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CoffeeMeetsBagel Review [2021]: Is Worth It?

CoffeeMeetsBagel Review [2021]: Is Worth It?
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Pros and Cons

  • The mobile dating app places premium on quality rather than quantity.
  • Members determine who they connect with.
  • The site is not time-consuming since an algorithm curates matches.
  • A limited number of daily matches.
  • Potential matches for those in a less popular location is quite small.
  • Friends of friends might turn out to be somebody you have had a history with; this might be awkward.

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CoffeeMeetsBagel is a free mobile dating app that places a premium on quality. So if you are a woman, you got better chances here. The app connects you with people familiar to you rather than strangers. According to their slogan, CoffeeMeetsBagel aims to help you rediscover dating. The app prioritizes the fantastic user experience and optimum satisfaction. You do not have to devote the entirety of your day just to search for your perfect match; CoffeeMeetsBagel uses a smart algorithm to do that for you and presents you with ideal matches daily.

This CoffeeMeetsBagel review encompasses all you need to know about this dating community. It is not a basic hookup app; rather, it’s a place for those seeking long-lasting relationships. Enjoy the ride as we take you through this fantastic journey of rediscovering dating afresh.

How many languages CoffeeMeetsBagel has to offer?

Currently, CoffeeMeetsBagel supports just the English Language. Over time, other languages would be available to various users across the world.

Who are the owners of CoffeeMeetsBagel?

The app is owned by three sisters: Arum Kang, Soo Kang, and Dawoon Kang.

Where is CoffeeMeetsBagel located?

CoffeeMeetsBagel is a San Francisco based dating platform. Members come from all over the world, with the largest population residing in the United States.

When was CoffeeMeetsBagel started its work?

The site was launched on the 17th of April 2012. Been a relatively young site, it comes as no surprise that it functions actively.

Is CoffeeMeetsBagel available in any country?

Yes, CoffeeMeetsBagel is available worldwide; anyone can download the app. Users span the United Kingdom, USA, and Hong Kong.

Special Features

CoffeeMeetsBagel Special Features

Without a shred of doubt, the app utilizes a variety of unique and peculiar features. We attempt to reveal some of the specific traits of CoffeeMeetsBagel in the following sections.


This feature helps you find more matches to connect within your locality. However, you get only 24 hours to like a match after discovering them. The feature also allows you to suggest a match for a friend.

Mirror Mirror

Strange right? These are some of the reasons why CoffeeMeetsBagel features are peculiar to their users. “Mirror Mirror” shows your profile rank on the site; meaning, it ranks how your profile compares to other profiles on the app.

Woo and Photo Lab

You use this feature to get easily noticed by whoever you have an interest in. By sending a “woo” to your love interest, you let them realize that you have heightened interest in them. Photo Lab allows you to upload two pictures for other members to vote to help you decide the best.

Open Sesame and Rematch

The magical words, “Open Sesame” enables you to unlock friends you mutually share a match with, while the Rematch allows you to like or connect with a match you desired but failed to like after 24hours. The Rematch is like a reopener for a missed match.


These features are separate, but we chose to put them together. The Give feature allows you to suggest a match to a friend while the Take feature enables you to streamline the matches that do not meet your preference.

Ladies Choice

This is a way CoffeeMeetsBagel filters male users. The app refers to matches as bagels. Men receive 21 Bagels on the app, and within 24 hours, you either like or pass on the suggested bagel while women receive 6 potential matches that have liked them. This gives women an edge to determine who interacts with them.

Audience quality

CoffeeMeetsBagel Audience quality

CoffeeMeetsBagel has over 20 million users worldwide and seeks to connect people in search of a serious relationship that could lead to forever with a potential match.

Age distribution

To be eligible on CoffeeMeetsBagel, you must be at least 18 years. A statistical breakdown of users shows that most users fall between the age brackets of 25 to 35.

Fakes and scammers

CoffeeMeetsBagel has laid guidelines to protect users from scammers and fake people. That is why the platform is rigorous and never hesitates to ban suspected users that play foul. Members are also advised to adhere to online safety measures.

Mobile app and Website

CoffeeMeetsBagel Mobile app and Website

The CoffeeMeetsBagel website and app are both easy to use and navigate. The main dating activities take place on the app. Notwithstanding both, the site and app have designs that are pleasing and ultimately straightforward to maneuver. Did we also include that they are user friendly? Oh, yes, they are!

CoffeeMeetsBagel App

CoffeeMeetsBagel is a mobile dating app that can be accessed on iOS and Android phones. With your internet connection intact, the app is available for download on Google Play or App stores.

