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SeekingArrangement Review: Great Dating Site?

SeekingArrangement Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 1 700 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A great ratio of women to men population
  • A remarkably simple interface
  • The initial easy registration process
  • The standard version is not useless for men
  • Great search features
  • Completely free for women
  • Key features are mainly reserved for paid users
  • Membership cost is quite expensive
  • The verification process is quite lengthy and time-consuming
  • The member base is quite filled with fake profiles and scammers

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SeekingArrangement is a dating site for sugar dating, where sugar daddies/mommies to find suitable sugar babies with whom they’d both engage in the form of pay-for-play relationship. The sugar daddies and mommies are called the Successful, while the sugar babies are called the Attractive. If you’re interested in finding a great dating platform, either as a sugar baby or as a sugar daddy/mommy, then you’re in good luck! Here is a review of the SeekingArrangement dating platform.

SeekingArrangement Review: Great Dating Site?

SeekingArrangement is available in how many languages?

SeekingArrangement has wide global coverage across major languages and countries. Currently, this dating service is available in English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Korean, and Japanese.

Who owns SeekingArrangement?

In 2006, an American MIT graduate, Brandon Wade, founded ‘SeekingArrangement’ in San Francisco, California. Wade is a businessman and founder of InfoStream Group, an online dating company. The former software engineer is currently the CEO of the company.

Where is SeekingArrangement based?

The online dating platform is based in Las Vegas, NV, USA. It is, however, available to several countries. SeekingArrangement is controlled by the founder, Brandon Wade, with his online dating company, InfoStream Group. However, there are other SeekingArrangement offices located in Ukraine and Singapore.

When was SeekingArrangement founded?

The website was founded in 2006 by Brandon Wade. It has since then grown from a handful of members to over 10 million registered users across different parts of the world. SeekingArrangement website enjoys over 150,000 active users weekly.

What is the global reach of SeekingArrangement?

The SeekingArrangement website is currently available in 139 countries. It has also been translated to over 10 different languages. Its wide coverage has largely contributed to its vast number of users.

What is the global reach of SeekingArrangement?

Special Features

Several features make an online dating platform unique. Due to the numerous sites online, it becomes of a necessity that users perform a thorough review of these sites before making use of them. So, in our SeekingArrangement review, we’d be highlighting some of the special features that are available for users of the SeekingArrangement website.

Compatibility Functions

SeekingArrangement has a great compatibility function that brings up suitable options for both sugar daddies/mommies and sugar babies. This makes it quite easy for members to enjoy the sweetness of sugar dating.

Advanced Search Features

With the advanced search features on the SeekingArrangement website, it becomes easier to identify different users. Users can easily search with narrowing filters based on age, location, and other criteria.

The Sugar Blog

The SeekingArrangement company also owns a blog where exciting topics relating to sugar dating are discussed. The blog gives helpful tips on how to get prospects easily. It also offers preventive tips to users on how to stay safe while making the most of the sugar dating platform. SeekingArrangement events are also advertised on the blog for interested participants.

The Sugar Blog

Audience Quality

SeekingArrangement has a specific target audience, which makes up for most of its population. The platform has over 10 million active members, with 5.4 million of the users from the USA alone. SeekingArrangement has a gender proportion of 48% female and 52% male. This creates a rather balanced audience and boosts the chances of getting hooked up with someone.

Well over 80% of the total members of SeekingArrangement are sugar babies, while the remaining 20% are sugar daddies/mommies. This is not strange as the SeekingArrangement platform expressly allows a maximum of 4 sugar babies for each sugar daddy/mommy at a go.

Age Brackets

SeekingArrangement has a rather well-spread age distribution between its members. Most of the members fall within the age of 25 to 34, which is an age bracket that is primarily filled with sugar babies. The other majority of its members fall within the 18 to 24 years, which is another sugar baby dominated age bracket. Most of the Successful members are above 55 years of age, making them more experienced and fulfilled.

