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Onenightfriend Review 2021: Check Out Complete Analysis

Onenightfriend Review 2021: Check Out Complete Analysis
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 99%
Popular age 27-35
Beauty 41%
Profiles 120 600
About Site
Visit rate 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Onenightfriend has a very simple and less time-consuming registration process.
  • It is a website, and it has its app, which ensures maximum accessibility.
  • Creators have made efforts to make this site safe for its users.
  • Both the website and the app are very simple to use.
  • The platform is full of fake profiles and scammers.
  • It does not have an app for Android users. Thus it has limitations.
  • Many of the female accounts are either fake or inactive.

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Onenightfriend is an online hookup platform. It usually has members that are looking for casual flings. You have no strings attached to sex through this platform. The onenightfriend review reports if you are looking for a serious relationship, you should steer clear. It is not the place to look for a committed relationship. This review will provide you with every detail of this platform. However, here you will find a complete analysis of this platform.

Is Onenightfriend multilingual?

The platform offers many languages for great reach. Some of the languages available on this platform are English, French, and Russian. It ensures more members of the platform.

Which company operates Onenightfriend?

The owner of the platform is Together Network. This network has a lot of experience in the online dating world.

What is the location Onenightfriend?

You can find the site online with onenightfriend.com. It has the most members of the US, but there is no physical location. You can write to the Together Network in case of any query or complaint.

When Did Onenightfriend Go Online?

Onenightfriend hit the online world in 2006. It started its journey with the website. Without exception, this platform is for casual hookups and flings, and it has expanded a lot since the start. The website has gone through constant updates to stay relevant.

Is Onenightfriend multinational?

The platform is accessible to everyone in the world. You can be a member irrespective of your country. However, the platform may not work for you if there are few members in the area. The platform has a 100 km search radius.

Exclusive Features

Onenightfriend Exclusive Features

The platform has many features that grab the attention of the people. These features define the platform for what it is. They assist in making the platform unique from its competitors.


It is a feature to send flirts to other members on the go. It is accessible to standard users. You can send a Flirtcast every 12 hours. Other members cannot reply to Flirtcast irrespective of the type of membership.

Favourites List

This feature is available to keep tabs on the users you like. You need to add them to your favorites to keep a check on their profile.

Member Composition

The onenightfriend review announces that the exact number of members is not available. Most of its members come from the US. The members here are the ones looking for casual flings. It is not for those who wish to find the one for a committed or long-term relationship.

Age composition

More than a quarter of its members come under the age group of 25 to 34 years though you will also find many male members above the age of 55.

Fakes Profiles

The platform has tons of fake profiles and scammers. You will see messages from bots when you log in. Some profiles use photos from the internet as their profile picture. Users need to take the utmost care when interacting with other members. The fake profiles raise concerns about the safety and security of the platform.

Platforms – Mobile App and Website

Onenightfriend Platforms – Mobile App and Website

This part of the Onenightfriend review will look into the accessibility of the platform. Wider accessibility ensures more membership.

Onenightfriend Mobile Application

It has an app that only works for iOS. There is no app on the Play Store. It limits Android users from accessing the app. On the plus side, it has a very precise design. The mobile app is very easy to use with a faster loading speed. People who access the app use it over the website. It looks like a copy of the website.

Onenightfriend Desktop version

Onenightfriend’s website doesn’t look old for its age. The site looks modern and has a very good design. Everything is understandable. You can become an expert in its operation within a few minutes. The design and usability of the website are on par with its competitors.

Is there an option to access the app through the computer?

There is no way to access the app using your computer. You can use the website instead, which looks exactly like the app. Both of them have similar designs and usability. However, you can access the website through your smartphone.

Which browsers are compatible with Onenightfriend?

The website is accessible through browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Moreover, it is also accessible through Apple Safari for iMac users.

Why is it hard to access the website?

Sometimes, users find it difficult to access their account through the website. It usually happens when they use the wrong password for their account. Click on the forgotten password to get a new password to your email ID. It can also happen because of the very high traffic on the website.

Design and Usability

The design of the website looks very similar to other dating profiles. The site and the app use a white background along with black and yellow elements. Both the Onenightfriend website and the app have aesthetic designs. The layout of the app and website is very systematic. Everything looks in place and catches your eye. The usability of the platform is very simple. The layout and design are such that you don’t need to be tech-savvy to operate it.

