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BiCupid Review

Bicupid Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 9%
Reply rate 84%
Beauty 87%
Popular age 18-45
Profiles 8.984.000
About Site
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Bicupid review indicates that the site provides an easy way to make friends, meet bisexual men, women, and singles.
  • Users of Bicupid have a clear goal, which is to find or date a bisexual person on the Bicupid website ww.Bicupid.com.
  • When seeking a bi-date, you can choose several users' profiles at the same time.
  • Navigation through the mobile application provides smooth sailing, showing how the site has an excellent platform for finding what users need.
  • Members have positively indicated that the chatting experience is exciting.
  • Users of the Bicupid website narrates how it takes little time to understand how the mobile application works. Users state that it easy to swap right and left to find what you are looking for as a user.
  • It has a good application platform to use; a very safe and convenient way to meet bisexual and bi-curious friends for threesome and bi-date event. It is super-easy to use, chat, and make friends.
  • The Bicupid app is simple, enjoyable, and friendly.
  • It is a great place to meet up with swingers and couples all over the world.
  • Bicupid website: https://www.Bicupid.com, is an excellent site with open-minded bisexual and bi-curious persons.
  • Bicupid free membership users can easily wink to all users, including premium users.
  • Through Bicupid reviews, it indicates that the recently updated mobile application platform layout is junky, slow, and unresponsive.
  • Bicupid site locks existing and new users when it detects suspicious activities on the user profile, and getting back to full access takes time.
  • The usage of the Bicupid site and app is not available or allowed in some countries based on the rules, laws, and regulations guiding marriage, relationship, and sexuality.
  • Some users experience problems while updating user names; the app keeps showing pop-up messages directing them to log-out and re-update.
  • The platform suspends new user accounts who have not verified their identity.
  • Bicupid site does not offer free trial membership.
  • The application continuously clashes in the process of updating the profile images from the Facebook link.
  • Premium membership is too expensive.
  • The website does not enable users of trans/non-binary sexuality to access the platforms.
  • The premium membership approval process takes along.
  • Free access users can only communicate through the use of winks.
  • New members registering to the Bicupid website, reported that their emails are listed as invalid.
  • Some users are having problems putting their date of birth if they were born in October, they found the month of October not available option.
  • Stopping premium membership or auto-subscription is not easy.

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How Many Languages Does Bicupid Platforms Support?

Bicupid supports three major languages: English, German, and Japanese. Bicupid reviews indicate that users are speaking German, English, and Japanese language on the platform.

Who Owns, Manages, And Operates Bicupid?

Bicupid is registered in the united stated as a nonprofit dating company with its headquarters in California. Bicupid website has been in operation since February 2003, about 17 years. It was founded and owned by SuccessfulMatch.com.

So Where Is Bicupid Located Now?

Bicupid website headquarters is in 800 West EI Camino Real, #180, Mountain View, CA 940940 USA.

When Was Bicupid Established?

Bicupid was founded in 2003, and owned by SuccessfulMatch.com.

Is Bicupid Services Available Worldwide?

Bicupid services are available in 195 countries worldwide. The use of the Bicupid platform is guided by relevant laws on sexuality and marriage in all the individual nations of the world.

Special Features on Bicupid Platforms

Special Features on Bicupid Platforms

Bicupid members’ experience on the site is fantastic and is guided by the following discussed listed special features.

What are the functions for tracking users on Bicupid?

Unique code in HTML tagging of advertisements, or JavaScript that auto functions, and special IP code tracker, they also use Google Analytics to track site visitors, using dimensions to locate their origin, and type of browser they are using, other metrics like the pages they spend time on; Use of browser plug-in and cookies, embedded options, use of UTM parameters, behaviour-page viewers-visitors-time-bounce, and rate percent exit or percentage of users that exit.

Additional communication options on Bicupid?

Additional communication options on Bicupid include Verbal, non-verbal and written communications. Communications take place through Live Chat services, email services, language translation techniques, and audiovisual supports such as images and pre-recorded videos.

Information on Advance search options

The advanced search offers the users more options compared to basic search. Advanced search allows Bicupid users to search members by sexual orientation, available online, with pictures, videos, most popular users, body six, and colour (hair colour, eye colour, body colour, etc.)

Are there Presents on Bicupid Website?

Presents and rewards are given to new members invited through the use of coupons and promotional codes that offer an instant saving on Gold and Standard membership cost. Members promoting Bicupid services through blogging, articles, contents writings, and social media campaigns are also rewarded with coupons and membership upgrades.

What are the compatibility functions on Bicupid?

