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Tagged Review: Great Dating Site?

Tagged Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 88%
Popular age 18-25
Profiles 30 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It is available for both mobile and desktop.
  • It has a swift registration process.
  • It has been in operation since 2004,
  • Half of the profiles displayed on the site are from members thousands of miles away.
  • For full functionality, VIP membership is required.
  • It allows the presence of anyone under the age of 18.

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Tagged is a free-to-use dating site that allows users to meet new people and talk online. It is an easy to navigate dating service that helps you locate a partner that shares the same interest with you within your location and search options. Tagged also have a “games” feature where you can play games online and hook up with new people.

Tagged was developed for users under the age of 18, and was a popular meeting site for teens. However, just recently, the Tagged reviewed its age policy in February 2014 to allow only users who are 18 years above register and enjoy the site.

Tagged is one of the fastest-growing social networks developed for dating and hook-ups over the last two years. Originally, the dating site was intended as a social network for teenagers; however, it has evolved into a quasi-dating platform. The site allows members to browse the profiles of any other members and share tags and virtual gifts.

Tagged Review: Great Dating Site?

How Many Languages Are Supported On Tagged?

Tagged is a dating site that supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Malay languages. If you have knowledge of any of these Languages, you are good to go on Tagged.

Who Are Owners Of Tagged?

Tagged is a dating site that is owned by two entrepreneurs, namely Greg Tseng and Johann Schleier-Smith. These two entrepreneurs wanted to create a Yahoo for teens but ended up creating Tagged.

So Where Is Base Of Tagged Currently?

Tagged currently has its base in San Francisco, California and that’s where it’s operations are being coordinated.

When Was Tagged Created?

Tagged.com was founded in October 2004. This is about 16 years ago.

Is Tagged Available Everywhere?

The tagged dating site has over 100 million original users, while about 230 million were acquired from Hi5. The dating site has strong retention and engagement among African American communities in the US.

Special Features

The tagged dating site has some special features available for users of the site. The special features will be shown and described in the subparagraphs below


Pets is a game on tagged that lets you buy and sell to other members on the dating site. Also, there are options and chances that you can be bought and sold on the dating site, a naughty play. You commence trading with a value of about 12 million Qd (the currency in the game). You can go ahead to buy other members for the price of 0.01 Qd, which seems very easy for you, but also very easy for others to buy your pets from you. As you buy more pets on tagged, your value increases, and you are privileged to get cash bonuses. Peradventure you are bought by someone, your value will increase by 10 percent. Those are the basics of the game.


LUV is another special feature on the Tagged dating site. Technically, LUVs are gifts that you can give and receive from someone. Each user on the dating site gets 10 LUV every day. Every time you give or receive LUV, you will earn points. Also, if you give LUV to someone else, you will earn points. Basically, for each LUV you receive, the bar underneath your photo on your profile increases. The fuller the bar, the more LUV you have received from various members. With LUV, you get bragging rights on Tagged and show everyone else how popular and loved you are on the dating site.


Audience quality

Alongside its sister brand Hi5, Tagged currently has over 300 million registered under The Meet Group, which remains their parent name. The goal of this dating site is to connect people for friendship and dating.

Tagged is widely commended for continuously growing and not fading out during the rise of Facebook. Percentage-wise, Africa-Americans dominate Tagged, making up 42% of its membership, closely followed by Caucasians at 41%, then Hispanics by 12%.

Age Distribution

Initially, the Tagged online dating site was teen-only. This implies that the site was originally developed for teens, and surprisingly, they stuck around.

Fakes And Scammers

Just like any other online dating site, the presence of fake people and scammers is unavoidable on Tagged. These fake individuals and scammers upload fake profile pictures on their profiles in other to scam and deceive other users on the dating site.

Mobile app and Website

Tagged is available for desktop and mobile. The desktop version is easily accessible from any browser. Also, there are native apps for iPhone and Android devices. You should know that almost half Tagged users access the online dating site through the mobile app while the other half uses the website.

Tagged App

The Tagged app has more of a dating service feel than the mobile website. In the Tagged app, there is a “Meet Me” feature, which is the main highlight of the app, whereas, in the mobile site, the games seemed to be more of the priority.

