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Ferzu Review: Great Dating Site?

Ferzu Review: Great Dating Site?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 72%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 27-35
Profiles 1.500.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It's the best place for furry fandoms with the best social networking features
  • Members can increase their interaction by switching their newsfeed from local to global
  • You can turn off annoying adverts by upgrading your membership to Ferzu
  • Standard members have limited access compare to premium users
  • Annoying advertisement popping up on the Ferzu website are distracting
  • Occasionally rude and shameful comments by mean users on the platform

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What is Ferzu? It’s an amazing platform that connects people who are part of the furry fandom and offers them a platform where they can meet, chat, and share their experiences. It doesn’t matter what your furry character looks like; the site welcomes everyone from Mickey Mouse to Pikachu. What makes Ferzu distinct from other dating websites? In this Ferzu review, you will know everything about this gamer dating site. The theme of the site is the first thing that makes it unique in the dating world. Moreover, Ferzu offers a dating platform where members can connect with like-minded people without any shame and judgemental ambiance.

Read this Ferzu review and know all the fantastic features, search filters, and premium prices.

Does Ferzu Website Support Different Languages?

Ferzu is an international dating and social networking website, and to maintain its powerful reputation; it offers several languages. You can change your website language to English, Dutch, Portuguese, French, and Chinese.

Mastermind Behind the Exceptional Idea of Ferzu

Ferzu website is a unique venture of Grokio LLC. Its success is accomplished with the assistance of furry community members as partners.

Where Is the Headquarter of Ferzu Website?

Ferzu is the project of Grokio LLC, which is situated in America.

Inception of the Amazing Ferzu Website

Ferzu was established in June 2016 with a mission to connect the furry community on one platform where they can meet, share their experience, and find people that understand their unique preferences.

Is Ferzu Website an International Dating Platform?

Yes, Ferzu is an international dating platform with a vast audience all over the world. People from every corner of the earth join this community to meet like-minded people.

Unique Features of the Dating Site

Unique Features of the Dating Site

Ferzu is a fantastic dating platform that offers several unique features.

Incognito Mode

Members can raise their profiles in incognito mode.


Ferzu has an event section where members can see all the upcoming events in the furry community.


The blog section of the website is a fantastic feature where members can get all the information about the site.

Multiple Languages

The site offers multiple languages to accommodate all its worldwide users.

Search Filters

The extensive search filter of the site lets members search matches according to their preferences.

Variety of Furry Audience on the Site

Ferzu is a fantastic dating platform that caters to the furry community. Upon Ferzu review, it’s clear that the site has about 70,000 active users, and the numbers are increasing every day. The majority of the users on the site are singles above the age of 18 years old.

Ferzu website welcomes every member regardless of their sexual preferences. You may find a variety of sexual orientations such as transgender, straight, gays, lesbians, androgynous, agender, nonbinary, and others. The members on the site are the individuals who are identified as their favorite anime characters. Their fursona aims to find someone sexually or platonically.

What are the user’s findings on the site friends, life partners, date, or short flings? The majority of the members are looking for life partners with marriage as an end game. They want to connect with someone that can understand their preferences and are ready to start a committed relationship.

Distribution of Age and the Most Active Age Group

Ferzu reviews on the different search engines explain that the site has members from all age groups. The majority of the members are young, and above 18 years old. The most active age group on the website is in between 25 to 34 years.

Scammers and Fake Profiles Presence on the Site

Ferzu website has stringent security measures in terms of identification. The site has robust policies to keep the scammer away from joining the site. The strategies like sending the password to the mail address, verification of location, and comprehensive profile system are some of the measures that the Ferzu website takes to offer a secure environment. Moreover, Ferzu reviews clarify that members rarely see scammers or fake accounts on the dating platform.

Modern Websites and Availability of Mobile App

Modern Websites and Availability of Mobile App

Ferzu Dating Site Mobile App Availability

The modern website of Ferzu and its amazing features are also available on a mobile app for the convenience of members. To explore Ferzu on your mobile, download the app from the virtual stores of Android and Apple for free.

