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How to Write an Outstanding Tinder Bio that Leads to the Real Date

How to Write an Outstanding Tinder Bio that Leads to the Real Date

Are you sweating hard while writing a Tinder bio? Stop it! It’s going to be much easier than you might expect. The art of creating an outstanding headline is based on a kind of methodology with a pinch of imagination and a sense of humor. So, as long as you follow the scheme, it’s rather fun than a job.

How to Make a Catchy Tinder Bio Lines for Guys

First of all, Tinder description does matter. According to the poll performed by the research company AnswerLab, women spend 50% more time reading men’s bios compared to guys. (Predictably, men are focused rather on photos). That’s the answer to the question of why Google gives 14,200,200 links to the searching phrase “how to write best tinder profile taglines for guys”.

To succeed, a sort of methodology could come in handy, and the first one is borrowed from the advertising industry. Let’s look at a Tinder profile as an advertising campaign and a Tinder bio as a slogan. The best slogans of all time are short, creative, and sincere. They contain:

  • description of the unique feature,
  • value,
  • call to action.

Which traits of your personality are worth mentioning in the Tinder description? Are you:

  • handsome,
  • friendly and supportive,
  • sensitive,
  • extravagant, unpredictable, risky,
  • generous,
  • hot,
  • easy-going?

If you’re not aware of your most valuable feature, how can you persuade the potential partners that you’re the best option ever? No way.

Value is something that you’re ready to provide in a relationship, the “mission” on the field of dating, love, and sex:

  • emotions, romance vs. comfortable stability,
  • one-night adventure vs. deeper partnership,
  • relaxing time vs. a burst of adrenaline.

Finally, it’s a good idea to make your goal clear. Which step should a reader of your bio make? Most likely, you’d prefer to be swiped right. So why not tell it straight?

Firstly, find the answers to these questions. Secondly, express the core of your “brand” in a few words.

Let’s play with some stellar slogans and adjust them to a Tinder profile:

  • Impossible is nothing (Adidas). –

    Routine is nothing. Love/sex is everything.

  • Think different (Apple). –

    Think differently about perfect date/sex.

  • Because you’re worth it (L’Oreal). –

    Because you’re worthy of being loved.

  • Just do it! (Nike). –

    Just do it, swipe right!

  • Anytime, anywhere (Walmart). –

    Anytime, anywhere available for the real date/love/sex.

The tone of voice does matter. It should match the “brand”. If you position yourself as a gentleman, a pally tagline looks weird. And vice versa, if one is looking for a one-night stand, an “official” bio will sound unnatural.

Now let’s use one more metaphor to get a Tinder headline well-structured and honing on getting much attention. Have you ever thought about a Tinder profile as a resume? A resume is a brief presentation of your skills and experiences which goal is to attract an employer’s attention. Great Tinder profiles do the same: they unearth the best features of their creators. According to this point of view, let’s make a short summary of what one should do while writing the best tinder profile taglines:

  • Present the best version of yourself.
  • Write about your strengths.
  • Uncover your uniqueness.

According to some career consultants’ notions, it’s a great idea to say a couple of words about weaknesses in a resume. Otherwise, a candidate looks so perfect that no one believes he’s real. Sure, it’s not the best option to underscore the features which are essential for dating and relationships. Follow Alison Doyle’s piece of advice and draw attention to the minor imperfections. For example:

  • On my birthday, I usually sleep with my Teddy bear, sorry. He doesn’t take much space, really.
  • I’m crying while watching the final scene of the romance movie, and I’m a bit confused about it.

One more trick to mention the weaknesses – and get the extra scores: turn a minus into a plus. Are you too sensitive? It means it’s easy for you to make rapport (which is a great advantage!). You don’t like your kitchen to be hosted by a woman. Maybe, you’re an excellent cooker or, anyway, you provide your girlfriend with ready-made meals. You’d rather listen than talk. (Are you joking? You’ll be whisked away in a minute after writing in a Tinder profile that you’re a profound listener).

