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AsianDate Review: A Great Dating Site?

AsianDate Review: A Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 9%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 18-35
Profiles 998.700
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Numerous contact options to reach the Asian ladies.
  • Free member search upon signup
  • Detailed profiles that tell you all you need to know
  • Special features that help you express love
  • Unsolicited messages from women
  • Many seemingly staged profiles.
  • The app is only available for Andriod users.

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AsianDate is an international niche dating site focused on connecting people with single Asian ladies. There are over 25,000 ladies on the site from countries like China, the Philippines, India, Japan, Vietnam, and other countries. The AsianDate website allows men to do live chat and video chats with these women. Are you considering using the website to get your dream Asian beau? Learn all about how the site works and offers in this AsianDate review.

How many languages are available on AsianDate?

AsianDate website supports the English language only. However, there are ladies on the site whose knowledge of English might be very little. So, you need to pay for an interpreter if you want to have a call with them.

Who is the owner of AsianDate?

AsianDate belongs to the Anastasia International Family. The company has a host of other dating sites, providing excellent and reliable service. You can pay a visit to their office, but there is no additional contact information about this company.

Where is AsianDate based?

AsianDate is based in the United States with headquarters in New York. However, you will meet ladies from Asian countries on the platform.

When was AsianDate created?

AsianDate was founded in 1993. During its long years of existence, the AsianDate website has provided unique services to its members. It promises to help men find their ideal Asian partner. According to several AsianDate reviews, it has delivered on this promise.

Is AsianDate available worldwide?

AsianDate is open to men from anywhere in the world. However, you should note that the matches are Asian women living in Asian countries. You can only meet the person you’re chatting with if you travel to an Asian country.

Special Features

Special Features

AsianDate website offers a lot to men that want to find their perfect Asian bride. There are certain features you will find on the platform to help you that you won’t find anywhere else. You would have to buy credits to enjoy these offerings, though. We have highlighted some of the unique offerings of the AsianDate website.

Virtual Gifts

AsianDate allows you to buy virtual gifts for your lady on the platform. The virtual gifts cost 15 credits. You can use it to show your partner that you care.

3-Way Call with Interpreter

AsianDate website has the facilities for a phone call with the ladies. You need to book this call as you need the services of an interpreter. AsianDate provides an interpreter to help you and the lady on the other end understand and enjoy each other’s company.

Actual Gifts Delivery

AsianDate also facilitates the sending of actual gifts to your chosen lady. It could range from a single flower to expensive jewelry. The delivery of this gift takes between 3-5 days. You get notified upon delivery of the present with a picture of the woman collecting the gift.

Audience Quality

Audience Quality

AsianDate caters to men seeking women. Therefore, the profiles you will find are women from Asian countries. Only men can create profiles on the AsianDate website. Male members cannot view the profile of other male members as they will only see the female profiles.

Several AsianDate reviews doubt the authenticity of the site because of the controversy over the realness of the female profiles. AsianDate claims these women are actually from the Far East, which means that unless members travel, they cannot meet with the ladies.

The women on the AsianDate website are all beautiful with high-quality photos. One of the factors that fuel the controversy about the profiles is that even with an incomplete profile, you can get a lot of messages from women. These messages are most likely bots. However, this factor does not mean that there are no real women on the website.

Age Distribution

AsianDate website has Asian women of all ages. However, you will find a majority of women between 25-34 years. You will also find a good number of other ages, all over 18 years.

Fakes and Scammers

AsianDate website prides itself on its anti-scam policy. The site ensures that all accounts are verified and updated by an expert team. The team also checks correspondence to ensure proper use of the mailing system. You can also report any suspected fraudulent activities, and AsianDate will deal with it quickly.

Mobile App and Website

AsianDate provides both a mobile app and a website for members to access their service. You can use any of the two or both. Learn more about what you can do with the features below.

AsianDate App

AsianDate has a mobile app for Android users. The mobile app is faster with all the features that you will find on the site. It makes it easier to contact the women you meet on the site. You can easily message any woman you like on the app with the messaging feature below each profile.

You can also get notifications anytime you have a new message with the app. The differences between the website and the app are not much. However, the app affords you more convenience in chatting than the site.

