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Echat Review: Great Chat Random Site?

Echat Review: Great Dating Site?
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Date with older guy 5%
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Popular age 20-45
Beauty 78%
Profiles 2.450.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Active users leading to quick responses
  • Diverse chatrooms for members on the site
  • Fast and uncomplicated registration
  • It is free
  • The mobile app is nonexistent.
  • The site is lacking in upgrades and maintenance.

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Echat is one of the many direct messaging platforms we have on the internet today, which allows for virtual conversations between people. Much like many other sites, it is a community for people of different backgrounds, interests, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. There are many complaints about dating sites out there from different people, and this constantly deters many from signing up. In this Echat Review, we will be taking an in-depth look at the site and finding out if it is worth your time.

One of the major features of Echat is its plethora of chatrooms for people of diverse traits and learnings. Most people want to date other people with common interests, and Echat makes that available on a platter.

How Many Languages Is The Site Available In?

How Many Languages Is The Site Available In?

Echat is available in countries outside of America. Their Facebook community constitutes users of different nationalities.

Who Owns Echat?

Echat has never been keen on revealing its founders and masterminds. However, we do know that the platform was created by a nonprofit organization to enhance communication amongst Internet users.

Where Is Echat Based?

The Echat team does not have a specific location, at least not one that has been made public. Reaching them will require sending a mail or writing to them on their social media pages.

When Was Echat Founded?

Echat was launched in 2013 by a nonprofit organization. The launch was announced on their Facebook page on the 4th of July, 2013.

Is Echat available worldwide?

Is Echat available worldwide?

Echat is available even for countries outside the United States. The users on the platform are of diverse nationalities, but there is no specific documentation about the number of countries it is available in.

Special Features


Diverse chatrooms are, by far, Echat’s most important feature. It is exactly why the site is still filled with loyal users even after inconsistent and, at some point, nonexistent site upgrades. When you join a chatroom, everyone in the chatroom will be able to send you direct messages. Basically, you might get as many as five messages from five different people within a short time. From that point, you have a choice to continue the virtual conversations or disregard them.

As was mentioned earlier, there are diverse chatrooms on Echat based on topics ranging from LGBTQ to depression. You can join as many chatrooms as you want as far as you feel comfortable in them. Think of the chatrooms as a group chat but one with specific topics. If you are someone with diverse interests, the chatrooms will be worth your while. Nothing beats the bliss of a basketball and hip hop fan discussing the topics in different chatrooms and meeting a potential date who shares their interests.

If you happen not to find a suitable Echat chatroom, what if we told you that you could create one? Well, you can actually. All you need to do is click on the “create chatroom” option and send the invitation links. You’ll be responsible for the maintenance and regulation of the chatroom, and you can kick people out and delete messages when you deem fit.

Direct Messaging

Echat makes it very easy to send messages to other members, and that’s one of the reasons why members still love the site. The site shows you when other users are online, so you can know when to send messages and also figure out if your area is being ignored or not.

Audience Quality

Audience Quality

Echat was tailored towards meeting the needs of people who are looking for new friendships, relationships, and groups online. So, if you are signing up for Echat, just know you’ll meet people with diverse interests and orientations. Some are there to build romantic relationships while some are there to detach themselves from real-life boredom and catch some fun with like-minded strangers. It’s on you to figure out what you want, and thankfully, chatrooms help with that.

Age Distribution

The truth is, Echat has no clear age policy, but you are likely to meet adults with varying interests. Also, some chatroom topics can give you an idea of the average age of people in the chatroom. For instance, an anime chatroom is very likely to be filled with under 30 adults; this could make it a little uncomfortable for older persons. The onus is on members to pick a chatroom; they are comfortable with a7nd cautiously build relationships if they want to.

Fakes And Scammers

Scammers and swindlers are present on almost every social networking platform, and the problem has been deemed an online menace. There is no way to figure out who is a scammer and who is not. The site has no clear regulation concerning that. However, if you are the administration of a chatroom and you notice a suspicious person with harmful activities, you can kick the person out and delete their messages. That is one big way to rid the site of unscrupulous elements posing as members.

Mobile App And Website

Mobile App And Website

A major part of our Echat reviews would be to examine the website’s mobile app and usability, and that’s what exactly this outline is about.

Echat App

One of the puzzling drawbacks of Echat is the absence of a mobile app for Android and IOS users. You cannot chat on the go with your phone except you log in through a browser.

