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Amor En Linea Review: Great Dating Site?

Amor En Linea Review: Great Dating Site?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 26-34
Profiles 2 500 000
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Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It is free. There is no charge to utilize any of the features.
  • Big enrollment base.
  • Extra information, for example, physical appearance and occupation, are optional.
  • The site has a simple layout. It is not the correct decision for individuals who need a wide assortment of features.
  • The profile you can make isn't exceptionally great when compared with other dating sites.
  • Too many advertisements on the website

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Amor En Linea is a trendy haven for singles across Latin America to mingle. Its most active users span across countries like Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Chile, and Argentina, among others. If what you need is a torch of love like never before, this web-based platform is just a click away from turning that into a reality. Why don’t you read up this Amor En Linea review and let us show you how?

Amor En Linea website also possesses excellent features that are free to ensure you discover the perfect companion. It is considered the number one dating platform due to its simplicity in discovering potential sweetheart within a short timeframe.

Are you considering creating an account with Amor En Linea? Let’s see some impressive highlights and realities identified with this dating site.

How many languages are on Amor En Linea?

Amor En Linea is accessible in both the English and Spanish dialects, so speakers of both or either dialects will feel great if they choose to join and check out the site.

Who is the owner of Amor En Linea?

Amor En Linea is owned by Daniel Haigh and Dave Heysen under the 3H group. This dating site is under the Oasis Dating Network.

Where is Amor En Linea based?

Amor En Linea is a Latino American based hookup or dating website.

When was Amor En Linea created?

In 2008, the fellow founders of the organization 3H Group, Daniel Haigh, and Dave Heysen founded the dating site known as Amor en Linea.

Is Amor En Linea available worldwide?

According to many Amor en Linea reviews, this site is accessible everywhere throughout the world.

Is Amor En Linea available worldwide?

Special Features

Amor en Linea has lots of special features which will enable you to have a memorable dating experience:

Safe Dating Tips

Amor en Linea has an exceptional page devoted to educating clients. It gives tips like answering the telephone to guarantee an individual’s personality and remaining unknown (not giving out an exact name, address, contact number, and so forth) until you build up trust, picking a protected spot, for example, a coffeehouse when meeting and never sending cash on the web.

If there is an individual that is dubious or showing odd conduct, Amor en Linea has given a “Report” button.

Shout out

A Shout Out is a special message that can be sent to 1,000 of your most dynamic matches simultaneously. You can pick a message from (Look at my profile! Get in touch with Me! I am searching for new companions! Would you like to visit? Is it true that you are searching for a date? Look at my photograph exhibition!) And so much more!

Through Shout Out, you will get multiple times more consideration. You can likewise send a free Shout Out through Facebook.

Your Matches

When you discover somebody you like on the site, and you both share similar interests, they will show up as a ‘coordinate’ for you. It’s a feature that gets refreshed every day for you to view members regularly.

Action Log

Whatever move you make on Amor En Linea will be recorded in the official ‘action log,’ which will start with your full participation on the site.

Contact List

You can make a contact list of individuals. A contact list is a decent method to arrange the individuals you might need to become acquainted with.

Contact List

Favorite List

For specific individuals you genuinely fancy, you can add them to your’ top choices’ list so that you won’t lose your association with them.


In any case that you want to communicate more enthusiasm for somebody beyond surveying their profile or sending them a message, you can choose to do such. There’s a ‘flirt’ button underneath each profile picture, and you can tap on it to show that you discover them appealing and might want to become acquainted with them better.

If they return the ‘flirt’ to you, you can feel good, realizing they are prepared for you to send them a message and to proceed with the discussion that way.


You can likewise click on ‘Like’ to communicate that you appreciate another client’s profile and that you’re prepared to take things further. Likewise, you can tweet out your profile to your social media platform if you need more individuals to see it.


Amor En Linea gives you the ‘Notes’ include, which allows you to add some more data to the various areas of the profile. This is valuable if there is anything you might want to explain to different individuals.

Audience Quality

Amor En Linea flaunts an easy enrollment process that makes it one of the most excellent web-based dating site on the planet and an extremely noticeable ‘specialty’ dating site since it obliges Spanish speakers and the individuals who might want to go out with them.

Age distribution

Like most dating sites, an individual must be 18 or more before he/she can access Amor En Linea.

Fakes and Scammers

Fake members and scammers can create profiles, but they can be reported when noticed immediately.