AsianDate Website

AsianDate Website

AsianDate website is packed with all you need to connect with the Asian woman of your dreams. The site is super easy to use. On the left-hand bar, you will find all the functions you need to meet a partner successfully.

The website also opens easily on any browser, so the browser you use won’t be a problem at all. You can search, contact, and send gifts to the connections you make on the site without any stress. AsianDate website is fully functional and easy to use.

Is it possible to use the app using my computer?

You cannot use the AsianDate app on your computer. You can, however, switch to the mobile interface on your phone.

Is AsianDate supported by all browsers?

AsianDate website is supported on all browsers. Though, you might want to use Chrome for accessing the site for ease. The site is also responsive for mobile phones.

Why can’t I enter the site?

If you are having a hard time entering the AsianDate website, it is probably a result of a security issue. You can ensure you are using a secure browser and try to login again.


The AsianDate website is simple and straightforward. You would not find it hard to navigate from one function to the other on the platform. All the features you could want to use are on the left sidebar of the site.

On the right sidebar, you can explore the free live chat, which allows you to chat and use the site at the same time. While you can register and search through the list of Asian women for free, you will be unable to contact women directly without buying some credits.

However, when it comes to an understanding of how AsianDate works, with this interface, you wouldn’t find it difficult. If the interface seems familiar to you, it is because it follows a similar pattern with the other dating sites owned by the same company.

Registration Process

Registration Process

The registration process on AsianDate is short and straightforward. You just have to open the website and either sign up using a Google account or fill in your name, email address, and desired password. An account is immediately created for you.

You will get a verification mail to confirm the opening of your account. Once you sign up, you can view several Asian women immediately. If you want to update your profile, you will find your profile on the left sidebar.

AsianDate only works for men seeking Asian women, not women seeking Asian men. Therefore, you should take note of that if you decide to register.

Is it possible to unmatch an AsianDate Member?

AsianDate does not match its members. So, there will be no need to unmatch any AsianDate member. You can, however, add or remove any of the Asian ladies as you please from your contact list.

How old must you be to register on AsianDate?

You should be 18 years of age upwards to register on the AsianDate website. This restriction ensures that members of AsianDate can be legally responsible for the actions they take on the site. The Asian ladies on the site also start from 18 years upwards.

How can I verify my account?

AsianDate carries out email verification of accounts registered on the platform. Once you have registered your account, you would have to verify your account through your email. AsianDate also carries out routine verification of accounts to ensure that there are no frauds on the platform.

How can I verify my email?

To verify your email address with AsianDate, you just have to click on the link in the email sent to you. The link will direct you to your profile, where you will get a message that your email has been verified.

What happens if I sign up using my Facebook Account?

You cannot register an AsianDate account with your Facebook account. AsianDate does not even link with your social media accounts. All the chatting you want to do with contacts has to be on the platform.

Can I use the site without registration?

No, you cannot use the AsianDate site without signing up. You don’t have to spend any money to register, though. Therefore, you lose nothing when you register an account on the platform.

Profile Set-Up

Profile Set-Up

On AsianDate, you can complete your profile at any time that you like. You can add information like your date of birth, your first name, height, weight, profession, hobbies and interests, and a short description of yourself. You can also write a description of the ideal A Asian woman that you are looking for.

You can add your phone number to get text notifications and calls from AsianDate Ladies. You can also add as many pictures as you want to the profile. Any of the photographs can be used as your profile picture, and you can delete it at any time you like.

Regardless of whether you update your profile on AsianDate or not, you will get a lot of messages from ladies. This particular trait makes a lot of AsianDate reviews qualify some of the ladies’ profiles as fake.

Once you register and update your profile, you can sift through the bots and the real profiles. You might have to spend some money to do that, though.

Is it possible to delete a photo that I uploaded in AsianDate?

Yes, you can delete any of the photos you upload on the AsianDate website. All you have to do is click on the picture you want to delete, and you will see the option to delete on the right-hand bottom. Once you delete an image, it will no longer show on your profile.

How can I edit my username in AsianDate?

AsianDate does not make use of usernames. Instead, profiles on the platform make use of their first name. To edit the first name, you can simply go to your profile and change it.

