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BBPeopleMeet Review — The Best place to meet a Big and Beautiful Single

BBPeopleMeet Review — The Best place to meet a Big and Beautiful Single
About Girls
Date with older guy 12%
Reply rate 83%
Beauty 87%
Popular age 18-45
Profiles 3.893.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • BBPeopleMeet is the largest community-based online dating in the US and Canada.
  • They have a mobile app version widely available for Android and Apple users.
  • The web design is simple and easy to navigate with a fast and easy registration process.
  • Signing up requires only personal information; no need to go for a personality test.
  • Users can get an immediate match.
  • The website isn’t for free; users have to pay to unlock premium features.
  • People can’t see your profile until it approves.
  • You can upload only limited 30 pictures.

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BBPeopleMeet online dating service is for people who are looking for a big and beautiful single. They cater to singles who want to have a serious and mature relationship. The site has specifically targeted the Big and Beautiful community at a time when there are many online dating sites for slimmer people. They have made this secured website to help the community in finding their real soul mate.

About this site worthiness, the BBPeopleMeet review will look into the detail of the site different aspects to help users to know the platform better.

Who has owned the site?

BBPeopleMeet is a subsidiary platform of People Media that is owned by Match.com.

Where does the site work?

They have targeted the specific community to live in the United States and Canada.

When was BBPeopleMeet founded?

The website was founded in 2002. Since then, they provide services to the community in achieving their desire single.

The supportive languages at the site?

Since the site has a huge audience from English-based countries, they only support English as their official and supportive language.

Is the site available worldwide?

Once you join, you will notice that the members are diverse. Many of them are living in the USA, while others are USA-born.

Special Features of the site you should know

Special Features of the site you should know

The specific community-based platform has some free and paid special features users can enjoy.

Know who you like

This special feature gives you the prospect to select two images of users you like the most. This simply fun activity lets you know which user you like the most to start your dating with.

Selecting I’m interested option

Users are mostly presented pictures of match users to click whether they like or not. The yes button indicates that you are interested, and the notification sends to the specific user you like. No notification sends to other users in case if you opt for the No button. The site also presents a search option through which you can make a filter search.

Know who has viewed your profile

This special feature allows users to know who has viewed their profiles. The feature is free; every user at the site can know about other intentions.

Favorite list

Maintaining a favorite list is a common practice on online dating sites. BBPeopleMeet gives you free cost feature of having a favorite list on your back. The special feature can make you easily view the profile you have recently selected. You don’t have to search for it anymore; however, you can’t see other users who make you a favorite.

Likes and Comments option

This special feature gives you the chance to see profiles and photos you have liked and made a comment on them; however, you can’t see someone other who has commented on your profile.

Highlighting profile

You can rank your profile among other users if you get the premium plan.

Flirting option

You can do real flirting with this option. You can initiate flirt to catch your favorite buddy and or chat with them.

How much members on the site?

How much members on the site?

They have active members, around 410,500 from the United States alone. Canada is another destiny that they have targeted for Big and Beauty. The website claims to have one million activities per week.

Comparing the gender proportion is relatively good compare to other sites. They registered 47% of females, whereas 53% of males are accounted for. They accept members irrespective of physics, but most of them are from big and beautiful communities that live in the United States and Canada.

Age distribution at the site

Since the website focus on singles that are looking for a long-term relationship, the site majority of members are between the ages of 35 to 45. This means that most of the members are mature enough who prefer to have a serious relationship. Younger is relatively lower in statistics because the site doesn’t encourage fling relationship that mostly young prefer.

Does the site have Fake accounts and scammers?

You may find fake and scammers on the site, as they can be found anywhere on an online dating platform. People can’t control the action of other potential scammers, but the site helps to minimize the impact of risk looming from fakers. BBPeopleMeet underlines the guidelines about the safety of its members. Thus, members can follow them to get a safe dating experience.

Does the site provide Mobile app and Website version?

The site provides both platforms where users get an exciting dating experience. Both versions easy to navigate; you haven’t to be a super technical guru to get the site functionality. Initially, it takes users 2 minutes to learn the know-how of the site and navigate it. The only drawback of the site itself is that it works lazily because of loading time.

The Mobile App to stay with your partner

You can stay in touch with your big and beauty 24/7 with the exciting mobile app. The app is simple and super easy to use while hunting for dating partners. It is downloadable on the Android play store and iTunes for free, you can make it an in-app purchase.