Compatibility functions allow the Bicupid site to coexist and work together with the browser cookies to bring its users the best experience. Bicupid is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Explorer, Opera, Opera Mini, Safari, Mobile compatibility, and other browsers using chrome technology. The site is easy and quick to navigate with a wonderful presentation of colours, text, and animated images that attract users. The Bicupid site has good error handling and loading speed that provide users with the exact information they are looking for.

Account improvement options

Upgrade to gold membership from standard membership, advance search, private profile viewing, receiving and sending instant messages to any member, setting person advance options, viewing members’ videos, and uploading personal videos, priority services from customer care. Other options to get rewarded to gold membership are supporting Bicupid through social media campaigns, writing articles, and reporting spam activities.

Audience Quality On Bicupid Platforms

Audience Quality On Bicupid Platforms

Members of Bicupid can communicate with each other through audio and video devices. The audio and video plugins used are potent, giving all members a live experience while communicating with each other.

Age Limit for Users On Bicupid Website

All persons of bisexual orientation and are adults of 17 or 18, as per specific country’s laws, are permitted to download the mobile application or register through the desktop platform.

Fake Members and Scamming Activities On Site

Bicupid bisexual dating site is real and legit. Users and members on the platforms have reported scamming activities on the site, but the Bicupid team is always working to block and delete fake members.

Bicupid Mobile Application and Website Platforms

The Bicupid site operates on two platforms, namely the desktop or website platform, and the mobile application platform for android, tablets, Apple devices, and smartphones.

Bicupid Mobile Application Platform

The app supports android based smartphones from version 6.0 (18MB App, rated 18+) and higher, and Apple smartphones (59.2 MB app that requires iOS 11.0 or later on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch). Understanding the app layout is quick and saves time.

Bicupid Website Platform

The Bicupid website is excellent and convenient for most members. The site provides a comprehensive layout and view for older bisexual people and persons with poor visibility. The website shows vivid, colorful images and profiles of users, making it easy to access and navigate through.

How to use the mobile application on the computer?

The Bicupid app is not accessible on the computer or desktop platform. Members can easily access the Bicupid dating site through the Bicupid website address; www.Bicupid.com. Users can use the Bicupid app on compatible devices like app smartphones and android version six and above.

Which Browsers Are Compatible with Bicupid Website?

All the latest browsers support the Bicupid website platform. These browsers include; Microsoft edge, google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, safari, opera, many more.

Having A Hard Time Accessing the Site?

Bicupid review shows that some members have a hard time entering, registering, and accessing the site. Users can do the following whenever they are faced with this challenge:

  • They can update their browsers,
  • Clear their browser cookies,
  • Set their regional date and time correctly
  • Change their passwords
  • Contact customer care or help and support team through: contact us page, service@bicupid.com, or appservice@Bicupid.com.

Bicupid Interface and Layout

The desktop and the mobile application interface is fantastic. The layout is beautiful, convenient, flexible, and pleasurable to use. The site is designed to suit the user preferences making it quick and easy to select their matches and bisexual partners. Users can easily browse and navigate through several profiles within a short time. It’s accessible to date and flirts through the app and the website by using the spark feature that allows users to wink at each other.

Registration Procedure

Registration Procedure

Bicupid registration process is easy and quick. Members’ details are required to finish the registration. Members first select their preferences, followed by their first name, middle names, last names, addresses, phone contact, email address, id numbers, and passwords. New users can choose to register through the app or the Bicupid website. Users need to confirm their identity through unique phone verification code and email links to finish their registration process. Members can also quickly register using their Facebook account.

Can to Un-Match or Dislike a Bicupid User Profile?

Bicupid users can select and un-match by using the spark feature as they wink at each other.

What Is the Minimum Age Limit to Register On Bicupid?

All members registering to the site are required to be seventeen years and above. This condition does not apply to other countries where the laws require someone to be considered as an adult after reaching age 18.

Which Ways to Activate the User Account?

Account verification is quick and straightforward. Verification code is sent through a mobile app and website to the user’s phone number and email address. Users can verify their account by clicking on the email link or copy-pasting the address to the web browser page. They can also confirm their phone by putting the code on the black place provided.

How to Activate the user Email?

Email verification is easy. Members can verify their email address by clicking on the email link in their inbox or spam folder. Users can copy the link address and paste it on the browser to verify their emails.

How to Register Using Facebook Account?

Membership registration through Facebook is possible. New users can quickly access the Bicupid site by registering using the Facebook account. Users who register through Facebook have the same account, same features, and equal access to membership, just like those who registered using their emails and phone contacts.

Can One Access the Website Without Signing Up?

