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BookOfSex Review—The ideal place to satisfy your sexual desires and Fantasies?

BookOfSex Review—The ideal place to satisfy your sexual desires and Fantasies?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 78%
Beauty 82%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 2 100 000
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Visit rate 7.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • BookOfSex offers a free and easy registration process.
  • You can find your sex match via instant location mode.
  • You can have a flash chat with your sex partner.
  • You can make a live video chat where you can share your fling needs.
  • The site has a good match algorithm that helps you find a similar match you want.
  • The BookOfSex has a huge following base all over the world.
  • The platform gives easy to use interface.
  • The dating platform has a lot of fake profiles.
  • There are limited features for free members.
  • The site encourages just a night-out relationship; serious users should stay away.
  • You can’t view the site with your family member; it contains a lot of pornographic content.
  • Subscription is necessary to get and enjoy the fullest features of the site.

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BookOfSex is an online dating site for singles looking for an erotic and fling relationship. The platform allows users to explore and satisfy their sexual needs. The site claims to have millions of members worldwide looking for an erotic dating partner, which can satisfy their sexual fantasies.

BookOfSex review will look at the different exciting and erotic features, whether such functions can satisfy your needs or not. The review will also analyze and answer different questions that users have. Stick to the review. You will get all the answers.

Is There A Supportive Language At The Site?

Since that dating platform operates worldwide, the site supports and accepts multiple languages for users’ convenience. You can turn the webpage of the language of your choice, such as English, Spanish, German, French, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, and others.

Who Has Owned BookOfSex?

The website is owned by Various Inc.

Where Does The Site Work?

The dating platform is based in the United States. The site currently has hundreds of users in the area and million-plus users around the globe.

When Was BookOfSex Founded?

The website was founded in 1996.

Is The Site Available Worldwide?

The site has over a million users from different parts of the world, and they have the potential to add more millions to the list.

Is the site available worldwide?

Special Features of the site you should know

Like many other adult based dating sites, BookOfSex has special features that make the user dating experience more erotic and exciting; however, those special features don’t come free. You have to pay for the premium account to get exciting features.

Local search allows you to find someone nearby. If you want to find someone in your locality, you can use such an option to track down.

Can Members Send Winks?

Wink is another sort of communication option on the website. The people you like the most and want to share your fling and erotic desires, you can send winks to invite them for a sexy chat.

Can Users Maintain Favorite List?

You can maintain your favorite lists full of your dirty sexy babies you want to date. This option allows you to get your sexy partner immediately whenever you need it from the list without doing a worrisome search.

You Can Have Dirty Video Chat

You can send your dirty and nude pictures and videos to your fling partner. This amazing feature takes your adult dating experience to the next level.

How many members are on the site?

It is considered the world’s fastest and largest adult dating site. At the time of writing, the platform has registered around 102,052,164 members from all over the world. Almost all the site’s members are looking for erotic partners to satisfy their sexual lust and desire.

Age Distribution At The Site

Most users are young, who are consistently looking for another young adult single. This dating network itself encourages young adult singles to come over and date another young hotty.

Does The Site Have Fake Accounts And Scammers?

People in real-life experience complain about the site having a lot of fake profiles, which is arguably right because the BookOfSex review has found that many users can purchase fake profiles on the platform.

Does the site provide Mobile app and Website version?

BookOfSex provides both facilities such as desktop and mobile app version where users can make their dating experience easy and enjoyable.

The Mobile App To Stay With Your Partner

The adult-based dating app is free to download, and it is widely available for Android and Apple users. You can even register yourself via this app and start hookup from the moment you download this amazing app. It provides ease of comfort while haunting for sex mates as you can hook up with your sexy and dirty friends anytime, anywhere.

The Best Use Of Website Version

The BookOfSex website produces an appealing eye look when you first land on the page. The site’s primary usage is to convey information about the site vision, mission, and goal. Further, the page also provides you detailed information about the company, and different policies, such as terms of use, cookies, and privacy policy.

Can The App Usable On Personal Computer?

The site doesn’t support such a facility; however, users can access the website through mobile browsers.

Which Browsers Does The Site Support?

Users can access the website through almost all the browsers. There is no such specific browser recommendation; you can make a dating experience via Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and any other browser whichever you like.

Why Do Users Have A Hard Time Entering The Site?