Fake Profiles and Infiltrators

Just like another dating website, SeekingArrangement is not free from the influence of scammers and infiltrators. Some dubious people intend to take advantage of well-meaning people. The website, however, has an anti-fake profile system. SeekingArrangement is reported to delete hundreds of suspected fake profiles every day. This way, the website can maintain its sole purpose and connect real people.

Fake Profiles and Infiltrators

SeekingArrangement App and Website

The SeekingArrangement dating platform is accessible from their website or their mobile application. In this SeekingArrangement review, we’d be answering striking questions on how to make the best use of the app and the website. Stick around a little longer!

SeekingArrangement App

The app comes in a straightforward design similar to the website version. For a dating platform that is expected to host members in the 50s and 60s, they sure did well in ensuring that the SeekingArrangement app is eye-friendly and easy to navigate. Most of its primary features are accessible through a navigation bar below the screen. It also uses GPS for location verification.

Apple removed the SeekingArrangement app from its Apple Store, claiming that it promotes prostitution. Ironically, this is totally against the company’s regulations. While we are still left in the dark as to the motion behind Apple’s actions, interested Android users can check out the app on Google Play Store.

SeekingArrangement Website

The company changed its website URL from www.seekingarrangement.com to www.seeking.com. Some have found this rather confusing, determining which one of them is the real SeekingArrangement website. But, no worries, even if you type the former into your browser, you’d be redirected to www.seeking.com.

Both the SeekingArrangement app and the website are available in English, Simple Chinese, Dutch, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Is the app available in desktop version?

Late last year, a desktop version of the SeekingArrangement app was launched. This is to improve users’ experience and accessibility to the full functions. It is available in Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac desktop users.

What are the recommended browsers for using SeekingArrangement?

One of the most recurring problems that many SeekingArrangement users face is the inability to log in to the website. While this would be discussed in the preceding subheading, here are some of the recommended browsers for using the SeekingArrangement website: Google Chrome (Version 34+), Internet Explorer (Version 11+ Edge), Mozilla Firefox (version 24+), Apple Safari (Version 8+) and Android OS (Version 5.0+).

How to resolve issues around entering the site?

  • Visit seeking.com. Fill in your email ID to receive your password reset instructions
  • Once you receive the reset mail, click on the Reset your Password link
  • You would be redirected to a new SeekingArrangement log-in page
  • Put in a new password
  • Accept when you’re satisfied

If this doesn’t work out, then you should reach out to the SeekingArrangement customer support service. You can either dial the SeekingArrangement phone number or get in touch with them.

How to resolve issues around entering the site?

Design Interface and User Experience

The SeekingArrangement website is easy to use with simple fonts and a clean interface. Most of its features can be accessed via a drop bar menu. It is quite simple to navigate and maneuver.

Starting out on SeekingArrangement

Unlike other dating sex sites, you can register on SeekingArrangement without going through strenuous personality tests. To start your registration, users have to fill out an initial registration form where they would identify their gender, sexual preference, and email. Here, they get to choose whether they are registering for a Sugar Baby account or a Sugar Daddy/Mommy account.

As a sugar baby, you would be asked how much you would like to be spent on you by your sugar daddy/mommy. Or, if you’re a sugar daddy/mommy, you’d asked how much you’re willing to spend on your sugar baby.

You can connect your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn to make your profiles stand out and receive a badge as proof of legitimacy. Users are required to upload a picture of themselves as proof of their identity. However, this would have to be verified, and if it isn’t, it wouldn’t be posted.

How to be unmatched from a user on SeekingArrangement?

Finding a match on SeekingArrangement is quite easy. Although, you tend to get suggestions based on your financial capabilities and demands (as the case might be). You can be matched with a user that you find attractive. To be unmatched from a user, you can just send your contact with them.

What is the age requirement on SeekingArrangement?

Upon registration, intending users would be asked to fill in their profiles. This would come with a part where they get to fill in their age. Just like most online dating platforms, SeekingArrangement does not have any viable means of verifying users’ age. However, they do expect that no user is below the age of 18.

How to verify my SeekingArrangement Account?

For sugar babies, an email verification would be used to verify the account of the intending user.