The tagged application is better designed than the website. The functions, which were jampacked and disarranged on the homepage Tagged mobile website, are properly and nicely arranged in the app. You should know that 53% of users prefer the mobile application of Tagged, while 47% use the mobile website.

Tagged Website

The tagged online dating site has a mobile website in which users can always log on to access the dating site. The features on the website are crowded and organized without a thought as to which one would be the members’ main purpose.

The presence of games on the website makes it feel less like an online dating site and more like a social network for people sharing the same interest. Upon logging in to the main page of the dating website, you will be faced with matches, pets you could buy and an ever-busy feed with updates. However, the Tagged website allows for a larger viewing area for searching, viewing profiles, and supports all other features except live.

Can Tagged App Be Operated On Any Computer?

Yes, a Tagged online dating site allows users to access the website via computer as the site has a desktop version.

Does Tagged Work On All Browsers?

You should know that all browsers support the Tagged website. The desktop version of the Tagged dating site is accessible to all browsers.

Why Am I Experiencing Difficulties Accessing the Site?

There exists a huge likability that you could experience some difficulties while trying to log into the Tagged website via your desktop browser. This could be due to some reasons like the server is being overloaded by multiple users who are also trying to log in at the same time, or the server is probably down and unreachable. You could also experience difficulties due to a network problem, network outage, or perhaps website maintenance is in progress. Anytime you experience any of such difficulties on Tagged, all you have got to do is to wait till it is rectified.

Why Am I Experiencing Difficulties Accessing the Site?


The tagged website is a social network for meeting new people, making new friends, and finding dates online. The Tagged website is quite convenient for users of the online dating site as it allows users to have a larger viewing area for searching on the dating site. More so, the website also allows for a larger viewing of profiles and supports other features except live.

Also, the website allows users of the dating site to play games conveniently easily. On the website, Tagged allows its users to creatively customize their profile page in which they can post a biography of themselves and their interests. Also, they can post statuses, updates, upload photos, and send and receive messages conveniently. Notifications for Luv, Winks, and Meet users on the Tagged dating site can receive me.

Registration Process

The registration process on Tagged is relatively quick and straightforward. All you just need to do is to provide vital information like your name, gender, location, email address, location, and photo. After supplying all this information, your account will be created. You will then proceed to verify your email by copying and pasting a code that was sent to your email box, after which you can fully access the site as much as a free member can.

You can browse our feeds for posts, play games, and message other members. You can then go ahead to edit your profile later on to provide more details into who you are. Immediately after registering on Tagged, the website redirects you to a screen from which you can invite your friends from other platforms like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and so others. In the mobile application version of the tag, it is relatively easy to initiate this process accidentally. However, you should be careful when you do this because you will be sending email invitations to your contacts on those platforms.

Perhaps, this could be the reason why many complain that unwanted spam messages are usually sent by Tagged to their inbox. Either way, you register on Tagged either by desktop or app platform, you will remain connected to Tagged by default unless you specifically sign out.

Does Tagged Allow Me To Unmatch Myself With a Member?

Yes, you can unmatch a Tagged member. To go about this, click on the profile of the member you wish to unmatch. The chosen profile will be displayed in the right-most panel of the home screen. You will then proceed to click the three-dot icon located at the upper-right part of the members’ profile photo. Then you click Unmatch, and the member becomes unmatched with you on Tagged.

What Should Be My Age Before I Can Register On Tagged?

You are allowed to register on Tagged when you clock 18 years and above. This implies that you might not be allowed to download or use Tagged if you are under 18 years.

How Can I Verify My Tagged Account?

Tagged are an online dating site that wants to make its online community fun and nice to ensure that people build meaningful connections with others from different locations. In place of this, Tagged recently announced an account verification feature which helps users verify their accounts.

This account verification feature allows users of Tagged to verify their accounts. This verification can only be done via SMS or Facebook, and this is done to validate that their experience is real and relevant on Tagged. Any of the above methods (Facebook or SMS) can be used to verify accounts on Tagged.

Can I Verify My Email On Tagged?

This is a requisite details when registering on Tagged. You can verify your email by copying and pasting a code that was sent to your email box.

Can I Register On Tagged By Facebook Account?

