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Chemistry (chemistry.com) Review 2021

Chemistry (chemistry.com) Review
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 95%
Popular age 18-44
Beauty 65%
Profiles 150.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Chemistry requires detailed necessary profile information during the registration process.
  • The site's algorithm was created and remained influenced by Dr. Helen Fisher, a renowned American Anthropologist, and human behavior researcher.
  • The dating site matches its users via a hormone-based and personality-based matching test.
  • Chemistry Starters help matches know if they connect
  • Paid users have their profiles listed on other Match pages of dating sites owned by MarriageMinded communities at no additional cost.
  • Relationship-based articles on the Chemistry blog by Dr. Helen Fisher
  • Has no mobile application and is only accessible via Chemistry's website
  • Users are only allowed to view profiles of and interact with users they have matched with
  • The chat function is only available to paid users
  • Relatively lengthy personality assessment tests

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Chemistry is an online dating site that provides singles with a guide to finding serious, long-lasting, and more meaningful relationships built on Chemistry and compatibility. So if you’ve been searching for a site that can land you that long-lasting relationship you so eagerly long for, Chemistry.com is the place to be.

As a member of the MarriageMinded Community, Chemistry provides a spot for singles that look forward to loving and marriage-oriented relationships, rather than hook-ups. The dating site creates a safe space for singles to connect with their matches before they meet each other in person deeply.



Since the site’s primary target audience is singles in the United States, Chemistry.com has been programmed only in English. Although the site’s global usage increases daily and there have been several upgrades on the site’s outlook, the site only supports the English language with no translation feature whatsoever on the page.

Who is Owner of Chemistry?

Chemistry.com and its sister dating site, Match.com, was initially owned and operated by People Media, an online dating service provider. In early 2009 however, the InterActiveCorp (IAC), an American Holding Company, created Match Group, a conglomerate of Match.com and IAC’s other dating. People Media was one of the online dating service providers that were acquired by IAC’s Match Group. Consequently, though People Media still operates Chemistry.com, the dating site belongs to the parent company, IAC.

So where is Chemistry Located Now?

Chemistry.com is largely based in the United States with its operating house in Dallas, Texas.

When was Chemistry.com Located?

People Media founded Chemistry.com in 2006.

Is Chemistry available All Around the World?

With a proper functioning smartphone and access to the internet, the dating site can be accessed from any part of the world.

Special Features

Asides the standard site features than any other dating site would provide, Chemistry provides additional and original features to its paid users. Chemistry.com also has a special My Stream function besides its renowned user matching feature and compatibility & chemistry-based hormone and personality assessment test. Since users can only chat and interact with already matched users, paid users can see updates of their already matched users on their My Stream feature. The My Stream feature serves as a direct pool and newsfeed for users. The feature is programmed to update itself within seconds to show the latest update of other users that have been matched with you.

To show your appreciation for updates of users that have been matched with you, you can use the cheer function. If you were also to update your profile, your update would immediately be uploaded on the My Stream feature of other users you have been matched with.

Another feature that sets chemistry.com apart is its personality types. Once a user has completed the registration and taken all of the personality assessment tests, the user is assigned one of the site’s four personality types. The personality types are assigned based on the user’s response to the personality assessment tests. The site’s four personality types are:

  • Directors: persons who fall into this category are described as decisive, focused, and independent.
  • Explorers: these users are thought to be spontaneous, creative, and open-minded.
  • Negotiators: users with this personality type are imaginative, empathetic, and nurturing.
  • Builders: these users are seen as social, loyal, and dependable.

Chemistry.com assigns both primary and secondary personality types to its users, but it also matches users with other uses based on their personality types. It describes how the personality type of both users is compatible.

Functions for tracking the actions of other users

Functions for tracking the actions of other users

  • My Stream feature serves as a newsfeed that automatically updates a user with other users’ uploads or actions.
  • My Matches feature allows users to view and select from their provided matches.

Additional Communication Options

  • On-site chat feature.
  • Message Ideas feature allows users to set four questions for other users to break the ice and connect.
  • Flirt function to indicate interest in other matched users.
  • Free Communication Weekend where free users can actively communicate with and respond to messages from other users.

