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ChatKi Review: Great Dating Site?

ChatKi Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 86%
Popular age 27-38
Beauty 40%
Profiles 280 000
About Site
Visit rate 3.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • There are lots of people to meet and interact with
  • Unlimited free video chat
  • Solid customer support team
  • Matches are often strangers.
  • A shy person might find the site a little awkward.
  • A faulty cam is a big challenge: it may debar effective interaction.

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ChatKi is an online dating site that uses video chat to connect users with others from around the globe. It applauds itself as a free Omegle alternative packed with advanced features that make dating online more fun. Although the site aims to bring like-minded individuals together, it is more like a free place for you to find love and hook up with potential matches.

Mindful singles can share a philosophy to expand horizons for conscious relationships.

We understand that not everyone would love to be single for the rest of their lives. There is a vacuum deep down the human heart for companionship: the desire to be loved and to love in return. So, if this is what you need, then ChatKi is not a bad place to begin your search for a potential lover.

This ChatKi review shows that the site uses video chat to achieve her goal of connecting community members with strangers and those around their location either for hook up purposes, friendship, flirt, or long term relationship. Whatever your dating boxes entail, you can get them all ticked on ChatKi.

Keep reading as we bring you details in this comprehensive ChatKi review.

How many languages can members use on ChatKi?

ChatKi primarily supports the English Language. However, the app found on the site that redirects users to Chatrandom supports seven other languages.

Who is a owner of ChatKi?

Bridgestone International Group, Inc. provides ChatKi services. It is a team of talented individuals, among whom are engineers, writers, coders, and social media experts.

Where is ChatKi located?

We were able to trace Bridgestone International Group, Inc. to the British Virginia Island. However, we cannot say for sure if that is where ChatKi is based at the moment.

When was ChatKi founded?

ChatKi was founded almost a decade ago. The site has a huge number of users, with an average of 40,000 people online at any given time.

Is ChatKi available all around the world?

Yes, ChatKi reviews show that the site is available worldwide. Anyone can download the app found on the ChatKi website from any location and become a member. The majority of ChatKi users are from India, the USA, Canada, Germany, Turkey, the UK, etc.

Special Features

ChatKi Features

As a rival site to Omegle, ChatKi has got features that make it stand out from other video chat sites. We visited the site and created an account to be able to bring you details of the site in full; here are some of the things we found out. Although you have many free features to enjoy, we discovered that when you download the app, you would be required to upgrade your account to access certain features like getting a verified badge and advanced search filters. Find details of some of the ChatKi features below.

Prank Videos

This is a fun-time feature on the site where users meet unexpected and popular users on the site. Users can suddenly find themselves randomly connected to a celebrity on the ChatKi video chat. The reaction is always genuinely spectacular, fun, right? Oh yeah, it is.

Search Filter

The search filters come in various categories, such as the location and age filter. This allows you to find potential matches close to you easily. To access this feature, you would be required to upgrade your account.

Free Random Dating

You get to meet people from different places and selected locations randomly. You can expand your partner’s webcam to full screen and increase the high definition webcam connection.

Video Dating

This is somewhat one of the best video chat sites to find friends and potential matches to connect with at a very quick pace. Since the site has a large number of users, members get to video chat with many potential matches in a day as they deem fit. The site has a lot of fun to offer users. What are you waiting for? Get an account today to enjoy enough random chat.

Audience Quality

ChatKi Audience Quality

ChatKi has Millions of users around the globe. Interestingly, the site keeps receiving new members. On the ChatKi website, you get a prompt to download an app that redirects you to Chatrandom. The app supports various languages, but the goal of the site remains to connect like-minded individuals and help them find friends, hook up, and possibly true love via random video chat.

Age Distribution

Your age should be at least 18 years to be eligible on ChatKi as the site is strictly for adults. A statistical breakdown of users shows that most members are between the ages of 19 to 40.

Fakes and Scammers

ChatKi has laid guiding principles to safeguard users from scammers and fake individuals. The support team is always on their toe and never hesitates to ban users suspecting of playing foul of the rules. Members are also advised to adhere to online safety measures at all times.

Mobile app and Website

ChatKi Mobile app and Website

You can use ChatKi either through the website or the mobile app. However, the full features can only be accessed through the app. It is important to note that when we visited the ChatKi website, we discovered that the link for downloading the app redirects users to Chatrandom. Notwithstanding, both the app and website are straightforward and easy to navigate.

ChatKi App

The ChatKi app is available on Google Play or App Store as Chatrandom. It is a highly interactive app that is free to download and can be accessed on iOS and Android phones. The app is cool and can be operated without difficulty.

