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BeeTalk Review: A Dating Site For Singles In 2022 To Make Easy Connections

BeeTalk Review: A Dating Site For Singles In 2022 To Make Easy Connections
About Girls
Date with older guy 45%
Reply rate 40%
Popular age 18-50
Beauty 55%
Profiles 260. 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • BeeTalk review has shown that the app has proved its worth by becoming one of the fastest-growing dating applications out there.
  • This app has special features, and the best one allows an advert-free browsing experience to its users.
  • The greatest thing about this app, according to the beeTalk reviews, is that it is available for free across all boards.
  • As far as user safety is concerned, the BeeTalk app has one of the safest security systems out there. It has been reputed to have passed several security tests. Further, it has been authorized by regional, national, and international bodies that have expertise in licensing apps of WWW, that is, the World Wide Web.
  • You cannot find the BeeTalk app working in several countries, particularly in some parts of Africa and Europe.
  • One of the biggest drawbacks of this app is that it does not offer any desktop version. So
  • This dating app offers a complex user interface, so users take time to get familiar with it. Besides, it also has a pretty weak customer support team.

Are you worried about not finding a date anymore? 😥 Dating someone is a tricky task. Traditional meetings at a café or in a cinema are boring now. Then what can you plan to meet someone new? A troublesome question indeed, but how about looking for the best dating sites in 2022? If you don’t have one in mind, then here is a quick tour to the ultimate and top dating site BeeTalk. It has one of the best feedbacks and caters to the taste of many customers and experts. If you are new to this game of dating online, you can try and discover the BeeTalk app.


BeeTalk has been registered as a company in Singapore, but it is based in the Thai capital. The team launched this modern communicative dating app in 2013. The original plan was to create this app for the Thailand people, but it came to be downloaded in several other countries. It also holds the record of being one of the most downloaded apps from the Apple and Google play store just a few days after its release. Most of its target audience is male and female who are under the age of 35. They all primarily reside in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore. The app’s users are focused on looking for friends or just a causal relationship. The app allows the singles out there to make new friends in their region. They can get acquainted with other single people who share common interests.

BeeTalk Review

Working of the site

In this app, you do not have the liberty to randomly introduce yourself to other users by spamming or winking at several potential partners. BeeTalk allows messaging and contacting people on your contact list. Besides, if you want to add someone to your contact list, please send them a contact request with a personal message. Therefore, the spam accounts are pretty non-existent.

Signing Up at BeeTalk

The registration process for the BeeTalk website is relatively easier than most other apps. When you install this app on your phone, you must provide your contact number. Then the app will send a verification code, and you need to enter it in a special field. And finally, you can be a full-time member of this dating app. In the next step, the application will ask you to synchronize contacts, and this will automatically add all the people from your contact list who have registered for this account. The users can also log in to the app using their Facebook profile.

Start Contact Easily

There are several options on the app which we can use to make connections. According to BeeTalk reviews, the app has a free instant chat messaging function. Besides, the online platform is well-equipped with a radar feature that allows the users to view numerous profiles of people near you. The app also enables end-to-end encryption for all the messages and media files. These files are sent and received by the users through whisper mode. Another striking feature of BeeTalk includes location-based clubs for its users, which are available for free for everyone on the platform. The users are allowed to send messages for free to anyone they like. But you should know that these dating services allow all the free calls and messages between you and the added contacts. Also, there is a chat room available for people to talk.

Profiles at BeeTalk

Profiles at BeeTalk

A BeeTalk review says that the app will guide you through a profile control panel after registering in the dating app. You can update your photo, which will be visible to all the app users and contacts. You may fill in your bio where you can talk about your preferences. You should also update the place you are from and the languages you speak for an ideal match. This way, people will be able to send you messages to filter you out accordingly. You can also browse people who have similar interests as you and initiate a conversation with them. There is a ‘flip’ feature where if you swipe right and that user does the same, your names would automatically go in each other’s contact list.