Chemistry.com automatically provides a list of other users with matching profiles and personality to users upon completing the registration and personality-based assessment test. These matches are updated daily on the “My Matches” feature on each user’s page. Unlike other dating sites, Chemistry users can only search out users with matching profiles or personality types. They are consequently not allowed to scroll through the profiles of all users on Chemistry’s database.

Compatibility Functions

Compatibility Functions

Unlike most dating sites, Chemistry includes personality and hormone-based assessment tests, which the site uses to match its users. It is popularly known for having the best compatibility and matching system devised by Dr. Helen Fisher. After providing the necessary information required for the registration process, potential users proceed to take the personality and hormone-based questionnaire, which usually is in four parts: “My Personality” Section, “About Me” section, “About My Match” section, and “In My Own Words” Section.

After providing the necessary information, a user profile is created based on the information provided. The information contained in the profile is what Chemistry bases its matches on. These matches have proven successful over time, as the site has produced many meaningful and compatible partners.

Account Improvement

Chemistry.com users are allowed as many profile updates as possible and can upload as many as 30 pictures on their profiles. It allows for profile outlook improvement.

Audience Quality

Audience Quality

The dating site is open only to singles searching for meaningful and long-lasting relationships. It is the rationale behind allowing users to access Chemistry.com’s major features only after paying the required subscription fee. Persons below the age of 18 are also not eligible to register and use the dating site.

Age Distribution

Though most Chemistry reviews emphasize that the site tends to favor users above the age of 30, the site was designed to be used by persons above 18. However, statistics have shown that most of its users are within the age bracket of 35 – 44.

Fakes and Scammers

Only persons residing in the United States are eligible to register on Chemistry.com. It tends to keep fraudulent users out and protect the space and information of other users. The site takes extra steps to verify the information provided by its users upon registration.

Chemistry also has safety features in place to differentiate real users from fakers. The site is thus safe and secure.

Mobile App and Website

Chemistry has no Mobile Application for either Android or Apple Phones. The website is accessible on both Smartphones and Desktops, with Smartphones having an adapted version of the website.

Chemistry App

The dating site has a mobile application. It also has a website that can be accessed on any standard browsers.

Chemistry Website

Chemistry.com is an official website, and it’s accessible on all devices. The website has a contemporary yet non-complex design with self-explanatory graphics.

Is it possible to use the app using my computer?

Is it possible to use the app using my computer?

A smartphone or other mobile device can only access the App. If you have to use your computer to access Chemistry, you will only be able to access the site via the website.

What browsers can you use Chemistry on?

The dating site is only accessible with the most recent version of all major browsers such as Edge (Windows), Firefox (Macintosh and Windows), Chrome (Windows and Macintosh), Safari (Windows and Macintosh), and Internet Explorer (Windows).

Why is it difficult to enter the site?

If you are experiencing a hard time entering the site, it is most likely due to poor internet connection or an upgrade happening on the site at the moment.

If it is due to a poor internet connection, it’s advisable to either change your location to a place with a better internet connection or contact your service providers.

Also, you might be experiencing difficulty in accessing if there is an ongoing site upgrade. In that case, you’ll have to wait before you try again. If the problem persists, kindly contact the administrators of the dating site through any of the following contact options:

P.O. BOX: People Media, P. O. BOX 12627, DALLAS, TX 75225

Phone Number: 866-320-0106

You can also send your concerns via the site’s contact form.



The site has an original interface convenient, suitable for all contemporary browsers, and easy to navigate. It also makes use of graphics when asking questions, to aid easy understanding of the questions asked. The dating site’s interface has contemporary features and attributes. Chemistry Reviews have shown that there have hardly been any complaints about the website being inaccessible or unusable.

Registration Process

As already stated, Chemistry has a short and simple registration process. You are only required to provide your email addresses, birth date, first name, and zip code as personal information. To create a profile, however, you will be required to fill a personality and hormone-based questionnaire, which is usually in four parts:

  • “My Personality” section: this part of the questionnaire asks questions that reveal a different aspect of your personality. Questions such as; what color reveals your personality? The questions are a combination of traditional multiple-choice questions alongside other questions illustrated with graphics for better understanding.
  • “About Me” section: this section of the questionnaire asks questions about your body type, height, eye color, religion, educational background and status, profession, and a few other features.
  • “About My Match” section: the questions in this section are the same as those in the About Me section. The difference is that the questions are used here to describe the kind of match you look forward to finding on the site.
  • “In My Own Words” section: this section allows you to describe yourself in your own words in a 200- 2000 character free response.

