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Easysex.Com Review 2022: Great Hookup Site?

Easysex.Com Review 2022: Great Hookup Site?
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Active Audience 50%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 1 258 500
Reply Rate 82%
Ease of Use 7.7
Popularity 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can sign up in 10 min on Easysex.com
  • Identity verification is an essential aspect from a safety point of view.
  • You can keep an eagle eye on the list of hottest members on the platform.
  • The user profiles are very descriptive, giving insight into the personality of the users.
  • You can enjoy Live Chat.
  • Members have an option to report profiles that are a scam.
  • Easysex.com is suitable for people of all sexual orientations.
  • Only limited features are available for free users.
  • There is no mobile app that you can download for free on your Apple and Android devices
  • Identity verification takes around 72 hours.


  • The website enjoys an excellent reputation in the field of online dating.
  • The site offers an effective matchmaking service.
  • Newsfeed keeps you up to date with the latest activities on the portal.
  • You can find people of all sexual orientations active on the website.
  • Identity verification ensures providing you a safe dating experience.

Easysex.com is one of the most popular platforms for sexually active people and those interested in sexual activities. Apart from finding a sex partner on the portal, you can also enjoy explicit adult content. Join communities, unique platforms, clubs, and play games or video games to keep yourself entertained. Millions of users register themselves on the site, with more than 290,000 members hailing from the USA alone.

Besides the USA, the website is widespread globally, including in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Around 58,500 members are active on the portal every week. Males and females are equally active on the platform, with men being slightly more than women. 56 % of users are males, and 44% are females, contrary to the trend that most online dating portals follow. Not only singles but couples can also create an account on the EasySex.com website.


The majority of users on the portal are in search of sexual adventures. The place is not an appropriate platform to look for romantic encounters, but you may consider yourself lucky if you find one. The principal purpose of the website is to cater to the needs of horny individuals. Not only does the website constitute of straight population, but it also houses the LGBT community. The site is rich in content and features to keep all age groups entertained and hooked. Not only does the portal makes an effort to engage the existing members but also to attract new members. The site consistently tries to push the boundary and add something new for the users to fetch more content.

How Does Easysex.Com Work?

The matchmaking system of the website is unique and compelling. Depending on the information you provide during the registration process helps the site in matchmaking. The site pairs you with people who suit your choices and preferences. You have access to browse the user profiles of all the other members.

The Easysex.com Reviews suggests essential search functions allow you to use filters like gender, age, photo only, and online. If you desire to narrow down the search results, you can use a diverse range of search filters. You can employ a wide range of filters like location, ethnicity, age, etc., to cut short the suggestion list. You also have the power to switch from one platform to the other affiliated websites to look for explicit adult content. Whether you are looking for straight sex, BDSM or LGBT, you will find it all on the network.

Signing Up At Easysex.Com

  • Sign up on the website for free.
  • The registration process comprises of few easy steps.
  • Sign up process completes in few minutes.
  • Your essential information is enough.
  • You need to come up with a unique username and password.
  • A platform that entertains adults only.
  • There are 12 required fields that you need to fill.

The registration process on the EasySex.com website is quick and easy. You need to spare few minutes to complete the entire registration process that requires only your essential information. You need to reveal your age, sex, sexual preference, and email address. You must be 18 years of age or above to create an account on the portal. After you finish the registration process, you can create a username and password.

There are around 12 fields that you need to fill. Once all the steps are complete, you are free to explore various profiles on the platform. Once you have made the profile, it takes some time before it reflects on the system. After you submit the profile, it goes for review and then becomes visible to the other members. It takes 72 hours to get approval on your profile. If your profile gets rejected or needs modification, you get a notification.

How To Start Contact

Profiles Easysex.Com
  • There are limited communication tools.
  • Premium members have access to video-text chatting.
  • Public and private chat rooms are available.

There are not plenty of ways to connect with other members. You are free to employ the inbuilt emailing service and other popular communication channels, including gift exchange service and live chats. If you are a free member, the only option you have is to use text chat. Premium members can avail the feature of live video chats, which is a more effective way of initiating communication.

Profiles Easysex.Com

  • User profiles are descriptive.
  • The biographic data of the user is visible on the profile.
  • The profile gives a glimpse of the personality of the user.