ChatKi website

The ChatKi website is pretty colorful, with nice animations that makes it friendly and attractive to users. Not to worry, the site is ultimately stress-free to maneuver.

Can I use the app on my computer?

No, you may be unable to use the app on your computer. It is a mobile app that has to be downloaded before one can gain usage access.

What browsers are ChatKi supported?

From what we observed, ChatKi is supported by any popular browser you use without a glitch so long as your network connection is intact.

Why is it impossible to enter the site?

It is probably because your account has been suspended, or you have been banned. However, if neither of these is the case, then you should take a second look at your network connection and be sure it is in order. If none of these seem to be the problem, reach out to the customer support team.


ChatKi Interface

The ChatKi website interface is suitable for both old and first-time users. At the upper right-hand corner is a menu bar where you can see sub-menus like About Us, FAQ, Videos, and Study. When you scroll down the homepage, you get to see the ChatKi privacy policy, terms, and contact us options. In a nutshell, the site is pretty convenient.

Registration Process

The ChatKi registration process is indeed a very simple one; the entire process can be completed in a few minutes. Should you be ready to sign up? Visit the site or download the Chatrandom app from Google Play Store, then hit the join or sign up button to get your account started. You would be asked to enter your gender; afterward, fill out who you would love to meet, your email, and your preferred password.

From then on, you would be asked to pick your desired user name, enter other details like your location, age, date of birth. Just when you’ve filled out the above, you hit the submit button. A confirmation link would be sent to the email address you provided while registering. Click on the link to confirm that the mail is secured, once this is done, you become a bonafide owner of a ChatKi account.

Is it possible to unmatch a ChatKi member?

Although ChatKi does not have the unmatch option, you can choose to end a video chat with a person you are not comfortable with, or report a suspect by flagging the red button on your webcam interface.

What age of users is acceptable to register on ChatKi?

You have to be at least 18 years old before you can create an account on ChatKi.

How can I verify my account?

Well, there are mainly two ways through which your account can be verified. You can do this by connecting to your Facebook account at the point of registration, or you use a valid email to sign up.

How can I verify my email?

Simply do this by clicking on the link sent to the email you signed up with. This is to authenticate the validity of the email you used and ensure your safety.

What happens if I sign up using my Facebook Account?

Of course, registering with your Facebook account is only a matter of choice. You can choose to use your email. However, once you provide your Facebook details, your account would be successfully registered.

Is it possible to use the site without registration?

Interestingly, you can visit the ChatKi website to read through rudimentary features and get simple information, but you cannot enjoy the site fully without signing up.

Profile Set-up

The importance of having a good profile on any dating platform cannot be overemphasized. ChatKi reviews have shown over the years that members with a good profile often get higher chances of meeting their preferred preferences. Therefore, create time to fill out the important details on your profile.

Is it possible to delete a photo that I uploaded in ChatKi?

Yes, of course, you can delete a photo that you uploaded to the site whenever you desire, it is all yours to decide!

How is it possible to edit my username in ChatKi?

Are you uncomfortable with your current username? Follow these steps to get a new one simply by editing. Click on your account, then click on the edit option. This allows you to edit basic details on your profile. Now you can change your username, save what you modified before exiting the slide.

Can you delete your ChatKi profile?

Yes, there is an option to delete your ChatKi profile. However, you can decide to deactivate your account so that you can reactivate it anytime you want. But if you are resolute about deleting your account, then, from your profile, click on delete account, confirm your decision, and you are done.

What happens if I turn off the “Show me on ChatKi” option?

When you disable the “Show me on ChatKi” option, it makes you unseen to other users when searched: you become an invisible member. We do not think that is cool unless you are only taking a short break.

Can I remove the information that I’ve already submitted to ChatKi?

Oh yeah, you can edit and delete your information at any time. That is the essence of the ChatKi review: to equip you with relevant details.

Once your account is set, the next thing you want to do is find people, and you get to do this by searching. The search filter is available to help users search for hookups, friends, and lovers as their interest dictates.

Is it possible to see the ChatKi members who I liked?

Of course, you get to see the ChatKi members who you like. But this access in entirely allowed only when you are an upgraded user of the app.

What are the ChatKi search options?

Options of ChatKi search permits you to search for people by location, age, and match preference criteria.

Is it possible to see if someone likes you on ChatKi if you use this site for free?

Yes, you get to see if someone likes you as a free member. However, the “like” feature can only be accessed via the mobile app.


