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Join the BlackWink Website and Meet the Hot Black People around You

Join the BlackWink Website and Meet the Hot Black People around You
About Girls
Date with older guy 12%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 26-39
Profiles 480 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The member base of the site is large enough for multiple matches in one day.
  • The search mechanism of the BlackWink is quite detailed and can help you find the best mates of your choice.
  • The sign-up process takes no time and can be handled by beginners as well.
  • The usability and design of the BlackWink website have won many hearts to date.
  • Users often complain that the number of fake accounts is increasing day by day.
  • There is no BlackWink app.

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The world is prejudiced but not love, and we know that! Not everyone is a fan of white skin. Some try to look for fair love within a black beauty, becoming more familiar with this generation. If you feel the same, then we have a perfect solution for all your love hunt problems! You are heartily welcome to the BlackWink website, where finding love in a dark lady or man is quick and straightforward. To date, it is one the best sites where people can discover long-term commitments for themselves. In case you are planning to register on the BlackWink site, make sure you read this complete review for a better understanding of the platform. Keep reading the BlackWink review to learn more!

BlackWink Overview

Ebony romance is the specialty of the BlackWink website. They have space for every gender, sexual orientation, and religion, but their only demand is their passion for black people. The homepage of the site shows a lot of suggestive matches for every user. From men to women, most members are hot and desirable. If you want to enjoy some truly remarkable features that make the task of choosing a partner comfortable, then the BlackWink will provide it all to you! The dating site is renowned for its significant number of members, superb features, matchmaking algorithm, and security. All of these are some of the most vital components of a right romance forum. So, are you excited to find out more about the site? If yes, then read on!

BlackWink Overview

How Does BlackWink Work?

BlackWink, like most other dating sites, works for reuniting lovers who are passionate about their feelings for their beloved. However, this platform is different because it allows a person to fall in love with an ebony beauty. Here, most members belong to the society of black people. But the BlackWink website also allows white people only if they are genuinely interested in dating dark ones. Gone are the days when the black can fall in love with another black person only. This platform discards the idea and makes it an open-minded place where people can love each other irrespective of their color or caste. Isn’t that amazing? We are delighted that the site exists! Our experts have noticed that the platform has excellent functionality and great positive BlackWink reviews. Keep reading to know more!

Signing Up at BlackWink Website

The BlackWink site is a confined place for those who want to get paired with a dark mate quickly. One of the major pros of the site is the speedy login process. Those who have used other dating sites before can soon sign up for the platform within a minute. You do not need to pay them for signing up. All you need to provide is a few essential info about yourself, including your name, gender, sexuality, and so on. You will have to give the app access to your location to find out the best matches in your locality. Users who register for the first time need to provide their active email id. The site will send you a verification mail. Once verified, you can start using the platform instantly!

How to Contact the Members?

Once the registration process is complete, the next thing that pops up in the user’s mind is how to contact the members on the platform. Well, our BlackWink review is here to help you understand that! Whenever you are participating in a dating site, you must look for their communication features because, without that, the entire motive of being there fails.

Firstly, you need to explore the site’s member base to find out someone of your liking. You can choose a mate either from the suggestion list shown by the website itself or look for a partner who matches your preference more. You can do so by applying search filters while looking for a mate. There are multiple search filters available to help every user land on a partner whose interest matches theirs.

Once you are done finding an interest, you can connect with them via the text messaging feature. Even though there is nothing extraordinary about this feature, it is more than enough for knowing a stranger online. You can connect with them in-person if everything seems fine in the online chatting world. Make sure you use the feature for striking the best conversations ever!

How to Contact the Members?

Member Profiles on the BlackWink Website

The members on the site are mostly black because the platform is made especially for them. Some users are not black but want to mingle with an ebony mate. The members come from all over the world and are mostly single. In case you are wondering about the gender ratio of the website, the men are more than the women here. Also, most users are 30+ on the BlackWink site, which means the place is more suitable for the middle youth. Overall, the members are genuine and generous for a strong bond!

How to Avoid Fake Profiles?