People usually register through their phone numbers. This way, the app tries to get rid of the scammers. Since this app is used in various countries, the contact information is usually bought using passport data. So most of the profiles in this dating app are real.

Avoid Fake Profiles

Though there are minimal chances of encountering a fake profile on the BeeTalk app, if a user does not update a profile, there are chances that it is a fake one as people usually put their profile picture on the app.

Design & Usability BeeTalk

This BeeTalk website uses theme colors yellow and black, which are also the brand colors of the app. As far as its usability is concerned, the app has several features to offer its users. The users need to spend a bit of their time finding out different app features. The interface of this dating app usually displays five tab icons. They are ‘look around,’ ‘chat,’ ‘my profile,’ ‘discover,’ and ‘video.’ The names of the respective tabs will only display when you click on their icons. There is a menu on the upper right-hand side of the ‘look around’ tab to see the ‘radar’ and ‘flip’ features. So you would need to click on those menus to find them. But overall, the app is user-friendly once you get your hands comfortable with the navigation keys and pages.

Mobile app BeeTalk

Mobile app BeeTalk

The brand has a mobile application with which the users can check out the features with ease. The BeeTalk application is for Android users, and all it takes is a few steps to create a profile. We can use this app quite comfortably on any 4.4 Android mobile phone. It must have a decent processor that is capable of supporting voice messages as well as video calls.

Special Features

BeeTalk includes features of both social media and dating apps. All the features of this app are completely free, and anyone can easily use them.

Join Clubs

Clubs is a special feature of the BeeTalk app where people can join and have conversations with one another free of cost. They usually consist of activities that only certain people are interested in. Many users take part in these clubs, and it depends upon the administrator’s will if he/she wants to keep a particular member in the group.



Radar suggests users all the people who live very close to them.

Look Around

Look Around and Radar serve almost the same function. Look Around suggests users people who are approximately close but not very close.


If a user swipes right to another users’ profile and that person likes the profile using the flip feature, they would go in each others’ contact list.

Whisper Mode

Every chat box contains one feature known as whisper mode. There is a certain number of seconds that people need to choose after which the chat they sent gets deleted. It also has end-to-end encryption.

Forums and Threads

The Discovery tab consists of various threads that BeeTalk initiates. The threads include ‘Introduce Yourself’ and ‘Selfie.’ These are the two most famous threads that users always use.

BeeTalk Costs

BeeTalk Costs

The platform is free for every user. People can make calls, send messages, doodles, drawings, and cute stickers, use all the special features that the BeeTalk app has, and they won’t have to pay anything. BeeTalk does not even ask users for money to remove unwanted pop-up ads. In fact, it doesn’t even show any footer ads or pop-up ads.

Basic Membership

Dating apps often provide users with free and paid features. Usually, the modes of communication require payment. When it comes to the BeeTalk app, it is entirely free and does not ask its users to spend any money.

Premium Membership

Anyone who downloads the app gets all the features for free. It is the benefit that makes BeeTalk different from other dating apps and websites. So there is no premium membership for the BeeTalk app.

BeeTalk Coupons

BeeTalk app is one of the most famous dating apps that became popular among the young generation within its release year. It does not provide any coupon to its users like other sites since every feature on the app is entirely free.

Verification and Safety BeeTalk

The quality of the profile on this app is excellent. Anyone can quickly learn its features because it is easy to use and has unique algorithms. However, the verification process on this app takes a lot of time. Many negative BeeTalk reviews have been found out about the verification process. It is one of the most annoying aspects of the app. It sometimes takes hours or even days to verify a profile on BeeTalk.

As far as safety and security are concerned, it is a very safe app. It is very reputed and has passed many security tests set by the regional, national, and international security bodies. Positive BeeTalk reviews were recently noticed when a person said he was pleased with the app’s security.

