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Ethiopian Personals Review: Great Dating Site?

Ethiopian Personals Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 23-39
Profiles 2 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 4.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Ethiopian Personals has a high-quality user-base of intelligent and like-minded singles.
  • The portal is easy-to-navigate due to a well-crafted layout.
  • Users may search for lovebirds via various search filters.
  • Newcomers may use the website for free as a trial period.
  • Singles may pass a personality quiz if they want.
  • Registration takes less than a minute.
  • Newbies don’t pass photo or ID verification.
  • No mobile app.
  • Members can’t interact via video chat.
  • There is no option to present other subscribers with virtual gifts.

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It will be correct to start this Ethiopian Personals review by describing the site’s target audience. As the brand name says, the matchmaker connects Ethiopian singles. Does it mean that only Ethiopia’s residents may search for soulmates on the site? Of course, not! All males and females of Ethiopian origin may link to the platform regardless of where they live. If you are Ethiopian residing in any other part of the globe, you can connect to the portal and start searching for lovebirds.

Ladies dominate on the site; they make 63% of the entire community. Thus, males won’t suffer from the lack of women’s interest. The matchmaker differs from low-ranked alternatives. The Ethiopian Personals website aims to connect like-minded singles searching for lasting and healthy relationships but not one-night hookups or virtual sex. The portal operates under the World Singles Networks (WSN), a company with a solid reputation in the industry. Recently, the website celebrated its 17th anniversary on the market. The number of successful matches has reached eight million and keeps growing annually.

How Does Ethiopian Personals Work?

The matchmaker works to connect single hearts and help the Ethiopian diaspora make friends among like-minders. Newcomers won’t have issues figuring out how to navigate the platform and interact with other Ethiopian hotties. The site has a clear layout and smart browsing features. Members may get in touch via private messages and chat rooms.

The premium status allows singles to text DMs to anyone they like on the Ethiopian Personals website. Free users can only see who texts them, but they can’t reply to privileged members’ DMs. Unfortunately, daters cannot interact via a video chat. It will be awesome if the website constructors add this feature in the nearest future because can2cam interaction creates a closer bond than text messages.

How Does Ethiopian Personals Work?

Signing Up at Ethiopian Personals

It’s super-easy to join the community of Ethiopian singles. Once you enter the online portal, you will see a sign-up window on the homepage. Registration occurs in one step: newbies need to specify whether they look for males or females. Other obligatory fields are address, date of birth, and e-mail (phone is not necessary). Newcomers need to pick up a username and secret passcode. They will need to provide these details next time they log in to Ethiopian Personals.

The site administration doesn’t ask to attach ID screenshots; a photo verification is also absent. The only thing that managers check is your e-mail address. Someone would say that a lack of photo identification may result in a boost of fake profiles. It makes sense, but the portal creators don’t want newbies to waste precious minutes joining their site. Members can attach photos and add extra information to their profiles anytime later if they want.

How to Start Contact

If you are a newcomer on the portal, dating experts suggest not being shy to break the ice. The hallmark of all Ethiopian people is their open-mindedness and friendliness. Ethiopian Personals allows singles to interact with similar men and women in a loyal and hassle-free environment with no tension. There is nothing difficult to start contact with other daters. First of all, you need to tell yourself what person you want to meet: search filters can be of service. Free members may set up standard filters (age, gender, location, etc.); premium subscribers have more filters to pick up from (appearance, hobby, children, etc.).

Singles don’t receive a list of their potential matches. Thus, it is important to set up filters correctly. When you find singles who interest you and match your preferences, you can start flirting. The best solution is to break the ice by sending winks. This option is available for all Ethiopian Personals subscribers, regardless of their membership. After breaking the ice, it is time to pass to a closer interaction. Free clients can’t respond to DMs of premium singles. Ethiopians may also interact with other singles in chat rooms. They work similarly to forums: chat members participate in various discussions on different topics. It is a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the site community and find mates or dates among like-minders.

How to Start Contact

Profiles at Ethiopian Personals

One’s success and popularity on the Ethiopian Personals website directly depends on his/her profile quality. It will be useful to take a moment and edit your profile data to boost your account among thousands of others. Singles may describe their interests and hobbies, relationship goals, character traits, languages they speak, etc. The matchmaker gives daters the freedom to write about everything they want to present themselves best. The more informative your profile is – the better chances you have to attract other daters.

If your dream is building a healthy family with a loving person and kids, you can mention it as your relationship goal. Ethiopian Personals reviews on the net prove that the matchmaker is not the place for finding one-night hookups. Ethiopians don’t hunt for sexual encounters with people they barely know; their goal is lasting affairs that lead to happy marriages. Their profile information usually contains an in-detail description of their character traits and qualities they want to see in potential partners.

