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Blued Review: Great Dating Site?

Blued Review: Great Dating Site?
About Boys
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 75%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 24-35
Profiles 2 600 000
About Site
Visit rate 6.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A convenient communication platform, which supports more than ten languages.
  • Quick registration without tedious checks.
  • Free messaging and streaming.
  • Earning coins and changing them for cash.
  • No paid subscription.
  • Inexpensive "beans" currency.
  • Live streams and video chats for matches with other participants.
  • Blued is only available in the mobile app.
  • You can lose all the coins and ratings when switching from Android to IOS and vice versa.
  • 100% male audience.

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When reading various Blued reviews, you could find completely different opinions, both negative and positive. Here, you can find the most interesting and essential information about the platform collected, so that you can find out what awaits you after registration. Decide for yourself whether this system is suitable for you, and feel free to create an account for free!

Blued Review: Great Dating Site

Which Languages Can Be Set Up On Blued?

Blued supports English, French, and Japanese as the primary languages featured on the desktop site. Select and install them in the upper right corner next to the “Help” section. You can also select more language options in the mobile app, including English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese. You can adopt it according to the language of the device by going to ‘Settings’> ‘General’> ‘Language.’

Who Is Blued Owner?

Blued is owned by Blue City Holdings Ltd.

So Where Is Blued Registered Officially?

Blued is officially registered in Hong Kong.

How Long Has Blued Operated?

Blued was launched in 2012.

Is Blued Accessible In All Countries?

You can connect to the Blued community in any country by installing the application on your phone. You only need an Internet connection.

Special Features

Blued offers several exclusive features for users:

  • Who’s Visited You – you can check who came to your page and show mutual interest to another member then.
  • Live streams – you can have your own streams, sharing the best moments of your life, sharing your thoughts, life experience, and talents. You can be the host, star, and creator of private shows, improving your chances with other participants.
  • Groups – join different groups on Blued according to your geolocation, as well as common interests with other members. This is a great option to meet people who share your interests and views.
  • Quick Chat with other users in a private conversation. This feature is based on matches, and you must decide in 15 seconds whether you want to continue communicating with participants offered in a private Fast Chat.

Use as many opportunities as possible to communicate with other members of the community, and find new friends and partners anywhere with Blued!

Audience Quality

Blued is exclusively for representatives of the LGBT community, and 100% of the audience on the platform is male. Diversity is supported by the wide coverage of countries and regions. You can meet many English-speaking users from the USA and Canada, GB and Australia, as well as many residents from South Asia, China, and Japan. Note that the platform aims not just sex, but also friendship or just chatting with people sharing your experience, life views, and interests.

Age Distribution

Blued has two most numerous user categories. 28% of the members are men aged 18-24, 43% of the community are men from 25 to 34 years old, 16% of users are guys from 35 to 44 years old, and 7% are men from 45 to 54 years old.

Fakes And Scammers

Any dating site cannot be completely immune from scam and fake accounts, and Blued is no exception. Nevertheless, the platform has a fairly good reputation as a reliable and safe dating app.

Fakes And Scammers

Mobile App And Website

The Blued website has a demo desktop version where you can familiarize yourself with the concept of the platform, learn the rules and privacy policies, and read FAQs. However, the main resources and opportunities are in the mobile app, which you have to download to your device.

Blued App

Blued has an updated app for Android and iOS, which you can download in the corresponding electronic commercials. The application allows all necessary actions:

  • registration;
  • profile filling;
  • adding a photo;
  • synchronization with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram;
  • chat and messaging with other participants;
  • geolocation matches;
  • virtual gifts;
  • virtual currency.

You can easily understand how things are going on Blued and quickly learn how to manage the basic profile settings, join groups, use a Quick Chat, matched guys, and much more.