Easysex.com Review suggests that the user profiles are very detailed and descriptive. During the registration, process users fill in important biographic details like age, gender, location, etc. Apart from this, users also answer particular questions that indirectly aim to reveal the user’s personality in terms of their lifestyle, appearance, interests, hobbies, etc. Not all users are willing to show all sides of their personality.

Still, most of the users sincerely answer these questions and thereby complete their profiles. There is also a section on the Easysex.com app where users can upload private pictures, which are only visible to registered members. One of the website’s best features is that your profile is not visible to non-registered users on the platform, which is a fabulous safety feature for you.

How To Avoid Fake Profiles

The verification process that each file undergoes does not leave a scope for fake profiles on the network. If you still come across a profile that you are suspicious about, you can report abuse. one of the many ways to determine if the profile is fake or not is to go through the user profiles thoroughly. Only genuine users make an effort to complete the profile and add real-life profile photos.

Design & Usability Easysex.Com

  • The website design is intuitive and straightforward
  • All icons exist in one place.
  • Intimidating count down and warning signs often catch attention from users.
  • The web design is highly responsive.

Easysex.com is an excellent platform associated with multiple affiliated websites and networks, hooking it to the primary medium. The cliche design and layout of the website are clean and straightforward. All the icons that help you navigate the EasySex.com website are the homepage’s top bar, which somehow seems to cause congestion and stress to the eyes. As you scroll down, you find a description of the portal and the services it provides. One thing that might seem intimidating to many people who are new to the online dating concept is the glance of a rectangular box containing the word “WARNING” in dazzling red color and a count-down timer. You will also witness the presence of categories that help you search for your partner in a better way. You can find games, videos, streams, people, and all types of content that users upload. The website’s top bar lets you access any content you want and go to your profile to add or edit information. The responsive web design allows you to use the website on any device, including your mobile phone, laptop, and computer.

Mobile App Easysex.Com

Mobile App Easysex.Com
  • No Easysex.com app is available
  • The mobile-friendly web version is a relief

There is no mobile app available for free download. The unavailability of the mobile app is one of the major flaws that you cannot overlook. You can, however, access the site by browsing it on your cell phone. The mobile-friendly web version tries to compensate for the lack of a mobile app. The website developers might come out with a mobile app in the future, but currently, you do not have this luxury.

Special Features

In the era of competition, hundreds of online dating platforms serve more or less the same services. In such a scene, it becomes difficult for the websites to hook existing users and attract new users to join the platform. Thus, the websites offer their users unique features to keep them entertained and make browsing comparatively easy. These features are known to be unique and, therefore, a hooking weapon for the website. Following are some of the noticeable and unique features:

  • Quick Search

The feature allows you to look for a compatible match in the fastest and fastest way. The option is available in the extreme top right corner of the website. You can choose the characteristics that are listed and then click on search. The website then shows you the list of potential matches saving your time and effort.

  • Advanced Search

Advanced search is another way to make your search more precise and accurate, depending on your choice and preference. You need to type the characters you are looking for in a partner, and the website will display the potential matches. The feature helps you to save your valuable time and your efforts.

  • Group Chat

The feature allows users to chat with the rest of the active members who have logged into the group chat session. Group chat is a fabulous way of connecting with multiple people simultaneously. The chances of getting a sex partner in less time also increase if you are active on the group chat.

  • Private chat

Another attractive feature on the portal is the option to indulge in private chat. While you are active on a group chat, you can invite a user of your choice to join a private chat room. You need to click the username and send an invitation to the user.

Easysex.com Costs

Special Features

You get many features for free, but most of these are just basic features. There are many exciting and advanced features also available on the portal that have limited access. You must upgrade your membership to premium if you wish to use all the features and make the platform’s maximum use. Upgrading your membership might put some burden on your pocket, but it is worth it. Following tabular chart shows you the cost of buying the membership:

Duration Cost
1 Month $38.23

Basic Membership

The free membership does not give you access to as many services as platinum membership. However, there are certain free features that are vital to use the functions on the platform actively:

  • You can browse the endless content
  • You are free to check out communities
  • Some communication channels are available for free
  • Playing game is also a free feature

Premium Membership

You need to spend a little money to upgrade your membership from free to premium. Upgrading membership might put some burden on your pocket. Still, in return, it will offer you a plethora of features that will make your experience exciting and fun. Following are the premium features that you get:

  • Endless access to all types of content
  • Access to all the available communication channels

Easysex.com Coupons

Unfortunately, the website does not offer any coupons to lessen the burden on your pockets.