Scam On BeeTalk

BeeTalk website has gained a lot of popularity ever since it has been released. The app has over 25 million active users, out of which 18 million are from Asia, and a few percentages are from the United States of America. It became trendy in Asia but couldn’t gain much popularity in the USA. However, BeeTalk is safe, secure, and is not a scam.

Legit BeeTalk

The BeeTalk app is legit and focuses on providing a safe and secure platform to people looking to find dates online. Many people often wonder how an app can work without charging any money, and they think it is fake. However, the app has passed many security checks and has proved to be a real website.


BeeTalk is not anonymous. If someone sends a text to another user, he/she can see the person who sent the text. If someone right swipes another users’ picture, the user will get to know the username of the person who did it. No one can be anonymous on the app because the app does not support this feature. The application does provide basic privacy aspects fulfilling the expectations of the user.

The Problem With BeeTalk

The Problem With BeeTalk

There are specific problems that users have to face on this app. One of the issues is that the BeeTalk app does not have a strong customer support team. All the more, it is not available in a lot of countries, including Africa. There is no control system on the app; even kids – 15 years of age may have an account on BeeTalk. Anyone who has an account on this app can post anything, which certainly is a problem. There are no restrictions and filters on the app as such.

There could be some spam accounts you can expect. However, this is a problem with most of the online platforms out there. You have to be careful about sharing your sensitive details to someone you have not yet met and profiles that can save messages.

Help & Support

Since everyone downloads the app from Google Store or App Store, they can leave their message or feedback on the page from where they have downloaded the app if they face any problem while using the application’s features. The team is working all the time so that they will get back to their issues shortly.

BeeTalk alternatives

Even though BeeTalk is very impressive, certain apps push it to do even better. These alternatives are none other than Tinder and Bristlr. Tinder is the first choice for anyone looking forward to making their profile on a dating website. It is assumed that BeeTalk might reach that level soon. Bristlr can be called Tinder for all beard lovers.

What is BeeTalk Used for?


Whoever downloads the BeeTalk app tends to ask many questions. Some of the frequently asked questions and answers are the following:

What is BeeTalk Used for?

BeeTalk is a dating app for people looking forward to getting in touch with someone they could spend their lives with. It is a user-friendly app, which helps users to get in touch with their going-to-be better halves. All the profiles are sent to the timeline, and people can choose someone they like.

Is BeeTalk a Real Dating Site?

Yes, BeeTalk is a real dating site, and users can fully trust it. It is very safe and secure. However, the only problem that users will ever face is the lack of a BeeTalk website. It brings in various restrictions with itself.

How to Delete BeeTalk Account?

In case a user wants to delete his/her account, they can send an email to @beetalkmobile.com. After the account has been deleted, we cannot restore it. In case someone wants to join BeeTalk again, they can create a new account. The verification process will take a few hours or even days, but users can easily avail all the app features once it is complete.


If someone is facing any issues on the app, they can complain about it on the page from where they have downloaded the app. Users can also send an email to @beetalkmobile.com to get their queries answered by the support team.


BeeTalk is one of the widely famous dating sites which resembles Tinder to some extent. It has various cool features that everyone can use without paying even an ounce of money. One of the disadvantages of the Beetalk app is that it is not available in some parts of Africa and large European regions. This app helps users to find fun and love in a single place. Anyone who is looking forward to seeing their soulmates can create an account on this app.