Each member must register and sign in to use the site. No members or users can use the site without signing in.

Profile Set-Up Procedure

Profile Set-Up Procedure

Bicupid user profile set up is quick and easy. New members and existing members can access and update their profile information, including; user names, passwords, change their emails, and phone numbers. Users can add a relevant description of their profiles for other uses to select their profile among other members.

How to delete the picture on Bicupid?

The steps for removing the photo requires the user to go to their profile settings or photos section, then navigate and locate the picture, and click delete.

How to Change Username in Bicupid?

Bicupid users can edit their user names by going to their profile settings sections and then the user name section and change it, then proceed to update the recent changes.

Is There an Option to Close Your Bicupid Account?

Members can go to profile settings and navigate to the “delete profile” section and delete it. After removing the user profile, you will no longer access the Bicupid platforms unless you register again.

What Happens After De-Activating The “Show Me On Bicupid” Option?

Users of Bicupid can choose to be seen publicly on the Bicupid platform or to go private. When you want to disable these options, members will not view most of your information and details.

Can one Delete Details Already On Bicupid Website?

Information and brief descriptions send to the Bicupid website can be deleted selectively, meaning they can be changed or amended.

User Search On Bicupid

Member search criteria are easy and convenient. Users can set preferences and limit information about a member they want to find. The can go specific by names or by location etc.

Is It Possible to See the Bicupid Users You Liked?

There is a possibility of seeing Bicupid members who you liked. All members you liked are available for you when you view their profile and on the user dashboard.

What Are the Available Bicupid Search Options?

Members can search for specific users through quick general search or through specific advance search. In the advance search, Bicupid users can set preferences search criteria to get the bisexual members they are looking for fast. The advance search will display a limited number of results compared to the general-quick search.

Can You See If Other Users Like You On Bicupid If You Are a Free User?

Free account members on the Bicupid website cannot see if someone likes them. Users can upgrade their membership to have full access to Bicupid bisexual dating services.

Messaging Services On Bicupid

Messaging Services On Bicupid

Messaging and chatting application on the Bicupid website is fantastic. Users can chat through messaging with each easily without experiencing regular app problems like hanging or not responding.

How Can You Start Messaging and Chatting On Bicupid?

Messaging is very easy. You can start messaging someone on Bicupid by clicking on their profile and then clicking on the send message button, then type the text and enter/send.

Can one Message Other Users?

Bicupid members can message other users on the platform by sending them messages through their premium accounts.

Is Sending Messages On Bicupid Free?

Sending messages on Bicupid is not a free service. Bicupid bisexual members can only communicate with each other after paying for the premium subscriptions.

How to See Who Message and Chat You On Bicupid?

Users can see who messages them in their dashboard-inbox. By logging in and going to the inbox section, you will see who messages you on the Bicupid website, and even read the message if you have paid account.

How to Use the Camera Function On Bicupid?

Using the camera is easy on Bicupid. Members are directed to use the camera when they want to upload photos or when they what to video-chat their bi-curious-bisexual friends on the platform. By clicking on the video-chat, users will be prompted to allow the camera to have access to their phone or their laptops. And when users want to upload photos, they will be automatically prompted to choose to take real-time images using the camera. When users decide to take and upload real-time images, then they will be able to use their camera without any problems.

How Can One Limit and Control Who Can Message Them On Bicupid?

Users can filter who can message them on Bicupid by setting their preferences as provided on the platform. Members can choose to receive messages from all members, whether on free account or paid account, or they can restrict to receive messages only from premium users.

Subscriptions Cost and Payment Method

Membership is paid through visa card, PayPal, Skrill, ATM, and other acceptable payments. The membership is monthly, quarterly, or yearly. The price changes and sometimes have discounts but ranges from $29.99 for monthly subscriptions to $66.99 for six months’ subscriptions. Members can also subscribe for three months and yearly premiums.

Free Membership Account Features

Free membership feature includes the ability to view and navigate on the platform services. The ability to wink on other members’ profiles and like them. The ability to polish your profile with more information and receive discounts on premium memberships. Free members receive full help and customer care team support 24/7.

Premium Membership Account Features

Premium members feature includes the ability to be able to do the following:

  • Edit profile photos and images.
  • Upload images and photos.
  • Send and read messages from all members.
  • Chat, wink, like, and flirt through messages, videos, and audio on the platform.
  • Join chat rooms and have access to users’ private photos and videos.
  • You get discounts and rewards on premium memberships.
  • Premium members receive help and full customer cares support 24/7.

Does Bicupid offer premium subscription?

