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Catholic Singles Review: Great Dating Site?

Catholic Singles Review: Great Dating Site?
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Pros and Cons

  • One of the most prominent Catholic dating platforms.
  • Many Catholic singles who want to find a partner for marriage.
  • Users get extra months if they could not find a date for six months.
  • You can participate in live forum discussions.
  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • Messaging features are available to premium users only.
  • Outdated web design.
  • Registration is lengthy.
  • Some members are rarely active.
  • It can be challenging to find a match if you come from a little town.

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Catholic Singles provides dating services for Catholic devotees. You should try this dating platform if you are tired of short-term relationships. You have high chances to meet a life partner who wants to commit to a meaningful relationship. You will meet a person who has the Catholic faith in his or her heart. You should read the following Catholic Singles review to know all the features of this religious-based dating platform.

What Languages Do Most Members of the Catholic Singles Site Speak?

You are lucky to find a detailed description of Catholic Singles reviews before you start using the service. This website targets the English-speaking audience because it comes from the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, the site does not offer an auto-translation tool. So, if you want to use the service, you should have basic English skills.

Catholic Singles Review: Great Dating Site?

Who Is the Creator of Catholic Singles?

The founders of the site are Brian Barcaro and Jason LaFosse.

Where Is the Main Office of Catholic Singles?

The headquarter office of the Catholic Singles website is in the United Kingdom.

What Is the Year of Catholic Singles Launch?

Catholic Singles is a dating site with a long history because it got launched in 1999. It is an explanation of why there are so many members.

Is Catholic Singles International Dating Service?

Catholic Singles is a 100% international platform. It is one of the biggest avenues where singles Catholics meet and create successful and meaningful marriages, which have the firm Catholic foundation.

The List of Available Unique Features

The Catholic Singles team has added the following features to boost your experience on this online dating platform. Let’s learn how to make your dating more enjoyable and efficient.

The 10-Minute Compatibility Test

This unique feature will notify the compatibility rate with other potential matches. It is essential to be honest as all Catholic people and give real answers while undergoing the test.

Local Mass Times

Thanks to this feature, you will find the best services in your area to organize a perfect first date with a person you like. It offers you interesting date ideas, for example, a date at a local Catholic church or a quiet city part.

With Prayer Intentions

Catholic Singles is a religious niched dating site. If you have a divulge concern, you can use this feature and ask other members to pray for you. You know how powerful the Christian prayer can be. In return, you can pray for other people too.


This feature works as a blog or a place where you can read about a religious dating perspective. You will learn about the best places for the first date between single Catholic men and women. You can get advice from priests here too.

High-Quality Target Audience

The majority of Catholic Singles members are devoted believers of the Catholic religion. There are more than a million registered users worldwide. The activity is pretty high on this dating site. The ratio of male/female members is well-distributed. The site caters to singles with the Catholic faith. You will meet many people from the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Age Distribution on the Site

Catholic Singles invited singles of different age groups. The target audience is between 30-45 years old. You will meet mature men and women who want to build a family and devote their lives to Catholic devotion.

Lack of Fake Accounts and Scammers

It is a niche-based dating site where people have religious beliefs. There are not many scammers on the Catholic Singles website. If it happens, the moderator can identify such activities very fast. You just have to stay away from empty profiles.

Lack of Fake Accounts and Scammers

Let’s Compare a Desktop and App Versions

You can use either a desktop version of the Catholic Singles dating service of its app version. Both of them have high performance in helping single Catholic men and women express their personalities and find like-minded love partners and devoted friends.

High-Performative Catholic Singles App

By using the Catholic Singles app, you will meet thousands of singles of all age groups. You get access to numerous profile features, which give you the possibility to share your interests and faith in Catholicism. It is the best way to date for people who are all the time busy with their Church activities and can’t stay at home in front of the desktop computer.

The Advantages of Using the Catholic Singles Desktop Site

By accessing the desktop version of the Catholic Singles, you can participate in various dating activities. One of them is called Polls. They help to express your personality and sincere interests to find matching partners and friends. The website provides premium members with efficient conversation features. There is also the “Compatibility Quiz”, which you can use for matching with the right members. Your matching results will get generated on your temper, lifestyle, faith, and other predefined criteria. There is a special section where all the members can pay for each other in difficult life situations. You should not miss the dashboard where worldwide members meet each other.

Is It Allowed to Use the Desktop Version on Mobile Devices?

You can use an adaptive website version on your smartphone or tablet. You just need to install a web browser to access all the features. You should not worry about bugs or slow loading of web pages. Everything works smoothly.