Verification & Safety Easysex.com

No profile appears on the network unless it undergoes a verification test. Once you complete the registration, you need to wait for hours to see your profile on the website. The website claims to have SSL-encryption that prevents you from any cyber-attack.

Is Easysex.Com Scam?

No, Easysex.com is not a scam but an open platform to help people find a sex partner and gain access to explicit content. The website promises to eliminate as much spam as it possibly can. However, in case you spot spam, you need to contact customer support immediately.

Is Easysex.Com Legit?

Yes, Easysex.com is a legit dating platform that has been serving the community for years. Millions of active users on the website bear testimony that it has successfully helped users find casual sex partners without any strings attached.

Is Easysex.Com Anonymous?

If you do not register on the site, you cannot view a member’s profile. The feature is an essential privacy provider that every site must provide to its user. You get to choose a username for yourself during the registration process. It is up to you whether you use your real name or fake identity to keep yourself anonymous. However, there is no medium to mask your profile photo; therefore, you are visible to everyone. Additionally, when you pay for upgrading your membership to the premium, you lose your anonymity.

The Problem With Easysex.Com

The Problem With Easysex.Com

The website offers plenty of features, irrespective of whether these are for free or paid. However, there are many places where improvement is required. Some of the flaws are easy to ignore, but not all. Following are some of the inevitable flaws that are hard to ignore:

  • Absence of mobile App

One thing that all the users crave when they begin using an online dating platform is a mobile application. However, the website fails to cater to this need of the users. Due to the lack of a mobile app, users cannot stay active on the go. Not only does it cause inconvenience, but it also results in missing opportunities as it is hard to revert to the messages on time.

  • Identity verification takes time.

After you complete the registration process and submit the form, your profile does not become visible on the website instantly. It takes around 72 hours for your profile to become visible on the website. In case any modification is required, or your profile gets rejected, you get a notification.

  • Deleting an account is not possible.

It is easy to sign up on the website but deleting your account is not easy. Unlike another online dating portal, the Easysex.com website does not have an option to delete the account. You can only hide your profile if you do not want to continue using the portal’s services.

  • The payment option does not allow remaining anonymous.

There is no way to pay for the premium membership without revealing your real identity.

Help & Support

The customer support services available on the portal are not that influential, and you might have to struggle to get support online. The only way to connect with the customer support representative is via the Contact Form you need to complete and submit. Though the representatives try to revert as soon as possible but getting a response might take some time.

Easysex.Com Alternatives

If you are not finding the services on the website’s worth or desire to explore other online dating platforms, you have plenty of options. However, you must explore the best options. Following are some of the best alternatives to the portal that you can try:

  • Badoo
  • Collarspace
  • NoStringsHookups
  • WellHello


Each time a doubt crops up in mind regarding anything new that you are planning to do, it is better to clear the doubt. The same is the case with the Easysex.com website, and there must be hundreds of questions revolving in your mind about the use of the site and the safety. Here are answers to some of the common problems that must be bothering most of you.

What Are The Membership Fees For Easysex.Com

You can initially register on the site for free, but later, you must upgrade a membership to use advanced features. You need to pay $38.23 for one month, and this has attained a positive rating.

What Is My Username For Easysex.Com

The website allows you to choose a username for yourself. You can select a username when you register on the site.

What Is Easysex.Com Used For?

The Easysex.com app is a platform that is a blessing for those who are looking for casual sex partners without getting exposed to societal pressure. The place is also an excellent source of explicit adult content, and it makes an ultimate dating platform.

Is Easysex.Com A Real Dating Site?

Yes, Easysex.com is undeniably an open dating platform that members join to find casual sex partners. Also, the website is an excellent source of explicit adult content.

How To Delete Easysex.Com Account?

How To Delete Easysex.Com Account?

You cannot delete an account from the website. Once you create an account on the platform, it is there forever. The only step you can take is to hide your profile if you no longer want to use the services. follow the steps to hide your profile:

  • Go to the navigation bar
  • Click on My Settings
  • Click on Hide My Profile
  • Tap Save

Contact Information

Here are the organization details.

