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CatholicMatch Review: Great Dating Site?

CatholicMatch Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 11%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 20-35
Profiles 87000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Largest dating website for Catholic Singles
  • Equal ratio of male and female users
  • Modern website design
  • Very active members
  • Messaging limited to paid users
  • Slow registration process

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Are you a Catholic? Are you single and searching for a partner who shares your faith? Are you looking for a platform where you can get to grow in both religion and love? You’re in luck! CatholicMatch might be precisely what you’re looking for.

CatholicMatch is one of the largest dating websites designed specifically for Catholic Singles. The website is a faith-focused online community where Catholic Singles from different locations can connect with other Catholics who share similar beliefs and faith and are looking to fulfill the Catholic sacramental goal of marriage. In this CatholicMatch review, you will find out more about this Christian website and discover if it might be the stop point for your searches. Read on.

Short Description: CatholicMatch has over 1.5 million members from different countries with no less than 2,000 daily logins. The website is focused mainly on increasing members’ knowledge of the Catholic faith, and it keeps gaining widespread attention with a large number of daily visits of new members.

CatholicMatch Review: Great Dating Site?

Who owns CatholicMatch?

Acolyte, LLC owns CatholicMatch. The site was created by two men, Jason LaFosse and Brian Barcaro, in 1999 and was formerly known as SaintRaphael.net. Mike Lloyd became a partner sometime later, after which the name was changed to CatholicMatch.

So where is CatholicMatch based now?

The CatholicMatch website is currently based in the United States, where it has over one million users from the US alone.

When was CatholicMatch founded?

CatholicMatch was founded in the year 1999 by two men: Jason LaFosse and Brian Barcaro though it went by the name SaintRaphael.net at the time it was created.

When was CatholicMatch founded

How many languages does CatholicMatch support?

The site supports the official English language as its major means of communication among users. Hopefully, other languages would be included to encourage diversity.

Is CatholicMatch available worldwide?

CatholicMatch has over 1.5 million users all over the world interested in faith-focused relationships. The majority of its users are from the United States, United Kingdom, European countries, Latin American countries, etc.

Special Features

CatholicMatch offers special features that make dating on the website interesting and fun. For example, the Snooze feature allows you to ‘snooze’ the profile of any member you are not interested in. Such profiles would be hidden when displaying your search results.

The Catholic Trivia Contest is another feature that allows you to participate in weekly online contests by answering about 40 Catholic-based questions to increase knowledge and member popularity.

There are over 20 chat rooms on CatholicMatch where you can join in group conversations and discuss faith-based topics ranging from sports to family.

Another unique feature is the CatholicMatch Institute, which provides you with resources you might be interested in for spiritual growth, such as eBooks, online courses, etc.

CatholicMatch allows you to take a compatibility assessment called the temperament quiz to know your personality. The results of the quiz are posted on your profile. You can also answer interview questions or set multiple-choice questions to begin conversations with other users.

Special Features

Communication Options

Catholicmatch allows you to send emojis with or without personalized notes like a rosary or bouquet, instead of the usual messaging options. The site also has a blog where you get to ask questions and share your Christian beliefs.

You can do searches on CatholicMatch by sorting through search results by preferences, newest members first, age, gender, location, etc. The advanced search feature also allows you to save your search results for easy referrals later on.

Compatibility Functions

You may receive suggested matches of potential partners based on similar interests and values. This helps to limit your searches to members with who you are most likely going to be compatible.

Account Improvement

CatholicMatch received a significant upgrade of its services in 2019. The mobile app was recently launched for ease of access, and this has been a breakthrough from the complaints and disappointment received from users in the past.

Audience Quality

The primary purpose for which the CatholicMatch website was founded is to create an online platform where Catholic Singles from across the world can come together to mingle, find serious relationships, friendships, and fulfilling the Catholic Sacrament of marriage as the results.

Age Distribution

The site is designed for Catholic Singles who are above 18. While most of the users are between the ages of 25-34, the ages distribution on the website ranges from 18-24, and there are also members between the ages of 45-54 and 55 above.

Fakes and Scammers

You should be careful on dating websites to not end up being a victim of a scam or fraud. These scammers try to gather information about you, which would later be misused or used against you.

