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FreeHookupSearch Review: Great Hookup Site or Scam?

FreeHookupSearch Review: Great Hookup Site or Scam?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 27-37
Profiles 120 000
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Visit rate 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Its availability in many countries will provide you with a large pool of people to select from.
  • It provides you with a simple step-by-step process to join, making it easy for anyone to sign up.
  • It has a tailored and advanced search option that makes it easier for you to search and find a perfect match for you.
  • Signing up is 100% free, making it available for whoever wants to join.
  • It has a fantastic messaging system making it easy for you to access the site.
  • No scamming accounts.
  • Like its name, people assume this site to be free, which is a misconception.
  • To enjoy a significant service on the site, you should join the paid subscription, unlike the free service.

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Are you in need of a date, but you are wondering where to start? Are you tired of disappointments and bouncing dates? Worry no more. Freehookups is here to offer you a lasting solution. On FreeHookupSearch, you will be able to discover and find hookups for friendship, dating, fuck mates, and whatever you wish for, you are most likely to find it here. It is present in more than 70 countries. Once you sign up, you will browse and send a limited number of messages, all for free.

You will be allowed to use this site once you confirm and verify that you are an adult of 18 years and above as it does not admit minors. Whichever sex you are, you are likely to find your preferred match here as there is a vast pool of users from all over the world. FreeHookupSearch was founded back in the year 2007 by Tinder and Badoo. The company is based in the USA in San Francisco and is backed by Canaan Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, and ATA Ventures.

FreeHookupSearch Review: Great Dating Site?

How Does FreeHookupSearch Work?

For you to be able to use FreeHookupSearch, you are required to sign up first. It will need you to fill up some information about yourself like, gender, age, email address, username, and password. After providing this information, your profile will be ready. It means that you can be able to browse through other users and view their profiles. Besides, you can send a limited number of messages for free. You will be required to provide your credit card details at some point.

Although you can decide to use the free membership package just like any other site, there is not much you can do. Upgrading to a paid membership will allow you to view all profiles of other users, send them messages and do anything you feel like on the website. From the many success stories from the FreeHookupSearch reviews, you can set updates with your preferred matches or date actual people on the site, and you never know you might be the next success story and meet your life partner here. You can also access all the services on the FreeHookupSearch app, accessible through the mobile phone. It makes it even more comfortable as you can log in from anywhere and anytime you feel like.

Signing up at FreeHookupSearch

Signing up on FreeHookupSearch can never get any easier. You will be required to be at least 18 years of age and above to join. All you need is to go to Freehookups.com and select sign up. Here, you will provide some information about yourself as you set up your profile, including choosing a user name and setting up your password. It will enable you to have an account and be able to use it on unpaid membership. You can provide your credit card information if you wish to use the paid membership.

How to Start Contact

You will decide on what you want to achieve on the site once you have an account. Freehookupsearch has many singles to hook up with from all over as it has a presence in over 70 countries. You can therefore browse through the user’s profiles and try to find your preferred suitors. Once you come across someone who interests you, you can send him a message to start a conversation. You can engage in the conversation as you get to know each other. The conversation may lead to the two of you setting up a date and finally getting to meet each other, and eventually fulfilling the mandate you had while signing up on FreeHookupSearch in the first place.

FreeHookupSearch Profiles

Freehookupsearch profiles are the information that people post while signing up. Your profile will describe which kind of person you are, your gender, the type of person you are interested in, and more about you. Each user is expected to verify his or her account using a credit card, which you are at one point asked to link to your account. This process minimizes fake accounts on the website.

How to avoid Fake Profiles

You will want to have an experience that will last and be memorable on the dating site and, if possible, get a lifelong partner. It will require that you avoid at all costs any fake profile on FreeHookupSearch. But how do we differentiate between a real account from a fake profile? A phony profile will show these characteristics:

  • The responses to your messages make no meaning at all.
  • The profile usually has only a single photo.
  • The profile information is hardly filled.
  • The social network to the profile is usually tiny.

If an account has these symptoms, it is most likely that it is a fake profile. It will be prudent if you avoid such profiles with such profiles. You can there set an advanced search to filter profiles with such attributes.

How to avoid Fake Profiles

Design and Usability of FreeHookupSearch

FreeHookupSearch is designed in a user-friendly manner. First of all, it has both the website compatibility where you can log in via the computer desktop version and enjoy yourself. Also, it has the mobile phone version where you can download it to your phone and log in with the same details as for the website.

The desktop version has an easy user interface, making it easy for users to navigate as they search for perfect matches. The mobile app is also compatible with Android and iOS platforms making it compatible with most mobile phones.

FreeHookupSearch Mobile Apps

FreeHookupSearch has a mobile app that is downloadable and accessible via mobile phones. Users can log in using the same credentials they used when signing up on the website. The FreeHookupSearch apps make it easy to access the service from anywhere and at any given time of day.

Special Features

FreeHookupSearch has several special features that make it stand out from the rest of the dating sites. First of all, it has a search filter that allows you, the user, to filter the users based on attributes like age, location, appearance, location, and even photos. It will enable you to get to your preferred match easily and quickly without wasting much time.

The registration process is straightforward, and you are only a few steps away from getting started. You will get to see glances of what to expect from models once you hire them. They will share some tips with you.