After providing all the required information, a profile will be created for you based on the questionnaire’s answers. Once a profile is created, you will be assigned a personality of Chemistry’s four personality types and be matched with other users who are deemed to be compatible with your already assigned personality type.

Is it possible to unmatch a Chemistry member?

If you were to find a match unsuitable, you would not be able to unmatch a user that has already been matched with your profile. However, you can choose to refrain from any interactions with any match you do not find suitable. Chemistry has an interesting option on the profiles of already matched users, which an uninterested user could optimize. You could also make use of the Block Icon to prevent an unsuitable match from interacting with you.

How old must you be to register on Chemistry?

How old must you be to register on Chemistry?

Only persons who have attained the age of 18 will be eligible to register on the dating site.

Which ways is it possible to verify my account?

Chemistry.com features do not require any form of verification. There is consequently no feature to verify your account.

What happens if I use my Facebook Account to register on this site?

The site’s registration process has no features that require or allows users to register with their Facebook accounts. For a fact, Chemistry requires as little personal information as possible from you. Your email address remains the only account necessary for registration.

Is it possible to use the site without registration?

Like most dating sites, Chemistry.com cannot be accessed without login or sign-up. Only users can access site features. The Frequently Asked Questions page is, however, open to both users and non-users.

Profile Set-up

A user’s profile is created on Chemistry.com by filling out the personality-based and hormone-based questionnaire. The questionnaire is divided into four sections: “My Personality,” “About Me,” “About My Match,” and “In My Own Words” sections. All the questions in these sections are aimed at getting to know your likes and interests better.

The answers you provide to the question are used to assign one of Chemistry’s four personality types (director, negotiator, explorer, and builder) to you. After a personality type is assigned, a profile is also created from the questionnaire’s answers.

Is it possible to delete a photo that I uploaded in Chemistry?

Users can delete pictures they uploaded on their profiles in the “Settings” feature provided on the website.

How can I edit my Username in Chemistry?

Users only have their first names on their profiles, and this serves as their usernames. Usernames can be edited, but this option is available only once.

Can I delete your Chemistry profile?

You can delete your profiles from Chemistry.com in the settings feature. Once you tap the “Remove my Profile” option in the Settings feature, your emails, photo, and all records relating to your account are automatically deleted from the dating site.

If I disable the “Show me on Chemistry” option what happens?

Chemistry.com has a promote premium feature that moves your profile to the top of your potential matches search result for 60 minutes. The feature is only available using virtual tokens provided on the site, which can be purchased with a valid credit card in certain stipulated quantities. Each Promote Me Session deducts 20 virtual tokens from your account.

Once the feature is disabled, your profile will no longer appear to search results at the top of potential matches.

Is it possible to delete the information that I have already submitted to Chemistry?

In the Settings feature, you have the luxury of editing the information you already provided on your profiles.

Users are not allowed to search the profiles of all other users on the Chemistry database. They are provided with matches and can only search out already matched users.

Can I see the Chemistry members who I liked?

Users can only like the profiles of already matched Chemistry users, and the same feature is only available while seeing their profiles.

What are the various options of Chemistry Search?

Users are not allowed to search the profiles of all other users on the Chemistry database. They are provided with matches and can only search out already matched users. The list of already matched users can be found on the “My Matches” page. Thus, you can consequently connect with other matched users via the communication options provided on the page.

Is it possible to see if someone likes you on Chemistry if you are a free member?

Free users of Chemistry.com can see which other users liked their profile. They may even get email notifications to that effect. They will, however, be unable to respond or interact with other users.


Chemistry has an on-site messaging option for paid users with which they can interact. The messaging option supports only texts and not video chats.

How can you start communication with someone on Chemistry?

While going through the profile of other Chemistry users that have been matched with you, you can click on the “I’m interested” option to indicate your interest in the other user. You can also send the user a message using the on-site messaging option provided.

How can you start to send a message to someone?

As long as you are a paid member, you can message any other user that has been matched with you by the site. All you have to do is click on the other user’s profile, select the instant messaging option, compose your message, and send it to the other user.