Echat Website

Getting to know Echat does not have a mobile app must have struck a nerve and understandably so. Thankfully, you can sign in through a browser on your mobile phone.

If you conduct most of your internet activities on a PC, you will have a smooth experience surfing the site with any popular browser. The site is not in the least bit complicated as the icons are carefully arranged on a smooth interface.

Can I Use The App With A Personal Computer

As was mentioned earlier, Echat has no app for smartphone users and mobile app enthusiasts. Since there is no app, it cannot be used on the phone and not on a computer.
Which Internet Browsers Support Echat?

Which Internet Browsers Support Echat?

It is a pertinent question that always comes up amongst potential users. Echat website works on reputable and trustworthy browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Why Am I Finding It Difficult To Access The Site?

There are different reasons why you could be having a hard time entering the site. One such reason is a slow internet connection, so we advise you to go to a place with better reception if that’s the case. Another reason which we consider the likeliest is the constant cyber attacks on the site, which leads to a shutdown.


A tech newbie would be able to navigate the Echat site without breaking a sweat; that’s how easy and usable it is. The site has a traditional design that gives you a feel of what internet sites looked like back in 2006. It will most definitely trigger nostalgia in much older folks. Still, it will attract nothing but disgust and fierce criticism from young people who care a lot about refulgent designs and aesthetics. It is a good site, but an upgrade would do it a lot of good.

Registration Process

Registration Process

Signing up on Echat takes as much time as it takes to log in. Fast registration is one of Echat’s strengths, and that explains why it still has a lot of active users. Unlike most other sites, you don’t need to provide information such as credit card details, email address, or any personal information at all. All you need to do is to choose a username and password, after which you’ll have to reenter your chosen password to confirm it. That’s how long it takes to get a functional Echat account, pretty cool, right? We bet.

However, an account created within a minute leaves much to worry about in terms of security. But then again, you are under no obligation to post your personal information in the first place. So, we advise you to remain as anonymous as possible while using the site for your safety and security.

Can I Unmatch A Fellow User?

There is always the problem of dealing with trolls and other people who send unsolicited and unsavory messages. There is only one way to deal with such people on Echat, and that’s to ignore their messages completely. Once you’ve done that, they will get the message.

How Old Should You Be To Sign Up On Echat?

For most, if not all, dating sites, you can’t sign up until you are 18. However, considering Echat is not just a dating site, some people are less than 18 on the platform. Even though Echat has no clear age policy, it is worthy to note that adult and dating chatrooms are not suitable for anyone under 18.

How Do I Get My Email Verified?

When signing up on Echat, you are not required to fill in your email address and other personal information. Hence, there is no way or need to verify your email on the site.

What Happens If I Sign Up With My Facebook Account?

You cannot link Echat to your Facebook account, neither can you sign up with it. The only link Echat has with Facebook is that it has a Facebook page.

Can I Use The Site Without Signing Up?

Can I Use The Site Without Signing Up?

Like any other site, you’ll need to sign up to enjoy Echat fully. And guess what? Registering on the site doesn’t take time at all, so you might as well just get it over with.

Profile Set-up

Setting up a profile is a major ingredient of success on most dating sites; this is not the case for Echat. All you need to do is register, and your username will be the only piece of information available to the site and other users. That is until you choose to reveal more.

Can I Delete A Photo From My Profile?

On Echat, you have the option of uploading a photo or leaving the profile photo blank. If you choose to add a picture, you can delete it by clicking on it.

How Do I Change My Username On Echat?

Your Echat username is basically how other users identify you, and you can edit it whenever you want. To edit, go to your profile page and edit; it’s that simple.

Is There An Option To Deactivate Your Echat Account?

Most dating sites allow you to deactivate and delete your account, but Echat makes no provision for that. All you can do is log in and sign out of the site.

What Happens If I Turn Off The “Show me on Echat” Option?

There is no such option on Echat. One way to turn off your visibility on the site is by logging out of the site until you are ready to be seen online.

Can I Delete Details Already Submitted To Echat?

Like we mentioned earlier, you cannot delete your Echat account. Concerning the question, Echat doesn’t ask for any detail other than username and password, both of which you can edit at will.

Member Search

In this outline, we’ll be examining whether or not Echat provides search options for users.

Can I See The Echat Members I Liked?

Echat allows members to see who is online, and that’s represented by a tiny, circular, and green symbol. You can then choose to send a message to any of these users and start a conversation. You can’t “like” another user’s profile on Echat.

