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ABDLMatch Review: Great Dating Site?

ABDLMatch Rreview: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 11%
Reply rate 84%
Beauty 85%
Popular age 18-45
Profiles 7.764.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • ABDLMatch has a high user reply rate.
  • The ABDLMatch website has SSL Certificate Encryption.
  • Its subscription prices are low.
  • The User Interface is intuitive.
  • User profiles aren’t open to the public.
  • The first page of the site doesn’t have explicit images.
  • It verifies email addresses.
  • Users may choose who can view their profiles.
  • There is no mobile version of the platform.
  • There are many fake profiles on the site.
  • There is very little detail about the site’s owner.
  • Users are not redirected to other websites.

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ABDLMatch is a role-playing dating platform for people who find adult diapers sexually interesting. The site also considers itself to be a unique adult hookup platform where users can share their adult preferences. It also accepts users of a wide range of sexual orientations. It was launched in 2013, with the primary aim to cater for the growing number of adults that use diapers as a form of sexual fetish. It is focused on diaper lovers, caregivers and adult babies who are interested in meeting people with similar sexual preferences.

The target audience of the ABDLMatch website is Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers, who would love to be a part of an online dating community. They are also looking to interact and connect with other ABDL individuals to share preferences, flirt online, and meet up in real life.

Who owns ABDLMatch?

The owner of the platform is currently unknown.

So where is ABDLMatch based now?

The dating site is based in Spain.

When was ABDLMatch founded?y

It was launched in 2013.

Is ABDLMatch available worldwide?

Yes, the site does not offer services to just one geographical area, and you can access the ABDLMatch website from anywhere in the world.

How many languages does ABDLMatch support?

It supports English, but users can interact with one another in other languages.

Special Features

Special Features

Some of the features of ABDLMatch is peculiar to dating sites for ABD-loving folks. People consider them to be the standout features of the platform.

It is one of the unique features that allow users to search for other users based on his/her location. It gives him/her a better chance of finding someone close to hook up with.

Anonymous Profile

The Anonymous Profile feature ensures that only logged in users can view other people’s profiles on the site. The user can also set up his profile to allow only certain categories of users to view it.


ABDLMatch allows you to send winks to other users. Winks are alerting messages that don’t say anything. They are used to attract other users’ attention, the same way the “wave” or “thumbs up” work on conventional social media.

Audience Quality

The main interest of the users of the platform is meeting other people who share the same ABDL fetish. Their goal is to share related adult content and possibly meet up in real life. Most of the users are from the USA and Spain, but the site can be accessed from elsewhere geographically. The most spoken language on ABDLMatch is English.

Age Distribution

While there is no general population statistics of ABDLMatch, the predominant age range on the dating site is 25-36 years, based on the female population statistics. The majority of male profiles are slightly older, but you would generally find people of a wide age range on the site.

Fakes and Scammers

ABDLMatch tries as much as it can to delete fake and scammer profiles. It has an email verification system, and users are encouraged to report phony accounts as soon as possible. However, this ABDLMatch review found out that there is a significant amount of fake profiles despite the cautionary measures.

Mobile App and Website

Mobile App and Website

The ABDLMatch website is responsive and feature-rich for a platform as niche as it is. It stays true to the primary goal of catering for a growing community of Adult Babies/Diaper Lovers. However, it completely misses out of the mobile apps space due to the lack of a mobile version. It means that users are stuck with having to open a browser every time they want to log in to their accounts.

ABDLMatch App

There is no mobile app (official or non-official) for ABDLMatch as of yet.

ABDLMatch website

The platform’s website is functional and straightforward. It has a minimalist design that does away with most of the images. A text-heavy layout makes the overall user interface unattractive. However, the CTA buttons have high contrast, and immediately grab the user’s attention.

The top half of the website explains the concept of adult baby dating. It also encourages new users to embrace the interest in diapers and interact with others like them. The bottom half is where ABDLMatch states the community it manages, and for how long.

Can I use the app using my computer?

No, since there is no app for ABDLMatch.

Which browsers support ABDLMatch?

ABDLMatch is supported by all major desktop browsers, including Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. Mobile browsers such as Opera, Samsung Browser, Kiwi Browser, etc. support the platform as well.

Why am I having a hard time entering the site?

The common reason for a hard time when trying to access ABDLMatch is an internet connection outage from the user’s side. Sometimes, the site could be not accessible owing to upgrades or other reasons the site administrator might have.



ABDLMatch decided to use a simple design for its website. It makes the user interface very practical. New and existing users go straight to the point on the site without any distractions at all. There is a small number of images on the main page of the website, and the CTA buttons are the only main visual disruptors in a text-only layout.