Can you send messages free?

As soon as the stipulated subscription fee is paid, paid users can send messages to already matched users of their choice. Free members are, however, not allowed to make use of the messaging option.

How can I see who messaged me on Chemistry?

Chemistry has a message notification icon that pops up whenever you receive a message, either on the website or on the mobile application. Clicking on the icon allows you to access the profile of the other user who messaged you. Asides the message itself, it clearly states the time and date when the message was delivered.

How can I use the camera on Chemistry?

The dating site does not support a camera feature.

How is it possible to filter who can message me on Chemistry?

Chemistry’s matching algorithm already has a filter system in place, which allows you to receive messages only from users that have been matched with you.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

To become a paid user of Chemistry.com, you are required to pay either of the following subscription fees:

  • $39.99 a month for one month
  • $26.99 a month for three months
  • $20.99 a month for six months

You are to select a subscription plan and pay them either with a Credit card, PayPal, or an already provided mail payment option.

Free Membership Features

Free members can create profiles, take the personality assessment tests, view profiles of matched users, view pictures, optimize the flirt option, and see who viewed their profile. These are the only services accessible to free Chemistry users.

Premium Membership Features

Paid users are granted access to all Chemistry.com features and are also provided with special features such as:

  • messaging options
  • adding people to your favorite list and getting notified when you are added to the favorite list of others
  • see who flirted with you, and access to ProfilePro and Nameplate Highlight.

Does Chemistry offer premium membership?

The site offers a premium membership, but this service is only available to paid users. Free users can become premium members by subscribing to any Chemistry’s subscription plans.

How can I cancel my Chemistry membership?

You can terminate your membership of Chemistry at any time by logging in to the website. All you need to do is go to the ‘Settings’ feature in the top right corner and follow the instructions to cancel your membership.

Does Chemistry membership automatically renew?

Once you purchase any of Chemistry’s required subscriptions, it will be automatically renewed until you cancel the subscription.

Is it possible to get a refund for un-used time?

If you paid any of the required subscription fees and were unable to use it before the expiration of the subscription plan, you will be entitled only to the portion of your payment that you were unable to use after notifying the administrators.

Is my subscription to Chemistry automatically renewed every month?

Your selected subscription plan will only be automatically renewed if you enable the “auto-renewal” option. Once you cancel your subscription plan, the auto-renewal option is disabled.

I am displeased with Chemistry. Is it possible to get my money back?

There is no refund policy for users who are not satisfied with Chemistry’s services. However, you can contact the support desk for clarification on how the site can serve you better.

How can my Chemistry subscription appear on my credit card bill?

As soon as you carry out an account upgrade or renew your already selected subscription, Chemistry deducts the appropriate fee from your credit card and sends the transaction details to you via email.

Is it possible to give support to other Chemistry members?

Chemistry aims to foster relationships between its users, and to support other members is one way to build such relationships. To support other users, please be sure to connect and establish the slightest relationship with such a user first.

Can I subscribe for just a month?

Chemistry has a one-month subscription plan that is available at $39.99 a month. However, it is advised to purchase longer subscription plans as they come at a more discounted price.

Is Chemistry really safe?

The dating site, without doubt, has various safety measures in place to protect users from scammers. Users are advised to hold up these safety measures on their own end by keeping their registration and personal information discreet.

Privacy in Chemistry

The privacy of chats and information remains a primary concern of users of various dating sites. Chemistry offers privacy for chats, uploaded pictures, and your account. The site also does not require any detailed personal information for the user profile.

Are Chemistry chats encrypted?

Chemistry is primarily interested in user information safety and privacy and has put several measures in place to ensure that. One of the means of ensuring privacy is by encrypting user chats.

Can Chemistry track their users?

If any of the site users violate the agreed terms and conditions agreed upon during registration, Chemistry could use already provided information to track such user.

Can the police trace the Chemistry?

If the site developers give authorization, the police will be able to trace the site. However, note that Chemistry hardly ever gives such authorization.

Who can I contact regarding privacy issues in Chemistry?

If you have questions regarding your privacy in Chemistry, you can check the Frequently Asked Questions section on the website or contact the site’s customer care service.


The Chemistry website is completely safe and secure. This site has reliable customer support. If you admit a suspicious user on the site, you should contact them, and they will take all necessary measures.

