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FlirtBuddies Review: Great Dating Site?

FlirtBuddies Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 12%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 24-34
Profiles 300 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The dating site has a form of quick communication for members on their message boards.
  • The website has a unique feature that makes searching fast. It is referred to as the quickie search.
  • A huge population of sexy women.
  • There are several fake users on the site.
  • You must upgrade to access some unique features.

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People have different tastes and preferences when it comes to sex. Some get excited by flirting only. Some want to explore all the sex avenues to have fun. The site has a welcoming atmosphere. The thousands of participants are ready for business. For you to be confirmed on the site, you have to provide your age and your credentials. Both men and women are allowed to join as long as they meet the minimum requirements. You will find many people looking for attractive partners. Others are both young and attractive. This type of relationship is prevalent on the site. You don’t have to be afraid that someone will judge you. There are different types of membership to choose from. Join the platform to find out more and enjoy yourself.


Many people ask, what is FlirtBuddies? Are you a young woman or man who would like to take a sexual adventure to another level? FlirtBuddies is the best place for you to enjoy yourself. The site has numerous hot and sexy women who will keep you entertained and sexually fulfilled. The members on the site offer memorable experiences. You will enjoy parties, hotels, holidays at expensive destinations, presents, online romance, and many more. If you do not wish to meet your date, you can enjoy your dating online. Gerald Chertavian founded the site in the year 2008. The intention was to have a platform for people who are specifically interested in flirting. If you want a commitment, it may be too much to ask on this site. The site is for fun. Many people prefer older women because they have a sexual experience. Join the site if you want to improve your sexual life and have memorable experiences. The site offers different payment plans that you can choose from. However, you can still join as a free member. Free membership allows you to get familiar with the site as you prepare to pay. It is important to note that you cannot delete your profile once it is on the site.

FlirtBuddies Review: Great Dating Site?

How Does FlirtBuddies Work?

The site has search criteria that you can use to find what you want. You can search based on gender, age, photos, or online members. However, there are advanced search criteria that you can use. With that, you can discover people who are within your location or region. Once you start communicating with members of the FlirtBuddies community, you can maintain contact with them. You can also block those you are not interested in. Apart from the searches, you can also have a group chat. You can chat with all the members of the group if they are online.

Moreover, you can have a private chat with a member of your choice if you wish. The site has a customer support system that you can contact in case you need help. They are quick to respond and are available all the time.

Signing Up at FlirtBuddies

FlirtBuddies is a website whose target is adults. Before you create a profile on the site, ensure that you are above 18 years. The site works to ensure every member has the minimum recommended age for users. The registration process is fast and straightforward. You will need the following to start the process:

  • An email address.
  • A unique username for your profile with a strong password.
  • Your location, whether country or city.

As you take up the registration process, consider the following information:

  • Do not rush while filling up your profile. Take your time to ensure that you give your best. It will ensure that you appear in many searches on the site. The more you appear, the more your chances of getting attention from other members. If you do not fill up enough information, your profile may not get any visitors. You are allowed to add your phone number too if you want.
  • Ensure that you have a good profile picture. Not necessarily nude photos but those that you will look attractive to others. Your image will decide if another user contacts you or not.
  • Learn what the site is all about before you sign up. It will assist you when browsing through the profiles.
  • Identify the customer support team in case you need help.
Signing Up at FlirtBuddies

How to Start Contact

When you join the site, you have different options of communication. You can send messages to the message boards. You can flirt with your potential match or exchange emails with them. All these methods will attract attention from your matches. The site has a notification system to alert you on messages, emails, or any other communication from your partners.

When you upgrade to a premium membership, you will access many special communication features. You can send your potential match a virtual gift. Apart from that, you can also respond to friend requests from other members. By accessing other users’ profiles, you are allowed to rate them. You can also view their photo galleries. The most interesting part is, you can create a friend list to use later.

How to Start Contact

Profiles on FlirtBuddies

The site has a huge population of men and women looking for casual relationships. The members have well-detailed profiles that will help you identify your potential match. The ladies have sexy photos that attract men to their inboxes. The men, too, have sexy images that attract sexy ladies. There are a few fake profiles on the site that can be a threat. Ensure that you don’t get yourself into trouble with such profiles. You should be able to differentiate between real and fake accounts.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

On a website with so many members, it is easy to encounter scammers. It would help if you were attentive to note profiles with fake pictures. Most scammers use images that they download from the internet. Stay safe by looking at such details on the accounts.

Design & Usability of FlirtBuddies

Every website developer has the needs of the users in mind. They will consider the usability of the site as the most crucial point. Any difficulty to use the website will keep off the users. No one wants to struggle when there are so many options. The navigation must be easy to work with on the site. FlirtBuddies is one such website. The navigation keys are well displayed at the top of the window. You can easily work between messages and browsing profiles with no difficulties. The colors used on the website are relaxed and welcoming. The site contains a lot of nudes and sex videos. It is much of what you should expect.

FlirtBuddies Mobile App

The site does not have any FlirtBuddies app yet. However, you can access the website from a desktop or mobile device using the mobile version.

FlirtBuddies Mobile App

Special Features

The website has a significant population with thousands of profiles. For you to access the profiles and contact them, special features come in handy. Some other functions like advanced search, presents, and account editing may need special features to achieve.

Instant Messages

It is a feature available for the premium membership. You can send messages to other users who are also in that payment plan.