For sugar daddies/mommies, they would still have to go through a very exhaustive income verification test. This is to verify the financial capacity of the user before such an account is finally put to use.

How to verify my SeekingArrangement Account

What is the email verification process on SeekingArrangement?

Upon registration, an email would be sent to the address provided by the intending user. The mail would contain a link to verify the account and the true owner of the email address. Although this is a rather simple verification method, it has been in use on the SeekingArrangement website for quite some time now.

Can I register with my Facebook page?

During your registration, you can opt-in for your Facebook account instead of the normal process. With this, SeekingArrangement automatically generates your profile picture along with other required details.

Can I make use of the site without an account?

Any random person can visit the SeekingArrangement website. However, to enjoy the full features of the account, you need to log in to your account. And to do this, you need to have an account in the first place.

Setting Up Your Profile on SeekingArrangement

When setting up your SeekingArrangement profile, you would have to fill in personal details and descriptions. This is done to make a user more attractive and authentic. You would also be required to upload a profile picture that would be subject to verification. Once this is approved, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of the platform.

How to delete an uploaded image on SeekingArrangement

  • Start by clicking your thumbnail photo at the top right corner of your screen
  • It would display a drop-down menu from which you’d select “Your Profile.”
  • Using the left-hand menu, select the “Photos” option
  • Click on the gear (settings) icon at the bottom right corner
  • Select delete photo

Can I edit my username on SeekingArrangement site?

  • Click the photo icon on the top right corner
  • Select your profile
  • Select the “Basic Info” option
  • Carry out and the necessary changes
  • Click on the “Save Changes” button

How to delete my SeekingArrangement profile?

To delete or deactivate your account, you have to log in to your account first. Once you’re in, click on your username or picture thumbnail in the top corner. Then select “Settings” from the menu. You would find the option for “Deactivate or Delete Account” below. Select your preferred action.

It is important to know those premium members who delete their accounts are not entitled to a refund or compensation of any kind. The “delete account” is not available on the SeekingArrangement mobile app, so it can only be done via the website.

How to delete my SeekingArrangement profile?

Can I erase my information from SeekingArrangement?

Once an account is deleted, the profile is taken down by SeekingArrangement. So, all information is erased as though they had never existed.

Browsing for Members

The SeekingArrangement website has a highly functional search widget. With it, you can easily search for members through their username or other filters. You can also search for a member based on location. You can search by country, region, city, postal code, or distance by miles. You can also arrange your search results to see users who have recently been active online.

How can I check SeekingArrangement members that I have liked?

You can keep up with your SeekingArrangement activities through your profile. You can view those that you have liked and those that like you.

What options are available for members search?

You can search for a member by username, age filter, location, height, hair, educational background, or language. You can also favorite a user, making it easy to find them. Premium members can search based on the user’s net income or net worth. They can also search based on ethnicity, blood type, and membership status.

As a free member, can you see those who like your profile?

There are several features available to free members, and one of them is the ability to view those who have liked their profiles. They can also chat up other members and engage in match searching.

Communication and Messaging

SeekingArrangement probably has one of the most effective communication systems among all online dating websites. Members can start conversations that would lead to a beautiful sugar relationship in the long run. Here are some of the things you need to know about communicating and messaging on SeekingArrangement.

How to begin a conversation on SeekingArrangement?

To start a conversation, you have first to find a user that interests you. You can do this through the search results. There, you can find a user who suits your physical and financial needs.

How to begin a conversation on SeekingArrangement

Messaging Other Users on SeekingArrangement

To message a user, you can either send them a direct message from the search results or enlist them on your favorites list as an indication of interest. Once they respond to your message, you can continue the conversation.

When sending a message, users would be able to view your profile and know who you are. Only premium members can send messages anonymously.

Can you send messages as a free member?

One of the perks of SeekingArrangement is the fact that members can spark off exciting conversations for free. Normally, this would be a feature for paid users. However, you can send messages to other users as a free member.

How to check messages received on SeekingArrangement?

When a new message is received, you will receive a notification. You can view and respond to messages from the mobile app or the website

Can I use a camera or video messaging on SeekingArrangement?