The best use of website version

The best use of website version

You can make your dating experience exciting and amazing with the website version as well. The problem with it is that the site may not be available every time because it requires a personal computer to log in. Let’s take a look at the site best usage:

  1. The easy and smooth registration process
  2. Comprehensive profile creation
  3. Uploading videos and photos
  4. Liking and comment on other profiles and photos

Can the app usable on Personal Computer?

You can’t download the app on your PC; you have to own a smartphone for it; you can use a PC to sign-in to the mobile site.

Which browsers the site support?

You can log in from almost all the browsers available on the internet.

Why are users having a hard time entering the site?

Users can have an error in their working browsers. For instance, Google Chrome may not correctly work while visiting the site. The other reason could be that you may have left the confirmation e-mail link during the registration process. Unconfirmed accounts face problems entering the site.

First impression about the Interface

First impression about the Interface

BBPeopleMeet review can say that the website design and interface aren’t attractive compared to its counterparts. The site fonts, color, and graphics are simple and probably outdated. But if we talk about site usability, they are quite easy to use and navigate. The site needs to work on its website graphics to make it look appealing and attractive.

How easy the Registration process is?

BBPeopleMeet gives you quite an easy and fast registration process. You can make the process completed within 2 minutes. The website asks you for some important information before you can fill for sign-up. People must choose the gender they are looking for, the country they live in, zip code, and the username and propose password.

The site doesn’t need more information about you, and neither do they take a pompous personality test from you. Completing a profile isn’t mandatory at all; you can make your profile complete anytime you want. The site also gives you the chance to complete your profile by Personality questions and top interest functions. This enables you to get a similar match as per your desire.

Can user unmatch another user?

The site gives the option to unmatch other users by hiding the profile. You can hide your profile by the following route:

  • Go to settings and My Account.
  • Click the account status to view it.
  • Click on more Account status changes.
  • Lastly, click on hide my profile.

Your profile will become invisible, and your potential match will become unmatch; he/she will be unable to see your profile anymore.

Users age for registration on BBPeopleMeet?

The community-based dating site set the age of 18 and above for users.

How to verify a BBPeopleMeet account?

You can verify the account by clicking the confirmed e-mail.

How to verify the email?

You can check the verified e-mail by signing-in to your e-mail address.

Does the site support a Facebook account for login?

The website doesn’t support Facebook or Instagram Id for login.

Can a user use the site without signing up?

No, users must sign-up first to enjoy the online dating experience.

Detailed Profile set-up to catch your soul mate

Profiles at BBPeopleMeet are comprehensive and informative with the fill of boxes and sections to answers. Your detailed profile helps other users to understand your interest, taste, and personality. Users are always recommended to make a complete profile to add more chances of getting messages and contacts from your soul mate.

Does the site gives the option to delete photo once uploaded?

You can delete the photo with the following path:

  • Go to settings and then the My Photos option.
  • In the photo beneath, click on delete the photo.
  • The site may further ask you whether you are sure to delete this photo or not.

Can someone edit username in BBPeopleMeet?

Yes, the user can change the username anytime.

Option to delete your BBPeopleMeet profile?

You can delete your profile with the following path:

  • Go to the My Account from Menu.
  • Click to view Account Status.
  • Click on remove or delete “My profile”.

Can user disable the “Show me on BBPeopleMeet” option?

You can hide other users from seeing you further if you don’t wish to.

Changing or Deleting information once inserted

You can change or delete information with the following route:

  • Go to settings and click on My profile.
  • Click the field you wish to change or edit.
  • Chose to edit the information you want.
  • Click save and continue.

How to search for a Member with the same match?

The website gives secure options to search for other like-minded singles. The site search option for free as many users can opt for the option to get their desire match. Your detailed profile can also be a great source of search because your profile content will become in the result when another search for it. Once you find your favorite big and beautiful, you can choose to initiate a message or flirt with them.

To see who has liked you

To see who has liked you

You can immediately know about someone who has viewed and liked your profile. This option increases the chance to get in touch with your mate after knowing her intentions.

Different options of BBPeopleMeet Search

The site searching option you should know about:

  • You can search via the searching bar, the one who has online, the one you make to favorite list, the one who has viewed and liked your profile. You can also search by username and specific keywords.
  • You can make a filter search by making location, gender, and other preferences, this search option is for free.
  • You can search for a user with both website and mobile version.