Are Chemistry forum threads moderated?

Unlike other dating sites, Chemistry.com has no online community forum for its users. Users are only afforded the luxury of one-on-one conversations with other users.

What happens to a member using a Chemistry account to raise money?

Users who are caught using the dating site to solicit for funds will have their accounts suspended and banned if they persist.

Banned Account

Chemistry Reviews have always established a breach of the terms and conditions of the site and privacy policy as a reason for banning an account.

Why is it impossible to access Chemistry?

You are probably experiencing issues with the site either due to a glitch in the system, an ongoing system upgrade, poor internet access, or an incompatible browser. If it’s due to an incompatible browser, please do switch to a more compatible browser. Chrome and Firefox are the most compatible browsers with the site.

However, if it is due to a glitch in the system or an ongoing system upgrade, please note that the site developers are aware and do everything possible to rectify it. It is advised to hold off on accessing the site for a few hours and then try accessing it later.

If, after taking these steps, you still have issues accessing the site, please leave a complainant here.

How long do Chemistry bans last?

Chemistry bans only last up until you contact the support desk to reactivate your account.

How can I reactivate my banned account?

Once you notice that your account has been banned, you can contact the support desk via the website to reactivate your account.

Protect Yourself

Users are encouraged to be careful about divulging important or personal information about themselves to other users while interacting.

How cis it possible to block and report a suspected scammer?

When another user begins to seem like a scammer, you can report the user to the support desk for profile verification. If, after verification, the user proves to be a scammer, you will be notified, and you can proceed to block the user in the “Settings” feature on your account.

Which information is prohibited to post in your Chemistry account?

Once the information is personal, trivial, and important or could harm you in any way, you should refrain from sharing such information.

Also, abusive, racist, and discriminatory contents are not allowed on Chemistry.com.

Help and Support

The site’s help and support team can hardly be compared to any other dating site. It has a Frequently Asked Questions section that has thousands of already answered questions. The dating site also has efficient and ready to help the customer care team.

Real Life Review

With the help of Chemistry’s efficient support system, the dating site has protected its users from any form of information leakage, bots, and fake or scam members.

Is Chemistry the best dating site?

The website is, without doubts, one of the best dating sites, with its unique matching system, privacy policy, contemporary yet non-complex interface, and contribution from professionals.

Is Chemistry safe and secure?

The dating site is designed to require limited personal information and reveal no personal information to other users. So, if you are skeptical about your safety, Chemistry is safe.

Is Chemistry an app for hook-ups?

The site was created for Marriage Minded singles and is not a place for persons interested in hook-ups or one-night stands.

Is Chemistry free or paid?

Though Chemistry has some of its services available for free to unpaid users, the dating site is not free. Users are encouraged to pay any of Chemistry.com required subscription fees, as the services available for free only provide limited access to the site.

How does Chemistry function?

Chemistry is founded on an algorithm created by Dr. Helen Fisher. The algorithm ensures that users’ personality type is discovered after taking the personality and hormone-based test upon registration. Users are matched with other users based on their personality types. Chemistry.com ensures that users do not have to go through the difficulties associated with finding a compatible partner. The dating site carries on the bulk of the scouting process by matching users based on compatibility and Chemistry and leaves them to take it up from there.

Are there fake members on Chemistry?

Since Chemistry membership is largely restricted to only the United States citizens, the site can boast of having no scam or fake members. It also boasts of an anti-scam protection team that easily detects and filters suspected fake members.

Alternative sites like Chemistry

Most websites that are members of the MarriageMinded Community offer the same services as Chemistry.com. Reviews have shown that Match.com and Eharmony are dating sites that provide services closest to Chemistry.

Contact Information

If you have issues with the site, want to report an issue, or need any clarifications from Chemistry.com administrators, you can contact them via:

P.O. BOX: People Media, P. O. BOX 12627, DALLAS, TX 75225

Phone Number: 866-320-0106

You can also email your concerns to the site customer care here.


Summing up our Chemistry review, if you are looking for a marriage-oriented and long-lasting relationship, Chemistry is the place for you. The site provides you with an opportunity to build a relationship with a special someone. The dating site guarantees safety and privacy and readily available customer care. Chemistry.com remains one of the best places you can secure a permanent relationship.

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