Fakes and Scammers

Mobile app and Website

Here, you will find out what’s more to Amor En Linea mobile app and website:

Amor En Linea App

The Amor en Linea mobile application isn’t equivalent to the ordinary website form; the features are not comparable. Rather than it, a portable application is excellent for making a friendly discussion on this internet dating site.

The Amor en Linea versatile application is extremely simple to utilize because of its layout, which is easy to understand. The app has a similar interface and layout as the other Oasis applications. All the portable applications are the Spanish language-based; the English language is the alternative for this versatile application.

Interestingly, Apple possesses this portable hookup application in its application store. This versatile application can be downloaded from the Google Play store for all Android clients who need to have this mobile hookup application.

Amor En Linea website

The Amor en Linea web design is fundamental and straightforward to use. Additionally, the site speed is excellent, while the portable application of Amor en Linea has a quicker opening time and movement time.

Can I use the application on my computer?

Amor En Linea has an application version that can work effectively on mobile phones and desktops.

Which browsers do Amor En Linea support?

A good browser can have direct access to Amor En Linea, both on your desktop or phone.

Why is it difficult to enter the site?

In case you find it challenging to get access to the site, contact customer support by sending a message to privacyofficer@oasisactive.com.


Although the registration process is straightforward and stress-free, you also have the option to review individuals who fit your standards.

The site’s search bar is one of its many inventive features. Finding patterns is direct and straightforward, and interestingly, you’ll be able to contact anybody you like without making payments.

Registration Process

The Amor en Linea enrollment process is free for every individual who needs to discover easygoing dating, hot experience, and genuine accomplice for original plans. The site organization will confirm profile photographs and enrollment email address; it is an unquestionable requirement.

To make things simpler, the Amor en Linea organization gave an alternative to utilize all features at no cost.

Registration Process

Is it possible to unmatch an Amor En Linea member?

Yes. You can always unmatch members you don’t longer want or individuals you want to avoid. Once you block them, they won’t have access to your profile.

How old do you have to be to register on Amor En Linea?

You must be 18 or above.

How can I verify my Amor en Linea account?

The site organization should confirm profile photographs and enrollment email addresses during registration.

In which ways can I verify my email?

Amor en Linea confirms your email address during registration.

What happens if I sign up on Amor en Linea using my Facebook account?

Enrolling through Facebook requires you to fill in your essential information, for example, username, email address, birthday, and so forth. Amor En Linea has very exacting guidelines in your photograph transfers. However, they’re justifiable: your face must be visible, more significant than 360 by 540 pixels, and under 3 MB. The vast majority of other details include your “about me,” area, character, appearance, way of life, personality, interests, and so on. The character segment has specific inquiries regarding your nationality and first and second language.

Can I use the site without registration?

The only way to use the Amor en Linea website for chatting and meeting new people is to sign up.

Profile set-up

The site can be used for free, so you can always create a profile without hesitating. It’s a decent motivating force to get individuals to put more information on their profile.

In updating your profile records, there is a section that shows “I separate myself as being transsexual” or any other sexual variation. Amor en Linea guarantees that this piece of information won’t be noticeable in your profile. Nonetheless, when you look down at the base of your settings, there’s a mark box named “I don’t wish to be friends with individuals who distinguish as transsexual.” You decide to make it.

Can I remove a photo that I uploaded in Amor En Linea?

You can always remove a picture you uploaded anytime you want to.

How can I edit my username in Amor En Linea?

Sure. You can edit your username whenever you want to.

Can I delete your Amor En Linea profile?

Yes, there is an option. Login to your account, On the Menu Bar, go to home> My Profile, you would see an option that says Hide/Delete Profile, your record will be deleted immediately.

What happens if I turn off the ‘show me’ on the Amor En Linea option?

Your visibility will be disabled on the website, and you will not be seen by other members.

What happens if I turn off  the 'show me’ on the Amor En Linea option?

Is it possible to delete the information I’ve already submitted to Amor En Linea?

Yes. Amor En Linea allows you to remove any information you don’t want.

After setting up your Amor En Linea account, you can start chatting right away if you have people on your contact list.

Can I see the Amor En Linea members who I like?

Yes, it is possible to see members you are interested in.

What are the search options on Amor En Linea?

You can search for individuals by using the search tab.

Is it possible to see if someone likes you on Amor En Linea if you are a free member?

Absolutely. There are many features you can utilize as a free member.


Once you create your Amor En Linea account, you can contact individuals by showing interest in their profile.

Can I start messaging with someone on Amor En Linea?

Immediately you create your profile and have a contact list, and you can start messaging.