What Are The Different Search Options On Echat?

Unfortunately, there are no sophisticated search options on Echat like we have on other dating sites. However, Echat has a “Find people” option that allows you to search for other users and see if they are online.

Can You See If Someone Likes You On Echat If You Are A Non-Paying Membe?r

First of all, there is no “like” option on Echat, so you can’t see if someone likes you. In addition to that, Echat is a completely free site, and it requires no payment whatsoever.


Being able to send a direct message to anyone on the site is one of the selling points of Echat. Below is a full evaluation of the feature.

How Can You Start Texting Someone On Echat?

You can directly message anyone on Echat, and all you have to do is enter the chat and send the message. However, no one wants to send messages to random people who could as well be scammers, and that’s why there are chatrooms where you can get familiar with people before having a private chat with them.

How Can I Send A Message?

Like we mentioned earlier, all you need to do is enter the chat and send a text. If you want to send a message to a group of people with common interests, join a chatroom, and send messages.

Is Sending Messages A Free Feature?

Every activity on Echat is free, and if anyone asks you to pay for anything, you can be sure it’s a scammer. On Echat, you can send messages freely without any restrictions and financial limitations. Just send the message, and it’s all good.

How Do I See Who Texted Me On Echat?

If you have used the site even as a guest, this question would be a no-brainer. Once you get a message from any user, it pops up ad you get to see their username and check whether or not they are online at that point.

How Do I Use The Camera On Echat?

You can use the camera on Echat when you decide to add a photo. If you are using a smartphone, you can take a selfie or have someone take the photo for you. If you are using a PC, ensure it has a webcam or gets one for it.

How Can I Filter Who Can Text Me?

In reality, you cannot do this on Echat, as the site doesn’t provide for that. However, since most people chat with fellow chatroom members, you can stop someone from texting you by reporting them to the chatroom moderator. If you get a random message from someone you don’t know, we advise that you ignore it altogether.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

There are no payment options or methods available on Echat; neither are you required to provide any credit card information.

Free Membership Features

Every user on the Echat site is a free member, as activity on the site requires no form of payment. All members get to sign up for free, join chat rooms for free, and send messages to other people for free. Echat also allows you to create and personalize chatrooms to the extend of adding it to your website, and that is also free.

Premium Membership Features

Every feature on the Echat site is free, and no payment is a requirement. If you are a newbie, we advise that you are wary of scammers who pose as site admins to extort users.

Does Echat Offer Paid Membership?

There is nothing like paid or premium membership on Echat, and every activity is free. Every member is a free member, and there are no exclusive features for anyone.

How Can I Cancel My Echat Membership?

Just like we mentioned earlier, there is absolutely no way to do that. All you can do is log out of the site and never return if you don’t want to. That is why it is important not to supply personal information to just anyone, and the site does not ask for it anyway.

Is Echat Membership Auto Renewed?

The answer is no, and that’s because there will be absolutely no need for that. Echat is free for everyone, so it is important to be wary of swindlers and con artists. No feature on the site requires any payment whatsoever.

Can I Get A Refund For Unused Time?

The answer is no because there is nothing to refund. All you need to do is sign up, enjoy your time on the site, use all its features, and sign off whenever you want to.

Is My Support To Echat Renewed Automatically?

You are not required to send any support to the site, so there is nothing to renew automatically. If anything needs renewal, it is the site in its entirety.

Can I Get My Money Back If I Am Not Satisfied?

The answer is No. You will not get a penny because using the site doesn’t require a cent of your money. If you are not satisfied with the site, the only thing you can do is log out.

How Does The Echat Support Appear On My Credit Bill?

Echat is completely free, and you do not need to provide your credit card details or any other bank detail. We strongly advise that you are wary of scammers.

Can I Send Support To Other Echat Members?

You would never need to gift supports on Echat because the platform is completely free. One way to support other users would be by inviting them to chatrooms and ensuring they have a smooth experience.

Can I Send Support Monthly?

Sending supports is a nonexistent feature on Echat. You do not need to send support at all, so the answer is No.

Is Echat Secure?

Discussing the security of Echat is a vital part of this Echat review, and we will be examining that in this part of the article.

Privacy In Echat

Echat has had several problems with security and privacy, and that has led to widespread skepticism amongst people who are looking to explore the online dating world.

Are Chats On Echat Encrypted?