Company: Kamparri Trading Ltd. 42

Email: support@Easysex.com.com

Address: Dositheou Street, Strovolos, Nicosia 2028 Cyprus


More than 2 million users are actively browsing the platform, with thousands of users active on the site every week, making it a lively place to enjoy explicit content. As evident from Easysex.com Reviews, there is no better place to find sex and indulge in sexual activities than this portal. It promises to help you find sex most effortlessly as the portal models are very passionate and engaging. They understand the user’s feelings and precisely behave that satisfies their curiosity for sex and do not shy away from indulging in sexual activities. Not only is it a fantastic place to see adult content but also a fabulous place if you are in search of opportunities to get laid. You must upgrade your membership to premium if you desire to access the exciting and advanced features available to connect with other members. The Easysex.com website takes a decent time to verify each user profile to prevent fake users from entering the network, thereby providing a safe environment to all the females.

Have you ever used the portal easysex.com? How was the experience?

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Customer reviews
Mildred Moore
by Mildred Moore Jan 12, 2022
We licensed for this site each year . 5 earlier, and that I had been out for a time. In addition, Having been pleased to receive loads of matches day-to-day, which made me expect best. Shortly, I came across an excellent individual, sense the biochemistry and connection between people, and we go along effectively currently. I would personally point out that the top quality program prices are reasonable and affordable.
Joanne Jackson
by Joanne Jackson Jan 06, 2022
Incredible application, matchmaking has a tendency to carry out easily, doesn't need enough time get started. You could potentially create your game account and a dashboard in a couple of minutes and employ the website quickly. Many of us were moaning around settled program, but there is no these types of factor as a free of cost meal, I think. As for myself, I'm happy with needed. I found some of my favorites in the real world, but I haven't opted for special someone consequently. I love appreciation, existence, and outlook I've have any time subscribed to this application. By-the-way, furthermore, it is beneficial on mobile phones, also without installing system.
Ann Phillips
by Ann Phillips Jan 02, 2022
This application was genuine, and I'm experiencing proof of their performance. I can not whine about it app as it provided me with the hottest schedules during lifestyle. So, I've very happy to participate in it and possess a whole lot enjoyable. However, it's perhaps not come without unsuccessful matches, but In my opinion this is often fairly a natural techniques. You will not get it all in a moment, and a few days of messaging is normally expected to organize a meetup.
by Carstens Dec 24, 2021
Really love this specific service. We produced arrangements to meet up group for a coffee and a party. I do think they drove very effectively. You will find certainly not chosen however regarding the further periods, but I'm back at my way to opt for the one which is really unique. Okay, need me fortune, anyone.
Ray Murphy
by Ray Murphy Dec 20, 2021
I used to be somewhat suspicious which would become just about anywhere, and I can get anything meaningful on this web site. My best mate prefers online dating, and I've merely joined the web page for entertainment. Well, okay, truthfully communicating, I just now planned to corroborate that online dating does indeedn't manage and inform him or her later, "There you are actually, pal, I said so." But I absolutely located online flirting addictive and started emailing really fascinating personalities. I have brand new pals and in some cases some fanatics. Therefore, I'm getting a date off-line take pleasure in latest reviews.
by Charlotte Dec 17, 2021
I was genuinely shocked to view this type of a functional a relationship app. I've already been subscribed to 12 months already. After numerous mediocre goes, i discovered my great accommodate. It just happened a couple of months before, and we're nevertheless feel happy with one another. I'm not appearing beyond that nowadays. Continue to, I am going to be happier if our very own connections develop. So until then, I'm satisfied and would like to say thank you in this application for delivering us all collectively.
by Emir Dec 09, 2021
My personal knowledge on this web site got excellent. Personally I think totally comfortable when you use they and messaging different people. The service has actually a pretty good technical high quality, and web pages, clips, and picture fill speedy and hassle-free. I will arranged several screens, which motivates self esteem in the process of joining with people that I enjoy. The city is definitely comprehensive. There are tons of contacts honestly in search of real periods, whether it be about hookups or some other kinds of relations. Hence, at the moment, my encounter is merely constructive. I got a few schedules, therefore comprise fine however flawlessly appropriate myself. So, I'm gonna carry on my favorite browse, and also this webpages would be the best source for information, in my opinion.
by Emily Dec 09, 2021
