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Facebook Dating Review: Great Dating Site?

Facebook Dating Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 27%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 20-55
Profiles 754000
About Site
Visit rate 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Automatically complete your dating profile by importing information from your Facebook account.
  • There is the opportunity to receive matches based on Facebook groups you are part of or events you are going to.
  • It is easy to get started; there is no separate dating application. Just log in to your Facebook account and navigate to the dating tab.
  • Anyone can join dating, regardless of the relationship status listed on their profile, and there is no visibility of relationship status.
  • Users can contact anyone at any time; mutual matches are not required before initiating communication.
  • This service is available on the application only; dating cannot be accessed through the website.

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Facebook Dating is indeed a great dating service; it is structured to connect individuals from different parts of the world. The connections created here range from hookup to sex and perfect romance life!

This application is easy to access. If you are searching for a date, then you have just arrived at the place. Facebook Dating provides answers to all flirting or dating questions.

How Many Languages Are Available?

It supports numerous languages. In most cases, the official language of communication is English, but you may choose to change to French, Spanish, or any of the alternatives.

How Many Languages Are Available

Who Is The Owner Of Facebook Dating?

Just like the main site (Facebook), the dating platform is also owned by Mark Zuckerberg. The dating service was recently developed to increase the number of users of Facebook.

Where Is Facebook Dating Located?

There are various locations of operation for this platform, but it is majorly based in the USA, which is known as the heart of every activity and control of the application.

When Was Facebook Dating Created?

Facebook Dating was launched in Colombia on September 20, 2018. It had spread to Canada and Thailand in October of that same year before it finally reached the United States on September 5, 2019. Summarily, there is no specific founding date, but the site has been in operation since September 2018.

When Was Facebook Dating Created

Can You Reach Site Worldwide?

The application is available in several countries, mainly Latin America. It will be available in Europe soon. The plan was to reach European users in early 2020.

Special Features

There are a variety of features that makes Facebook Dating very interesting and useful. Some of the best features are:


Users can filter results based on religion, location, age, number of children, or height. This is usually useful when conducting a search or setting your profile.


This feature allows members to connect with people within a certain location. Users have the option to match with others within a 100-km range.

Secret Crush

This feature is to discover which of your friends is your secret crush. You can pick someone from the list, and if this person likes you to, your names will be revealed. If it is not mutual, nothing will happen.

These features are easy to use; you are assured of comfortability and result.

Audience Quality

The user base is one of the best you would ever come across on a dating application. Users are motivated to connect with people easily, make new friends, arrange hookups, flirt, date, and get a hot friend in bed. The people on the app are the same mop that is around you on Facebook. You get a chance to find someone special in the right crowd.

You can come across people of almost twenty countries, speaking different languages, mostly English and Spanish.

Age Distribution

After the recent Facebook Dating Review, the age diversity is encouraged on the platform. It is not limited to a particular age, as you will always find the young and mature users exploring the site.

Age Distribution

Fakes And Scammers

There is a possibility of a certain amount of fake accounts, as we can see them on Facebook. The account on dating service is linked to the user’s Facebook page, so if you don’t have fakes in your surroundings on Facebook, the chance to meet fraudsters is minimal. However, you need to remain cautious and stick to common safety rules.

Mobile App And Website

This site does not have a separate mobile application; neither does it use the website for operations. Everything done on this platform has been engrafted to the Facebook mobile application, which means you cannot access the dating app if you don’t have the main account.

Facebook Dating App

As stated above, there is no specific application for this site. It is attached to the Facebook mobile application. It is suitable for all Android and iOS devices.

Facebook Dating App

Facebook Dating Website

Facebook Dating does not have a website. To enjoy all features, every user must be a registered Facebook user and download its application. There you can find the dating addition.

Can I Run The App On My Computer?

One of the advantages of the application is the ability to use it with your computer. With a recommended version for the desktop, you will begin to experience the reality of your romantic dreams. Just install the Android emulator and use the app on your computer.

Which Browser Do I Need To Install To Use Facebook Dating?

Any browser does not support it. The only way to access the dating application is to use the Facebook application.

Why Am I Having Trouble Entering The Service?