What a Good Tinder Description Should Contain

The formula for the best Tinder bios for guys is simple: it should be coherent. In other words, all the parts of the profile should match each other to augment the impression. For example, if you underline that you’re friendly to animals, pictures made while hunting will be inappropriate. Focusing that you’re fond of sport, support this statement with a photo from the training. One of the critical errors is to download a photo on which you look much younger. According to girls’ answers to the question “What are red flags to look for in Tinder profiles?” on Quora, age isn’t a topic to joke about; one gets more perks if a photo matches reality perfectly.

What information should be put into a Tinder profile? Here is a piece of advice from Tara Blair Ball, a happy wife who met her spouse on Tinder:

  • Outline what you’re looking for. When the stakes are high, diplomacy doesn’t make sense. By articulating your goals, you do a favor for your potential partner and yourself as well. Are you intended to build a family – or just make a hookup? Two different goals – two particular messages.
  • Add some details about your personality. Are you full of fun or concentrated, career-oriented or flexible while choosing a professional trajectory, decisive or mild-hearted, passionate or tender? Give a hint to your readers, share some extra details to make a picture complete.
  • End up with a call to action, give a hint of what the reader’s next step could be. Of course, you’re expecting that she will swipe you right. However, you can make the milder invitation.

As Tara suggests, height is definitely worth mentioning, so be kind enough to write the exact number. Ladies could tell you about the scene from Sex and the City when Samantha is flirting with a handsome guy sitting on a chair. When he stands up, it turns out that his face hardly reaches Samantha’s breasts. What looks fun in the series could be confusing in real life.

Be honest while writing a tinder bio, says Papri Dev, Senior Director at Tinder. Her recipe for an approachable headline contains three ingredients: uniqueness, authenticity, and a story. The top lifehack is to ask open-ended questions. They work as the ice-breakers and foster to continue the conversation. By the way, have you ever spent a night in a desert?

Here are some tinder bio examples:

31, single, well-built, sales manager, straight, looking for an honest partnership with a non-vegetarian lady not taller than 5’ 5’’. Let’s discover the world together!

I’m a huge fan of rock music. I can name all the musicians from U2, Metallica, Nirvana, and other top bands. What kind of stuff are you obsessed with?

I’m a 35 working guy with a bank account and without ex-wives, dogs, children, mortgage, and other baggage. Feel free to use my energy while I’m full of life and eager to share.

When I was 8, I made a wager that one day I’d meet the best girl in the world. Help me win, and my penthouse in Manhattan is yours.

Do you like aerial stunts as much as I do? No, I don’t do it by myself – I prefer to watch. In bed, I prefer to act.

How to Make a Tinder Profile Witty

Let’s be honest: writing in a fun way is the real mastery – it requires a kind of talent. Not everyone can handle this task – as not everyone is able to crack jokes smartly and elegantly. Anyway, you have no choice: funny taglines get more attention. So, give yourself a shot! To feel the strike of creativity, get inspired by the best tinder profile taglines (if it comes to your mind to steal some of the examples, beware of using them unaltered and adjust the templates to your personal story).

Try to play with the greatest movie headlines:

You don’t get to one true love without 5000 dates. I’ve recently had my 4999th.

Passion can hold you prisoner. Austerity can set you free. But who needs such kind of freedom? Let’s share the sweetest prison. As for punishment… It’s optional yet quite acceptable.

The best man on Earth is still alone. Why on Earth?

Matching first. Dating later.

The key to a funny Tinder slogan that doesn’t look contrived is self-deprecating humor. Making fun of yourself means that your self-attitude is healthy, and you’re able to agree that there are some flaws in your character and habits. Which traits of yours could be treated as ambiguous: not that bad but not so perfect? Keep in mind that there is a fine line between sophisticated irony and clumsy jokes causing awkwardness rather than admiration.