You may need to check your VPN installed on your browser; it can be expired or outdated. The other option could be that you have failed your mail confirmation message while the site asked you during the registration process.

First impression about the Interface

The web design and the interface are sexually appealing and entice users toward the site. Further, the site’s usability is self-instructive, and one can hardly deceive or misunderstand while navigating it. Even users with meager education and technical background can still gallivant the platform smoothly.

First impression about the Interface

How Easy Is The Registration Process?

You can complete the registration process within a few minutes. The registration facility is completely for free. Take a look at the information required during the registration process:

  1. The site asks about your wish to meet, whether male or female.
  2. The website needs you to fill the form includes birthdate, country, zip code, email, and password.

Can A User Unmatch Another User?

You can change your preference setting through which you can unmatch a certain user. If you don’t like one user to match with you, you can simply change your interest and sexual desire.

Users Age For Registration On BookOfSex?

All members who want to appear on the site should be at least 18 years old. Below 18, you will be considered a minor in which the site has strictly prohibited such users from entering the adult-based dating site.

How To Verify A BookOfSex Account?

Prospect users who want to date a sexy mate should have a valid email address. Users won’t get the password from the site. This means that the site sends its unique password to the users’ email. Further, the site also sends a confirmation message, which users should verify to get started.

How To Verify The Email?

The website has the same verifying steps as many other dating sites. It simply sends a confirmation or verification message on your email Id to get you verified for the site.

Does The Site Support A Facebook Account For Login?

The site doesn’t support users to have Facebook or any other social media account for registration.

Can A User Use The Site Without Signing Up?

You have to sign-up for registration before viewing other profiles and photos. The registration process is free, and it takes a few minutes. You can do a lot of things only after registration.

Detailed Profile Set-up To Catch Your Sex Mate

Users must set-up a comprehensive and complete profile to get a similar match easily. One of the best options the site gives that even with a free membership, users can still insert data and information into their profile. The detailed profile will help you get your sex partner soon.

Does The Site Give The Option To Delete A Photo Once Uploaded?

You can delete your uploaded photos and videos anytime you wish.

Can Someone Edit Username in BookOfSex?

The dating site doesn’t give the user the option to edit or change username; however, you can change your username password.

Option To Delete Your BookOfSex Profile?

You can edit, update, and delete your personal information; you can also delete your profile by signing in with your account’s password. With other options, you can also request the supportive team for updating and delete your private information or profile by sending an email at privacy@friendfindernetworks.com.

Can A User Disable The “Show Me On BookOfSex” Option?

The show me option allows other users to see if they match with your preferences or interests. When you disable the option from the setting, they will no longer see you as their potential match.

Changing Or Deleting Information Once Inserted

Users at the adult dating site can update, change, or delete the information they have inserted during the profile creation. Login to the site with the password and change or delete the information you don’t like. You can also request the team via email to change or delete the profile information.

How To Search For A Member With The Same Erotic Mind?

At the very start, when you register, the site asks you to furnish information about your location and area. This information makes the size narrow down for users and presents you with the user living nearby. Uploading your erotic photos and personal information also enables another user to see you as their potential match.

To See Who Has Liked You

Many other dating sites offer this feature for paid members, but the BookOfSex reviews show the absence of such features on the site.

To see who has liked you

Different Options Of BookOfSex Search?

The BookOfSex website enables users to avail of various search options while finding fling and sex partners. The search option includes the pre-defined area or location filtered on your profile, languages, or zodiac signs that can also be used as a search tool.

Can You See If Someone Likes You On BookOfSex If You Are A Free Member?

As a free member, you can’t see someone who likes your profile.

Messaging And Contacting Features At The Website

The website provides many communications tools through which one can attach one’s hotty partner. Users can interact with their partner through the following ways:

  1. You can interact with each other through the exchange of emails.
  2. The flirt texts is another option through which users can make sexy talk.
  3. The site also offers a private chat room and live camera session.

How To Start Messages With Someone On BookOfSex?

The following path should be followed to send messages:

  1. First sign-in to your account.
  2. Insert username and password.
  3. Click on the profile you want to communicate with.
  4. Once you land on the users’ profile page, look down further, and find the button name “Send User an email.” Click on the link and send an email.

How To Initiative Message With Someone?