Sign-Up process

The sign-up process of the platform is very simple. It will take less than 5 minutes to become a member. You can register yourself through your email ID. The site only asks for your gender, gender preference, age, email ID, and password. Provide this information to register yourself. It will send a link to verify the account in your email.

Is there an option to unmatch an Onenightfriend member?

You can unmatch a user by visiting his/her profile. You can also block them from any kind of communication in the future. The platform is very serious about the safety of its members. They work hard to ensure a secure experience for its users.

What is the minimum age to register on Onenightfriend?

Any individual above the age of 18 can become a member. However, a person below 18 is a minor and cannot register with the hookup platform.

What are the ways to verify accounts?

You can only verify your account through your email ID. You can provide the site with your email ID during registration. Verification gets done using this email ID.

How to verify an email Id?

The platform transmits a confirmation link to your email ID. You log in to your email ID and click on the link. In doing so, your account gets verified. It is always better to verify the account for credibility. Users refrain themselves from talking to unverified accounts.

What happens when you register using Facebook Account?

The platform does not provide an option to register through Facebook. It also does not have the option of linking your account to your Facebook profile. You can only register with your email ID. The sign-up process is anyway, short and simple.

Is there an option to use the site without signing up?

There is no way to use the site without registering. The opening page has the sign-up process and other information about the platform. It is a cunning way for dating sites to inflate their membership count. There might be many members who signed in to look at the site and are now inactive.

Setting Up Profile

According to onenightfriend reviews, users don’t need to set up their profile. They can find and connect with others without filling the profile. While setting up your profile, you can upload photos and videos. You also have to provide information about your physical aspect. It can include hair color, tattoo, height, etc. You can also share your drinking or smoking habits.

How to delete a photo from Onenightfriend?

The Onenightfriend website provides you with the option of deleting any picture which you have uploaded. You can delete your pictures by visiting the gallery of your profile.

Is there an option to edit the username in Onenightfriend?

The platform does not provide an option to change your username. While registering, the name you provide becomes your username.

How to delete Onenightfriend profile?

To delete the profile, click on the ‘Remove Account’ option available in the Settings. Then you have to type your password and reason for deleting the account. Confirm your decision to delete your account.

Is there an option to hide the visibility on Onenightfriend?

There is no option to hide your profile in front of other users. However, there is a Safe Mode where you should specify the accounts if you don’t want to encounter them. The site will not show you these profiles from thereon.

Is there an option to delete the information that was already given to Onenightfriend?

You can delete all the information you provide by visiting your profile. But, you cannot change your user-name or gender.

Searching for Matches

A platform with many search options allows members to find other users faster.

How to view the Onenightfriend members who you liked?

There is a feature called the Favorites list. Whenever you like a profile, you can put it in your favorites list. It helps in keeping tabs on the members that you like.

How can you search for matches in Onenightfriend?

The Onenightfriend website has got many parameters to search from. You can change the parameters as per your wish. You cannot change your gender preference. Another feature of the platform is the Like Gallery feature, which is like a swiping system. The site has very limited methods to search for potential matches.

How can you view profiles like your account on Onenightfriend if you are a free member?

The platform does not provide a feature to view users that like your account. It is irrespective of whether you are a free or premium member. There is no such option altogether.


Searching for members is of no use until you can contact them. Different methods of communication make it easier and more interesting to talk about. This Onenightfriend review will now focus on communication methods.

How can you start communicating with other users on Onenightfriend?

The platform has an instant messaging option to talk to others. It allows users to talk to each other on a personal level. However, the drawback of the platform is that free members cannot use this. There is no way for free members to start or reply to conversations. Make sure you get a premium subscription for that. It paves the way to another problem. Premium members may not get their money’s worth, for the other user may be a free user.

How to message other users?

You can message a user by visiting their profile. In the profile, you will find an option saying ‘Chat.’ Clicking on it will redirect you to the chat page.

Can the free members message others?

There is no way a free member can contact others. They have to get a premium membership to unlock the messaging feature. Without that, the platform is a waste of time.

How to know about the users that message you on Onenightfriend?