CoffeeMeetsBagel website

The CoffeeMeetsBagel website is straightforward and bears a nice logo with a welcoming blend of background colors. The well-designed site is cool; it comprises photos and videos that would keep you glued to the site.

Can I reach the app on my computer?

No, you cannot use the app on your computer. It is a mobile app that must be downloaded and used on phones or other mobile devices.

Which browser do I need to use CoffeeMeetsBagel?

Whenever you have an above-board connection, CoffeeMeetsBagel supports whatever popular browser you use without a hitch.

Why am I having trouble entering the platform?

Whenever you find it difficult to log into the app or website, the first thing you should check is your network connection. In case that is intact, you can reach out to the customer support team for assistance.


CoffeeMeetsBagel Interface

The site’s interface has a menu bar on the upper right corner where you can see sub-menus like blogs, general overview, etc. Both old and new users feel it easy and joyful to use the service.

Registration process

The registration process on CoffeeMeetsBagel is quite simple. Firstly you must have an active Facebook account; otherwise, you cannot become a member of CoffeeMeetsBagel. Then visit Google Play or App Store to download the mobile application; afterward, follow the prompts or series of steps as required by the app. Then, provide the following information: religion, ethnicity, occupation, height, gender, age, and education. Enter the details that demand what you appreciate in a date, who you are, your likes, and location zip code. The app automatically picks your Facebook photo. With these, you are ready to find your match.

Can I unmatch a user in CoffeeMeetsBagel?

You can unmatch or block a member through your chat room option on the app. Click on the dots and choose Block. By doing so, you would be unable to view their profile, and they will be unable to view yours.

How old do you need to be to join CoffeeMeetsBagel?

Many dating sites or apps are designed for different audiences. CoffeeMeetsBagel serves adults strictly; so, you have to be at least 18 years old to register as a member.

Are there ways to verify my account?

You can verify your CoffeeMeetsBagel account by connecting to your Facebook page. Otherwise, use your mobile number; a code would be sent to you for confirmation. Enter it, and your account is confirmed.

How do I verify my email and do I need to do so?

There would be no need for email verification as CoffeeMeetsBagel does not request your email to create an account.

What happens if I sign up with my Facebook page?

You need your Facebook account to register. Only upon providing your Facebook details would your account be successfully registered. The service will import some info from here, but you will be able to edit it later.

Can I use this service without signing up?

Remarkably, CoffeeMeetsBagel is an app-based dating platform. You can read through the site for basic information, but you would be required to download the app and sign up before you can use it.

Profile set-up

If you are not new to online dating platforms, then you certainly know the importance of a detailed profile. A comprehensive profile on CoffeeMeetsBagel is no exception to this. A good profile increases your chances of finding a match.

Can I delete a picture I’ve already uploaded on CoffeeMeetsBagel?

Yes, you can delete the photo you uploaded. Automatically, your Facebook photo uploads when you create an account, but you are free to change it.

Can I edit my username in CoffeeMeetsBagel?

To edit your username, click on your profile, then click Edit. This allows you to change basic details on your profile; however, remember to save changes before you log out.

Is there a way to delete my CoffeeMeetsBagel profile?

Deleting your profile is equivalent to deleting your account. Deleting your profile is equivalent to deleting your account. The answer is yes. There is an option to delete your account or profile. Simply go to the setting menu on the app, scroll down, and pick the corresponding option.

What happens if I disable the “Show me CoffeeMeetsBagel” option?

When you disable the “show me CoffeeMeetsBagel” option on the app, you do not get updates, and invariably, you miss out on the platform’s activity.

Can I delete the details that I’ve already provided to CoffeeMeetsBagel?

Of course, you can edit and delete your information whenever you want. That is the essence of the CoffeeMeetsBagel review to help you know what you can and cannot do as a user of the app.

Unlike other dating platforms where you have to search, here you receive quality matches curated by the CoffeeMeetsBagel algorithm. There is no way to search, men can only see the bagels that are sent to them, and ladies only get to receive men that liked them as potential matches.

Is it possible to view the CoffeeMeetsBagel users who I liked?

Yes, of course. It is possible to see and connect with those you like so long the likes are mutual.

What are the options of CoffeeMeetsBagel Searching process?

CoffeeMeetsBagel does not have different search options, and the app would not support any form of search. Instead, the algorithm connects you with friends of your friends on Facebook.

Can you check if someone likes you on CoffeeMeetsBagel if you are a free user?

As a free member, you see limited “likes.” However, to see all those that like you, you have to upgrade your membership plan to premium.