My favorite feel until now has become 100percent incredible. This is often outstanding application with hassle-free texting. Technical support is also cool. As soon as we forgot a password along with to reset they. Okay, better, almost everything is sorted out in a couple of minutes. I've currently have some couples to speak with, but I'm perhaps not in a rush meet up with consumers not online. I'm enjoying the procedures yet since the telecommunications in my faves is basically cool and turns me personally about often. Fantastic value, lots of horny users, and routing are simple. I prefer such a facile and successful manner of on the internet hookups.
Virginia Johnson
by Virginia Johnson Dec 04, 2021
Amazing dating site! I accompanied they just the past year and also, since after that came across a couple of buddies with pros. Additionally, we chat with numerous consumers from the most popular list. Chatting is good, as a chat screen is really handy. Customers become open-minded, friendly, and energetic. I have certain preferences, and no any judges me personally. Hence, personally i think absolutely safe and cozy.
by Issac Nov 24, 2021
I really like this service. After are a subscribed user for up to 8 weeks, i discovered newer close friends, so there is not to complain about. The interface enables you to build an appealing member profile with lots of attractive pictures. If you don't feeling it essential to make out all of the industries, you'll overlook any of them. I suppose that pics would be the main point since the relax you are able to display while chatting and talking. We don't posses somebody for a relationship now, but I'm back at my strategy. My home is a rural community, many meets happen to be not even close me personally. But deciding on the existing faves and our on the web discussion, i shall go out pretty soon. In any event, the app really works, and also the society is awesome. We unapproved some freaks, but I've fulfilled nobody therefore terrible as to obstruct all of them from contacting me personally.
by Mohamed Nov 19, 2021
My favorite relationship had not been really abundant before I've enrolled with this app. Everything transformed right away after I registered and launched chatting those I've liked on the internet site. Naturally, some consumers denied myself, but that's maybe not a problem. Preference differ, because it is explained. Usually, I've received quite valid fits that permitted me to build many family. One particular really received under my own facial skin. Within two weeks of communicating, all of us received our personal primary meeting. As every single thing is tip-top, we've planned the 2nd day eventually. This indicates I've chose my best accommodate.
by GILES Nov 14, 2021
Exemplary assistance for those who are unafraid of online dating and available dialogues. The application try well-organized possesses a lot of signed-up consumers. Texting is not difficult, as well as other options are simple to use and discover. Regarding me personally, I've currently located a friend with whom all of our biochemistry is absolutely clicking on.
by Bradberry Nov 13, 2021
I'm widowed and really craved to have another potential at prefer. Thanks a lot this website for assist since I have grabbed our wish. Do not make excessive long-lasting plans and simply enjoy each other. We all date, travel, and share an array of activities. This is actually the best thing in all of our interactions. I love my favorite mate and hope that our very own love will establish and drive to the next level. A lot of people are seeking spouses at matrimony on the internet agencies, and typically, that sort of abstraction was disturbing as you feel products in look computers running windows. This software is different. You are likely to start off with conversation and result in the church. This service membership has actually a complex back ground. I prefer the website mainly back at my laptop computer, but at times I correspond with people and check simple tasks from simple new iphone 4. No troubles whatsoever. I've observed no bugs . everything works well, without problems. As I sign in, I use the internet site assuming that i'd like without disturbances and aggravating reloads. I am hoping they remains as planned, in addition they look after top quality. I wish everybody best of luck since our has recently realized me.
by Rachelle Nov 10, 2021
I joined this incredible website last year and obtained outstanding practice. At this point, i've a competent and mind-blowing lover, and we're good along. I'd advocate the software because I have knew from immediate event it operates. We realize that a lot of people often grumble about no fights, convinced that they just spend time and cash. Nevertheless, i ought to remember that when folks cannot select a person, they generally boot his or her downfalls to additional facets. Career, relatives, online dating sites, this means that, often there is a person responsible. Nevertheless, you shouldn't lose hope, and every thing are ok. For example, they took me nearly 7 times in order to meet our companion.
Mary Abbott
by Mary Abbott Nov 03, 2021
Excellent feeling. I have found lots of nice and fascinating someone and a few freaks . that's a norm if you are using the internet. Some games weren't inside my locality . that's why we kept close friends. I ought to point out that this service gives numerous means in making other consumers keep in mind your. Very first, it's room enough to provide the profile and supply adequate information on your appearance and characteristics. Then, messaging happens to be all right. Typically, one access full online interactions and may create a romantic date whenever when you're equipped to satisfy your chosen in the real world.
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