You should look for love but not blindly. When dating online, you must keep all your senses open to detect any scam on your way. The most common form of fraud that happens on dating platforms is fake profiles. Read below to know the right ways of avoiding bogus accounts on the BlackWink website:

  • Pay attention to details: Every profile has specific information that you need to scrutinize minutely. For instance, the first thing that deserves your attention is the bio of the person. Ask yourself a few questions when reading the biography. What vibes does the person give? Do they sound real? Are they just flirting in the bio without mentioning anything real? These questions are of high importance. The answers to them will help you decide whether a profile is real or fake.
  • Check the photos: The pictures of the profile talk a lot about one’s personality. The profile photo is the first picture that you need to see. Is the photo hazy or looks shady? If yes, then maybe the person is not real. Also, see if the profile has multiple images of the person.
  • Talk talk talk: Talk with a person as much as you can before meeting them in-person. When you indulge in a conversation, you get to know a user far better. In case you want hard to confirm the person is real, you can arrange a video call with them on other platforms. It is a great way to assure that the user exists.

If these tips don’t help, then we wonder what would! Make sure you follow each of them for not becoming the easy fly to the hungry spider.

Design and Usability

The design of the BlackWink website looks quite elegant and classy. The website design is suitable for most devices. The design especially fits the mobile screen perfectly, even though it is not a phone application. The smooth flow of the design helps in improving the usability of the site immensely. Most users have spoken positively about the design and usability of the BlackWink reviews. You can have a great dating experience using this platform!

Design and Usability

BlackWink Mobile App

One of the negative points of the site is that it lacks a mobile application. We know that the news disappoints you but let us tell you something more positive. The brand has not created a BlackWink app; however, they have done an incredible job completing the website. The website can be accessed on any mobile browser, and it will run fine without any lags whatsoever.

We agree that the website is excellent, but the users’ need for a mobile app is felt a lot. They find it more convenient when chatting on an app.

So far, there is no news of a BlackWink app on the market. Let’s see when it happens. Till then, you can take full advantage of the website from your phone browser!

Special Features of the BlackWink Website

What is a dating site without special features? Probably nothing! Well, BlackWink knows this. Hence, they have a bundle of features for their users. Are you wondering what? Read below to find out!

Add Users to the List of Your Favorites

You will come across many users on this platform. But it is not possible to remember each of them by heart because, in the end, your memory might be firm but not unlimited. That is why the BlackWink website allows users to make a list of their favorite people. You can extend the collection to as many numbers as you desire, and none will stop you. It is an excellent feature for collecting all the best interests in one place!

Like the Users

You can like someone’s profiles if you truly desire them. They will receive the notification and will take that as a sign of you being interested in them. It helps in reaching out to multiple members without even talking to them.

Search and Chat

The users can use multiple search filters to find the best of their choice. And you can connect with members via live chatting facilities.

These are some of the site’s best features that you should use for getting hooked on the gorgeous ebony beauty!

Search and Chat

BlackWink Pricing Details

The BlackWink website is a balance of both free and paid services. The pricing chart of the site is given below:

Subscription period Cost
One day $ 0.99
One week $ 7.00
One month $ 28.80
Three months $ 48.60

The free services are quite basic and hardly enable to form a real connection with the members. We have discussed both the plans below; read on!

Basic Membership

The basic membership is indeed ‘basic’ because the free services will let you explore accounts and not proceed further. You can create your profile for free, search and explore other profiles for free and also dive into their gallery. If you are new to dating and unsure whether you will like online dating, you can try the basic membership to test your emotions. Later, if you feel to continue and connect with more people, you must go for the premium version. Keep reading to know about the premium plan benefits!

Premium Membership

The premium membership is priced depending on the period of the subscription. When you buy the premium plan, you get all of the free services plus a limitless messaging feature and VIP badge. The badge will increase your visibility in the search results of other users. As your visibility increases, there are chances that more members will be interested in matching with you. Hence, this paid feature is indeed remarkable.

As we have said before, you can go with the free plan first to experience the site’s basics. If you like it, then you can opt for the paid one too. The paid plan is definitely worth the money because of the additional features provided by the BlackWink website!

BlackWink Coupons

Coupons are great for those who are tight on the budget yet want to experience the premium features. Multiple review sites provide coupons from time to time. Hence, whenever you sign up for the site, do your research and dig out the best coupons available on the market. A quick Google search will help you find all the coupons instantly!

BlackWink Coupons

Verification and Safety Provided by the BlackWink Website

The BlackWink site is verified and secure for all users. They make sure that every user confirms their verification mail before accessing their website. It is the right approach because, without a verification mail, the number of fake profiles increases steeply.