If you encounter difficulties accessing this site, it simply means you do not have a good internet connection or are never filling accurate information. It also might happen that the service is temporarily down (you will be notified in most cases).


The recent Facebook Dating Review has shown that the interface is easy to use and fast to connect. The obvious structure and simple landing make it hassle-free to run the app.


Registration Process

The registration process on Facebook Dating is quick. You will be required to fill a form to open your Facebook account. After this, you will only need to sign up to use the dating application, which entails filling your gender, gender interest, dating location, and a profile photo. The registration process must be done to begin using the service.

Can I Unmatch Someone Facebook Dating Matched Me With?

Members’ safety is the site’s priority. This is the reason for the design of the feature, which allows members to unmatch one another. Every member should unmatch every unsafe or fake user. This should be done immediately.

What Is The Minimum Age To Register On Facebook Dating?

Facebook dating review stated clearly that the minimum age for registration is 18 years. People of this age are supposedly clever enough and can deal with the explicit content that may be shared on the application.

Which Are The Ways To Verify My Account?

There is no need for verification of the account, as your Facebook account has already been verified. It is only important that you submit similar information with that of your Facebook account. It makes registration easier.

How To Verify My Email?

Verifying your email is not needed. The only time you would ever need to verify an email account is when you are just opening the major one.

How To Verify My Email

What Happens If I Register Through My Facebook Account?

Registration with your Facebook account is the only method; it is the only way to access the dating application.

Can I Use The Application Without Signing Up?

The Facebook Dating application cannot be accessed without a proper signup. A complicated registration process is not required, but everyone must provide adequate information for the signup process.

Profile Set-Up

After creating your account, you will be required to set-up your profile, which entails adding a short description of yourself in three sentences, three words, or three emojis. Fill in your basics: work, education, lifestyle, and beliefs. You would also add a photo, link your Instagram account, and answer a question to secure your account. Until your profile is set, your account is never ready.

Can I Delete A Picture That I Posted On Facebook Dating?

Yes. There is the option to delete a photo that you uploaded on the application. Users are to note that there is no restriction on the number of images you can delete.

How Do I Change My Username In Facebook Dating?

This application enables users to edit their username. To edit your username, you need to select your profile and click on the edit. You would see the username icon, and here you will have access to edit your username successfully. The site encourages the flexibility of user’s activities.

Can I Delete My Facebook Dating Profile?

Yes. Users might decide they want to delete their account, due to so many factors and this application fully supports this function. To delete your profile, go to your profile, click on edit, scroll to the bottom page where you will see delete profile, your profile will be deleted immediately you select it.

“Show Me On Facebook Dating” Option

Whenever you disable the ‘show me’ option on your profile, there will be restrictions on your availability on the site. This means all users will not have access to view your profile or even create connections with you. The connections and relationships you create will be based on people you permit to access or give your information to.

Can I Delete Data I’ve Already Provided To Facebook Dating?

Yes. There is an opportunity to delete any information that users consider irrelevant for the site. Instead of deleting information, provide only detailed and accurate data.

Facebook Dating application allows members to perform a search based on different options. Search can be done by location, relationship type, age, events, and groups. If you are looking for anyone, be assured with the search feature, you will always find them.

Member Search

Is It Possible To Review The Facebook Dating Members I Liked?

You have the opportunity to see and identify the members you liked. This feature strengthens connections and makes the communication process easier.

What Are The Options To Use On Facebook Dating Search?

A search can be performed by usernames, location, gender, interests, and similar groups. Conducting a search is similar to holding a key; it unlocks the door of your sexual fulfillment.

Can You See If Other Member Likes You If You Are A Free Member?

Free members are important on this platform; hence there is no hindrance to what a particular user can enjoy. Being a free member allows you to see the members that like you, as it fosters relationships. Seeing your likes is as important as checking your account balance; it helps you know the number of friends and relationships you can create.


Messaging on Facebook Dating is the beginning of every other thing. You can never know a person better without communication, and the easiest way to communicate is by messaging. It allows you to have more details about other people; it brings two users closer and makes a relationship interesting.


How Can You Start Message Someone On Facebook Dating?

The first step to messaging is to create connections with the user. You can never message another user or member without liking the person or be friends with them. Aside from this, you are free to message anyone at any time. Messaging is easy and user-friendly.