SeekingArrangement has recently launched its new chat feature called “Video Chat.” It makes use of the users’ device camera to aid a video chat between members who are interested in each other. Not only does this new feature fosters intimacy, but it also improves security and identity verification.

How to Filter Messages on SeekingArrangement?

You can filter messages on SeekingArrangement according to recency, users, or favorite. You can also browse through a list of messages with the search feature.

How to Filter Messages on SeekingArrangement?

Pricing and Service Cost

The free membership cost nothing. Once your account becomes approved, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of a standard SeekingArrangement member.

As a successful member, you can either opt for a premium subscription or a diamond membership subscription. The premium membership costs $89.95 for a one-month subscription and $79.95 per month for a 3-month subscription plan. The diamond membership costs $249.95 per month.

Attractive members: premium membership costs $19.95 for a one-month plan and $14.95 per month for a 3-month subscription.

Free Membership Features

Free members can register their account, create their profiles, and enjoy match searching. They can also start a conversation with other users. Chat services are available for standard members.

Paid members have access to privacy options. They can send messages anonymously without unveiling their identity or profiles. They also get notified when their messages have been read.

Premium members can filter their inbox to only receive messages from people who meet their criteria. Organize your inbox, enjoy a more advanced search filter, and Ad-free user experience.

Does SeekingArrangement offer paid membership?

SeekingArrangement offers both premium (paid) and free membership. You can check out the pricing list above.

How to end my paid membership subscription?

You can end your subscription from your profile settings. There you can choose either to end it or suspend it temporarily.

How to end my paid membership subscription?

Can my SeekingArrangement subscription be auto-renewed?

Yes, it can be auto-renewed. To end auto-renewal, you would have to end your subscription plan or call your billing company to end your subscription.

Can I get a refund for unused subscription?

Members are not entitled to any refund or compensation for any unused subscription. The same also applies to members who delete or deactivate their accounts before their paid subscription comes to an end.

Does the SeekingArrangement “Support” gets renewed monthly?

The SeekingArrangement support would be renewed monthly until the user is ready to call it off. You can do this through the SeekingArrangement website by accessing the options through your profile settings.

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with the services?

SeekingArrangement has a ‘no refund policy.’ But you can complain to the customer service support of the website.

Will my SeekingArrangement Support reflect on my credit card bill?

It sure will. SeekingArrangement also processes billing through Credit Card, PayPal, or mobile phone. The SeekingArrangement support would reflect on your bill.

Can multiple members make use of one support?

SeekingArrangement doesn’t allow multiple users to make use of one support plan. This is quite dubious and unsupported.

Can I pay for a one-month support plan?

SeekingArrangement allows members to pay for a one-month support plan. However, this plan is more expensive in comparison to how much is paid per month for a 3-months plan.

Can I pay for a one-month support plan?

Safety and Privacy

One of the major issues faced by most dating services is that of security and privacy. Here, we’d be providing a SeekingArrangement review on its security and privacy.

Privacy in SeekingArrangement

The website allows members to report issues to their customer service support. The support team then takes it up and responds within 24 hours. Members are also protected from spam and phishing scam activities.

Do SeekingArrangement encrypt their chats?

Chats are protected and encrypted by SeekingArrangement. But they do have a list of chat regulations which can be reported once violated.

Can I be tracked down by SeekingArrangement?

Well, SeekingArrangement is not a security agency, so members are not exposed to the risk of being tracked down. The SeekingArrangement moderators regulate members’ activities.

Can the police track you down through SeekingArrangement?

This would seem highly unlikely as SeekingArrangement is a privately owned company and not a government institution. However, in the rare case where a member is associated with some form of crime, SeekingArrangement might come in handy to track down members.

Who can answer my questions regarding SeekingArrangement privacy?

If you need any help with privacy related questions, you can reach out to SeekingArrangement for help. Send in a complaint or a report as the case might be.


SeekingArrangement encourages a safe community for sugar daddies/mommies and sugar babies.

Do the SeekingArrangement forums have moderators?

Moderators constantly supervise the SeekingArrangement platform. These moderators offer surveillance services all day long, 24/7.