You can sign up on Tagged using your Facebook account. When you do this, Tagged will use the date of birth from your Facebook account to verify your age.

Can I Access Tagged Without Signing Up?

Just like several other social networking sites, you cannot explore the Tagged dating site until you sign up for a free account. You can only access Tagged directly after you must have registered for the free account.

Profile Set-up

You can set up your profile on Tagged by following certain simple steps on the site. The first step is to go to your profile and then select Edit Profile, which is located at the left of your profile picture. The next step is that you will select the information you want to edit like Profile Photo, Basic Info, Schools, Colleges, Religion, Tagline, Languages, among several others. The final step after editing or changing the profile information on your profile page is for you to click save to save your changes.

Profile Set-up

Can I Delete A Photo On Tagged?

It is possible for you to delete a photo you uploaded on Tagged. To do this, you will move your mouse cursor to the More tab and then click Photos from the drop-down list. Then you will proceed to select My Photos tab and then place your mouse cursor over the photo you will like to delete.

You will then watch out for a red [X] which will appear at the upper right corner of the photo. You will go ahead to click the red [X] to delete the photo from your profile.

How Can I Change My Tagged Username?

To edit your username on your Tagged profile, all you have to do is to select Profile on the Home screen of the site. After doing this, you will swap the top navigation bar to the left and select info. You will then proceed to edit your username on the Profile Information. When you are done editing your username, you will select the red Check in the upper right to save the edited information.

Can Your Tagged Profile Be Deleted?

Yes, there is an option to delete your profile on Tagged dating site. To do this, you will select an Account from the top navigation bar and then click on settings. Then you will proceed to locate the Cancel Account section and then click the Cancel Account link and follow instructions.

Furthermore, you will select the Yes, I want to cancel my account option and then enter your password and click Cancel Account. However, you should note that if you are a Premium member on Tagged, you must first cancel your Premium subscription before you cancel your account to prevent future billing.

What Will Occur If The “Show Me On Tagged” Option Is Closed?

After registering on Tagged and setting up your account, your privacy settings are public by default. This implies that anyone with a Tagged account can view all the information you supplied in your public profile. However, you can prevent this from happing by deactivating the Show me on Tagged, as this will ensure your privacy and make your profile visible to only those who you want to see you on Tagged.

Can I Delete The Information On Tagged?

Yes, it is possible for you as a Tagged user to delete earlier information you submitted to the Tagged dating site. You can do this by requesting that Tagged delete the information you had earlier posted on the site.

For you to do this, you will be required to reach the Support Team of Tagged on their email and make the request. Tagged Support Team email address is support@themeetgroup.com. However, you should note that you can only lodge this deletion request to Tagged through the email address associated with your account.

You can absolutely and simply search for friends on Tagged. To do this, you will click the Browse button at the top of the page to search for friends on Tagged. You can then brose out friends based on gender, age, country, city, and zip code. If perhaps you are not satisfied with the list of Tagged users suggested to you, you can go ahead to click on the More Options link to open up a more specific friend search.

On Tagged, you are allowed to browse out friends based on your preferences. You can specify your preferences on relationship status, sexual preference, or ethnicity.

Is It Possible To See My Tagged Favorite Members?

Seeing members you admire from different locations is a feature the dating site encourages tin facilitate a great dating experience. Yes, you can see a list of Tagged members who you like and talk with them online.

What Options Can I Use To Search Members On Tagged?

Tagged allows you to search for friends in different ways. How you can search for friends on Tagged, include a live video stream that is only available to mobile app users, browsing the profiles of other users, and also you can search for friends by using the Meet me the game for matching. All of these ways are available on tagged dating site for you to search and meet new friends.

Can You See If Someone Likes Me On Tagged With My Free Membership?

No, you cannot see if someone likes you on Tagged if you are on the Free membership package. The free membership package costs you no amount, but you won’t be able to see users who like you on Tagged if you are on the package.

Can You See If Someone Likes Me On Tagged With My Free Membership?


Tagged is a site that operates a Unified Message Centre, which is a system that combines traditional messaging and real-time, one on one instant messaging (Chat) into a single-threaded view. This allows you to store all your communication with another user in one place, so it is easy for you to continue a conversation right where you left off without you having to search through multiple locations to find it.

