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Adam4Adam Review: Great Dating Site?

Adam4Adam Review: Great Dating Site?
About Boys
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 77%
Popular age 29-35
Beauty 40%
Profiles 1 984 000
About Site
Visit rate 4.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Registration is free
  • Use of site and application is totally free
  • The interface is easy to navigate
  • No limit in the number of tools and features
  • Easy to operate on any electronic device
  • The site is open to all kinds of persons, hence, increasing the risks involved
  • The mobile App is only slightly functional
  • There are a lot of fake profiles

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Adam4adam is a free online gay dating site founded in 2003. Whether you’re searching for a casual hookup, having a nice time, or looking for your perfect soulmate, Adam4Adam is your go-to site. It is recognized as the world’s largest community for gays, bisexual men and straight men willing to explore.

Adam4adam eases the process of meeting guys in your environment for romantic relations and mixing with members of the gay community without any judgments. You are also availed with the opportunity to discuss varying issues as love, sex, and friendship.

Short description: Adam4adam is basically targeted at gay men in their quest to search for a man, either for a date, to chat, or for friendship purposes. The site has about 10 million active users and retains its spot globally as the most renowned gay social network for a large number of guys to connect and foster cyber-dating.

Which Languages Does Adam4adam Support?

Adam4Adam Review

Adam4adam supports different languages: English, Arabic, Russian, German e.t.c.

Who Is The Founder Of Adam4adam?

A4A Network Inc owns Adam4adam, an Android developing company that was founded in 2011.

Where Is Adam4adam Located?

Adam4adam is currently based in New York City in the United States of America (America)

In What Year Was Adam4adam Established?

Adam4adam was founded in 2003, and it’s at the forefront of the websites created for the acceptance and emancipation of the gay community across the globe.

Does Adam4adam Work Globally?

Even though a handful of the Adam4adam community are white males, there are active users worldwide. Hence, Adam4adam is available to users worldwide.

Special Features

Adam4Adam Features

Many special features differ this site from the others.

Live Cams

Adam4adam allows users to watch varying numbers of live streams, but they are required to open different accounts for each channel at a specific price.

Health Section

Adam4adam lists health professionals that are members of the site to answer salient questions about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), preventive measures for those using methamphetamine, a list of clinics, and where to get tested, including various helplines in the United States.


Adam4Adam Trip

There is also an avenue to inform other guys on the site about the next place you are traveling to. This is to tell them your new location in case of available hookups in that area. For this, you have to create a second profile (visitor’s profile)

Sex Toys

The Adam4adam website has an online shop where varieties of gay sex toys are sold and can be purchased at store.adam4adam.com

Undies Sale

You can also purchase your underwear from the site. You can schedule a monthly delivery to get new underwear.

Private Parties

Adam4Adam Private Parties

On the Adam4adam website, you can plan a party or organize an event. However, you can only advertise private parties. Your announcement will be up for display on the site about 30 days to the said event and would be removed two days after the event.


Adam4adam.tv allows you to watch pornographic movies in three ways. One is the ‘pay-per-minute’ option where a time package is purchased.

The ‘Rentals’ option allows you to rent a movie for 48 hours only; you get to watch countless times within that period.

The ‘Downloads’ option allows you to own the movie for 7 days, 30 days, or life, depending on the charges.

Audience Quality

Adam4Adam Audience Quality

Adam4Adam is majorly interested in casual sexual encounters. Its goal is to help gay men cope with societal isolation and mix with people of like minds, and in the 17years of its establishment, it boasts about 10million users in different languages.

Age Distribution

On the Adam4Adam website, men who are above 55 years constitute the more significant percentage of the users, the next set of persons are those from 45-54 years. Next on the scale of age distribution are the 35-44-year-olds, then 25-34 years old, and the least on the level are men from the ages of 18-24. Most of the users are from the age of 25 years and above.

Fakes And Scammers

Adam4Adam Scammers

Adam4adam ensures to sensitize you on how to stay safe from fakes and scammers. They encourage you to always be extra cautious in your encounters with other people. Hence, they provide essential safety tips upon membership to help you stay protected, whether offline or online.

To protect yourself from fraud or fakes, they encourage you never to share information that is personal or financially related. You are also advised to stay in the anonymous zone until you are very sure of your safety.

Mobile App And Website

Adam4Adam Mobile App And Website

Although regarding functions and design, Adam4adam’s mobile App is lacking; the mobile App leaves out the exceptional special features that stand Adam4adam out. This is quite understandable because using direct means to convert a desktop website into a mobile does not usually work out.