The unabridged beauty of meeting and connecting with people is seen in how we interact and communicate with them. On ChatKi, video chats are the medium through which users get to connect. Although, the app has reserved messaging features that require an upgrade before use.

How can you start sending messages to someone on ChatKi?

We would love to answer how you can start video chatting with someone since that is the main channel through which users connect. You can do this for free, simply hit the start button, enable your webcam, and then, you automatically get linked with different people from around the world.

How can I send a message to someone?

Like we said earlier, video chatting is the thing here, but messaging is reserved for upgraded users of the app. Just click the message option to initiate interactions.

Isit possible to send messages for free?

No, sending messages is not free. It is a feature that you have to pay for before you can access it.

How can I see who messaged me on ChatKi?

It is quite easy to find who messages you on ChatKi. Normally, you get a pop-up notification alert that tells you there is a message, once you view it, you get to know the sender.

How can I use the camera on ChatKi?

Since the platform is video-based, you can use the camera to connect with other members from around the globe. First, press the start button, and then enable access to your webcam. With these two steps, you are on.

How can I filter who can text me messages in ChatKi?

Do you know what a detailed profile does? It helps you filter potential matches you can connect with. This way, you do not get to meet every Jack and Harry on the platform, only those on your preference list get the chance to video chat or message you.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

ChatKi Membership Price and Other Payment Method

ChatKi reviews and upgrade her services frequently. The site is free to operate but we found that downloading the app on the site would require an upgrade that costs $19.99 for a month, and $6.99/week to access the full features on the app. Payments are made via credit cards.

Free Membership Features

As a free member of the site, you gain access to basic features such as:

  • Free unlimited video chats
  • Meet new people
  • Directly interact with interesting people from different places
  • Make new friends, find a lover or a date
  • Chat at your convenience from any webcam enabled device

Premium Membership Features

If you want to gain access to great features on the app, you have to become a premium user. You can be assured that you would get value for your money. See the complementary features to relish:

  • Find a date nearby using the location and age filter
  • Gain membership verified badge
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Access to advanced search filters

Is a premium membership available on ChatKi?

Although ChatKi offers premium membership through Chatrandom. It is not glaring until you download the app through the ChatKi website and then you are requested to upgrade before you can access the entire features.

How can I cancel my ChatKi membership?

You can deactivate your membership instead of canceling it straight up. However, if your mind is made up, you can do this through your account menu, click on delete account and your ChatKi membership is gone.

Does ChatKi membership automatically renew?

No, your membership does not auto-renew. Remember we said that the ChatKi website redirects you to download the Chatrandom app, which requires an upgrade that you can choose to pay at your terms, not automatically.

Is it possible to get a refund for unused time?

ChatKi never guarantees refunds for the unused duration. The site has no policies that promise reimbursements for unused benefits after payment.

Does my ChatKi “support” automatically renew every month?

If the site needs any support from you, then, it must pertain to doing your part to stay safe in the online space. ChatKi never demands any support from members. Therefore, it does not automatically deduct from your account.

Can I get my money back I am not satisfied with the ChatKi?

ChatKi in itself is a free website. But if you follow the prompt on the ChatKi website to download Chatrandom, you would not get your money back simply because you are not satisfied.

How will my ChatKi support appear on my credit card bill?

It most likely, should appear just the way you labeled it at the point of payment.

Is it possible to give support to other ChatKi members?

At your discretion. Nevertheless, we encourage members to be very careful and stay safe in the online environment. Who you choose to support is your prerogative.

Is it possible to send support for just a month?

Like we stated earlier, the site does not request any monetary support from you.

Is ChatKi Really Safe and Secure?

ChatKi Safe

Yes, the site is safe. ChatKi reviews its services and policies regularly just to ensure that members are safe. However, users are encouraged to practice online safety precautions.

Privacy in ChatKi

Worried about your privacy? You do not have to, ChatKi makes your privacy a priority. The site has a Privacy Officer that can be reached anytime by contacting Privacy@Chatki.com. You can also read up the site privacy policy for details.

Are ChatKi chats encrypted?

Yes, chats are encrypted so that your conversations and every other thing you share online with your partner does not fall into the wrong hands. Your privacy remains a priority to ChatKi.

Can ChatKi track you?

The site has a support team that monitors and reviews the site. However, it would not hesitate to track down a suspect, fraudulent user, or one who does not comply with the outlined terms and conditions.

Can the police track down ChatKi?

Unless the police have a legal warrant to trace a user’s account or the site, no unlawful infringement is allowed according to the ChatKi terms and policies.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my privacy in ChatKi?