The features and functionality of the app are similar to the Ferzu website. The minor differences are you can tap instead of click and log in from anywhere with your smartphone. The app offers some free features for the members to participate in the furry chat and receive a notification. You can see other members’ profiles, have access to wall posts, comment on pictures, and news feed. The mobile application of the Ferzu website is fully optimized with small screens of mobile.

Ferzu Desktop Version Usability and Performance

Ferzu is a fantastic dating website that has an exceptional desktop version. You can use the website for a meeting, chatting, and sharing experiences of your life. The features and functions of the website are outstanding, with perfect optimization. The alignment of features, along with the color theme, makes your experience with the site refreshing.

Can Members Use the Mobile App on Their Desktop?

You could use the app on your desktop only if you upgraded the software version. Some of the new software like Windows 10 are compatible with showing apps on desktop as well.

Does All Browsers Support Ferzu Website?

In the Ferzu review, the site was tested on numerous browsers and worked productively on each one. Users can use the website on almost all browsers like chrome, opera, firefox, internet explorer, etc.

Why is the Site Restricting My Entrance?

There could be numerous reasons why Ferzu is restricting your entrance to the site.

  • You have put an invalid email ID
  • You are below 18 years old
  • Your country does not support furry communities
  • You haven’t put the password that the website sends you
  • Your password is incorrect
  • You haven’t added mandatory information in the form
  • You forget to click on the terms and conditions box
    • Modern Web Design and User Friendly Navigation

      Modern Web Design and User Friendly Navigation

      The design of the Ferzu website is modern and elegant. The light blue and white theme of the website is refreshing and classy.

      The alignment of features is organized in an uncomplicated way. The colorful animal pictures profile gives a vibrant look to the overall layout. Easy to use interface and user-friendly navigation make Ferzu website a powerful dating platform for users worldwide.

      Signup Process to Join the Site

      The registration process of Ferzu is swift and straightforward. You have to provide a valid email address; otherwise, your account will be suspended by the moderator. A creative username is required, which will identify your profile. You can choose a name related to your fursona.

      Add your date of birth, which should be above 18 years old and gender. The options for gender are:

      • Male/female
      • Transgender
      • Masculine/feminine
      • Androgynous
      • Agender
      • Nonbinary
      • Others

      An activation link is sent to your inbox with the password for the site. Check your inbox or promotions and copy the password. Type your username and provide a password on the site and log in to the Ferzu website. You have to complete the required fields in your profile to continue operating the site.

      Can I Unmatch Members on Ferzu?

      Ferzu doesn’t offer its members any feature to unmatch their matches. The site suggests the matches, and once you send a flirt or message, it cannot be undone.

      What Is the Minimum Age Requirement for Ferzu Registration?

      Ferzu dating websites have strict policies for age. Members should be above 18 to join the dating platform. Any members’ accounts below the age of 18 years will be terminated immediately before the registration process.

      Are There Any Ways Through Which Email Is Verified?

      As per the Ferzu review, the site verifies the email address by sending the passwords to the email. Members cannot join the site without the password sent by the website.

      In Which Way Members Can Verify Their Email?

      Members do not need to verify their email; the site moderator verifies each account thoroughly for safety and privacy measures.

      Does the Site Register Through Facebook Account?

      Ferzu websites do not provide Facebook signup options to users. You have to fill the brief signup form to join the site as it requires an email address to send a password for verification.

      Is It Possible to Use the Website Without Registration?

      You cannot explore Ferzu as a guest or without any registration process. You need to fill out the signup form to join the amazing social network of Ferzu.

      Creating an Impressive Profile to Attract Users

      Ferzu has a comprehensive profile system. There is a long list of questions about personality, personal information, interests, hobbies, and many more. This comprehensive system filters out scammers and fake accounts.

      Besides your name, email, gender, birth date, and location. You can add your physical features like body type, height, and weight. You have to mention your community-related kinks, which include diaper fur, body paint, fursuit, knot playing, etc.