Mobile app and Website

For ease of access and usage, the CatholicMatch app was created in 2019, and it is available for download on Google Play Store for Android users and for Apple Devices on App Store.

CatholicMatch App

CatholicMatch has a convenient dating app for Catholic singles. The app was created for mobility and quicker access. It is suitable for Android and iOS users, free and easy to navigate through.

CatholicMatch website

What’s fascinating about CatholicMatch is the modern outlook of its website design. It has a clean feel with its features arranged orderly. The website is user-friendly and designed to give you a good dating experience.

CatholicMatch website

Can I use the app using my computer?

Yes. The app is compatible with desktop PCs, and it functions as much as it does on smartphones. It also guarantees easy access.

Which browsers support CatholicMatch?

Modern browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc., easily support the website and make dating on the website a pleasant surprise.

Why am I having a hard time entering the site?

There are many reasons you may be having a hard time accessing the CatholicMatch website. This could be because the email address and password you provided upon log in do not match. If you have forgotten your password, you can create a new one after verifying that the account belongs to you. You might also be unable to log in to the site due to network failure in your area. You might want to try connecting after some time or change your network settings.


Many users have described the website’s user interface as clunky. However, the website has an exciting touch, is neat and easy to navigate through.

Registration Process

Registration on CatholicMatch is mandatory for you to access the site and its features. Although it might take some time to complete, the benefits available upon registration are worth the stress. You may choose to sign-up on CatholicMatch using your email address or your Facebook account. After your account has been verified successfully, you would be assigned a username according to your name and membership number format and need to select a strong password for login. You would afterward be required to provide answers to 7 faith-based questions on the Catholic beliefs and teachings of the Church. You may upload as many photos as possible to get enough profile views.

Registration Process

Can I unmatch an CatholicMatch member?

You can remove a member from your matches list by clicking on the ‘not interested’ option on the user’s profile or search results to prevent future mentions or suggestions of such members.

How old should you be to register on CatholicMatch?

You are required to be 18 years and above to qualify as a member of the dating website. CatholicMatch is designed to be an adult site with dating and marriage as its sole aim, making it a no go area for minors.

Which ways can I verify my account?

You would need to verify your account before you can successfully create a profile on CatholicMatch. If you signed up with your email address, a verification email would be sent to your inbox. But if you registered using your Facebook account, you would need to input your Facebook account details for account verification.

How do I verify my email?

If you are signed-up using your email address, you will receive a notification email on the email address provided requiring you to confirm if the account belongs to you.

What happens if I register using my Facebook Account?

You can register on CatholicMatch using your email address or your Facebook account. If you register with Facebook, your login into your Facebook account will enable you to access your CatholicMatch account profile.

Can I use the site without signing up?

No! You cannot access the CatholicMatch website unless you have signed up to be a member.

Profile Set-up

You might want to take your time to fill out your profile information. The advantage is that it allows interested members to know more about you. However, you may choose not to complete your profile immediately or make subsequent changes to it later on.

Profile Set-up

Can I delete a photo that I uploaded in CatholicMatch?

To delete a photo on the CatholicMatch website, first, go to your photo edit page and click on the ‘X’ icon on the image you want to delete. You might want to note that you cannot remove the photo on your main profile, although it can be changed.

How do I edit my username in CatholicMatch?

One of the things that set CatholicMatch apart from other dating websites is that your username on the site is assigned to you automatically. If you do not like the username and would like to make a change, you need to contact the support team to request a username change.

Is there an option to delete your CatholicMatch profile?

You can delete your previous profile information on CatholicMatch and create a new one. This can be done by selecting the ‘edit profile’ on your profile to effect the changes made.

What happens if I disable the “Show me on CatholicMatch” option?

By disabling the ‘Show me on CatholicMatch’ option on your account, your profile would no longer be visible to potential matches and would be hidden from search results and suggestions. You would also be unable to participate in matches.

Can I delete the information that I’ve already submitted to CatholicMatch?

There is some information that can be easily deleted from your profile. These include your preferences, background, lifestyle, etc. Information such as your username and main profile photo is, however, subject to restrictions.