Any message you receive will appear in the instant messaging tab of the website or app. You will also get alerts for communications.

What is the process to use the camera on Onenightfriend?

There is no special feature where you will able to use the camera. You can upload photos to your profile through a smartphone or computer.

How to regulate the users that can message you on Onenightfriend?

The platform has Safe Mode, where you will be able to control who can message you. Moreover, there are regular features like blocking or reporting the account.

Premium Subscription Price and Payment Options

Onenightfriend Premium Subscription Price and Payment Options

The Onenightfriend review will now look into the cost of premium membership. A three-day trial is available. It will cost $1.40 a day. You can make the payment using a Debit or Credit Card. The various fees for paid membership are:

Duration Cost per month
One month $39.00
Three months $21.00
Six months $17.00

Standard Membership Features

You can sign up with the platform for free.

You can upload pictures and videos.

You can use the Wink feature for a limited amount.

Only the basic search filters are available for free users.

The Like Gallery feature is available to free users.

Paid members can message and chat with other premium users.

All the search filters and parameters get unlocked for paid users.

You can access the profile of the members and view full HD photos.

You can share videos and photos in chat.

Is there any option for premium membership on Onenightfriend?

The brand offers premium membership to users who are willing to pay the fees for it.

What are the steps to cancel the Onenightfriend membership?

You can cancel your membership by contacting site officials. You can do so by sending an email to payment@onenightfriend.com. You can also send an email to support@onenightfriend.com.

Does the Onenightfriend subscription get auto-renewed?

When you pay for a subscription, it gets auto-renewed. The settings are such that the auto-renewal is the default feature. Make sure to turn this off to avoid charges in the future.

How to avail a refund for unused time?

The platform does not have any type of return policy. Once you pay for a cycle, you don’t get a refund for it. Though, turn off the auto-renewal mode to stop payment for the next cycle.

Does Onenightfriend renew your subscription every month?

If you choose for a one-month plan, then it automatically renews it every month. Otherwise, it depends on the number of months chosen by you.

How to get your money back if you are not satisfied with Onenightfriend?

The platform has a strict no return policy. You are unable to avail of the refund once you have made the payment.

How will the payment to Onenightfriend appear on the credit card bill?

The payment you make to the Onenightfriend website comes under the same name on your credit or debit card bill.

How can you pay for other Onenightfriend users?

There is no restriction on paying for multiple users from the same card. You can make the payment from the same card for your friends. However, even their amount gets deducted from your card when the cycle gets renewed.

Can you send support to any other user?

The website doesn’t let any of its users send any kind of support to anyone. The site will not take any responsibility for any kind of damage.

Is onenightfriend Safe?

Is onenightfriend Safe?

Let’s start with one of the most important questions: Is the onenightfriend website safe? There are a few scam profiles on dating sites. So it is advisable to check their page on safety tips. If you can’t find a page only dedicated to safety tips, you might want to think before using it!

Privacy concerns in onenightfriend

On the website, privacy policies address each privacy concern. The site addresses concerns like:

What are your rights?

What data do they collect?

Why do they collect?

How do they keep it safe, etc.?

What about chat encryption?

The chats taking place between you and some other users are completely encrypted. However, the website continues to track your account and messages. So, if you feel any kind of suspicion with other users, you should immediately report the user. It is for your safety.

Can onenightfriend track you down?

One of the details they take from you is your current location. So, the site can track you down.

Can the police trace down the site?

If you commit any serious offense or commit any cybercrime on the site, the police can track you down. It won’t take time for the police and the government authorities to track you down.

Whom to contact in case of privacy concerns??

If you have any questions or queries about your privacy, you can go through all the privacy policies of the site. For privacy concerns, you can find the contact details of the concerned authorities. You can either call or email them as per your concern.

Safety concerns

The website keeps on monitoring the user’s activity daily to ensure their safety. So, the site is safe and secure to use. If there is suspicious activity, the probability of users getting banned is high.

Are onenightfriend Forums consistent?

According to the Onenightfriend review, there are no specific forum groups. It is not consistent. All the special features about the dating site are in its messaging section. So, the website isn’t a moderated forum thread.

What happens to users who use the onenightfriend website to seek only money?