FreeHookupSearch Costs

The cost you will be charged for enjoying the services will depend on which plan you will use. The costs are varying as indicated below:

Membership plan Amount
Basic membership Free
Premium membership $39.95 per month + $30 for hot porn movies

Basic Membership

Just like any other dating site, the FreeHookupSearch website operates a basic membership tariff where it is free. It is free to sign up and set up a profile for yourself. While on basic membership, you can send messages to other users through limited, and you can browse through the profiles of other users on the dating website. This basic membership has shortcomings as it determines the extent to which you can get to.

Premium Membership

Once you have signed in and set up a profile, you can upgrade from the primary membership to the premium membership. The premium membership is usually a paid membership plan where you pay a specific fee regularly. On the FreeHookupSearch dating site, you will be expected to pay up to $39.95 per month. If you want more like accessing the most valuable and unlimited series of hot porn movies, you will be charged an extra $30. As much as it is a paid membership, it has its benefits compared to the free basic membership. On premium membership, you will send messages to all members on the website without any restrictions like the basic members do. You will have all the freedom to browse through the profiles of all the users without limitations. Besides, you will have the freedom to do just any other thing you feel like on the website as long as it is within the agreed terms and conditions of the FreeHookupSearch dating site.

FreeHookupSearch Coupons

The FreeHookupSearch dating website does not have coupons as of now. Still, if there is a plan to introduce such a program, the company will communicate through its various communication channels.

FreeHookupSearch Verification and Safety

FreeHookupSearch website offers you an opportunity to key in your details and verifies whether the details you have provided are genuine or not. You will be allowed to edit and save the correct information. The site is secure as the administrator does not allow any external dangers to disclose your private information.

Is FreeHookupSearch a Scam?

Although you may have heard a few people raise concerns about FreeHookupSearch on one or two issues here and there, Freehookupsearch will never and can never be a scam. Judging by the many success stories emanating from people who have successfully used Freehookupsearch before, we can read many success stories of happy endings from real people. It stands at 92%, the percentage of people who met their objectives while using the FreeHookupSearch website.

Is FreeHookupSearch Legit?

You may be curious to find out if perhaps FreeHookupSearch is genuine, real, or good enough for you like any other person. From the many reviews coming from previous users who have used Freehookupsearch before, it is evident that many of the users or profile holders are real people looking for real hookups. It, therefore, is enough proof that FreeHookupSearch is indeed a legit site.

Is FreeHookupSearch Anonymous?

FreeHookupSearch provides you with the option to decide whether you want to reveal your actual identity or wish to continue as an anonymous person. As an anonymous user, you will view other users’ profiles, but they can view your account but cannot tell who your real identity is. Later on, you can decide to reveal your real identity to the person whose profile you feel is matching your desires after you have had a chat, and you are convinced that the two of you have much in common.

Is FreeHookupSearch Anonymous?

The Problem with FreeHookupSearch?

The biggest problem with the FreeHookupSearch website is that, as the name suggests, it tends to confuse many users as a free online dating site. It leaves some of the users disappointed when they sign up and discover later that it is very little you can achieve with the unpaid tariff.

Help and Support

FreeHookupSearch dating website provides a user-friendly and prompt support system where questions and concerns raised are attended to with urgency. You will find our 24/7 support system very helpful, just if you have an issue that needs to be sorted concerning our site. You can write us an email, send us a text message through our customer support line, or even reach us on our various social platforms

FreeHookupSearch Alternatives

There are so many alternative websites to the FreeHookupSearch dating site. Depending on the kind of relationship you are looking to establish. You will find better websites that serve you the best than Freehookupsearch, and in some instances, you will discover that FreeHookupSearch is by far better than those other websites out there. Therefore, you cannot authoritatively say that a particular dating site is better than Freehookups. Once it serves you well and helps you achieve your goals, it is the best for you and maximizes it.

Question and Answer

There are regularly asked questions, and you can visit our page on frequently asked questions on Freehookupsearch.com to quickly check out some replies and see whether you catered to.

What is FreeHookupSearch Used for?

Different people will join FreeHookupSearch for entirely different reasons. You will join Freehookupsearch for a particular reason which you expect to be fulfilled. Some of the reasons or uses of the FreeHookupSearch dating site include the following:

  • To find love by hooking up with singles online.
  • For companionship through sharing experiences with like-minded people.
  • To have some little fun online.
  • To pass the time by chatting with other singles online.
  • Increase your social circle.

Whatever the reason, the user must just be met and the need fulfilled.

Is FreeHookupSearch a Real Dating Site?

FreeHookupSearch is indeed a real dating site. It is evident as many real people have registered success by meeting their perfect matches using this dating website. It is, therefore, worth trying if dating is all you are looking for. Being a real dating site, you will never go wrong with the FreeHookupSearch website.

How to Delete FreeHookupSearch Account

You can never delete a Freehookupsearch account permanently. You may only have an alternative to hiding your profile from other users. To hide your account, go to FreeHookupSearch.com and log in to your account. While you are logged in, navigate to my account and select hide my profile. Click on the save icon and then click further on continue. By doing so, your profile now will change to you are now invisible. Your account will now be hidden.


To get in touch with the FreeHookupSearch website, you can contact our office through:

Wishland services limited 42 Dositheou, Strovolos 2028 Nicosia, Cyprus, or through our email support@freehookupsearch.com. You can also call in via telephone number 1-916-445-1254.


Like many dating sites, you will not require any specialized knowledge to access the FreeHookupSearch website. From the various positives that we can draw from the above FreeHookupSearch review, you have no reason to be left behind but sign up today and start meeting many singles for hookups on the FreeHookupSearch website.

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