You can send unlimited messages by sending an email, live chat room, and live camera session.

Is Sending Messages For Free?

You will see many supermodels on the site, but you can’t message them as a free member. The messaging option on the site isn’t for free; however, a premium member can send him/her messages anytime. This option can incur additional cost for premium members when they intend to other free members for messaging.

How To See Who Messaged On BookOfSex?

You can check the notification on your profile dashboard.

How To Use The Camera On Live Chat?

Paid members can have a live chat with their dirty and sex partners by turning on the mobile or laptop’s camera during live chatting. Through the camera, you can satisfy your lust by having virtual sex on it.

How To Filter Who Can Message Me On BookOfSex?

You can use the site IM system that makes filter and sort of who has messaged you.

How to filter who can message me on BookOfSex?

Pricing structure and Other Payment Method

The site offers the following pricing for premium membership:

  1. One-month Membership for $40.
  2. If you avail three-months membership, you will pay for $27 per month.
  3. If you want to have a one-year subscription, you can pay $20 for a month.

For more time you purchase, the lesser cost will incur. Apart from paying through credit card or debit card, the site gives other options such as fax and mailing order. Those payment options even enable those users who haven’t had an electronic payment system.

Free Membership Features You Should Know

As a free member, you can have the following features:

  1. You can make free registration.
  2. You can insert information and data on your profile.
  3. You can view other profiles on the site.
  4. You can upload erotic photos and videos.

Gold Membership Features

You can have the following features as a paid member:

  1. You have initiate messages.
  2. You can have access to live chat and video sessions.
  3. You have watch live entrainment from erotic models and movies.
  4. You can give support to other free users to send you messages.

Does BookOfSex Offer Premium Membership?

BookOfSex is a paid website. Some of its features are free, but you have to pay for the premium account to access unlimited features.

Can A User Cancel The BookOfSex Membership?

You can terminate or cancel your membership subscription any time you wish. You have to notify the team three days before the cancellation of your current subscription.

Is BookOfSex Membership Auto-renewed?

The site auto-renews the subscription at the point of expiry. You can discontinue the auto-renew option if you don’t wish the account to be renewed every time. You can check through the billing history page and turn off the renewal function.

Can Users Get A Refund For Unused Time?

The site doesn’t refund for the current period you have subscribed to.

Does User “support” To BookOfSex Automatically Renewed Every Month?

You can turn off the system if you don’t wish to renew it every month.

If Users Don’t Feel Satisfied With The Site. Can They Get Their Money Back?

BookOfSex website doesn’t either release the credit or ask users to refund the credit available to the user regarding the service provided by the site. In claims, no refund or release of credit is entertained between the parties.

How Will Users Support Appear On Their Credit Card Bill?

Users can promptly get and update information about the account and billing. The site shows all information such as a charge for the premium, billing address, and expiry date.

Can a paid member give support to other BookOfSex members?

Paid members can allow other free members to send and receive messages from the former. But the paid member has to bear the brunt of the additional charges.

Can a paid member send support for just a month?

Users can get a one-month premium subscription through which they can support other free members to send them messages.

Can a paid member send support for just a month?

Is BookOfSex Safe?

Although many users may file complaints about the site having fakes profiles. But the site has strict privacy policies maintaining for users to respect their credentials, provides secure payment and discreet billing options.

The site also looks up for the 24/7 customer service available at the time of need. You need to pay some caution while chatting with potential fake profiles; keep in mind the website guideline. Other than that, the site looks completely safe for sexy and playful chatting and dating.

Does Privacy Work in BookOfSex?

The BookOfSex website takes the privacy of its users very seriously. It has developed the policy to make sure that the users’ privacy should not compromise. However, there is only a risk that someone or a potential hacker may steal your location-based information.

Are BookOfSex chats encrypted?

The site claims to have a full encrypted messaging facility. The site presents you a private chat room through which you can send and receive secure messages. If you are more concerned about your chat privacy, you can directly contact the company for more information.

Can BookOfSex track user down?

Third parties can access your data and information about your online presence, time, and activities if you use Family, Friend, and Neighbor (FFN) service provider. They honor browsers to show no tacking signals to any third party.

The other option of tracking you could be the email you insert during the registration process. This means that the site can track you through the Internet Service Provider number. The site has set this criterion to find someone who has found guilty of abuse or harass other users on the platform.