How can I send a message to someone?

Login to your profile and start messaging. It’s as simple as that. Just make sure you have a contact list.

Is it possible to send messages for free?

Yes! It’s free.

How can I see who sent a message to me on Amor En Linea?

You would be notified when a message comes in from a member on the site.

Can I use the camera on Amor En Linea?

There isn’t a camera on Amor En Linea.

Is it possible to filter who can send messages to me on Amor En Linea?

Yes, you can. You can choose any individual from among your contact list that you would like to message.

Is it possible to filter who can  send messages to me on Amor En Linea?

Membership price and other payment methods

Joining Amor En Linea is free, and you can as well enjoy the numerous features. If you buy any Services that we offer for a charge, for example, a subscription to our Services, you assign installment processors to store your installment card data and other related data. All costs for paid services are liable to change without notice.

Free membership features

The vast majority of the features of Amor en Linea are accessible to use for no cost.

Premium membership features

All features are free on Amor en Linea.

Is a premium membership available on Amor en Linea?

Yes! Amor en Linea offers premium membership.

How can I cancel my Amor en Linea membership?

To change or drop your membership whenever, go to the “Account Settings” page of your record, click on “Update your Membership,” and adhere to the directions. If you drop your membership (or Oasis account), your membership advantages will continue until the end of your present membership term. However, your membership won’t be restored after that term lapses.

Does Amor en Linea membership renew automatically?

Membership auto-renewal only applies to individuals who are on subscriptions on the website. If you are a free member, there’s nothing to renew. Your membership lasts for as long as you wish to remain active on Amor en Linea.

Can I get my money back for unused time?

All expenses and charges are non-refundable, and there are no discounts or credits for any membership periods except (i) as in any case required by law and (ii) at Oasis sole and supreme fact. To apply for a discount, use the ‘Get in touch with Us’ structure on the site or call +61-293864971.

Does my Amor en Linea subscription automatically renew every month?

If you pay for a membership by credit or debit card (or other installment strategy recognized on our administration) and you didn’t drop a message preceding the end of the term, your membership will be naturally renewed toward the finish of each term.

Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied with Amor en Linea?

All expenses and charges are non-refundable. There are no discounts or credits for any membership periods except (i) as in any case required by material law and (ii) at Oasis sole and supreme tact.

How can my subscription appear on my credit card bill?

Send an email to privacyofficer@oasisactive.com to know more about the site’s billing support department.

Is it possible to give support to other members?

If you wish to provide support to other members of Amor en Linea, connect with them.

Is it possible to give support to other members?

Is Amor en Linea really safe and secure?

Amor en Linea is safe to an extent. You might decide not to input or hide your details.

Privacy in Amor en Linea

Amor en Linea is focused on securing the protection privileges of all people with whom it bargains. This Privacy Policy applies to your use of the Amor en Linea site at www.amorenlinea.com and its related system destinations in this referred to as “Oasis.” This site is claimed and overseen by 3H Group Pty Ltd, an enlisted organization situated in Sydney, Australia.

Are Amor en Linea chats encrypted?

Amor en Linea’ chats are encrypted.

Can Amor en Linea track their members?

Yes. You can get tracked.

Can the police track down Amor en Linea?

Amor en Linea is real and can be located by the police.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my privacy at Amor en Linea?

You can send an email to Amor en Linea at privacyofficer@oasisactive.com.


  1. Take it gradually: It requires time to become acquainted with somebody, and there is no need to rush if you aren’t prepared to meet or take it further. Never feel compelled.
  2. Make inquiries: Try not to be shy! If something is essential to you, at that point, inquire. Ensure you are ‘in agreement’ and genuinely search for a similar relationship before you meet.
  3. Remain unknown until you build trust: This is a safe site as long as you don’t give close information to anybody, including your genuine name, email address, Facebook details, place of residence, work environment, telephone number, and so on. We encourage you to remain to message just on Amor en Linea until you are 100% sure that the part you are conversing with is real. 4. Talk on the telephone: it tends to be an excellent experience to converse with one another on the phone if you would prefer not to give out your number, at that point, request theirs and hide your name when you call.
  4. Be careful when meeting face to face: Pick a protected spot, for example, a café during a busy time. Make sure to tell a companion where you’re going and what time you intend to return. Give your companion the individual’s name and telephone number.

Additionally, be cautious with liquor. It influences your judgment, eases back your reflexes, and can cause lost restraints. What’s more, if you decide to drink, make sure to keep your beverage insight consistently.