Blued Website

The official Blued website is intended for demonstration rather than use. You cannot register in the system through a regular browser on a computer or phone. However, the site has a beautiful design similar to the application, as well as detailed instructions for new users, terms of use, and privacy policy. If you are having difficulty using the platform on your phone, study the proposed solutions on the website in the blued.com/en/help.html section.

How To Use The App By Downloading It On A PC?

The Blued app does not involve installation on a regular computer or laptop.

How Many Browsers Can Launch Blued?

The site can be viewed on any browser, including Chrome, Opera, Edge, and others. However, you cannot use browsers to download the Blued app. The system works only on Android and iOS.

Why Is It Difficult To Enter The Site This Time?

You may have incorrect cookie settings or issues with your Internet connection. Check your browser settings if you want to enter the desktop version of the site, and also make sure that your Internet is working properly. Try changing your device to enter the Blued app, for example, use a phone instead of a tablet, and vice versa. If the problem persists, feel free to contact support.


The Blued website has a reasonably convenient interface with an intuitive layout. Pay attention to the stylish, restrained design in purple and black, as well as an abundance of attractive guys in the photos. You can easily find the main functions of the platform, including the selection of potential candidates, buttons for sending messages, as well as live chat with other users.

Registration Process

You can register for Blued immediately after installing the app on your device. The fastest way to join a gay community is through Facebook or Twitter by pressing just one button on the screen. If desired, use the conventional methods of registration via email and telephone as they are also available. You are going to receive a confirmation code on your phone to complete registration or have a new letter with a confirmation link.

Registration Process

Is It Possible To Unmatch Somebody On Blued?

There is no such function on the platform. You are not obliged to chat with anyone on Blued if you do not want to. Just ignore the user who is not interesting in you. In other cases, use the lock option if you do not want someone to bother you.

How Old Must A Person Be To Sign Up On Blued?

The Blued policy is no different from other dating sites: you must be over 18 years old, regardless of the legal age of consent in your country.

What To Do To Verify An Account?

Confirmation of new members Blued ends at the registration stage when you receive and verify the code on your phone or email.

How People Verify Their Emails?

If you sign up via email, check your mailbox and find a letter from Blued with a confirmation link inside. Open it and click on the link to complete the registration.

Does The System Use Facebook Info If Signing Up Via Social Media?

Blued does not upload any information from your Facebook account at registration so that you can be sure about your privacy.

How To Use The Site Without Registering?

You can use the Blued website on your computer to review the terms of use or get help. However, you will not be able to log into the system and communicate with other users through the application until you sign up through Facebook, Twitter, phone, or email.

Profile Set-Up

You can upload your photos to Blued at any time by clicking on the appropriate option in your Profile Settings.

How To Remove A Photo Uploaded On Blued?

All users can add and remove their photos on Blued without restrictions by using the “Settings” of the profile.

How To Choose Another Username On Blued?

You can replace the username on Blued by going to Settings.

Is It Possible To Delete A Blued Profile?

You can temporarily deactivate your profile on Blued and return to it later, as well as completely stop using the platform. Use the path’ Me – Settings’, find ‘Delete My Account’ at the very bottom of the page. The system terminates your account, but you still can restore it within seven days if you change your mind. In a week, your profile will be entirely removed with all contacts, dialogs, and correspondence.

What If A User Turns Off The “Show Me On Blued” Option?

Blued does not have this particular option.

How To Remove Some Sensitive Data Already Published On Blued?

You can remove any information from Blued, including photos, geolocation, and other data. However, remember that all data can be collected and processed by the system for commercial purposes and analytics.

How To Remove Some Sensitive Data Already Published On Blued?

Here you can learn how to exchange messages with other users on Blued.

How To Check All Blued Users Who A User Liked?

Check the options on your Blued profile.

Ways To Search Users On Blued?

Use the appropriate search option at the top of the screen above the user selection. You can filter users by geolocation to find Blued members nearby.

How To Know If Someone Likes You On Blued Without Signing Up?

Check the appropriate option inside your profile.