The site members may attach up to 20 photos to boost their profiles. Singles may also record a short introductory clip; a video self-representation is a smart tool to attract interest to one’s profile. The more details you mention about yourself, the better chances you have to find a soulmate because the system forms match using filters. Unfortunately, singles can’t share virtual gifts to express their attraction with other men and ladies on the site. Members can add persons of their interest to the Favorite list. Ethiopians may also pass a personality quiz if they need expert help in figuring out what partner type suits them most.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

One of the Ethiopian Personals review goals is to detect whether the matchmaker is safe and reliable. The profile quality says a lot about the portal. The site community consists of mature, intelligent, and open-minded Ethiopian men and ladies who search for soulmates and build real relationships. The popular question that bothers the dominant part of newcomers is fake profiles. Are there any scammers on the site? It’s hard to count the exact percentage of fake accounts, but they are also present. The absence of ID or photo verification results in the appearance of a certain number of scammers.

The T&Cs page states that moderators protect singles’ contact data and other details from fraud and never pass this information to unrelated parties. On the other hand, the administration didn’t specify how exactly they safeguard customers’ privacy. For this reason, Ethiopians should know how they can shield themselves from scammers when using the Ethiopian Personals website.

When users notice suspicious behavior or suffer from abusive and offensive comments, they should report such cases to the customer service managers. Another option to shield yourself from misbehavior is blocking a member who annoys you. Finally, the proven sign to detect scammers is to look through their profiles. As a rule, fake profiles are always empty, or they contain fake photos. In this case, Google search by picture can help detect scammers.

Design & Usability of Ethiopian Personals

An attractive Ethiopian girl with a guitar welcomes people who first enter the Ethiopian Personals portal. The home page reveals the site’s goal and the number of successful matches during their almost two-decade presence in the niche (eight million of successful connections by now). An informative FAQ section covers basic topics about the site policy, community, and instructions on searching for dates. The T&Cs page provides an in-detail explanation of members’ rights and obligations while using the platform.

Only registered daters get access to the profile gallery. They can view photos and interact with other Ethiopian singles. Members may check who texts them in the mailbox; they receive notifications about new DMs. Premium clients can view members who see their profiles. Although singles don’t receive a list with potential matches, they can use smart filters for advanced search. The filtering algorithm works better if users specify many different details in their profiles. The portal has an eye-catching layout, without nude images or adult content. The site constructors deserve the A+ mark for making the platform easy-to-navigate and customer-friendly.

Design & Usability of Ethiopian Personals

Mobile App Ethiopian Personals

Singles who prefer online communication on-the-go may suffer from the lack of the Ethiopian Personals app. The only option to use the matchmaker on portable devices is by connecting to the site via a mobile browser. The mobile version doesn’t differ crucially from the desktop analogy. Singles with accounts may log in via their exciting username and passcode.

Of course, a dominant share of daters would prefer to use the matchmaker via a handy app. On the other hand, the mobile version works smoothly and without significant bugs on all operating systems. If your phone has a large screen or you use a tablet, the mobile analogy of the Ethiopian matchmaker won’t disappoint you.

Special Features

How does the iconic matchmaker differ from brother-portals? Ethiopian Personals has special features that make it a top choice among the Ethiopian diaspora.

Singles in the premium status may use the power of advanced search filters to find soulmates. Advanced filtering includes body type, height/weight, hobbies, occupation, children, etc. Top-notch filters make the matchmaking process more correct and boost daters’ chances of finding lovebirds.

Chat Rooms

Ethiopian males and females can interact in chat rooms, similarly like they do on forums. Chat rooms are suitable for sweethearts and pals’ search because they allow users to communicate in a friendly and loyal environment and discuss multiple topics with like-minders.

Video Introduction

Singles may record a short clip and add it to their profiles on the Ethiopian Personals website. A video introduction is brilliant know-how to present oneself best. Singles can introduce themselves and describe a few things that reveal their personality and goal on this site.

Personality Quiz

Members can pass a personality quiz if they want. This test aims to help singles realize what character traits they seek in their potential lovebirds. It takes around half an hour to complete the questionnaire. Experts recommend daters answer the questions honestly if they want the system to set them up with the most suitable matches.

Expert Help

If singles need help with profile editing, they can address the expert assistance. Dating coaches and psychologists will help daters make their profiles attractive. Specialists can advise what photos are better to attach and how to record engaging introductory video. This option is available at an extra cost.

Expert Help

Ethiopian Personals Costs

Ethiopian Personals reviews on the web are mostly positive. The only aspect that many users complain about is unreasonably draconian cost. Daters may use the matchmaker for free, but they will miss many great features. The package is not cheap for average customers, but it is understandable because the matchmaker stands out from the crowd and provides high-quality services. The price depends on the package duration; newbies may take advantage of free trial testing.

Premium package duration Costs
1 Month $39.99
2 months $89.97
6 Months $149.94
Annual $236.94

Basic Membership

Ethiopian men and ladies can use the portal for free. The basic membership at Ethiopian Personals includes the following services:

  • Singles may create accounts and edit profiles;
  • They may attach up to 20 photos;
  • Customers can search for dates via standard filters;
  • They can participate in public discussions in Chat Rooms;
  • Daters can add other persons to the Favorite list;
  • They can send messages to other singles.