CatholicMatch dating site/app provides a number of options for you to connect with other members and possibly secure a date. The search feature is one of them. It allows you to search for potential matches according to your preferences by the level of faith, interests, appearance, etc.

There are search filters available by which you can limit your search to your preferences, which include your preferred age, gender, body type, looks, habits, education, viewpoints, etc.

Is it possible to see the CatholicMatch members who I liked?

You can see members you liked on CatholicMatch by clicking on the heart icon provided on the user’s profile.

What are the different options of CatholicMatch Search?

You may choose to save your search preferences on your account to avoid repeated searches and save time. You can make members searches by recent activities, oldest or newest members. CatholicMatch allows you to snooze profiles you are not interested in to prevent them from showing on your search results subsequently. You can select the profiles of users you like and send messages directly to them.

Can you see if someone likes you on CatholicMatch if you are a free member?

This feature is only available to subscribers only. To see members who liked your profile on CatholicMatch, you would need to upgrade your account to premium.


You can initiate a conversation with another user on the CatholicMatch website by sending direct messages to them or sending emotigrams, which may or may not include personalized notes.

How can you start messaging with someone on CatholicMatch?

It is not unusual to discover users finding it difficult to initiate a conversation with other members on dating sites for fear of seeming too forward or getting rejected. To overcome this, you can begin by finding a common interest to break the ice or compliment their profile or photos.

How can I message someone?

You can send a message to another user and view new messages sent to you by clicking on the sender’s profile in the conversations menu.

Is sending messages free?

You can send quick icon messages to other members without a subscription. However, you can neither send personalized emotigrams nor read or receive messages for free on CatholicMatch, unless you upgrade to a premium account.

How do I see who messaged me on CatholicMatch?

In the conversations section, you can view messages by clicking on the message or member’s profile. The feature is, however, only available to paid users.

How do I use the camera on CatholicMatch?

Photos on dating websites are essential as they enable other members to ascribe authenticity to your profile. You may upload photos from your galleries or click on the camera icon to use the webcam on your photo edit page to take your photo directly.

How can I filter who can message me on CatholicMatch?

You can control who messages you on CatholicMatch by setting your profile views to friends only or updating your match filters to show only members you might be interested in.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

CatholicMatch offers a Standard Membership and Premium Membership. With a Standard Account, limited features are available compared to the advantage premium users have over additional features on premium membership.

You can make payment for subscriptions with Credit Card, Debit Card, which is either MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover. You may also choose to make payment with a prepaid card.

Free Membership Features

CatholicMatch enables a number of unique features for free users. With a free account, you would be able to:

  • Display and view profiles of other users.
  • Make Singles Searches.
  • Like profiles of other members.
  • Receive profile views.
  • Participate in matches.
  • Receive and read messages from other users.

Premium Membership Features

The CatholicMatch premium membership includes every one of the features provided on free membership and more. As a paid member, you can:

  • Send and receive unlimited messages.
  • Use search filters
  • See profile likes
  • Send emotigrams with personalized notes.
  • Access community Chat forums
  • Receive priority in customer support.
  • Discounts in renewal pricing
  • Qualify for six-months additional subscription-free (Guarantee for 6-month subscribers if a match is not secured within the subscription period)

CatholicMatch Premium Costs:

  • $29.95/ Month (One Month Subscription- $29.95 total)
  • $19.95/ Month (Three Months Subscription- $59.85 total)
  • $12.49/ Month (Six Months Subscription- $74.94 total)

CatholicMatch Premium Costs

Does CatholicMatch offer premium membership?

CatholicMatch offers a premium membership, which is billed in one payment, after which your subscription would begin to run. The premium costs for each subscription plans are available on the subscribe page.

How do I cancel my CatholicMatch membership?

You can choose to either cancel your CatholicMatch membership for a temporary period or permanently. You can permanently cancel your membership by removing your account from your account settings or contacting the support team.

Is CatholicMatch membership auto-renewed?

Subscriptions on CatholicMatch are subject to auto-renewal after the last subscription date. You can choose to disable auto-renewal by clicking on the ‘turn off auto-renewal’ on the subscribe page.

Can I get a refund for unused time?