You should visit the ChatKi website to read up the general privacy policy information. On the other hand, you can contact ChatKi Privacy Officer at Privacy@Chatki.com


The site has moderators that supervise and review what goes on the platform to keep users safe at all times using proprietary systems. Also, it has put in place essential processes to keep users safe. Do not forget that your online safety is first your responsibility.

Are discussions on ChatKi forums moderated?

No doubt, the site has a team of moderators that put things in check on the various ChatKi groups. It does not go about monitoring the user’s conversation.

What happens to a member who uses a ChatKi Account to solicit money?

Terms and conditions on online platforms are not ticked for ceremonial reasons. Ensure you read through. Thus, if you are found guilty of breaching terms even without soliciting for some money, you would be penalized. Soliciting for money through the platform is strongly discouraged.

Banned Account

We advise that you read through the site to be on the safe side and not flout rules. ChatKi will not hesitate to ban any user that does not comply with their conduct, rules, and policies. Get knowledge of the rules to avoid things that can result in a ban.

Why is it impossible to access ChatKi?

You may be unable to access ChatKi because your network connection is botched. The site is always accessible, but you can contact the customer support team if your lack of connectivity persists.

How long do bans last on ChatKi?

The first time you get a ban will only last for a short while. However, if you do not do things right, you would be permanently banned subsequently.

How can I reactivate my banned account?

You can contact the site administrator to request to be unbanned if the ban error was from the ChatKi team. Within 24 to 48 hours you would receive a response from the support team for further instructions.

Protect Yourself

Your use of Chatki is subject to obeying online etiquette, and you are solely responsible for what you post. ChatKi is doing all it can to ensure your safety at all times, endeavor to do your part by staying safe in the online space. The confidentiality of your account is your responsibility.

Can I block and report a suspected scammer?

There is rarely the case of you finding a scammer. Although, use the flag for any suspected scammer and contact the support team.

What information is prohibited from posting to your ChatKi account?

Take your time to sieve what you share online and be very careful. Do not forget, most people you interact with are strangers to you, friendship is built over time.

Help and Support

To contact the support team, from the home page, scroll down, there you would find “Contact us”, click on it, type your message and hit the send message button while you await feedback from the team, or send a mail to info@Chatki.com.

Real Life Review

ChatKi Real Life Review

Here is a users’ take on the site: “ChatKi Great place to meet new people from around the world. I love the simplicity of this site and there is always someone new to meet. Simple and free service” S. Robbins.

Is ChatKi the best dating site/app?

No doubt, there are several dating sites, however, ChatKi seeks to protect users and guard their details from bots and scammers which makes the site fabulous. It is one of the best places to find friends and connect with unique matches.

Can users feel safe on ChatKi?

Chatki uses industry-standard security protocols, to ensure your data is safe. Do not fright, the site is safe so long you play your part.

Is ChatKi app for hook-ups?

It is everything you want it to be. Perhaps you desire to hook up or date, you can be assured to find what you want on ChatKi

Can members use ChatKi for free?

Registering on ChatKi is completely free. However, you would have to upgrade your memberships to enjoy advanced features, like messaging, on the mobile app.

How does ChatKi Function?

There is nothing complex about how ChatKi works. You get to speak with people from specific countries, depending on your location and preferences. The site prides her services in video chatting over other things, and can boast of over 40,000 active users at any given time. ChatKi is for those that wish to meet random strangers, make friends, and find true love.

Can you find fake or scam members on ChatKi?

Do not worry, the ChatKi support team guarantees that members gain good experiences and do not fall into the hands of fake users by monitoring and scanning through profiles.

Alternative Sites Like ChatKi

ChatKi lternative Sites Like ChatKi

To make this ChatKi review all encapsulating, we suggest that you find similar services from Omegle, Chatspin, BongaCams, Talkwithstrangers, Shangle, ChatHub, ChatAlternative, and Tinychat.

Contact Information

Company: Bridgestone International Group, Inc.

Address: Wickhams Cay 1 Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Phone: +1 888-324-8545

E-Mail: info@Chatki.com.


No doubt, some people get super excited at the thought of interacting with strangers. If this is you, then ChatKi is the place for you. Also, if you would like to improve a language you have just learned, connecting with native speakers of the language is not a bad idea. Imagine a stranger helping you to learn and speak their language better? Fun right? That is just one out of the many exciting things ChatKi has in store for you. Meanwhile, you can engage in an anonymous video chat with many people from different parts of the world. You just need to be sure about what you want, and if what you want is what you have seen in this ChatKi review, then sign up today at ChatKi.com and explore a new spice of online video chat.

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