you want to enjoy more perks, keep reading to know about a better plan!

Premium Membership

There are three types of premium membership provided by the Affair Alert app: VIP, Silver, and Gold. The same premium features are available in all types. However, they have different durations. For instance, the VIP membership is a one-month plan for $29.95/month. The Silver plan is extended for three months and costs less, around $16.65/month. And the Gold membership, a six-month plan, costs $11.65/month.

The benefits included in Affair Alert premium membership include unlimited text messages, unlimited access to accounts of other members, matchmaking tools, multiple filters, and so on. These perks remain the same for all premium plans. We would recommend you try the basic one first, and if you like the service, then go for the Gold membership because it has the best value. The Gold pack is much less compared to the one-month VIP membership. Hence, it is a more budget-friendly option!

Affair Alert Coupons

Are you wondering whether Affair Alert provides any coupons for discounts? Well, gladly they do, at times. Their coupons are also offered by other review sites once in a while. So, if you want to get the coupons, make sure you make the best use of Google. You can also find them on their site. Keep your eyes open for the best deals!

Affair Alert Coupons

Verification and Safety Provided by the Affair Alert Website

The platform is a verified and secure place for all members. Our experts have checked Affair Alert reviews and ratings, and they have found out that users have no complaints regarding the security of the site, which is a big thumb-up. Read below to learn more about security!

Is Affair Alert a Scam?

Gladly, the answer to this is no. The site is not a scam at all. Instead, it is a secure platform where people meet together to find new love behind their spouse’s back. Even though the site is not a fraud, some members are fake. Know that scammers are a part of every dating site, and it’s nothing new in the world of online dating. Hence, it is you who needs to stay away from fraudsters. We have already shared some tips above on how to avoid fake members. Get back to that section for the best help!

Is Affair Alert Legit?

Yes, it is a legit website and contains mostly genuine members. Also, the personal info you share stays confidential. They have a proper security system that encrypts all the information provided. Therefore, you can share your details without worrying at all!

Is Affair Alert Anonymous?

No, the site does not allow for anonymity. One has to provide their real name to be a part of the community. It is recommended not to use fake names because, in that case, the members will find it hard to believe in your genuine feelings. Always be who you really are. Remember, the Affair Alert website helps you cheat on your spouse and not on their members!

The Problems With the Affair Alert Website

No dating site comes with pros only; each of them also shares a few cons. Do you want to find out those of Affair Alert? If yes, then read below:

  • The VIP membership is a bit expensive if you purchase it for just one month. Many people cannot make up their mind to subscribe for six months, and they want to try the one-month plan first; for them, this is surely a troublesome situation. The price could have been a bit more flexible for regular users.
  • The number of fake accounts is medium to high. The brand is trying its best to delete all the fake accounts and is coming up with better programs to ensure users’ honesty. But until they develop a solution, current members need to follow their gut feeling to detect and avoid frauds.

These two are the most complained problems found in Affair Alert reviews. We hope the site notices these issues and soon offers an excellent solution to its customers!

The Problems With the Affair Alert Website

Help and Support

The Affair Alert website has a quick-to-help support team open 24X7. You can easily contact them via email or call, and they will resolve your issue within a maximum of 24 hours. They do not hold their customer queries for long. However, if you have general questions, check out the FAQ section because most of the concerns are covered there. In case you fail to find the answer, you know where to go!

Affair Alert Alternatives

There are many other dating sites to try your luck outside marriage. Some of the best alternatives are:

  • Ashley Madison: This is a superb platform where lusty souls fulfill each other’s desires. It is a popular place for having intimate fun.
  • AdultFriendFinder: This is another known dating site for adults seeking an erotic love experience. You can try it too for a steamy encounter.
  • Seeking: On this platform, elite members hook up with each other. So, if you are seeking a rich mate, go for this option!

These are the best alternative platforms that you can try instead of the Affair Alert app!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some of the most asked questions related to the Affair Alert site below. Read on!

What Is the Affair Alert Website Used for?

It is a platform where married or engaged people participate in finding a hookup mate. It is the perfect corner where you can cheat on your partner without letting them know.

Is Affair Alert a Real Dating Site?

Yes, it is a real dating site with actual members who want to have real sex. This website will show you a better and steamier reality!

How to Delete an Affair Alert Account?

You can contact the customer support team whenever you feel like deleting your account. They will do the rest.

Where Is Affair Alert Located?

Affair Alert’s headquarters is located in Arizona, United States.

What Can You Do With a Free Affair Alert Account?

With the free account, you can scroll through the profiles. To open a page and message the owner, you will at least have to purchase the basic plan.

What Can You Do With a Free Affair Alert Account?

Contact Information

Company Address: 550 W Baseline Rd, Ste 102-302, Mesa, Arizona, 85210, United States.

Phone number:

Mail id:


We hope this guide has helped you learn a lot about the Affair Alert website. As you have read in the Affair Alert review, it is an excellent place for spicing up your mundane sex life. The members are super-hot and waiting for your arrival. Make sure you stay alert and do not fall for scams. If you want to try some other options for the same purpose, then go for the ones suggested.

Now that you know all about the platform, when will you join the Affair Alert app? We are thrilled to know!

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