What Web Browsers Should You Use to Enter Catholic Singles Site?

You can use any trustable web browser. The most popular ones are Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, or Safari.

What Can Stop You From Entering the Website?

The Catholic Singles site can be accessed from any country. You do not have to install a VPN. The only technical problem which does not let you enter the site is an unstable internet connection or incorrect password.

The User-Friendly Interface

The web design of the Catholic Singles is stylish and eye-pleasing. It has high functionality potential. All the available features are intuitive. The developer made a pleasant and safe online space for religious people. You will not see ads or nudity on this site.

Straightforward Registration Process

If you decide to register on Catholic Singles, you have to undergo a signing up process. It is essential to provide real information about your life and personality. The majority of members have a traditional sexual orientation. You have to mention your gender and current location to find matches in your area. The site encourages you to compose a short bio to present yourself among other members.

How Can One Unmatch Catholic Singles Members?

The site sends you matches according to your specified criteria. However, you have the choice to interact with these people or search for your dates yourself using the search filters. You can stop unwanted interaction by blocking members.

At What Age Can You Join the Catholic Singles Community?

Catholic Singles is a legit dating service that is open to people above 18 years old.

How Do You Have to Verify Your Dating Accounts?

When you are undergoing the registration process, it is mandatory to provide your email address where you will receive the verification link to activate your newly created dating account.

How Does Email Verification Happen?

There is a general verification process on Catholic Singles via email. The site sends you the activation link to your email address, which you have to confirm. This step is super fast and safe to do.

How Does Email Verification Happen?

Can Users Sign Up Using Facebook?

Catholic Singles allows you to sign up using your valid Facebook account. It works for all modern dating websites. It makes the signing up process less time-consuming. If you do not like lengthy registration, you should choose this option.

Is It Possible to Use the Site Without Registration?

Yes. You can access the website only if you have completed the registration process. It is mandatory for safety reasons.

How to Set Up Your Profile Correctly?

Every new member has to set his or her profile. Standard users have the right to make their profiles stand out. Use this opportunity to tell the community about your religious life and dating criteria. It is essential to mention your location to find dates around. You will be able to invite your date to visit the church together and spend your time together in a delightful and safe atmosphere.

Do Users Have the Right to Remove Photo Content on Catholic Singles?

You can edit your dating profile at any time. All the shared data and photos belong to you. If you feel, you can remove them anytime. The website and other members have no right to use your data for commercial purposes.

Can Users Modify Their Usernames on the Catholic Singles Site?

The Catholic Singles website asks a new member to create his/her username during the registration process. It does not allow you to edit your username. It is important to memorize your name. Otherwise, if you lose your password, you have to provide your username/email to reset the password.

Is It Allowed to Delete Your Catholic Singles Profile?

Every registered member on Catholic Singles has the right to remove his/her account from the user database. You have to go to the “Account Settings” menu and choose the “Delete my profile” option. This step is serious because you can’t use the service anymore.

Is Submitted Data on Catholic Singles Editable?

All the added content belongs to you. You can modify any detail you want to share with the Catholic Singles community. If your submitted information is not valid anymore, you should update it with the fresh news.

Are Searching Tools Efficient Here?

Catholic Singles allows you to search for single Catholic men and women for live meetings. You can find the dates across the country. You get access to a powerful search engine. It works perfectly to find potential matches.

Is It Possible to Track Catholic Singles Likes?

Before you start a new conversation, you should let this person know your interest. You can like profiles and add people to the Favorites list. If you see the same actions in return, it is a good sign that the person is open to communication with you.

What Catholic Singles Search Options Do the Site Offer?

Users can apply additional filters to look for matches according to their body type, place of living, and religious beliefs, and interests. You do not know where you will find your match. That is why you should be ready to travel for your first date.

Who Can Check Catholic Singles Likes?

Only premium members can track information about who likes their dating profiles. So, if you want to monitor such notifications, you need Catholic Singles membership.

Explore Messaging Tools for Free/Premium Members

Catholic Singles offers many easy ways to reach other singles. You can like each other’s photos, use icebreakers, and start messaging other members directly!

It is not difficult to initiate a new conversation with a potential match. At the Catholic Singles website, all members are friendly and open to interactions. You should note that the complete set of messaging services is available to premium members only.

What Is the Way to Launch a New Interaction on Catholic Singles?