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Customer reviews
by Elora Jan 09, 2022
I authorized in this particular internet site twelve months . 5 back, i was downward period. At once, Having been delighted to receive so much fits each day, which helped me a cure for best. Before long, I met an excellent individual, assumed the chemistry and relationship between united states, therefore we go along actually currently. I would claim that the top quality program prices are reasonable and low-cost.
James Cook
by James Cook Jan 03, 2022
Incredible app, matchmaking generally seems to play without a hitch, doesn't just take lots of time to get going. You could set-up your game account and a dashboard in a few momemts and employ the web site extremely easily. Many of us is moaning over paid account, however, there is no these types of things as a free meal, for me. For myself, I'm content with this service membership. We fulfilled several of my top picks in real life, but We haven't plumped for special someone subsequently. I like to appreciation, living, and potential I've had gotten when signed up for this app. Furthermore, additionally is useful on smartphones, even without installing computer software.
Jim Carson
by Jim Carson Jan 03, 2022
This application was real, and I'm absolute proof of the results. I cannot complain about any of it app because provided me with the greatest times in my lives. Thus, I've happy to sign up they and have now really fun. Definitely, it's got definitely not recently been without not successful fights, but I presume however this is quite a great all natural procedures. You are unable to obtain it all-in a point in time, and a few months of texting is typically needed to determine a meetup.
by Haastrup Dec 24, 2021
Love this particular service. I created plans to satisfy visitors for a coffee and in some cases an event. I reckon they went somewhat better. I've definitely not determined however on the then periods, but I'm over at my way to opt for the one which is actually specialized. Okay, wanted me personally fortune, all.
Jerry Christensen
by Jerry Christensen Dec 24, 2021
I used to be relatively skeptical so it would get anyplace, and I will get anything significant on this web site. My best friend is into online dating services, and I've merely enrolled with the web site for entertainment. Well, okay, seriously speaking, Recently I wished to demonstrate that dating online willn't move and say to him or her later, “There you will be, pal, I said so.” But Chatting about how obtained online flirting addicting and began communicating with actually intriguing individuality. I have brand-new relatives and in some cases some enthusiasts. Thus, I'm going to get a night out together real world and revel in unique encounters.
Kathryn Freeman
by Kathryn Freeman Dec 20, 2021
I happened to be really surprised observe such a functional relationship software. I've really been enrolled in yearly currently. After many mediocre times, I stumbled onto your excellent accommodate. It happened two months previously, and we're nevertheless feel good together. I'm not hunting beyond that at this time. Continue to, I am going to be happy if the connections build. So for now, I'm satisfied and want to say thank you to this idea app for bringing all of us with each other.
Stephanie Johnson
by Stephanie Johnson Dec 12, 2021
The wisest commitment I've available is joining and using this page. I'm online dating these days, and with thanks to the application for this sort of good fortune. We're along for per month and had an incredible moments together. Hence, i assume I was fortunate in order to satisfy my mate due to the fact complete steps is wonderful on the webpage. All the solutions provides you with the chance to choose a good deal about the companion before getting the best go out. On line speaking is actually helpful to receive somebody who matches your requirements and ambitions. Simple position on this web site produced a lot of happiness and activities to my life. Hence, I'd recommend they to any or all visitors looking top quality fits.
by Raquel Dec 08, 2021
As a first-time manhood, The way we wish relish the experience. It's easy to make friends, so long as you are generally active and admire other consumers. It's exhilarating. Whether I'll come your excellent complement? I don't treat today. Two great schedules is sufficient I think so far, and I'm searching and anticipating more activities before being focused on a potential wife. I notice that our site is definitely perfectly suitable for your targets. Town is definitely ok, and no person tries to get using your your skin. Therefore, i'm comfy using on line enjoyable and my pals. We become a few things to discuss, as well times I've have are truly stimulating. So, I'm pleased with my personal membership, and a realistic price is definitely an extra.
by Marsha Nov 30, 2021
Nice dating website! We joined up with they just the previous year and furthermore, as after that met two associates with benefits. Furthermore, I speak to a few customers from my personal favorite identify. Conversation is tremendous, as a chat panel comes in handy. Customers is open-minded, welcoming, and productive. I have particular inclination, and no people judges me personally. Therefore, i'm entirely safe and cozy.
Manuel Gill