The truth is, chats on the site are generally not secure, and that’s a criticism even loyal users would agree to. That is why users’ caution in sharing their private info with other users is pivotal.

Can Echat Track You Down?

There is no reason for Echat to track you down, and nothing of the sort has happened before. The fact that Echat doesn’t require basic personal info to sign up makes it a nearly impossible task even if they wanted to.

Can Echat Be Traced By Cops?

The Echat team has no actual location and address. However, if there is ever an issue with the police, a letter can be written and forwarded to their Email and Facebook page.

Who Can I Contact If I Have Privacy Questions

Echat is not a secure site by today’s standards, and we strongly implore users to avoid revealing anything of note on the site. However, if you want to reach the developers, you can send a message on their Facebook page or write them@echat.chat.online@gmail.com.


This is where we talk about safety and regulation on the site and its sub platforms. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Are Echat Forums Regulated?

One of Echat’s standout features is the chatrooms, which can be created by every member of the site. Every admin of chatrooms on the site has the power to penalize trolls with an uncouth speech by deleting their messages and kicking them out.

What Happens To A Member Who Tries To Extort Money from Others?

Quite frankly, Echat makes no provision for that, at least not one that is visible on their site. However, if any member has a track record of being a swindler, they can be reported to the chatroom admin. Kicking them out of several chatrooms sends a strong message and alerts members to be wary of such people.

Banned Account

The site has its rules. If members of the site will not follow the rules, moderators will ban them.

Why Can’t I Access Echat?

While conducting this review, we went through the comments of members, and there was not a single case of a banned account. If you are having trouble entering the site, that’s most likely a problem from the developers’ end. The site has been hacked several times, and the developers keep trying to find a way to recover it.

What’s The Duration Of Echat Bans?

Just as we mentioned earlier, Echat developers are not keen on banning members of the site. You can, however, be kicked out of chatrooms for as long as the admins deem necessary.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account?

While this question is relevant to other dating sites, there are hardly any cases of banned accounts on Echat. If you were booted out of a chatroom and you want to get back, you can directly message the chatroom admin.

Protect Yourself

Protecting yourself is the only way to have a safe experience on Echat, and this will be discussed further.

How Can I Block And Report A Suspected Conman?

The first step is by severing all communications with them and ignoring their messages. You can then send out messages on your chatroom, informing people of the menace so others wouldn’t fall prey.

Which Information Should You Not Post On Your Echat Account?

Echat makes up for its poor safety measures by making registration easy, fast, and devoid of any personal information. Do not, for any reason, reveal your email address, location, phone number, and other personal info that could put you at risk. Do not trust anyone with your details!

Help And Support

The owners have no clear guidelines on this neither do they have a functional customer care representative. If you need any help, ask the old members or join the Echat community on Facebook.

Real Life Review

The Echat team care of protecting the site and its members. They are constantly subjected to cyber-attacks, but the Echat team makes everything to avoid this. – Sarah.

Is Echat A Top Dating Site?

Echat is primarily a social platform that can be used for dating purposes. Hence, it lacks the special features that are present in other dating sites. Echat’s chatroom feature is its only saving grace, and that explains why old members are constantly trying to stop the owners from shutting it down. Echat is not a top dating site by any standard.

Is Echat Secure?

It is apparent from our Echat Review so far that it is not a secure social platform. Hence, we advise users to be extra cautious and to protect themselves and their private information.

Is Echat A Hookup Site?

Echat is a social platform that makes room for friendships, groups, and dating relationships. It is not primarily a hookup site, but a good number of hookups have happened through the platform.

Is Echat Free?

Echat is completely free and requires no subscription, payments, or financially induced upgrades. All Echat members are free members.

How Does Echat Function?

All you have to do to become a member on Echat is undergo a quick registration, and that’s it. That remains one of the platform’s first selling points to this day.

Are There Fake Users And Scammers On Echat?

Most definitely. There are scammers on the site who try to deceive other users at every given point, and that’s why it is important to tread with caution.

Alternative sites like Echat

Alternatives for people who are looking to get into the online dating world includes OkCupid, Zoosk, and Eharmony, amongst others.

Contact Information

Email Address: echat.chat.online@gmail.com


We honestly believe Echat could have been a viable online dating option if only the developers could upgrade the site. However, constant attacks and consequent shutdown has led to its absolute decline. The site retains some very loyal users who are, frankly, the only reason it has remained active.

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