It is not difficult to initiate a new conversation with a person as long as you have a premium membership. If you feel shy, you should send a pre-made icebreaker. Also, you can like a person’s profile to see the reaction. If a person likes your photos back, you can send a private message without any hesitation. When it comes to online dating, you should be self-confident. You have a big choice. If it does not work with one person, you have thousands of others to try your luck.

What Is the Way to Send Private Messages?

If you are confident of finding a life partner on the Catholic Singles website, you should order a premium subscription plan without hesitation. It is the only way to get full access to the messaging tool.

Do Free Users Have Access to Messages Features?

Unfortunately, free users of the Catholic Singles platform do not have the right to send private messages. However, you can like profiles of other members to pay attention and create new contacts.

Where Can You Read New Messages on the Catholic Singles Site?

Premium users get access to the section where all inboxes get stored. When there is a new message, the site sends you the notification immediately, not to miss something important.

Is There a Video Chat on Catholic Singles?

The site does not offer you the option to use a video camera while chatting. You can see the photos only. If you want to see a person live, you should set a date in real life and enjoy your first date.

Is There a Video Chat on Catholic Singles?

Is It Allowed to Filter Catholic Singles Messaging Section?

Many people want to send you a message and start knowing you better. If you do not feel like receiving messages from a particular user, you have to tell this honestly or block this person. You have the right to choose your potential matches.

Is the Subscription Plan Price Reasonable?

You can purchase a premium membership in the following options:

  • The one-month subscription plan costs $24.95.
  • The three-month subscription plan costs $49.95 (you save around 33%).
  • The six-month subscription plan costs $74.95 (you save around 50%).

Basic Free Membership Features

  1. You can open a new account for dating with Catholic singles.
  2. It is allowed to add all the new contacts to your Favorites list.
  3. You have the right to view profiles with photos to choose potential matches.
  4. You can block unwanted conversations.

You Have Access to These Premium Features

  1. The site allows you to use messaging features.
  2. You get access to pr-defined message ideas to start a conversation.
  3. You can track the profile activity.
  4. Premium users can check the status of other members.

Would You Like to Find Out the Pros of Catholic Singles Premium Membership?

When you have a premium membership, you have access to messaging and additional features. Besides, you do not have to think about renewing your status because the Catholic Singles does it automatically.

Is It Allowed to Stop Catholic Singles Membership?

You have the right to cancel your membership plan. Make sure you do the cancelation before the renewal date.

When Does Your Catholic Singles Membership Get Renewed?

Your membership gets automatically renewed at the end of your paid period.

Can You Expect a Refund?

It is a rare dating site that offers you a refund in case you could not succeed in finding a match within six months. You will get compensation or a new period of usage.

Does Catholic Singles Renew Memberships Automatically?

Yet. The subscription gets renewed automatically for the same duration/price. It is very convenient because you do not have to bother with financial issues every time the membership gets expired.

Unsatisfied Clients: Is There Any Refund?

Catholic Singles does not refund the money, but you can get extra months for finding your potential match.

Can You Get an Anonymous Bank Statement While Purchasing Catholic Singles Membership?

The Catholic Singles guarantee an anonymous bank statement when you purchase a subscription plan.

Can You Support Other Catholic Singles Members?

You can send promotional code to a person you like. He/she will have to enter this code during the signing up a step. The Terms and Conditions are the same. The only difference is that there is no auto-renewal option.

What Is the Duration for Money Transfer Support?

The site allows all the members to send a gift membership. It will last the period you paid for. This person will get access to all the messaging features.

Can You Consider Catholic Singles Safe Niche-Based Dating Platform?

Catholic Singles never asks its users for real names. You will date under your unique username to protect your privacy. Catholic Singles can block suspicious accounts if there are any complaints from other members. Unfortunately, the site does not do a criminal background check of its members. While dating, no one can give you a 100% guarantee that a person is the same as in the profile. Every new member should read Terms of Services and Privacy Policy on the official website.

High Privacy Level on Catholic Singles

This online dating platform is serious about the privacy of its clients. The site never shares its users’ profile details with the third-parties. As for money transactions, the site does not have safety issues as well.

Does the Catholic Singles Site Use Encryption?

Yes. The website protects your correspondence by using the most up-to-date encryption. Your chatting is private, and no one can get access to it. It is also the best way to prevent data loss.

What Catholic Singles Details Get Tracked by the Site?

The moderators track the information to be sure that all members follow the safety guideline. In case a client sends a complaint about suspicious activity, he will do an in-depth investigation.

Is There Any Risk to Have Problems With the Police While Using Catholic Singles Services?

All the users should follow safety rules, which are the same for all dating sites. The site does not screen the criminal background of its clients. You should be very careful when you go for a date in real life. Let your best friend know your location and always call the police if you are in trouble.