      Use some creative words to tell a little about yourself. There are fields about your fursona, occupation, favorite books and movies, hottest, earliest, or funniest fur memory. You can add your social media links for social networking.

      Is It Possible to Delete Your Profile Photo in Ferzu?

      You can upload a photo and manage it in public or private settings and choose any picture for profile. Images can be deleted and changed as desired.

      Can I Edit My Username on Ferzu?

      Members can edit their username as they wish. Visit your profile settings and edit your username in the required field. However, once you save the changes, you have to sign again with your new username.

      Can You Permanently Delete Your Ferzu Profile?

      On the right corner of the website, there is a gear icon for account settings. Click on the icon and go to the tab stating Account. At the bottom of the page, you will see the delete account in orange text. A window with an apology to see you leave will pop up with two tabs Delete Account or Cancel. Once your profile is deleted, you need to sign up again to join the site.

      Can I Make My Profile Invisible on Ferzu?

      If you don’t want others to view your profile or to browse profiles anonymously, Ferzu has an option to explore the website in an invisible mode. Go to your account setting, click on the setting tab, and check the box for anonymous viewing. Incognito Mode is a feature that is only accessible for Ferzu+ members.

      Does Ferzu Enable Members to Edit Their Profile?

      Members can edit their profile for an unlimited time. On the right corner of the screen, click on your username and click the orange button stating Edit my Profile. Make the changes and save your profile from securing the new information.

      Powerful Search Filters to Search Ideal Matches

      During the Ferzu review, it became clear that the site offers powerful search filters for the furriers to find their ideal match.

      The furriers on the site find members with similar fursonas. The site offers some suggestions that match your sexual preferences. It also matches the members that are compatible in age, location, physical attributes, sexual preference, and interests.

      Can I See the Members on Ferzu That I Am Following?

      You can see members that you are following on the homepage. On the left navigation bar, you can see My Network option under the People tab.

      What Are the Search Criteria on Ferzu Website?

      Ferzu has extensive search filters that are effective in finding ideal matches. Members can search through.

      • Age range
      • Body mass index
      • Weight/height
      • Location
      • Gender
      • Interest
      • Relationship status
      • Languages
      • Community links
      • Currently online
      • New members
      • Profile with photo

      Can Standard Members View Their Followers?

      Standard members can follow anyone on the site, and they can view their followers as well. You can view the people who are following you in the left navigation bar in My follower’s tab.

      Multiple Messaging Options to Interact With Members

      You have searched for your ideal match, and now comes the fun part where you interact with them. You can send them pre-written flirty messages to start a conversation. You can also send them a personal text or show your interest by commenting on their post.

      How Can You Initiate Conversation on Ferzu?

      Ferzu has amazing interaction features through which members can know each other on an intimate level. The quickest method of interaction is the flirt option. You can choose from some pre-written flirty messages which include:

      • Snug
      • Nuz
      • Pounce
      • Thanks for following me
      • Great profile
      • Sup, fuzzbutt?
      • Hi, how’s it going?

      You can also send private messages or comment on their post to initiate conversation.

      How Can Members Send Messages to Each Other?

      Members can easily send messages with the Send A Message option on the left side of every profile. Choose a message and send it to the respective member. Standard members can send ten messages and skirts every day while Ferzu members have unlimited access to sending texts.

      Can Furriers Send Messages for Free?

      Standard furriers can send only ten messages every day for free. To send unlimited messages to members, you need to upgrade your membership to Ferzu+.

      How Can I See the Text Sent to Me in Ferzu?

      At the top navigation bar, you can see the Messages option click on the tab. The tab contains an inbox that has sent messages, unread messages, and deleted messages.

      Does Ferzu Website Offer Video Chat Feature?

      Ferzu does not offer its members video chat features. However, members can interact with each other by posting their photos on the newsfeed for other members to see and comment on.

      How Can I Avoid Individual Members on Ferzu From Messaging?

      There are not any specific options where members can filter messaging options. However, members can block members, which will subsequently block their messages.