Blued has many convenient options for communication.

How To Send The First Message To Someone On Blued?

You can contact another member Blued by picking his profile and sending him your text in the appropriate field.

How To Send A Message To Any User?

Very simple! Just open his profile, find the appropriate option, enter the text, and send it. The user will receive your message instantly.

Do You Have To Pay To Communicate On The Platform?

Unlike many other dating platforms, sending and receiving messages on Blued is free of charge.

How To Check Incoming Messages On Blued?

When your interlocutor answers you on Blued, you will see the number “1” next to his widget in the users’ selection (the current digit corresponds to the number of messages unread). The total number of incoming messages is at the bottom of the page.

How To Use The Webcam On Blued?

The camera turns on automatically when you use the Quick Chat option or the video streaming function.

How To Filter People Who Can And Cannot Message You On Blued?

Blued does not have such a function; however, you can block unwanted users, up to 50 people, if you do not want to communicate.

How To Filter People Who Can And Cannot Message You On Blued

Membership Price And Other Payment Method

Unlike many other platforms, Blued has a rather interesting payment system. Read below to find out!

Free Membership Features

One of the great benefits of Blued is its free communication and flexible payment system for advanced options. You do not pay anything when creating and filling out your profile, sending and receiving messages, photos, and videos.

Premium Membership Features

On Blued, there is no premium subscription. An additional fee is needed for the purchase and sending of virtual gifts, as well as sending public / private flying comments.

Is There A Premium Membership On Blued?

There is no premium subscription Blued. Instead, you can buy, spend, and earn special currencies, measured in “beans.” For $ 1, you can buy 45 beans, for $ 10 – 420 beans, and so on. A maximum of 4116 beans can be purchased for $ 90. The platform also involves increasing Wealth for posting flying comments that raise your level when you post public flying comments.

Can One Refuse An Advanced Blued Membership?

Since Blued does not have a paid subscription, you cannot cancel it.

Does Blued Membership Renew Itself?

No, Blued does not have paid auto-renewal subscriptions.

How To Get Your Money Back For Idle Time?

There is no paid subscription for Blued, and you do not pay anything in advance. If it is about beans, then you cannot return your money if you already bought coins on the platform. Use them to comment and send virtual gifts.

Does Blued Automatically Renew Its Subscription?

Nope. Blue doesn’t extend any payments from your credit card.

It Is Not What Was Expected With Blued. How To Get Your Money Back?

Blued does not refund money for purchased coins and beans.

How Does Blued Withdraw Money From A Credit Card?

Blued does not deal with your credit and debit cards, because payment is made via mobile phone. Remember that your beans may be lost when switching from Android to iOS and vice versa.

How To Support Someone On Blued?

No. Blued hasn’t introduced such a feature yet.

How To Buy A Membership Just For A Month?

On Blued, there is no paid subscription for a specific time. You can just buy beans for dollars and send flying comments and virtual gifts.

How To Buy A Membership Just For A Month?

Is Blued Really Safe?

Blued has a reputation for being a reliable and trusted dating site for male members of the LGBT community.

Privacy On Blued

You can learn the basic terms and conditions at https://blued.com/en/policy.html. According to many Blued reviews, the system has standard rules and restrictions, as well as a policy for collecting and processing personal data of users.

Does Blued Use The Chat Encryption?

Blued does not provide such information. Presumably, the platform uses so-called end-to-end encryption that ensures the sender and recipient have exclusive access to the source text of the message. It means that user information remains inaccessible even to the technical devices used to transmit data. Encryption and decryption have to protect personal users’ data from stealing and hacking, so you do not have to worry when sharing some private and even intimate information. Besides, the data remains encrypted until it is delivered to its destination.

Is Your Blued Account Tracked Down?

Maybe. Blued uses your phone’s geolocation to set up suitable matches and offer you options for communicating nearby with you.

Can Blued Give A User’s Data To The Police?