Can you delete your AsianDate profile?

You can delete your AsianDate profile by requesting account deletion through an email sent to AsianDate customer support. Once you submit a request, it will be processed and your account deleted in no time.

What happens if I turn off the “Show me on AsianDate” option?

There is no such option on AsianDate. Once you have registered your account, you will start to get messages from interested Asian ladies. You might have to delete your account if you don’t want to receive messages again.

It is possible to delete the information that I’ve already submitted to AsianDate?

You can change or delete any information that you submit on AsianDate. The process is simple. All you have to do is go to your profile to change it. You can also delete messages that you send.

Member Search

AsianDate search is easy and straightforward to use. Once you register an account on the AsianDate website, you will see a default list of all the ladies that are online at the time. You can search through this list by using the search feature.

AsianDate search filters include your preferred age, country, and interests. Once you have inputted these criteria, you will see results that fit the specifications that you gave. You can start chatting with any of the ladies that the search shows immediately.

You also have options to make the search more specific with criteria like hair color, height, weight, children, and eye color. It includes other search specifications like smoking, English speaking skills, drinking, and keywords.

If you had been chatting with a lady and somehow lost the chat, you can search for the lady using the search by ID feature. Without seeking out any of the ladies, you will get a lot of letters that you can start by checking to see if any looks promising. Most are probably bot messages.

Can I see the AsianDate members who I liked?

Yes, you can view the profiles of AsianDate ladies that you liked. However, you might have to use about ten credits to see more photos of the ladies. If you want a physical meeting, you can plan to travel to the Far East because most of the members live there.

What are the options of AsianDate Search?

There are different search options on AsianDate Search. You can search by age in a simple search. More advanced search features include country, city, height, weight, smoking, drinking, English speaking skills, hair and eye color, and keywords.

Is it possible to see if someone likes you on AsianDate if you are a free member?

AsianDate allows ladies to send you a free letter to indicate an interest in you. You would have to use some of your credits to message the lady, though. You can also like the pictures of a lady on the platform to save it on your contact list.



AsianDate has several options for messaging a lady that you are interested in on the platform. You can chat with a lady in the chat room. The AsianDate website also allows you to do a live chat with ladies that are online.

The first messages you send on the platform are free. But, after the first message, you will have to pay some credits to continue chatting. The credits you have to pay varies depending on which messaging option you want to use.

The three-way phone call with an interpreter helps you hear the voice of the lady you like. This option can cost up to 100 credits for a ten-minute call. You can also chat through letter exchanges.

When you register an account, you will most likely get a lot of messages. You can read these letters for free, but you have to pay ten credits to reply to them. If you want to chat with someone on the AsianDate website, just make up your mind that you will have to buy credits.

How can you start a conversation with someone on AsianDate?

Once you have found a profile that you like on AsianDate, you can send a message through the live chat or send a letter that costs ten credits. You can also send virtual gifts to sweeten your path to love.

How can I send a message to someone?

You can message anyone on AsianDate through the live chat or send a private letter. You can also get talking in the chat room with any of the ladies on your contact list.

Can I send messages for free?

Sending messages on the AsianDate website is not for free. You have to pay a certain amount of credits for messaging. You would get the first message exchanges for free, though.

How do I see who messaged me on AsianDate?

You can check if anyone has messaged you on AsianDate in your online chat. If you have the app, you will get notifications when some messages you. You will also get email notifications of letters sent to you.

How can I use the camera on AsianDate?

The AsianDate website automatically syncs with your phone’s camera. You can also do video calls with any of the members on the cam share. You might have to register a cam share account if you don’t have one already.

Is it possible to filter who can message me on AsianDate?

There is no way that you can set filters on the messages you get on AsianDate. You can decide to report any disturbing messages.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

You don’t have to pay for membership on AsianDate. Instead, the platform uses credits for access to most of the features on the platform. You can buy any one of three credit plans of varying prices. You pay for these credits through your credit card or your PayPal account.