Can you see if someone likes you on the site if you are a free member?

You know about users who have liked and comment on your profile even if you are a free member.

Messaging and Contacting features at the website

Take a look at the site messaging and contacting features:

  1. The website communication features are not for free. You must avail of the plan to get an exciting and amazing dating experience.
  2. You can allow and block others if you don’t like them to contact you. You can unblock them anytime in case you have changed your mind.
  3. By not allowing free inbox and messages, the site intend to prevent and discourage the entry of fraudulent users to initiate messages.

How to start messages with someone on BBPeopleMeet?

Starting a message with someone on the platform is not for free. You must pay for the plan to get the feature; however, you can view and see photos and information on other profiles as a free member.

How to initiative message with someone?

You can initiate a message with other users if you are a paid member.

Is sending messages for free?

No, sending messages isn’t a free feature.

How to see who messaged me on BBPeopleMeet?

You can check the notification on your inbox icon

How to use the camera on live chat?

No, the site doesn’t support a video chat feature.

How to filter who can message me on BBPeopleMeet?

If you want to search for a specific message, you can make a sort by the option to filter your messages.

Pricing structure and Other Payment Method

Pricing structure and Other Payment Method

If you choose to be a premium user, you can get many features that can take your dating experience to the next level. After getting the plan, you will get full access to the paid features. For availing of the Best Value Plan, you can save around 48 USD; that’s a 61% discount.

Duration Full Price Total
One Month 15 USD Per Month $ 15
Standard Plan
Six Months 6 USD Per Month $ 36
Standard Plan
Six Months 7.00 USD Per Month $ 42

You can pay them via direct debit, credit card, or PayPal account.

Free Membership Features you should know

Free Features:

  1. You can do an unlimited search.
  2. You will be able to make free registration and profile completion.
  3. Uploading photos and videos.
  4. You can view other profiles and accounts.
  5. You will be able to get a certain number of matches
  6. You can have the I’m Interested option for free
  7. You will be able to know who do you like.

Premium Membership Features the site offer

Paid Features:

  1. You can send and receive messages.
  2. You will be able to maintain the favorite list.
  3. You can flirt with your big and beauty buddy.
  4. You can like and comment on other profiles.

Does BBPeopleMeet offer premium membership?

Yes, the site many and exciting features are for premium members.

Can a user cancel the BBPeopleMeet membership?

Yes, users can cancel their membership anytime they want.

Is BBPeopleMeet membership auto-renewed?

Yes, the paid membership renews automatically at the point of expiry. Non-automation of premium prevents you from continuing communication with your dating partner. You can discontinue the auto-renewal option if you like. The following way should be followed to discontinue the automatic renewal:

  • Go to settings and click on My Account.
  • Select Account Status and click View.
  • Then click on More Account Status Change.
  • Click Remove Automatic renewal.

The subscription will be stopped for future consideration. You can still enjoy the features of your last paid subscription. You will be able to cancel the subscription even within six months period.

Can users get a refund for unused time?

Yes, the website gives a money-back guarantee; you can find that in their terms of services. You can apply their refund policy by canceling the subscription before the end of the current period.

Does user opt to support renewed every month automatically?

Yes, users can opt for the support to be renewed every month.

If users don’t satisfy with the site. Can they get their money back?

Yes, the site offers a money-back guarantee if users don’t satisfy with the service.

How will user support appear on the credit card bill?

Users can immediately receive the information about the account and billing. They give you detailed information such as the charge for the premium, billing address, and expiry date.

Can a paid member give support to other BBPeopleMeet members?

You can go to the user’s profile and give them a flirt and messaging notification if you’re a paid user. Others can take the benefits of stream chat when you are online.

Can a paid member send support for just a month?

The website doesn’t mention for the facility in the term of services.

Special Features of the site you should know

Is BBPeopleMeet Safe?

They consider the security of their members important. Genuine users should pay no heed to the surrounded rumors about the safety of the site. The site looks consistently to improve the security environment safe and secure for its members.

Users are recommended to regularly follow updates and the guidelines of the site they present for their user community. For instance, sharing your personal and financial information always increases the chance of scamming. Thus this makes other users experience inadequate and insecure.

Does privacy work in BBPeopleMeet?

When it comes to privacy to your personal information, they have a well-written policy that protects your data and information. If users concerns about fake profiles, they should be reported immediately to customer service.