      Ferzu Price Structure and Subscription Plan

      Ferzu Price Structure and Subscription Plan

      Do you want to have unrestricted access to all the features of the Ferzu website? Upgrade your membership to Ferzu+, and you will have access to all the features of the site. The subscription plan of the site has three tiers of one, three, and twelve months.

      • One month Ferzu+ subscription cost 7.99 USD.
      • Three months Ferzu+ subscription cost 6.66 USD per month and 19.99 USD in total.
      • Twelve months Ferzu+ subscription cost 4.99 USD per month and 59.99 USD in total.

      Standard Members Feature and Services on Site

      Standard members have access to limited features on the site, which include:

      • Registration
      • Profile creation
      • Uploading 100 private photos and 100 public photos
      • Viewing full profile pictures of 25 members per day
      • Sending ten message or flirts per day
      • Receiving unlimited texts every day
      • Viewing 15 profiles of the potential matches
      • Block 100 members in total
      • Searching one global news feed everyday

      Premium Members Features and Services on the Site

      Premium members can enjoy the following features.

      • Unlimited view of members photos
      • Unlimited access to sending and receiving messages and flirts
      • Block unlimited accounts
      • Browse anonymously
      • Unlimited global search
      • No ads on the mobile app

      Does the Ferzu Website Offer Membership Upgrade?

      Ferzu has unlimited access to its features for its premium members. You can enjoy unrestricted features of the site by purchasing the Farzu+ plan that suits your needs.

      How to Terminate Ferzu Website Membership?

      If you don’t want to continue, your premium membership follows a simple revoking procedure. Click on your profile and access the settings you can turn off your auto-renewal subscription plan to terminate your subscription.

      Does Ferzu Offer Auto-Renewal System by Default?

      The one and three-month premium subscription plan are set on the auto-renewal system by default. It means that the accounts will renew automatically on expiration. However, the yearly premium plan of the website has to be subscribed again manually.

      Does the Site Offers a Refund for the Remaining Subscription Time?

      Ferzu website does not refund for the remaining days of subscription. If you have subscribed to another pass, the site adds the remaining days to your new subscription plan.

      Does All the Subscriptions Plan Auto-Renewed on Ferzu Website?

      The one and three months of Ferzu+ are automatically renewed upon expiration. However, the yearly subscription does not renew automatically. You have to subscribe to the plan again if you wish to continue.

      If I’m Not Satisfied With the Service Does Ferzu Offers Money-Back Guarantee?

      Unfortunately, the site does not offer a money-back guarantee to its members. In case of any billing issue, you can contact the customer support of the website for further queries.

      How Will Ferzu+ Payment Appear in the Credit Card Bill?

      Ferzu uses third parties for the purchase of their premium accounts. It means none of the credit card information is accessible to the site. The credit card statement will show CCBill.Com Grokio LLC.

      Can I Offer Financial Assistance to Ferzu Users?

      You cannot send any financial support to any members through the website. It’s advisable for the reader of the Ferzu review to restrict themselves from transferring any financial assistance to any member.

      Can I Opt for Premium Membership for One Month Only?

      The subscription plan of the Ferzu website offers a one-month subscription plan, which is convenient for those who are still struggling with the decision of the sites worth as a dating platform.

      Is It Safe to Use Ferzu Website

      Is It Safe to Use Ferzu Website?

      Upon the Ferzu review, it revealed that the site does not expose any members’ personal information to third parties. No user information is accessible by any search tool. The website gives full control to users for their security by blocking any unwanted member from future contact.

      Privacy policies of Ferzu dating website

      Ferzu has robust security and privacy policies for its members. The reason for all these high-end measures is to offer a safe and secure platform where furriers can mingle without any concern. The dating site ensures its users that none of the personal data is shared with any third party. All the sensitive information of the clients is kept confidential. You can easily block any member if you think he or she is breaching your privacy.

      Do Ferzu Website Feature Encrypted Chats?

      Ferzu website offers a secure platform where all the members’ interaction is SSL encrypted, which means that the identification of any users is not leaked to any outsider.

      Can Ferzu Track My Location Without My Consent?