Refunds on CatholicMatch are impossible if the subscribed features have been used. A refund can only be considered if you haven’t accessed the subscribed features at all.

Is my “support” to CatholicMatch automatically renewed every month?

Yes, subscriptions on CatholicMatch have renewed automatically every month. However, you may choose to cancel auto-renewal and continue to enjoy the subscribed features until it expires.

I am not satisfied with the CatholicMatch. Can I get my money back?

CatholicMatch does not operate a money refund policy on purchases. The policy is that all purchases made on the dating site/app are non-refundable, except you were billed more than was required.

How will my CatholicMatch support appear on my credit card bill?

Payments for subscriptions would be charged from your Credit card, Debit Card, or any other payment method you specify. You will receive a notification message if your subscription has successfully been made from your account.

Can I give support to other CatholicMatch members?

You cannot give support to other members on CatholicMatch as only personal subscriptions are allowed. Alternatively, you can log in to the user’s page with their consent to subscribe to them.

Can I send support for just a month?

You have the option of setting your subscription plans to renew every month. This can be done by selecting a monthly subscription plan on the subscription page.

Is CatholicMatch Really Safe?

Safety is one of the biggest concerns of many users on dating websites. This is because of the awful experiences some users have got on dating sites. On CatholicMatch, the safety of users is of the essence. The site has a 24/7 active security team scanning users’ accounts to ensure the security of members. Suspected scammers and fraudulent users found using fake profiles are immediately suspended from the website.

Privacy in CatholicMatch

Your private information on the CatholicMatch website is given the utmost security. Your personal information is adequately protected to prevent access by third parties.

Are CatholicMatch chats encrypted?

Chats on CatholicMatch are protected and secured by end-to-end encryptions to ensure your privacy and prevent your personal information from falling into the wrong hands.

Can CatholicMatch track you down?

If your GPS is enabled, your location can be traced on the website, but CatholicMatch will not make your location accessible to other members or third parties.

Can CatholicMatch be traced by the Police?

The only reason the Police would be granted access to trace your IP address on the website is in suspected criminal cases and to aid criminal investigations.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my privacy in CatholicMatch?

For information on your privacy on CatholicMatch, you may visit the website Privacy Policy page or contact the support team at support@catholicmatch.com.


You should be cautious when using dating websites due to the prevalence of fake users and scammers. You should not share details of your personal information such as your address, telephone number, email, financial information, etc., with someone you just met on the CatholicMatch website.

Meeting with another member for a date should be after you have ascertained the member’s authenticity and should also be in a public place where you can easily request help if and when needed. You should block or report any suspected scammer on the website to the Customer service staff.

Are CatholicMatch Forums threads moderated?

CatholicMatch offers different chat room options, out of which you can participate in group conversations on various topics. The forum discussions are mostly monitored by the customer support team to ensure there are no conflicts.

What will happen to a member who uses a CatholicMatch Account to solicit money?

Any member who tries to solicit money from other members on CatholicMatch would be suspended and banned permanently from using the website.

Banned Account

Accounts that appear fake and inactive are locked after some time to guarantee the safety of other users. If you are suspected of having violated the Terms of Use provided on the website, your account may also be blocked, except you can prove it was an error.

Why can’t I access CatholicMatch?

You might be finding it difficult to access the website for several reasons. Your access to the CatholicMatch website may be denied if your account has been banned or suspended for malicious content or scam reports. But if you feel your account was blocked unfairly, you can contact the support team to investigate the ban.

How long are CatholicMatch bans?

Account bans on CatholicMatch can be permanent, but you can appeal if your account was blocked by accident or unfairly by contacting the customer service team at support@catholicmatch.com.

How do I reactivate my banned account?

You may reactivate your banned or suspended account by contacting the support team to appeal and prove that your account was blocked on a mistake. To do this, you would need to send a message that includes your name, birth date, an explanation of the false information discovered on your profile, and others.

Protect Yourself

You can protect yourself and your privacy on dating websites by ensuring that your private information is not made public.

How can I block and report a suspected scammer?

You can block or report any user giving you a hard time or sending you inappropriate messages on CatholicMatch by clicking on the ‘Report’ link on the user’s profile for proper measures to be taken. You can also prevent uninterested users from sending you messages by putting them on your ‘not interested’ list from your conversations menu.