  1. Never send cash: It is amazingly hard to confirm the genuineness of an individual on the web or that their story is genuine – regardless of whether they have ‘evidence.’ So, we advise you never to send cash or endowments. They have had a few reports of individuals sending money and afterward never got notification from the individual again.

If you notice any dubious act in any individuals on Amor en Linea, don’t hesitate to report them by tapping on the Report Member symbol/menu alternative on their profile.


Are Amor en Linea forums moderated?

No, there is no forum for Amor en Linea as of yet.

What happens to a member that uses an Amor en Linea account to solicit money?

Persons who use their Amor en Linea account to beg for money will get banned.

Banned Account

Amor en Linea removes individuals below the age of 18 years old and bans them from utilizing the site. It also prohibits scammers and fake persons.

Why can’t I enter Amor en Linea?

If you can’t access the dating site, send an email to privacyofficer@oasisactive.com.

How long does Amor en Linea ban last?

The site’s moderators solely decide the duration for banned accounts.

How can I reactivate my banned account?

To reactivate a banned account, you would have to log in. Afterward, you will be provided with an option to activate the account. If you do not see this option, your account has expired, and you would have to join the dating site again with another username.

Protect yourself

Amor en Linea is focused on securing the protection privileges of all people with whom it bargains. We will make each move to keep your data safe and secure.

Can I block and report a suspected scammer?

To block a member, click on the block button at the top of the person profile. The person would be removed from your contact lists and won’t have the opportunity to message you anymore.

Which information should not you post in your Amor En Linea account?

Below is a rundown of the sort and kind of content that is illicit or disallowed for posting or use on the website. Amor En Linea explicitly makes a suitable legitimate move in its sole watchfulness against anybody who damages this arrangement, including without restriction, expelling the content from the website, and ending the enrollment of such violators. This incorporates content that:

  1. Hostile to the online network, for example, shares content that advances prejudice, dogmatism, scorn, or physical damage of any sort against any gathering or person.
  2. Annoys or advocates badgering of someone else.
  3. Engages in the transmission of ‘garbage mail,’ ‘junk letters,’ or spontaneous mass mailing or ‘spamming.’
  4. Advances an unlawful or unapproved duplicate of other people’s copyrighted work.
  5. participates in business advertisements without Oasis’s consent (for example, bargain, publicizing, and fraudulent business models).

Help and support

You can email them at privacyofficer@oasisactive.com or the contact structure on the website itself. They don’t give client care via telephone, so don’t use the number you can see on their site.

Help and support

Real life review

“I discovered my sweetheart on this site. It resembles Facebook for dating. It does what it’s intended to do and helped me locate my extraordinary princess. Much thanks to Amor en Linea for being free. I was never ready to spend any cash on dating sites that will result in a short-term and casual relationship. Although numerous individuals complain about the numerous ads, I became accustomed to it in the long run. I am glad to vouch for this dating site. This has been the simplest five stars for me.” – Male Technician (26)

Is Amor en Linea the best dating website?

Amor en Linea is one of the best dating sites for hookups.

Is Amor en Linea app for hook-ups?

Yes. It is one of the best hookup apps.

Is Amor en Linea a free service?

The majority of the highlights of Amor en Linea are accessible to use at no cost.

How does Amor en Linea function?

After creating a profile, you are given matches dependent on your models (age, area, etc.). You can pick which ones to like, hate, or get come back to later. At that point, the client has three days to like you back, and if they do, you can begin talking.

Are there fake or scam members on Amor en Linea?

it is still easy for scammers to create fake profiles.

Alternative sites like Amor en Linea

Some alternatives to Amor en Linea are Oasis UK, Tata Date, AmoLatina, LatinoLicious, LatinaRomance, etc.

Contact information

Company: 3H Group Pty Ltd

Phone: (61) 2 9192 3211

Email: privacyofficer@oasisactive.com

Address: Suite 310, 46-56 Kippax St, Surry Hills NSW 2010 Australia.

The site cannot give customer support via telephone. It will be ideal if you get in touch by using the option on the site or by sending an email to privacyofficer@oasisactive.com.

Contact information


Amor en Linea has the ideal ingredients for a top-notch dating platform. It is a wonderful place to discover many individuals around the globe for a similar reason: to find sentiment, love, and companionship. The best part is that it’s free. It’s certainly worth giving it a shot. We urge you to give it a try and tell us about your awesome experience while utilizing the site.

We look forward to hearing back from you. Good luck!

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