Bicupid is a bisexual dating site that offers premium membership to all its members.

How to Cancel Bicupid Subscription?

All users on the Bicupid website can cancel their membership. Through Bicupid reviews canceling membership is a natural step where members can log in to their accounts, go their profile settings, navigate to delete, and cancel their membership.

Is Bicupid Subscription Automatically Renew Itself?

Bicupid offers auto-renewal membership. Users can subscribe to their membership monthly, quarterly, or yearly. They can select to stop the auto-renewal feature any time they want to.

Can You Get Money Back for Unused Time?

Users and members of Bicupid can choose to have a free account or paid account. The paid account offers full access to Bicupid bisexual dating services. When a member pays for the premium account, they can choose to visit the site conveniently. Bicupid cannot refund for the amount of time that the member did not wish to visit the Bicupid website.

“Subscription” To Bicupid Auto-Renewed Monthly?

The support given to the Bicupid website can be set to auto-renew or one time based on the kind of support the person is offering. The user can stop Auto-renewal support at any given time.

If Not Happy with The Bicupid Services. Can You Get a Refund?

Users and members who pay for Bicupid services have to complete their service period. Bicupid cannot offer any refund to any user who willingly decides to subscribe to the premium services or to pay for their account. Bicupid does not provide any trial period for any new or existing member.

How Will Bicupid Support Details Reflects On Credit Card Statement?

Supporting Bicupid through donations and other available means is allowed. Once a partner, user, or any support person pays for the support. The amount will be deducted immediately and will reflect on the personal credit card bill statement on the credit side showing money deducted and paid to Bicupid co. Ltd.

Can One Give Support to Other Bicupid Users?

Users give support to other users by chatting, being friends, and meeting them in real life. Bisexual members’ can chat, flirt, meet, and marry other bisexual members on the Bicupid website. Members can decide on how they can support each other when they meet.

Can One Send Support to Bicupid for One Month Only?

It is possible for any member or person willing to support the Bicupid dating site to send support for just a month. The person can decide to cancel and withdraw from the auto-renewal support immediately after the first donation gives through the Bicupid website.

Is Bicupid Site Safe to Join and Use?

Is Bicupid Site Safe to Join and Use?

Bicupid dating site is safe and secure for all its members to mingle, chat, flirt, and date. Members’ details are confirmed and secured on the site.

Privacy and Security Issues in Bicupid

Bicupid members signed not to share any information that may reveal any member’s privacy on the platform. Members’ information and data are not shared by any other non-member, and paid members can choose and limit public features on their profile.

Are Bicupid Messages and Chats Encrypted?

Bicupid chats are secure and are encrypted against any form of hacking. Bicupid team regularly check and keep a close look on any hacking activities on Bicupid website.

Can Bicupid Track and Trace Users?

Bicupid does not do any criminal checks on members. Therefore, all users are required to interact with precautionary measures. The Bicupid team has provided user interaction guidelines on the help page to assist all members. Bicupid does to tract or interferes with any user privacy outside the website privacy agreement.

Can Bicupid Be Traced and Held Responsible by The Law Enforcers?

Bicupid is a registered company operating under united states law. The company operation can be traced under the law subjected to dating services. The policy has the mandatory to decide what to do when it comes to enforcing law and duty. Bicupid will abide by all the necessary standards and regulations governing any country that it’s operated.

Who to Contact On Issues Regarding Privacy in Bicupid Website?

Users should contact the Bicupid help and support team through email (support@Bicupid.com), phone contact (1-(416)-628-1072), Facebook page, or app-help center (appservice@Bicupid.com) whenever they have problems relating to their privacy.

Safety of Users and Their Accounts

Safety of Users and Their Accounts

Bicupid protects members’ accounts through cookies, captcha, phone code variation, ids, and email verifications. Members signed privacy and safety rules and guideline while joining the site.

Are Bicupid Forums Threads Controlled?

Bicupid provides forums for bisexual users to interact. Their administrators moderate the forums.

What Is the Fate of a User Who Uses a Bicupid Account to Solicit Money?

Bicupid does not allow any form of scamming, money laundering, and money soliciting activities. Any member who is reported or found doing money soliciting will be banned. The user account will be closed immediately. The user can appeal through email and help support for a closed account to the Bicupid website team.

Banned User and Members’ Accounts

Users can automatically get their accounts banned by not providing necessary information and failing to prove and verify their captcha image, ids, emails, and phone contacts. If the Bicupid team detects any scamming activities, the user account may be banned. The Bicupid team can reinstate a banned user account through an appeal by the user.

Why Can’t You Access Bicupid Account and Profile?