What are the penalties for using SeekingArrangement account to solicit money?

Several acts are banned from the SeekingArrangement platform. Some of these include prostitution and soliciting for money after sex. The company state that it is not an escort service with suspension as a punishment for defaults.

What are the penalties for using SeekingArrangement account to solicit money?

Ban and Suspension of Accounts

SeekingArrangement bans all forms of prostitution and other related acts. The company’s Misconduct Team often handles these issues, and the users in default would be banned from the SeekingArrangement website.

Why is my SeekingArrangement account inaccessible?

Where a user has been found in breach of SeekingArrangement rules and regulations, such an account can become inaccessible. The next possible option might be to create another account.

How long do SeekingArrangement bans last?

This varies according to the magnitude of the offense of the user. Ultimately, the gravest offenses are met with a total ban from the website.

How to reactivate banned account on SeekingArrangement

When accounts are banned, they cannot be reactivated until the ban is over. Only then can the accounts be reactivated. Accounts that have been completely banned cannot be reactivated at any time.

Protecting yourself on SeekingArrangement

It is important to stay vigilant throughout the use of the SeekingArrangement website. People are not who they claim they are. So, you should maintain vigilance and keep your private information to yourself.

Can I block or report a suspected scammer?

To block a member, simply click on the ellipsis on their profile, which is next to the Favorite button. After this, select the “Block” button. This action is permanent, and blocked members would be prevented from contacting you or viewing your profile.

What information should be withheld from posting on my SeekingArrangement account?

When setting up your SeekingArrangement profile, avoid putting up intricate details about yourself, such as your correct home address, or other means to locate you against your will.

Customer Help and Service Support

SeekingArrangement has a highly responsive customer help and service support team. Their team is always on standby to offer help to users in any way they can. You can also check out some basic responses to general issues on their FAQ page.

Real life Review

“It’s saved me time… allow me to meet and have relationships with powerful and successful men. The real benefits are not in ppm. It’s in meeting new people and networking further. I am beyond grateful for SA. I feel super blessed.”

From Down2rage O. (Verified User):

Is SeekingArrangement the best dating site/app online?

There are quite several elite dating websites out there. But, SeekingArrangement can be said to be one of the top websites due to its amazing features, moderate pricing, clean website, easy-to-use app, and anti-scam protection.

Is SeekingArrangement a safe platform?

Although SeekingArrangement offers safety and privacy to its users, members are also advised to tread with caution when relating to new users. This is to ensure that the purpose of the website is kept in check.

Can I get hookups on SeekingArrangement app?

You can get up to 4 sugar babies as a sugar daddy/mommy, and more as a sugar baby. The high number of sugar babies present on the site makes it easier to secure a hookup.

How does SeekingArrangement work?

It is quite simple: you create a profile, fill out your registration form, and set up your profile. From there, you can begin to reach out to users that catch your fancy. If you’re lucky enough, you should be able to secure two or more hookups in less than one week.

Does SeekingArrangement have fake accounts or scam members?

One common trend in most dating sites is the presence of infiltrators. SeekingArrangement actively takes out hundreds of fake accounts every day to ensure that members enjoy the company of genuine humans only.

Customer Help and Service Support

Alternative sites to SeekingArrangement

Some alternative sites to SeekingArrangement are SugarDaddyMeet, RichMeetBeautiful, Ashley Madison, Millionaire Match, Wealthy Men, and Sugardaddie.

Contact Information

Company: SeekingArrangement

Address: US Address: 3250 Pepper Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89120

Hong Kong Address: Room 2103, Futura Plaza, 111 How Ming Street, Kwun tong, Hong Kong

Cyprus Address: Nikola Ioannou 1, Flat/Office 002, 2236 Latsia, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Phone: +1(866)873-2128

E-mail: support@seekingarrangement.com

Final Verdict

SeekingArrangement is suitable for people who are ready for a real, long term relationship. Are you a lonely senior with a big pocket? Or, are you young and attractive in need of pampering in exchange for care? Then, SeekingArrangements is for you.

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