Eventually, most of the buttons will be challenging to press because they are placed clumsily on a phone screen. The experience is better majorly on the website because it helps you save your phone storage and makes it more organized.

Adam4adam App

Adam4Adam App

The App is available on mobile phones and browsers and offers in-app purchases, especially when the membership falls under the VIP category. The App is available in various languages and has been installed by over 500,000 people on Google play store. The App has impressive features and is suitable for all android phones.

Adam4adam Website

The Adam4adam website does not focus on the overall design, understandably, because it is an adult dating site. The website is saddled with ads, even those that have nothing to do with what the website portrays.

Although the tools and options are quite easy to find, it could have been given a better design. The arrangement of your profile on the website is less appealing than that of other sites, mainly because the choice of fonts they use is very plain.

Can I Access The Adam4adam App On My Computer?

You can use the Adam4adam app on your computer because the App is available for use on every form of an electronic device. The computer has proved to be the best electronic device to operate the Adam4adam website.

List Of Browsers Support Adam4adam?

The site is supported by all types of browsers such as chrome, opera mini e.t.c. The only sites that would not support Adam4adam are the browsers that are not favorably inclined to what it portrays.

Why Do I Find It Difficult To Access The Site?

It is quite possible to have a hard time entering the site for various reasons. For example, when your profile has not been approved, your account is suspected for fraud or scam, your account has been banned or suspended or when there is a government block on your account.


Adam4Adam Interface

The Adam4adam interface is simple to navigate. As soon as you land on the website’s main page, you would see the usefulness of the website and where to register.

Registration Process

You can register on the site by creating a profile and waiting for approval. Once this is done, you will be able to explore and connect with other men in your area, and this takes about 90 seconds on the average.

Can I Unmatch An Adam4adam Member That I Was Previously Matched With?

You can unmatch an Adam4adam member. To do this, you have to click on their profile and click “unmatch.” However, you’ll be required to give a reason for such a decision so that they can serve you better.

What Is The Registration Age For Adam4adam?

As long as you have attained the age of 18 and above, you may register. Those who are lesser than 18 are not allowed to join the membership because they are considered as minors and should not yet be exposed to sexual activities.

How Can I Verify My Account?

Account activation on Adam4Adam.com comes into effect immediately. You can access functions such as messaging, searching, and sending pictures. But if you’re using an Android or iOS, you have to wait for your text and pictures to be approved by the support team to ensure that Apple and Google policies are strictly followed. This could take 1-24 hours.

What Can I Do To Get My Email Verified?

You can verify your account through your email. When you register on the website, you’ll be required to submit your email address and a verification link would be sent which you would have to click on, once you have verified, you then have to wait for the approval.

Can I Register With My Facebook Account?

If you register using your Facebook account, you can rest assured that your details are safe. Adam4adam will not post anything on your wall under any circumstances.

Can I Access The Site If I Haven’t Signed Up?

Definitely. You can use the site without signing up, probably for survey or research. But, you cannot be a member or connect with other men without signing up.

Profile Set-up

Adam4Adam Set-up

Profile Registration Requirements?

You need to enter all the details required for membership. You will be required to enter your email address, username, password, and also to answer some questions to determine your age and location. It is your decision whether or not you want to fill out your profile based on who you are or use a fabricated identity.

Is It Possible To Delete A Photo I Initially Uploaded On Adam4adam?

You can delete a photo after uploading it on Adam4adam website. Simply click on the pen-like icon at the top of the photo you want to delete, you’ll nthen see a pop up indicating were to delete your photo.

How Do I Modify My Adam4adam Username?

There is no option available for changing your username on Adam4adam. Once you choose a username, that is what you will continue to use as long as you are a member of Adam4adam.

Can I Delete My Adam4adam Profile?

To delete your account, you have to select the “My Account” option on the left side at the top of the home page. Then, scroll to the last part of the page and click the “delete account” option, after which you confirm the deactivation of your account.

If I Choose An Option To Not Be Seen On Adam4adam, What Happens?

If you disable the show me on Adam4adam option, no one will be able to see your profile unless you want them to.

Is It Possible To Delete Details I Earlier Provided To Adam4adam?

You can delete or modify any information that has been previously submitted to Adam4adam. Once you log into your account, choose the “My Account” option and click edit in the black bar menu, then delete the information you want to, and click update. Ensure you save the modification at the bottom of the page.

Adam4Adam Search

How do I Fill Out the Registration Field?