Thus, the BookOfSex website enables itself to permanently block the user from using the service of the site if it is found guilty of misuse. Further, the site claims that it secures other users’ information from misusing and misplacement.

Can users be traced by the police?

Police can have access to the profile account. But this rule applies to the country that how a particular county looks and treats users’ privacy. Be aware that the law of the land can act upon you if you scam someone on the site.

Who should users contact if they have questions regarding the privacy in BookOfSex?

You can visit and read out the site privacy policy. If you are still not satisfied and concerned about your privacy, you can email the company at privacy@friendfindernetworks.com.

Keeping Member Safety and Secure

BookOfSex claims to take the site’s safety every serious; however, you may witness many fake profiles roaming over the site and try to scam money out of you. It could be wrongly assumed the site itself involves in scamming people, but they should make further restriction to discourage such users that could compromise the site safety.

Moderated threads of BookOfSex Forum

The site also offers users to take the initiative and create their personal group. Users can choose a moderate topic and start a discussion on it.

What will be with a member who uses a BookOfSex Account to solicit money?

The site strongly warns people to ask for other financial help or information. The site doesn’t permit you to ask for money in return for any kind of service. If you do, you may face a permanent ban from the site.

Does the Site Ban Account?

The website bans certain accounts or profiles which violate the terms of use. Especially if you post anything relating to sex with a minor, you will be banned.

Why Can’t User Have Access To BookOfSex?

Banning is one of the reasons you can’t access the site and its service.

How Long Can BookOfSex Ban?

The adult-based dating site can ban you for a life-time.

How To Reactivate The Banned Account?

You can’t reactivate your account once you are banned.

Guidelines About Protecting From Potential Scammers

The dating company consistently update and inform users about the potential risk attached to online adult dating. The site strongly encourages users not to share personal and financial information with any stranger. Keep in mind the platform instructions and guidelines; you can be protected.

How To Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

You can block any user you don’t feel comfortable with. Blocking can be done through your account, or you can send an email at privacy@friendfindernetworks.com if you block or report someone.

Information That You Shouldn’t Share On Your Profile

Users highly warn not to post anything related to minor sex, or you shouldn’t be found having sex with minors. Other than that, users can freely share information and photos.

How to Contact Customer Help and Support

The dating site claims to have available 24/7 support and help service. Hopefully, you will get all the answers of your quarries from its Help Page. But if you still have questions, you can mail their support team to get the answer.

How to Contact Customer Help and Support

Real life review

The site protects users’ information and data from any misplacement or misusing. They also claim to have a secure and private chatting room where users can freely share their sexual desire and fantasies. The site says that the users’ personal and financial information isn’t shared with third parties.

Is BookOfSex One Of The Most Popular Dating Site?

It can turn out to be the best adult dating site for singles looking to have virtual sex and online erotic relationships.

Is BookOfSex Safe to Use?

This website is completely safe; however, you should follow the site guidelines to protect yourself from scammers and fake accounts.

Is BookOfSex a Hook-up App?

The platform can give real and virtual hookups. Millions of users like you looking for a casual hookup. You will find your own out of those million.

Is BookOfSex Available For Free?

Some of the features are free, but you have to pay for the premium to get maximum features.

How Does BookOfSex Work?

The site’s work is based on individual preferences and location. It tracks your location, and it is based on that; the users meet the perfect match.

Alternative to BookOfSex

The online dating market is full of competitions. The adult niche has many dating site which competes in the market to get the maximum share in the market. Apart from BookOfSex, there are various other adult dating sites such as fling.com, SnapSex, UberHoney, and MilfPlay.

Contact Information

Company: Various Inc, and Ventnor Enterprise Limited.

Address: 910E. Hamilton Ave, Suite 600, Campbell, California.

Email: privacy@friendfindernetworks.com.

Final thoughts on Website Review

BookOfSex is an adult based dating site for singles that are looking to meet casual and virtual sexual desires. This is the location-based where you can find a single nearby who has the same sexual fantasies as you. You should play cautiously during roaming over the site as many of the site profiles are fake. You should not share your personal and financial information with anyone; no one knows who could be a potential scammer.

The site is the best for singles that like to meet, date the sexiest of the sexiest supermodel. So, waste no time, you want to satisfy your sexual lust, go pleasing it.

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