Are BBPeopleMeet chats encrypted?

The site claims to comply with international practice to secure users’ messages and personal information. Your personal information can’t be accessed other than the site itself for security reasons.

Can BBPeopleMeet track user down?

Yes, through e-mail and your current IP address, you can be tracked down.

Can users be traced by the police?

Yes, the government of the concern country can track you down if you violate the land’s rule.

Who to contact if have questions regarding the privacy in BBPeopleMeet?

You can contact the supportive team by visiting the contact us page.

Keeping Member Safety and Secure

Members should comply with the site guidelines to keep safe from any potential fake accounts and scammers. The website wants users not to share the financial information, never send money to other than the website. If someone asks you to send him money, you should immediately report him. For further tips about avoiding scams, please take a look at the Federal Trade Commission website for more detail.

Are BBPeopleMeet Forums threads moderated?

The website encourages keeping the community and the affair of the site moderate. Users with honest and respectful to others will be welcome on the platform. They also encourage users to express themselves without hesitation if their expressions don’t offend others. The website needs you to think before act because the site is meant for a specific community, and they don’t want them to be offended by the prejudice of others.

What will happen to a member who uses a BBPeopleMeet Account to solicit money?

Users may face a completely ban from the site if they tend to violate the site rules of business and scam money out of others.

Does the site Ban account?

Does the site Ban account?

Yes, the site can completely ban the user account. You have to be extra careful not to violate the site rules. For instance, sharing nudity and sexual content, harass other members, and promote hate speeches. Anyone who tries to get private information from other members for illegal activity will be banned.

Why can’t user have access to BBPeopleMeet?

You may have been violated the company terms of service.

How long are BBPeopleMeet bans?

If users violate any of the site policies, they will be banned completely. Once banned, you will no longer be allowed to come back into the community.

How to reactivate the banned account?

You can’t reactivate the account once it’s banned.

Guidelines about protecting from potential scammers

The site has a rigorous privacy policy for scammers, but they also want to educate users to protect themselves from fake accounts. Users shouldn’t share their financial information such as Venmo and PayPal account detail. Users should never give consent to fakes account for meeting up in the real world. Any unusual activities users feel should be immediately reported to the site support team.

How to block and report a suspected scammer?

You should contact the supportive team by clicking the contact us page and send the message. The team will respond within 48 hours.

Which information shouldn’t be posted in your BBPeopleMeet Account?

Information such as sharing nudity and vulgar content, promoting hate speeches, and harassing other members on the site is strictly prohibited. Any failure to do so will be banned entirely from the site.

How to Contact Customer Help and Support

If you need any help, try to get the answer from the FAQ section. If you have further questions to answer, you can contact customer care at 866-320-0106 or fill-up the form from the contact us page to send the message.

Real life BBPeopleMeet reviews

In other dating services, men had way too high expectations. BBPeoplemeet is different. People are realistic and very friendly. I’ve talked with several different men. Some I have found we just didn’t match, and we moved on, but a few of them went further, including phone calls and some dates. I have not dated in 5 years, and within two months on BBpeoplemeet, I have been on several. It costs money, but it has been worth it!

— Joice from New York Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Is BBPeopleMeet the best dating site?

Yes, the site is the best for a big and beautiful community.

Is BBPeopleMeet safe?

Yes, the site is safe and legitimate.

Is BBPeopleMeet a hook-up app?

The site has a very easy to use the hookup app.

Is BBPeopleMeet free?

Some of the site features are free, but you must pay to get unlimited paid features.

How does BBPeopleMeet work?

  • Make a profile, search for your favorite match.
  • Start the talk and take her on a date.

Alternative sites like BBPeopleMeet

Big back beautiful singles is another dating site that has targeted the BB community.

Contact Information

Company: PeopleMedia, Inc.

Address: PO Box 126327 Dallas Texas, USA

Fax: 214-853-4309

Final thoughts on BBPeopleMeet Reviews

BBPeopleMeet is a hookup online dating site targeting big and beautiful singles. The majority of the site members are from the United States and Canada, as the community can be found in numbers from those countries. The community-focused dating site gives you some exciting features for free, but you must pay to get unfold features to take your dating experience to the next level. BBpeopleMeet review has found out that the website is a safe and legitimate place for big and beautiful singles looking for real-time hookups and serious relationship. If you are from that group, you should waste no time and avail the chance to take your buddy home for life.

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