The credit plans that you can buy are:

  • 20 credits at $0.80 per credit, which equals $15.99
  • 160 credits at $0.60 per credit, which equals $96.00
  • 1000 credits at $0.40 per credit, which equals $399.00

You can use these credits to send messages, buy a virtual gift for your lady friend, or request a phone call with the lady you like. The exact charges of some of these features are not clearly stated on the site. You can request a price listing from support, though.

Free Membership Features

You can join AsianDate for free. AsianDate website also allows you to search through the list of women on the platform. The features that you can access with your free membership are few and do not involve any real communication with the AsianDate ladies.

The features are:

  • Registration of account
  • Profile creation and updating
  • Member search
  • Viewing of profiles and profile pictures
  • Reading of letters sent by AsianDate women

You will have to purchase credits if you want to access more than the features listed above.

Premium Membership Features

There is no premium membership on AsianDate. The platform uses a credits system where you use the purchased credits to unlock certain features. Some of the features that you can unlock with your credits include:

  • Letter Replying
  • Live chat with members.
  • Viewing videos on profiles
  • Virtual gifts and actual gift delivery
  • Three-way phone call with an interpreter

The price of the credits is a bit on the high side, especially when you consider that the smallest function requires at least ten credits. However, it is a small price to pay for true love.

Is a premium membership available on AsianDate?

No, AsianDate does not offer premium membership. However, you need to buy credits to use most of the features of the platform. Registration and search are free on the platform, though.

Can I cancel my AsianDate membership?

You do not have to sign up for any membership on AsianDate. However, you can delete your account by contacting support or following the instructions on the help desk.

Does AsianDate membership renew automatically?

There is no premium membership on AsianDate, so you don’t have to worry about any membership renewal. However, your credits purchase can be auto-renewed. You can cancel it in the settings.

Is it possible to get my money back for unused time?

You don’t buy time on AsianDate. Rather, you buy credits that can be refunded if you send a request for a refund to the administrators.

Can my “support” to AsianDate automatically renewed every month?

Can my “support” to AsianDate automatically renewed every month?

AsianDate does not collect any support fees from its members. You can only set your credits to auto-renewal any time it gets exhausted.

I am not satisfied with the AsianDate. Can I get a refund?

Registration is free on AsianDate. If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the platform, you don’t get any refund when leaving. However, you can petition for your credits to be returned. The AsianDate website administration handles this request.

Will my AsianDate support appear on my credit card bill?

Your AsianDate credit purchase will appear as such on your credit bill. Therefore, you might not want to use your work credit bill if you want to keep your purchase private. You will also get a conversion or foreign transaction fee because AsianDate’s bank is outside the United States. AsianDate does not request any support payment from members, though.

Is it possible to give support to other AsianDate members?

You can send virtual gifts and actual gifts of flowers or jewelry to Asian females on the platform. If you decide to send other forms of gifts, AsianDate administrators cannot be held responsible for your actions.

Is it possible to send support for just a month?

AsianDate does not run a monthly subscription service. Instead, some features are accessed using pre-paid credits, which is sort of the currency of the AsianDate website.

Is AsianDate Really Secure?

AsianDate is safe for you. The platform carries out email verification, and the AsianDate strict no-scam policy also protects you. If you detect any fraudulent activities, you can report such to an administrator for prompt action.

However, the numerous letters that you get on registration of an account with AsianDate seem like a scam. Even without completing a profile, your inbox will be full in a matter of hours, which makes several people suspicious of the platform.

A lot of AsianDate reviews suspect that the platform administrators wrote these messages. This suspicion might be correct, but it doesn’t mean that there is no real account on the platform.

Privacy in AsianDate

AsianDate protects your privacy on the platform with their policy. This policy includes not sharing your data with third parties unless required by law. You can read through the policy before you register to see if there is anything you do not like.

The policy is a standard agreement, though. Once you successfully register your account, it means you agree to the policy. You also need to note that AsianDate reserves the right to change any parts of the privacy agreement.

Are chats encrypted on AsianDate?

Your private chats on AsianDate are encrypted. Your communication is not shared with other parties. However, you could note that AsianDate might monitor them to check for fraudulent activities.

Is it possible that AsianDate tracks you down?

AsianDate website enables internal tracking. However, you should note that it does not store any of your data apart from the information you post on the site.

Can the police track AsianDate?