If any user gets caught requesting money from other users. According to the policies, their account can get banned from the dating site forever. They won’t be able to have their accounts removed from the blacklist.

What about Banned accounts?

Once a person manages to create a banned account, it gets terminated from the site. Emails associated with that account are also retained on the site’s internal blacklist. The site blacklists any account posing as a threat to any user or the site itself.

Are you unable to get access go your onenightfriend account?

After completing the registration procedure, you will need to verify your email address. If you are unable to access your account, these can be the reasons:

You have not verified your email.

You might have forgotten your password.

For how long can onenightfriend keep your account banned?

Once you make it to the blacklist, it is uncertain for how long you’ll stay on that list. Until the site thinks that you are not a threat to users and businesses, your account will stay banned.

How to reactivate your banned account?

If your account gets listed under a banned account, you cannot reactivate it unless the onenightfriend removes you from their list. There’s no way to reactivate your banned account unless it gets removed from the blacklist.

How can you protect yourself??

Even though the site provides the best security level, it is preferable to look out for yourself. One can protect itself by not giving any kind of information to any other user.

Make sure not to post any kind of sensitive information like email, phone numbers, etc. on the account.

Do not provide any unknown personal account use or details related to your account.

How to block and reveal a suspected scammer?

If you come across any scammer doing any kind of suspicious activity, you should immediately report them on the report page. After reporting, immediately block the suspect.

Which information should you not post on your onenightfriend account?

You should never post the following information on your account:

Full names


messaging details

Phone number


Credit card

National identity number

Email address

Driver’s license

Help and Support

Many reports are being filed by any user against a suspicious user. The authorities at the site will take the utmost care in resolving the report. Any user gets caught doing something illegal. The user’s account can get banned from the website forever.

Real-life assessment

According to reviews, the onenightfriend website is very serious about its rules and regulations. There are a few scammers and automated ones not on the site. The site is continuously working to eliminate them and make the site safer for their other users.

Can you consider onenightfriend among the best dating site/app?

The dating app has good features and a few flaws that the operators are constantly working on. It can count after hookup apps like Adult FriendFinder and Tinder.

Is the site safe for its users?

Safety and Security Policy says it keeps close monitoring of its users’ activity. But, to maintain safety, you should inform immediately of any suspicious incident. You can do this by going onto their report page. It will help in ensuring your safety along with users! The site uses various cookies and CAPTCHA to protect their user’s information.

Is onenightfriend a hook-up app?

The app is a pure hookup site. Here you can find your one-night stand, or you can have any kind of sexual encounter. You can seek any kind of partner you want over here.

Is onenightfriend free to use?

You can use the site for free. But with a free membership, you can’t do much. You can browse through the profiles but won’t be able to communicate. To communicate, the user needs to have a paid membership. But if you plan on getting paid membership, you should opt for another site. But you won’t be able to do very much with the app. You can look at profiles for a bit. Any actual communication requires a paid membership to make it happen.

How does onenightfriend function exactly?

The onenightfriend review shows that after completing your registration and account certification, you can start browsing the profiles of other users. If you opt for paid membership on the onenightfriend website, you can also use extra features. But if you have a free membership, you can only see other users’ profiles. You cannot communicate or use any other function.

What are the best alternatives to onenightfriend??

According to a few onenightfriend reviews, there are a few good alternatives to this dating site.

Adult FriendFinder: This is the top alternative hookup site. The quality of the profiles the site has is the best. There are a lot of active members and less number of scammers in comparison to other sites. They give a free trial of their site.

Cougar Life: This app is best for casual ONS. The app is very easy to use with its simplified layout.

Tinder: Tinder is a good casual hookup app. All you need is good photos to find a suitable partner to hook up with.

BBW Match Mate: If you are into BBW girls, this is the best app for you. You can find cute chubby girls to hook up with!

How can you contact us?

You can contact the administrative authorities using the following details.

Company:- Together Networks Limited

Address:- Ground Floor, Palace Court, Church Street, Julians, STJ 3049, Malta

Phone:- 443444824945

Email:- support@onenightfriend.com

Final Verdict

Onenightfriend website is the best dating app for single people. It is best suited for people who are lonely and in search of some physical erotic fun! If you plan to get yourself registered on any casual hookup app, this is the ideal app for you.

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