How Can You Initiate Messaging With Someone On Tagged?

To start messaging on Tagged, you will find four tabs sat on the top page of the Message icon, which represents four different views you can use to filter your messages. The four tabs are All, New, Online, and Conversations. After opening a conversation, you can either message another user or Buy Pets. The Message option will open a new window for you to compose a message.

How Can I Send Message To A Tagged Member?

To message someone on Tagged, all you have to do is to click on New Message in the top right-hand corner of the Messages page. Then, you will proceed to enter your friend’s display name. After then, you will use the text field to type your message.

Can Messages Be Sent For Free On Tagged?

Yes, sending messages is a free feature on Tagged. Tagged basic free membership package allows you to stream (for the app alone) and messages (read and send).

How Do I See When I Get a Message On Tagged?

You can see anyone who messaged you on Tagged on four tabs, which are All, New, Online, and Conversations. The All tab contains your entire inbox, with all messages between yourself and other users with one thread per user. The New tab contains only thread with at least one unread message; Online thread contains only thread with an online member, while the Conversations tab contains a thread that shows at least one sent message and one received message.

How Can Video Be Used On Tagged?

Tagged allows you to use a camera for chatting with other users on the site. All you have to do when you want to use it is to open the webcam of your device and CamChat with other users.

Is There a Way I Can Filter Message List On Tagged?

You can filter who can message you on Tagged by using the Messaging options of All, New, Online, and Conversations. We know that you might want to filter through your messages, hence we made that provision.

Is There a Way I Can Filter Message List On Tagged?

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

Tagged operates two membership versions, namely Free and VIP membership versions. The Free version of Tagged limits your ability to initiate conversations with other members. However, to get full communication right on Tagged, you will have to subscribe to the VIP membership version, which allows you to see who has seen your profile, as well as allowing you to see if your messages have been read.

This version is usually renewed at a monthly cost of $9.99.Tagged supports two payment options, namely the Credit Card payment method or Paypal payment method.

Free Membership Features

The Free membership features of Tagged limits your ability to initiate conversations with other members. It only allows you to stream (for app users only) and send and receive messages from other users.

Premium Membership Features

Premium membership features include the chance to see who likes you on Meet me, find out who views your profile, access to most attractive popular persons, and gives you the chance to contact new users first.

Is There an Option Of Premium Membership On Tagged?

Asides from the free membership package which Tagged operates, Tagged also offers premium membership which is an exquisite form of enjoying the site.

How Can My Tagged Membership Be Stopped?

You can cancel your tagged membership by visiting the My Settings page and click on Manage My Subscription, which cancels your subscription. This is quite simple and fast.

Does Tagged Auto-renews Membership?

Tagged membership is automatically renewed and this could be as a result of out desire to continually help you have great dating and sexual experiences on the site.

Can I Get A Refund For Unused Time?

Well, that appears to be very possible on Tagged. The moment we know that you have an unused time on your funds, Tagged will go ahead bro refund you.

Does Tagged Automatically Renews My “Support” Every Month?

Yes, your Tagged support is automatically renewed every month. This is done for yo automatically to prevent you from stressing yourself making subscriptions to keep enjoying our services.

How Can I Get My Money Back If I am Not Satisfied With Tagged?

We know that nothing stays exactly the way they are as change is the only constant phenomenon. Yes, it is possible to get your money back on Tagged if you are not satisfied with their services.

How Can I Get My Money Back If I am Not Satisfied With Tagged?

How Will I See My Tagged Payment Check?

You will see Tagged Support on your credit card bill to show that you have subscribed to your credit card.

Is It Possible For Me To Give Support To Other Tagged Members?

Yes, you can give support to other Tagged users. As much as you desire to, you could give out support other users and Tagged doesn’t have an operational problem about that

Can I Send Tagged Support For Just One Month?

We know you might want to test run the ‘support’ aspect of the dating site for one month. Hence, you can do that on Tagged and we know the appetizing feeling will make you do that more often.

Is Tagged Really Safe for me?

All dating sites will always go through the challenges of being questioned about their safety, this applies to Tagged too. However, to a certain extent, Tagged is safe, but not entirely safe.