Which information shouldn’t be posted in your CatholicMatch Account?

Information that is directly contrary to the Catholic faith and teachings are not allowed on CatholicMatch, and should not be posted on your account. Your personal information, including your contact address, full name, phone number, etc., should not be posted on the public website.

Help and Support

You may contact the CatholicMatch support team at support@catholicmatch.com for the needed assistance or support.

Real Life Review

Here are some real-life reviews from users of the CatholicMatch dating services:

I have subscribed for the premium membership on CatholicMatch two different times. I got to know that most women on the site are gold-diggers. They only want to connect with you for money and are not interested in a relationship. I expected more from a Catholic dating site.

I would suggest you give CatholicMatch a try. Don’t go with high and lofty expectations in order not to set yourself up for disappointments. Trust your instincts. I was lucky to meet my partner on the website, and I am so happy. I am recommending the website not because it is perfect but because it might be good for you. I wish you the best of luck.

Is CatholicMatch the best dating site/app?

CatholicMatch is regarded as the largest and most popular dating site for Catholic Singles. It embodies the Catholic faith and represents an online community where Catholic Singles can mingle. However, the site is much restricted and used majorly by Catholics who share similar beliefs and teachings of the Church. The website customer service is also underrated, which makes it pale compared to other popular dating websites.

Is CatholicMatch safe?

CatholicMatch considers the security of its members its top priority. The website has a customer service team that works actively 24/7 and ensures members’ safety on the website. Their work is to provide help and support and prevent fake users and profiles on the website as much as possible.

Is CatholicMatch a hook-up app?

The site is focused on bringing two compatible users together for marriage rather than casual hookups. This is unlike some other dating websites where users connect to have fun without making commitments. Catholicmatch, however, makes dating and marriage its top priority.

Is CatholicMatch free?

CatholicMatch allows you to enjoy some of its services for free. You may choose to upgrade your membership to premium by subscribing. With standard membership, you can only access limited features such as creating a profile, viewing other members’ profiles, participating in matches, etc. As a free member, it takes ten days for you to access messages delivered to you.

How does CatholicMatch work?

Catholicmatch helps you find your suitable match by requiring you to answer some questions based on your Catholic faith, such as your belief in premarital sex, the sanctity of life, the use of contraception, among others. You may provide answers to these questions by selecting the agree, slightly agree, or not agreeing option. This helps filter your searches to members who share similar beliefs and viewpoints to find you a perfect match.

With CatholicMatch, you can send messages to other users by clicking on your text box’s speech bubble icon. You can also like the profile of any member you may be interested in. To do this, you would need to click on the heart icon. You receive messages or profile likes on your Message Inbox. You can reply to such messages by clicking on the text box in your received messages inbox.

When you receive a message, a notification would be sent to you. You can send quick icon messages from your text box to show your interest in another user. You can also view other members’ profiles on CatholicMatch by clicking on the ‘Go to Profile’ from the options provided on your conversation menu.

Are there fake or scam members on CatholicMatch?

Scammers on dating websites are smooth operators looking for people to defraud, and CatholicMatch wouldn’t be an exception just because it is a Christian dating site. You need to be most wary of them, especially when you begin to see red flags, which are warning signs for you to take caution. Such warnings signs include any user soliciting money from you or requesting your personal information as soon as you begin conversations.

Alternative Sites Like CatholicMatch

There are other dating websites and apps for Singles that are similar to CatholicMatch. Some of them are religious dating sites, while others are general dating websites. Similar religious dating sites include CatholicSingles and Christian Mingle. Other dating websites are Plenty of Fish, eHarmony, and many others.

Contact Information

  • Company: CatholicMatch.com; Acolyte LLC.
  • Address: PO Box 154 Zelienople, PA 16063, United States of America
  • Phone: 1-651-319-5310
  • E-Mail: support@catholicmatch.com


Do you desire to belong to a Catholic community where you can get to meet your soulmate, encounter your destined one, or find quality friends? All you need to do is register for free on CatholicMatch, and join the wagon of Catholic Singles to build your faith and find your love. God will perfect whatever remains to be done. Have faith!

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