      The site tracks the members activities as well as their online status and location. All of the information is tracked with the consent of the members.

      Can Police Monitor the Activities on Ferzu Website?

      The dating website gives priority to its user’s privacy, and confidentiality is their primary concern. However, if by any chance cyber police get involved or want to track particular member activity, the site is bound by law to provide them specific amounts of information.

      I Have Privacy Concerns About Ferzu Whom Should I Contact?

      You can contact the proficient customer support team of the site if you have any queries related to privacy or security. Click on the support tab on the top navigation bar to visit the support page. Choose the category suited for your query and fill the form with the required information.

      Effective Safety Policies of the Website

      Are the Blogs Moderated on Ferzu?

      The proficient team of websites regularly moderates the blogs posted on the site. The site has strict policies for harsh language and nude pictures.

      What Punishment Ferzu Website Implies on the Members Requesting Money?

      The site has strict policies for those who break the rules of the platform. Members are not allowed to request any kind of financial aid through their accounts. If you have such a scenario, report the user to the moderator for appropriate actions.

      Comprehensive Information About the Ferzu Criteria to Ban Accounts

      Why Am I Restricted From Entering Ferzu Website?

      There are various reasons because of which users are restricted from entering the website.

      • Breaking rules
      • Typing wrong password or username
      • Your country does not support the site
      • Your account is banned from the site.

      What Is the Duration of Ferzu Website Bans?

      The site has a different duration suspending an account. It could be a permanent decision where the account is not permitted to log in again. The site can also ban an account for a specific period.

      How Can I Reactivate My Suspended Account?

      Your account could only be restored by contacting the customer support team of the website. You can pledge your issue, and the site moderator will decide the future of your account accordingly.

      Strategies to Protect Yourself From Scammers

      How to Block Profile From Future Contact?

      Every profile on the website has an option for blocking or reporting the person to the moderator of the site.

      What Kind of Information Should You Avoid Sharing on Ferzu Account?

      Avoid sharing any financial information or home address with any members on the site.

      Contacting the Proficient Customer Support Team

      Contacting the support team of the website is a straightforward process. Click on the Support tab on the top navigation bar you will be directed to the help desk. Choose your concern option and fill out the required information.

      Members Feedback for the Security Policies

      Members Feedback for the Security Policies

      Ferzu is one of the safest dating platforms in the industry. The account verification system and the strict rules and regulations keep the scammers on the other side of the entrance gate. Moreover, the site keeps its members privacy confidential.

      Is Ferzu the Best Dating Site for Furries?

      Ferzu is an excellent dating platform for furriers, where they can connect with like-minded people without any judgment or criticism.

      Is Ferzu a Dating Website for Short Flings?

      Ferzu is a diverse dating platform that caters to all relationship seekers. You can find members for long term or short-term relationships, casual sexual encounters, and friendship.

      Does Ferzu Offer Free Features to Members?

      Ferzu is a premium dating site but offers some fantastic free features for the standard members to enjoy the site.

      How Does Ferzu Dating Website Work?

      Ferzu is a niche dating website for the furry community. You can sign in for free, and after completing the extensive profile, connect with the members through messages or newsfeed.

      Are There Any Fake Profile on Ferzu Website?

      Ferzu has a robust safety system, which makes it difficult for scammers to penetrate the safety net. Members can block or report any suspicious account on the site.

      Alternative Website With Similar Theme Like Ferzu

      • FurryMate is another furry community network site for finding your fursona soulmate.
      • Furling is an outstanding furry community to meet with new friends.
      Detailed Contact Information About the Dating Site

      Detailed Contact Information About the Dating Site

      Company: Grokio LLC

      Address: 201 E 5th Street

      Suite 1227

      Sheridan, WY 82801

      Email. https://www.ferzu.com/

      Afterwords About Ferzu Dating Website

      Ferzu is a superb dating platform that caters to the furry community. The site offers a safe and discreet platform where furriers meet their ideal fursonas. If you belong to a furry community and looking for your fursona soulmate, Ferzu is the best place to explore.

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