On the one hand, the minimalist design fits the purpose of the platform. It’s an online dating site for Adult Babies/Diaper Lovers – a sexual fetish that other people can easily misunderstand. Having a no-frills interface makes it easy for ABDLs to get into the community without stress.

On the other hand, the design is drab and unattractive to other individuals who might just be curious about ABDL. It might also confuse potential users since they didn’t get enough visual hint of the site’s operations.

Registration process

The registration process consists of 9 easy steps. It means it is one of the most effortless registrations a dating site can have, and would typically take no more than 10 minutes.

You start on the main page of the ABDLMatch website, and you’ll be required to fill in information such as name, gender, and the type of users you’d prefer to interact with (“Mommy,” “Daddy,” ABDL male/female or Transexual).

You will then proceed to input a valid email address and a unique password. Further down, you will have to specify your age, country, and state.

The ABDLMatch website advises you to pick an expressive username, without making it lengthy. There is a field where you are required to upload a picture of you. You can then tap on the big blue “Join now” button after filling out all of the fields.

ABDLMatch proceeds to verify the email you provide. It entails you click a link sent to the email address you gave. It drops you back to the ABDLMatch website.

The verification process completes the entire registration, making you a member of a dating site, and opening you to your main profile page.

Can I unmatch an ABDLMatch member?

The only real way to unmatch another member of ABDLMatch is blocking this person. The user won’t be able to communicate with you thenceforth.

How old should I be to register on ABDLMatch?

ABDLMatch would only register individuals of minimum 18 years of age.

Which ways can I verify my account?

The platform verifies its users with the help of emails. The email verification process doesn’t require you to provide additional information or documents. It only uses the valid email address you provided while registering the first time.

How do I verify my email?

You only need to provide the email. You immediately get a link sent to it, and you’re required to open the mail and click the link therein. It brings you back to ABDLMatch, and you become verified.

What happens if I register using my Facebook Account?

ABDLMatch doesn’t have the option to register using a Facebook account. However, you can input your Facebook account in the About Me section of your profile.

Can I use the site without signing up?

No. For security reasons, the whole features of the platform are not available to someone who doesn’t have an account here.

Profile Set-up

Profile Set-up

You can begin to set up your ABDLMatch profile once you’ve been verified and completed registration.

You have to visit the About Me section of the main page and fill out the fields there. It has an area for a short introduction, where you need to write something about yourself, and upload a picture if you can.

You can choose to skip the setup process. However, if you don’t fill in your details, other users won’t see your profile in search.

The search algorithm uses specific criteria that your profile has to have. Not filling the fields with required information also means that ABDLMatch would consider your profile fake and moderate the account.

Can I delete a photo that I uploaded to ABDLMatch?

No. However, the site’s administrators moderate the photos you upload. They can remove any of your pictures for you upon request.

Can I edit my username in ABDLMatch?

Yes. You can change the username you gave in the About Me section of your profile. Simply open the settings page, and then the About Me section. You can change and save your username and other information you added.

Is there an option to delete my ABDLMatch profile?

To delete your profile, you have to remove the entire account. If you’re a free member, the action is irreversible. As a premium member, you have to contact the website’s managers.

What happens if I disable the Show me on ABDLMatch option?

The feature allows you to hide your profile from some users. You can find it in the Settings tab, under the Privacy menu. Select the Who can view my account option, and pick out the profiles you don’t want them to view your profile.

Can I delete the information that I’ve already submitted to ABDLMatch?

Yes, but not in full. The personal information you provided in the short introduction can be changed and edited. However, basic info such as email and age cannot be changed. Pictures can only be removed by the platform as well.

Member search

You can start searching for other profiles to interact with based on your specific criteria. The search function allows you to search based on details such as gender, location, and preferences. You can also turn up in other people’s searches the same way.

Is it possible to see the ABDLMatch members who I liked?

Yes, it is. The profiles you have liked will show up in a list on your main profile page.

What are the different options of ABDLMatch search?

There are several ways you can initiate a search on the dating platform. The search options are available to both free and paid members, but more search criteria come with a subscription.

Start searching using the age range criteria. You can also use gender. You receive search results based on a specific range and sexual preference, respectively.

Also, there is the option to search using the online feature. It allows you to find other users based on their current online status. However, you won’t be able to see those that are offline at the time.

Can I see if someone liked me on ABDLMatch if I am a free member?

No. You would have to subscribe to be able to view other users that have liked your profile at some point.