Communication is important to any successful relationship. For this reason, the messaging feature is available to every user of CoffeeMeetsBagel. But you need to get a premium to enjoy unlimited messaging access.

How can I begin to exchange messages with someone on CoffeeMeetsBagel?

To start messaging, you have to connect with a potential match; by implication, both of you must like each other before conversations can take place.

How can I use the messaging feature?

You can use icebreakers. These are tidbits lines that serve as a conversation starter when two matches like each other. It is that easy.

Is messaging free of charge here?

The answer to this depends on some conditions. Sending messages can be both free and paid; you have to pay to enjoy the unrestricted messaging access, but the free option allows limited messages.

What I the way to know who messaged me on CoffeeMeetsBagel?

On CoffeeMeetsBagel, messaging is often reserved for those you connect with and see as prospective matches. Once you receive the message, you get to know the sender as you can now view their profile.

What are the options to use my camera on CoffeeMeetsBagel?

You can upload as many as nine pictures to your profile, and your camera can be used to take instant pictures to upload.

Can I filter who can message me on CoffeeMeetsBagel?

This dating platform allows you to determine who interacts with you. A person you have not connected with cannot send messages to you; this is like an automatic filter that allows you to determine who sends you a message.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

CoffeeMeetsBagel Membership Price and Other Payment Method

With the premium membership, you gain unhampered access to all the limited features on the app. This is what the prices look like: a single month goes for $34.99 per month, a 3-month plan for $74.99 at $25.00/month, while the 6 months plan equals $119.99 at $20.00/month. The final plan is a 12 months plan at $179.99 for $15.00/month. Once you make payments, you receive credit units known as “beans.” Various means of payment are possible such as credit card, PayPal, and mobile phone.

Free Membership Features

As a basic member, you enjoy several free features:

  • Create a profile: This enables you to create an account without making any payment.
  • Get free beans: these are like credit units you get for free after downloading the app and signing up to become a member.
  • You get to view potential matches’ profiles as sent by CoffeeMeetsBagel.
  • Messaging: Interaction is the heart of dating; once connected, you can exchange messages.

Premium Membership Features

Being a premium user of the app grants you access to great features. Most importantly, you can be assured that you get value for money. See the additional features you can enjoy:

  • Unlimited number of Woos;
  • 8 free Takes;
  • Up to 6,000 monthly beans;
  • Access to match activity report;
  • 15% additional beans on all purchases;
  • The privilege to see when messages are read;
  • Seeing mutual friends for various matches.

Is there a premium membership on CoffeeMeetsBagel?

Yes, premium membership is available to those that are ready to spend some money. Find yourself a convenient package and opt-in; it is all up to you.

How can I cancel my CoffeeMeetsBagel membership?

Deleting your membership or account requires you first to put your account on hold. Click your “Profile” on the bottom right of the interface. Under the “Settings” options, you will see Membership, select the blue icon next to “Active.” Click “Deactivate,” select your reason for leaving, and you are done.

Is the CoffeeMeetsBagel app’s membership auto-renewed?

This depends on your preferred subscription method and settings. However, CoffeeMeetsBagel does not auto-renew your subscription.

Can I get my money back for unused time?

No, you cannot get a refund for unused time. CoffeeMeetsBagel has no policies that guarantee reimbursements for unused benefits after payment.

Does my “support” to CoffeeMeetsBagel automatically renew itself every month?

Well, if you choose to support, it can never be automatically deducted from your account. Although CoffeeMeetsBagel never requests support from members of their community.

I am not happy with CoffeeMeetsBagel service. Can I get my money back?

No, you cannot get your money back simply because you claim not to be satisfied. Read the Terms of Use before you opt-in, to avoid disappointment in the future.

How will my CoffeeMeetsBagel support appear on my bill?

We honestly cannot say how your support would appear on your credit card bill, but most likely, it should appear just the way you labeled it at the point of payment.

Can I send support to other CoffeeMeetsBagel users?

Yes, you can give support to anyone you deem fit. But hear this, CoffeeMeetsBagel has not and will never instruct you to do so. If you decide on supporting anyone, you do that out of your free will. We encourage users to be careful.

Can I provide support for just a month?

Remember that we said beforehand that CoffeeMeetsBagel does not request support from members. However, if you chose to do that, it is solely on your terms and preference. Hopefully, CoffeeMeetsBagel does not reject it.

Is CoffeeMeetsBagel Really Safe App?

CoffeeMeetsBagel Is CoffeeMeetsBagel Really Safe App?

CoffeeMeetsBagel reviews its platform and strives to secure users’ information. It prioritizes the user’s privacy and, of course, it is a safe app so long you play safe too.