Privacy In Tagged

Tagged allows members to manage their profiles using general privacy settings. To ensure privacy, users may choose to arrange settings so that no one can see private conversations, and profiles cannot be seen from searches.

Does Tagged Encrypt Chats?

No, Tagged Chats are not encrypted and can be hacked. However, we have our own private mechanisms that help us secure your chats and ensure it stays private between you and your chat partners.

Can You Be Tracked Down On Tagged?

Yes, Tagged can track users. Users that contravene the terms of conditions agreed on the site will have themselves tracked my Tagged.

Can Police Trace Tagged?

This is quite unusual among other dating site, but for Tagged, we take in high esteem, the safety of our esteemed users. So, Tagged has a provision with law enforcement authorities and they could trace erring or fake users.

Who Should I Reach Out To If I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy In Tagged?

Any question about your privacy should be directed to Tagged through their email support@themeetgroup.com. Our ever willing and ready support system will douse whatever worries you have.


Tagged encourages its users to contribute to their safety online. Also, Tagged strictly enforces its terms and conditions to protect its users. Tagged takes action on content and activities found to be in violation.

Does Tagged Moderate Its Forum Threads?

Anything not moderated might slide into disorganization and hence lose its credibility. We understand this and ensures that our Tagged forums are moderated.

What Happens If a Tagged Member Uses a Account To Solicit Money?

Anyone who does that with a Tagged account has seriously contravened the norms of the dating site. Such users will definitely be banned.

Banned Account

Tagged can ban users’ accounts who violate any of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions. Tagged doesn’t require the permission of such users to do this.

Why Am I Denied Access To My Tagged Account?

You might not be able to access tagged either due to network or device issues, or perhaps your account has been banned. Any of these factors could be responsible for your denied access into the dating site.

How Long Can You Be Banned On Tagged?

The goal of banning accounts by Tagged is to ensure that such users won’t repeat such again after being unbanned. Hence, for as long as possible, Tagged could enforce it’s ban on erring users accounts.

Can I Reactivate My Banned Account?

You can reactivate banned accounts by logging in to Tagged with your email and password. You will then be prompted with a reactivating your account message. You will then verify your email by entering it again, and clicks submit.

Can I Reactivate My Banned Account?

Protect Yourself

Tagged allows users to have enforce their protection plan, more like erecting your own security wall around you. You can protect yourself by enforcing your privacy settings in place.

Is It Possible To Block And Report A Suspected Scammer On Tagged?

You can report a suspected scammer by going to the profile of such a user, click the report profile link, select a reason for the reportage the list options, provide additional information on the reportage and click the submit button on the form.

Which Information Should You Not Post In Your Tagged Account?

You should not divulge too much personal information on Tagged. These information are quite sensitive, we don’t expect you to divulge them on your account.

Help And Support

Tagged has a Help and Support Team to which you can report complaints, and you can do this through their active Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Real life review

Tagged prevents information leakages, bots, and scammers through its efficient privacy provisions available to users on the site.

Is Tagged App For Hook-up?

Well, Tagged is not just a hook-up app, it is a place of unlocking and enhancing your dating, love and sexual vibes.

Is Tagged Entirely Free?

Tagged has free membership package but for you to enjoy the exquisite package that comes with other features, you will need to part with few funds.

How Does Tagged Operate?

Tagged works by allowing users to create profiles, and after creating the profile, they can add photos, share videos, make friends, and join groups.

Are Fakes Or Scam Members Present On Tagged?

This is inevitable in a dating community that brings people together. Yes, just like every other social networking sites, fake and scam members abound on Tagged.

Alternative sites like Tagged

Alternative sites to Tagged include Facebook, Mingle2, among others however, none of those offers the pleasures that comes with Tagged.

Contact Information

You can contact Tagged through its address, The Meet Group, Inc, which is located on 100 Union Square Drive, New Hope. Their web address is www.themeetgroup,com and their email is support@themeetgroup.com

Contact Information


Tagged is suitable for people who want to meet new people, socialize, share messages, and play games online. Register and have a feel of Tagged and we sure know that your dating and love life will take a boom and get an edge over others.

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