Premium Membership

The premium package provides additional benefits and bonuses to account holders (extra to all the basic package services). The privileges mostly relate to enhanced communicative options:

  • Premium daters may search for lovebirds via progressive filters;
  • They can see members that view their profiles;
  • Privileged clients can reply to DMs;
  • They have prerogatives in the profile gallery;
  • VIP singles may count on the privileged customer support assistance.

Ethiopian Personals Coupons

There are no coupons or promo codes that singles may use on the site. They may only rely on a free trial period if they want to test the matchmaker before joining.

Ethiopian Personals Coupons

Verification & Safety of Ethiopian Personals

The primary nuance that speaks in matchmaking portals’ favor is their trustworthiness and reputation. Singles should be confident in their safety while searching for sweethearts. Experts suggest asking a series of questions to determine whether a portal is safe for use or black-listed.

Does the Ethiopian Personals Portal Have Signs of a Scam?

One of the aims of this Ethiopian Personals review is to detect whether the matchmaker has any alarming signs. The brand is not a scam, but singles may still bump into fake profiles due to the miss of user verification.

Is Ethiopian Personals a Legit Matchmaking Platform?

Yes, the matchmaker is legit. It belongs to the reputable World Singles Networks brand, which owns several other A-class dating portals. Moreover, the website has a 17-year experience in successful couple-building (over 8 million successful connections).

Does Ethiopian Personals Protect Clients’ Anonymity?

The company’s Privacy Policy page states that they never transmit clients’ contact details to unrelated parties. If daters notice any signs of fraud, they have an option to block a suspicious member or report misbehavior. Experts warn singles never reveal their financial details or address information to other users.

The Problem With Ethiopian Personals

Even though Ethiopian Personals reviews are mostly positive, and the matchmaker has proved its productivity in successful connections, some aspects still require improvement.

  • The poor technical side of protection. – The site policy states that the administration safeguards clients’ privacy, but there are no specifications: whether they use SSL encryption or related tools to guarantee customers’ safety.
  • Pricing policy. – Though the matchmaker provides high-quality services, some Ethiopian singles may find the premium package too expensive. The cost is higher than the average on the alternative portals.
  • Video chat is missing. – The portal administration should consider adding a video chat. Some leading matchmakers allow daters to interact with people of their interest via a cam2cam chat. The chat absence is a crucial problem for some daters who prefer intimate eye-to-eye communication with a camera ON.
  • Lack of the Ethiopian Personals app. – A predominant share of Ethiopians admits they prefer mobile-friendly portals that offer well-crafted apps. The matchmaker doesn’t have the app; singles may only connect to the channel via a mobile browser.
The Problem With Ethiopian Personals

Help & Support

Singles may reach the customer support department in two ways. The first option is to send them a message via e-mail (manages reply within 24 hours). Sometimes, daters complain that their electronic letters remain without feedback. It is unacceptable for the matchmaker that stands for its reputation on the market. The second option to contact help center representatives is via a phone specified on the website. The phone support can be of service if daters need urgent help from specialists (when they experience technical issues, login failures, etc.).

Live chat with the help center is absent on the Ethiopian Personals website. Males and females may visit the FAQ page; it covers all the basic questions considering registration, profile information, subscription cancellation, and other issues. If singles forget a password and can’t enter their accounts, they can request a one-time revival link. The restoring link will come on e-mail automatically (there is no need to address customer service).

Ethiopian Personals Alternatives

The site community may also like some alternative matchmakers, which are popular among the Ethiopian diaspora. Such portals as African Love, Christian Mingle, and Black People Meet may interest singles who use Ethiopian Personals. These portals have big user-bases of like-minded males and females. Exclusive features and affordable membership charges also speak in the sites’ favor.


What Is the Goal of the Ethiopian Personals Portal?

The matchmaker helps join the single hearts of Ethiopian men and ladies. The current number of successful connections equals eight million matches, and this number keeps growing annually.

Is Ethiopian Personals a Reliable Dating Platform?

Yes, the matchmaker belongs to a reputable WSN company. The brand has a 17-year of proven experience in helping Ethiopian singles find lovebirds and build happy unions with soulmates.

How to Cancel Membership at Ethiopian Personals?

Daters who decide to cancel their membership on the Ethiopian Personals website may do it in the account settings. If users don’t plan to revive their subscription, they need to write a letter to the customer support e-mail, asking managers to delete their accounts. Managers will ask to specify the reason why they want to leave the site.

How to Cancel Membership at Ethiopian Personals?

Contact Information

Company: WSN Corporation

Address: 32265-B Golden Lantern Str., Dana Point, CA

Phone: +1 (949) 753-2535

E-Mail: info@worldsingles.com


Online portals that work to connect single hearts of a particular diaspora or nationality are very popular among daters. Ethiopian males and females don’t search for casual hookups because their main focus is having romantic affairs and building lasting relationships with soulmates. The matchmaker is a perfect solution for Ethiopian singles on the hunt for sweethearts among like-minders. Over eight million happy couples who found their love with the brand’s help prove that Ethiopian Personals is an effective matchmaker.

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