Privacy in CoffeeMeetsBagel

Who does not like their privacy online? There is so much you would find out when you look up CoffeeMeetsBagel privacy policies. The app is designed to keep your chats encrypted so that your conversations and information are not hacked.

Are CoffeeMeetsBagel chat messages encrypted?

Oh yes! Chats on this app are encrypted. This is to ensure that everything you exchange online via the platform does not fall into the wrong hands. Not to worry, CoffeeMeetsBagel cares about its users and would continually uphold members’ online safety.

Is CoffeeMeetsBagel capable of tracking you down?

Yes, you can be tracked but not in the witch-hunting sense. The support team would not hesitate to track a suspected or reported user just to ensure that other users do not fall victim to any circumstance that could have been averted.

Can the police trace CoffeeMeetsBagel?

We know you are wondering why the police would want to trace CoffeeMeetsBagel. Anyways, the police cannot trace the app or a user’s account without a legal warrant in cases of investigation. However, no unlawful infringement is allowed.

Who can I ask if I have questions about my privacy in CoffeeMeetsBagel?

Ideally, you are to read up the apps privacy policy before you finally sign up as a member. On the other hand, the customer support team can be asked any question that bothers you as a user.


CoffeeMeetsBagel mostly keeps a user’s profile private and only shares it with those you find as potential matches. Your safety on the platform is guaranteed to a great magnitude; regardless, we urge you to keep safe. Make your online safety your responsibility.

Are CoffeeMeetsBagel Forums moderated?

Although CoffeeMeetsBagel does not have forums, you can chat with a bagel or a potential match. No one is saddled with the responsibility of moderating your conversation.

What will happen to a member who solicits money using a CoffeeMeetsBagel account?

Aside from soliciting money, if you are found flouting terms and conditions as given by CoffeeMeetsBagel, you would be penalized. We believe the platform scowls at this; therefore, members are expected to be well-behaved and comply with the terms and conditions they agreed to.

Banned account

It is important to note that the site would not hesitate to ban you if found in the wrong or thought to breach terms and conditions. The site takes it seriously when you report and acts quickly after thoroughly investigating the infringement.

Why can’t I enter CoffeeMeetsBagel?

If you are reported for suspicious behavior, and it is confirmed, your access can be denied. Another reason could be your network connection. Check if it is intact and try to log in; if access is still denied, then contact the customer support team.

Do bans last long on CoffeeMeetsBagel?

We earlier talked about doing things right on the platform; you certainly cannot get banned when you act right. Usually, bans last for a long time, but often it is subject to the legal terms and stated policies.

Can I reactivate my banned account?

The best and surest way out is to avoid getting your account banned. We understand that it is human to err, so if this happens to be your case, contact the support service and expect further directives.

Protect yourself

Every user of the app needs to ensure that they do their part in protecting themselves also. Nevertheless, CoffeeMeetsBagel seeks to protect members by default via upholding policies that safeguard users. CoffeeMeetsBagel will not be held responsible if you do not do your bit as a user.

Can I block and report a suspected scammer on the app?

You can do this by contacting the support team. Typically CoffeeMeetsBagel uses algorithms to find your potential matches from their user’s database. There is rarely the case of you finding a scammer.

What information is not allowed on your CoffeeMeetsBagel account?

We advise all users not to post sensitive and private information online except you have come to trust your match. It is important you come a long way with a person before you share confidential stuff with them.

Help and Support

CoffeeMeetsBagel is always ready to assist users and help them at every point they require support. They offer top-notch customer services and give prompt responses to members every time they request support.

For general support and inquiries: contact@coffeemeetsbagel.com

To become a partner: partner@coffeemeetsbagel.com

For press inquiries: press@coffeemeetsbagel.com

Real life review

CoffeeMeetsBagel Real life review

The CoffeeMeetsBagel reviews come alive when you know what users are saying about the app; here is what we found:

“I’ve used the app for ten months now, and I can assure newbies it’s worth to try. I feel safe and free using the service, as I can always get help from the support team or just block the user I don’t like. By the way, never met an obvious fakes here. I believe the app’s management takes care of them, or they are just that shifty to fool the system. Anyway, I never had trouble with things like this. People are real, and if you have any doubts, you can search them on Facebook. Nice app, fun to use.”

Is CoffeeMeetsBagel really the best dating service?

No doubt, there are numerous dating sites and apps out there; however, if what you want is a lasting relationship that will blossom, then, CoffeeMeetsBagel is the best dating app to find your exceptional match.

Is CoffeeMeetsBagel safe to use?