All persons can access Bicupid and create a free account. When a new user cannot access Bicupid, it is because of a network problem, or the user has forgotten the password, or the user account is banned.

For What Duration Does Bicupid Bans User Account?

Bicupid bans account for a time until the issue is settled. When the account user has not complained about the action to ban their accounts, Bicupid bans the account permanently.

Ways to Reactivate Banned Account?

Banned Bicupid account can be reactivated. Users can reactivate their account by logging a complaint through the help and support center. Official accounts that were mistakenly closed can be reactivated immediately after resolving the issues. Other considerations with severe security issues may take time to be revived, while some may be banned altogether.

Ways That Users Can Protect Themselves On Bicupid Website

There are several ways to treat and avoid scammers safely on the site. Details are provided for users on the help page.

Users Can Report or Block a Suspected Scammer

Users can easily block and report suspected scammers by selecting the option to block them on their account profile or selecting the option to prevent them from sending you messages.

Which Details Shouldn’t Be Included in Your Bicupid Profile?

Bicupid members are allowed to post revenant information that can assist other bisexual members in selecting them. This information included their preferences, skills, work, love-life, and many more.

Help and Support Team

Help and Support Team

The help and support center is a lovely team working to help all the bisexuals to achieve their dreams through Bicupid website. Bicupid reviews indicate that problems reported to help and support-team get solved within a few days, depending on the nature and seriousness of the issue.

Real-Life Review On Bicupid Dating Site

A real-life review involves a statement from real Bicupid users.

Those That Consider Bicupid the Best Dating Site/App

User code 1 said, “the app seems to be very inclusive of any of gender/sexual expression, which is nice.” User code 2 said, “for me, bi-date is a great dating app for finding threesome dating, you can find a bisexual friend to try more possibilities.

For Those That Consider Bicupid as A Safe Site for Dating

User code 3 said, “this app makes me safe and has helped me find like-minded people. After meeting some friends, we have the same views on bisexual issues.” User code 4 said, “there are also many members in the app; sometimes you will meet few scammers, you must report them.” Others said, “it’s the favorite bisexual dating app. I could trust it. Many members verified photos, so not worried about scammers. Already met so many people.”

Is Bicupid a Bi-Date and Hook-Up App?

User code 5 said, “like that, it gives you a wide variety of gender options. And when choosing or seeking, can choose several at the same time.” User code 6 said, “this is the second time using the bi-date app, and love it! It’s discreet and yet filled me with possibilities to meet new people.” Code 7 said, “best app for bisexuals and bi-curious people that I’ve used so far!”

Is Bicupid Free to Access?

User number 8 said, “so far, it’s good. haven’t used it long enough and wanted to try premium out, to send messages to several couples.” Another person said, “if someone favorites you, then you can’t see them unless you have premium if you match up through spark you can’t message them unless one of you has a premium.”

How Does Bicupid Platform Functions?

User 9 explains, “love how easy it is to use. Especially the spark feature, like to swipe left and right to find a partner.” Member 10 explains, “account was just opened, and the Bicupid team said it was suspended. They needed ID to verify identity, username, and email.”

Have You Found Any Fake or Scam Users On Bicupid?

User number 11 explains, “locked me out of the account on the first day of use claiming suspicious activity.” Others said, “found few scammers on Bicupid website and reported them,” “the fake profiles are just fishing for pics, and there are a ton of them.”

These Are Alternative Sites to Bicupid Website

User 12 explains, “it has a clear layout, and it is quite user friendly. Better than Adultfriendfinder.” Others said, “try 3ways, we have much better luck there. Users can find other apps such as lumen app, daddy hunt, TG personals, etc.

Bicupid Contact Information

In cases where members need to reach the help and support team, they can contact them through email, and phone number as indicated below;

Company name: Bicupid. Co. Ltd

Location: 10-8707 Dufferin St, Suite 160 Vaughan, Ontario LAJ0A6, Canada

Email: appservice@Bicupid.com, support@Bicupid.com

Phone: 1-(416)-628-1072


Bicupid website is bisexual dating site offering services to single bisexual, couple bisexual, bisexual women, and bisexual men. The dating site helps bisexual people fulfill their dreams through the bi-date meeting, getting married, and getting threesome. Users on the Bicupid website can chat, flirt, wink, and message each other through the website and the mobile application platforms. The platforms allow members to join dating forums and social Bicupid networks such as the Bicupid Facebook page, Bicupid twitter handle, Bicupid Instagram, and Pinterest pages. The site offered free limited membership access and paid premium membership that allows users to have full access to the site activities. Bicupid

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