Is BlackWink Scam?

No, it is not at all a scam, thankfully. The site is an open platform made for the legitimate purpose of filling the world of blacks with love. While reading the BlackWink reviews, our experts did not find any significant scam issues, and the customer response is immensely satisfying. The mail verification method, too, helps significantly in preventing any scams on the platforms. However, know that there are fake accounts that you will have to deal with. These bogus accounts might try to cheat you in multiple ways, including money-related frauds. Hence, beware of these fraudsters. Follow our tips above for avoiding fake profiles!

Is BlackWink Legit?

We are proud to proclaim that it is a legit site. A few websites try to advertise a particular dating site, and to do so; they pinpoint other platforms as fraud. But we are here to give you a real BlackWink review. And as per our experts, the site is nowhere close to being a fraud. Hence, it is a legit website that deserves the trust of its users under all conditions!

Is BlackWink Anonymous?

BlackWink does not promote anonymity when it comes to forming a bond with another member. What is love anyway when the other person cannot see your actual identity? With this primary belief, most popular websites refrain from allowing their members to conceal their identity. It also helps in preventing fake accounts. The more honest you are, the higher are the chances of winning a black beauty’s love.

Is BlackWink Anonymous?

The Problems with BlackWink Website

No dating site can be completely free of issues, no matter how popular or well-designed it is. Now, we are going to throw light on the problems of the BlackWink dating platform. Read below:

  • There is no mobile app: Mobile applications have become a significant part of the online industry. This site’s users are disappointed because the brand has not yet introduced an app in the market. They are all eagerly waiting for an update related to the BlackWink app. We hope the brand announces it soon!
  • Rise in fake accounts: It is tough to find a dating site with zero or low numbers of fake accounts. Like most other sites, BlackWink has multiple fake users, and the genuine members are tired of their presence. The website needs to strengthen its security rules to prevent such fraudsters.
  • Costly premium plan: In the BlackWink reviews, a few users have complained about the subscription plans’ costing. They find it a bit pricey compared to the features provided. We guess the brand will either have to increase the features or bring down the price to impress the customers.

These are a few significant problems with the BlackWink dating site. These problems do not cause much harm to the user experience, but we will be happier if they are resolved soon!

Help and Support

The BlackWink website has a quick support team. You can mail them anytime during the day, and they will quickly revert to you with a solution. But before you start asking basic questions, we would recommend you to read FAQs first. Still, if you have more queries, then you can contact the support team for answers!

Help and Support

BlackWink Alternatives

Some of the best alternative sites for finding black singles are as follows:

  • eHarmony: This is a top-rated dating site for all types of singles. They have a huge member base of ebony members. Hence, you can find a perfect dark mate on this platform.
  • AdultFriendFinder: This site, too, has a good number of black members who are all ready for a steamy relationship. Therefore, this website is an excellent alternative to BlackWink.
  • Tinder: On this platform, you can meet black users who are willing to enter a casual or long-term relationship as per your choice. This popular website is used all over the world.

These are a few best alternatives that you can use in place of the BlackWink website!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the crucial FAQs are answered below. Please keep reading to know them!

What is the BlackWink Website Used For?

The platform is made for black singles, where they can spice up their love life by meeting new people every day. This site is primarily used for this reason.

Is BlackWink a Real Dating Site?

The BlackWink is a real dating site where one can find real love opportunities. You can use it for finding genuine relationships.

How to Delete BlackWink Account?

You can easily delete your BlackWink account by visiting the ‘My settings’ corner. There is an option of deactivating your profile on the upper portion of the page. Click on that to remove your existence from the site.

Contact Information

Company address: P.O. Box 146, Trident Chambers

Phone number: 1 (800) 934-4172

Support email: support@blackwink.com


We hope this article has helped you learn a lot about the BlackWink website. Our experts have tried their level best to simplify each topic as much as they can. The features, pros, and cons are all explained in detail for your understanding. Make sure you use our tips on this BlackWink review and do not fall for fake accounts. If you want to try some other site, you can pick one from our list of alternative suggestions as those websites have the best reviews from previous customers.

Now that you have read the entire guide, when will you become a part of the BlackWink? We are excited to know!

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