The messaging functionality on the platform allows you to send and receive messages, winks, and other content types. Since the platform is majorly based on search, you have to search for a user to send him a message. Alternately, you have to show up in other people’s searches before you can receive messages from them.

However, the full message function is only available to paid members, while free users can only send messages, and are not able to reply to them.

How can I start messaging with someone on ABDLMatch?

You have to use the search function and find a compatible person based on location age or gender.

How can I message someone?

When you’ve found the desirable person based on search, you can find the Message button on the displayed profile. Simply tap on the button to send the person a message.

Is sending messages free?

Yes. ABDLMatch has its most essential feature available to all its users for free. You cannot view or reply to messages that you receive, however.

How do I see who messaged me on ABDLMatch?

ABDLMatch has a notification system. You get a visual notification counter on your main profile page, and a sound notification if you agreed to receive notifications.

How do I use the camera on ABDLMatch?

You can use the camera on your device to upload a photo or video content unto ABDLMatch. The platform also allows you to take a picture and post it on your profile.

How can I filter who can messaged me on ABDLMatch?

There are several ways you can specify those that can send you a message and those that can’t. One of them is by using the block function to bar a user from sending you messages subsequently. It works only if the person has sent you a message once. Another way is to hide your profile from the selected profiles.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

The paid membership on ABDLMatch come in two: A Gold membership, and Silver membership. The one month Silver membership plan costs $29, the three-month subscription goes for $57, and the six-month subscription costs $96. All of the subscriptions allow paying monthly at the applicable rate. There is a trial version of these plans, and it costs $3 for each of them.

The Gold membership has a one month plan, which goes for $39. Its three-month offer costs $87, while the half-year subscription goes for $120. They have trial versions as well, and it costs $3.

You can use your credit or debit card to make payment for these subscriptions.

Free Membership Features

Some of the features available to free members of ABDLMatch are:

  • Unlimited Texts: Free users can send as many messages as they want to other users.
  • Profile Browsing: Free members can also browse the profiles of other users without restrictions
  • Profile Update: They are allowed to edit, fill, and change the information on their profile pages at any time.
  • Album viewing: The option to view uploaded photos in other profiles’ gallery is available to non-paying members as well.

Premium Membership Features

A user enjoys the full messaging feature on ABDLMatch if he/she is a premium member. They can send, receive, and reply to messages from other users. Also, the Wink feature is available. It allows the user to have a list of other profiles that have sent them winks. Premium membership means that you can include it as a criterion when using the advanced search function.

Does ABDLMatch offer premium membership?

Yes. Its premium membership is in two tiers, with 3 three plans each.

How do I cancel my ABDLMatch membership?

You have to apply for a termination using the Contact us form located at the bottom of the main page of the site. The platform gives you up to 32 hours to response.

Is ABDLMatch membership auto-renewed?

Yes. The subscription is charged on your account monthly, and your financial institution automatically processes it. However, you can manually disable it by canceling the subscription.

Can I get a refund for unused time?

No. There’s nowhere in the site’s policy that say subscription is refundable. You can only cancel your subscription.

Is my ABDLMatch subscription automatically renewed every month?

It does. However, if you have subscription auto-renewal turned off, the platform will downgrade your membership to a free one.

I am not satisfied with the ABDLMatch. Can I get my money back?

No. You are not eligible for a refund. You can only cancel the subscription and delete the account.

How will my ABDLMatch payments appear on my credit card bill?

ABDLMatch displays your charges as Verotel*vtsup.com or Zombaio.com. It is for privacy and discretionary purposes.

Can I pay for other ABDLMatch members?

Yes. But your credit card company will process it for you, instead of ABDLMatch. You can decide to automate it or make it a one-time operation.

Can I pay for just a month?

You can. You simply have to turn the auto-renewal off.

Is ABDLMatch Really Safe?

Is ABDLMatch Really Safe?

Thanks to the SSL encryption feature of the ABDLMatch website, messages can’t be intercepted. Users’ messages and other content that they share with others are secured. It makes the general usage of the site considerably safe.

Privacy in ABDLMatch

ABDLMatch has a standard procedure to improve privacy on the site. It doesn’t allow non-registered individuals to view profiles. The platform doesn’t allow logging in using social media, making user data less prone to attacks. It also verifies accounts to ensure that they are genuine.

Are ABDLMatch chats encrypted?

Yes. ABDLMatch uses the standard SSL encryption for messages sent and received on its platform. It makes it protected from external attacks and third-party break-in attempts.

Can ABDLMatch track me down?

Not entirely. The site can only investigate and ban an account for bad activities. Even that depends on if another user has reported the account. They can, however, use payment details to track you in real life, but it’s only theoretical.