How Can I Message A Person?

To message someone on this application is one of the easiest things to do. It majorly requires you to access the person’s profile, where you would see the message icon, click on it, and you would be directed to their message box. Messages build, sustain, and maintain relationships.

Is It Free To Send Messages?

Sending and exchanging messages is free. Users don’t have to make a special payment before they can have access to send messages. Messaging is activated immediately at the moment you sign up on the site.

How To Check Who Messaged Me On Facebook Dating?

It is easy to see who messages you. You will be notified when you get a message from another user. Note that this notification will pop up on the top right corner, to inform you that you have a new message.

How Can I Use My Camera On Facebook Dating?

The recent Facebook Dating Review shows that the platform has enhanced the use of the camera during a live chat. The chat can be in the form of a video or a message. To use the camera, you need to tap the camera icon that will be shown on the bottom page of your message box. When you tap this icon, your camera is active and can be used.

How Can I Filter Users Who Can Write To Me On Facebook Dating?

Most users often like to limit the number of messages they get. If you are one of such people, there is a feature that permits you to filter your messages. To do this, navigate to the message section, and click on it. You would see the option to filter your messages. The filter option allows you to choose people by location, sex, interests, etc.

Membership Price And Other Payment Methods

The use of this application is absolutely free, as there is no requirement for any payment or the use of payment methods. Unlike many other dating sites, Facebook Dating is a free service. There are non-membership tiers, no advertisements, and no premium features that can be accessed with additional fees.

Free Membership Features

All of the features are completely free! You do not have to pay to enjoy any of the platform’s tools. As soon as members complete the sign-up process, they instantly have access to their profile, photos, questions, messages, and secret crush feature.

Premium Membership Features

There is no paid feature attached to this application. Every feature is free and accessible to use for every member. In comparison with other dating services, this is the cheapest and most affordable!

Does Facebook Dating Have Paid Membership?

Facebook Dating does not offer a premium subscription. All of the features of the app can be accessed freely without the need to make payment. Hence, this application does not require premium membership; the major requirement is a sign-up process done.

How Can I Stop My Facebook Dating Membership?

Canceling your membership is a smooth task but requires a conclusive decision before finalizing. After your membership is canceled by deleting your account, you would no longer have access to all of your account’s information and activities.

Is Facebook Dating Payments Auto-Renewed?

Since there are no payment options on this site, there is no any auto-renewal procedure.

Can I Get My Money Back For Unused Time?

The time you spend on this platform is free. Since there is no payment for time, there is no need for a refund of time unused.

Is My “Support” Renewed Automatically Every Month?

No money issues are involved in this dating service. You can enjoy and use the application as long as you desire.

Can I Get My Money Back, If I Am Not Happy With The Facebook Dating?

Let it be emphasized again that the use of this application is free. Due to the free access of the application, there is no need requesting for a refund of money that is not demanded from you.

How Will My Facebook Dating Payment Appear On My Card Bill?

Facebook Dating does not claim any money in any form. So you do not need to care about bills.

Can I Send Support To Other Members?

Yes. It is possible for users to support other members. Support is not limited to a particular activity; it could be by helping to solve a problem or a helping hand on other issues. Every user must understand they can never enjoy the application alone; the presence of others makes it more fun.

Can I Send Support For Just A Month?

Members are allowed to make decisions by themselves. You can decide to send support for a month or even as long as you wish. The most important thing is sending support to other members is one thing that keeps the relationship growing.

Is Facebook Dating Really Safe?

The safety of the Facebook Dating application is questionable. One of the factors responsible for this is incomplete profiles and bios of users. In fact, it appears that the application has fewer required fields than other services, which makes it possible to accommodate fake accounts. Aside from this, the application is purportedly safe.

Privacy In Facebook Dating

One of the advantages of using this application is the opportunity to enjoy privacy. Every user has the availability of selecting to see other people’s profiles and be seen by others. You are also in control of permitting to control who can see your pictures and find you on the application. Protecting your privacy is ensuring your safety.

Does Facebook Dating Encrypt Chats?

Every single message or chats are encrypted from end to end. This is a system that ensures the full protection of chat between users.

Does Site Track You Down?

Yes. If you are involved in any dangerous activity or are going against the application’s policy, then the owners have the right to track you down.