How to write a Tinder hookup bio

Finding a partner for hookups is an ambiguous task. On the one hand, it’s easier than searching for a serious relationship – in case you’re lucky enough to meet a girl who has the same goal. On the other hand, it’s more complicated since not every woman is ready to admit that she is on Tinder for no strings attached relationships.

You know, the fact that we are living in the world where sex is a part of the everyday routine (no one is reciting poetry on ten dates in a row just for a kiss) – doesn’t mean that a women’s nature has dramatically changed since the good old times when the strong emotional connection was a key to managing an affair.

Girls are still eager for trust and deep sympathy. Maybe that’s why up to 98% of females swipes left an empty Tinder description of a guy. Although, you still want to keep things clear: you’re in search of a partner for a kind of free love or even a one-night stand. What to put in a Tinder bio to look attractive and not alienate a reader?

There are three ways to say what you want to say in a Tinder hookup bio:

  1. In a straightforward way. 25, single, advanced cunnilingus skills, ready for the real date that ends up in bed. Please, don’t tell me you’re here to discuss the influence of socio-demographic, physical, and social environmental factors on physical activity.
  2. Giving a hint. I’m here to make friends in the same way as people come to a nightclub to grab cocktails.
  3. Mimicking the romance (the softest version of the Tinder bio lines for guys with obvious sexual intentions). Our first date will be promising… then we’ll see where things go.

What tone of voice to choose depends on the goal. The strongest message will attract appropriate persons and vice versa. One more caveat: avoid being too diplomatic. Maybe, this is the case when following a comedian, Lane Moore’s advice – “WHAT IF we were both honest and both got what we truly wanted?” – pays off.

What to Put in a Tinder Description: a Brief Summary

The profound Tinder bio answers the following questions (feel free to use these bullets as a checklist):

  • Who are you? What is your age? What is your professional field?
  • What (and who) are you looking for? What is your goal? Do you use Tinder for dating, searching for a partner for some activities such as traveling (that don’t exclude sex, of course), or are you dreaming about marriage?
  • What’s your story? What relationship experience have you already had? What was it like?
  • What are your particular features, skills that keep you on women’s radar?
  • What are your habits, including those that can be challenging for your partner?
  • What next step do you expect from a reader of your bio?

If you can add a pinch of humor into a Tinder description, it would be excellent. To create a funny tagline, one should do his best to make a potential partner laugh respectfully, not giggle with confusion.

What Is The Secret of The Best Tinder Bios for Guys

If somebody was intended to carve the main secret of the perfect Tinder slogan on a thousand-year-old stone – for future generations since Tinder, as it seems, isn’t going to lose its status as the most popular app for dating – it would be the words “Be honest”. Look at the best Tinder bio examples: no one even tries to hide these cute little peculiarities, which could, though, be considered quite specific and even frightening in some cases. (One guy, for instance, wrote a short fictional thriller story about a robbery in his bio). Things that you mention work as a filter: you tell about your likes and dislikes, and chances for matching are getting higher.

One more tip is about making a Tinder Bio informative. “Not informative” isn’t equal to “mysterious”, avoid confusing these two alternatives. Not every person would like to deal with a guy whose profession, status, life vision, habits, goals are a complete blind spot. On the other hand, no one expects to see your full dossier. You can leave for the police and medical institutions the information about your upbringing, studying at the university, an internship in a supermarket, as well as the solid facts such as your blood pressure or a number of nephews. Give a reader the general info and up to 5 sharp, catchy details.

FAQ about a Tinder profile

How long should a catchy guy’s Tinder description be?

A Tinder bio length is officially limited to 500 characters. Sean Rad, the former CEO of Tinder, insists on keeping to half of it. Meanwhile, the number of lines isn’t so important. Some of the best Tinder profile taglines contain just a couple of sentences – and their authors are treated as charismatic personalities and appealing partners. In today’s world, where pieces of information reach our senses from all over, a better position is obtained by the ones who make a unique statement. To be successful on Tinder, you should stand out from the crowd by providing a creative and memorable message.