Can ABDLMatch be traced by the police?

It would be difficult for the police to track ABDLMatch. It is because the real owner and current location details of the site aren’t stated anywhere on the site. However, they can theoretically use the contact us page to track the site.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my privacy on ABDLMatch?

The platform gives room for questions and reservations, including those on the topic of privacy. Which is why it has a dedicated Contact Us page located at the footer of the website. Simply put in your message and question, and attach your email to it; the administrators of the site will attend to it in time.


The user can feel safe to a great extent on ABDLMatch. It is because its policies don’t make it easy for a third party to steal their data. However, you are better off taking cautionary steps on your end as well. Pay close attention to the kind and amount of personal information you share on the site.

Are ABDLMatch forum threads moderated?

ABDLMatch doesn’t have forums. However, it moderates profiles and promptly deals with erring accounts. It has set guidelines for the kind of photos that can be uploaded, or content that can be shared. Once a user contravenes that, ABDLMatch takes the erring content down.

What will happen to a member who uses a ABDLMatch account to solicit money?

Typically, ABDLMatch do nothing until another user has reported the account. When that happens, the platform investigates and suspends the account appropriately. However, there are a lot of phony accounts on the site, making the process of reporting and investigating very lengthy. Most of those accounts that solicit for money often get away with it.

Banned accounts

Banned accounts on ABDLMatch are mostly a result of a violation of the platform’s rules. The site expressly forbids child pornography and violent pictures. By posting such pics, you will get an instant ban. Also, an account can get the boot if other users report it frequently.

Why can’t I access ABDLMatch?

The only tenable reason is that you have been banned from the site, as there are no geographical restrictions on the site. The reason is outside of occasional server outages or internet connection failures, of course.

How long do ABDLMatch bans last?

A ban on ABDLMatch lasts indefinitely. It is because the ban action is a permanent on the site.

How do I reactivate my banned account?

Bans on the platform are normally permanent and irreversible. There is technically no way to reactivate a banned account. You can give it a chance, however, by contacting the site’s managers to see what they can do.

Protect yourself

Protect yourself

Despite the security measures put in place by ABDLMatch, they advocate that users tread with caution when interacting with other users. You need to observe common precautions such as never revealing too many personal details, and so on. Also, financial details, such as account details, should not be shared at all.

How can I block and report a suspected scammer?

You can simply block users you suspect to have an intention to scam by hitting the block button in their profiles. To report the account, open the Contact Us page and report the account; you should back it up with evidence and facts.

Which information shouldn’t be posted in my ABDLMatch Account?

The dating platform doesn’t restrict personal information of all kinds. However, profile and album pictures that depict child pornography and violence are expressly forbidden. You should not post such information.

Help and Support

ABDLMatch has a section for help and support on its website. You can access it by visiting the Contact Us page. It also has a separate FAQ WordPress website for all the popular questions users might have about the site

Real life review

The dating site has tried well to manage a community of Adult Babies and Diaper lovers for a significant number of years. It’s been able to do so by ensuring the safety of users and the security of their data.

Is ABDLMatch the best dating site/app?

Not really. The platform does well in catering for AB/D lovers, but the sore lack of a mobile app makes it only one of the best dating sites for the ABDL community.

Is ABDLMatch safe?

It scores above average for safety, but you still have to be careful with phony accounts.

Is ABDLMatch a hookup site?

No. The site is only suitable for people who want a long-term relationship; both online and offline.

Is ABDLMatch free?

Yes, partially. You need to pay for a subscription to use the site completely, however.

How does ABDLMatch work?

You start by registering and filling in your profile with sufficient details about you. Then, you can proceed to search for other users and sending them messages.

Are there fake or scam members on ABDLMatch?

There are a lot of phony accounts on the platform, despite the standard verification that it has. Most of the scam profile thrive undetected, so most ABDLMatch reviews advise users to use their utmost discretion.

Alternative sites like ABDLMatch

HotEbonyDating.com, JDate.com, and AdultFriendFinder.com are some of the similar dating sites to ABDLMatch.

Contact Information

Information on the dating platform includes:

  • Company Name: ABDL Match
  • Customer Support: ABDLMatch@gmail.com
  • Facebook: ABDLMatch Facebook
  • Twitter: ABDLMatch Twitter
  • Country of Origin: Spain


ABDLMatch is a dating site for individuals who wish to belong to a growing community of Adult Babies and Diaper lovers. It allows them to pursue a long-term relationship and possibly marriage with another user who shares in their sexual fetish and preferences. It is a good recommendation if the user doesn’t mind always having to open a browser to log into his account.

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