Can Facebook Dating Be Used By The Police?

There is absolutely nothing untraceable for the police. They have the authority to trace people on the web if that is illegal. Members are encouraged to be obedient and respect the law.

Who Should I Ask If I Have Questions About My Privacy?

If you need clarifications or answers regarding your account, then you can always contact the support team. They are responsive and react to queries instantly!


This is the safest place to meet, connect, and contact. Everyone has the option of controlling their privacy and can also report every suspicious user.

Are Facebook Dating Forums Threads Under Moderation?

Facebook dating application managers and owners effectively moderate and control the activity of every user. This is important as it helps regulate activities on the application and ensure the safety of everyone.

What Would Be The Measures To A Member Who Uses A Facebook Dating Account To Ask For Money?

When a member is caught with this fraudulent activity, such a user might be banned from using the account.

Banned Account

There are various factors responsible for a banned account. In most cases, it is usually due to disobedience to the rules and policy of the application.

Why Can’t I Access The Facebook Dating App?

Are you having difficulties in accessing the application? If the application is not responsive, it is mostly caused by poor internet connections or incorrect details. If you can’t log in to your account, you may be banned. Try to reach the support for the details.

How Long Do Facebook Dating Last?

There is no specific duration to the length of the ban.

How Do I Get My Banned Account Back?

Getting banned limits your activity on the app to zero. If you want to reactivate your banned account, then you should contact the support team with the corresponding request.

Protect Yourself

Every user of the Facebook Dating application must ensure they protect themselves. One way to accomplish this is to carefully check the information you put in and be sure of the identity of whom you are chatting with. Protecting yourself is your responsibility, maximize the privacy option and guard your safety.

How Can I Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

Blocking and reporting should be done immediately. To achieve this, go to the profile of the user, and click on the name. You would get a pop-up list where you can select the block or report button.

Which Information Shouldn’t Appear In Your Facebook Dating Account?

Vital and confidential information should not be posted here. Explicit content is also not allowed.

Help And Support

If you are confused while using this application, be assured of getting help and support quickly. To reach out to the team, you would see the help and support center at the bottom of your profile page.

Real Life Review

I am a registered Facebook Dating application user. Over the years, I have met numerous great friends, my present hot babe is also from this platform and all of my activities are secured. Since I have been a member, there have never been information leakages, bots, or issues with scammers. This is a good dating application.

Real Life Review

Is Facebook Dating The Perfect Dating App?

Yes. This is because the application has one of the best user interfaces; it is free and easy to access by everyone every time. Connections created are always perfectly matched, considering your desires.

Is Facebook Dating A Safe App To Use?

Yes. There have been no negative reports of the application since its existence. Users experience a new life with guaranteed safety.

Can It Be Used As A Hook-up App?

The application was built to support hook-up between users; it can also be used for flirting. As its name says, it is made especially for dating, so why not try?

Is Facebook Dating A Free Service?

This is one of the best free dating applications you would ever know. There is no payment for any service; all you need is your data to experience your desired romance life.

How Does Facebook Dating Operates?

The application operates through the main Facebook account. It does not have a site or a separate application of its own. You must have a Facebook account to use it. After successfully registering your main account, the application only requires little signup details. Enter them, and you would be granted access to enjoy all the benefits of the site.

Are There Fake Accounts Or Scammers?

All users are to note that there is a presence of fakes and scammers on the site. However, the majority of their activities are controlled, as the system has designed a good checking system to stop them.

Alternative Sites Like Facebook Dating

Some numerous applications and sites offer the same kind of services you can get on this platform. Some of the best alternatives are Match.com, Zoosk, eHarmony, Christian Mingle, OkCupid, etc.

Contact Information

  • Company: Facebook
  • Address: 1 hacker way in Menlo Park, CA 94025, within Silicon Valley.
  • Phone: 650-543-4800
  • E-Mail: helpdesk@fb.com

Please note, the best way to contact or report while using this application is through the public page.


Facebook Dating is suitable for everyone searching for hookups, dates, flirts, and a good relationship. There is no payment for any service, and it is available for everyone. The platform avails users the opportunity to explore their romantic life with no limits or boundaries. Feel free, and have fun!

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