It could be just one sentence or a short story. In the case of a story, pay attention to keeping the train of thought being concise and clear. Use bullets to structure your bio, and remember that a Tinder profile isn’t a biography, and hardly any girls are interested to know your grandma’s name or the fact that you were extremely coy at the university. Use a story as a background for describing your strengths and features which distinguish you from all the others. Build your story around one particular idea. One sentence should be a core, and all the others are supportive.

Avoid statements that contradict each other. It looks weird when a guy claims that he’s fun and laid-back, and in the next sentence, he notes that the date should be scheduled in advance because of his tough pace of life.

Use emojis to make a Tinder bio more friendly-looking and easy to look through. On the other hand, steer clear of overloading a profile by emoticons – the Tinder bio lines for guys shouldn’t look girlish.

What makes the great tinder profiles interesting?

The trick is to give enough information to engage a potential match and not to go overboard. To use a metaphor, make a few powerful strokes while picturing your portrait and add a couple of impressive details. Five pillars to build an engaging Tinder description are:

A story. I’ve been here for a couple of months and have seen a lot of gorgeous ladies. Some of them were perfect. The problem is I’m looking for some sweet imperfections which make a person real. Aren’t you mine Sweetest Imperfection?

A few bright details, some information about your personality, e. g. about your hobbies, habits, features of the character. I’ll bring you a cup of coffee in the morning to bed, gladly, if you let me keep silent for the first 10 minutes after waking up.

A joke, preferably the refined one. My sister said I have no chance of success on Tinder. On the first day, I’ve got three swipes from her besties… ooops.

An open-ended question. If I were an astronaut, I would conquer Mars. I’m not, but I’m ready to make an endeavor to conquer you. Would you like to be my port of call?

A call to action. I think that the secret to the perfect date is… just to have it. [smile] Swipe right if you agree, and let’s give us both a chance!

To make a Tinder profile more vivid, you can add a citation from your favorite movie, meme, fun fact. Any idea that fosters interest and desire to crack your code is applicable.

How to start a conversation on a Tinder profile?

Definitely, the simple “hi” or “sup” aren’t the best options. Think about the first message as a movie scene. What makes you get stuck in front of the TV after the first ten minutes of the film? Are you intrigued if you see the ordinary people in the ordinary place inside the ordinary situation? Here’s the thing. To grab the audience’s attention, a director should make an impressive statement from the very start, and so should you.

For inspiration, research carefully the potential match’s profile – there, you’ll find some perfect ideas. What is a potential partner fond of? Where has she been, in what places? What is she dreaming about? What is she looking for on Tinder: love, friendship, a hookup, impressions, fun? Depending on the answer, choose a topic to discuss. The idea worth considering: ask your potential interest about a topic she is into. Find what you have in common: personal traits, activities, habits, goals, etc. A pinch of fun will be the icing on the cake. One more option that fits any situation is to give a compliment.

Here are some examples for the opening line:

I remember that beauty contest, really! In 2001 in California! A slim, gorgeous girl in a red dress with a sophisticated hairstyle. Tell me, was it you? (If it wasn’t her, you can always slap your forehead and exclaim: “Oh, my, I’m glad it wasn’t you because her eyes were green, and I adore blue, the same as yours”).

What do you do when you’re alone and can afford to do anything you want? I’ll go first. I watch Groundhog Day, and I’ll never confess that I’ve just told you that even for a million dollars.

I’m not good at writing bios, so let me just say your eyes are shining, and your smile makes me smile and see the brightest part of the world.

While writing a Tinder bio, be honest. As one of the interviewees of the men’s magazine said, females always know when guys lie. So, if choosing between being creative, witty, and smart, stay outspoken – and get all the benefits as a person who is real.

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