The app is practically safe. As far as CoffeeMeetsBagel is concerned, it authenticates and verifies user’s information as well as protects it. You are always implored to observe online dating rules and not be careless.

Can CoffeeMeetsBagel considered as a hook-up app?

The straight answer to this question is NO. Most of the users are after long term relationships. The percentage of those looking for a hook up on the app is minimal.

Is CoffeeMeetsBagel available for free?

The app is free; you can easily download it from your Apple or Google store.

How does CoffeeMeetsBagel operates?

The app uses your Facebook information to put together a matched group from friends of your friends. The female user gets 6 potential matches from men that liked them every day while men have to like or pass a woman shown as a potential match within 24hours. They receive new Bagels, otherwise known as matches, every day. You become connected with a match once you both like each other; you also can start messaging instantly.

Are there fake or scam users on the CoffeeMeetsBagel app?

CoffeeMeetsBagel ensures that they screen their member’s profiles in order not to have scammers or fake people on the app. Most importantly, users are encouraged to use their discretion and be very careful. Even if potential matches are familiar, ensure you do not rush things.

Alternative sites like CoffeeMeetsBagel

CoffeeMeetsBagel Alternative sites

The CoffeeMeetsBagel app is perfect for those seeking a long term relationship. This review is not complete without a run-through of a few CoffeeMeetsBagel competitors. Elite Singles, eHarmony, OkCupid, and Match.com are some alternative sites to CoffeeMeetsBagel.

Contact Information

Company: CoffeeMeetsBagel

Address: SOMA Central, 560 Mission Street/Suite 1367, San Francisco, CA 94105

Phone-Hotline: 917-574-8082

E-Mail: contact@coffeemeetsbagel.com


CoffeeMeetsBagel seeks to bring quality potential matches to users daily. Not only does the app help you save time, but it also saves you a lot of stress and heartbreak while seeking love through online platforms. The app has recorded several successful marriages and is suitable for those that want something real, especially for those that are serious about finding love that lasts.

When used carefully, the dating site helps you spark that fire you have always longed for in your relationship. It is a serious dating site for those that are ready to build a relationship in the long term. If this is your desire, quickly visit CoffeeMeetsBagel.com to find out more or download the app today and share with us what you think.

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    Customer reviews
    Jonathan Thompson
    by Jonathan Thompson Nov 19, 2021
    Exemplary services for those not afraid of dating online and open dialogues. The software was well organized and has now many signed-up people. Texting is simple, and all additional options are easy to use and discover. As to me, I've currently discover partner with whom our personal biochemistry certainly clicking.
    Dorothy Robinson
    by Dorothy Robinson Nov 14, 2021
    I'm widowed and extremely craved to obtain another chance at romance. Thank this website for help since I obtained my own desire. We do not prepare too many lasting ideas and merely relish one another. We meeting, traveling, and show a variety of recreation. It is the most breathtaking thing in our very own relationships. I really enjoy simple spouse and wish our very own relationship will develop and proceed to the next stage. A lot of people are looking to get partners at matrimony on-line services, and in most cases, that type of situations was upsetting because you think goods in look house windows. This software differs from the others. You might start off with communicating and result in the chapel. This service membership enjoys a beneficial complex background. I personally use this site mostly over at my computer, but sometimes I speak with customers and look your activities from my own new iphone. No troubles whatsoever. I've observed no pests . things is very effective, without errors. As soon as I sign in, I use the internet site so long as i would like without interruptions and frustrating reloads. I am hoping they stays by doing this, as well as preserve quality. If only everybody all the best ! since my favorite has recently discover me.
    by Ralphs Nov 11, 2021
    I signed up with this web site a year ago and got great knowledge. Now, You will find a reliable and mind-blowing mate, and we're good jointly. I'd suggest the app because You will find learned from direct feel it operates. We note that many individuals usually whine about no games, believing that they merely spend time and money. Still, i will be aware that when anyone cannot select somebody, they generally boot their own disappointments to outside aspects. Work, family, internet dating sites, in other words, almost always there is person accountable. However, you should never lose hope, and almost everything will be fine. Like for example, it required around 7 months to get to know my favorite partner.
    Josephine Garcia
    by Josephine Garcia Nov 04, 2021
    I'd like more daters to know that this specific service 100% does its job without tactics. Those people that genuinely crave to discover in touch with a special someone won't be sorry for their alternatives any time applying for the platform. The most important thing just to give up. We have previously found my favorite beloved, and also now we are now happier. I'm arousal and concord, as means lots. Extremely, we have been crazy, and it's never ever too far gone for individuals of all ages and demands. I will suggest this great site, thus only decide to try.