Video Chat

Video chat is also available for members of the payment plan. You are allowed to have a video chat with other members.

Voice Message

You can leave a voice message for your contact. It is a feature available for a premium membership.


You can mail a fellow user, and the system will notify them. It is not available for the free membership.

Match Service

You can use the matchmaking service to help you in getting a perfect partner. It is achieved about the features you state on your profile. It is only available for members on the payment plan.

FlirtBuddies Costs

Joining the site is free of charge. However, to access most of the communication features, you need to pay. The payment plans are as follows.

Premium Subscription 3 days 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months
Trial Membership $ 8.90
Gold Membership $ 11.65 $ 69.90
Silver Membership $ 16.65 $ 49.95
VIP membership $ 29.95

Basic Membership

With basic membership, there’s very little you can access on the site. You will be limited to account registration and member search.

Premium Membership

Premium membership on the site comes in different time frames. There’s a trial period of three days, gold membership from one month to six months, silver membership from one month to three months, and VIP membership for one month. Once you choose one of the plans, you can access the following;

  • You can narrow your search to a location.
  • You can see all the new online members.
  • You will get the best matches.
  • You can send messages to other members.

FlirtBuddies Coupons

The site does not have any coupons.

FlirtBuddies Coupons

Verification & Safety of FlirtBuddies

FlirtBuddies, a famous dating site for casual relationships, has members from different places. This population includes scammers too. The site is designed with SSL encryption for security. Once registered on the site, your account must go through verification. Approval will happen after that. It would be best if you were careful not to get into trouble with scammers. Keep your personal and financial information to yourself. Sharing it with strangers is dangerous.

Is FlirtBuddies a Scam?

FlirtBuddies is a real adult dating site. However, there are FlirtBuddies reviews that suggest foul play.

Is FlirtBuddies Legit?

FlirtBuddies is a legit site for fun and casual dating.

Is FlirtBuddies Anonymous?

FlirtBuddies does not allow random visitors to access the site before registration. It is mandatory to ensure the privacy of the members is not interfered with.

The Problem with FlirtBuddies

At FlirtBuddies, several problems come up. There are a huge number of fake profiles on the site. The profiles have pictures originating from the internet. It is one of the major signs of a fake profile. It does not mean that the site has no genuine people. There are real profiles that you can contact and have fun with.

Another FlirtBuddies review states that the site has fake profiles. They use the accounts to push you into paying for a premium membership.

With many negative reviews about the site, it is essential to be careful. You should be able to interact with real people and not fake profiles. If you decide to use the site, check out the profiles well to avoid trouble. Some users confess to no real flirts on the site. It is a waste of time and money for the users. It is a result of many fake profiles that do not offer anything. Others say they have interactions with air profiles thinking they have a new catch. The reviews are not suitable for the site and keep away potential users.

The Problem with FlirtBuddies

Help & Support

Every online dating site has a customer support section. It is a section that will assist you in case you need help on the site. Read all the information about the platform and understand. Once you register your profile, you will know what to expect and who to contact whenever necessary. You can report anything unusual you encounter on the site. Furthermore, you can still get customer support for more information even before you register your profile.

FlirtBuddies Alternatives

Other online dating sites can give you similar services as Flirtbuddies. They include Adultfriendfinder and Cougardate.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions by users of the site.

What is FlirtBuddies Used For?

FlirtBuddies is used by men and women who are looking for casual relationships for fun.

Is FlirtBuddies a Real Dating Site?

Yes, it is with different ratings from previous users.

How to Delete FlirtBuddies Account?

The site does not allow you to delete your account. However, you can only deactivate it, thus not seen by other users.

Why do you need a credit card for FlirtBuddies?

You need a credit card for paying premiums. However, you are required to have it when joining the site.

What do icons on FlirtBuddies mean

When you register your account on the site, you will be given a welcome premium. You will be able to enjoy the platform with a whole month’s premium. It will enable you to check out the services and the profiles as you prepare to pay.

With your premium membership, you can use the icons for different communication on the site.

How to set up FlirtBuddies properly

To set up your profile properly, you need to read and understand how the site works. Make sure you read through the different types of membership to decide which one works well for you. You can then pay up and enjoy yourself with other users.

How to set up FlirtBuddies properly

Contact Information

Company: I&L Ltd

Address: Trinity House, 31-33 Lynedoch Street

Email: support@flirtbuddies.com


FlirtBuddies is an adult online dating platform. Many people like sexual relationships with older women. It is because they tend to believe they are experienced compared to youngsters. On this website, the old rich women aspect is the catch. Men flock to the site to enjoy cougars. They experience holidays at lovely destinations. Such memorable experiences keep the site flocked and active. The free membership, too, is attractive. It gives the users a chance to check out what the site is all about. You get a chance to decide whether to pay for membership or leave. The special features which are available for premium membership are exciting. You can communicate with your potential match in exciting ways. Advanced search and matchmaking are the most popular.

However, as mentioned earlier, there are some hitches about the FlirtBuddies website. There are fake profiles that are used by the site to attract users to premium membership. Such hitches can scare potential members from the site. Your main aim of joining the site is to meet a possible match. Anything else is a disadvantage. The other trick that the site uses to ask members for payment is their credit card details. The fact that there is a free membership doesn’t make it mandatory to have a credit card. It leaves a lot of questions for you if you don’t intend to pay for membership.

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