First, you need a username, your email, and desired password. (You don’t need to fill in your actual particulars.)Then, proceed to confirm your actual age, native area, gender, upload your profile picture and confirm that you are at least 18 years old.

Can I See Those That I liked On Adam4adam?

You can plan a meet up with members that you liked on the Adam4adam website. However, you should ensure your safety before you do so.

What Options Are Available To Search For Other Adam4adam Users?

The search feature is a unique one. You can either use the search feature available on your computer or use the feature from the Android or iOS App.

As A Free Member, Can I See If Someone Is Interested In Me?

You can see if someone likes you on Adam4adam, even if you are a free member.


After Registration, How Can I Proceed to Chat with Someone on Adam4adam?

To start messaging someone on Adam4adam, you first have to be a member. You can search using different factors such as age, weight e.t.c., etc. and choose the person that suits you.

Do I Get To Send Messages For Free?

Sending messages on Adam4adam is free. You don’t have to pay any charges unless you are a premium member that wants to access advanced features.

How Can I View My Messages On Adam4adam?

As a member (free or VIP), you have access to receive or send unlimited messages. When someone sends a message, it automatically shows on your account but only stays for 10 days.

How Can I Access The Camera Option On Adam4adam?

There is a camera icon at the bottom of your profile; you can click on it to take a picture and send it to someone else.

Do I Get To Decide Who May Send Messages To Me On Adam4adam?

You can filter using various factors e.g., by a person, sexual orientation, preferences, weight e.t.c. to determine who can message you.

Membership Price And Other Payment Method

Membership for Adam4adam is free, and users can connect without any cost. But, for VIP membership with advanced options, you have to upgrade and secure your purchase at the rate of 10 dollars per month.

Free Membership Features

Description of free features on the site

The free or regular membership is purchased at no cost. Some of the features are:

  • Sending messages
  • Viewing profiles
  • Sending photos and location e.t.c.

Premium Membership Features

Description of paid features on the site and their cost.

The premium of VIP membership is for users who want to access advanced features such as:

Unrestricted history of conversations

  • Ads removal
  • Uploading up to 10 photos
  • Priority support
  • Usage of Invisible mode
  • Tracking last visits on your profile

VIP Access for one month is 10.00USD and 75.00USD for 3 months. VIP access + ProAd goes for 30.00 USD per month and 75.00 USD for 3 months.

Can I Be A Premium Member On Adam4adam?

Yes, the Adam4adam website offers premium membership to members who are willing to explore advanced options.

What Can I Do If I No Longer Want To Be An Adam4adam Member

To cancel your membership, you can go to the VIP access button at the website’s top menu. Choose the option to upgrade and disallow the billing box, then confirm that you want to cancel.

Does My Membership To Adam4adam Renew Automatically?

It is optional: you can either decide to renew or not.

If I Did Not Finish Using The Time I Purchased, Can I Get a Refund?

The payment for time purchase is non-refundable.

If I Pay Support To Adam4adam, Is It Compulsory To Pay Monthly To Retain Membership?

No, as long as you register, you decide whether you want to renew your support monthly.

If I Not Contented With Adam4adam Services, Can I get A Refund?

Money paid for membership cannot be refunded

When I Make Payment, What Shows On My Credit Card Bill?

Charges will appear as SEGPAY.COM@A4A Network on your cardholder statement.

Is It Possible To Support Other Adam4adam Members?

Yes, you can give support to other members of Adam4adam through welcoming new members warmly, not attacking anyone, and not allowing hate speech to thrive

What If I Send Support For One Month Only?

The VIP access is at 10.00USD per month, and you can choose to stop paying after that.

Is My Safety Really Guaranteed On Adam4adam?

Relatively, Adam4adam is not entirely safe because ensuring safety is the users’ responsibility, and the level of security is unascertained.

Privacy In Adam4adam

There is a high level of privacy in Adam4adam

When I Chat with Someone On Adam4adam, Are The Chats Encrypted?

The chats at Adam4adam are encrypted to protect your privacy.

Is It Possible For Adam4adam To Track Me Through Details Provided?

It is uncertain whether or not Adam4adam can track you down because it is impossible in the instances of people who do not provide their exact details.

Can The Police Trace Adam4adam?

In criminal cases or cases that need investigation, the police can trace Adam4adam.

In A Situation Where My Safety Is Being Threatened, How Can I Request for Help?

You can send a message to the website @adam4adam.zendesk.com or the support team @support@adam4adam.com


You are to ensure your safety while engaging with other people on the website.

Is There A Moderation Process For Forum Threads?

Yes, forum threads are moderated.