When official police or FBI order is received, Blued is obliged to provide user data for investigation.

What To Do If A User Has Questions About Privacy On Blued?

Feel free to contact support support@blued.zendesk.com.


You can be sure of the protection of your data on Blued.

Does Blued Forums Have Moderation?

Messages and flying comments on Blued may be deleted if they are not in accordance with the terms of use or if you are posting or sharing offensive or hostile content.

What If Someone Uses Blued To Ask For Money?

Although Blued does not imply direct earnings, users can exchange the received beans for cash if there are 10,000 coins or more on the account. Users who have already provided banking information can apply for withdrawals from the 1st to the 5th day every month. However, if someone asks you to send him money for a ticket, gift or for charity, do not agree, because only scammers act like this.

What If Someone Uses Blued To Ask For Money?

Banned Account

Please remember that the administration of Blued can block any accounts, including yours, at its discretion.

Why Was Your Blued Account Banned?

More often than not, Blued bans users for violating user policies, abusive behavior, sending porn content, claiming for hostility, and other general and privacy violations.

How Long Will Your Blued Account Be Banned?

Blued can block your account for any time without explanation. You can contact support if you think that you were blocked unfairly.

How To Reactivate A Banned Account?

You cannot independently restore your profile on Blued.

Protect Yourself

Learn how to better protect yourself on Blued and other dating sites. Despite having proper safety features on the site, you have to be careful when communicating with strangers. Don’t share your personal data like a physical address or your workplace, and don’t show your banking information to strangers. It would be better if you have another phone number to use for dating sites, so you could just get rid of it if somebody bothers you.

How To Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

You can block any user who violates your peace or privacy. The maximum number of locks is 50 users. To check who you blocked, use the path ‘Me’> ‘Blocked List’.

What Type Of Content May Be Forbidden On Blued?

Blued involves exchanging private information, including intimate images between users, but you must obtain prior consent before sending nude or porn photos or videos. It is forbidden to publish adult content in public chats and groups. Likewise, you cannot post anything that infringes copyrights or fuels racial hatred, gender, or sexual discrimination.

Help And Support

If you have any questions about using, paying for beans, security, or complaints about other members on Blued, feel free to apply to support@blued.zendesk.com.

Help And Support

Real Life Review

Although you cannot fully guarantee that you will not be scammed, Blued tries its best to make your usage comfortable.

Is Blued Good Enough To Find A Mate?

Why not? Here on Blued, there are thousands of active users who speak different languages, living in America, Europe, and Asia. Brace yourself for new hot dating!

Is Blued Safe Enough?

According to Blued review, the platform is reasonably secure.

Is Blued Made For Hook-Up?

Although the primary goal of Blued is to help LGBT men find a partner, the platform is not limited to only sex; here, you can find friends and just chat online.

Is Blued Free?

The main features of Blued are free, including messaging and chatting. You can buy additional features to gain more respect among the community.

How Does Blued Operate?

Blued works on the same principles as other dating apps. You can register for free and chat without limitations. Download the app on your device, register, and upload a photo. Start communication by sending messages to other users. Accept the proposed candidates for matches, and have a stream. Buy beans for coins, as well as withdraw earned coins for money.

May There Be Fake Or Scam Accounts On Blued?

Blued cannot guarantee you 100% protection against scam or fraud, so you must be careful when exchanging personal data with strangers.

Alternative Sites Like Blued

In fact, there are a lot of dating sites on the Internet for the LGBT community. Try Danlan.org, bf99.com, V1069.com, and other platforms.

Contact Information

Company name: Blue City Holdings Ltd.

Contact email: support@blued.zendesk.com


If you have been looking for a convenient and safe site for dating LGBT men for a long time, then feel free to try it. This is a comfortable platform for communication, friendship, and getting new acquaintances between men. Here, you can freely exchange messages and photos, chat, and even become a local star thanks to online streams. Download the app on your phone for free and become the most active Blued user!

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