Who Can Help Catholic Singles Users Solve Privacy Issues?

Only the admin can help you solve privacy issues. You have to contact the Customer Support Team as soon as you face a problem. You will receive the needed instructions on what to do to prevent your data loss.

Read the Top Safety Precaution

Catholic Singles is a safe online community where single people look for love. However, if you do not want to spoil your enjoyable experience, it is essential to take precautions and never disclose personal details to people you can’t trust completely.

What Does the Catholic Singles Admin Moderate on the Site?

The team of moderators monitors all newly created profiles. However, they do not moderate private messages.

What Does the Catholic Singles Admin Moderate on the Site?

Is There Any Risk for Catholic Singles Users to Solicit Money?

You should be aware that some members may face difficult financial situations. They need money badly. If a person asks for your help, you should trust your instincts and ever send money to members with bad intentions.

Can the Admin Ban Your Account?

The safety measures are strict on the Catholic Singles website. No one has the right to violate the safety guidelines. If you do not treat other members with respect, the admin has the right to ban your account.

Why Can’t You Access Your CatholicSingles Account?

There can be several reasons why you have problems accessing your account. The first thing you have to see is the internet connection. It should be fast and stable. Also, check if you have entered the right username and password. The last thing can be a banned account for your inappropriate behavior on the dating platform.

Can Your Banned Catholic Singles Account Get Reactivated Fast?

If your Catholic Singles account gets banned, you have to contact the admin and ask for further actions. You should never violate the rules to avoid such problems. Explain the situation, let the admin do the investigation, and wait for the conclusion.

How Can You Reactivate Your Banned Dating Profile?

Only the admin can decide whether you have the right to reactivate your Catholic Singles account.

The Way to Keep Your Data Safe

Online dating can be tricky. Your data safety is the top priority. This niche-based website has data protection rules, which all members have to follow. Especially, you have to be careful about disclosing your details with people.

Can You Report or Block Suspicious Members?

The website encourages its clients to report any kind of suspicious actions. If a particular member behaves rude or offensive, you should not hesitate even a second to report him/her to the Customer Support Team. All the members should participate in making this community pleasant and safe.

What Content Is Prohibited to Share on Catholic Singles?

The site has Christian values. You have no right to post nudity, sexual content, or images with children, animals, or acts of violence.

Customer Support Is Available to Help

Customer Support Center is available 24/7. A consultant will help you solve any kind of technical, financial, and safety problems.

Read an Interesting Feedback From a User

“I am a Christian devotee. Being religious is challenging in our modern materialistic world. I enjoy going to the Catholic church regularly and live according to my beliefs. I was looking for a partner but could not find a like-minded person. The Catholic Singles was my last hope to find a date. My expectations were met, and now my heart is full of love for a special man” – Maria (37)

Is Catholic Singles the Legit Dating Service?

This dating platform has its pros and cons. You should scale them both and decide if it satisfies your criteria and expectations.

Does Catholic Singles Provide Hookup Service?

Catholic Singles has nothing to do with hookups. Both male and female users focus on long-term relationships in a traditional Catholic tradition.

Is It Possible to Use Catholic Singles for Free?

Yes. There are some free features to explore. The only limitation is the messaging feature. If you are serious about finding a life partner, you should invest a bit of your money. You will not regret a second after browsing through profiles of single and beautiful people.

What Are the Main Priorities of Catholic Singles?

Catholic Singles aims to help single Catholic men and women find religious love partners for creating long-term relationships. You will get all the needed features to find dates and enjoy your communication on the platform.

Are There Plenty of Scammers on Catholic Singles?

Usually, religious-related dating sites do not have many fake accounts and scammers. The target audience consists of honest people who believe in God.

Are There Plenty of Scammers on Catholic Singles?

What Are the Worth-Trying Alternative of Catholic Singles

  1. CatholicMatch
  2. eHarmony
  3. EliteSingles

Check Out the Official Contact Details

Company: CatholicSingles.com, Inc.

Country: The USA,5802 Blackshire Path, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076

Phone: 0161 941 3498.

Email: info@catholicsingles.com

The Final Words About the Website for Catholic Devotees

Catholic Singles is the right place to find a match who shares your religious values. The site helped many singles from all around the world to meet their future wives, husbands, or good friends. This dating at 30 community does not have fake accounts. You will feel well-treated and safe here. The team promotes fun and enjoyable dating experiences. Catholic Singles is the key to your long-lasting love relationships.

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