What Happens If A Member Defrauds Another Member?

Soliciting for money through the Adam4adam account is unacceptable: your account will be banned if you indulge in such an act.

Banned Account

Why Is It Difficult To Sign In To My Adam4adam Account

The reason for not being able to access your Adam4adam account may vary e.g., government ban, irregularities in profile, display of inappropriate behavior,e.t.c.

What Is The Duration For Adam4adam Bans?

It could take as long as the irregularities are resolved.

If My Account Is Banned, How Can I Get It To Be Active Again?

Banned or suspected accounts are usually not retrievable, you have to create a new one and ensure that you adhere to the community guidelines.

Protect Yourself

If I Suspect That Someone Wants To Scam Me, Can I Block And Report Them?

Block them on your Adam4adam profile and report to ftc.gov/complaint that handles romance scams.

What Details Should I Refrain From Posting On My Account?

You decide what you want to post, depending on your standards.

Help And Support

You can request for help and via support @support@adam4adam.com.

Real Life Review

The negative reviews for the Adam4adam website and application far outweigh the positive reviews, especially as there are quite a lot of hitches on the App. Here are some of the real-life reviews for the App on Google Play Store:

Jack nbn holds the opinion that upgrading the app was a waste of time because it was rather difficult to contact the operators, he termed the Adam4Adam app a ‘scam’

>MAGNYrican feels that iPhone versions do not do justice to the site because their intuition level is low compared to the iOS software. He listed a few glitches such as profile pictures not zooming out to be viewed, making it difficult to view profile pictures, he prefers the Apple iPhone application and the website version using a PC.

Commenting on the app’s positive aspect, Phoenix JB cited her one year experience on the app as an example of having being able to explore numerous adventures and how impactful it has been. Phoenix JB encourages people to use the app even for serious relationships and praises it for being such a great app.

In buttressing Phoenix JB’s opinion, Mark Ryan describes the app as being easy to use, even though he acknowledges the fact that the spams are sometimes excessive. He condemned the increase in the presence of COVID-19 notifications on the app.

Lastly, rjxoxmale complained about the presence of fake pictures and people engaging in fraudulent activities claiming to be serving militants abroad and eventually luring other users to give them money or other items. He concluded that the Adam4Adam app focuses more on the increase in the number of members rather than allowing men to feel safe and secured when chatting on the site.

How the site protects users from information leakage, loots, scammers.

Real Life Review

Does Adam4adam Qualify As The Best Dating Site/App?

Adam4adam claims to be the best gay dating and hookup site in the world, and various rankings have backed this position.

How Safe Is Adam4adam?

Truthfully, the Adam4adam website ensures to scrutinize thoroughly before granting membership approval. However, it has been discovered that ascertaining the security of its users remains unresolved. But they are devising various means to remove fake profiles. The truth however, remains the safety of Adam4adam is relative: you have to ensure your safety by taking precautions when you meet new people and not be too quick to divulge personal information or details to them.

Can I Hook-up With Someone On Adam4adam App?

Yes, Adam4adam is a hookup app for you to meet and connect with other gay males.

Do I Get To Access Adam4Adam Without Any Charges?

Adam4adam is free unless in the cases of users who want premium or advanced options. Most of the features on the site are entirely free. This is because they generate revenues through pay-per-view websites that focus on pornog Yuhraphy and the companies that deal with drugs that enhance erection.

How Can I Use Adam4adam?

You can register and search for available guys in your area who are ready to date, hook up, or be friends and see if it works out. Once you register on the site, you have a wide range of access to search for potential men for hookups.

Are There Chances Of Meeting Fake Or Scam Members On The Site?

There are fake or scam members because virtually every gay community member is allowed to join the Adam4adam website. Where the number of people is not controlled, it is pertinent that instances of fake and scam members would be pervasive.

Alternative Sites Like Adam4adam

Similar sites and apps

Some of the sites that are similar to the Adam4adam website are Stunr, GaysTryst, Straight Bait, Instant Hookups, Sexsearch, Manhunt, OutPersonals, Squirt, Hornet e.t.c.

Contact Information

Adam4adam is run by A4A Network Inc and is situated in New York City in the United States of America (USA).

They can be reached at support@adam4adam.com only because their phones are currently not available; it is only possible to contact them by leaving a review for the support team.


Adam4adam website gives you a chance to mingle with available gay men in your immediate environment. As long as you have attained the age of 18 years, this is your go-to safe space. There is no judgment or segregation on the site; everyone knows they are there for sexual encounters, and if lucky, something serious.

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