The police could trace your AsianDate account if your data is requested by law. Your data won’t be given out without legal evidence, though.

Who can I contact if I have questions regarding my privacy in AsianDate?

You can contact support if you have any questions regarding privacy on the AsianDate website. An administrator will attend to your questions as soon as possible.



AsianDate is a relatively safe website with all measures to protect its members. You can read through their privacy policy and terms and conditions to know what the website does to protect you. If you encounter any challenges, you can contact support to have it resolved.

Are AsianDate Forums moderated?

AsianDate does not have any forums. You can only chat personally with ladies that you find interesting.

What happens to a member who uses an AsianDate Account to solicit money?

You can report such a member. The profile will be removed from the member list on the platform.

Banned account

AsianDate does not ban accounts. If the administrator discovers illegal use or uses contrary to the agreement, the account can be deleted from the interface. Deleted accounts can petition to have their unused credits returned.

Why is it impossible to enter on AsianDate?

If you are finding it hard to access the AsianDate website, it could be a network problem. Ensure you have data to access the site and use a good browser.

How long does the AsianDate ban last?

AsianDate has no bans on accounts. However, if your account was deleted, that action is permanent.

How can I reactivate my banned account?

You cannot reactivate a deleted account on AsianDate. You might be able to open another account, though.

Protect yourself

AsianDate advises you to refrain from posting information that you don’t want to go public. If you had mistakenly posted such information, you could easily delete it from the platform. AsianDate will not be responsible for the use of information on your profile by the public.

Can I report or block a suspected person or scummer?

You can report a suspected scammer in AsianDate support. The account would be blocked for you, and you won’t get any more messages from the account.

Which information is prohibited from posting in your AsianDate Account?

You should post private financial and personal information on your AsianDate profile. You can also delete this information as soon as you notice it.

Help and Support

AsianDate has an active customer support system. You can contact them via mail, and one of the administrators will attend to your request. You can also visit their offices if you stay close to the address provided in the privacy policy.

Real Life Review

Real Life Review

“My time on AsianDate was neither bad nor perfect. After signing up without a profile picture, I got over 50 letters in my inbox. I could read the first page of the letters for free, but I had to pay to read more. The messages also showed conversation starting with my name. I had not revealed it to anyone. This made me believe they were automated bots messages. The site is quite easy to use, but the ladies might not be so real.”

Is AsianDate the best dating site/app?

AsianDate claims to be the biggest dating site to find Thai women. However, they might not be the very best, especially if you consider that bots probably generate some of the profiles.

Is AsianDate safe?

AsianDate has a strict anti-scam policy that helps keep its members safe. You only have to pay for the services you use on the platform. Any extra charges that do not come from the AsianDate administrators do not have to be paid.

Is AsianDate app for hook-ups?

AsianDate is not a hook-up app. It is for men looking to find their ideal partner from one of the Asian countries.

Can I use AsianDate for free?

AsianDate is free for registration and profile viewing. However, if you want to use other features on the platform like CamShare and DateMe, you would have to buy the pre-paid credits that are sold on the platform.

How does AsianDate function?

AsianDate is pretty simple to use and understand. You register an account for free and search through the list of women to find one that catches your attention. After that, you can purchase credits to start chatting with any of the ladies. You can even elect for a romantic vacation after you have chatted with a member for a reasonable time.

Are there fake or scam members on AsianDate?

While it is quite unsure whether there are fakes or scams on the AsianDate website, it is evident that bots sent some of the letters. You can weed through the bot messages by checking the answers to non-generic questions. However, when you consider that messaging is paid, it might seem stressful and wasteful.

Alternative Sites like AsianDate

Alternative Sites like AsianDate

Some other dating sites like AsianDate include:

  • Asian Brides
  • Elite Singles
  • eHarmony

Contact Information

Company: AsianDate

Address: 71, Level 4&5, Tower Road, Sliema, Malta

Email: support@AsianDate.com


AsianDate is for anyone looking to find an Asian lady for a romantic relationship. You can carry on a virtual relationship before you have the resources to meet with your dream lady in the Far East. Regardless of the concerns for bot messages, you can meet someone from Asian countries on this platform.

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