by Manuel Gill Nov 26, 2021
I discovered my self wanting to loosen and jump into reaction love-making if not relaxed internet dating after a breakup. However, i obtained not a clue of learning to make it on the web. Nothing enjoy made me afraid. I tried swiping, but this a shallow way is not our sturdy meet. We seek out the software wherein people tend to be connecting, but I nonetheless required an outstanding site. That one was a middle surface personally. No-strings-attached joints, respectable users, and meets, quick program, boards. Which is all we previously sought. I proceeded a few horny periods, and then I absolutely feel good. Great assistance for single men and women with free of cost possibilities and great functionality. The cool design and style is a good feel.
Steven Cox
by Steven Cox Nov 22, 2021
The web dates for this web site became a good and attention-grabbing experience to me. It functions properly for my self-esteem and let making latest relationships. They're not relations so far but take a look providing. In addition, truly charming for my situation to-break the snow and chat with individuals from any region i love. Surfing users is actually engaging, both. It's often fascinating to find how individuals present themselves while looking for closeness.
Terry Watts
by Terry Watts Nov 19, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual person and love tests. I'm certainly not monogamous, at any rate currently. Truly, my own habits is way from old-fashioned friendly norms, and that I typically think depressed even among friends and family or nearest partners. Many materialize to be wedded, so I'm supposed stir crazy after I experience their particular significant looks. Extremely, clearly, it's fairly difficult to locate and chill with like-minds whenever you stay in a huge town, wherein individuals are way too hectic to help make brand new links. Hence, this chaos 's the reason for signing up for this site. And the experience was seamless. We was able to pick those that wish the equivalent abstraction and comprehend my favorite desire to continue to be no-cost, without devotion, anticipate, and all sorts of this some other hooey. Another fantastic thing is that there I've satisfied some bi-curious individuals. I enjoy performance with the site since it's quite enough for primary connection. Perhaps, anybody would like more advantages, but also in my personal opinion, you should get a date if you want detailed discussion. While browsing pages, we spotted lots of empty kind. I wish someone could shell out a whole lot more awareness of their own appeal on the internet site. On the subject of the site's overall performance, things are okay. No problems with log on, emails, etc. Support provider is useful and it's accessible night and day. I'm content to get a virtual place for my favorite wants and fantasies. It's great when the community doesn't force its standards it is on a single page.
Mary Carlson
by Mary Carlson Nov 13, 2021
This site is fantastic for myself. As I'm slightly tired of swiping, it grew to be a middle floor for the requirements. We don't approach any serious commitments at the moment, but I won't try to escape whenever I meet the love. Our site really doesn't pressure me and allows getting all amazing features of standard romance. Besides, I like that the software comes in handy to work with, if it is about direction-finding or paying. Costs happens to be normal, and I also normally grudge bucks in their mind since I have the best benefits for rates they might need. I've already satisfied some reasonable persons and find very hot periods. Besides, we communicate with a few consumers to discuss, laugh, and negotiate various issues, most notably sexual intercourse. I feel that i'm within my group ever since the area can be quite helpful. Anyone don't assess an individual, the way it might should you have acquired someone in a bar.
Elizabeth Sullivan
by Elizabeth Sullivan Nov 08, 2021
I enrolled with this website just the past year and had gotten a great practice. Right now, i've a trusted and mind-blowing mate, and we're good jointly. I'd advise the app because You will find discovered from strong experience this is effective. I notice that some people usually whine about no games, convinced that they just spend your time and cash. Nevertheless, i will be aware that when people cannot get a hold of a person, they often boot their particular downfalls to exterior issues. Task, family, online dating sites, this means, there is always someone accountable. However, you must never give up hope, and every single thing shall be ok. Eg, they took me around 7 times to meet up with your mate.
Ryan Morrison
by Ryan Morrison Nov 05, 2021
I would like various other daters to know that this specific service 100% performs optimally without techniques. Folks that undoubtedly long for getting in touch with a special someone won't feel dissapointed about their own selection as soon as registering for the platform. The main thing is certainly not to give up. I've previously fulfilled our beloved, therefore are pleased. I'm arousal and balance, which indicates a good deal. Very, we've been in love, which is never ever too-late for everyone of all ages and requisite. I suggest this site, extremely merely take to.

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